"Welcome to Warriors"

[The soft yet catchy playing of a piano is overheard in the background as the following transitional images are being displayed in a span of 15 seconds...]

{A Sequence of Still Shots - Cordova, Kayden Paulton & Natalia Simonov distributing care packages in a location overseas to the people...Damian Lee, Michael Buhrman, Alyssa Corliss & Dawn Cassidy taking pictures with random patients at an undisclosed hospital...Nate Quartermaine devoting time to read to the elementary school kids...Adam Lazarus & Dallas Griffin playing basketball with the local teens...The screen gradually is covered in white before the jOlt Wrestling logo and copyright information is etched across the screen. A number of stick figures representing each primary color of the rainbow, are joined hand in hand to form a makeshift squared circle with the jOlt lighting bolt centered within it. }

Fade to Black.

Moments of Darkness.

[MUSIC] "Spirit Inspiration" by Nothing's Carved in Stone

<[The rapid fire drum solo initiates the displaying of random sectioned off visuals of the following wrestlers in sequence; (Right Screen w/ Fade)...Grendel, raising his head with a menacing scowl...(Left Screen w/ Fade)...Jason Rau, with a side profile, staring intently at the fleeting image of Adam Lazarus...(Vertical Split Screen w/ Fade)...Eiji Kugasari(Left) is exchanging visual daggers with Jimmy B. Martinez(Right)...Fade...]

(Rolling Footage)...Gunnar Van Patton & Arkham power walking down the entrance ramp way...The tandem of Ryan Gallway & Frank Silver punishing Derrick Huber with a Double Team Neck Breaker ...Landon Stevens using a Springboard Shooting Star Press to flatten the tiro of Eiji Kugasari, Graham Youngblood & Jayshin Lee ...The Heiress Sarah Winterton making Daryn Thompson tap out to The Ermine Cape submission...Adam Lazarus igniting the masses by hitting Big Air on Jason Rau...The tandem of Mattock & Sanchez Cano saluting ...the trio of Duzza, Khadafi & Status Quo inaudibly basking in the waves of crowd heat during their descent down the entrance rampway...Waymoth Turnbull bouncing Anson LaRue with a violent Snap Belly to Belly Suplex...The House playing to the crowd from atop the adjacent turnbuckles...Tyke hitting the Tyke Shot on an airborne Cordova...Superstar Vince Jacobs hitting the Superstar Kick on a Mike Extreme...The Crimson Order slowly raising their heads in unison amidst the billowing overcast of smoke atop the entire entrance staging area...Craig Thomas leading Team EGO from the backstage area to get the jump on their opposition ...The Heirs of Wrestling, center ring, celebrating with the jOlt Tag Team Championships in their possession...The towering Spike Saunders destroying Jon Le Bon with the Dreamkiller finisher...Devestation Inc. members Conan the Leprechaun & Big Little Italy soaring through the ropes to deliver stereo Topes onto a pair of jobbers...High Flyer taking flight and plowing over a tandem of wrestlers with a OTR Corkscrew Plancha...Reno Davis , in an angled camera view, pointing at his intended target in a stoic fashion...Sweet. Sweet, Lovin connecting with a Double Team Spinning Heel Kick/German Suplex combination & the sequence ends with Eiji Kugasari executing a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick in midair before punching the ground, immediately shattering the screen to fluidly transition to the ongoing barrage of Emerald, Gold & Pearl pyrotechnics assaulting the entire entrance staging area.

At their conclusion, a dense overcast of smoke gradually ascends to the heavens as the entire arena is filled with a unified roar from within. The musical introduction continues to echo in hindsight as the Emerald & Chrome show graphic captions are affixed to the bottom center of the Tv screen. Cameras Eight, Fourteen & Four trade moderate sweeps along the targeted sections of the arena to capture the excitement of the crowd before Camera One is transfixed onto the lead broadcast tandem of Donny Layne & Keith Kane.

"Foundation of the Future"

Aran Thompson Damien Lee stood in front of a camera inside of his office with a business as usual demeanor across his face.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Arena of Champions." Lee began.

"Weeks ago, your jOlt Champion made it clear that with his reign as champion he would breathe new life into the competitive nature of our surroundings, and it seems that he has with a multitude of new and old feuds coming to light, which is why I stayed out of the champions proclaimation....until now."

Damien looked to his side and picked up a piece of paper and then returned his attention back to the camera.

"The board of directors and myself have established that while there are more than enough people to have earned a shot at the jOlt Championship at our upcoming event Rise Of The Legends, two have stood out." Damien continued.

"On a past event of Warriors, Eiji Kugasari had a scheduled match that due to technical difficulties we were unable to show you but the dirt sheets and social media all blew up at how well the match had went, there were multiple times that we had seen a glimmer of hope from Eiji to obtain one of our grandest awards and with that we have decided that Eiji is one of the front runners for a championship match."

The crowd began cheering until the camera changed over to see the fans staring at the jOltvision and then being interrupted by an all to familiar voice.


Immediately the fans started booing and another camera panned over to see Aran Thompson in his skybox as well as Damien Lee looking onward at the camera clearly not happy with the interruption.

"What are you talking about?!" Aran demanded.

"I beat Eiji in the middle of that ring no matter how good of a match it was, he still couldn't beat me!" Aran continued but was interrupted by Damien Lee this time.

"Well, Mr. Thompson, if you're not happy with that choice you can try our second. Because ultimately we have decided to make this your choice." Damien responded as the crowded voiced their displeasure with the news.

Aran could be seen smiling and nodded his head.

"Who else?" Aran asked.

Damien nodded his head and began, "The other possible opponent is none other than your protege and opponent for tonight; Landon Stevens!"

The crowd errupted at the possibilities and Aran quickly shook his head.

"NO!" Aran shouted.

Damien then shook his head.

"No, Mr. Thompson, these are your options and you will defend the championship at Rise Of The Legends. Mr. Stevens is technically undefeated and Eiji Kugasari is an impressive opponent for anybody. Now if you don't decide by the end of the night; we will make a decision for you during our Countdown events leading up to the PPV."

Aran could be seen fuming and looking around the Arena of Champions as they began chanting.


The scene faded with Aran looking worried and Damien Lee not missing a beat as he laid down the law on the jOlt Champion.

Dallas Griffin vs Graham Youngblood
Sarah WintertonSarah Winterton

In a rematch from the last edition of iNtense, Graham Youngblood was scheduled to go one on one with another one of jOlt’s standouts and his former tag team partners, Dallas Griffin. Since getting his career refocused, the group known as Trouble looked to start a new win streak. They worked with a new MO to stack bodies and to hell with everything else. If Youngblood wanted a rematch, that suited Griffin just fine.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Rodney Carrington announced for the crowd.

“Excuse Me” by Koffee Black.

The music played and the crowd started to jeer for the appearance of Dallas Griffin. The man calling himself Mr. Big Time was riding a winning streak now and looked to continue against his former partner.

“First, making his way to the ring being accompanied by Duzza… he weighs in at 256 pounds… ”MR. BIG TIME” DALLAS GRIFFIN!

The rookie with the amazing vertical leap and a bad attitude to match started to confidently walk towards the ring. Duzza followed shortly behind him and motioned for the music to fade out. The crowd started to jeer over the voice of Duzza as the manager of Trouble continued.

“So me and my boys were having a great night out! Money… bitches… night clubs… the good life!” The crowd continued booing so Duzza shouted right back. “Keep on hating, assholes! You’re only mad that you can’t afford our champagne wishes and caviar dreams on your shitty little beer budgets!”

More booing so he rightfully continued.

“Moving on! We were minding our own business and we get a call from one of the matchmakers for jOlt… tries to tell me that MISTER EMM-EFFFING BIG TIME Dallas Griffin here… he has to wrestle Graham Youngblood. AGAIN. You trying to kid us with that shit? Youngblood is amateur hour! He’s a joke! He’s the fluffer before the REAL porn stars come out and get to the good stuff! Graham wants payback because me and my boys whipped his little ass backstage two weeks ago and he hasn’t done shit about it. So Graham… we’re gonna do you a favor. You get fifteen minutes maximum to come out here and do some flips and whatever else you do, then my boy D-Griff is sending your ass back to obscurity. Deal?”

He threw down the microphone as Dallas Griffin posed on the second turnbuckle. He flashed a smile to the crowd before he got ready for the match ahead.

“Riptide” by Sick Puppies.

The lights began to flash in tune to the opening riffs in stages of red. After the words started to blast over the PA, the crowd cheered as Graham Youngblood made his way out from the back. The high flying young gun started rushing towards the rign. He was heated at the pre-match words of Duzza and was coming to take a piece right out of his former tag team partner’s hide…


Dallas stopped him in his tracks as the slid into the ring with a series of stomps to the chest. He continued the beatdown and Mr. Big Time continued wailing on his partner until he whipped him off the ropes to the other side of the ring. An attempt at a Clothesline missed but the Running Front Dropkick of Graham did not!

The impact knocked Mr. Big Time on his ass as Graham jumped to his feet and shouted at the fans with lots of energy. He was a man of few words, but Youngblood knew how to get it done in the ring when it counted.

Dallas stood up in the corner and Graham went right on the attack with a hard volley of elbows and punches to his taller former tag team partner. The hits just kept on coming until referee Simon Bounder ordered him to back off. He did so and tried to regain his composure. He came running right at Dallas only to get Back Body Dropped over the ropes… but he landed on the apron! When Dallas turned around, Graham fired a Jumping Enzuigiri from the apron that caught him flush in the face! With Mr. Big Time stunned he jumped to the top rope and came off… DIVING CROSS BODY!




Griffin kicked out, but Youngblood was on fire now. He waited for Mr. Big Time to stand before he fired a series of hard Elbow Smashes into his face to keep him winded. He ran at his former partner and charged for his signature Shining Wizard when Dallas Griffin ducked and headed to the floor! The crowd was booing Griffin and Duzza as he waved off what was happening in the ring and both men looked to head back up the ramp.

Youngblood wan’t having any of that shit and charged out of the ring to go after him. Dallas turned around…


A quick cheap shot by Dallas Griffin caught Graham upside the head and the high flyer went down on the ramp. Duzza laughed at their ploy to sucker in Youngblood and it worked to a tee. The now angry Dallas lifted Graham up and started to hoist him…


Dallas flinched in pain from the suplex, but Graham was even worse off as he rolled around the ramp in pain. The kid calling himself Mr. Big Time started to grab Graham by his dyed green hair and quickly tossed him back inside the ring. Dallas followed to just barely avoid the count-out. He stood on the ring apron and balanced himself on the ropes…


It was a downright amazing move from a man pushing 6’7” and he got all of it! Duzza’s charged rolled Youngblood over and shot the half for a cover.




Dallas shook his head before he forced Graham back to his feet. He pushed his former tag team partner into the corner and fired off a series of Shoulder Thrusts into his gut to wear down Youngblood before he then teed off with a big right hand that knocked him silly. Just to be an asshole, Griffin fired a few left and right alternating jabs before he started shuffling his feet in Ali-like fashion.

“Got you now, shitsipper,” Dallas mouthed before unleashing some painful elbows into the head of Youngblood. He pulled him out of the corner and hoisted Griffin over his head in a Gutwrench fashion before DRILLING him into the canvas with an Overhead Rack Neckbreaker! Youngblood’s head bounced off the mat and the crowd booed when Dallas held his arms out like he already won the match. Arrogantly, Dallas rolled over and nonchalantly covered the Quiet Storm.




It was too much cockiness on his part that may have allowed Youngblood to go free, but Dallas had the advantage. Mr. Big Time quickly continued to drop a succession of elbows into the top of his head. He then switched up the offense by hoisted him up to the ropes and dropped him in the center of the ring with a big Stalling Back Suplex! Duzza clapped and hollered for his charge’s progress. It was another trip to the second rope that he made when Dallas jumped and connected with another Leg Drop, this time from a higher place! Youngblood rolled around the canvas in pain while Dallas smiled at one of the young ladies in the front row he bought tickets for. He turned over and hooked the leg again.




The flying moves of Griffin started to take their toll on Graham Youngblood as he continued to put the pressure on his ex-tag partner. He pushed him into the ropes and put a knee over the back of his head to choke him against the cable! Boulder reprimanded Dallas and started his five-count. Griffin backed off at four while Youngblood was choking up air. He ran off the ropes and tried coming back for some kind of Bossman Attack against the ropes when Graham suddenly moved, making him catch nothing but the ropes!

While Griffin was stuck in between the ropes, Youngblood finally saw his chance to strike. He approached Mr. Big Time on the ropes and connected with a Dragon Screw in the ropes! The crowd gasped from the impact as Griffin rolled back into the ring holding his knee! It appeared that Graham picked up some new tricks since his last match with Griffin. As Griffin tried to limp back to his feet, Graham was perched and ready, coming off the top rope with a Missile Dropkick!




Griffin kicked out! The fans started cheering Graham as he slowly crawled up to his feet and continued to drill Dallas upside the head with a flurry of elbows. He was pushed to the ropes by Griffin but Youngblood sprang right back and connected with a Dropkick to the same leg, dropping him back down to the canvas! When Griffin was in a vulnerable position, Graham patted his knee before running the ropes again…





He came close to picking up the win and now Duzza was in full on panic mode. Graham slammed a fist down on the mat several times as the fans started to clap rhythmically with his actions. They were behind the Boston native as he tried to hoist Griffin on his back for the Cradle Shock that he called Poetic Justice, but Griffin was just too big and elbowed his way free.

Griffin made him pay with another flurry of punches before he sent him off the ropes. Off the return he caught him right back…





Duzza’s eyes went wide as Graham slipped away from Dallas! Griffin was beside himself and shouted obscenities at nobody in particular while Graham had a wide smile across his face! He reversed his very Just Business finisher into a Crucifix Pin and evened the score with Dallas Griffin…

“Here is your winner of the match…”

The ring announcement never came because the other members of Trouble… Statuz Quo and Khadafi… BLASTED Graham Youngblood from behind and put the boots to him at the ringside area.

“You wanna fuck with us?!” Duzza shouted over the stomping.

Griffin joined in on the outside now and all three men put the boots to Graham Youngblood. The crowd was booing them and the timekeeper futilely called for the bell after the match, but it was doing no good…

“Sweet Emotion” By Aerosmith.

The crowd started cheering for the former jOlt Tag Team Champions! Sam Sweet and Lennox Love – friends of Graham Youngblood – had seen enough and came out from the back with chairs in hand! Duzza saw them coming and yelled for his guys to get the hell outta dodge and so they did!

Sam swung with all his might and managed to catch Khadafi upside the head as the group of brutes started to hightail it through the crowd. They were already halfway up the aisle when Lennox Love grabbed a microphone.

“You three punk-ass muh’fuckas think y’all run this shit! I don’t think so!” Lennox screamed to the cheers of the crowd. “Seein’ as how there’s three of us and three of you, how about we do this… Countdown… Six-man tag team match! Me, The Candy Man Sam Sweet, and G-Blood! Let’s do this!”

While Graham wasn’t sure about the name “G-Blood” he did agree with everything else. He was tired of Trouble and wanted some payback especially after what just happened.

Duzza looked at his crew and they all nodded in the affirmative. They seemed like they were itching for a fight and they wanted one so Duzza nodded. He didn’t have a mic, but the camera picked up what they were saying.

“All you did was guarantee an ass-whooping!” Quo shouted as he laughed.

It seemed all parties were itching to kick somebody’s ass and soon they would all get what they wanted. But only one team was going to win.

Winner: Graham Youngblood via Pinfall

"Biting the Hand Out of Necessity"

Aran Thompson

The scene opened abruptly with the locker room hatch was pushed aside to grant the Inogami Clan leader access to his chambers. The clan officers were focused into their random tasks as the Crimson Elite returned their heads forward to resume their sentry-like duties. The clan advisor became the focus of the ninja’s intent.

“I need a word with you.” Kenshiro muttered. “In private.”

Mamoru nodded in kind before stepping away a few paces from the clan.

“I have fought Grendel before and by no means, was he that vulnerable in my past dealings with him.” Kenshiro mentioned with a hint of disdain.

“My Lord, by what do you mean?” The elder statesman inquired.

“Penance, to my understanding, is a persona. The machinations of a tortured individual. However, Grendel is the personification of evil. Chris Titan was nearly burned alive and that was mere amusement to this unholy monstrosity. I have faced numerous giants yet Grendel is, by far, the most formidable as he is disturbing. See to it that Aiko is brought before this evening. I am in need of her medicinal services...”

“I believe I have the answers to your inquiries. My Lord...”

Slowly, Kenshiro would turn his head toward his right shoulder as Heido fell into view. Head downcast underneath the tattered collie hat.

“The Beast Incarnate you speak of was properly immobilized by my hand, My Lord.”

Kenshiro stormed over toward his officer, prompting Takeshi to stand himself erect and fold both arms. The clan leader halted his progress as the stoic assassin continued to weighting the contents of two flasks.

“By who’s order?” Ninja seethed.

“In all respects, My Lord, we acted upon the mutual interests in preserving your station as Chief Retainer of the Underground. It is imperative that we preserve the power and influence that you have rightfully acquired.”

“Stand down, Takeshi” Ninja ordered, leading the Mute Mountain to turn his head towards Heido before receiving the cue to honor the order given.

“We fully understand the compromising position that we have placed upon you, My Lord. However, we meant no disrespect. Our enemies have begun to assemble. Battle formations in full preparation for the Season of War.”

“Your negligence has robbed me of any measure of saving face.” Ninja seethed. “You’ve but weakened my political position should this ever be brought to light.”

“If I may, My Lord...” Heido interrupted. “I humbly request we redeem this grave oversight. We shall do as you wish without question. However, understand the looming importance of clan unity. Especially amidst these troubling times. There is another. One who aspires to dispose you of your esteemed positions. Even as we speak...”


“Indeed, My Lord.” Heido replied. “It was you that commissioned me as the clan strategist. It was out of the dire interests of the clan that I did what was deemed necessary. Grendel will not go away quietly yet your enemies are increasing by number by the day. There will come a time where even these intentional displays of posturing will lead to the inevitable.”

Kenshiro took a few moments to look at each member of his clan.

“Leave us.”

All except Heido were excused from the locker room with the hatch sealed shut. Heido quietly placed his vials onto the table before turning about and kneeling before his superior. His coolie hat was carefully removed and set aside.

“No. You stand.”

The ninja complied with Kenshiro standing nose to nose with his officer. The ninja’s impending rebuke was muted by an unsettling gleam, dancing across his officer’s eyes. The sight presented an uncomfortable chill from within. Silence was resentful to the clan leader.

“Ensure the preparations are in order.” Ninja continued. “Leave me.” Heido bowed respectfully.

“Yes, My Lord.”

The Heirs of Wrestling & Sarah Winterton vs The House & Charlotte
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonSarah Winterton

Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonSarah Winterton

It was mere days time until The Heirs of Wrestling and their cheating ways would come to roost. They not only had to defend their titles against the men they stole the belts from months ago, The House, but now a pair of up-and-comers in the tag division called Red and Ted.

Christmas was going to come early for the members of The House because the and the Starlet Champion Charlotte would get their hands on The Heirs and the #1 Contender to the Starlet Title, Sarah Winterton. Could The House get the win tonight or would the Heirs find a way to cheat them of a victory once again?

"Aces High" by Iron Maiden

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the reigning jOlt Starlet Champion had her hands raised by both men. A brief shot was cast back inside the ring with both ninjas holding their ground as Mamoru was seen yelling instructions to his brethren...

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager & the reigning jOlt STARLET CHAMPION, CHARLOTTE...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Adam Roebuck was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Finally, a figure was off to the side with a sparkly tiara behind them. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway ran to the ring. Behind them, “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton blew kisses. They approached the ring and raised their Tag Titles to the sky. The House wanted back what they had and they knew it. Mack and Ryan Gallway would wrestle for the Heirs with Winterton while Frank remained on the outside.

The ladies were going to start things off as the crowd started to cheer on Charlotte. The lovely redhead was quickly becoming a huge fan favorite and the crowd loved The House.


The Queen of Hearts approached The Heiress and charged at the woman who had been her tormentor for weeks. The technically skilled Winterton snapped her over with a quick arm drag and looked smug as she did it. An angry Charlotte stood up again and charged when Sarah went low and tripped her up with a single leg take down.

Sarah Winterton pinned the Starlet Champion in a tag team match on Intense and now she was showing up the champion for a moment. Charlotte sarcastically clapped at Winterton while the Heiress did another curtsy for the crowd.

“I love you all, my sweeti…”

She was speared to the ground by Charlotte and pummeled with a series of hard fists to the face! Winterton shrieked and tried her best to get away from the scrappy Starlet Champion. Huber and Roebuck were impressed with her aggression and even clapped in support of Huber’s wife while The Heirs all protested to the referee and demanded a disqualification.

“Come on, hon, where’s your fucking tiara now?” Charlotte yelled.

She landed two good punches right to the face of the Heiress before she grabbed the back of her head and smashed her face right into the turnbuckle. The crowd loved every second of the beat down that she was getting and liked it more when she rushed Charlotte off ot the other side and smacked her face into the other turnbuckle in her corner!

“Yep,” Huber laughed as he elbowed Adam’s arm. “She’s allllllll mine.”

Charlotte blew her husband a kiss before she turned her focus back to punishing Sarah Winterton for her repeated attacks and insults towards her. She pummeled her in the corner and then slipped through the ropes…


The dreaded version of the tarantula submission had her in the ropes and now Winterton was screaming in pain. She only had until the count of five to hold it or her team would be disqualified so she let go.

Winterton collapsed to the canvas while Charlotte adjusted into position on the second rope. She came flying off with a cross body and pinned Winterton down…



And a kick out by Winterton. The Heiress wasn’t getting any offense in against the angry Starlet Champion as she pulled her up and whipped her across the ring. She ran right at her when Winterton managed to get a stray elbow to block her charge. The Starlet Champion was stunned when Winterton came up from behind and caught her with a fisherman’s suplex in the middle of the ring.



It was the Starlet Champion’s turn to kick out of a pinfall predicament. The Heiress got more jeers from the crowd as she continued to punish her. She kicked her and pushed her into the ropes for the Beauty Queen Suplex but Charlotte hung onto the ropes and Sarah kept rolling with the momentum. When she got to her feet she got nailed with a big jumping heel kick!

Winterton was knocked silly from the kick! She rolled over and tagged into Ryan Gallway. The little Hipster Heartthrob as he liked to be called strutted into the ring and started to rub his own chest in what looked an attempt to seduce the Starlet Champion.

“Oh, yeah, baby, you want this D… nah, you need this D…”

The Starlet Champion was repulsed by the approaching Gallway and wanted nothing to do with him. She was about ready to make the tag over to her three-hundred pound muscled monster of a husband when Gallway snatched her arm.

“So… dump that one-pump chump and get with a champ!”

She didn’t do that but she did jump in the air and take down Ryan Gallway with a headscissors takedown. It would be the only time that Ryan would be between her legs and not in the way that he wanted. He flew right into the path of Derrick Huber and got punched for his troubles.

Charlotte then made the tag to The Oddsmaker and the crowd started showing approval for the former Tag Team Champions. He manhandled Gallway in the corne and let fly a nasty barrage of headbutts that he was probably going to feel for at lest the next week.

Huber took off his House shirt and wrapped it around Gallway’s throat before he executed one of the biggest biel throws jOlt had ever seen, actually shooting Ryan almost two thirds of the way across the ring!

The Oddsmaker let out a shout of energy to the crowd as Ryan Gallway collapsed in the corner where he wanted him to be. Huber started to motion to the crowd for a rolling gesture. The crowd knew what was coming up next and it wasn’t anything good…


Gallway was crushed by the weight of three-hundred pounds coming right at him like the boulder in Indiana Jones. Derrick pulled him out of the corner and went for the win.



And a save by Mack Brody with a boot to the back of the head stopped things. Frank Silver protested on the ring apron and started to get into the referee’s face when Huber threated to kick him right in the jaw. The distraction was all that he needed to succumb to a cheap shot by Brody from the ring apron!

The crowd was booing the expert tag team tactics of The jOlt Tag Team Champions as they now looked to overpower Derrick Huber. Adam Roebuck anxiously paced along the ring apron and snarled at The Heirs for their trickery. Ryan Gallway shook off the pain from Huber’s earlier onslaught long enough to hit the ropes…


The well executed springboard roundhouse kick caught him flush in the jaw and sent Huber into the ropes. When he was there, Frank took off his own shirt and looked like he was about to strangle Huber with it…


Charlotte pointed to what was happening and the referee saw what Frank was about to do. Frank dropped the shirt and the Heirs’s fearless leader protested. But the referee wasn’t born yesterday and saw what he was going to do.

“Get out of here! Now!”

The crowd exploded! Thanks to Charlotte, Frank Silver was caught and now he was thrown out of ringside. He stomped his feet and protested, but was forced to go to the back otherwise the Heirs would be disqualified. He angrily stomped his feet and headed back up the ramp, but that didn’t stop Mack Brody from getting tagged in.

He stepped into the ring and muscled Derrick Huber into the corner. The muscle man of The Heirs started burying body shot after body shot into the gut of Huber before he made the tag into Ryan Gallway again.

The Hipster Heartthrob jumped into the ring and came running at Derrick with a heat-seeking Austin Aries-style dropkick in the corner that caught him flush in the face. Brody was right behind him and managed to crush him in the corner with a body splash and then took him down with his stiff variant on the old heart punch called the HEART OF GOLD~!

“Get him, Mack!” Sarah cheered.

Ryan stepped over the body of Derrick Huber and went into the cover as he put all his weight onto the big guy’s shoulders.



Huber powered out and nearly threw Ryan out of the ring in the process. This didn’t stop the quick luchador-style wrestler from teeing off on him with a flurry of kicks to the chest as he tried to rise again. Ryan went back to tag in Mack Brody and the big bronze muscle for The Heirs started to drop a flurry of elbows into his chest. With Derrick Huber down now he followed up and ran off the ropes before dropping down all his weight onto Derrick Huber with a corner slingshot splash.



Close, no cigar!

The Heirs of Wrestling were beside themselves. Sarah and Ryan were watching Mack continued to drill away at Huber with a flurry of elbows before he tried to pull him up. A big kick in the gut set up his attempt to try and finish things off with his Midas Touch powerbomb only for Huber to fight his way out. Mack kicked him and tossed him into the ropes only to come back and eat a big spear!

Both men are down now while Adam Roebuck and Ryan Gallway each start waiting to get the tag. “Midas” Mack Brody crawled over and started getting back to his feet while holding his side in pain. Gallway was about to get the tag when Huber rolled over and tagged to Adam Roebuck!

The Las Vegas Leviathan was ready for a fight now and stepped into the ring. He didn’t forget about how Mack Brody had defeated him three weeks ago on Intense and wanted him a piece of the Heirs’s muscle.

The Big Bucks charged and landed a big side elbow to the head of Mack Brody that sent him teetering into the ropes. He then charged over and Sarah Winterton jumped off the apron in a panic as he thundered over to knock Ryan Gallway off the ring apron.

When Mack Brody started to find his bearings, Adam Roebuck let fly a big series of body jabs to wear down the muscle man of The Heirs of Wrestling and then punctuated it with a devastating headbutt to the chest that finally got The Bronze Bombshell off of his feet.

Adam Roebuck pounded his chest like a gorilla and the crowd cheered the big monster from Las Vegas. He took Brody by the arm and led him into the corner before charging at him with a four-hundred plus pound splash in the corner.

Mack Brody gasped for air as Charlotte and Huber clapped in approval for their friend. He wrapped both hands around the arms of Brody and took him over to the side with a thundering belly to belly suplex in the middle of the ring!



And a kick out!

Sarah Winterton came into the ring and started to try and throw her weight around. She jabbed Roebuck in the arm and kept on tapping.

“You big brute! How dare you hurt Mack?”

She kept on doing it until Roebuck grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. As surly as he was he would never hit a lady… but Charlotte would and nailed the Death Card kick! Winterton was down and out and The Starlet Champion cleared the number one contender out of the ring!

Ryan Gallway jumped into the ring and connected with a springboard dropkick to the face of Adam that sent him flying across the ring. The glancing blow caught him but Derrick Huber charged and bulldozed Ryan Gallway with a running body block to knock him clear from the ring!

Huber stood tall for the moment only to get blindsided by Mack Brody with a kick! The Tag Team Champion continued to push him back to the corner with another kick before he charged in a second time looking for a tackle. Huber moves and he ate nothing but the corner. But the worst was yet to come for Mack because Adam Roebuck was still legal…


A big running hip attack caught Mack Brody in the chest and he stumbled over into the grip of the members of The House. They each tripped him up on the mat with a double shoulder block and now that he was down he was easy pickings for the powerhouses.

Roebuck and Huber smiled before they each bounced off ropes. Huber crashed all his weight down into a running senton splash across the chest of Brody who collapsed. The worst part came when Adam Roebuck got some running speed off the ropes before dropping down with tremendous force in the form of a splash…


The crowd did not feel sorry for Mack for the punishment that he took and Adam Roebuck stayed on the Heirs’s vain bodyguard and hooked a leg. Huber and Charlotte stood watch in the ring.




That was it! The House had defeated the Tag Team Champions!

They had done it once before a long time ago but just days before they were scheduled to defend their titles against The House and Red and Ted, The House scored a big win tonight and now they had a lot of momentum heading into Rise of the Legends!

Charlotte was handed her Starlet title and flashed the belt in the direction of a departing Sarah Winterton as she skulked up the ramp. Ryan limped away from ringside while Mack was being tended to. Their cheating had come back to haunt the Heirs and with just days to go before the big pay per view showing, they had lost a big match.

Huber and Roebuck tapped their fists together and celebrated in the ring by hoisting Charlotte on their shoulders! The House and Charlotte were all ready for fights and were ready to either win or keep their respective titles!

Winner: The House & Charlotte via Pinfall

Ninja K & Tyke vs Derecho & Kayden Paulton
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonSarah WintertonSarah Winterton

Camera Twenty Eight slowly panned overhead to draw the attention of the masses. They began readily waving and displaying their homemade signs and memorabilia before the eyes of the world before Camera One was set on the incomparable ring announcer, Dean Carrington...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; this tag team contest is scheduled for one fall...

"Less Talk. More Rokk” - Freezepop (K. Paulton Remix)

Cameras Thirty Seven, Thirty One and Forty began their respecting broadcasting of the rousing fan reactions as the techno pop hit gradually ascended to its acoustic peak. The joltvision screens continued showcasing the aerial/technical exploits of the slated Number 1 Contender for the jOlt Underground Championship strolled out to a Hero’s Welcome. Hands out to his sides, Alabama’s native son warmly basked in the ambiance from each end of the entrance staging area. As the lead conductor to his personal marching band, The Softcore Saint rallied the masses during his upbeat stroll down the ramp way. His musical theme was drawn to silence as he reached the end of the ramp...
"Charisma" by WASP

The Arena of Champions became overwhelmed with cheers as an assembly of arena lights swivled from numerous directions before unifying themselves at the entrance staging area. In random sequence, they would rhythmically assault the entire staging area where the former jOlt Heavyweight Champion. Popping the bones in his neck, the X Wrestling alum surveyed the horizon with focused eyes before making his way down the ramp...

Carrington: “Introducing First; Weighting in at a total combined weight of 467 pounds...The team of KAYDEN PAULTON & DERECHO!!!!!

The adored wrestling tandem made their way around the ring before scaling the ring steps and through the ropes. Derecho climbed up onto the ring apron and just buried his face into the top turnbuckle as Paulton continued to stoke the heroic flames on the other side of the ring. After what transpired on iNtense, many wondered about the mindset of the former Underground and World champion, Derecho.


’Bullets’ by Creed

{The jOltvision monitors were quick to flicker to life, depicting the hastened descent of the sun along the angled view of Big Ben itself. The scene shifted to a man, standing atop an elevated ledge. The winds at that height tugged angrily at the individual’s jacket during the camera’s approach from behind. A sizable garrison of state authorities frantically assembled and set themselves into position, training their weapons towards that individual’s direction. Inaudible commands from a bullhorn were cast out as the scene captured the brief gnarling of the man’s knuckles. Shots by the dozens were fired upon command initiating a immediate slowing of time of many rounds. The brief side view of the mark brandished the incoming army of metal rain approaching across his shades. Immediately, the screen was overtaken by the symbolic Union Jack flag, unfurled. The hues of Grey, White & Black adorned the flag before TYKE was intentionally burned across the screen center.}

A faint silhouette began to take shape as it advanced forward, revealing the Tornado Wrestling legend himself. Jeers overwhelmed the arena as Tyke calmly adjusted his Red tinted Aviator sunglasses while looking around the arena before making his way towards the ramp. Ignoring the few marks cheering on his behalf, the nimble Englishman halted his progress as his musical introduction faded.. Tyke snatched off the jacket and cast it toward the stage hands before rolling his neck....

’Vicarious’ by Tool

The Arena of Champions welcomed the encroaching darkness as the strobe lit entrance of Section G 38 siphoned all attention toward the approaching silhouette. The reigning Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship arrived. Swathed in predominant Pearl, Red & Gold, The Athletic Freak of Nature proudly made his descent toward the ringside area...

Carrington: “...And their opponents; Weighting in at a total combined weight of 472 pounds...The team of TYKE and the reigning jOlt Underground Champion of the World...KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

The ninja cleared the barricades and stood several paces away from his tag team partner. Both men cast stern glares between one another before turning their attention toward their opposition. Tyke was inaudibly casting shade toward Kayden Paulton as both long standing rivals in Derecho & Ninja stood motionless at a respectable distance. Derecho swept his hair from his face before stepping down off the turnbuckles. Kenshiro handed the championship to the ringside official before standing along the ring apron and holding court in his assigned corner. The ring official was seen entering the ring as Dean Carrington was making his exit. The bell was then called for.




It appeared to be Ninja K and his opponent at Rise of the Legends, Kayden Paulton, starting things off in this match. After a lock up, Ninja K twisted the arm of Kayden Paulton and lit up his chest with a series of front kicks. After Paulton staggered back, Ninja K went for a whip to the corner, but Paulton reversed it and sent Ninja K to the turnbuckles instead. Being quick on his feet, Ninja K leapt up to the middle turnbuckle and backflipped over Kayden Paulton. Ninja K then quickly applied the waist lock, looking for the German Suplex, but Paulton flipped over and landed on his feet!

Ninja K turned around and ducked a clothesline from Paulton. Paulton turned around and hopped over a leg sweep from Ninja K. Both went for a clothesline to each other, but it was both blocked by each other. They both spun around and came to a face off in the center of the ring to a round of applause from the crowd.

Kayden Paulton, being the nicest #1 Contender in the world, wanted a fist bump with the champion after that exchange. Ninja K, instead, grabbed the wrist and flipped him over onto his back lucha libre style! Ninja K rolled off his back and mounted Kayden Paulton as he pinned Kayden's wrist to the mat in a lateral wrist lock. Ninja K then put all of his weight on the wrist as he elevated himself in the air and then came crashing down on top of Kayden's chest with both knees!

Ninja K repeated this a second time and then a third time, driving any and all possible air right out of Paulton's lungs! Ninja K then released the wrist and made the lateral press for the cover.



Paulton kicked out.

Ninja K brought Paulton up to a seated position and then fired off a pair of stiff kicks between the shoulder blades of the #1 Contender. Ninja K then brought Paulton up to a vertical base and attempted an irish whip to the ropes, but Paulton reversed it and pulled Ninja K into a knee lift to the stomach. Paulton then grabbed Ninja K by the head, looking for a DDT, but Ninja K forced Paulton back into the corner. Paulton clubbed away on the back of Ninja K, but Ninja K stopped that with a shoulder block to the stomach. While Paulton was hunched over, Ninja K leapt to the middle rope and hit a front roundhouse kick to the side of Paulton's head!

Paulton staggered forward and dropped to a knee as Ninja K leapt to the top turnbuckle pad. When Paulton turned around, he was met with a flying thrust kick to the chest by Ninja K! Ninja K scrambed to get into the cover.



Paulton kicked out again.

Tyke was in the corner wanting a tag. You'd think Derecho would want one, too, but he continued to stand there with his face buried into the top turnbuckle pad, as if lost in deep thought or perhaps just concentrating on.. well.. something.

Ninja K entertained the thought of tagging in The British Lion, but Ninja K knew what he was capable of and decided to continue to handle things himself. Ninja K pulled Paulton up to his feet and then sent him to the ropes. Ninja K telegraphed the back body drop and Paulton took a page out of Ninja K's playbook and rolled off the back, landing behind him. Paulton then grabbed Ninja K in a half nelson and popped the hips...


Ninja K landed right on top of his head and that move alone turned the match into Paulton's favor! Paulton stood and saw the results of his suplex and fist pumped in excitement because he knew if he could land a move like that at Rise of the Legends, he could possibly walk out as the new Underground Champion.

Paulton, however, decided to take to the ropes instead of going for the pin. Paulton came back and hit a Running Leg Drop across the chest of Ninja K. Paulton stood and went back to the ropes a second time, hitting a second Running Leg Drop! Paulton was back up and he went to the well once again and it paid off as he hit a third Running Leg Drop! After the trifecta of leg drops, Paulton decided that he would now go for the cover!



Ninja K with the shoulder up!

Paulton headed to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pads. He waited for Ninja K to get back to his feet. Once he was vertical, Paulton took aim and leapt off with a Spinning Back Elbow Dive, but Ninja K leapt up and cradled Paulton's head in mid-air and nailed a Hangman's Neck Breaker!!!

"OOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!" yelled the crowd!

An amazing counter!

Cover by Ninja K!



Paulton kicked out!

Paulton looked as if he needed to make a tag out. He reached out to his corner from the canvas, but Derecho was still just standing there with his head buried into the top turnbuckle pad. Paulton began to crawl to his corner, but Ninja K grabbed him by the leg and prevented any further progression. Paulton hopped up to a single foot, keeping his balance as much as possible. Paulton then front flipped, bringing his heel right into Ninja K's jaw!!!

Paulton stood up and dove to his corner, slapping Derecho on the back of the head for the tag! The people cheered! In fact, the crowd went wild!

But that didn't last long.

The crowd quieted down and simply just sat there wondering what was going on. Derecho didn't move.. he didn't budge one bit. Ninja K saw the tag and, too, was wondering what was going on with Derecho.

Curiosity piqued as Ninja K walked over to Derecho's corner, but the split second that he did, Derecho snapped his head up and grabbed Ninja K by the hair as tight as possible.

"TAG HIM" yelled Derecho

Derecho released Ninja K and then pointed toward his corner.


Tyke simply grinned at the opportunity and Ninja K complied. Ninja K walked over to his corner and tagged Tyke. As soon as the hands slapped together, Derecho jumped over the top rope into the ring and sprinted at full speed into the corner. He slammed his forearm into the face of Tyke, knocking him off the apron and down to the floor. Derecho hopped to the outside and dropped a knee into the upper back of Tyke.

From there, Derecho proceeded to drive knee after knee after knee into the top of Tyke's skull! Derecho wasn't satisfied as he grabbed Tyke and then threw him head and shoulder first into the steel ring steps! Derecho then gained some distance and charged in, nailing a knee strike to the side of Tyke's head against those same steps!!

The referee was getting dangerously close to the count of nine as Derecho pulled Tyke up and threw him back into the ring. Derecho then ascended the turnbuckles in Ninja K's corner and leapt off...


Intead of covering, Derecho mounted Tyke and fired heavy rights and lefts into the side of Tyke's skull. Derecho was relentless in his strikes and one of them caught Tyke square in the nose as we saw blood begin to trick out from the left nostril.

Derecho stood at the referee's count of four, bringing Tyke to his feet. He grabbed Tyke and rammed him back first into the corner. Derecho then hit alternating knee lifts into the face of Tyke before he sat him up top on the turnbuckles. Derecho ascended to the top and hooked Tyke by the head. Derecho lifted Tyke straight into the air and pulled out a move that we hadn't seen in quite some time...


Derecho hit the top turnbuckle sheerdrop brainbuster on Tyke!

Tyke was out cold as Derecho stood up and let out that bestial roar we hadn't seen since his days as Underground Champion! Derecho still refused to go for the cover as he grabbed Tyke by the hair and pulled him back up. With a fist full of Tyke's hair he pulled Tyke right up to his face as he screamed...

"I.. AM... KING!!!"

Derecho then stopped for a moment as if he were having conflicting thoughts... but Derecho became wide-eyed with a sick sadistic smile.


Derecho then scooped Tyke up onto his shoulder and dropped him.


Derecho still wasn't done.. he grabbed Tyke and pulled him back up to his feet. He scooped him up onto his shoulder a second time and dropped him.


Derecho still wasn't done.. he grabbed Tyke and pulled him back up once again. Derecho then spun Tyke around and hooked him with a Half Nelson.. he cradled the leg and popped the hips...


Derecho STILL wasn't done.. it was to the point where the referee stepped in. He told Derecho that enough was enough. As the referee turned back around to check on Tyke, we saw Ninja K reach down and tag the tip of Tyke's foot. Ninja K came into the ring and now he had to go face to face with Derecho who was in a psychotic rage at the moment, but Derecho never even cared that Tyke was tagged out. He grabbed the referee and ripped him off of Tyke and began to pound away on Tyke's head.

Ninja K and the referee had to pull Derecho off of Tyke. Derecho continued to fight, though as the two of them struggled to hold him back. Eventually, The referee was able to calm Derecho down and get him to back off. Kayden Paulton then made the tag off of Derecho's back, but Paulton thought twice about getting into the ring as Derecho charged back in toward Tyke. Ninja K stepped in front of Derecho and Derecho put the brakes on.

"MOVE" yelled Derecho.

Ninja K shook his head. Derecho grabbed Ninja K by the top half of his wrestling attire and gripped tightly.

"MOVE" yelled Derecho in Ninja K's face

Ninja K again shook his head "No"

Derecho then quickly scooped Ninja K up onto his shoulders for A Forever Reminder, but Ninja K slipped free and fell behind Derecho. Ninja K hooked Derecho in a Full Nelson and then...


However, upon landing the move, Paulton had come into the ring and as soon as Ninja K landed the Skull Splitter, thus landing in a seated position Paulton lunged in...


He immediately grabbed the dazed Ninja K and pulled him up. He butterflied the arms and nailed it...


The Pearl River Plunge!!!! Paulton had the cover as the referee saw it out of the corner of his eye...




Paulton just pinned the Underground Champion!!

Paulton celebrated in the middle of the ring as the referee went back to checking on Tyke. Officials ran down from the back in order to aid Tyke to the backstage area. Some were there to keep Derecho from continuing any type of assault on him.

After a month straight of torture, Derecho couldn't keep it in anymore.. tonight he unleashed hell on his opponent at Rise of the Legends and from the look of things, he wanted more. It begged the question of what would we witness when the rulebook is thrown out the window?

Also, off of the commotion and confusion, Kayden Paulton pinned Ninja K! If Paulton does that again in just two weeks, we will have ourselves a NEW Underground Champion!

As everything gets sorted out, Warriors faded to black into commercials.

Winner: Derecho & Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

Aran Thompson vs Landon Stevens
Sarah WintertonSarah Winterton

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is for one fall! Introducing first, from Glendale, Arizona!"

As the ring announcer began the crowd errupted in cheers as they new that the time was come. Aran Thompson would either lose to his student and prove that the student is now better than the teacher, or Aran Thompson would end the Undefeated streak of Landon Stevens.

"Landon STEVENS!"

"Your God" by Stone Sour began playing and Landon Stevens walked out to a crazy ovation. The currently undefeated Landon Stevens had began a social media war with Aran Thompson who said he would reward winners and Landon has been impressing and collecting wins by any means.

Landon made his way to the ring apron when...

Lights out.

The entirety of the Arena of Champions was immediately shrouded in pitch black with the exception of a spot light on Landon Stevens. Landon looked around as the fans buzzed and began booing the entrance of the current jOlt Champion. Seconds passed. Minutes. It felt like an eternity and Landon cautiously stepped into the ring looking around the ring for a possible attack from Black Faction.


A chorus of boos took over and a plethora of red, yellow and pearl lights flashed to the cadence of "Champion" by Grinspoon. Aran Thompson and his Black Faction slowly walked out and Aran had a huge smile on his face as he had his hands rested on his jOlt Championship and Laurie Williams stood by his side cradling his Relentless Championship. Mace Williams with Eli and Ezra Conway stood behind them, as they made their way to the ring.

Aran stopped at the ring apron and took his jOlt Championship off and raised it to the heavens and the fans booed Aran so loud that Laurie tried to tell him to ignore the fans.

Landon waved Aran in the ring, ready has he has ever been. Time to prove Aran wrong just as Aran has claimed he has done to many others in the past.

Aran slid into the ring and the referee checked on him and asked Stevens if he was ready and the response was obvious. Yes.

The referee called for the bell and immediately Aran slid out of the ring before Landon could rush over and to him and the booing some how got even louder. The fans hated Aran, absolutely loathed the champion. Aran walked over to the time keeper and asked for a microphone and the referee began warning Aran and holding Landon back.

"Wait just one minute." Aran began.

"You think it's going to be that easy? You think that I care who you are? That I trained you? That you are undefeated? That the board of directors think that you're a viable challenger? You might not have a loss on your record but we all saw how things went down between you and Omega. You tied!"

The referee could careless of Aran's verbal barrage. He had called for the bell and Aran was outside of the ring.


"Who ties?! I've been beaten. But I've won way more than I've lost and now I am the shining star in a new future! You're a protege, you're a meaningless being in the shadow of a mentor! I didn't teach you to TIE! I taught you to WIN!"


Landon broke free from behind the referees hold but was immediately stopped by Ezra Conway from leaving the ring.


He rand to the other side, Eli Conway stopped him.


Mace stopped him from another attempt.


"You think I wouldn't come here without a plan? They want me to choose?"


"Oh I'll choose alright."


"As soon as this referee counts to ten."

Landon freaked out because Aran wasn't letting him even have a match. Aran clearly didn't care about the loss, he was the champion and it wouldn't effect him.


"C'MON!!" Stevens demanded.


Aran shook his head and then Landon got a bright idea. Landon quickly ran to the ropes and used the momentum and dove over the ropes.


SUICIDE DIVE ---NO!!!!!!!!

Landon was a milisecond too late and Aran side stepped Landon who slammed into the barricade.

"You might of won this match, but you just lost in life."

Aran threw the microphone at Stevens and began kicking him while he was down and Eli and Ezra Conway joined in. Landon was being attacked and the crowd hated it. Landon had earned the respect of the fans and that he was standing up against Aran he had earned their passion. Eli and Ezra picked a dazed Landon up.


The twins spun Landon around and Aran hit Landon in the back of the head with a Superkick and Landon collapsed. It was a set up all along. Once again, Landon Stevens had gained another "W" but the bigger question posed is. What is next?

Aran never picked an opponent for his jOlt Championship.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Countout