"Welcome to Warriors"

[The soft yet catchy playing of a piano is overheard in the background as the following transitional images are being displayed in a span of 15 seconds...]

{A Sequence of Still Shots - Cordova, Kayden Paulton & Natalia Simonov distributing care packages in a location overseas to the people...Damian Lee, Michael Buhrman, Alyssa Corliss & Dawn Cassidy taking pictures with random patients at an undisclosed hospital...Nate Quartermaine devoting time to read to the elementary school kids...Adam Lazarus & Dallas Griffin playing basketball with the local teens...The screen gradually is covered in white before the jOlt Wrestling logo and copyright information is etched across the screen. A number of stick figures representing each primary color of the rainbow, are joined hand in hand to form a makeshift squared circle with the jOlt lighting bolt centered within it. }

Fade to Black.

Moments of Darkness.

[MUSIC] "Spirit Inspiration" by Nothing's Carved in Stone

<[The rapid fire drum solo initiates the displaying of random sectioned off visuals of the following wrestlers in sequence; (Right Screen w/ Fade)...Grendel, raising his head with a menacing scowl...(Left Screen w/ Fade)...Jason Rau, with a side profile, staring intently at the fleeting image of Adam Lazarus...(Vertical Split Screen w/ Fade)...Eiji Kugasari(Left) is exchanging visual daggers with Jimmy B. Martinez(Right)...Fade...]

(Rolling Footage)...Gunnar Van Patton & Arkham power walking down the entrance ramp way...The tandem of Ryan Gallway & Frank Silver punishing Derrick Huber with a Double Team Neck Breaker ...Landon Stevens using a Springboard Shooting Star Press to flatten the tiro of Eiji Kugasari, Graham Youngblood & Jayshin Lee ...’The Heiress’ Sarah Winterton making Daryn Thompson tap out to The Ermine Cape submission...Adam Lazarus igniting the masses by hitting Big Air on Jason Rau...The tandem of Mattock & Sanchez Cano saluting ...the trio of Duzza, Khadafi & Status Quo inaudibly basking in the waves of crowd heat during their descent down the entrance rampway...Waymoth Turnbull bouncing Anson LaRue with a violent Snap Belly to Belly Suplex...The House playing to the crowd from atop the adjacent turnbuckles...Tyke hitting the Tyke Shot on an airborne Cordova...’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs hitting the Superstar Kick on a Mike Extreme...The Crimson Order slowly raising their heads in unison amidst the billowing overcast of smoke atop the entire entrance staging area...Craig Thomas leading Team EGO from the backstage area to get the jump on their opposition ...The Heirs of Wrestling, center ring, celebrating with the jOlt Tag Team Championships in their possession...The towering Spike Saunders destroying Jon Le Bon with the Dreamkiller finisher...Devestation Inc. members Conan the Leprechaun & Big Little Italy soaring through the ropes to deliver stereo Topes onto a pair of jobbers...High Flyer taking flight and plowing over a tandem of wrestlers with a OTR Corkscrew Plancha...Reno Davis , in an angled camera view, pointing at his intended target in a stoic fashion...Sweet. Sweet, Lovin’ connecting with a Double Team Spinning Heel Kick/German Suplex combination & the sequence ends with Eiji Kugasari executing a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick in midair before punching the ground, immediately shattering the screen to fluidly transition to the ongoing barrage of Emerald, Gold & Pearl pyrotechnics assaulting the entire entrance staging area.

At their conclusion, a dense overcast of smoke gradually ascends to the heavens as the entire arena is filled with a unified roar from within. The musical introduction continues to echo in hindsight as the Emerald & Chrome show graphic captions are affixed to the bottom center of the Tv screen. Cameras Eight, Fourteen & Four trade moderate sweeps along the targeted sections of the arena to capture the excitement of the crowd before Camera One is transfixed onto the lead broadcast tandem of Donny Layne & Keith Kane.

"Trouble In... Well... Trouble"

Aran Thompson “You know why I called you three here, right?”

The camera opened up in the backstage locker room within the Arena of Champions to an uneasy Duzza pacing around in a circle. Standing in front of him were the three charges that he was responsible for bringing into the fold of jOlt, all lined up in a row.

The Hawaiian brawler, Khadafi, was popping the bones in his neck. Statuz Quo stood to his left, watching his manager almost walk circles directly into the floor. Dallas Griffin was smirking and rapidly jabbing the keys in his iPhone. He got the number of some hot chick and they’ve been exchanging texts that would make Brett Favre blush.

“I’m sorry, D,” Duzza snapped as he took the iPhone out of his hand. “Am I fucking boring you?”

“Nah, it ain’t like that at all, man,” Dallas held up his hands defensively. “Just havin’ some fun.”

Duzza looked at the iPhone. “Fun, huh? Fun? FUN? YOU FUCKING WANT TO SEE FUN?!”

He TOSSED the phone across the locker room and watched it snap almost clean in half against one of the lockers. Quo and Khadafi looked down at their manager as a very cross frown formed on his face.

“Fun? You shouldn’t be worried about FUN or getting your fucking dick wet! I called the three of you here because apparently, you three don’t want my help anymore. You guys want to be tossed to the side, is that it?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” Quo sneered. “The fuck you talkin’ about?”

“What the fuck am I talking about, Quo? I’m talking about the three of you being wastes of my fucking time, that’s what I’m talking about! I’ve given all my time, my energy, and my resources to the three of you and you want to know what I’ve got to show for it?”

Duzza formed his fingers into a circle.

“Zero. Jack fucking shit. That’s what I have. Know how many titles we’ve won? ZERO. How many big main events we’ve won? ZERO. I’m fucking sick of this. Apparently, all you guys want to do is fuck off and make me look like some kind of bitch.”

He eyed Khadafi up and down.

“Khadafi, let me ask a question… do I look like a bitch to you?”

Khadafi wasn’t taking kindly at all to his tone of voice.

“You best watch how you approach me, Duzza. I get that you’re pissed, but I will throw your ass outta my face if you’re in it again.”

Duzza started to shake his head.

“Kinda like how you let happy smiles faggot Kayden Paulton throw your ass outta the ring last week?”

The irritated scowl on Khadafi’s face only grew wider. Duzza wasn’t playing around any more.

“Where’s THAT fire? Where’s the Hawaiian Headhunter at, collecting cash and breaking necks, huh? I want THAT Khadafi back! Same goes for you, Quo. I want you to actually go out there and do something worth a fuck! You guys are former LoC Tag Team Champions and ran that division with an iron fist! Now a bunch of fucking spoiled-ass white kids are running around with belts that belong around YOUR waists!”

Dallas Griffin laughed at them, which Duzza caught onto immediately. He turned over to his tallest charge and showed no trepidation getting in his face.

“Oh, don’t YOU fucking laugh at them,” Duzza barked. “You lost to Landon Stevens. In fact, that’s all you do is LOSE. You couldn’t beat Sylo. You couldn’t beat Ninja K. You were supposed to be the newest addition to my crew and make a name for yourself. All the fucking potential in the world and all you want to fucking do is…” Duzza made air quotes with his fingers. “…Have fun.”

By no means was he done with his verbal tirade. Duzza walked yet another circle across the floor before he glanced at his men.

“You three are the biggest wastes of money that I’ve ever spent. You know why our pockets are empty? It’s because you let guys like Vince Jacobs come and go, take your shit, leave with a fat paycheck and you don’t do anything about it. It’s why Ninja K and his Crimson Order used you bitches for their own personal tackling dummies! I’m sick of this fucking shit!”

All three men didn’t appreciate their dressing down and Dallas even stepped forward when Duzza pulled his own phone out of his pocket. He pointed to an email he got from Damien Lee.

“I met with Damien Lee yesterday and had a match made for the three of you tonight. Tonight, Trouble won’t be some fucking afterthought any more. Tonight, we’re stacking bodies to the fucking ceiling! And I swear TO GOD… if any of you is pinned… ANY of you… then we’re done. I’m dumping you bitches for somebody who CAN get the job done, you feel me?”

Dallas, Khadafi, and Quo each looked incensed with everything they were feeling. Duzza didn't care what was said... he wanted results.

“Now… I’m gonna ask you this… who wants to be a bitch? Raise your hand.”

No hands went up.

“Now, who wants to be winners?”

All three hands shot up. Quo, Khadafi, and Griffin all looked like the words being fired at them struck a chord. A smile crossed the face of Duzza.

“That’s what I thought.”

"Within the Looking Glass"

Aran Thompson It's been a tumultuous at best couple of weeks, and with the current displacement and replacement inside of the jOlt Champions faction; Black Faction. Aran Thompson stood inside of his personal skybox pacing.

"I thought that this whole plan would ignite change."

Laurie Williams, Mace Williams and Aran's newest recruits his "Believers" all watched as he looked at the ground talking out loud.

"We've got Eli and Ezra in singles action but who told you to accept a match against Omega?!"

Aran stopped and looked at Mace who just stared back at his brother-in-law.

"Omega is a monster hell bent on burning the entirety of the Underground down. Eli and Ezra are strong, but don't be surprised if he brings the world down on your head." Aran said turning his attention to Eli Conway as he finished.

Aran looked over and Laurie and smiled.

"At least Ezra and Heido will entertaining. It's funny that nobody has noticed that the top two guys in jOlt are Asian and the top two guys in jOlt also have a faction behind them. Sure our motives aren't the same but this is the change that should be recognized."

Aran stopped and looked through the window of the Skybox.

"Maybe I need to step into the ring as well? Winners will be rewarded, and what better way to reward a potential winner than with someone potentially beating the champ."

Aran tilted his head as his Black Faction all turned his attention to him.

"But who?"

Aran looked back and Laurie smiled at Aran, "I think I know the right man trying to make a name for himself?"

Aran's attention perked as she said a name.

"Eiji Kugasari."

The Roses vs Red & Ted
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonDaryn ThompsonSarah Winterton

As Warriors closed out last week, Red & Ted stood tall among a chaotic scene, declaring their intentions to upend the established equilibrium of the tag division in jOlt. And then they said nothing at Intense; taking advantage of poor communication in the team of Jewelz and Ramey and called it an early night. This was the opening match on Warriors and tweets before the show hinted to something more this night.

"My Reward" played throughout the Arena of Champions and through the curtains came the aforementioned duo, Red & Ted, being led by manager Grady Patrick. Ted's gear tonight trading in the traditional colour scheme for some orange and black, the nod to the coming of All Hallow's Eve. Red stayed clad in his MMA pants with the hideous Joker grin gracing the front left quarter. They made there way to the ring with an increasingly mixed reaction from the crowd. Jacobs made subtle acknowledgement to the cheers while Grady begged for more boos.

Once in the ring, Teddy Jacobs hit the ropes to build up the heart rate while Alexander Redding dryly looked out to the packed house and sighed. His head snapped back to the entrance way when the Alkaline Trio's "Private Eye" replaced Hail the Villain.

With a flare for the dramatic, Phoenix Rose delayed the introduction of his prodigy. After thirty seconds of song and a still spotlight on the curtain, the twin Rose boys made their way to the ramp. Most of the cheering they received was a direct result of facing Red & Ted tonight, but Phoenix Rose would tell you it was all for him. He strolled behind in an eye-hurting mix of infrared, black and white in the three piece suit, and as always a fresh crystal cane. It was a rare appearance when those canes would survive past a Phoenix Rose on-card appearance.

The twins waited at the base of the ramp and turned back to dear old Dad, taking his sweet time.

Back in the ring, Teddy Jacobs looked down to a non-existent wrist watch and Alexander Redding nodded back to him. The duo ran across the ring, slid under the rope and spun around Chad and Ernie before they knew what was happening. The music cut as Ted tossed Ernie into the guard rail and Red snapped off a pair of kicks to Chad's knee in quick succession. A brawl in the rampway exploded before the bell rang.

Ted continued to stomp away at Ernie, now awkwardly wedged between the ramp and the guard rail.

Red dared Chad to trade shots with him, to only duck the first lazy jab and again kick at the right knee. This one had enough to take Chad off his feet. Phoenix Rose had crept his way near to Red, threatening with the cane, only to be run away with a look.

Phoenix Rose thought his efforts best to plead to the ref to throw out the match, or award the DQ victory to his boys. The ref was hesitant to throw out the match, and began urging both teams to make it into the ring.

Teddy Jacobs tapped Redding on the back and pointed to the ring. They picked up Chad and made their way to the ring, rolling Chad under the rope. The took a moment to decide who would start the match, Rock-Paper-Scissor style. Just as Red's Paper covered Ted's Rock, Ernie Rose leapt at Ted and dragged him to the ground. Red was quick to shove Ernie off and when Ted had gotten back up, he swung Ernie hard into the nearby stairs. Ted pointed Red into the ring, still not sure how a piece of paper would ever win against a rock.

Laughing Red slid under the bottom rope. The laughing stopped quickly as a sliding dropkick greeted him. Chad hoped onto the back of the downed Redding and started wildly swinging at the back of his head. It sure was scientific but it was effective. Teddy Jacobs rushed in and made the early save, knocking Chad back with a kick to the spine. The ref came over to usher Jacobs out the ring, and when he finally was, the timekeeper did his thing.




Chad was up first and rushed back over to a recovering Red. Trying to pull Red up by the auburn locks, Chad had the air knocked out of him, courtesy a lounging headbutt to the abdomen. Red got vertical again shaking his head.

Red walked the few paces back over to Chad Rose and let him up just enough to expose his chin. Red helped him the rest of the way up with the first European uppercut. The second and third swayed Chad to the ropes. Red laid in and shot Chad across the ring. He leapt over the first pass by. On the second he lifted and then dropped Chad to the mat with a flapjack.

Rolling back up, Red made a circle, kicking at any body part that caught his eye. When he made his way back around to the ankles, it was a stomp and hold as Grady called in the gameplan.


On cue, Red made pretzel work with Chad's legs, bridging to show off to the crowd. The over exposed rib cage was the perfect target for the recovering Ernie Rose.

Red was rolling toward his corner while the ref was admonishing Ernie back into his own. Teddy Jacobs made the tag.

Chad had rolled back onto his butt, and began the amateur medical assessment of his knee, shaking and clutching. By the time he had locked eyes with the elder (by ten minutes) brother, Teddy Jacobs made that vision just a little more blurry, shoulder knocking around the head. He made the first cover of the match.




Chad shot the up the shoulder to the admiration of many in the crowd.

If Red's gameplan was to cripple the right knee of Chad, Ted went for a more direct plan. Shooting from the cover to a laying headlock, it was clear Ted wanted to deal damage to the head and neck. He kept laying on headlock just before a 'boring' chant could break out from the crowd.

Slowly Chad and Ted made their way back up, the taller Teddy Jacobs having little problem keeping the headlock applied. With Ernie nearly falling into the ring waiting for the tag, Chad stretched, too. Teddy turned and dropped Chad back to the mat with a side headlock. Chad's shoulders were on the mat.


The ref counting was enough for Chad to roll one shoulder up, and maybe the cue for Ted to transition into more impactful moves. Letting go of the headlock, Teddy pull Chad into a seated position. He then grabbed at Chad's head and leapt over top of him, folding him in half.

As Teddy Jacobs got up, he was cut short of admiring the damage he'd done by something Ernie shouted to get his attention. It got his ire.

Teddy Jacobs rushed over to the Rose's corner and began trading shots with Ernie. The ref gingerly made his way to the corner, trying to avoid those elbows of Ted.

Phoenix Rose saw this an opportunity for his boys to get a little momentum going, and in this business, momentum is a set of brass knuckles. With Chad loading up his hand, Phoenix walked back to the brawling Ernie to pull him off of the apron and away from any more Teddy Jacob right hands. As Ted walked back to the recovering Chad, he was dropped by the brass knuckles that Chad was quick enough to toss out of the ring before the ref came around.

Slowly, Chad went for the pin as Grady Patrick stormed his way into a confrontation with Phoenix Rose.




And as Ted somehow shot up his left shoulder, Phoenix Rose had had enough of Grady's verbal barrage. Phoenix Rose looked like Pete Rose swinging that cane at Grady! Grady ducked, cane skimming and knocking off his cap. This had both Redding walking over to the spilled over Grady Patrick and Ernie Rose jumping down to his father's defense. Ernie threw the first punch. Red responded with a kick below the belt.

Back in the ring, a tired Chad Rose was looking at a half-out-of-it Teddy Jacobs. With Jacobs on one knee, Rose connected with a sick superkick. Jacobs was sprawled out in the center of the ring. First looked to make the tag, just to see Redding launching the small of his brother's back into the side of the ring. Then he looked top rope.

Almost slipping, Chad corrected himself on the top rope and then dove off with a moonsault. His knees caught Teddy's chest. Chad rolled around the ring in pain, Red's previous work on the knees paying off.

Red's current work was distracting, too. Smashing Ernie's head against the steel steps, Red was sure to prop him in that position. He then turned to the eldest Rose and ripped away the glass cane. Red first placed it against Ernie's cheek and flashed a sinister smile back at Phoenix. He came crashing down on the steps, glass cane exploding, but missing Ernie.

The sound of the breaking cane drew Chad's attention away from his crawl into a pin attempt. After seeing Ernie surprise Red by driving his back into those stairs with a spear, Chad went into the ring.




The brawl outside had giving Teddy Jacobs enough time to recover and get a shoulder up. Fighting on instinct alone now, Ted dove with a cut block to Chad's knee. Stalking Chad as he rolled in obvious pain, Ted took the full mount and began raining down rights and lefts. Then elbows. The ref forced Ted off, threatening the five count.

Shaking the cobwebs out of his head, Jacobs simply stood up and behind Chad Rose. Before Chad knew what was happening, Ted had grabbed him by the waistband back toward the Red & Ted corner. Three quarters of the way there, Ted switched up to a waist lock just long enough to pop his hips and send Chad sailing into the turnbuckles; Overhead Release German Suplex.

Ted pulled Chad up and out of the corner, firing at the ropes. Chad ducked the first clothesline attempt, and after ducking the second, he dove to the stretched out hand of Ernie. Tag made.

With a head of steam, the fresh(er) Rose rushed in and knocked down Teddy Jacobs with a running crossbody! Teddy got up just to be met with a running knee smash. The crowd got behind the Roses.

Ernie once more rushed at Ted, this time trying to hit the spear, only to be kneed in the head on Jacob's block. Both men were down, and Ted was certain to give a seated kick to Rose before scooting back his corner and Alexander Redding.

Red came in and hit the first clothesline. The second was countered into a backslide attempt by Ernie, only to be again reversed by Red into a standing hammerlock.

"MEH! SHAADDUUPPPP!" Red yelled out to the crowd and hit the discus lariat.

Teddy Jacobs walked around the outside to Chad Rose.

Grady walked back toward Phoenix Rose.

Red waited for Ernie to get back vertical, marking the end with his sign of the cross/throat slashing taunt.

Ernie turned into a boot to the midsection. Red cinched the gutwrench in and lifted Ernie. One step to the step. Drop him on his head.

Grady Special No. III!

Red grabbed the ref and pointed to the ground beside Ernie Rose, taking him away from the brawl and posturing on the outside. Red sunk in the single leg cover.




Red ripped his arm away from the ref as he tried to raise it. He rolled outside to join Ted and Grady halfway up the ramp. The three shared smiles after their third straight tag victory.

Winner: Red & Ted via Pinfall


Aran Thompson

A casual pan of the camera swept from the right to reveal the inner sanctum of The Inogami Clan locker room. The Crimson Elite are set in each corner of the room in the posture of seiza. Katana sheathed within their respective scabbards were placed before each ninja The reigning jOlt Underground Champion sat hunched forward in the bench, focused on applying cleaning solution onto the pewter surface of the championship. Several notebook pads are at the end of the bench signaling an intentional break from his regimented studies.


The ninja's ears immediately perked up as he rose his head upward. Eyes hungrily searching the immediate area for intrusion. The lack of movement from the Crimson Elite led him to furrow his eyebrows slightly. Kenshiro slowly set the championship belt aside while shifting from vent to every possible opening.

.....We are strong....

The quartet of ninja shot to their feet in unison and promptly assumed a defensive posture as Ninja slowly stood himself erect. Knuckles gnarled, Kenshiro quickly grew annoyed...

.....We Are LEGION....

The ninja's eyes visually scraped the ceiling...


The Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship slowly raised his hand up, signalling his Crimson Elite to stand down. Each sentry took a few moments to look among each other and inspect the room before returning to their original posture. The camera would draw the scene to a close with a gradual pan toward the left into the awaiting darkness.

The weight of each breath grew heavy with resentment....

Trouble vs Sweet Sweet Lovin' & Cordova
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonSarah Winterton

Sarah WintertonDaryn ThompsonSarah Winterton

Coming up next on the card would be a big six-man tag team match that would see Sweet Sweet Lovin team up with the luchadore called Cordova. The team called Trouble had been on something of a losing streak in the last couple of months and needed to turn their luck around. The team of Statuz Quo, Khadafi, and Dallas Griffin were talented wrestlers but Duzza had laid down a decree for the team – win or go the fuck home.

“The following contest is a six-man tag team match scheduled for one fall!” Brad Arnold announced.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

The lights changed to three-second alternating shades of green and yellow flashing and the crowd started to cheer. Parting the curtain first was Jon Katz Jr. bringing his boys to the ring. One man was the portly ladies man called Sam Sweet and the other was the tall afro-sporting Lennox Love! The crowd responded to the former tag team champions with a nice round of applause.

“First, making their way to the ring, being accompanied by Jon Katz Jr., weighing in at a combined weight of 554 pounds… they are the team of Sam Sweet and Lennox Love… SWEET SWEET LOVIN!

“Latin Thug” by Cypress Hill.

The crowd cheered next for the likes of the young luchadore as he ran across the stage to play for the fans. He raised his arms in the air and jumped around for the crowd before he ran to the ring and joined the team members of Sweet Sweet Lovin. He did a front flip handstand and made it to his feet.

“And their tag team partner, from Guadalajaram, Mexico… he weighs in at 190 pounds… CORDOVA!

The former Flyweight Champion joined the former jOlt Tag Team Champions in the ring as they waited for their opposition.

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg.

The red and light imitation police sirens flashed rapidly and the music blasted in the arena as the crowd delivered a chorus of jeering. The word “TROUBLE” flashed on the screen repeatedly and one by one the members of Duzza’s stable came out to antagonize the masses with their presence.

“And their opponents, being led to the ring by Duzza… they weigh in at a combined weight of 746 pounds… they are the team of Statuz Quo… Khadafi… and Dallas Griffin…. They are TROUBLE!

The three bruisers each raised a single fist in the sky as Duzza had a microphone in hand.

“YOU THREE…” he pointed to the ring with his guys behind him. “To us, we aren’t facing Sweet Sweet Lovin’ and we aren’t facing no bitch-ass luchador named Cordova… We’re facing three people that for the purposes of this evening we are calling examples… You three are the examples that we’re going to set to the rest of this roster… we’re gonna start a bodycount and it’s going to start right fucking now!”

Khadafi, Quo, and Dallas all high-fived one another with confidence. Duzza’s pep talk seemed to inspire the members of Trouble as they entered the ring. Statuz Quo was gonna start things off for his team while big Sam Sweet looked to get things going for his.


Sam Sweet and Statuz Quo stood and circled up before Quo jumped first. He clubbed Sam in the back of the head and continued to drill the big man with a series of shots before he tried whipping the big man into the ropes. The Candy Man turned the tables on him and sent him flying across the ring before hitting him with a big Back Elbow Smash!

The crowd cheered as Sam Sweet pumped a fist in the air. He picked up Statuz Quo and pushed him into the corner before unloading with a series of left and right jabs to the Atlanta native. He then took him out of the corner and lifted him up before tossing him overhead with a Fallaway Slam! The big man pumped his fist before he rolled over and hooked the leg of Quo.



Statuz got the shoulder up while Duzza tapped on the ring apron impatiently, making the members of Trouble know that his decree was serious as a heart attack. Quo tried to get back up and fought back against Sam with a couple more rights only for the big Candy Man to bury a knee into his gut. The fans cheered as he smashed Quo’s face into the corner and tagged into Lennox Love.

The tow men charged to the ropes and connected with a Double Back Elbow to the face that knocked him to the ground. Both men charged across the ring with Sam Sweet hitting a Falling Headbutt and Lennox Love connecting with a Somersault Legdrop to the throat! The double-team had the crowd cheering as Sam Sweet left the ring while the Love Machine went to the cover on Quo again.




Jon Katz Jr. was cheering on his men as they continued their assault on the Trouble member. Lennox pulled him to his feet and pummeled him with some rights before he tagged him into the ring. He rolled him over to the corner and whipped him to the corner. Love charged only for Quo to get the elbow up and land a good shot upside the head of the former tag team champion.

Quo charged at him again only to eat a big Corkscrew Elbow Smash to the face that took him down! The Love Machine was now firing on all cylinders now as he pumped a fists and blew a kiss to a couple of lovely young ladies in the front row. Love picked Quo up and Irish whipped him but unbeknownst to him didn’t see Khadafi make the blind tag as he took him over with a Snap Powerslam. When Love stood up…


Khadafi BLASTED him upside the head with a Running Big Boot that nearly knocked Lennox Love’s perfect smile down his throat. The Hawaiian bruiser stood over Love and yelled to the crowd with a roar that was reciprocated with dozens of jeers.

“FUCK HIM UP, KHADAFI, FUCK HIM UP!” Quo shouted on the ring apron.

Khadafi nodded and put the boots right to Lennox Love as he tried to get to his feet. Whenever Love would try to rise, Khadafi would grab him by the head and slam a vicious knee right to the temple to keep him down.

“Piece of shit!” Khadafi yelled in his face before drilling him in the face with several more knees. When he backed up Love into the corner he took his wrist tape and started to grind it right into his face just to be a dick. After another flurry of knees to the face, the tag was made to Statuz Quo. He grabbed Love and whipped him right into a fist to the stomach from Quo. While he was doubled over Khadafi ran off the opposite side of the ring and BLASTED him in the face with a Running Knee Lift that brought him back down to the mat. Quo rolled him over and hooked the legs of Love.




Statuz Quo clapped his hands three times to the ref and told him to count faster, but he only held up two fingers.

“Cracka fuck…”

Quo dropped a couple of elbows into Lennox Love’s face and picked him up before whipping him across the ring. He met him against the ropes with a running knee to the face before whipping him off the other side and doing the same. When he stumbled to the center of the ring, Quo grabbed him from behind and took him down with a quick Back Suplex!

When Quo stood up he purposely dropped a Double Foot Stomp to the face, completing the A-TOWN STOMP! Love rolled around the canvas in pain as Quo ran over and delivered cheap shots to both Sam Sweet and Cordova on the other side of the ring!

Sam tried to get into the ring when the referee kept the big man in his corner. Meanwhile all three members of Trouble took the time to work over Lennox. The former Tag Team Champion had Quo’s boot pressed down on his throat while Griffin and Khadafi took turns clubbing the shit out of The Love Machine.

The referee turned around but by that time the other members of Trouble had already left the ring. Statuz Quo set Love back up on his feet in the corner and tagged into Dallas Griffin for the first time. He ran right at Love with a big Running Back Elbow in the corner. Before Love could even continue he whipped him right into a STIFF T-Bone Suplex from Griffin! Dallas Griffin rolled over to where Love landed and dragged him away from the ropes before attempting a cover again.




The big powerhouse of Trouble patted his hands together before he rolled over and fired off another series of right hands into the face of Lennox Love. The former Tag Team Champion needed to get over to the corner of his teammates quickly.

Griffin stood up again and dropped a succession of three quick Leg Drops into the throat of Lennox Love before he stood up and pointed at Duzza. The manager of Trouble clapped in appreciation for what his Trouble teammates were doing as Griffin went back to kick Love upside the head.

He pulled Love to his feet and looked to try and suplex him out of his boots again in the form of a Vertical Suplex when suddenly Love jumped and landed on his feet behind him before DROPPING Griffin hard into the canvas with a Jumping Neckbreaker counter!

The crowd was on their feet now when Lennox Love reached out to try and make the tag over to his corner. An angry Griffin slapped his hand on the canvas and tried getting back to his corner to where he could make the tag. He crawled over to Statuz Quo and the Atlanta native crawled into the ring. He charged at Lennox Love and grabbed his leg when Love turned around and kicked him away with his other foot. He rolled over…


The fleet-footed Flyweight jumped into the top rope and connected with a Springboard Seated Senton right to Statuz Quo that got the bigger man off his feet. He jumped to his feet and ran off the ropes again and when Quo started to stand he connected with a Flying Headscissors that sent him sailing across the ring.

Duzza was beside himself and shouting furiously on the outside as Cordova measured up a groggy Quo in the corner. He ran at him and connected with a Springboard Back Elbow to the face! Quo stumbled out of the corner while Cordova got the crowd cheering. He made it to the top rope and connected out of nowhere with a Corkscrew Moonsault to the standing opponent!




Griffin dropped a forearm to the back of Cordova’s head and broke up the fall quickly. Lennox Love hopped back into the fray and grabbed Griffin by the head before throwing him outside of the ring. He tried coming at him with a Plancha only for the Texan to quickly move, sending Love crashing out to the floor!

Sam Sweet had seen enough on his side of the ring and came charging over to Dallas with a Running Body Attack on the floor! Sweet then charged at him again only for Khadafi to come flying off the ring apron to connect with a Diving Clothesline on the floor!

It was all out mayhem on the ringside floor now as bodies were littered everywhere. Cordova was knocked to the ring apron and taken over by Quo. He grabbed him by the head only for Cordova to leap and connect with a Jumping Side Kick to the face. Quo was stunned when Cordova decided to take things to the top rope again. He tried jumping off the ropes when Khadafi shoved him off the top rope!

He crashed into the ring in front of Quo and the Atlanta native flashed a crooked smile now. Quo pulled the flyweight to his feet before he rolled over and tagged into Khadafi again. Cordova was only starting to get up while Quo and Khadafi Griffin were on either side of him. They ran at him and connected with a STIFF Flying Lariat from Khadafi combined with a Legsweep by Quo!


The double-team combination of Quo and Khadafi obliterated Cordova in the middle of the ring! Khadafi dominantly hooked both legs with one hand while counting to three along with the referee.




Duzza pounded his fist into his open palm and laughed proudly. Trouble had scored a big win over a former Flyweight Champion and former Tag Team Champions in order to finally break their streak. His pep talk had worked.

“Here are your winners of the match… Statuz Quo, Khadafi, and Dallas Griffin… TROUBLE!

Dallas Griffin rolled into to the ring and stood proudly as all three men had their arms raised by the referee. Khadafi stared down at the fallen Cordova while Quo and Dallas bumped fists in celebration of their victory.

Sam Sweet tried coming back into the ring to get himself some more of Trouble and charged at Dallas Griffin with a barrage of right hands. The big man tried as he might, but eventually the numbers game that Trouble had were too much. Quo and Khadafi pummeled Sam in the corner while Jon Katz Jr. buried his face in his hands, unable to watch what was happening.

“Send a message!” Duzza shouted. “Send a fucking message!”

The members of Trouble nodded and lifted Sam Sweet to his feet. Quo and Khadafi whipped him right into the path of a waiting Dallas Griffin…


A THUNDEROUS Black Hole Slam from Dallas put him into the canvas! Griffin roared to the crowd as “Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg played again. The members of Trouble left the ring and shared a laugh at the bodies piled up in the ring. After the pep talk that had been delivered by Duzza, it seemed Trouble was united and stronger than ever now. Could they have turned a corner at long last?

Only time will tell but this would be a good start.

Winner: Trouble via Pinfall

"Bright Lights and Pearly Whites"

Aran Thompson The camera panned backstage and standing where they belong was none other than Kayden Paulton himself! The crowd’s cheers were muffled in the backstage, but they were still loud for the man coming off one of the biggest victories of his career over Derecho. The unlikely Underground warrior was earning many more fans by the week and had a smile on his face that wouldn’t go away. Standing next to him was interviewer Donny Layne getting ready for the scoop with the winner of the Open Season match.

“Kayden,” Donny began. ”

The Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling alum sought to sustain his emotion stemming from the overwhelming support given unto him that set this moment of career at an unprecedented height beyond his imagination. The crowd volume eventually subsided as Paulton set the case down onto the canvas and placing both hands on each hip.

“...Kayden, it continues to be a roller coaster ride for you! You keep on winning and winning and your streak continued with a win over the former jOlt Champion Derecho. How are you feeling?”

“Thank you, Mr. Layne.” Paulton replied. “I’m doing great, but it’s a shame that our AWESOME match had to be slightly tarnished by that no-goodnik baddie Tyke!”

The crowd booed for the UK veteran as Paulton actually raised a fist and shook it in the mention of Tyke’s name.

“Well as you can see, the odds were great as well as the risks were exceedingly high yet I believe everyone out here is dying to hear, in your words your honest thoughts on everything. Even right now.”

The fans cheering brought forth that infectious smile from within as he looked around before speaking

“I want for everybody to know that I greatly appreciate you guys for supporting me.” The proverbial Number One contender voiced as the crowd volume rose and fell respectively. “It feels darn good to come out here, night after night and feel all this support for what I love to do. You guys are the greatest. Greater than free Strawberry Ice Cream and from me, that’s saying whole bunch!”

“But seriously, something inspired me to do things different when that mean bully in Aran Thompson...”

A hail of negative heat was generated by the mere mention of the current jOlt Champion’s name

“That’s right; he’s not a nice guy but he’s not the main reason why I am out here tonight. I have to admit that while all of the things he has been doing have been nothing short of terrible. Mean-spirited and all of the possible bad things you can use to describe him, I have to admit he also helped to inspire me in ways I never thought were possible...”

The masses offered their disagreement of the Nice Guy’s sentiments but Paulton raised his hand in hopes to quiet them down.

“People, please; let me explain.” Paulton continued. “While it was mean to write all of those bad things on Twitter or make everybody believe that a great guy in Derecho was dead...” Kayden paused briefly as the crowd responded to the former champion’s name. “Yet something changed within me in knowing that how precious as it is, important to live not a good life...but a great one. For the longest time, there have been a lot of people who always seem to pick on the good guys.” Paulton mentioned.

“I know what it’s like to be picked on. To have my lunch money taken. To have girls pour milk into my gym shorts. To have my underwear super glued to the flag pole during high school graduation. All of the cruel things people tend to do to people who just want to good and wholesome people. Some of you know what it’s like to be laughed at. Picked on. Teased. Disrespected. All of the horrible things done to people like yourself. People like me and when we all heard the news of our former champion’s passing, I really had to ask myself ‘If tonight was my last night on Earth, will I have honestly lived a good life or a great one? How will Kayden Paulton be remembered?”

“Well, by golly, I had to stop my daily routine of going to be at 11 o’clock after each show, stop in the middle of brushing my teeth and really look into myself. I saw a guy who always wanted to ‘play it safe’. I always smiled even when I felt bad. Real bad so it feels great when you guys support me in… that’s why the second that I won this Open Season contract for an Underground Title match, the stage was set and I wanted to challenge the best and that was Ninja K! I want to prove that I’m more than just a happy face and that…”

He stopped when Donny Layne looked at something over his shoulder and backed up out of view. Paulton sheepishly turned around to be greeted by the members of the Crimson Order. Heido and Takashi.

“Hey, Ninja K’s guys!”

The Nicest Guy in Wrestling offered them a handshake, but it seemed that neither member of the Crimson Order was in a cordial mood.

“You speak of our master with childish tones and false pleasantries as if competing for his prized champions will be a Sunday stroll,” Heido said coldly, “but what you fail to realize is that he does not offer his kindness in return.”

Paulton frowned.

“Well… bummer…”

“Master Kenshiro is not you, pandering to the masses in hopes that some bizarre yearning to belong will be sated. He will be shaking your hand only after your pitiful attempts at taking his prized possession fails. He is no fool and despite the run of luck that you’ve fallen into, you will not…”


Heido and Takeshi turned around to see none other than the very master they protected with their lives… Ninja K himself. The Underground Champion glanced to Kayden Paulton who offered a friendly wave.

“Hey, Underground guy!”

“Paulton… we meet again…”

“Yeah! Awesome!”

Kenshiro turned to his subordinates.

“Heido, Takeshi… stand down.”

Heido and Takeshi nodded silently. He then turned to Kayden.


The champion and challenger who were scheduled to meet for his very championship at Rise of the Legends nodded respectfully at one another before they took their leave. Paulton then giggled.

“Ninjas are AWESOME!”

Jon Le Bon vs Mattock
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

On Sunday, Jon Le Bon made his official OFFICIAL debut since joining the main roster, only to win via disqualification when Mattock interfered in his match with Sanchez Cano. Damien Lee felt that it would be fair to grant him a match here tonight with Mattock in order to try and settle the score.

A hum fell over the arena as words lit up in succession.

The Phenomenon - The Mega Star - The Reason People Leave a Show Happy - The Best in the World of Florida - Pro-Wrestling's Greatest Acquisition - Hashtag Got Myself off The Hype"

"American Idiot" by Green Day

Jon Le Bon stepped out from the backstage area, clad in purple and orange tiger striped tights, black boots, a jean vest jacket, and olive hippy glasses. Changing to a more colorful outfit, yet keeping the same knockoff entrance, Le Bon received cheers from the crowd as he made his way down to the ring. He stepped inside and awaited his opposisition

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Mattock came out from the back with Sanchez Cano by his side. The members of reVolt made their way down to the ring as the arena filled with boos. Neither Mattock nor Cano cared about what the people thought as the two of them made it to ringside. Cano waited at ringside as Mattock stepped into the ring. The music faded as the referee called for the bell.




The two of them circled in the ring. They went for the tie up, but Mattock delivered a knee lift to the stomach and then drove the point of his elbow into the upper back of Le Bon. Le Bon staggered away and turned around, only to get met with a drop kick by Mattock. Le Bon rolled to the outside as Mattock taunted him from inside the ring.

Cano then looked to get a sneak attack in, but the referee saw him and ordered Cano to stay back. Mattock then hit the ropes and front flipped over the referee to the outside, taking Jon Le Bon down to the floor!

Mattock stood as Cano and Mattock placed their fists over their hearts and saluted each other. Mattock turned his attention back to Le Bon, pulling him up off the floor. He rolled Le Bon back into the ring and then quickly climbed up onto the apron and then up to the top turnbuckle pad. Le Bon staggered up to his feet as Mattock front flipped off with a cannonball seated drop kick that took Le Bon back down hard. Mattock then went for the cover, looking to put this one away early.



Le Bon got the shoulder up.

Mattock stood and pulled Le Bon to his feet. Mattock hooked Le Bon for a suplex and lifted him up high. Mattock stalled for a moment and then twisted down with a tornado brainbuster! Mattock then made another cover.



Le Bon kicked out again.

Mattock remained in firm control as he brought Le Bon back to his feet and lit his chest up with a knife edge chop. Mattock hit another one that echoed throughout the arena. Le Bon staggered back from the imapct of the chop and turned to face Mattock. Mattock went for another chop, but Le Bon quickly grabbed Mattock by the arm and slammed him down into the canvas where Le Bon applied a Crossface submission hold dead center in the middle of the ring!

The people hit their feet and cheered as Le Bon sinched back on the hold. Mattock was in tremendous pain, but he refused to tap out. Mattock used his legs for elevation and rolled over onto his back which, in turn, put Le Bon on his back as well and into a pinning situation!



Le Bon had to release the Crossface in order to prevent himself from getting pinned!

Both of them got back to their feet. Mattock swung with a clothesline, but Le Bon ducked underneath. They both turned to face each other, but Le Bon used his momentum to leap up and nailed an enzugiri to the side of Mattock's head! Le Bon quickly got back up and hooked Mattock for a suplex. He lifted Mattock up, but at the apex of the lift, Mattock drove the knee into the top of Le Bon's head. Le Bon tried for the suplex a second time, but Mattock once again drove the knee into Le Bon's head. Le Bon dropped Mattock to his feet and Mattock backed into the ropes. Mattock charged in, but Le Bon leapt up with a leg lariat and took Mattock down to the canvas!

Both men got back up as Le Bon grabbed Mattock and pressed him back against the ropes before shooting him across the ring. Le Bon charged in after Mattock and flew through the air with a flying forearm that took him down. Le Bon kipped up to his feet as Mattock staggered to his. Le Bon then unleashed a flurry of left jabs to the face of Mattock before he spun with a discus lariat that took him down. Le Bon got back to his feet and was energized as the crowd was feeding him with their cheers.

Sanchez Cano hopped up onto the ring apron, but Le Bon saw him and brought him into the ring the hard way. Le Bon pulled Cano up to his feet and grabbed him by the arm. He went for an irish whip, but faked out Cano by pulled him right into a Spinebuster! Cano rolled out of the ring, but he didn't notice that Mattock had recovered. When Le Bon turned around, Mattock lunged at him, corkscrewing in the air...


The corkscrew spear connected and took Le Bon down hard! Mattock floated over into the cover.



Le Bon got the shoulder up!

Mattock grabbed Le Bon and dragged him by the legs in front of the ropes. Mattock then faced the ropes for a moment and looked behind him to make sure Le Bon was in the right position. Mattock leapt up to the middle rope and twisted off with a Phoenix Splash that he called the Downed Fate, but Le Bon moved out of the way and Mattock smacked front side first into the canvas!

Mattock held his stomach in pain as he staggered up to his feet. Le Bon grabbed him by the arm and whipped him across the ring. Le Bon ran over Mattock with a clothesline. Mattock stood and Le Bon hit him with another clothesline. Mattock staggered back up and Le Bon lifted Mattock up onto his shoulders. He then spun Mattock off with a TKO, driving him faace first into the canvas! Le Bon made the cover and hooked the leg.



Mattock got the shoulder up!

Le Bon pulled Mattock up and delivered a toe kick. He set Mattock up between his legs and lfited for a powerbomb, but Mattock slipped off the shoulders of Le Bon and landed in front of him. Mattock then grabbed Le Bon and whipped him to the ropes, but Le Bon came back and went into a headscissors and then spiked Mattock on top of his head with a Headscissor DDT!





Shoulder up!

Le Bon stood and measured up Mattock, taunting him to get back to his feet. Mattock slowly stood back up and then turned to face Le Bon. Le Bon delivered a toe kick to Mattock and then went for The Rockstar Stunner, but Mattock countered by grabbing Le Bon by the waist and hitting a German Suplex... Mattock rolled through with it and brought Le Bon to his feet. He then lifted Le Bon up and spun him out into a Blue Thunder Driver!




Thre.. NO!

Le Bon kicked out!

Mattock stood and he now looked to put Le Bon away. Le Bon rolled toward the ropes and grasped them for leverage as he struggled to get back to his feet. Mattock waited with baited breath as Le bon finally got back up. Le Bon staggered toward the middle of the ring where Mattock hoisted Le Bon up onto his shoulders, but Le Bon wriggled free and landed behind Mattock! Le Bon then leapt up into the air, wrapping his arm around Mattock's neck and then slammed the back of his head right into the canvas!

Le Bon got back to his feet and made his way over to the corner. Sanchez Cano hopped up onto the ring apron as Le Bon got to the top rope. Le Bon kicked Cano in the face and knocked him off the ring apron and down to the floor. Mattock got back up and quickly charged the corner. He leapt to the middle turnbuckle and hooked Le Bon for a suplex, but Le Bon countered by lifting Mattock instead and dropping him with a release Gordbuster! Mattock flipped over onto his back after the impact as Le Bon took aim.


Le Bon got all of it and he went for the cover!



Thre.. NO!

Mattock kicked out in time!

Le Bon quickly stood, pulling Mattock to his feet with him. He hooked Mattock for another suplex and lifted him into the air, but Mattock floated up and over, landing behind Le Bon. Mattock stumbled back toward the ropes as Le Bon turned around and charged in, but Mattock lifted Le Bon up and over to the floor where Le Bon landed with a sickening thud.

Le Bon staggered to his feet as Mattock took to the ropes in the opposite direction. Mattock then came back at a full head of steam, leaping to the very top rope with no hands and then flipping off with a Shooting Star Press to the outside! Mattock collided with Le Bon and they were both down and out on the floor! The referee had to start his mandatory ten count!







Both men began to stir...



Both men were up.


Mattock shoved Le Bon back and rolled into the ring.


Before the referee could finish saying the word "Ten", Le Bon made a mad dash to the ring and slid in just in time!!

Mattock was there to meet him, however as he pounded away on Le Bon, not allowing him to get back to his feet. Mattock then brought Le Bon to a vertical base and hoisted him onto his shoulders again. Mattock walked Le Bon to the center of the ring where he tried to flip him into the Quantum Driver II, but Le Bon countered with a sunset flip, but before the referee could count, Mattock used the momentum to roll through up to his feet. He then planted both feet into Le Bon's face...


Mattock made the cover!



Thre... NO!

Le Bon with the shoulder up again!

Mattock was pissed. He grabbed Le Bon by the hair and pulled him back to his feet once again. He picked up Le Bon and scoop slammed him back down to the canvas. Mattock then made his way to the corner, but he was a bit exhausted. His ascent to the top turnbuckle was rather slow, but when he got there, Le Bon was still down... Mattock measured up Le Bon and twisted off with a corkscrew shooting star press...



Mattock smacked stomach first on the canvas as Le Bon rolled out of the way and got back to his feet. Mattock gasped for air as he got to his feet, but was hunched over. Le Bon quickly twisted and hooked Mattock by the head...






The crowd popped as Le Bon had done it! He put Mattock away and had gotten his retribution! Sanchez Cano didn't even wait for any fanfare.. he grabbed Mattock and pulled him out of the ring, helping him to his feet. Mattock seemed out as Cano helped him to the back. Le Bon raised his hand in the air as the people showered him with cheers! Le Bon was now 2-0 since becoming an official member of the jOlt main roster!

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Pinfall

"Signed Sealed and Unexpected"

Aran Thompson Damien Lee was seen sitting in his office when there was a knock on his office door. After telling the person on the other side of the door to "come in", the door opened and Derecho stepped into view as the crowd cheered in the background. Derecho walked up to Damien Lee's desk, but noticed something was a bit... different.

Derecho looked over and saw JET standing in the corner of Damien's office.

"What's she doing in here", asked Derecho

"JET and I were just discussing some business, but it can wait. What can I do for you?" asked Lee.

"Well, I'm not what you can do for me now... after all, she's standing right there." said Derecho.

:"What does she have to do with anything?" asked Lee.

"Oh gee.. I don't know.. maybe that everyone and their mother knows that JET and Tyke are a couple.. and that for the past couple of weeks, Tyke has been doing everything in his damn power to drag me back to The Underground when I made it VERY CLEAR when I lost the championship that I was completely DONE with the Underground division. I have no desire to compete in the Underground, but I'm being manipulated by that slimy british bastard into doing so."

"Okay okay.. calm down. I know your situation. Quite frankly, I rather enjoy not having a psychotic monster running around here causing me nothing but trouble. I don't even know how Jim Johnson even put up with everything you've done as Underground Champion, but I commend him for it. Now.. as for JET.. I assure you that whatever business we have with each other doesn't affect you in any way shape or form.. so I know you came in here for a reason.. so out with it. What is it that you want?" said Lee.

Derecho sighed.

"Fine... As you saw on Sunday, I agreed to go one on one with the number one contender to the Underground Championship, Kayden Paulton with two stipulations.. that it would be contested in underground rules.. and that if I accepted the match, I could have Tyke at Rise of the Legends. I'm here to tell you that I fulfilled his stipulations and I want you to make the match official. I want you to make it Tyke vs Derecho at Rise of the Legends."

Lee looked at Derecho for a moment and then shook his head.

"Sometimes I do forget to deliver the memo, but I already took care of that on iNtense. When you agreed to Tyke's stipulations I went ahead and booked the match to Tyke's specifications" said Lee.

"All right then... thankssssssss....... wait." said Derecho. "To Tyke's specifications?"

Damien Lee reached in his desk and pulled out the contract which already had his signature and stamp of approval on it.

"Yes.. it's all right here.. Tyke vs Derecho at Rise of the Legends... in an Underground Rules match."

Derecho looked up at Lee.

"You can't be serious... after everything I told you.. after EVERYTHING I said about not wanting to be in the GODDAMN Underground... you DARE show this to me!?"

Lee smirked.

"News flash... it doesn't matter if you want to be in the Underground or not.. the fact is when you agreed to the terms with Tyke on iNtense, you agreed to this match. This is your doing.. not mine. Now unless you want to be suspended without pay I suggest you change your attitude, honor your commitment, and go through with the match. You asked for it.. you agreed to it with Tyke.. and you got it. I don't see the problem here."

Derecho clenched his fist and stormed away from Lee's desk. Before Derecho grabbed the door, he let out a roar and punched a hole right through Lee's wall. He then turned and looked at JET.

"I hope you enjoyed your time with Tyke.. because at Rise of the Legends.. you won't have a significant other to cuddle up with at night anymore."

Derecho then pulled the door open with force and stormed out of Lee's office. The scene faded to black.

Omega vs Eli Conway
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson


CUE UP: "Believer" by ¡Mayday!

Eli Conway and his brother Ezra slowly walked down to the ring as the fans erupted in jeers for the new Black faction members. The twin team walked down the ring flipping off the fans in the process. Eli Conway stood in the ring waiting for his opponent for the night. He wanted to show the world champ he could take on a monster and win. Eli stood in the ring with his twin brother Ezra showing unity and no fear of the man known as the craziest bastard in wrestling.

CUE UP: “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson.

Eli stood in the ring with his fist balled as he was ready for a fight. He waited in the ring as the lights dimmed and the music continued to play. The Conways smiled as they thought Omega was scared to come to the ring. The lights suddenly flickered back on and an eruption of jeers from the crowd was heard.


Because Omega was already in the ring standing behind Eli and Ezra. His massive frame overshadowed the twins even though they were big men themselves who had no idea that Omega was behind them. The fans continued to erupt as Eli turned around to see the big man’s chest. Eli went right after the bigger man showing no fear as Ezra rolled out of the ring to the floor. He was definitely outweighed by one hundred pounds in this match but he didn’t care. The bell finally sounded.

Eli tried to kick at Omega’s thighs to chop the big redwood down to his size. Eli ran toward the ropes bouncing off giving himself a running start at Omega but was sent to the mat with a big boot to his face. Omega picked up Eli and whipped him into the corner. The big man picked up Eli and dropped him face first onto the top turnbuckle.

Eli fell to the mat he was in trouble now. Omega reached for Eli who jabbed the monster with his thumb. Omega staggered backwards as this gave Eli enough time to get to his feet. Eli nailed Omega with a chop block to send the big man to his knees. Eli knew he had to continue to stay on the big man while he had him down. Eli raced across the ring and nailed Omega with a big clothesline that took Omega down. Eli raised his arms high in the air but Omega was starting to get to his feet as Ezra pointed.

Eli quickly turned around and attacked Omega to try to keep the big man on the mat. Eli nailed Omega with some big right hands as the big man smiled with each shot which surprised Eli. Eli picked up Omega to his knees hooking him in the process. He drove Omega quickly to the mat with a DDT. Eli went down for the cover.



Massive kickout by Omega. Eli and Ezra couldn’t believe it. Eli tried to pick up the big man but Omega quickly got to his feet and grabbed Eli by the throat. The big man drove Eli down to the mat with a thunderous choke slam. The crowd jeered as Omega reached down for Eli and threw him outside to the floor. He climbed over the top rope to the floor himself stalking his opponent.

He grabbed Eli by the head. “We will make you feel pain.” Omega said as he rammed Eli into the steel steps. The fans were eating up this violent act from Omega. He grabbed Eli and rammed him into the guardrail this time. Ezra stepped toward Omega but the big man just smiled which sent Ezra back to the other side. Omega wasn’t done as he picked up Eli onto his shoulders.

Omega raced toward the steel ring post, driving Eli into it like a lawn dart but Eli jumped off of Omega’s shoulder. He sent Omega into the steel post. Ezra tried to get his brother back into the match. The craziest bastard in wrestling looked around with a sick grin on his face. Ezra gave Eli a chair. Eli walked over to Omega and drove the chair into the back of his head.

Eli drilled Omega with a boot to the face. Omega was still on both knees, never falling to the floor after the onslaught from the Conway brother. Eli came at Omega again who just shoved him away. The Black faction member started nailing Omega with right hands but the big man shoved him away again.

Eli was not done as he jumped back on Omega and started nailing him again. Eli was relentless as Omega once more shoved Eli to the ring. This time however, Eli came rushing back at Omega who exploded from his kneeling position with a vicious clothesline. Omega picked up Eli and rolled him into the ring. He rolled into the ring and looked down at Eli. Omega picked up Eli and drove him to the mat with a big side suplex. Omega hooked Eli’s legs for the pin.



Omega picked Eli up to his feet and whipped him into the corner. The big man ran into the corner but Eli moved as Omega nailed the post with his shoulder. Aran had the Conway brothers believing in the Black Faction as Eli was taking the fight to the biggest dog in the yard. Eli nailed Omega with a dropkick to the knee that staggered the big man. Eli picked up Omega and quickly put him back down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex.

Eli went for the cover.




Ezra told Eli to stay on the big man. Eli went to pick up the God of Fight but Omega nailed him with a huge right hand that rocked Eli backwards. Omega walked slowly over to Eli and grabbed him by the head. He picked up Eli and hung him in the corner, hooking his foot under the top turnbuckle so he couldn’t move. Omega walked over to the opposite corner before eyeing Eli. Omega smirked before racing with a full head of steam into the corner spearing Eli. He literally broke Eli in half as he was on the mat shaking uncontrollably.

Omega pulled Eli from the corner as the ref tried to get in between the two. Omega moved away from Eli as the ref continued to talk to Omega. Ezra pulled his brother out of the ring and rolled into the ring right behind Omega. The big man turned around and was nailed in the jaw with a huge Superkick. Ezra raised his arms in the air as he turned around and looked at Omega who sat up from the Superkick. Ezra looked on in shock as omega started to get to his feet. Ezra rolled out of the ring and picked up Eli.

Both men started to scurry away from the ring as the ref started his count.











The Conway Brothers ran the hell out of the area as Omega sat in the ring looking at the men run with a smile on his face. Omega had won the match via countout which did not sit too well with him.

Winner: Omega via Countout

Heido vs Ezra Conway
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

The unstable titan named Omega continued to cast an unsettling stare at Dean Carrington and the approaching Darius Underwood. Rocking back and forth from a seated posture, the raving psychotic traded glares at both men before his face displayed a serious expression. The monstrosity quickly rolled to his side to all fours, sticking his tongue out and chucking shortly after while slowly standing to his feet. Security was summoned from the back en mass, which triggered a gnashing of teeth from Omega that kept all personnel on the immediate defensive.

Some personnel were kneeling on different sections of the ring ropes yet all quickly scattered as Omega flew to the outside and stood his ground. A cold stare was conveyed in both directions before a maniacal fit of laughter scraped the heavens. Security began to look at each other while keeping an eye on the titan’s movements before his eventual egress over the barricades. Fans were egging on the giant who sniffed the air briefly before slowly back pedaling away from the ringside area. All security personnel followed suit to ensure the safety of all where a couple minutes elapsed before all were out of view.

"Believer" by ¡Mayday!

Camera Three panned casually over the eastern section of the crowd towards the entrance staging area where the West Texas twins were seen strolling out from the side of the entrance staging area several moments later. Both clad in matching Black & Blue Trunks, Knee Padding & Boots, the identical ingrates initiated a brief conference before turning about and offering a set of menacing scowls back at the masses. One twin looked away and focused on matters ahead as the other was priming his brother up in preparation for the singles contest...

Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following contest is scheduled for 1 fall; Introducing First; Accompanied by his tag team partner, Eli...he is one half of the West Texas Terrorists....EZRA!!! CONWAY!!! Rounding the corner en route to the ring steps, both twins would take several moments to generate genuine heel heat by jawing back at the audience for several moments before Ezra climbed through the ropes and pacing the ring interior in a deliberate circle before scrambling up the turnbuckles and yelling back at the masses until his musical introduction faded. Shortly after, Ezra stepped down before tugging at the ropes...

“Vanishing Twin" - Cliff Lin

The crowd offered a mixed response as a rolling bank of smoke continued belching forth from underneath the ring, quickly covering the entire outer perimeter. From underneath, the infrequent flashing of light from within the smoldering overcast as Takeshi was the first to ascend from the kneeling near the western side of the ring followed by the elder statesman of the clan before the enigmatic ‘voice’ of The Crimson Order stood himself slowly erect. Swathed with the hues of Obsidian with Pearl & Crimson trim, the sinewy ninja slowly rose his arms up from his sides. The motion led The Mute Mountain & their manager to step forward to his flanks. Both men would slowly surveyed their opposition as the man in the middle lowered his arms and slowly balled up both fists...

Carrington: “...And his opponent; Accompanied to the ring by his manager, Mamoru & tag team partner, Takeshi...From The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan and weighting in at 255 pounds...This is HEIDO!!!

Both Ezra and Eli were frantically assessing their surroundings as both Takeshi & Mamoru sauntered in opposing directions, setting the West Texas Terrorists on the defensive. Head downcast, Heido’s trademark tattered coolie hat belied the slightly heaving ninja’s chest before slowly raising his head. Taking several moments to stare back at his opposition as the smoke dissipated, Heido quietly made his way around to the ring steps and held firm before stepping through the ropes. Ezra continued barking & pointing at the ninja as Referee Underwood kept him at bay. Heido casually removed the coolie from his head, allowing his black mane to drape to his shoulders before popping the bones in his neck. Underwood quickly assessed both men’s levels of readiness before calling for the opening bell.

Ezra clasped onto and wring each wrist as Heido assumed a stoic defensive posture several paces away from the turnbuckle. Careful with his encroachment, Conway closed in on the reserved ninja before colliding with an immediate Collar & Head Tie Up. Heido was quick to control with a taunt Arm Wringer, driving the twin down to a knee with a Wrist Lock. Maneuvering for control, Heido’s movement led Conway to Single Handspring himself into position take the ninja over with a swift Fireman’s Carry Takedown into a Grounded Side Head Lock. Ezra wenched back on the hold, prompting Heido to briefly extend his hand outward before fishing for an opening. Wedging both palms against his opposition’s ear, Heido worked himself back up to a knee. Heido soundly floored the twin with an Aikido style throw in which Ezra spun about and scooted over to the nearby ropes to air his grievance to the referee. Eli leaned onto the ring apron and consoled his brother briefly before Ezra recollected himself. Mamoru offered his sage advice in fluent Japanese leading Heido to nod in acceptance. The ninja rolled both wrists for the impending tie up before Conway slid away and flung the sweat off his brow at the ninja arrogantly. The masses jeered angrily at the Texas native as his twin cheered on his antics yet Heido staggered Ezra with a Sweeping Open Palm Punch to the Jaw! The twin bounced off the ropes and staggered forward to be floored by an Underhanded Throat Jab. Ezra sought to scramble back to his feet yet Heido grabbed him by the hair and slammed him face first against the turnbuckles! Resting his opposition’s head against the padding, Heido fashioned a makeshift Rear Side Choke while bracing his knee between Ezra’s shoulder blades. Referee Underwood adamantly counted to 4 before Heido released him, leaving the cowboy choking.

Eli began slapping the ring apron before willing his brother to get back into the fight. Meanwhile, Takeshi loomed forward to send Eli shuffling away to safety, casting some ill will toward the giant mute. Heido was seen hurling Ezra away to the opposing corner soundly before crushing him with a Running Turnbuckle Clothesline before grounding Ezra with a torrid Side Headlock Takedown! The twin occasionally extended his arm outward as Eli barked out orders to his sibling. Fighting his way back to a knee, Ezra managed to connect with a textbook Teardrop Suplex! Seeking to reclaim his bearings, Ezra worked himself back to his feet and delivered a sickening Double Underhook Suplex, spiking Heido’s skull into the canvas! Both men were down until Ezra slowly willed himself up to all fours before making a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout! Ezra slightly favored his head before laying several Punches onto his fallen opposition before holding onto the ropes and laying to boots to Kenshiro’s protegee’. Ezra with a Reverse Chinlock and the referee knelt in close to gauge the ninja’s level of resistance. Mamoru continued pacing and instructing his liege to fight onward. Heido began fighting off the hold yet Ezra’s snap Hair Whip bounced the ninja’s skull against the canvas. Referee Underwood jumped in Ezra’s face who feigned innocence before caroming off the ropes and connecting with a Knee Drop across the ninja’s head. Rolling to his feet, the Texan shoved Heido back into position before connecting with a measured Fist Drop!

A series of hardened Fists rained down on the ninja before Referee Underwood pried him off the fallen ninja. Eli proudly supported his sibling from the outside as Ezra waved off the ring official and used a Boot Scrape to disrespect the ninja before locking him into a 3/4 Facelock. Takeshi began rhythmically slapping the mat to get the crowd behind his clan brother as Ezra flashed his canines while applying more pressure. Clenching his hands, Heido worked himself back to a knee before driving several Back Elbows into the twin’s mid section. Ezra sought to fling the ninja over with another Side Headlock Takedown. Heido countered by hooking the nearest leg 7 playing both hands against Ezra’s ear before driving a stiff Knee to the cowboy’s stomach. Heido followed through with a Clubbing Forearm between Ezra’s shoulder blades to knock his opposition to a knee before snatching Ezra upward to his feet...

Heaven’s Rebuke - A stiff Head & Arm Suplex

The Cowboy cradled his head after the impact as Heido walked on both knees before shoving the ailing twin back onto the canvas...1! ...2! NO! Referee Underwood broke the count as Ezra’s leg was seen draped along the bottom ropes yet Mamoru was adamantly casting blame onto Eli, who was immediately on the defensive against the accusations. Takeshi lumbered after Eli as he ran away for cover and stopped at the middle of the ramp way. Meanwhile, Ezra was led away with an Irish Whip by Heido. Ezra returned yet missed with the Running Lariat yet soared over the top rope and floored Takeshi from behind with a Diving Double Ax Handle Dive! Eli was quick to sprint back down and lay the boots onto the fallen titan before pulling his brother back to his feet and heading over to the adjacent end of the ring apron. Mamoru knelt down to attend to the blind sided giant. Eli was quickly leveled by an incensed ninja before trading blows with Ezra. Eli staggered back to his feet before attacking Heido from behind, allowing both siblings to connect with a Double Team Suplex against the thinly padded earth! Heido winced angrily while turning onto his side as brothers slowly clambered back to their feet. The noisy fans alerted the twins of The Mute Mountain’s immediate return with Eli rounding the corner as Ezra was ran over via a Running Body Block! Mamoru sought to close off Eli’s path yet Eli quickly slid back into the ring. Heido turned about and ate a stiff Side Kick to the Jaw! The angry audience responded as the ninja leaned back and collapsed onto the canvas while Eli quickly rolled back to the outside.

Meanwhile, Takeshi nailed Ezra with a tandem of Clubbing Forearms before shoving him back into the ring. Mamoru stepped away as Eli frantically urged his brother to recollect himself and seize the victory. Eli continued slapping the ring apron as his brother shook the cobwebs free. Resting on his forearm, Ezra continued panting to himself before crawling over and draping his arm over for the cover....1! ....2! NO! Eli was pissed off while Mamoru & Takeshi nodded in relief before Mamoru yelled at his recovering client. Both men worked their way back to their feet with Ezra hauling off with a Hard Right. Heido paused from the blow before connecting with a stiff Backhand Punch. Ezra staggered backwards to carom off the ropes and connect with a Kick to the Mid Section before dropping to his knees afterward. Heido was left in a brief 3 point stance before standing himself erect. Ezra took a breath before hoisting Heido upward for a Brain Buster. Heido with the Float Over...

The Southern Cross Breaker - A Bridging Cobra Clutch

The twin’s arm frantically reached for and scraped the ring ropes in sheer desperation before Eli intervened and pushed the ring ropes toward his brother. Ezra managed to latch onto the ropes yet Heido quickly flung his opposition aside and slid to the outside after Eli. The twin rounded the first corner with ease yet his run was abruptly cut short as he ran into the awaiting clutches of Takeshi...

The Onager Shot - Push Up Flapjack to Stiff Open Palm Thrust to Abdomen

An ailing Eli writhed along the padded floor as the masses continued cheering. Heido was climbing back through the ropes when Ezra connected with a surprise Running Knee to the Stomach. Left draped over the middle ropes. Ezra Conway looked out into the crowd to taunt them before connecting with a Swing Ring Rope DDT! The ninja spiked the mat skull first before collapsing onto the canvas. Takeshi loomed in close over the ring apron, leading Ezra to scoot away from the ropes. Sneering as he casually applied a Lateral press on Heido....1! ....2! ....Kickout! Ezra slapped the canvas before jawing with the referee before hooking the leg deeply....1! ....2! Kickout! The legions cheered as Ezra ran his fingers through his hair in frustration before staring at the recovering ninja. Grabbing Heido by the hair with both hands, lured the ninja back to his feet before clubbing him with a battery of Forearms before standing him erect with a Knee Lift to the Face. Irish Whip by Ezra to send the ninja soundly into the opposing turnbuckles led Conway to quickly display a Throat Slashing gesture to piss off the crowd before committing into a dead sprint...

The Execution - A Running Corner Yakuza Kick

The crowd cheered as Ezra crotched himself atop the turnbuckle padding as Heido remained on all fours briefly. Making his gradual ascent, Heido began wailing on the upper back and Head of his rival before climbing up the 2nd ropes and inciting the crowd with a Japanese battle cry before locking Ezra with a modified variant of a Vertical Stump Puller! Referee Underwood continued reprimanding Heido as Ezra screamed adamantly before the ninja broke the count by leaping down, locking him into a Standing Clinch before driving several Knee Strikes to the exposed Thigh! Ezra was left dangling against the ropes before a Knife Edge Chop summoned a Ric Flair tribute. Several similar Chops followed suit before Heido flung his foe’s leg back inside the ring and seated himself on the top rope...

The Jaded Stone Crusher - A Knee Drop Bulldog

The crowd cheered as Heido ground his Forearm against Ezra’s jaw during a Lateral Press....1! ....2! Shoulder! The ninja rested in the posture of seiza as Ezra favored his leg while trying to pull himself away yet Heido grabbed the twin by the hair, pulling him to his feet. However, Ezra brought himself some breathing room with a swift Jaw Breaker yet crawled away painfully. Heido staggered backward to a knee as Ezra locked eyes with his brother, barking instructions back at him. Takeshi motioned for the crowd support as Heido briefly scanned the horizon before delivering a stern Knee Drop against Ezra’s exposed Ear. The Cowboy flailed about and sought to protect himself from further harm, allotting Heido to reclaim his footing. Both men began trading Punches. Both reeling from each measured blow before Ezra began gaining momentum. A stern Headbutt by Ezra before a Discus lariat took the ninja cleanly off his feet. Both men remained along the floor with the referee making his count. By the count of 7, Ezra crawled on all fours toward the turnbuckles before using the ropes to stand himself erect. Climbing upward, Ezra shook his head briefly before reaching the top yet Takeshi’s presence gave pause to the West Texas Terrorist. Eli was busy yelling at the massive Mute Mountain to get away when Heido sprinted up the ropes to snatch Ezra off and crushing his spine with a Cobra Clutch Lung Blower! The impact sent Ezra’s body flipping over with Heido following suit and quickly locking in the Cobra Clutch Body Scissors Submission! The Kansai Kraken Lock... Ezra’s arm hovered over the canvas extended with the other, clawing Heido’s arm. Referee Underwood knelt down to assess the Cowboy’s condition. Eli adamantly urged his brother to fight on until Ezra repeatedly slammed the back of his hand against the canvas, leading the masses to cheer as the bell was sounded! Eli clasped onto his brow with both hands in frustration as ’Vanishing Twin’ by Cliff Lin strolled freely from the overhead PA system where Heido eventually released his opposition...

Carrington: “...And the winner of this match, by way of Submission....HEIDO!!!

Camera One captured both Takeshi and Mamoru celebrate in a reserved fashion as Heido eventually stood himself erect and allowed the referee to raise his hand in victory before snatching his hand back and rejoining his clan. Seen rolling out of the ring, Eli slid under the ropes to come to the aid of his brother. A look of pure resentment was cast toward the egressing trio before the view switched to The Crimson Order turning back toward the ring and staring from the entrance staging area briefly. Eli inaudibly shouted words of embitterment as the ninjas eventually disappeared through the backstage curtains...

Winner: Heido via Submission

"Programming Notice"

Aran Thompson Standing in front of the large font jOlt backdrop, Donny Layne stood, the picture of pure professionalism. He nodded to his camera man and raised the microphone to his mouth.

"Since coming a second short of winning the Phoenix Rose Invitational, these men have been on quite the roll here in jOlt. And their uncalled for involvement in last week's Tag Title main event, they have drawn the attention of both the tag champions, the Heirs of Wrestling and their challengers, The House. With their first words since that attack, joining me now are Red & Ted."

And on cue, Teddy Jacobs and Grady Patrick entered frame left while Alexander Redding came from stage right. Teddy Jacobs swung an arm around Layne that made him more nervous than Teddy had intended, but never-the-less held the arm around shoulder.

"Donny 'Night Train' Layne. Man, it is a privilege," Teddy leaned into the microphone.

An awkward "Uhm..." was the first question out of our stalwart point man.

"Ted, it was Dick 'Night Train' Lane; the football legend," Red offered with a grin.

"Well, I am sure he is related."

"Gentlemen, we have seen you pick up victories over Diamond Jewelz and Jesse Ramey and then another tonight over the Roses since that altercation last Warriors. For as out spoken as you have made yourself known to be, why the wait to explain yourselves?" asked Layne, wriggling out from under Teddy Jacobs arm.

Teddy Jacobs started, "Well, we would have loved to have this face time earlier, but it seems that... hey! Are you reading your lines from a card?" Teddy looked aghast to see such standard operating procedure. And pointed to Layne's other hand and the cue cards there-in.

"What do we have here?" ask Red as he wrestled the cards away from Layne. "Nah, no questions on here Ted. Just a bunch of formatting stuff. Hey, what's this? Our dear old pals slash acquaintances that I would not invite anywhere slash rivals that could drown in a urinal somehow grabbed the main event?"

Teddy shared a knowing nod with Alexander before turning away and walking out of frame.

"Layne, the reason that we haven't bothered to seek out your sad self is because we have another way of settling up. That's all you'll get out of me, but, be sure to tune in to that main event." Red said, tossing the cue cards to Donny Layne's feet and walking across him, behind Ted and Grady.

For his part, Layne looked into the camera and said, "There you have it folks. A few words from the team of Red & Ted, who sound like they have designs on this week's main event, as well."

"Through Glass"

Aran Thompson The scene faded in on the backstage locker room area. There was some hustle and bustle in the background, but the camera focused in on a seated Anti-Star tapping up his hands and wrist preparing for his Underground handicap match later. Through the door of the locker room walked Donny Layne microphone in hand a somewhat hectic look on his face.

“Jesse,” Donny tried to smile, “we’re only one match away from what is supposed to be a handicap Underground rules match featuring yourself and Diamond Jewelz going up against Ken Kaze.”

Ramey looked up at Layne with a confused look on his face, “What do you mean is supposed to be?”

Layne shuffled his feet a bit, “Well, security hasn’t marked Diamond Jewelz off of the list as having arrived at the arena yet.”

“Good,” Ramey smiled, “don’t be so nervous Donny. This is probably the best news I’ve gotten since I joined this company.”

Donny relaxed a bit at Ramey’s response, “So, what’s the plan if he doesn’t show up then?”

“The show goes on,” Ramey laughed, “obviously not as planned, but going up against Ken Kaze in a handicap match didn’t really set well with me to begin with. I know the guy is crazy and requested the handicap match, but it suits me just as well being able to show off what I can do inside of that ring alone.”

“So, let me just send a little message the way of Damien Lee,” Ramey looked into the camera. “I don’t think I need to do this, because you seem like you’ve got your head on a little better than Jim Johnson did. Don’t scrap this match if Diamond Jewelz doesn’t show up tonight. He’s probably not here because he’s afraid of getting hurt just like Ruby Rocks Jewelz did last week.”

“Let me and Ken Kaze burn that ring to the ground.” Ramey smiled, “I just hope Diamond and Ruby Rocks are done licking their wounds by the time iNtense rolls around. Hopefully you hear this Diamond, because I think it’s going to be something you can really sink that grill into. On iNtense we are being allowed a rematch from Cataclysm; me and you against reVolt one more time.”

“Or don’t show up again.” Ramey shrugged, “Either way it doesn’t matter to me. Thanks for the heads up Donny; I need to get back to preparing for this match, handicap or whatever.”

Donny nodded as Ramey went back to tapping his hands and wrist. The camera faded out and into the next scene on the agenda.

Jesse Ramey vs Ken Kaze
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be an Underground Rules Handicap Tag Team versus Singles match with a time limit of twenty minutes, and will be one fall to a finish.” Brad Arnold announced to the live audience on hand as he stood center ring next to referee Darius Underwood.

“Where’s your head at!?” it shouted, and they shouted back. This was exactly the type of welcome the man from Stab City, Ireland thrived on.

The cheering upped their dBs as Ken Kaze stepped out from behind the entrance curtain and held his tag partner, manager and garbage can, George, above his head. The crowd cheered jOlt’s Resident Moron, but few were brave enough to try to slap hands with Kaze, and doubly afraid of the barbwire encased garbage can.

“Making his way to the ring first, accompanied to the ring by George the Garbage Can and weighing in tonight at one hundred and ninety-eight pounds; he is KEN KAZE!” Arnold announced to the already ruckus crowd.

Making it ringside, Kaze sat George in the corner, or on top of the steel steps, to be more specific. Kaze bent his head, like he was listening to the last pregame instructions that George would be giving. Then it was a thumps up and Kaze rolled underneath the bottom rope into the ring before Basement Jaxx came to a close.

A silence grew across the arena as it was once again plunged into darkness. The jOlt Vision began to hum with life as a single phrase etched across the screen brought the crowd back to life.

The Anti-Star

All of the fans within the arena came to their feet as “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast and a single spotlight shined down on the entrance ramp. Ramey burst from behind the entrance curtains and the ovation only grew stronger.

“Making his way to the ring weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds; he is JESSE RAMEY!” Arnold announced much to the continued excitement of the crowd on hand.

The spotlight followed Ramey as he darted toward the ring, slid in under the bottom rope on his right hip, popped back up and rushed toward the nearest set of ropes. Ramey placed one foot on the middle rope and the other on the top, and threw his arm into the air as the lights kicked back up in the arena.

It was at this point in time that Nipsey Hussle should have filled the arena with his vocals, but no more music resonated. A stage hand slowly made his way over toward the ring and signaled for Brad Arnold to come over. Kaze and Ramey both stood in the center of the ring with a look of confusion on their face. The stage hand finished telling Arnold what was going on and he came back to the center of the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have been informed that neither Diamond Jewelz nor Ruby Rock Jewelz have made it to the arena this evening. Due to these circumstances, in the interest of the show continuing on, Damien Lee came to the executive decision that this match will now be a singles Underground Rules match!”

Both Ramey and Kaze nodded at each other with a smile as the announcement made the fans in attendance shout with joy. Arnold quickly exited the ring as Underwood signaled for the bell.




As soon as the bell sounded Kaze rushed toward Ramey catching him off guard and bring him down face first to the mat with a low dropkick to the knee. Kaze continued the assault as he quickly jumped on Ramey’s back and began driving forearms into the side of his head. Kaze then hooked the inside of Ramey’s mouth with his index finger and pulled back on his hair, causing Ramey to scream.

Kaze removed his finger from Ramey’s mouth and slammed his head into the mat with the other. Kaze then jumped back to his feet and rushed toward the ropes. Kaze came running back toward Ramey’s downed body and Ramey rolled close to Kaze causing him to leap over him.

Kaze continued off into the other set of ropes, while Ramey quickly made his way back to his feet. Ramey caught Kaze on the way back through and attempted a hip toss, that Kaze blocked and attempted one of his own. Ramey blocked Kaze’s attempt and instead brought a thigh up into Kaze’s abdomen that cause his to crunch over. Ramey still had hold of Kaze’s arm as he draped his leg over the top of Kaze’s neck and then dropped him to the mat with what looked like a leg drop from a standing position.

Ramey quickly made his way back to his feet pulling Kaze back up along with him. Kaze stunned Ramey as he struck him in the face with a closed fist. The move didn’t stagger Ramey though as he came back at Kaze with a closed fist of his own. The two traded shots back and forth until Kaze brought a hip up into Ramey’s sternum and then shot off into the ropes.

Ramey quickly followed Kaze though and as soon as Kaze hit the ropes Ramey caught him with a clothesline that sent both men tumbling over the top rope and outside of the ring. Their bodies hit the padding that surrounded the ring with a thud, but neither man wanted to take a single second to rest. Ramey quickly began pulling himself back up with the help of the barricades that separated the ring from the crowd.

Kaze grabbed hold of the ring apron, lifted it, and pulled a kendo stick out from under the ring. Kaze then made his way back to his feet and just as Ramey was approaching him Kaze shoved the tip of the kendo stick into Ramey’s stomach. Ramey bent over in pain and Kaze lifted the stick into the air and brought it down across his back. Ramey shot back to an upright position as the sting from the cane shot through his body. Kaze stepped back and wound up with the cane and as Ramey turned toward him he swung the cane toward his head.

Ramey barely ducked under the swing and as Kaze turned back around Ramey drove a boot into his midsection and then grabbed hold of kendo stick. The two men struggled for control of the cane until Ramey gave up and drove his shoulder into the stomach of Kaze and pushed him backward into the steel ring post. Kaze’s spine smashed against the metal and he dropped the kendo stick to the mat.

Kaze dropped to his knees and Ramey picked up the kendo stick. He locked both his hands around the stick and raised it into the air. Before he had the chance to bring it down on top of Kaze’s head though, an uppercut shot right between Ramey’s legs. Ramey dropped the kendo stick and fell to his knees in front of Kaze. The two men were now eye to eye once more.

Kaze clinched his fist and smashed Ramey in the face. Ramey reeled back a bit, but closed his fist as well and returned the stiff punch to the head. The two men slowly battled their way back to their feet trading punches the whole way back up. Once they were back to their feet Kaze blocked Ramey’s final fist, grabbed him by the arm, and launched him off toward the barricades.

Ramey stopped just before he collided with the barricading, and turned to see Kaze rushing toward him. Ramey side stepped and used Kaze’s own momentum against him as he shoved him downward. Kaze crashed into the barricade head first and Ramey quickly lifted him back to his feet. Ramey locked Kaze up in what looked like was going to be a suplex attempt, but instead Ramey picked Kaze up and draped him across the barricade.

Ramey made his way over to the ring and quickly jumped back up onto the apron. Ramey jumped from the ring to the barricade catching Kaze across the back of his neck with a twisting leg drop. The two men crumpled back to the mats surrounding the ring, and Ramey began crawling toward the ring itself. He lifted the apron and grabbed hold of the end of a table. Ramey slowly dragged the table from under the ring, lifted it up, and tossed it back inside of the ring.

Ramey slid into the ring and opened up on end of the tables legs. He then propped it up in a corner against the top of the turnbuckle post. Ramey dropped to the mats and rolled back out of the ring, made his way over to the time keeper and grabbed hold of an empty chair. Kaze was able to make his way back to his feet in this amount of time, and was staggering his way over toward Ramey.

Ramey approached Kaze and drove the tip of the chair into his chest, tossed the chair into the ring, grabbed hold of Kaze and rolled him back into the ring as well. Jesse then lifted the apron of the ring one more time, grabbed hold of the bottom of an eight foot ladder, yanked it from under the ring and slid it in under the bottom rope. Ramey dropped the apron back down to the floor, and just as he was getting ready to come back into the ring the top of the ladder was shoved right back into his face.

Kaze had made his way back to his feet, and just before Jesse could crawl back into the ring Kaze leveled him with a drop kick to bottom rung of the ladder. The move launched to top of the ladder back into Ramey’s face and sent him crashing backward into the barricade. Ramey rested with his arms outstretched on the barricade for a moment holding him up.

Kaze grabbed hold of the ladder and moved it to another side of the ring out of his way. Ramey was able to push himself off of the barricade, but just as he came back to a standing base Kaze was rushing toward him. Kaze dove between the middle and top rope hitting Ramey with a suicide dive. The move caused Ramey to fly backward into the barricade once more, only this time he couldn’t hold himself up. He just fell to the mat in a heap, while Kaze clawed at the ring apron to pull himself back to his feet.

Kaze turned his back to the ring and leaned against it for a moment before pushing off to his feet. He staggered forward a bit before regaining his equilibrium. Kaze made his way over to the downed Ramey, grabbed him by the hair, and pulled him back toward the ring. Kaze lifted Ramey back to his feet and rolled him into the ring under the bottom rope. Kaze then rolled back into the ring himself and pulled his way back to his feet with the use of the middle rope.

Kaze drove a boot into Ramey’s chest, grabbed hold of the steel chair in the ring, and made his way to the closest turnbuckle. Kaze turned back to the center of the ring and then rushed toward Ramey’s downed body. Kaze leapt into the air and pulled the chair down under himself. Ramey rolled out of the way at the last second and Kaze came crashing down hitting a running senton onto chair under him. Kaze writhed in the ring for a moment, while Ramey slowly pulled himself back to his feet using the ropes.

Ramey slowly made his way over to Kaze’s down body and lifted him back to his feet. Ramey grabbed hold of Kaze’s arm and shot him off toward the table in the corner. Kaze smashed chest first off of the table and staggered backward. Ramey made his way over to Kaze and twisted him around face front, only to be caught in the midsection with a boot, and then quickly wrapped up and thrown up and over into the table with a T-bone suplex.

The table broke into three pieces as Ramey came crashing down into it and Kaze dropped to his knees. Kaze slowly crawled his way over to the ring ropes where he turned and plopped down into a seated position using the ropes to rest. Underwood made his way over to the rubble pile and checked on Ramey, then turned to check on Kaze as well. Kaze shrugged Underwood off and pulled himself back to his feet, grabbing at the small of his back still in pain.

Kaze made his way over to the rubble pile stepping over bits of the table, grabbed Ramey by the arm, and pulled his body from it. Once Kaze had him back in the center of the ring he dropped down to the mat and attempted the pin.




Ramey was able to bring his shoulder up off of the mat at the last possible second, the fans in arena erupted, and a look of astonishment crossed the face of Kaze. Kaze leaned back on his knees, grabbed hold of Ramey’s head, lifted him up a bit, and brought a closed fist into his face. Ramey’s head dropped back down to the canvas as Kaze gingerly pushed his way back to his feet.

Kaze made his way over to the ladder in the ring and picked it up. He twisted the ladder upside down and made his way back over to the downed Ramey. With his arms at the center of the ladder Kaze lifted it into the air and brought the top rung down stabbing it into the mat where Ramey’s body was lying. Ramey had managed to roll out of the way before it would have crashed down into his chest. Ramey managed to roll into a clean corner where he fought his way back to a standing base. Kaze turned the ladder wrapping his arms through it and came charging in toward the corner where Ramey rested.

Ramey avoided the move with a quick front roll under the corner of the ladder as Kaze came crashing in. The ladder connected with the turnbuckle, then into Kaze’s chest, causing him to fall backward with the ladder still on his chest. Ramey rushed toward the corner and jumped catching both of his legs on the ropes and flipped back on top of Kaze and the ladder with a split-legged moonsault.

Touching the Sky

Ramey bounced off of the ladder and back into the center of the ring grabbing at his chest. He kicked at the mat in pain before crawling his way back over to Kaze’s body. He grabbed hold of the ladder and shoved it out of the ring, then climbed on top of Kaze for the pin attempt, hooking the leg.




Ramey dropped back to the mat in a seated position and brushed the hair from his face. Ramey slowly pushed his way up off of the mat and grabbed hold of Kaze pulling him back to his feet. Ramey was sent backward as Kaze caught him across the face with a spinning back fist. Ramey staggered back in and was immediately lifted up and dropped down with a sheerdrop Northern Lights suplex and the bridging pin attempt.

Northern Lights Out

Underwood dropped in for the pin attempt.




The signature moves were being unloaded by both men, and nothing seemed to be doing the trick to pull either of them away. Much like Ramey when Kaze kicked out of his last attempt, Kaze also came to a seated position and an astonished smile crossed his face. Kaze slowly pushed his way up off of the mat and grabbed Ramey by the hair, lifting him back to his feet as well.

Kaze pulled Ramey to the center of the ring then pulled at the steel chair in the ring with his foot, having it placed directly behind him. Kaze then lifted Ramey into the air for a vertical suplex attempt, but Ramey brought a knee down into his skull causing Kaze to drop him back to his feet. As soon as Ramey landed on his feet he kicked Kaze in the midsection, crossed his arms and pulled his head under his arm. Ramey then twisted his position so that he was now standing where Kaze was, threw his arm between Kaze’s legs and lifted him into the air dropping him down head first into steel chair.

Attitude Adjustment

The brainbuster looked to have rendered Kaze completely out of it as Ramey crawled back onto his lifeless body for the pin attempt. Underwood dropped in for the attempt one more time.




The sound of the ring bell went off throughout the arena as “I’m Not Okay” began to blast over the arena sound system once again. Ramey leaned back on his knees panting heavily as Darius Underwood grabbed hold of his arm and lifted it into the air.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Arnold made the official announcement, “the winner of the match via pinfall, JESSE RAMEY!”

Underwood released Ramey’s arm and Ramey dropped back down to the mat rolling out of the ring. Barely able to keep his own feet underneath him he began to make his way up the entrance ramp, but turned back toward the crowd one final time and shot an arm into the air.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"Temptation: It's Bittersweet Nectar"

Aran Thompson

”Is there something the matter, Eiji?”

The elder statesman of the Inogami Clan inquired. The Blood Raven gently cast his writing utensil onto his pad and exhaled. The gust of frustration brushed his bangs away from his face briefly. The ninja’s passive lack of emotional discipline betrayed him once more.

Lord Kenshiro is so damned insistent upon these studies.” Eiji revealed.

“You have been promoted to lieutenant.” Mamoru replied. “By the strength of my recommendation, I might add. Much accountability and responsibility is to be expected in such a position.”

“I have much to offer from both experience and ability.” The Blood Raven added. “I have won championships, Mamoru. Championships.”

“How will clinging to the past aid you in moving forward?” Mamoru asked. “Those accolades mean little now. A great deal of trust is being invested in you and your brothers. Growing pains are expected as things are far different here than back home. Lord Kenshiro only demands the best from all of us as from within himself.”

“I can never be him.” Eiji seethed.

“Nor are you expected to underachieve.” Mamoru mentioned. “You are expected to establish your own level of greatness. You must strive to become better. Even better than Him.”

Mamoru cleared his throat.

“And to what do we the displeasure of your visit, Mrs. Williams?”

Eiji’s eyes quickly darted over toward the source of the disturbance. The visual of the notorious cowgirl hat breaking the plane of the corner led to a chorus of negative heat in hindsight. Behold the smile of a feminine malcontent.

”Howdy, boys...”

Both ninjas were still staring at the world champion’s wife and apparent messenger. Mamoru casually expelled a thick trail of smoke freely from his lips. Eiji leaned back in his chair. Slack jawed in an unimpressed fashion.

”Hey, I was just in the ol’ neighborhood and I am here to make a lil’ offer you can’t refuse...”

Both ninjas cast brief glances at each other before The Blood Raven smoothed out his jawline with his hand.

“Is that so?”

? ”Yes!” Laurie mentioned. “I know you boys are having ’man time’ and all but ‘Eiji’, is it? How would you like to go one on one with the Champion? Eiji’s eyebrow raised notably as Momaru maintained his reservations.

“Just like that?” Mamoru inquired.

Laurie sauntered over to Eiji’s desk in a coy manner.

”Yes. Just like that.” Laurie replied. ”Next week. You and my man. The greatest champion ever. Aran Thompson is offering you a shot at the jOlt Heavyweight title. All you got to do is show and compete. That’s not so hard, is it?”

“Not is ever that simple.” Mamoru rebutted. “We shall take this under advisement...”

“I accept.” Eiji interjected with a broadening sneer. “You tell your husband that the new world champion is coming to claim his prize.”

”Sweet!” Laurie replied. ”Pleasure meeting you boys. We’ll see you there.”

The World Champion’s better half skipped happily away, leaving Eiji’s feeling of brief elation to erode under the silent heat of Mamoru.

“You impetulant child.” Mamoru seethed.

“Mamoru.” Eiji began. “You said yourself that Lord Kenshiro expects greatness from me. Here is my opportunity to bring that to immediate fruition.”

A heavy snort of smoke was expelled from the clan advisor’s nostrils.

“I beg to question as to what will be done when Lord Kenshiro hears about this....”

Eiji was left to both ponder the consequences and the potential worth of a seemingly bittersweet victory to come...

"Two's Company, Three's a Clusterf..."

Aran Thompson It was just moments before the big main event between two long-standing rivals in jOlt Wrestling. The Heirs of Wrestling made their return to jOlt and made trouble for the former Tag Team Champions The House. Thanks to the latter team’s own personal problems with a group by the name of Team EGO, the Heirs had pounced on the giants from Las Vegas and stole the Tag Titles that they’ve held ever since.

On iNtense, two giants met when “Midas” Mack Brody defeated “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck in singles action. Now in the main event of Warriors this evening it was “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber squaring off against The Heirs of Wrestling’s de facto leader Frank Silver. Could Frank make it two for two or would Derrick Huber go for the finish?

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Finally, a figure was off to the side with a sparkly tiara behind them. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. Frank Silver was flanked by aqll the members of the Heirs. Ryan Gallway, Mack Brody, and “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton. Much like Mack Brody was on intense, Frank meant business tonight.

The Heirs all entered the ring one by one and raised the Tag Team Titles for all to see. The belts that many teams had joined jOlt for just to get their hands on were under the control of the arrogant group. The music cut and Frank Silver had a microphone in his hand.

“Let’s get the ‘antagonize the crowd’ portion of this night over with. Inside this ring, we have more championships than the Orlando Magic has! Suck it down, morons, suck it down.”


“I feel marginally beter. But I’m still in a fuck of a mood. Before we get to the part of the night that will be herefore, henceforth, and forthwith referred to as ‘The Heirs fuck up The House part XXXVII’ There’s a couple of fucking ankle biters that have done the worst possible thing for one’s career longevity… they got involved in our shit.”

Ryan shook his head while Sarah nodded and Mack mean-mugged the fuck out of the camera at ringside.

“Red and Ted.”

A mixed reaction for the newcomers to jOIt’s Tag Team Division, though mostly comprised of jeers.

“The House think that they’re hot shit because they’re collectively three thousand metric tons, but you two… you two ankle biters lost to a derelict and his trash can, then you have the NERVE to lay your hands on my buddy Ryan Gallway? NOPE!”

Gallway snatched the mic.


Frank took the mic back and patted him on the head.

“Eloquently put, my friend. Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs think that they can just put their hands on us and get away with it? BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT WRONG. We call ourselves The Heirs of Wrestling because while a lot of morons come and go in this business and call themselves the future, we come out and we prove it every single night. While we’re very proud of the name, Red and Tedly, the two of you need to realize that when you come at the KINGS of Tag Team Wrestling, you best not missed. Not only did you two miss, but you two only pissed us off even more… And…”

“My Reward” by Hail The Villian.

The Heirs turned their collective attention to the entrance. It wasn't too long into the rapid drums and thrashing guitar that Grady Patrick strode onto the stage,underneath the trademark bowler's cap and a sly smile. He waited halfway down the ramp, looking into a full ring of people unhappy to see him. Next out was a chuckling Teddy Jacobs. He scanned the crowd, to see more people cheering their interruption of the Heirs than the assault that was the match with the Roses. Last from the back was Alexander Redding, microphone in hand, and mocking a curtsy in the direction of the Heirs.

The threesome stood at a respectable distance as Hail the Villain faded. The Heirs didn’t like this interruption, but from the look that the Jacobs, Grady and Redding had, they could spare no fucks.

“Hey Teddy, we're getting talked about around here. I guess that is mission half complete.”

The crowd started to cheer the brazen interruption until your Willing Villain turned on a dime.

“Oh, no, you halfwits supported a man and his trash can. You are dumber than the man that talks to that trashcan is crazy. You don’t get to cheer me, rejects.”

Red took a moment to return an off-camera crowd member's one finger salute with one of his own. The crowd volleyed boos. Grady tried to take the microphone, but was intercepted by Teddy Jacobs.

“I think what my well intended partner was trying to say.. I mean, to get to our point, is... Well, Gents your little "act" here reminded Grady of something. Main Event? Shit, you boys are reminding us more than a little bit of Glee."

Grady denied any connection to the tween and sad, old women watched hit show.

"Yeah. I mean, you are a bunch of thirty somethings that act like high school seniors. You come out here to sing the same old songs. All the fans favourites, no doubt. But maybe the most striking resemblance is the strong online fan support from registered sex offenders. Between Mack's steroid riddled muscles and shriveled ball sack... To the teased hair most other transsexuals could only dream of... kudos Silver. And then their is Gallway's "boyish" charm. You guys are the perfect masterbatorial material for the creepy uncle demographic!"

Frank shook his head at the interruption.

“Nope, you aren’t going to come out here and fail miserably to get yourselves exposure at our expense,” Frank barked.

“Show’s over, queermos!” Ryan added. “You can both sit here and get teabagged by my intergalactic nines or you can leave the fucking building right now. You hear me?”

Instead of heeding the warning of the Heirs, Teddy Jacobs looked at Alexander Redding and smiled.

“Hey, Red? Question, bud… This isn't the Westminster Dog Show, is it?”

Redding’s eyebrow raised. “Why?”

“Well…” he gestured to the Heirs. “All I see right now are a bunch of overpriced, barking bitches.”

The crowd hated them all, but couldn’t help but laugh at their wisecrack anyway. None of the Heirs were laughing. Mack now nudged Sarah Winterton behind him and stared them down.

“One more chance, fagbaskets… LEAVE.”

One reply from Ted.

“Fuck yourself with your hairbrush, Fabio.”

Mack was now red in the face and looked to take out his frustrations…

“Turn The Page” by Metallica.

Both teams looked to the outside and standing at the ramp now was The House! The former Tag Team Champions Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck were flanked by the Starlet Champion Charlotte as they ran to the ring. They weren’t much in the mood for talking, but a fight was about to break out!

Derrick Huber went right for Frank Silver in the ring and tackled him to the ground as Ryan tried to pull them apart. He was clubbed from behind by Teddy Jacobs and Alexander Redding, but the former ate a punch to the face from Mack Brody!

Patrick Grady left the ring in a hurry while Sarah Winterton was gunning right for Charlotte! The fiery Starlet Champion SPEARED the woman to the ground and the two started exchanging fists on the mat!

Roebuck wanted to pick up where he left off with Mack Brody from before so the big surly mountain of a man went gunning right for him! He attacked him with a fist to the face and the two behemoths were fighting now! It was all out mayhem and the crowd was loving every second of it!


The crowd now started booing when CEO Damien Lee came out with a vengeance with a horde of security heading to the ring! They were trying to pull apart a fight between Redding, Jacobs, Silver, Huber and Ryan while off on the other end, Charlotte and Sarah Winterton continued to tussle. They continued to fight even when the swarm of security guards came to break up the party!

“This main event isn’t going on like this!” Damien Lee shouted over the ruckus. “Huber, you and Frank are in the ring in action now! If the rest of you want a fight, then it’s what you’re going to get!”

He gestured to Adam Roebuck and Red and Ted as Patrick Grady hid behind them in the chaos.

“You two are going to fight on iNtense! The House are going to take on Red and Ted!”

Roebuck nodded while Grady looked at his boys in the swarm of security and referees. Their toughest test to date was coming up and would be on Intense.

“Charlotte, you and Winterton I’m sick of your fighting spilling out over my Starlet Division! I’m making the match official… Sarah Winterton, you want to prove that you’re everything you say you are, then you’ll get the chance. Charlotte, at Rise of the Legends, you WILL defend your Starlet Championship against Sarah Winterton!”

The news suited both women just fine as they eyed one another from across the sea of security.

“Now we’re going to commercial and I want this shit sorted out! Frank Silver is taking on Derrick Huber, but this match will be solo! Everybody’s barred from ringside! If I see Redding or Jacobs anywhere NEAR ringside, I’m gonna start dropping suspensions like it’s going out of style! Now get this match going!”

Huber and Silver stood in the ring while security escorted everybody else from the ringside area. Red and Ted looked at Adam Roebuck with a threatening glance before they and Grady took off up the ramp. Winterton and Charlotte were escorted separately.

And when we return… Frank Silver and Derrick Huber!

Derrick Huber vs Frank Silver
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson


Ahem. Sorry.

So, yes.

There were these jOlt Tag Team Champions that were just talking a whole mess of shit about the rest of the tag team division only for other teams to step up to the plate. Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs told them in not so many words that their shit was getting tired and they were coming for the jOlt Tag Team Titles they had coveted for months.

As if that weren’t bad enough, The House had come out from the back and chased down Red and Ted followed by a huge fight breaking out between all three teams that had to be separated.

Which brings us to now.

On one side of the ring, Frank Silver stood ready for this fight. Due to the fight that had taken place at ringside, his cohorts were all barred from ringside. Mack Brody, Ryan Gallway, and Sarah Winterton were all cleared from the ringside area.

On the other side, Derrick Huber was ready to finally get his hands on one of the bastards who took their tag team titles months ago. After the fight had been cleared at ringside, Damien Lee ordered all parties away from ringside. It would now be Derrick Huber going it alone against Frank Silver.

Who would come out on top?


Immediately, Derrick Huber went in for the kill on him only for Frank Silver to duck and slap on a Headlock early. He was going to try and wear down the bigger man. Frank Silver was no cruiserweight himself, but he was tangling with a 6’4” 309-pound monster that moved around with ease.

“I am your better, Huber!” Frank shouted.

Derrick Huber rushed backwards to the ropes and used the momentum to shoot Frank Silver across the ring. The leader of the Heirs ducked underneath a big Clothesline swing and when Derrick turned around…


“Haha! Eat it, chode!”

Frank laughed and raised a single finger to the crowd as he managed to pepper Huber with a good shot. The Oddsmaker checked his lip for blood but there wasn’t any so he merely offered up his own smirk at The Baron of Ballistics. He charged again and looked to swing a second time only for Frank to duck the shot and fire back with a second jab!

Silver skipped around the ring and raised two fingers for the crowd as he enjoyed the advantage.

“I told you we were better than you, Ruber!”

The Knight of Wednesday Nights waited to try and grapple with Huber again and he let Huber take another swing. Once again, Frank ducked the shot and tried to jab a third time only for The Oddsmaker to block it and BLAST him in the jaw with a STIFF Uppercut!

Frank fell to the ground after the one shot and now Huber was on the warpath. The House member grabbed one of the jOlt Tag Team Champions and THREW him into the corner before unleashing a series of hard Headbutts right to the face to wear him down in the corner!

“Talk some shit now, asshole!” Huber shouted in his face.

He fired another flurry of rights to the face of Frank before pulling him to the center of the ring and taking him up with a big Double Underhook Suplex… only to leave Frank hanging there! Incredible strength was on display from the muscleman of The House and he continued to hold Frank up there! The Margrave Digger kicked his legs to try and free himself only for Frank to be taken over and dropped back down with a HARD impact!

Derrick Huber raised a hand for the crowd and played up for them before he rolled over and attempted the first pin of the match on Frank.




The big Las Vegas native palmed the back of Silver’s head and RAMMED the Tag Team Champion’s face into it! He had so much fun doing it the first time that he introduced Silver’s face into the buckle at least two more times.

Huber pushed Silver into the ropes and tossed her across the ring one more time only to eat a big elbow from The Oddsmaker! Huber wasn’t done by any means and tossed him across the ring again only to catch Huber. With a big smile across his face he caught Silver and THREW him overhead with a big Belly To Belly Suplex that took him nearly two thirds of the way across the ring!

Silver arched his back in pain and reeled around while Huber rolled over. He went to try and put the big finish on things as he hooked the leg of Silver.




The Baron of Ballistics was being punished by his bigger opposition now. The tank-like Huber grabbed him by the head and simply tossed him to the corner again and crushed him with a Body Splash in the corner. After a second Frank crashed down in the corner as the crowd started to cheer. One of Huber’s favorite moves was coming next in the form of the Running Cannonball Senton that he called The Money Roll.

He ran to the other side of the ring for some added momentum and charged at the corner only for Frank to slip out of the ring and head to the floor to kill any momentum the big man had going.

The crowd started booing Frank while he hit the floor and The Baron of Ballistics wasn’t going to give them any satisfaction. The Oddsmaker wasn’t having any of that shit and took on out of the ring to go after his prey. He charged at him on the outside only for Silver to see him coming. He caught him off the side with an uppercut and then turned him around. With some effort, he managed to get Huber off his feet…


Grimaces and groans from the crowd filled the Arena of Champions now as Huber collapsed to his knees, clutching his back in pain while a winded Frank took a second to recover. The move took a lot out of him but he was able to finally get the jump on The Oddsmaker as he went to the ropes. Frank looked down at him and waited.


Frank laughed and kicked him in the head before rolling inside and outside the ring to reset the count. He grabbed Derrick Huber and muscled him into the ring apron! Huber yelled in pain again and collapsed to another knee. He grabbed him by the head and rolled the big Huber underneath the bottom rope before following inside. With no hesitation The Baron of Ballistics went for a lateral press.




The big shoulder of Huber shot off the canvas which only got Frank heated. He stood up and brought the pain to Derrick Huber by throwing a couple of stomps into his left leg. He then went to stomp whatever parts moved.

Right knee? STOMP.

Left arm? STOMP.

Right arm? STOMP.


Oh, you bet that got a stomping!

This was a move that Frank Silver affectionately called THE BOOTLICKER!

Huber was hurt now and still favoring his back after the impact that Frank Silver had connected with the Back Suplex on the barricade outside. He sat Huber up and planted a HARD kick to the back before running off the ropes and connecting with a Running European Uppercut to the back of the head! The Oddsmaker went down after the shot and Silver stood up again. He looked out to the crowd…

Extended pinky…


He dropped the hard elbow right onto the back of Huber! The Oddsmaker was getting roughed up now as Frank turned his body over and went to hook a leg this time. He clinged for dear life.




Frank slapped the canvas in anger when that didn’t get the duke so he rolled Huber over onto his back again and grabbed him by the body. With a lot of effort, the 250-pound Silver actually HOISTED The 309-pound Huber and the crowd was impressed with his strength. With a big groan he turned over Derrick and planted him hard with a Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex!

An impressive move to say the least as he managed to pick up one of the monsters of The House and take him over with much effort. Frank Silver rolled his arms together and went to go for the cover once again.




Derrick Huber kicked out to the delight of the fans while The Baron of Ballistics was left looking angry after failing to get the duke. He ran off the ropes and came off with a Double Stomp, putting both feet into the back of Huber! The Oddsmaker let out a howl of pain as he rolled over and huddled around the canvas.

Silver raised his arms and took a mock bow for the fans as they started booing the leader of the Heirs of Wrestling.






He turned over and tried to force Derrick to his feet again only for the big man to drop him to his knees with a big gut punch. The Oddsmaker fired back with a couple of shots to the stomach before he headed to the ropes to try and get some momentum going. Frank saw what he was doing and managed to cut him off at the pass with a Dropkick to the knee that brought him down!

Silver sucked in some more air after the gut shots and waited for him to move. When he came off the ropes he came right at Huber and connected with a Flying Shoulder Tackle to the kneeling Huber and sent him through the ropes and out to the ring apron!

Huber rolled to the floor in obvious pain now as Frank Silver took a few seconds to recover from the impact before he waited to the ropes. He motioned to referee Duc Nguyen to count.





Derrick Huber first started to stir on the outside now and waited for him to get to the ropes while Frank laid back in the corner.





But the second that he made it back into the ring, Frank charged at him again. He pulled Huber up to his knees and looked to finish the job that he’d started. He was going for the Stay of Execution.

Frank buried his foot into Derrick Huber’s chest and started to set him up for the Cradled Styles Clash. He cradled the legs and began to hoist him up to his feet… NO! he kicked frantically to try and avoid the impact. He ducked below and started to hoist him onto his shoulders…


The Fireman’s Carry into the Spinebuster put Frank Silver halfway to China (is that still a thing where you can dig to China?) and rolled over onto his side. The crowd started to start more cheer for the Las Vegas native.


Inside the Arena of Champions, the crowd was fully in favor of Derrick Huber as The Oddsmaker now began to pull himself to his feet in the corner to create some distance. He then jumped over and went into the cover on Silver.




Frank kicked out this time and Derrick Huber slammed in his fist into the canvas. He waited for the Knight of Wednesday Nights to stand before running at him and nearly cleaning his clock with a vicious Running Clothesline!

Silver popped back up to his feet again only to eat a Back Elbow from the big man. Frank almost stood up in a daze and ate a big headbutt that sent the entitled little shit into the corner overlooking the timekeeper’s table. He charged and splattered him into the turnbuckle with a big time Corner Splash!

With Sivlver now crumbled over, Derrick Huber looked to the crowd with a grin before he waited for his chance to strike. He was going for one of his big signature moves the second time…


Frank was CRUSHED underneath the weight of the 309-pound ball of muscle and dragged him out of the corner limp before going for the cover again!




And the shoulder was up again! Derrick Huber and Frank Silver were throwing some of their best stuff at one another and showed no signs of stopping. He started to signal for the end when he flexed his muscles to tell the crowd he was going for the very muscle buster that he hit on Frank Silver last week at the conclusion of their Tag Title match.

He started to set Silver up again, but The Margrave Digger fought back and elbowed him in the face a succession of times until he was forced to let go of his hold only for Huber to strike back with a big right to the chest. He charged off the ropes and went for a Clothesline again only for Frank to run right behind him. By the time he turned it was too late…


The VICIOUS Rebound Lariat had enough force behind it to take the former Tag Team Champion off his feet! This had to do it and this had to be all!




“No! No! Three, shithead! Three!” Silver held up three fingers to Simon Boulder but he wasn’t having any of that shit. A wave of disbelief washed over the leader of the Heirs as he looked down at the hard-fighting Huber. He started to look to the top rope and finish things off.

He grabbed Huber off the canvas and slowly led him to the corner as he went to the second rope to try and finish things off with a big Tornado DDT. He went for the spin…



The crowd went NUTS as Derrick Huber drilled him into the canvas with the big Muscle Buster! Silver’s gamble failed and his big risk was reversed into a big-time power move that dropped him like a bad habit. Huber casually rolled over and pulled back the legs of the tag team champion.




Huber had scored the big win in the main event of Warriors! The House had lost one to The Heirs of Wrestling on iNtense when Adam Roebuck suffered a defeat to Mack Brody, but tonight the Oddsmaker evened the score and tied things up at one a piece between the two feuding factions!

“Here is your winner of the match… DERRICK HUBER!

One half of the House stood to his feet and let out an emotional scream for the crowd that was shared by the thousands of the fans in the Arena of Champions! The former Tag Team Champion got himself a little bit of payback against The Heirs of Wrestling and the night was going to end as he headed to the outside of the ring.

Silver held the back of his neck in pain and looked up to see Derrick Huber stand in the center of the aisle as Adam Roebuck and the Starlet Champion Charlotte came out to join him. Charlotte planted a kiss on her husband's lips for his big victory here tonight!

The sore Silver looked out and now saw both members of the House gesturing around their waists for the jOlt Tag Team Titles that they wanted back. And after tonight’s landmark victory, this feud was only going to continue.

Good night, folks!

Winner: Derrick Huber via Pinfall