"Ticket Scalping"

"Tickets, tickets, 2 tickets to see tonight's PPV! Sir you want to check out WIRED tonight with your lady friend?" says an anonymous male who is looking to offload his tickets to tonight's internet ppv. The man ushers his lady friend down the street to avoid the scalper. Distraught the scalper looks down at the tickets as the camera zooms in.

"Two please," states a familiar voice as the scalper looks up. The dejection on his face from failed attempts to sell his tickets becomes one of pure joy and excitement as he recognizes the voice and face of the man making said request.

"Wait, wait, you're... you're..."

"A very huge fan of Jolt Wrestling, and I would like to partake in tonight's event, you did say you had two tickets correct?" says the man trying to remain anonymous.

"But you're, you're...One..."

"Yes I am one person, but my wife or a buddy of mine will be arriving at the airport shortly and will possibly join me, once she or he arrives."

"But don't they give you guys tickets to these events... wait am I apart of a return angle????!!!!"

"Calm down buddy, can't have you breaking kayfabe, I'm just someone who did not get the opportunity to purchase tickets at the time of release, so if you're interested in selling those tickets instead of viewing the great in ring action yourself, I will gladly take them off you're hands for..."

"An autograph, for you that's all I would want and these tickets are yours man! Oh my good I can't believe this, here, here, take the tickets, just autograph the stubs and I'll be waiting here at the end of the show and you could just give me the stubs, but why don't they just let you in the buidling???"

"Let's just say I'm here as a fan, and I'm looking to see things from your side of the fence, I'm not here looking for trouble, and when I saw you, well let's just say you got my attention."

The excited scalper gladly turned the tickets over to this anonymous stranger. The camera then moved beyond the scalper in the direction of the front entrance, before it turned again to focus on the scalper.

"By the way nice shirt." stated the man who would soon partake in Jolt Wrestling's WIRED PPV as 'The Year of Hype' looks to cap off a solid year of Jolt Wrestling.

The camera pans down to reveal the excited scalper/fan wearing a Jolt branded catchphrase t-shirt that simply read...


"Welcome to Wired"

The sceen was pitch black except for a single turqouise underline blinking, representing a cursor. The sound of someone clacking away on the keyboard could be heard as words appeared on the screen

Process running......



A swirl of turqouise light bathes the screen as "Database" by Man With a Mission begins to play. We're taken through tunnels of circuits as an electric impulse. After many twists and turns through a computer system, the electric impulse arrives at the CPU which cracks with a turquoise light and explodes into the jOlt Wired logo.

We're taken inside the arena. The stage is set up with a large jOltvision in the center. Large wires and cables wrap around the edge of the screen and stream downward to the floor in large coiled piles. Each connected to a giant motherboard on each side of the screen.

The cables begin to shake as steam and smoke shoot out from them. All of the a sudden, turqouise pryo randomally blows from random parts of the motherboards to simulate the sparking of circuits. Eventually in a sparkler-type fashion, the motherboards become bathed in the pyro as a large wall of pyro explodes on stage. The camera then pans around the audience as the commentators welcome us.

Buhrman - "Ladies and gentlemen.. welcome to jOlt's first Internet PPV, Wired, streaming LIVE on Go Fight Live,, as well as Hulu Plus and Netflix! We have a great show for you this evening including our main event in which The House will defend the jOlt Tag Team Champiosnhips against the team of Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs!"

Powers - "Red & Ted made their names known by defeating Ken Kaze and George, thus earning a right to face the champions here tonight, but I'm looking forward to the return of the King of Hell as Derecho battles Sayber in an Underground Rules match later on this evening!"

Buhrman - "That's sure to be one hell of a contest, but up first, jOlt's Last Real Man Jeremy Ryan is set to take on the former world's nicest number one contender... Kayden Paulton. Let's send it down to the ring!"

Jeremy Ryan vs Kayden Paulton
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

The opening match to tonight’s show wold see the beginnings of a brewing feud between one of the nicest guys – nay, THE Nicest Guy in Wrestling Kayden Paulton. He had been out with a rib injury the last two weeks thanks in part to a failed bid to wrestle the Underground Title from Ninja K. However, the more important story to take away was the vicious assault by the debuting Jeremy Ryan, a standout in jOlt’s Developmental system The Hype.

Ryan had proven to be a very loose cannon, swearing no allegiance to anybody but himself and taking to calling himself ‘jOlt’s Last Real Man” because he felt that there were no real men left in the organization handling their own business and caring only for himself. He bashed the fans, the roster and his previous opponents and even singled out Paulton for his fan –friendly image. Tonight, Ryan looked to make his name off one of jOlt’s most beloved wrestlers and prove on a bigger stage that he’s meant to be taken seriously as a threat. Will Paulton be the first person to shut Ryan up or will jOlt’s Last Real Man prove that he’s more than just talk?

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The crowd? Oh, yeah, they fucking LOVED this guy! Especially his brand new laser show entrance. The familiar ice blue laser show flashed to the tune of the beats as they began to pick up tempo. The arena lights pulsated in three-second tempos between purple and blue and when they picked up, Kayden Paulton appeared on top of the ramp with a thumbs up to the crowd!

“The following contest is a grudge match scheduled for one fall! First, making his way to the ring from Dothan, Alabama, weighing in at 230 pounds… this is KAYDEN PAULTON!

His ribs were taped up which was never a good thing in the sport. It was essentially a bullseye that he had during this upcoming match, but the returning Paulton was a trouper. HBe waved his hands and egged the fans on who responded with a big reaction in return. Kayden had been on the biggest roll of his jOlt career and he was looking to carry that right forward tonight against a big beast. Kayden had on his black shirt with the pink happy face with a bandage over the right eye and a phrase that read “YOU’RE AWESOME!” He tossed the shirt to a lucky fan in the crowd before he ran up the steps. He jumped over the ropes and once again to land on the second turnbuckle. Kayden scanned the crowd before jumping off the buckles getting ready to take on the challenge of the unpredictable Jeremy Ryan

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The lights simply dimmed to shades of gray and the tron displayed several rapid-fire clips of Jeremy Ryan in action from his time on the Hype making hell for Nate Quartermaine and Sebastian Saje, but also for the likes of Kayden Paulton. He stepped out from behind the curtain in a pair of crimson and black fighting trunks and black boots. A scowl was etched across his face as he looked at his opponent in the ring and shook his head with disgust.

“And his opponent… hailing from Bangor, Maine… weighing in at 252 pounds… JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan looked like he was ready for a fight. Thus far, he had defeated the likes of Graham Youngblood and Adam Lazarus, but tonight was a true test. Prior to his loss to Ninja K at Rise of the Legends, Paulton had amassed many wins including ones over Ninja K (non-title) and the former jOlt Underground and World Champion Derecho! Despite not drinking milk one day past the expiration date, Kayden was a tough customer.


The very second that the match began, Jeremy Ryan went on the attack and tackled Paulton into the corner. This was very sound strategy by jOlt’s Last Real Man as he hoisted Kayden up over his shoulders before the tank-like Ryan DROPPED him into the canvas with an over –the-shoulder slam!


Ryan paintbrushed the back of his head and then stood to his feet, looking at Kayden like he was a wounded gazelle in the maw of a hungry lion. The wild and erratic Jeremy watched as Kayden started to stand. He was already winded from the slam, but stood up and flashed a smile to the crowd that had them cheering.

“LET’S GO, KAY-DEN!” clap x5

“LET’S GO, KAY-DEN!” clap x5

“LET’S GO, KAY-DEN!” clap x5

“LET’S GO, KAY-DEN!” clap x5

“LET’S GO, KAY-DEN!” clap x5

The crowd had chosen their favorite, but to his credit Ryan showed no attention to the fans. He talked a lot of trash, but he was showing he was good at tuning out any crowd reaction in favor of hurting somebody. He came at Kayden a second time but this time Paulton was ready and he took down the six-foot Ryan with a quick Drop Toe Hold! He took off to the ropes and came back with a nice Single Leg Dropkick to the side of Jeremy’s head! Paulton went in for the cover!



Ryan kicked out early but Kayden was staying on the offensive. He picked up Ryan and while he didn’t use any punches, he had chops that HURT like a bitch! He CHOPPED the shit out of Jeremy’s chest and fired off four good shots in the corner.





Kayden grabbed him by the head and went for the whip only for Ryan to reverse and hang on… HOTSHOT ON THE ROPES!’

He connected rib-first and collapsed to the canvas. The Last Real Man of jOlt had just zeroed in on the injured ribs and now The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was left completely vulnerable for the attack. Ryan quickly went to the ribs and let loose with a flurry of stomps to the exposed area. Kayden tried to cover up and protect himself, but the former Hype standout continued his relentless assault on the ribs. He then looked over to the corner.


Ryan yelled to the crowd and they continued to boo him, but he gave approximately < zero fucks about anything they had to say. He clamped down on the neck and locked in a modified Camel Clutch with a knee going right into his side, cranking back on the injured area as he continued to sneer at the crowd. They were trying to get behind The Nicest Guy in Wrestling but he wasn’t going anywhere for the moment.

With all of his might, Paulton started to get up early and tried to fight his way back to life despite how much pain he was already in. The Softcore Saint elbowed him in the chest several times and continued to fight his way out when Ryan stopped him in his tracks with another quick knee strike. He shoved him into the ropes and when he bounced back, Ryan nearly took his head off with a NASTY Short Range Lariat!

Jeremy Ryan had shown many influences of the Japanese wrestling style in his brief time with jOlt. Not much was known about his experience prior to jOlt but none of that mattered right now. Ryan went for another cover.




Kayden escaped defeat and the Softcore Saint was looking for Ryan to make a mistake, but he wrestled a perfect game so far. He shot an angry glance at referee Ian Nguyen who held back two fingers.

“I thought you idiots were good at math…” Ryan coldly said.

After that classless remark, jOlt’s Last Real Man quickly snatched Paulton off the mat via a deadlift and held him in place. Despite the fact that Kayden was a good solid 230 pounds, Ryan made it look easy as he deadlifted right into a HARDE German Suplex! The fans cringed as Paulton was dumped on his head and shoulders before collapsing to the other side of the canvas. Ryan cracked his neck before calmly rolling over and going for the cover again.




An even closer fall than before, but Kayden was still in the game. The crowd cheered Paulton’s resolve but jOlt’s Last Real Man wasn’t hearing any of it. He pushed Paulton and shoved him back into the corner again and drove a series of hard Turnbuckle Thrusts into the chest of The Nicest Guy in Wrestling to soften him up some more. Kayden yelled out in pain as Ryan continued his attack only for him to fight back. He then started to hold out his hand an unleashed a STIFF series of open-handed Palm Strikes! The shots were swift and brutal and they didn’t want to believe it, but Ryan was having his way with Kayden Paulton who was a world-class competitor in between the ropes.

Kayden looked disoriented when Ryan kicked him in the gut and took him over with one HARD Snap Suplex. Ryan wasn’t done and rolled him up a second time. He adjusted his position and then dropped him again with an even harder Back Suplex! The fans cringed from the impact as Paulton writhed around the mat in agony. His ribs were on fire and each big blow that Ryan was hammering down on him was making this match slip away from him.




The shoulder was up again!

“LET’S GO, KAY-DEN!” clap x5

“LET’S GO, KAY-DEN!” clap x5

“LET’S GO, KAY-DEN!” clap x5

He kept on fighting through the pain he was in, but that didn’t stop Jeremy Ryan from imposing his will. He stood up and soaked in the reaction of the crowd as he ran off the ropes and delivered a nothing-fancy Double Stomp to the chest! Paulton was definitely hurt now and kicked his legs frantically around the mat as Ryan had picked him off very well.

“Where’s your smile now, Kayden?” Ryan slapped the back of his head. “Where’s your smile, asshole?!”

And another cover.




It was close to two and a half, but Jeremy Ryan still hadn’t gotten himself the win. Paulton was a fighting man and had survived battles with Mike Extreme, Omega, Derecho, Ninja K. He had no doubt proved his toughness but he wasn’t fighting this battle at a hundred percent. Ryan angrily glared at Nguyen, but he wasn’t going away just yet.

Ryan calmly walked over and tried for another suplex, but this time Kayden was ready and he adjusted his body weight to trap him in an Inside Cradle!




That was exactly what Kayden was good at, the out-of-nowhere victory. He stood up only to have his clock cleaned with another STIFF Palm Strike to the temple that sent Kayden stumbling backwards into the corner. Ryan took a second and backed up as he went looking for his Spear that he had used in the past – on Paulton, in fact. He didn’t focus any more on the crowd and came charging…


Ryan hit the post with a dull smack, shoulder first after Kayden moved! The blow couldn’t definitely changed the complexion of the match, but Kayden had saved himself in the nick of time and The Nicest Guy in Wrestling finally had a chance after Ryan made a costly mistake.





The Softcore Saint struggled to breathe, but he had a chance and the crowd went wild as he gave them all a thumbs up that he was still okay to continue. Ryan was nursing his arm now when Kayden turned him around and chopped him again. He protected his ribs with one arm while chopping with the other.





The big shots caught him and he tried to whip Ryan again. This time Ryan reversed it and when he came off the ropes…


A picture-perfect Spinebuster that channeled the great Arn Anderson, he DROPPED Kayden with a thunderous impact and went for the cover again quickly!




“NO! DAMN IT!” Ryan shouted.

That move coupled with Kayden’s injury should’ve been over, but he was still in the game much to Ryan’s dismay. jOlt’s Last Real Man had enough of Kayden’s tenacity and just opted to elbow him in the face several times to wear him down some more before he tried his next move. Ryan shook out the pain in his shoulder before he pried Kayden back to his feet.

He hoisted him up in the corner with intent to drop him down with a Superplex of some kind and looked to finish things off.

“I’m gonna break you, put you back together and break you again, you happy little cunt!”

Ryan tried hooking the arm for a Superplex only for him to shove him right off. Paulton fought back and fired a few good Elbow Smashes to the face. He stunned jOlt’s Last Real Man and continued the blows until he finally knocked him off! Paulton then jumped…


It was one of his bread and butter moves and downright nuts of him to use considering his injury and he showed the signs of it worsening as he clutched his ribs, but he finally managed to slow down Jeremy Ryan long enough to continue. Referee Ian Nguyen started to go for the count when neither man got up.






Kayden started to get up first and got to his knees while Jeremy Ryan was starting to get to his. The Softcore Saint was using the ropes to stand while Ryan was in his corner ready to strike.




Both men were up! Kayden ran full speed ahead at him and when Ryan tried getting the boot up, he turned him around and caught him with a Schoolboy pin!




The very angry Ryan rolled away from Paulton and he charged himself only to eat a pair of feet to the face as he approached the corner. Ryan stumbled around punch-drunk while Kayden sprang off the ropes looking for something big…


Kayden’s ribs still burned and he took a second after the landing, but he nailed the Sling Blade neckbreaker and with no hesitation he rolled over and went for a lateral press.




These two were putting on a great match and despite all that Ryan threw at him, Kayden was still coming back from the onslaught. The Softcore Saint quickly stayed on the offensive now and tried to pull Ryan up by the hair only to eat a solid haymaker directed at the ribs. Paulton winced in pain and he was victim for Ryan to try for another kick. He tried for a suplex once again but this time Kayden landed on his feet behind him and DROPPED him with a nice Russian Legsweep and turned it into a Short Clothesline!




And another kick out by Ryan! This time, Ryan’s own toughness was on full display for the crowd and he pushed Kayden away from him with the intent to create distance from the high-octane flurry of The Softcore Saint. He grabbed him in the corner and dropped another series of chops and Elbow Smashes to the head and hooked him by the head. He was looking for the Upside Down Frown, his Rolling Cutter… NO!

Ryan turned around and pushed him away to the ropes and when Kayden bounced back he bounced up… NO DROPKICK!

He dropkicked him in mid-air and sent Ryan backwards into the ropes! When he came back, Paulton caught him from behind with an arm hook…


His version of the Angle Slam dropped Jeremy Ryan onto the canvas and finally stunned him long enough to keep the momentum in his favor! Kayden rolled over as the rowdy fans continued to cheer this hot opener!




STILL Ryan had kicked out despite everything Paulton was throwing at him. jOlt’s Last Real Man was getting more than he could handle from a man that he deemed was far beneath him. Paulton started to head to the ring apron now and slapped the turnbuckle. This may have been a very bad idea on his part, but he was looking for the Leg JAM off the top rope, a flying Leg Drop Bulldog…


He stunned him and knocked Paulton clear off the turnbuckle and watched him fall to the apron. Ryan slashed a thumb across his throat and yelled at the crowd to tell them that this was done. He stood on the second cable and hooked The Softcore Saint over the ropes. He took a second to exert and when he hoisted him…




This was the debut of one of Ryan’s signature moves … an amazing DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX from the outside of the ring and all the way back inside over the ropes! The brief amounts of ring time that had been seen by Jeremy Ryan were now in full display and he connected with a BIG move to turn the tides!

The MAN UP! Superplex connected and Kayden Paulton was sent thundering down to the canvas. The crowd didn’t like him, but had to be impressed by his show of strength. He simply rolled over and hooked off the ropes with a nice Tazmission! He turned the submission over…


Paulton had nowhere to go! Between Man Up and the Dead Man submission that had claimed several victims already, there was no place for him to go. He was in too much pain and barely had enough strength to get his elbow up…


The crowd had booed and jeered, but Jeremy Ryan won his match not through cheating or chicanery, but through honing in on an injury relentlessly until he won.

“Here is your winner of the match… ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

When the referee tried to raise his hand, he snatched it away from Ian Nguyen and yelled.


Ian backed away while Ryan glanced out to the crowd before he looked down at the sore and hurt Kayden Paulton. Kayden had given him one hell of a fight, but Jeremy Ryan had proved that he didn’t care who got in his way. He was here to win and get famous.

He was the REAL male role model that jOlt needed; everyone else be damned.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Submission

"Splitting Heirs"

The crowd was stoked to be a part of the final show of jOlt’s calendar year and its first ever i-PPV showing, Wired. And backstage, Donny Layne was ready to interview some guests just moments prior to their big matches.

“Ladies and gentlemen, later tonight, we will see some matches with my guests at this time. Trouble, the team of Statuz Quo, Khadafi, and Dallas Griffin will be taking on my guests at this time. They are probably going to be coming out here and insult me in this forum as they always do, but I am a professional and will carry on. They are Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, Mack Brody, and “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton… the Heirs of Wrestling!”

On either side of Donny Layne, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway appeared to his left. On the right of our favorite backstage announcer, “Midas” Mack Brody was taping up his wrists while Sarah Winterton who hadn’t been seen with the Heirs in some time had finally rejoined the crew. It had been true – since The Heirs of Wrestling had set foot into jOlt Wrestling, they got a kick out of ridiculing Donny Layne just because they could.

“Mr. Layne, you’re looking well this evening,” Silver said.

“Yeah, man, looking good.” Ryan added.

Donny looked… well, perturbed.

“Huh? Aren’t you guys going to call me something like…I dunno. Layne Bryant or Donny Wahlburg or Don Corleone, something like you guys have done… well, always?”

“What? The fuck is wrong with you, Donny?” Mack asked him. “Talk about our match, you know, against Trouble.”

Layne seemed to be weirdly put off with The Heirs of Wrestling. Granted, they seemed to have been favored more by the crowd during their war with Trouble, but they hadn’t changed THAT much, had they?

“So you are about to go out there and take on Trouble in a six-man tag team match. They’ve made this personal by attacking Mack Brody’s knee, they’ve been sneak attacking you and even cost you a rematch of your tag team titles. What is going through your minds right now?”

Silver nodded. “The Heirs of Wrestling have… well, gonna say it. Before Warriors, we’ve been in a bit of a slump. Mack Brody got jumped from behind and we’re not going to sugarcoat shit… it’s not anything that we haven’t done in the past, but when they tried to take out Mack… that’s when shit got real.”

Gallway raised both hands in air like a preacher. “CHURCH!”

“Those fuckers didn’t finish the job. Mistake number one,” Brody said as he motioned to his taped knee. “Number two was them trying to ruin this beautiful moneymaker of mine called my face. This shit puts money in my pocket and t-shirts on kids, man! I can’t have that shit. Quo, Dallas, Duzza, and Khadafi, I hope that you queermos have another lead pipe hidden somewhere. Me knocking off Dallas on Warriors was just icing on the cake. Tonight, we’re going out there and showing you who runs this shit!”

“That right, darling!” Sarah finally spoke. “Tonight, you will go out there and show those ruffians what for! Then I’m going to go out there, embarrass Charlotte, humiliate her, take her title, and then Charlotte the Harlot will be no more! This will be a divine day for the Starlets!”

The crowd booed as The Heiress spoke. While the crowd had warmed up to the Heirs, they didn’t seem to do any such thing for Winterton who had been the exact opposite… sneak attacks, double-talking, patting her own back constantly. Frank, Ryan, and Mack all looked at one another.

“Yeeeeaaaahhhh…” Mack gestured her way. “Um, Sarah, we meant to talk to you about all that, but we’ve been kind of… well, we’ve been getting stomped by those assholes to really sit down and have a chat.”

Winterton raised her eyebrow. “What about?

“Well,” Frank said. “That assault that you and Persephone did on Charlotte… well, that kinda got our asses kicked by The House a few weeks ago. Not cool.”

“I don’t know what you mean, darling. I went out there and did what we’ve been doing all along! I’ve tried the diplomatic route with Miss Charlotte. I gave her actual decent clothing that has sleeves, I have given her a lesson on proper decorum when conducting herself as a champion, and yet she continues to exhibit uncouth savagery. This Underground Match is happening tonight and… well, I need help! I figured you gentlemen could accompany me out there.”

“No,” Ryan said. “Look… normally, we’d be all about that. You know us… but you’re YOU. You’re talented and we’ve got this match. You, you’ve got all the natural talent in the world. You can beat Charlotte and win that title!”

Winterton frowned.

“Fine, you ingrates! I’m going to go out there, I will win this match against Charlotte and then I will be a hero for the masses! The Starlet Division will FINALLY have a champion that it can be proud of! Not a baby-having sinner like Aria Murphy and most certainly NOT a disgusting streetwalker like Charlotte! Excuse me!”

Winterton spun on her heels and took off in a huff while the other Heirs each rolled their eyes.

“Good luck out there tonight.”

“Thanks, Donny.” Frank said. “You did quite well yourself. Good luck to you tonight!”

Each of the Heirs gave Donny matching thumbs up and cheesy-ass smiles as he simply walked off without incident. Once he left, the Heirs of Wrestling each shared a laugh.

“Man, that guy gets easier and easier to fuck with,” Gallway giggled.

Brody looked a little concerned. “You think Sarah will really be okay out there?”

“She’s an Heir! She knows how to get shit done. We’re ALL successes and not a bunch of homos riding the coattails of somebody else,” Frank said snidely. “Who do we look like, the Black Faction?”

The crowd “OOOOOOOH”ed the jab at jOlt World Champion Aran Thompson’s stable as they each headed to the locker room to prepare for their matches in a bit.

Daryn Thompson vs Persephone
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

The following match stemmed from the result of a Three-Way Elimination match for the #1 Contender to the Starlet Championship. On one end while Sarah Winterton won the right to challenge for the title later tonight against the current champion Charlotte. Daryn Thompson – a third-generation wrestler and rookie Starlet – had been one of the women fighting for that shot and in the process she had eliminated Winterton’s business partner and former Starlet Champion, Persephone. Daryn eliminated Persephone from the match and while neither women won, something needed to be settled tonight.

Daryn issued the challenge on the final edition of Warriors and the match was accepted – via chairshot the back of Thompson in the interview area. The Evil Witch called Persephone had the mental edge in this battle for bragging rights. And with the Starlet division booming more than it ever has, a big win at Wired here tonight could put the winner in future contention against the winner of Sarah Winterton and Charlotte later tonight.

“The following match is scheduled for one fall!” yelled Brad Arnold.

“Infected” by Bad Religion signified the arrival of the former Starlet Champion herself. Persephone, the long-time veteran in jOlt but now she was here with a vengeance and wanted payback on the Starlet she believes showed her up a few weeks ago.

Persephone walked out to the stage and scanned the crowd once before she started walking to the ring. The former Starlet Champion made the belt gesture around her waist to tell the crowd that she wanted the title back. With her skillset she could very well do it with a win here tonight. She climbed into the ring and didn’t waste any time playing up or taunting the crowd. Her focus was 100% on showing up Daryn Thompson once and for all.

"Madness" by Muse

Daryn Thompson came out from the backstage area to a pretty nice pop from the crowd because it's been a good minute since people have seen her on television. Daryn smiled from the crowd's reaction as she rolled into the ring and raised her hand into the air. The Starlet Powerhouse entered the ring to a delighted reaction from the crowd who wanted to see the Starlet Powerhouse succeed. The Texan Firecracker stood on the turnbuckle



Peresephone wasted no time in attacking her on the second turnbuckle with a good shot to the back! Daryn had the strength advantage by far, but The Evil Witch was cunning for a reason and tossed her off the buckle into a short powerbomb/roll-up combination!




The Texan Firecracker stood up to her feet and swung wildly at Persephone only for the former champion to duck underneath it and roll her up quickly again!




Persephone was trying to end things as quickly as possible against the Starlet Powerhouse and was outmaneuvering her for the moment. The Evil Witch was clearly trying to get underneath her skin and charged at her only to get a big knee to the gut! Daryn Thompson lifted her up into a NICE Military Press!

The Starlets were of equal height at 5’11”, but Daryn was a big and strong girl that had the ability to turn match’s tide in one move! The crowd was impressed with her strength as she did about two or three reps with her in the air until she dropped her down to the canvas with a dull thud!

Thomspon had the crowd cheering her as she waited for Persephone to stand again. She came right off the ropes and mowed her down with a quick Shoulder Tackle that put The Evil Witch down. The crowd cheered as she went for her first pin attempt in the match.




Persephone kicked out of Daryn’s big moves and kept her ground. When she tried to pick her up again, Persephone caught her flush in the jaw with a nice uppercut before she turned her around and rolled her up yet again!




The desperate Persephone couldn’t match power with her but she could outrun her and outthink her in the ring - a solid game plan as any she could think of. She caught Daryn with an eye rake and raked the eyes as referee Kim Adams admonished her for her actions.

“Shut it,” Persephone said calmly.

The Evil Witch went after Thompson’s leg with a pair of nice kicks and backed her into the corner before she unloaded on her with a few more. The blows were coming fast and furious like a movie about cars and she tried to defend herself, but Persephone’s strikes were right on target with each shot.

She pulled Thompson out of the corner and clipped a knee so she could run off the ropes and connect with a Sliding Clothesline! She nearly took Daryn’s head off with the move and now looked to finish things for good.




Daryn kicked out again! An angry Persephone stood over her now and stomped away at her until she could wind her down some more. Seeing her chance to get the drop on her now, she hooked her by the back of the head and tried for a big move only for Daryn to reverse the whip and send her flying into the corner. When she came back…


Thompson nearly broke The Evil Witch in half with a massive Spear that sent her tumbling around the canvas! She was disposed of for the moment and now Daryn had a fighting chance. Her power advantage up until this point had been negated by Persephone’s fast-moving offense, but now she had a chance to strike back.

Persephone started to stand and the very moment that she did Daryn came charging at her with a nice clubbing elbow to the back of the head!

“Get up, bitch!” Daryn screamed.

She stood up a second time and was knocked down with a massive Clothesline that had even more force behind it than the last one did. When Persephone tried to get herself back into it, The Starlet Powerhouse grabbed her by the arm and tossed her into the nearby corner. Daryn stomped her right foot on the mat and the crowd picked up pace with her, clapping for her as she started the charge…


She crushed The Evil Witch in the corner and now Daryn Thompson was ready to finish things for good. She waited for her to continue with the punishment. She hoisted her up in the Torture Rack position and spun a finger around. She smiled to the crowd and it looked like they knew what was coming up next…

Daryn spun her around in circles and Energizer Bunnied that shit… you know, she kept going and going and going and going, etc and so forth and so on. The crowd was cheering each rotation as she kept on going around until she finally tossed her over head and sent her crashing to the canvas with a move called…


The Airplane Spin into the Flapjack put her down again and now this looked to be the end of things as she covered the former Starlet Champion.




She was dazed and confused, but somehow she still kicked out. Daryn was surprised but she kept on going as she pulled her up over her shoulder. She backed up several steps and went looking for a Running Powerslam only for Persephone to slip out…


The Reverse DDT planted her firmly into the canvas and dropped her hard as she quickly covered Thompson again.




This time, it was The Evil Witch’s turn to be shocked with the fact that she hadn’t put the resilient Thompson away. Daryn held the back of her head in pain and Persephone raised her three fingers to Adams, but Kim responded with only two.

Persephone snarled and started to pull Daryn to her feet again and hooked her by the head, looking for a Neckbreaker variation of some kind. She tried going for the move when she shoved her off the ropes… INTO A THRUST SPINEBUSTER! Daryn SPIKED her into the mat now and the crowd continued voicing their support for The Starlet Powerhouse. She hooked both legs of Persphone and rolled her over…


Another move that she pulled from her home state (maybe? Maybe not. Too busy to check the internet). But she had Persephone trapped now! She had her dead to rights in the center of the ring and she had nowhere to go. Persephone was fighting it as she tried to get to the ropes, but Daryn wasn’t letting go any time soon. The Evil Witch tried to fight…


She did it! Daryn Thompson had fought through Persephone’s tricks long enough to fight back, weathered the storm and had secured the win via submission!


The Starlet Powerhouse had come back with a vengeance and now she was victorious here tonight at Wired! She jumped up and down for joy and had her arm raised by Kim Adams as the crowd celebrated the victory.

Tonight, not only had she just scored her first big PPV victory in jOlt, but she proved that she was a forced to be reckoned with. The Texan Firecracker jumped to the second turnbuckle and celebrated with the cheering crowd. This night had belonged to her and she even made a belt motion of her own as she looked into one of the cameras at ringside.

“Charlotte, Winterton, y’all ladies better look out! I’m comin’ for that Starlet Championship!”

Winner: Daryn Thompson via Submission

"Old Faces and Olive Branches"

The segment opened to find the “West Indian Obsidian” William Waymoth Turnbull sitting in his chosen corner of the locker room. His worn dreads tied back in ponytail fashion, making it easier for him to place a pair of House of Marley-Headphones over his ears. Listening to the soothing sounds of music was the way he chose to prepare himself for a match - and tonight would be no different.

“Buffalo Soldier” by the legendary Bob Marley could be heard faintly through the speakers of the set, and Waymoth’s gravelly voice was humming right along with it. The song wasn’t war music despite it’s title, but it helped him get into the mindset he needed to be in. He patiently toiled away at the bandages he was meticulously wrapping around his left fist. On his right side, resting against his duffel bags were his trusted machete blades. The very same that made their debut on the second to last episode of Warriors.

Just a few minutes later, an unseen figure walked into the room, casting a shadow over Waymoth and where he was sitting. They stood there for a few minutes but nothing was said. Perhaps they were waiting for their presence to be acknowledged. However, considering the frame of mind that Waymoth was already in, it was probably best that they didn’t draw that kind of attention. Still, they didn’t move – instead, that’s when they decided to speak.

“Y’know, some things never change,” the all-too familiar stated. The crowd immediately took a disliking to this figure and with good reason. Waymoth knew who it was, just as much as they did. He picked up on it the moment they stepped into the room.

“I see you still listen to Marley before every match,” the figure continued with a bit of a smug undertone.

“And you still nuh learn how to stay up outta meh business…or how to put ah less stronga scent of cologne…wha’pen, is bathe you bathe innit?” Waymoth finally responded, breaking his silence. “Now considerin’ de last time ah see yuh, you was walkin’ away with a duffel bag full’a money at my expense. De only question Ah have fuh you is dis; wha yuh want out meh life Monsato?”

The camera finally panned up to reveal that it was indeed Cloyd Monsanto, Waymoth’s long-time mentor and no longer trusted associate.

“Okay, so may I deserve that and plus, this was that nasty bottle you convinced me to buy back in ’03, so you shouldn’t even be talking the damn scent!” Monsanto quipped, “But I’m not here to pick any trouble with ya bredren, I’m here on good faith, especially with it being the Holidays and all. I know the last year hasn’t exactly been the best between us, but you know I still love you like a son. I still watch your matches. What I did to you was nothing more than business and I hate the fact that the decision was one that came between us like that. Bottom line is, I’m just here in order to wish ya luck against Landon tonight, even if I don’t think you really need it.”

“An’ you’d be right about dat..” Waymoth fired back, finally standing up from his seat and standing face-to-face with his mentor.

“I hear wha yuh sayin’ and dem words soun’ mighty nice but that’s all dey gon be to me; words. So let me mek sometin’ perfectly crystal. Ah don’t know what otha plans you have here t’night, and ah don’t care. One ting is for certain, meh nuh want fi see yuh anywhere out there, ya unna’stand me? Nuh stick ya nose inna any business ah got. In fact, if yuh find ah catch you even ringside, Ah promise yuh that you ain’t like me here tonight. Do ah make m’self clear? Teck whatever olive branch yuh bring wit yuh and put it somewhere de sun can’t find it.”

Cloyd didn’t need to have a hint any bigger than the one that was just given to him. Island men are known to be a very stubborn when they ready and in this case, and Waymoth was the most stubborn one he had ever met in his long life.

“Like I said Waymoth, I only showed up tonight to wish you the best of luck, nothing more, nothing less,” Cloyd knew that there was going to be a long way to climb if his intentions were to be back in the good graces of his protégé and the only “son” he ever had. At the same time, it really wasn’t the primary reason he was there and that the intentions for his visit, at least in his mind, were pure. He nodded his head, feeling rightfully disappointed with the visit, and began to walk away from Turnbull who had returned back to his seat and was now strapping up his boots.

As he exited, in walked Donny Layne and they almost missed colliding with each other. Ever the opportunist, Donny more than likely stopped by for an interview with Waymoth his match. Before he could get very far however, Monsanto placed his palm against Donny’s chest, successfully stopping the backstage interviewer in his tracks.

Donny exclaimed, “What are you doing?! I’m here to –“

“You’re here to ask if he’s ready,” Cloyd interrupted, “Let me take the time to answer that one for you.”

“He is.”

Charlotte (c) vs Sarah Winterton
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

Tonight was finally going to be the night for a long-standing rivalry to come to an explosive conclusion. Ever since the increasing amount of time had been refocused on a very talented and abundant Starlets Division, Charlotte had won the title and the lovely former dancer from Las Vegas had turned into one of its most respectable and fighting champions. Charlotte defended the title week in and week out against any challenger that wanted to face her. She defended against Hype Starlets, experienced former champions, and everyone in between. However, one Starlet stood out above all others not just for her personal contempt for the champion, but for claiming the title was her birthright.

“The Heiress” Sarah Winterton of the Heirs of Wrestling had been a continuous thorn in the side of The Queen of Hearts. All day, every day, she was in her business. She had attacked her, stolen her title and defended it as her own, she had formed a business relationship with another Starlet, Persephone, just to get at the belt. She wouldn’t have any luck getting the belt away from her at Rise of the Legends. Winterton won a number one contender’s match over Daryn Thompson and Persephone to get the shot tonight, but this belt would be contested in the first ever Underground Rules Starlets match! The staple match of jOlt meant falls count anywhere and no disqualification. Charlotte finally had a chance to be rid of Winterton, but the question was how far would Winterton go in order to get the belt?

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and hiss the prissy little brat that had been making life hell for Charlotte. She looked ready and seemed very full of herself, but here tonight she was going to get a chance to finally make good on her longstanding promise to become the Queen of the Starlets. The problem was there was already a Queen of Hearts in her way that just about had Sarah’s number. Could The Heiress prove her wrong?

“The Jack” by AC/DC played next and the crowd responded very well to the current champion! Charlotte had the title around her waist and was wearing a tight leather blue top with black tights. She waved a big bright pair of red feather boas and did a sultry dance on top of the ramp that got the crowd revved up.

She threw the boas aside and walked to the ring and slapped hands with the fans heading to the ring. The Starlet Champion was primed and ready for action as she stopped at the ramp and raised the title as a shower of pink and red pyro exploded from all four corners of the ring! The Red Queen handed the belt over to the referee and raised it to show the crowd what was at stake. This was one of two title matches – the other was the main event where her husband, Derrick Huber, and Adam Roebuck aka The House defended the Tag Titles against Red and Ted. Let’s get to the fight then!

When the bell rang, it was all hell breaking loose between these two top Starlets! The current Starlets Champion Charlotte attacked and got the edge on Winterton with a combination of left and right hands! Winterton tried to block as many shots as she could, but The Queen of Hearts was just moving too fast for her to be successful. She whipped her across the ring and when she bounced back, Charlotte caught her upside the head with a thesz press and rained down more punches. This feud had become too personal and too vicious to just open up with any kind of wrestling, especially when the name of the game was Underground Rules.

Around ringside, several trash cans were littered with all kinds of goodies for the ladies to use on this particular occasion so Charlotte helped herself to one of the trash cans. She dumped the contents across the ring and in it include a chair, two kendo sticks, a crutch, a stop sign, and possibly a broom. She kicked them all along the ringside area and grabbed the crutch as her weapon of choice. She ran right at the Heiress who shrieked and then rolled out of the ring just as she came swinging!

Charlotte wasn’t about to let her get away so she ran to the apron and waited for The Heiress to get herself settled. Sarah, thinking she was out of the words turned around to face her rival who was running right at her off the ring apron with a nice somersault apron dive!

The Queen of Hearts shouted to the crowd and the receptive Arena of Champions yelled back in thousands of voices for perhaps its most beloved Starlet. She stood up and even slapped the hands of a couple of young fans in the front row before turning around to deliver more punishment to the hated Heiress. She grabbed her by the hair and whipped her hard into one side of the barricade going up the aisleway. Winterton crashed against the barricade and Charlotte continued the punishment pinballing Winterton off the other side, sending her crashing even harder into the steel!

This one was getting physical right quick and Charlotte would not let her get away as she continued to clobber her good with the right hands upside her head. She wasn’t throwing any sissy Diva slaps in the ring; each blow looked like she had intent to hurt Winterton for everything that she had put her through while trying to get at the title.

Sarah blocked a shot and dropped a knee into the stomach of The Starlets Champion before she had full intention to whip her into the steel steps at ringside. Instead Charlotte put the brakes on and Sarah went sailing right into the steel steps like this was an AWOLnation song. Even though they didn’t like Winterton they fell only a little bit sorry for her when she collided with the steps back first. Charlotte still wasn’t done with her and pulled her away from the steps prior to going for the first cover. Falls count anywhere was included in the Underground Rules package.



But Winterton escaped defeat quickly! Winterton was hurt in a bad way and needed to come up with an answer for Charlotte quickly otherwise her chances of getting the Starlets Championship would end in defeat just as it did for her at Rise of the Legends last month. Winterton was grabbed again and before Charlotte could do anything, Winterton jabbed her in the eye with a thumb and the crowd was all over her.

“I was trying to save myself, darlings! Your heroine is now safe!” She protested.

After uselessly pleading her case with the fans of jOlt, Sarah Winterton grabbed her by the back of her head and delivered a European uppercut and then a stomp to the foot before a second uppercut landed across the chin. She then threw her back first into the ring apron and let her fall to the ground before she headed back into the ring.

The Heiress looked a little bit panicked at all the weaponry laying across the ring that Charlotte had free reign to use, so she decided to do the proper thing and remove all the weapons from the ring! The crowd was booing her as she kicked all the weapons out of the ring except for the crutch that Charlotte tried using on her earlier. With a smile, she held it up for the crowd as she saw Charlotte trying to get back up.

“Do unto other and all that, darling!”

She walked over to Charlotte and had full intent to swing the crutch, but Charlotte moved her head and she hit nothing but the ropes. Charlotte used the opportunity to hit her with a shoulder to the stomach and headed back into the ring to fight back. She pushed Winterton into the corner and fired off a series of knees into her abdomen and then grabbed her by the hair and bieled her all the way across the ring.

Winterton held her back in pain now as the Starlets Champion was now starting to get into the match again. She grabbed the crutch and pointed it at Winterton before she brought it down HARD across her back, making Sarah shout in pain and shake along the canvas. When she weakly tried to get away, Charlotte pinned her left leg down and held the crutch upward before bringing it down across her knee.

The crowd was cheering this assault on Sarah Winterton. It wasn’t like she didn’t deserve it after she actually made Charlotte bleed with a shot from her own belt just a few weeks before this match began. Charlotte had a nice idea then an d dropped the crutch before tying up Winterton’s legs with a variation on a cloverleaf leg lock! She cranked back on the hold and after whacking Sarah’s knee with the crutch, she was trying to punish her for all that she put her through.

“OWww! Oww! Stop!”

Winterton crawled towards the ropes as The Queen of Hearts continued to tie up her legs in the painful submission. The Heiress reached out and crawled to get to the ropes and was almost there… she had made it! Charlotte would now have to break the hold and her leg would be fine… or not…

The referee just stood there and reminded her this match was contested under Underground Rules. That meant there were no rules and in this environment that meant no rope breaks! Winterton then started to crawl toward the ropes and even with Charlotte holding her, she finally escaped to the floor and saved herself from certain defeat!

Charlotte released the hold when she slipped through and tried to chase her outside the ring….


The sound of a fire extinguisher going off blasted Charlotte in the face with the big cloud of foam and Winterton had just used a desperation move to save herself from any more pain. She was an expert when it came to mat wrestling and probably the Starlets Division’s best pure wrestler, but she was foreign to this type of environment while Charlotte’s all-rounder style lended itself to unpredictability. She needed to do something else If she wanted to win.

Charlotte was int eh corner and had a bottle of water from ringside to wash out the foam that had been blasted in her eyes, but an angry Heiress went back on the attack and stomped at her in the corner with stomps. Each kick looked more painful than the last and now she was trying to get revenge of her own.

“You do NOT lay your hands on royalty!”

She grabbed Charlotte by the arm and hammerlocked it before turning her around and ramming the arm into the second turnbuckle as revenge for her leg. Winterton had a small limp in her step, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from her ultimate goal of finally wrestling the Starlets Title away from Charlotte. The Queen of Hearts was hurting now and favoring her arm when Winterton grabbed her by the bad arm and dropped it right across her knees with a double knee armbreaker.

Winterton shook her leg after the impact affecting her own leg, but Charlotte was looking just as bad right now. Winterton stood up and then reached over to ringside to get her hands on a steel chair. She patted it several times and then stood over The Queen of Hearts. She brought it down across her back with a really big swing! Charlotte was down and now Winterton finally had a chance to win the title.



Charlotte’s shoulder got up.

The angry Winterton stood up and then kicked away at her arm for several moments before she laid it out across the canvas just like Charlotte had done to her leg. She picked the chair back up and brought it down three or four times on the arm now, weakening her perhaps for her Christo arm submission that she called the Ermine Cape.

The arm was hurt now and Winterton now continued the punishment by laying the chair down flat on the canvas. Charlotte’s arm was busted up now and things were only going to get worse for her as Sarah grabbed her by the arm and yanked it down again with a nice single arm DDT variation! The Queen of Hearts was now in agony as Winterton flipped her over and tried to pin her while keeping her left shoulder down.



And a kickout by Charlotte!

After a completely hot start by the current Starlets Champion, Charlotted had cooled off completely and was left in a very bad position now as The Heiress stood up.

The Queen of Hearts tried to stand while nursing the very bad arm of hers and Winterton fired a barrage of kicks aimed right at the exposed arm in a bid to wind her down some more. The arm was hurting and she kept a hold on it when Charlotte got her right up and fired a good shot right between Winterton’s eyes. She stumbled backwards and this gave her the opening she needed to come off the ropes for a big move.


The running one-armed neckbreaker variation of hers was used with the good arm and it brought Sarah Winterton down hard. The crowd pumped up with Charlotte as she crawled over and hooked the leg with her good arm while Sarah was down. If she had a chance to win, this was it.



And another big kickout from Winterton.

It was very, very close, but the Heiress would not be denied what she felt was her birthright as the future Starlets Champion. Charlotte was trying to shake the bad arm to get some feeling back into it and waited as the weakened Winterton started to stand. The second that she did, Charlotte ran off the ropes and came back with a dropkick, that sent her spilling all the way through the ropes and back out to the floor again.

Charlotte then started to get a crazy idea as Winterton was recovering from her nasty tumble to the outside. She looked at the top turnbuckle and started to climb out to the ring apron. She was now headed up top and the crowd started a lively buzz the closer that the Queen of Hearts managed to get to the top. Sarah was unaware when Charlotte yelled out…


The flashbulbs were all shining bright in the arena now after Charlotte’s big risk paid off and now both women were down on the floor with neither moving!





The crowd was on fire now after the extreme risk. Charlotte started to get up first and shook her arm which probably didn’t feel any better after that big jump. She crawled over to where Winterton hadn’t moved and went for the cover on the ringside floor.



Close, but no cigar!

The Heiress raised her left shoulder at two and a half and the crowd was going crazy. Charlotte had taken the match to a second gear now and even worse than their last match at Rise of the Legends now that things were taken higher with the inclusion of Underground Rules.

The Queen of Hearts took The Heiress by the hair and tried to throw her back into the ring, but she didn’t see her grab the stop sign from earlier and didn’t it coming till it was too late when it smacked her in the face! She was nearly out of it when Winterton tossed the dented sign away and rolled her back inside the ring. Winterton took her sweet time and grabbed her by the arm before wrapping it around her neck now…


The cross armed neckbreaker planted Charlotte into the mat and now The Heiress had turned the tide back in her favor. She had a wicked smile across her face and casually stood over, still shaking out the pain in her leg.



And close, but no!

Winterton was surprised that she hadn’t finished the job just yet, but she still pressed the advantage. Charlotte’s arm was worse shape than her own leg so she continued to fight back against her. Charlotte was down for the moment and that gave her precious time to set up a chair on the other side of the ring by propping it between the second and third ropes.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Charlotte starting to use the corner to pull herself up so she ran at her as fast as she could before she clobbered her with a running European uppercut variation that she learned from Frank Silver, another of the Heirs of Wrestling. She wasn’t moving now so The Heiress grabbed Charlotte by the hair an d had every intent to drive her bad shoulder into the mat when she blocked it at the last second with a foot.

Charlotte elbowed her in the face and continued to drill her upside the head with a few more before landing a few kicks to turn the tide. Winterton fought back with another round kick to her left arm and then an uppercut. The Queen of Hearts was out on her feet now and lifted her up by the shoulder with intent to ram her into the chair again. Instead, Charlotte wiggled her way free and rolled up behind her into a sunset flip pin.




Winterton rolled through and moved a tad quicker than the Starlets Champion to drop a double stomp right into the bad arm! The Queen of Hearts was in even more excruciating pain now as Winterton smiled to the jeering fans and even did a little curtsy just because she felt like it.

She picked up a kendo stick from the ringside floor and headed back inside with it just as Charlotte stood up. When she did so, she clobbered her over the back with the kendo stick not one, but a whole three times and landed a good shot the back of the skull. Charlotte collapsed and Winterton had the edge again!



Even closer, but no cigar for you!

The wide-eyed Heiress stomped her feet on the mat like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Charlotte had taken a lot of punishment but she was still alive. She glanced around the ring for another weapon and grabbed a chair before setting it up in the upright position. She grabbed the arm now and held her in place while twisting it in the crook of the chair, punishing The Starlets Champion even more!

“Tap out, Darling! Tap out! That belt is mine!”

The crowd was buzzing even louder an they were pleaing for Charlotte to fight as best she could. Winterton was a vicious piranha when she wanted to be and refused to let go of the submission. The Heiress finally let it go and kicked Charlotte in the head for good measure before she went for another cover again.



And another kickout!

The Queen of Hearts just wasn’t going to stop no matter how much damage had been inflicted on the arm. Winterton was turning extra vicious right now, but Charlotte was just as resistant to everything that she had thrown at her.

The angry Winterton picked her up again and landed a big move at her as she charged into the ring and looked to finish things off for good. She scooped up Charlotte and looked to drive the exposed arm into the seated chair in the ring only for Charlotte to slip back out. She nailed a couple of shots and tried to set her up for her belly to back neckbreaker also called the Queen of Hearts…but no! the arm was too hurt!

Winterton shoved her into the corner and tried to toss her one. Charlotte moved and sent her crashing into the chair in the corner! Winterton hit it hard and when she was stunned, Charlotte landed behind her and tried to take her down with a Schoolgirl pin!




Winterton swung again as she rose in a daze, but she was dropped onto the ground with a big leaping side kick from the fighting Charlotte again! After she put Sarah Winterton down on the canvas, she cradled her good arm and decided she was going for broke. She jumped off the ring ropes…


The spring board moonsault connected and even though her arm was on fire, she turned around and once again cradled Winterton’s leg with her good arm.



3… wait, no!

Sarah Winterton’s shoulder was so close that the official was about to call for the bell and then waved it off! It was the closest fall of the night thus far and Winterton had just about kicked out once again! Charlotte got up and charged at Winterton as she tried to stand. She ran at her and when she looked like she was about to finish things with the other chair in hand…

Winterton pulled out a pair of brass knuckles and walloped Charlotte upside the head! No way!

She had one big gambit left and she had resorted to one of the oldest tricks in the book, but Charlotte was now laid out across the seated chair that had been used previously in the match. The crowd was appalled by the impact that she hit the chair but there wasn’t much left for her to do. Witnerton grabbed the chair and while her arm was exposed in it, she grabbed the chair and slapped on the submission…


The Ermine Cape was locked on tightly now and Charlotte had nowhere to go! Winterton’s main strategy in this match had been to soften up the arm and now she had a modified version of her own submission inside. Charlotte’s arm was trapped in the chair while the submission was locked in.





Sarah cranked back on the hold with everything that she had and continued to apply the pressure. The hold more closely resembled a cross arm breaker than her usual hold, but Charlotte was trying not to tap. She struggled as the fans continued to chant her name…

But soon, she wasn’t moving. The hold had been locked on for a long time and after the pain she was in, she was done. That’s when the referee had no choice but to call for the bell!

The crowd was stunned and they couldn’t believe it. Sarah Winterton had just done the unthinkable. Not only had she just survived the very match against Charlotte for the title that she was trying to get out of .. not only did she just weather the storm of an angry Charlotte…

She was now the BRAND NEW Starlets Champion!

A beaten and broken Charlotte was laid out in the ring while Winterton just barely moved to the side. The first-ever Starlets Underground Rules match did not disappoint, but the result left a bad taste in the mouths of the fans here tonight.

The no-good, low-down, dirty, cheating, pontificating Heiress was now the CHAMPION!


The Heiress was sprawled out across the canvas and hadn’t even stood up yet, but her relentlessness and her gameplan finally paid off and now after months of chasing the title and two previous failed attempts, the third time was finally the charm for Miss Winterton. The Heirs told her that they would not get involved for her but she did it all on her own.

Winterton rolled out of the ring while Charlotte was being attended to. Limping up the ramp, Charlotte smiled and raised the belt high over her head!


She kissed the brass knuckles and then kissed the belt before she raised it over head. It was a great day to be Sarah Winterton at the end of the night. Not so much for Charlotte. After fighting all comers and defending the belt against all that challenged her…

The Queen of Hearts was dethroned.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Knockout

"My Turn for Revenge"

Backstage Mattock and Sanchez Cano were standing around discussing something when Jesse Ramey stepped into view. Ramey walked right up to Mattock and smiled.

"Look who it is. It's one of the little livestock content with conforming to the status quo. What's the matter? Did I not drive a big enough wedge between you and your partner last month? Shall I break all of your bonds this time around?" asked Mattock

Ramey simply stood there and grinned.

"Don't mistake your actions for something that was all thanks to you and your croney here. I distrusted Diamond Jewelz from the start and while you think you may have manipulated me and played your little mind games, I simply used your cloak and dagger tactics to rid myself of a shitty partner such as myself.. however, I didn't come here to thank you in such a way. I came here to say thank you for something else." said Ramey

Mattock cocked an eyebrow.

"Oh? And what are you going to thank me for if not for liberating you?"

Ramey ginned.

"I wanted to thank you for being the measure of my revenge."

With that, Ramey hauled off and decked Mattock in the face with a big right hand. Immediately, Sanchez Cano jumped in and began to pummel away on Ramey, but Ramey backed Cano up against a wall and began to hit alternating knee strikes to Cano, sending him down to a knee, but Mattock came back with a vicious haymaker that rocked Ramey back. Ramey then lunged in and speared Mattock down to the ground and began to open up with heavy rights until Mattock used a thumb to the eye to get Ramey off of him.

Ramey got up and tried to rub his eye. Mattock then grabbed Ramey by shirt and was about to throw him shoulder first into the wall when...


Glass went everywhere...

Diamond Jewelz appeared and smashed a glass bottle over Mattock's head!! Ramey staggered away and turned back to see Jewelz. He gave Jewelz the once over and backed away slowly.

"I don't owe your ass anything for this." said Ramey as he slowly backed away.

Jewelz simply stared Ramey down and then knelt next to Mattock whose face was lacerated from the glass bottle. From Jewelz blind side, Cano went to make a move, but Ruby stepped in and slammed a cane right into Cano's head, knocking him back down. Ruby stood over Cano and pressed the cane against his neck as a warning to not move from his position.

Jewelz grabbed Mattock by his silver hair and pulled his head up off the ground.

"I told you that nobody lays a hand on my girl. Ruby had her fun, now it's time for me to have mine."

Jewelz then placed Mattock in the Cross Faced Chicken Wing... his secondary finsiher called Iced Out. Jewelz had the hold in tight as you could see Mattock's lips begin to turn blue from having the oxygen cut from his body. Jewelz held onto the move until he felt Mattock go limp in his arms. He then released him and Mattock was left laying on the floor, bleeding from the lacerations from the glass bottle.

Jewelz stood up and then gave Ruby a kiss standing over Mattock's body.

"I'm the only man who kisses her. Don't forget it."

Diamond and Ruby walk off.. Cano immediately crawls over to Mattock and checks on him. Meanwhile in the background, Jesse Ramey can be seen grinning at the carnage.

"Fools.. the both of them" muttered Ramey before finally walking away. The scene faded to black.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Trouble

After weeks of fussing and feuding between these two teams, The Heirs of Wrestling were back at full strength. Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, and Mack Brody – former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions as part of the team – had not had the best of luck in the last several weeks. They’d lost their Tag Titles and subsequent rematch to the House, lost out on the #1 Contendership of tonight’s main event to Red and Ted, an d had earned the ire of Duzza and his group named Trouble. While the Heirs of Wrestling hadn’t exactly been Humanitarians of the Year or anything, the crowd reaction for the long-time asshole group seemed to have been turned in light of their recent feud with the hated stable.

Statuz Quo, Khadafi, and Dallas Griffin were a trio of hungry young guns looking to get their names out their by any means necessary. To that end, they had been repeatedly attacking member of the roster and under the direction of the power-hungry manager Duzza, they had done so. They’d attacked The Heirs on multiple occasions which included going after Mack Brody’s knee and costing The Heirs important matches. And to make matters even more interesting… the former leader of Trouble, the man known as JCON had shown up earlier in the night. Would he play any part in this match? Whose side was he on, anyway?

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Rodney Carrington said, “the following contest is a six-man tag team match scheduled for one fall!”

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg.

The familiar red-and-blue imitation police sirens went off at the entrance and the sirens started to sound loudly among the intro of the music. The Arena of Champions showed their hatred of the troublemaking trio heading out to the ring. Statuz Quo adjusted his bandanas. Next to him, Khadafi was cracking his neck and throwing a few punches to warm up. The arrogant Dallas Griffin held out his arms and rubbed chalk between his palms before he let the chalk loose into the sky! If his good friend, LeBron, could do it, he could make that shit look better!

“Introducing first, being led to the ring by Duzza… they are the team of Statuz Quo… Khadafi… and Dallas Griffin… they are the group known as TROUBLE!

“Ho-ho-ho-ho-hold the fuck up!” Duzza shouted as the music faded out quickly. The crowd was all fired up and they didn’t like the group one bit. Statuz Quo flipped the crowd the bird as Griffin held his hands out like the crowd would accept him. Khadafi was indifferent to their hatred and cracked his knuckles.

“Tonight, we are going to take out these fucking Heirs once and for all! I’ve ben saying this for weeks and I’m going to say it one more time… I’ve been sitting back, watching MY BOYS have to scrap for opportunities at the table while these rich idiot pricks, the Heirs of Wrestling for MONTHS now! And what’s more… when somebody finally does decided to do something about them…you CHEER them?”

Indeed, it seemed that either the fans had lost their shit completely and went nuts, or the Heirs were becoming more likeable. Of course, the correct answer was also that they hated Trouble that much more, but Duzza kept on. The camera panned across the arena with various pro-Heirs signs including a “BOWTOHOW” and “WE ARE YOUR BETTER”! written across a big banner up in the nose bleeds. Dallas Griffin took the microphone and sneered at the crowd.

“We’re going to do jOlt its biggest public service yet. We’re kicking the hell of these little shitsippers tonight and then WE’RE gonna be the group that you cheer!”

As if on queue, even more boos. They got into the ring and Duzza dropped the microphone as they waited for their opponents to arrive. And tonight, the Heirs kicked things off with a new theme!

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move

We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of blue and white flashed over the aisleway. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway headed to the ring. The Heirs of Wrestling were back in full effect!

“And their opponents, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 767 pounds… they are the former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions… Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, and Mack Brody… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

They got a BIG ovation from the crowd as they charged the ring! One by one, The Heirs of Wrestling ran full steam ahead until they all bombarbed the ring!


It was a total pier six to start things off in this hizzy! And the crowd was going wizzy! They were chizzering… sorry. I’m done, I promise.


So yes, right. Match. The Heirs jumped into the ring and even with a wrapped knee, Mack Brody kicked ass and took names of Dallas Griffin in one corner with a flurry of rights. Frank chose to go after Khadafi while Ryan Gallway contended in one corner with Statuz Quo! He was cheering his men on and tried to rally behind them, but it was going nowhere!

Khadafi swung at Frank and missed, but Silver didn’t and he charged at him, knocking him off the ropes with a big Clothesline that sent him tumbling outside to the floor! It was now three-to-two in the favor of the Heirs as Dallas Griffin tried to fight back against Mack. Brody powered through it and Midas simply SHOVED him through the ropes where he landed right at the feet of an angry Duzza.

Quo was holding his own against the smaller Ryan for a few seconds until Gallway caught him with a Pele Kick to the face! Brody wasn’t going to stand by and let Trouble run roughshod over anybody so he CHARGED him and also ejected him from the ring now!

The crowd was in full support of The Heirs of Wrestling as they cleared the ring of their opponents! They were seemingly getting a hero’s welcome from the fans in Orlando as the Arena of Champions went nuts.


“So we have to be good?” Ryan asked Frank.

“Nope.” Silver smirked.

Silver nodded and Ryan did as well as he ran. When he came back Frank flipped Ryan over the ropes as he took down all three members of Trouble with an AMAZING TOPE CON GIRO!

All of Trouble was down now as Mack and Frank nodded at one another. Frank then headed out to the ring apron and started to climb to the top rope. He glanced out to the fans cheering him on and when Quo, Griffin, and Khadafi started to rise…


The action was getting hectic quickly as referee Simon Boulder tried to restore order. “Midas” Mack Brody climbed to the outside and with the help of the other Heirs, they each tossed a member of Trouble into the ring and Quo was going to be their target. He was the man that actually committed two acts of a proverbial hit-and-run on Mack’s wrapped left knee, so he was going to take it out on him.

Ryan Gallway was the legal man and he blasted Quo with a big kick to the head. He tripped backwards and got hit hard with a right hand from Frank. Things got worse for the A-Town Assassin when Mack CLOBBERED him with an even bigger right hand. He stumbled back into the grip of Gallway who exerted some effort before he muscled him into a Snap Saito Suplex! The Intergalactic Space Cowboy followed into a quick cover.




The first move was a kickout and Quo was in a very bad position. Ryan reached over and tagged into Frank Silver as the crowd started to cheer the de facto leader of the trio. Silver jumped into the ring and picked up Quo before he dropped him with a Scoop Slam. Gallwya jumped off the ropes and connected with a Springboard Leg Drop as Silver headed to the second rope. The fans actually cheered the appearance of the royal pinky finger that he antagonized the crowd with for years…


Silver dropped the elbow hard into the heart of Quo and stood up now to soak in the applause from the crowd. The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights took a bow from the crowd before he went in for another cover on Quo.




Frank grabbed Quo by the head and tagged in Mack Brody now. Brody rubbed his hands together and looked like he had bad thoughts in his head for the man that took a lead pipe to his knee. Mack and Frank shoved him off to the ropes when Brody caught him in his grip with a side slam position. Silver headed to the ropes and they worked Quo over with a double-team Sidewalk Slam/Elbow Drop combination! And another cover by Mack this time.




The big Hawaiian stopped the cover by shoving Mack away from him. The Bronze Bomber glared daggers through Khadafi as he returned to his corner, leaving him to focus on Statuz. The A-Town Assasin had a pair of feet buried into his chest as the massive Bronze Bomber also got cheers from the crowd. He lifted him off the mat with ease and pushed Quo into the corner before laying in the thick boots to him. Mack grabbed him by the neck and started to swing with clubbing shots as the crowd counted along…


He stopped for the last one and flexed his bicep as he got some catcalls from some young women (and probably a man) in the audience…


Quo was doubled over in pain now and got hurt as Mack laughed. The Heirs had complete dominance so far. When Mack tried to pick up Quo, he caught the big man with a surprise Jawbreaker and rolled off to the corner to tag in big Dallas Griffin. The man called Mr. Big Time jumped into the ring and looked ready to fight now as Mack prepared himself. These two men met in the main event of the last Warriors and Brody got the duke, but this was tonight.

Griffin fought back and connected with a big series of right hands as Dallas tried to whip him. He tossed him quickly across the ring and when Mack went for a low bridge, Dallas kicked him in the head to stun the giant. He bounced off the ropes and when he came back he was caught with a deafening Belly to Belly Suplex!

The tag was made to Gallway now and he climbed to the ropes before executing a Springboard into a splash on Griffin!




Griffin kicked his way out and managed to escape. Ryan started to drill him with a flurry of Forearm Smashes to the face before bouncing off the ropes. When Gallway tried to hit the ropes, Khadafi tripped him up on the outside. He stopped The Hipster Heartthrob long enough for Griffin to come back and BLAST him upside the head with a Low Dropkick!

It was amazing agility on display from the big 6’7” to hit such a move and among Duzza’s group many talked about Mr. Big Time as the blue chipper and standout among the group. Griffin kicked out at two. Mr. Big Time was being taken to task now by Ryan Gallway who teed off with a series of chops the bigger man. Dallas pushed him away into the ropes when Khadafi crept behind him and stunned him with a knee to the back. When Ryan was stumbling off the ropes Dallas came at him and kicked the UCK-FAY out of him with a Spin Kick!

The 6’7” was a real blue chipper and show it with impressive moves just like that. Duzza was proud to have him on his side. Duzza clapped and cheered for his boy before tagging in an angry Statuz Quo. The arrogant A-Towner headed into the ring while Ryan started to rise only to dance around him with a series of jabs to the face.

“Come on, queer, get up!”

Three more jabs caught Ryan flush in the face before Quo hit the ropes and blasted him with a Running Back Elbow off the rebound. Quo didn’t go for the cover but instead he flashed the A-Town symbol to the angry Floridians and laughed. Back to Ryan and The Pinball Wizard ate a knee before he was thrown into the corner where Khadafi tagged in. The two men whipped him to the ropes when Quo buried a kneeling punch to his gut. Khadafi came off the other side of the ring and CLOBBERED him with a Stiff Running Knee Lift! Gallway was down when Khadafi went for the cover again.




Khadafi said nothing like his more talkative counterparts of Trouble. He kneeled over the chest of Ryan Gallway and instead let fly a barrage of Headbutts aimed at the face and chest of The Hipster Heartthrob. Referee Simon Boulder ordered him to stop but he did no such thing until he was ready to do it.

The Hawaiian Headhunter forced Ryan to his feet when the former Tag Team Champion caught him with a couple rights to try and fight back. Khadafi blocked a punch and FLOORED him with another surprise Stiff Headbutt to the temple that brought him down to a knee. Another tag was made to Dallas Griffin as he jumped over the ropes in a single leap. Khadafi whipped him to the corner and landed a vicious Corner Clothesline. Gallway slumped over and fell into the waiting arms of Dallas Griffin who came at him with a series of Turnbuckle Shoulder Thrusts.

“Get him! Show jOlt what Big Time really is!” Duzza screamed boisterously.

Griffin nodded and picked up Gallway before he powered him up for a Delayed Vertical Suplex… he held it… held it… held it… yep, he held it some more… CRASH! Gallway hit the mat again with a violent crash while Dallas showed off his agility by kipping to his feet! Mr. Big Time rubbed his hands through his dreads and grinned at the booing crowd. The angry looks of Silver and Brody each watched on as Dallas rolled over and kicked Gallway near the ropes. Mr. Big Time grabbed the ropes for leverage and jumped over, landing a perfect Slingshot Leg Drop! An amazing move from the big man as he went for the lateral press.




Perhaps a little too much showing off from Mr. Big Time, but he didn’t care. He was finally starting to show a lot of that potential that a lot of critics had expected of him with some good wins recently.

He grabbed two handfuls of Ryan’s afro before chucking him backwards into the corner. Another tag to Quo and the members of Trouble showed some more teamwork. Ryan and Quo whipped The Gallway Machine across the ring and he was caught with a double Jumping Shoulder Tackle!

The crowd booed Trouble as Quo and Dallas tapped fists together again before Dallas left the ring. Quo rolled Ryan over and headed off the ropes…


The Jumping Double Foot Stomp aimed at the face! Ryan shouted in pain and rolled across the canvas while Statuz leaned over the second rope and flipped the crowd the double deuces. Another cover followed.




Youngblood and Sweet were getting restless now as they tried desperately to get at Ryan for the tag, but Trouble were working very well as a unit and cutting the ring in half. Statuz tagged Khadafi again and he quickly picked Ryan up again. Gallway caught him unaware with a Seated Jawbreaker, stunning him. With what might have been his last gas, Khadafi held his chin while Gallway tried getting to his partners… the crowd almost cheered when Quo raced out of nowhere to land a cheap shot on Graham!

“Get the hell out of the ring now or I’ll DQ your ass!” Simon Boulder commanded. Quo had overstepped his bounds but he did it to save his team.

Trouble was running things and Duzza couldn’t have been more proud. Khadafi headed back to Ryan in the skirmish and dropped a hard elbow into the back of his head. When Gallway tried to stand, a sick Back Kick from Khadafi caught him in the stomach and brought him back to a knee. He followed that up with a DEVASTATING Running Big Boot that nearly turned him inside out! Khadafi was all fired up and the Hawaiian Headhunter tried to put an end to things.




The Baron of Ballistics broke up the fall with an elbow to the back of the head and stopped him good. He walked off and went to the corner while Khadafi went to pick up Gallway. He looked to go for a big move only for him to turn in mid-move…


Ryan reversed whatever move that Khadafi was going for in order to complete the Tilt-a-Whirl DDT into the mat! He was down and now both men needed to go for their respective corners. Khadafi headed towards his first and Frank Silver and Mack Brody were ready to get into the ring…


Quo got a tag on his side and rushed into the ring, but Frank was already a house of fire! He clubbed Quo down with a big Clothesline before he charged into the opposite corner and nailed both Khadafi and Griffin each with right hands!

Duzza was freaking out on the outside as Silver charged off the ropes to go back after Quo. He charged at him in the corner and landed a Running Elbow to the face to knock him down a second time. When he stood up, Frank blasted him in the head with a flurry of rights before he whipped him off the ropes. When he came back, Silver caught him and dropped him with a kick before dropping him with a hard Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex!

The crowd roared with approval for the Heirs as Silver pulled Quo to his feet again and whipped him cross corner. Silver charged and Quo back body dropped him over the ropes… Silver landed on the apron and nailed him with a jumping kick to the head! Frank headed to the top rope and jumped off with a Diving Double Axe Handle!




Quo kicked out again, but Frank kept going. He cracked his neck and went for his finishing move, the Stay of Execution only for Khadafi to climb into the ring and land an elbow to the back of the head. Silver stumbled out and Khadafi landed…


The Running STO snuffed out Frank before he could do any more damage to him. Now Trouble was still in full control of The Heirs for the moment. While Gallway protested with Simon Boulder about going back into his corner, the crowd booed Trouble as Quo and Khadafi both jumped into the ring to invite Silver to a nice stomping party… yeah, Frank was the guest of honor at the party, too.


The crowd started shouting at Trouble and calling for their heads, but the troublemaking quartet were having a grand old time. There wasn’t anything too fancy about the brutality exhibited by Quo and Khadafi – quick tags and nothing-fancy brawling were their bread and butter.

Khadafi forced Silver up partway and fired off a series of stiff Clubbing shots to the chest, leaving red welts on the chest of the Seattle native. Silver was then pushed back into the corner. Khadafi choked him in the corner with the boot while Quo made the tag. The ATL native quickly hopped inside and then picked off The Baron of Ballistics out of the corner before delivering a brutal Front-Face DDT! Quo kneeled over Frank and quickly rolled over to dap fists with Duzza on the outside.

The tag to Dallas Griffin and he made it into the ring. He jumped to the second rope and with great ease, he jumped…

Leg Drop to the throat!

Dallas stayed on top of Silver with a leg drape across his throat and went to the cover.




Gallway caught Dallas flush in the back of the head with a stomp before he headed to the corner. Boulder shooed him to the corner. The cocky Griffin shifted gears and slapped on a Rear Chinlock that more closely resembled a choke than anything. He cranked back on the neck of Silver and pulled him backwards as he continued to apply pressure.

Gallway stood on the second rope from the apron now and slapped the turnbuckles to egg on his friend to fight his way out of the submission. Mack Brody needed into this match in a very bad way. Silver struggled in the hold and tried to fight his way out.

“Silver, do you give?” Boulder asked.

Silver shook his head at the senior official and started to get to a knee. Mr. Big Time quickly put the brakes on that and turned things around with a big knee to the chest of Silver. He whipped him into the ropes and went for a well-placed Dropkick…and caught nothing but air! Silver hung onto the ropes as Griffin fell to the ground and ran at him, going for a Jacknife pin!




Dallas kicked out and was already on his feet to catch Silver with a quick knee as he tried to counter once again. Silver was nearly out on his feet when Griffin came running so he took off to the ropes to try for a big Clothesline, but Silver found a second wind and rushed right behind him as he came off the ropes…



The crowd was on the side of the Heirs now as Brody slapped the turnbuckle. He wasn’t 100% himself, but he didn’t care. He had to get into the ring now if the Heirs had a chance to win. Trouble was frantically trying to get Dallas Griffin to make the tag while Silver rolled over…


“Midas” Mack Brody was finally in the ring now as Griffin started to stand, albeit feeling very loopy after the big Rebound Clothesline from Silver. He charged at him only for the big bruiser from Philly to club him with a Double Sledge to the face! When he tried to stand a second blow caught him in the head. Quo tried to stop the big man from building any more momentum only to eat a BIG Headbutt to the face!

It wasn’t often that Brody used such a move because he was proud of his sexy face, but for Trouble, he would headbutt the fuckers into oblivion if he could. He used a power whip to toss Quo into the opposite corner andw when Griffin was up he did the same to him. Both men were stacked and despite his slight bum knee, he charged just enough to club them both with a Running Splash in the corner! He caught Griffin…

THE 24K!

The Double-Arm Chokeslam dropped Griffin down hard with the move and segued right into the cover.




The Hawaiian Headhunter stopped Brody as he and Quo got back up. Both members of Trouble sent him to the other side of the ring with a double whip and Khadafi tried to whip him across the ring only to eat a big back body drop over the ropes and sent him to the outside! When Khadafi tried to do the same he ate a big elbow to the head for his own troubles. Brody charged, but Khadafi went low and kicked him in the bad knee!

The Bronze Bomber fell to his other knee and writhed around in pain after the kick. When Khadafi turned around, Silver had returned and jumped into the fray…


He dropped him with the Half Nelson Backbreaker and took him down. What he didn’t see was Statuz Quo on the top rope coming off with a Missile Dropkick! He was proud of his handiwork, but didn’t get to enjoy it because Ryan Gallway had connected with a Springboard Front Missile Dropkick of his own!

Griffin was back on his feet and he charged at him with a Big Boot only for Gallway to duck underneath and continue running to the ropes. He jumped…


The Springboard Gamengiri landed across the face of Mr. Big Time and stunned him on his feet. Griffin was now in dire straits as the other two Heirs surrounded him. Silver and Brody each landed on either side of him…


Between the two men, he was doubled over. Duzza was freaking out now as he yelled for any of his men to get up, but it was too late. Brody whipped him into the corner and set him up for Gallway to connect with a BRUTAL Running Dropkick to the face of Griffin in the corner! That lined him up for Silver to catch him with a Spinning Spinebuster! And now Gallway was on the top rope now…


The combination of Dropkick to Spinebuster to Gallway’s 450 Splash put him down as Gallway hooked the leg!





After a long war between both teams, it was finally over at long last and the Heirs of Wrestling were victorious! The members of Trouble had given them what their namesake was based on, but the Heirs of Wrestling returned to their winning ways and settled their grudge with Trouble.

Gallway, Silver, and Brody each raised one another’s arms as the crowd showered with a positive reception. This was still a brand new feeling for them, but nevertheless, The Heirs were now on winnign side again. Duzza was on the outside, trying to pick up the remnants of his group. He buried his face in his hands and shook his head after what should’ve been their biggest victory to date, but instead ended up with a bitter defeat.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"You Take the Clothes Off My Back"

Holy Grail - Jay Z Feat. Justin Timberlake (Lyrics Video) from Matthew Knightley on Vimeo.

The Orlando crowd did not quite know how to respond to Jonathan Conspiracy aka JCON, who was last seen in a locker room getting tended to by EMTs following a beating during the Thieves' Honor Pay Per View. Undaunted Jonathan Conspiracy produced a microphone and uttered the words many have waited to hear for half a year.

"Do I have your attention?"

Many of the die hard fans popped, while those that never quite liked Conspiracy responded with familiar boos. Conspiracy lifted up his left hand.

"Look I'm not here to cause any trouble."

Conspiracy's trademark grin appeared, and it was a site that made the women in attendance swoon, "oh if only he'd divorce that bitch Sweet Aroma" is probably what most of them wear thinking.

"No pun intended by the way, hi guys."

Conspiracy waved in the direction of the ring.

"Heirs, great job tonight; Aroma still doesn't like you Ryan, but Frank, Mack, you guys are good in her book."

Ryan didn't seem too happy about the news but a female fan could audibly be heard screaming "I love you Ryan", so that cheered him up.

"Now from the looks of things, you other guys have been lacking in the leadership department since I've been gone. Duzza, man what are you doing? Peter Griffin over here is calling himself Mr. Big or Senor Grande... you know I have some pretty awesome monikers and you never once asked my opinion, calling yourself Rated PG would've been way more awesomer. Or here's a thought, you should name yourself after a city. You know if you want the fans to like you call yourself Orlando Griffin, if you want them to hate you call yourself something stupid like... I don't know Dallas."

A "Dallas sucks!" chant started to make the rounds throughout the Arena of Champions, and Dallas Griffin was none too pleased at the disrespect.

"And look at you Stat, you know you never quite got the grasps on the english language, yet you continue to grab microphones, and don't think I wasn't watching the broadcast, oh I see how much you don't need me, and I got the hint... no hard feelings though, I'm not hurt, it'll be okay, I'm not going to act like some jealous ex... ummmm, Stat do you like girls or guys???"

Khadafi, Duzza and Griffin stepped in front of Statuz Quo to keep him from exiting the ring. He was not the type to allow someone to "diss" him and not do anything about it.

"And Khadafi, Khadafi, Khadafi; I always thought you had the most talent. I figured I'd take you guys under my wing and you'd be the one to fly, you'd soar high above but Duzza's not allowing you to leave the nest. Stat's not letting you spread your wings, and Griff Raff over there keeps letting you peck him in the head. I don't know K, but maybe one day you'll get it, for now just stunt your growth, I'm not mad."

Conspiracy took his index finger and ran it down from the corner of his eye down his cheek.

"I'm not going to shed a tear or lose sleep over you guys not needing me. I just wanted to let you guys know before anyone else, that Jonathan Conspiracy is back in Jolt Wrestling, and if you guys don't need me like you claim to not need me, we can settle it in a series of matches and just leave it at that."

The prospects of seeing Jonathan Conspiracy back in action had the crowd chanting "JCON!" and Mr. Conspiracy was none the more pleased with his return.

"So when do you guys normally do this, is it still on Sundays', cause I heard you guys got a little too wild on Wednesdays'... so guys I don't know decide whose first and get back to me. I think I have to remind you why I'm... One... Letter... ... ..."

The crowd had already finished with a loud "BETTER!"

"Come on guys, you know I like to throw a dramatic pause in there, now I'm not going to say it..."


"...unless you say it with me."


"On the count of ONE... LETTER... dramatic pause for effect, ...BETTER!"

Conspiracy slowly backed up the entryway as "Holy Grail" returned to the arena's sound system bringing a smirk to JCON's face, as Trouble loooked to be brewing in the ring.

Derecho vs Sayber
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

The fans were already pumped from the earlier proceedings in the evening, but things were about to turn brutal. It was on Warriors 16 that Sayber, who had just become the first jOlt Hype Champion, challenged Derecho who had suffered mental trauma at the hands of Sylo. Figuring that Derecho was easy pickings to get a win and a roster spot, Sayber went into that match and was surprised when Derecho completely and utterly destroyed him. Sayber was sent to the hospital that night with a concussion and injuries that forced him to relinquish the Hype Championship. Sayber returned to jOlt some time after, but never really found an opportunity to confront Derecho to try and rectify the events from that day... until now.

Last week, Sayber issued a challenge and Derecho, once again, turned his back on the fans and sent a clear message to Sayber that the challenge was accepted. Then on the final edition of Warriors, Sayber read Derecho like a book and sent him a message stating that everyone has a weakness. Tonight they clash once again. What will be the result?

"Sabertooth" by Yasuharu Takanishi

The fans cheered as Sayber stepped out from the backstage area. Clad in white tights with black claw marks on the side of each leg, black boots with white trim, black elbow pads with white trim, and a chrome tiger mask which covered only the eyes and nose, he gazed around the arena at the fans who cheered him. Sayber brushed his long black hair back and charged the ring, hopping up onto the ring apron and then diving over the top rope with a flip and roll. Sayber knelt on one knee in the middle of the ring for a moment before standing and heading to a corner, ascending it and soaking up the praise. He hopped down and awaited his opponent.

"Bow down... to the King of Hell..."

"Charisma" by WASP

The arena darkened and bathed itself in a crimson hue. Out from the back stepped Derecho. Derecho was clad in the attire he used back at Power Struggle when he faced Sylo. The long black leather trench coat wrapped tightly around his frame and the black skull mask/crown covering his face. The people booed Derecho, but he cared not for their opinions. Derecho walked to the ring and around ringside where he took off the coat and mask and left it at the time keeper's table. Sayber kept a close watch as Derecho hopped up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring.

The lights in the arena returned to normal and the referee called for the bell.




Even though the bell had rung, both men were slow and cautious to engage each other. They circled slowly, keeping a watchful eye on each other. Finally, Sayber made a move and charged in, but Derecho stopped him with a knee lift to the stomach, doubling him over. Derecho then grabbed Sayber and tossed him shoulder first into the ring post! Sayber's shoulder was immediately damaged within the opening seconds of this match!

"I AM THE KING OF HELL!" yelled Derecho toward Sayber

Sayber stumbled away from the corner as Derecho twisted the right arm of Sayber and lashed him down to the canvas. Derecho then stomped away on the right shoulder of Sayber to try and further the injury. Sayber could do nothing but lay there and cover up as Derecho stomped away.

Derecho let up the assault and rolled out of the ring where he headed to ringside and grabbed his favorite weapon.. the steel chair. Derecho rolled back into the ring with the chair in hand and stood as Sayber pulled himself up to his feet. Derecho took a swing with the chair at Sayber's arm, but Sayber grabbed the chair and pulled it right out of Derecho's hands! Sayber then turned and jammed the chair into Derecho's stomach, doubling him over... then...


Sayber unleashed a chair shot right across the upper back of Derecho, collapsing him to a knee. Sayber then dropped the chair and backed into the ropes.. he charged at Derecho and lunged in with a knee...


Sayber pulled a move right out of Derecho's own playbook and it connected! Sayber went for the first official cover of the match!



Kick out by Derecho.

Sayber quickly pulled Derecho to his feet and opened up with big right hands to the side of Derecho's head. He backed Derecho into the ropes and shot him across the ring, but Derecho reversed it and sent Sayber into the ropes instead. Derecho telegraphed the back body drop, but Sayber rolled off of Derecho's back, landing behind him. Sayber spun Derecho around and quickly hooked him in a front face lock. He lifted Derecho up for a suplex, but Derecho knee'd Sayber in the top of the head.

Sayber lost his grip and Derecho landed back on his feet. Derecho delivered a toe kick to the stomach and then set up Sayber between his legs. He lifted Sayber up to his shoulders for a powerbomb, but Sayber countered with a Hurancanrana that flipped Derecho onto his back. Derecho struggled to get back up as Sayber lunged in and hit another...


That was the second one that Derecho ate in this match and it put Derecho on his back a second time. Sayber then went for another cover.



Shoulder up!

Derecho shook his head to try and wear off the effects, but Sayber stood right on him, pulling Derecho back to his feet. Sayber hit a Knife Edge Chop across Derecho's chest and followed it up with a Forearm to the face. Sayber went back to the chop and then the forearm. The combination of blows backed Derecho up into the corner. While dazed in the corner, Sayber grabbed the steel chair and went to the the opposite corner with it. Sayber charged in at full speed and leapt into the air, looking to slam the chair right into Derecho's face, but Derecho moved and Sayber hit the top turnbuckle with it instead. The impact jarred the chair loose from his grip and it fell out of the ring and down to the floor by the announce position.

Sayber turned around and was met with a corner clothesline by Derecho. Sayber tried to shake it off, but before he could, Derecho had already gained distance and charged back in, hitting a running drop kick right to Sayber's face! Sayber fell into a seated position in the corner and Derecho hopped out of the ring. He grabbed the steel chair and rolled back in with it. Derecho the pressed his boot into Sayber's throat, choking him. When Derecho felt that Sayber was dazed enough, he wedged the chair into the corner in front of Sayber's face.

Derecho then gained some distance again and charged the corner, driving his knee into the chair which, in turn, was sent right into Sayber's face!


Derecho grabbed Sayber by the leg and dragged him away from the corner, positioning him just a bit away from it. Derecho then picked up the chair and laid it on top of Sayber's chest. Derecho then ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top and took aim...


Derecho came crashing down on top of Sayber and the chair. Derecho bounced off and immediately held his ribs and abdomen in pain. Despite taking a hit himself, the damage had been done to Sayber and Derecho crawled over into the cover.



Kick out!

The people cheered when Sayber got the shoulder up. Derecho didn't look happy and rolled back out of the ring. He lifted up the ring apron and grabbed two more steel chairs, tossing them into the ring. He then grabbed a ladder and slid that into the ring as well. Derecho rolled back in as Sayber was on all fours, trying to get back up, but Derecho stopped that with an elbow drop into the back of Sayber, collapsing him back down to the canvas.

Derecho then took the time to unfold both of the steel chairs that he brought in, setting them far apart from each other. Derecho then picked up the ladder and made a bridge with it. He took a moment to admire his work with a sadistic grin, but when he turned around, he was met with a toe kick by Sayber! Sayber then grabbed Derecho and threw him in the opposite direction of the ladder bridge, effectively tossing Derecho out of the ring. Sayber then headed to the corner where he climbed up top. Once Derecho was back on his feet, Sayber twisted off the top rope...

Corkscrew Body Press!

The move connected and it took Derecho down. Sayber, who took some damage in this match, was also down after landing hard on the outside.

Sayber eventually pulled himself up and when he did, he walked over to the steel ring steps and pulled the top half of them off. He waited for Derecho to get back to his feet before charging in...


Sayber drove the ring steps right into the face of Derecho and Derecho was down on the floor. Blood began to trickle from Derecho's forehead as a result of that hit. Sayber then placed the top half of the steps down at the ringside area. He then walked over and grabbed the bottom half of the steps and positioned them a couple of feet away. Sayber had something in mind as he walked over to Derecho and pulled him back up to his feet. Sayber then walked Derecho over to this set up where Sayber walked backwards up the couple of steps on the top half and placed Derecho in a waist lock....

The crowd held their breath as Sayber poppped the hips...


Derecho bounced off the back of his neck on the bottom half of the ring steps with a sickening thud. flopping onto the floor at ringside where he laid there on his stomach, dead,


Derecho wasn't moving at all. The referee had to exit the ring and immediately check on him. Derecho informed the referee he could continue despite the fact that he couldn't move after that vicious hit. Sayber nudged past the referee and pulled the lifeless Derecho up off of the floor. He rolled Derecho back into the ring and quickly followed suit so he could make the cover. The referee slid into the ring and began the count.



Thr... NO!

Derecho got the shoulder up in time.

Sayber couldn't believe it, but he didn't let that phase him for too long. He grabbed Derecho by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. Sayber then walked Derecho over to the ladder bridge and placed Derecho on it. Sayber then headed to the ring apron where he faced the ring, grasping the top rope. The moment Sayber leapt up to the top rope, Derecho rolled off the ladder and shoulder blocked Sayber!! Sayber fell off the top rope, landing hard on his back on the outside!! The impact was a sickening thud as people in the crowd covered their mouths. Derecho, however, couldn't follow up as he collapsed back down to a knee.

It was obvious that he was still feeling the effects of that hellacious German Suplex a few moments ago. That sudden burst of energy may have saved the match for Derecho, but he knew that at this point, if he didn't recover, one good move could possibly put him away. Derecho took this opportunity to rest while Sayber writhed in pain on the floor. Eventually, Sayber used the barricade to pull himself back to his feet. Derecho groaned as he knew he had to do something about that and rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope.

Derecho kicked Sayber in the thigh, stopping him breifly. Derecho then turned Sayber and placed him with his back against the barricades. Derecho fired rights and lefts, combination blows to the face of Sayber. Derecho then told the people in the front row to move as he backed up. Derecho charged in with a clothesline, but Sayber ducked and flipped Derecho up and over the barricade and into the front rope of chairs with a back body drop!!!

Derecho was down and out! Sayber could win this matchup, but the problem was that a lifeless Derecho resided in the crowd.. Sayber would have to get him back into the ring and Sayber knew that would be enough time for Derecho to recover enough to kick out.

Sayber instead, elected to hop over the barricade and pull Derecho off of the chairs. Sayber then tossed Derecho over the barricades and back out to the ringside area. Sayber hopped back over as Derecho continued to hold his back in pain. Sayber hoisted Derecho back to his feet and then whipped him back into the barricades near the announce table. Derecho dropped to his knees and then collapsed face first into the floor. Sayber then made his way over and began ripping apart the Spanish Announce Table.

Once it was dismantled, Sayber grabbed Derecho and pulled him back up but..



Derecho took a shortcut and he dropped Sayber to his knees. The pepole booed, but Derecho didn't give two shits about that. Derecho stumbled over and told the announcers to move. Derecho grabbed one of their steel chairs and proceeded to jam it into Sayber's stomach, doubling him over even more. Derecho then, with all of his might, swung upward.


With a VICIOUS upward swing, Derecho swung the chair right into Sayber's face. Upon impact, you just saw fragments fly everywhere!!

The entire left side of Sayber's mask had been shattered from the impact!

Fragments of the mask also lacerated Sayber's face right above his left eye. The lacerations were deep as blood flowed from the wounds as well as Sayber's nose. Derecho could have easily broken it with that shot. Needless to say, Sayber was on his back after that hit and wasn't moving. The referee hopped out of the ring, this time to check on Sayber, but...


Derecho grabbed the referee and threw him into the steel ring steps!!!! He turned his attention to Sayber and grinned. Derecho grabbed Sayber by the hair and lifted his head up as he knelt over him. Derecho then used his hand wipe the blood off Sayber's face. He then streaked the blood across his own chest, donning it like war paint as he continued to grin.

Derecho stood and pulled Sayber up to his feet. He placed Sayber between his legs and lifted him up for a powerbomb. Derecho turned toward the ring and...


Sayber was about collapse when Derecho caught him in his arms. He held Sayber up and then tossed him overhead...



Derecho simply laid there on his back after throwing Sayber through the table. Derecho was actually laughing to himself after that hellacious move! The referee was still down as Derecho sat up. Derecho covered his face with the palm of his hand as he continued to laugh to himself.

Derecho stood and made his way over to the rubble of the table. He pulled Sayber up out of it and then rolled him back into the ring. Derecho then grabbed the referee and yanked him up to his feet. He rolled the referee back into the ring as well. Derecho got back onto the ring apron and stepped in. He simply placed his foot on Sayber's chest as the referee groggily made the count...




Sayber kicked out and the arena couldn't believe it!!! Even Derecho had a perplexed look on his face!!!

Derecho grabbed his own hair and squeezed. The look of anger and frustration washed over Derecho's face for a moment, but Derecho quickly reacted by pulling Sayber back up, but much to Derecho's surprise, Sayber shoved Derecho backwards. Derecho hit the ropes and staggered forward. Sayber then spun around and flipped Derecho inside out...


Sayber collapsed after the collision and both men were down and out on the canvas. Even the referee was still trying to recover from the attack earlier.

A few moments passed before Derecho and Sayber began to move. They both slowly got back to their feet. Once vertical, Sayber took a shot and hit Derecho with a knife edge chop. Derecho slowly responded with a big right hand that rocked Sayber's head back. Sayber then responded with a knife edge chop that echoed throughout the arena! Sayber then hit another chop and another, building up momentum. Sayber then went for an irish whip, but Derecho reversed it and pulled Sabyer into a knee to the stomach. Derecho hooked Sayber in a Gutwrench position and then lifted him up to his shoulder, but Sayber wriggled free and landed behind Derecho. Sayber then turned and smacked Derecho upside the head with a Leaping Enzugiri!!

Derecho staggered back and fell to a single knee. Sayber then charged in, but Derecho quickly stood up. He grabbed Sayber, lifted and spun, planting him with a Spine Buster complete with a float over into the cover!!



Thre... NO!!!

Sayber kicked out again showing his toughness!

Derecho had had enough. He stood and pulled Sayber up, walking him over to the ladder bridge he set up earlier. Derecho bounced Sayber's face off of it and Sayber simply draped himself onto the structure. Derecho then ascended the turnbuckles in the corner and took aim, leaping off...




Sayber moved at the last minute and Derecho crashed through the ladder with his Show Stealer leg drop!!! Sayber saw his opportunity as he stood as quickly as humanly possible. Sayber hobbled over to the broken ladder as Derecho writhed in pain. Sayber pulled Derecho out of it and hooked him for a suplex. Sayber lifted Derecho up and angled him just right....


The sideswipe brainbuster connected!!!

Sayber draped his arm over onto Derecho!!





Derecho kicked out at 2 9/10!! Derecho survives Korosu!!

"BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!" chanted the crowd!

Sayber pounded his fist into the canvas. He stood and pulled Derecho back up but...


Derecho hit a low blow on Sayber for the second time in this match. Derecho then stood and scooped Sayber up onto his shoulder...


The people booed heavily as Derecho made the cover...



Thre... NO!!!!!

Sayber kicked out of both the low blow and the Emerald Flowsion! The crowd erupted in cheers!

Derecho sat up and stared out into nothingness with a vacant look on his face. He can't believe that someone like Sayber just kicked out of his primary finisher! Derecho shook it off and stood, knowing if he hit it once again, this matchup would be over. He grabbed Sayber and pulled him back up. He then hoisted Sayber onto his shoulder, but Sayber slipped off and grabbed Derecho in an inverted face lock. Sayber then lifted Derecho for an Inverted Suplex, but Derecho continued the momentum and landed behind Sayber.

Waist lock by Derecho, but Sayber hit a pair of elbows to the side of Derecho's face. Sayber then turned and smacked Derecho upside the head with a CCS Enzugiri! Sayber stood and hooked Derecho for another Korosu. He lifted Derecho, but Derecho hit a knee to the bloodied face of Sayber. Derecho landed back on his feet as he hit a kick to the back of Sayber's leg, collapsing him to a knee. He then hit a front roundhouse kick to Sayber's head. Derecho then took off to the ropes and came back, hitting a shotgun drop kick to the left side of Sayber's face, the part where his mask was broken!!

Sayber was about to collapse, but Derecho quickly stood on a burst of adrenaline. He grabbed Sayber by the head in a front face lock and pulled him up to his feet. He then hoisted Sayber up onto his shoulder and charged toward the broken ladder...


The ladder broke and bent even more. Derecho simply laid on top with the cover.




It was finally over. The people booed as they disliked the result, but Derecho definitively proved that Sayber couldn't beat him. Both men broken and bloodied, they laid there in the ring, motionless. While Sayber gave it a tremendous effort, Derecho's tenacity and toughness was just a bit more than Sayber's on this evening.

While the referee tended to both men, highlights from the match were played on the jOltvision as well as for the viewers watching at home. After the highlight package, we're back in the ring where Derecho was up on his feet. Derecho looked back at Sayber who was now being helpd up by the referee.

Once Sayber was vertical again, Derecho looked at him and nodded as if he were showing respect to Sayber for his efforts in this match here tonight. Derecho walked over to Sayber and extended his hand. The people actually applauded Derecho's show of respect.

Sayber nodded and grasped Derecho's hand, but Derecho yanked Sayber toward him where he hoisted him up onto his shoulder once again...


Derecho dropped Sayber in the middle of the ring and then stood. Derecho then spat on Sayber before he walked away and exited the ring. Derecho was about to leave when he spied the ringsteps still separated from earlier in the match. Derecho looked at them and then rubbed the back of his neck a bit before looking back into the ring at Sayber laying there motionless.

Derecho turned back to the ring and rolled back in. The referee tried to stop Derecho, but Derecho kicked the referee in the stomach and then tossed him out of the ring to the floor, causing him to land hard at ringside.

Derecho then grabbed Sayber and pulled him up to his feet once again. He then hoisted Sayber onto his shoulder and walked toward the ropes. Derecho, with Sayber on his shoulder, pulled the top rope down enough for him to step over it onto the apron. Derecho then looked down at the bottom half of the ring steps. The crowd booed and some people in the front row even begged Derecho not to go that far, but Derecho didn't listed as he took a few steps foward and leapt off.



The upper back of Sayber slammed into the steps. The impact was so hard that there was a dent in the steel from where Sayber had landed!!! Derecho stood and staggered backwards, falling against the barricade.

Derecho laughed out loud as personnel rushed from the backstage area. Trainers, EMTs, referees.. all came rushing out, surrounding Sayber. Derecho simply laughed as he slowly backpeddled away from the scene. As Derecho walked backwards up the entrance ramp, a stretcher rushed past him and down to ringside.

Derecho said he was going to end Sayber's career.

He could have done just that here tonight.

The crowd couldn't even boo. They couldn't make any reaction. They simple clammored amongst themselves, some stood in silence as everybody did what they could to tend to Sayber at ringside

Derecho watched from the top of the ramp.. and he was enjoying every minute of this.

Derecho finally walked behind the curtain, disappearing backstage. The scene quickly went to an advertisement for jOlt Unlimited.. jOlt's next big Pay-Per-View event as the crew got Sayber out of the arena.

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall

Waymoth Turnbull vs Landon Stevens
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

There is many a time where a man must question the company he keeps. Question whether or not the ones closest to him are there with his best interests at heart. Such a mentality is what brings us to this very moment in time.

A moment where there is no longer a question being asked. Instead, a demand for answers and the call for retribution were sounded.

The “West Indian Obsidian” Waymoth Turnbull had gone through very turbulent times since his arrival in the promotion. These times saw the man betrayed not once, but twice. The first time it was by a long time mentor. It that served as a reminder that when it comes to matters of the dollar, business will always trump what was perceived as friendship. The second time did nothing more but to solidify that same sentiment, though “friendship” was not a part of the equation this time around. It became more evident when it almost ended a budding career. It was these times that made the Caribbean’s Prodigal Son start to be more focused on the snakes in his backyard.

There’s a saying that goes, “In order to make an omelet, you have to crack a few eggs”. Those words rang true and as loud as ever. Waymoth was a hungry man and one that was ready to devour Aran Thompson, the face of the Black Faction, and the one responsible for Waymoth’s second betrayal. However, before Waymoth’s proverbial teeth could sink into the flesh and marrow of the jOlt Champion, he had some “eggs to crack”, the first of which being “The Rising Star” Landon Stevens.

The protégé of Aran, and one who once held the proud banner of undefeated prior to joining the Black Faction, and if asked, the price he paid, was well worth the price of admission. He was part of the future of the company. He was part of something major. No matter what was said or even done regarding their methods, the Black Faction was a force to be reckoned with and he was at the very frontline of it all.

Landon took a step towards reminding the jOlt Universe why Aran wanted, no, needed him by his side. It had little to do with their past connections, but in the mind of the cocky upstart, the elimination of the “competition” was the smartest decision the champion could have made. Landon was a threat. Landon was a problem. And while he may not be one for the leader of the Faction, tonight he will put a fear of God in Waymoth that will have him rethink returning after being so close to the brink of broken.

Already at the edge of their seats, the fans waited with baited breath for this competition to start. It wouldn’t be long before their blood thirst would be quenched.

Lights suddenly going out? Check

Red, Gold and Green Strobe Lights flashing randomly, piercing the crowd in sporadic places? Check

Queue the voiceover.

[Mavado Voiceover] “Yuh don’t ask people wid knives inna de stomach, what would mek dem ‘appy; ‘appiness is no longa de point. It’s all ‘bout survival, It’s all ‘bout wedda you pull de knife out and bleed fi death or yuh keep it in.”
“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be contended under “Underground Rules! Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and eighty three pounds, he hails from Road Town, Tortola of the British Virgin Islands…”

The crowd roared in unison as the first competitor was announced. As which has become the norm, Waymoth’s new theme music, “Survivor” by Mavado (featuring Akon) followed the voiceover and crowd was sent into a frenzy! The six foot seven, Johnny-Cake bread and fed monster soon burst onto center stage area, more energetic and alive than ever. He was armed with only one of the recently trademarked rusty machete blades he had been seen bringing to the ring lately. His descent towards ringside was filled with smiles and interaction with a crowd that had grown to love the Obsidian.

[Cut to Announce Table]

Nathan Powers: “It’s still so hard to believe that this man has become one of the larger fan favorites we have on the roster!”

Michael Buhrman: “No argument there! Think about it like this. When your opposition is jOlt Champion, Aran and rest of the Black Faction, it’s not exactly that hard to figure out that these people would root for a donkey’s ass if it meant rooting against that group!”

Nathan Powers: “You got a point there! Do you think that machete is going to be a factor in this match?”

Michael Buhrman: “He brought it with him to an Underground Rules match, Nathan Powers, I’d be surprised and highly offended if it didn’t!”

[Cut back to Ringside]

Waymoth continued to make his way around the ring. Even taking a moment to allow the fans to embrace him and his hulking frame, posing with his machete raised high to benefit those with flash photography. As much as he may have loved it, the time for fanfare and picture-perfect moments had come to an end and it was time to get into the ring. Rolling under the bottom rope, Waymoth found a corner he favored - placing his blade atop the top turnbuckle and settling into the ring. He rolled his neck and waited for his opponent to make his way towards the ring to join him.

“…And his opponent, from Glendale, Arizona and weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds! He is the General of the Black Faction, “The Rising Star”, LANDON, STEVENS!”

The moment “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch blasted its way through the arena speakers, the mood immediately shifted. Gone were the praises and adoration that showered Waymoth earlier. In their place, the jeers and boos that become commonplace whenever Landon or any member of the Black Faction made their way to the ring. Coming from behind the curtains, Landon showed no sign of being bothered by their hatred, instead he welcomed it. He reveled in it. Shortly after, the West Texas Terrorists and Mace Williams followed behind him.

Nathan Powers: “I guess they’re going make this one really obvious, eh?”

Michael Buhrman: “Of course! You didn’t think he would be coming into this alone did you?”

Landon stopped in his tracks when he realized that he wasn’t alone. Or maybe he already knew he wasn’t. From the looks of what followed, Landon commanded that the West Texas Terrorists and Williams return back to the locker room. Tonight he wouldn’t need their assistance.

Michael Buhrman: “I stand corrected! Landon wants to do this one by himself tonight!”

Whether or not it was a smart decision would remain to be seen. Either way, Landon’s time against Waymoth would be one of a solo persuasion.

With the Black Faction no longer at his side, Landon shot a look at Waymoth who could be seen golf-clapping at the actions he had just witnessed. Landon pointed at his opponent as he waited for him inside the ring, and continued making his way towards the ringside. He would have trouble getting in immediately however, with Waymoth faking an attack with every time Landon placed himself onto the apron. Waymoth cracked a smile with every foiled attempt.

Despite his effort to show otherwise, the crowd’s opinion hadn’t changed as they chanted “LAN-DON IS A PUS-SY! LAN-DON IS A PUS-SY! LAN-DON IS A PUS-SY! LAN-DON IS A PUS-SY!”

Finally, at the persuasion of match’s official; Landon was finally allowed entrance into the squared circle. His eye immediately caught a glimpse of the rusted blade that sat atop the turnbuckle. Landon demanded inaudibly that the referee have the weapon of Waymoth’s choice be removed from the ring. However, with the rules of the match – the referee’s hands were tied and Waymoth knew this, cracking a smile much to Landon’s dismay.


Nathan Powers: “Looks like this match is underway!”

The official moved out of the way, and both men began to circle each other in the ring. It was a classic battle of size and power versus speed. Each men having their own advantages that they would more than likely utilize during this contest. As they circled, Landon showed early on where his focus would be; the right knee of Waymoth. The very same that had put the big man on the sidelines. Landon lunged for the knee, but Waymoth, showcasing his own speed, sidestepped his opponent and then launched himself in effort to grab Landon. He too was met with a sidestep, but it was open enough for Landon to start lashing out with a ki—NO! Waymoth grabbed the leg!

Waymoth quickly pulled Landon in using his strength with a “short-legged” clothesline! Landon’s head bounced off the canvas, prompting the high flyer to roll to the outside very quickly. Landon rubbed at his neck and back of his head as he tried to regroup very early on. Waymoth wouldn’t give him that luxury as he followed right after him to the outside of the ring. Landon didn’t need as much time as thought however, sliding back into the ring and quickly headed towards the ropes for some added momentum – SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES!

The added velocity was enough send both men crashing into the barrier as the fans roared in delight. Landon was back to his feet first however, quickly going for the attack on Waymoth’s downed body – namely stomping away at the targeted knee. Landon stomped away, and continued to do so before being pushed away with Waymoth’s brute strength. Landon stumbled back, but wouldn’t let that deter him and quickly went back on the attack! Waymoth tried his best to protect his knee, and once again pushed Landon away with the same strength as before. Landon was determined, taking off towards Waymoth once again but this time the West Indian Obsidian was prepared. He surprised Landon, using his own momentum and speed against him with a quick overhead belly-to-belly suplex sending him crashing into the steel barriers!

Nathan Powers: “Landon just got folded up like a pretzel!”

Waymoth was now on the offensive, grabbing the young upstart by his hair and slamming him head first several times into the top of the barrier before using the same hair to send the “Rising Star” flying over the guardrail and into the crowd that loathed him! Security quickly stepped in, protecting jOlt’s superstar as best they could from the advancing crowd. Waymoth reached over to Landon has he struggled to get back to his feet and used his power to lift Landon into a vertical suplex position from behind the guardrail and back to ringside – holding him just for a few seconds before slamming him back first into the unforgiving concrete floor! Waymoth screamed into the crowd as he admired his handy work. Landon writhed in pain before being picked up off the floor again – Waymoth wasn’t finished. Waymoth then whipped a dazed Landon shoulder post into the corner post! Landon fell to his knees, the post holding him up. He needed to be able to catch his bearing and Waymoth wasn’t allowing that to happen.

Waymoth didn’t plan on letting up and continued his exercise his control of the match, charging towards the panting Landon but Stevens managed to slip out of the way at the last moment! Waymoth ran smack dab into the corner of the ring – and was victimized even further when the brunt of the impact was felt by his knee! Landon crawled out of the way, but through his peripheral vision he caught Waymoth limping away, favoring the injured knee. That’s all he needed to see.


And just like that, Landon was back in control of the competition. Waymoth was flat on his back, still trying to protect his knee as Landon kicked and stomped away at it. Landon added more insult to the injury with a “Leg DDT” like maneuver, causing the big man to screamed out more in an immense amount of pain. That was followed through by a quick elbow drop before Landon jumped back onto the apron. Landon took a few steps back and with a running head start and a leap of faith, Landon dropped a big leg drop to the same leg! “The Rising Star” had become a hunter with precision and the right leg of the “West Indian Obsidian” was his very obvious prey of choice. Still, despite his new found advantage, the match couldn’t be won on the outside of the squared circle and he knew he would have to get the giant back into the ring at some point.

That’s when the light bulb went off.

With Waymoth tending to his wounds, Landon started rummaging under the ring for whatever weapons of mass destruction that could be found. If it wasn’t tied down, it was tossed into the ring; two steel chairs, a broom stick, and a fire extinguisher. Landon had to be ready and decided right then and there he wouldn’t be taking any chances. He finally made his way to a half-recovered Waymoth who was using the barricade to support his weight. Seeing him coming, Waymoth quickly took a jab at Landon’s midsection but Landon fired back with another hard kick Waymoth’s knee and brought the situation right back where it was moments earlier. Landon took a handful of Waymoth’s graying dreadlocks and rolled him back into the ring. Waymoth found solace in a corner of the ring, using the ropes to try and get back to his feet but Landon wasn’t ready to give up his advantage just yet.

Michael Buhrman: “Looks like Waymoth isn’t as recovered as he thought! He’s really holding onto that knee of his.”

Nathan Powers: “I’m sure the elbow drop to the knee earlier from Landon didn’t help matters at all either.”

Landon quickly grabbed one of the steel chairs that he had tossed into the ring earlier and took off with bad intentions in mind.




Landon didn’t see it coming, but he should’ve. While may have fully intended on introducing bone-to-steel, Waymoth made the decision to do it for him by punching the chair as hard as he possibly could! The recoil sent Landon flat on his ass in shock! The chair he once brandished now had a decent sized dent in the middle of it.

He looked at the chair.

He looked at Waymoth panting in the corner, shaking his fist.

Looked at the chair.

Back to Waymoth.

Landon stood back to his feet, not wanting to let the incident become too much of a deterrent, picked up the dented chair and took off running again towards the Virgin Island Native. Waymoth stepped as quickly as he could out the way, causing Landon to run chest first into the turnbuckles! Waymoth was already ready, quickly latching onto the Rising Star and landed him on his head with a nasty Cobra Clutch Suplex! Waymoth stayed on top of Landon, picking him back up and Irish whipping into the ropes. On the return, Landon was met with one of Waymoth’s favorites; a beautifully executed tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! With that Landon’s back had become as much of a target as Waymoth’s knee. Waymoth didn’t want to waste his new found advantageous position however and went for a cover. Referee Nguyen quickly slide into position for the count.




Landon rolled his shoulder and quickly stopped the pin attempt. He refused to be counted out this early. Waymoth continued to push his agenda against Landon’s back. The mindset was, “Can’t fly if you got a bad back.” With already having a significant weight advantage, Waymoth placed Landon into a “bow and arrow” hold, adding a great amount of pressure to Landon’s back area. Landon flailed about as Referee Nguyen checked on his status – and with each time he asked, Landon refused to give up. This lasted for a few more minutes before Waymoth grew tired and just shoved the young wrestler back to the mat floor with very little regard.

Landon struggled to find a vertical base, but his back, much like Waymoth’s knee, wouldn’t allow him move quickly as he would like to. Not that it mattered, as Waymoth was back on the General of the Black Faction, placing him un front-headlock. Couple knees to the midsection from the former member of the Black Faction knocked the wind out of Landon. Waymoth then goes for another vertical lift – only to see Landon weasel out of it and slip out behind him!

Landon kept the surprise going as fast he could landing a quick elbow shot to the back of Waymoth’s head, and a Irish whip to the ropes! Landon quickly drops to the floor as Waymoth hops over him! Waymoth is then sent crashing through the ropes and onto the apron with an awesome standing drop kick! Waymoth pulls himself to a standing position with the ropes, only to be smacked dead in the face with a devastating springboard roundhouse kick!

Nathan Powers: “And just like that, the action has found itself back to the outside of the ring!”

Michael Buhrman: “This match is great! These two are tearing each other apart!”

Though the kick did daze Waymoth a bit, it was landing on his leg wrong that did the worst damage! Still, Landon didn’t want to show any signs of letting up, ascending to the top turnbuckle and awaiting his time and moment for the attack. Once he had, Landon leapt off the turnbuckle with a picture-worthy corkscrew plancha!


The wind was knocked out of both men at this point but Landon was already stirring. Landon pulled one of the Fire Extinguisher out of the ring and soon as Waymoth had gotten back to his feet, he and the surrounding fans around him were blasted with the ice-cold contents of the canister! With Waymoth momentarily blinded and the Fire Extinguisher now conveniently placed, Landon placed a swift kick to the stomach and dropped Waymoth face first onto the can with his “Falling Star” reverse STO! Waymoth could’ve been legitimately knocked unconscious at that very moment based on the impact of the maneuver!

“THAT’S IT!” Landon yelled, dragging Waymoth’s body back to the apron and shoving him back into the ring. Once there, Waymoth’s semi-lifeless frame was draped with the undented steel chair and Landon leaped right onto the top rope.

“Get your cameras out ya sons of bitches!” Landon called out to the excitable crowd. It was only seconds later before he was flying through the air with a gorgeous twisting shooting star press and landing square onto Waymoth and the steel chair that was on top of him! Expectedly, Landon also felt part of the brunt as well but it didn’t stop him for going for a well-deserved cover.

Michael Buhrman: “Looks like Landon could win this thing! That was a beautiful maneuver!”

Nathan Powers: “I hate to agree with you but it does look like it could be over!”

Crowd: “ONE!”

Crowd: “TWO!”


Waymoth powered out of the pin attempt! Landon rolled over, his ribs still sore from landing on the steel chair just minutes earlier. He was in disbelief that this old man still had so much left in the tank! He looked over at Waymoth in disbelief and popped himself back up just to take off running into ropes. On the rebound, a knee to Waymoth’s jawline and for good measure followed up by a sliding dropkick to the same area! Landon with another pin! ONE!


Waymoth rolled the shoulders again to stay alive in the match! Now Landon was really starting to become flustered and frustrated with his opponent. What in the hell did he have to do to take him down!? Landon dragged Waymoth to his feet and attempted to whip into a nearby corner. Waymoth put the breaks on and elbowed Landon to the midsection and proceeded with an Irish Whip of his own! Landon’s agility allowed him to climb the turnbuckle like a step ladder before flipping over Waymoth’s head. However, Waymoth had come to realize that Landon’s speed could very well be used against him and this was one of those times where it could. Spinning the Landon around to face him, Waymoth threw Landon into the air but the high flyer used that propulsion to land square on his Turnbull’s broad shoulders and go for a frankensteiner instead! However the attempt by Landon was met with hesitance as Waymoth held onto his vertical base and in a quick turnaround, repaid Landon for his effort with a vicious maneuver. One he affectionately calls;


Michael Buhrman: “There is no way he’s moving after that!”

The tossing crucifix power-bomb into the turnbuckles did more than enough to lump and slump Landon in the corner. Waymoth flung his hair back, and roared, letting the crowd know that it was time for this match to be over and finished with.


Nathan Powers: “Here come the West Texas Terrorists!”

Michael Buhrman: “What for?! Landon told them to stay in the back!”

Nathan Powers: “Well he’s not in much of a decision-making position right now!”

Waymoth stood ready with his machete in hand as the twins made their way around the ring. He had to keep his eye on both men and on Landon who was rolling about the ring in pain. Ezra tried to slip in first but was greeted with a swipe of the blade, but the distraction was enough to allow Eli to pull Landon’s bloody mess of a body to the outside of the ring. Waymoth send a few unkind words towards Eli’s direction, but that’s when Ezra took the moment to try again to enter the ring.

Waymoth was ready, chasing after the Texas twin with his machete blade. Eli took that moment to slip into the ring, bounce off the ropes and SOUTHERN JUSTI—WAYMOTH SIDESTEPS THE LARIAT ATTEMPT! For Eli’s efforts, Waymoth sent him flying and crashing into his brother on the outside. It was during this time however that Landon had recovered enough to find himself back on the top turnbuckle. Once he had Waymoth’s attention, he leapt off but whatever he intended was foiled as Waymoth caught him in mid-air!


Waymoth planted the Rising Star into the mat with his signature T-Bone Uranage Slam, and it was right then and there that the fans knew it was a wrap. At least, that’s what they thought. As Waymoth went for the cover and the referee went into action. Waymoth’s focus was on the win and that allowed him to forget about something; there was still the matter of the twins outside of the ring!


Nathan Powers: “What the hell is he doing here!?”

As the twins began to ruin Waymoth’s plans of winning the match, all eyes had turned a stodgy figure running down towards the ring!

Michael Buhrman: “Yes, he was told to stay away from this match as well!” “TWO!”

Nathan Powers: “Looks like no one listened to the requests from either one of these competitors. And that’s not all, look at what he’s got with him!”

Nathan Powers was correct was Cloyd came with the missing machete in hand! Waymoth’s former manager quickly took to task if taking on the Terrorists In the dirtiest way he knew how to as a former wrestler himself.


With Eli down, all it took was Monsanto wildly swinging the machete blade to keep the other at bay. “THREE!!”


With the ringing of the bell, Waymoth had secured a victory! Ian Nguyen raised his hand in celebration as “Survivor” by Mavado signaled that the match was finally over. Waymoth rejoiced but it was only a few seconds into his celebration that realized that Cloyd was outside with blade in hand and the twins of the West Texas Terrorists were being held off on the outside of the ring. Even though their friendship/partnership/relationship, whatever you want to call it, had been strained – there was one thing for certain; Cloyd had just helped Waymoth in his first step towards dismantling the Black Faction.

Waymoth nodded his head as a form of mutual respect towards his formal mentor, and returned back to his heartfelt celebration with the fans. This was just the first stop on his trip to Aran Thompson and it was a big one. Landon may be a cocky bastard but he was a bastard that held more than his own. As he was tended to by the ringside officials, Waymoth took the time to escape the ring and exit through the crowd.

This one was over.

It was now going to be onto the next one.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Pinfall

The House (c) vs Red & Ted
Jimmy B. MartinezJimmy B. MartinezLandon StevensJimmy B. Martinez

It was now time for the main event of jOlt’s first-ever special iPPV called Wired and in tonight’s blockbuster main event, the mammoth jOlt Tag Team Champions The House – “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber and “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck were scheduled to defend their tag team titles against the number one contenders and perpetual thorns in their sides, Red and Ted – Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs.

For Red and Ted this was opportunity number three at the title belts they coveted so much. There was first match against then champion Heirs of Wrestling that went sideways when The House made their way ringside to return a distraction they had coming. It was a three way dog fight for those titles before Damien Lee set to settle the growing tag war in a triple threat team ladder match. In one for the ages the speed and cunning of the Heirs and Red & Ted came in second and third as the power of The House was enough to grab the titles and walk out of Rise of the Legends as the new jOlt Tag Team Champions. But that was four weeks ago.

Since then, the former champions found themselves at odds with Trouble while Red & Ted showed little change in their lust for tag gold. They took every chance to antagonize, humiliate and hustle the giants from Las Vegas into this match. They went so far as to volunteer themselves as punching bags so that it meant the Black Fraction's West Texas Terrorists did not take these titles. And for all of their schemes and plans, what would it matter when they stepped inside of the ring against The House without any gimmicks?

The time for what ifs and fuck offs was over. The Champs were eager to wrap their hands around the throats of Redding and Jacobs for all they had done and tonight they'd get their chance. Red & Ted carried the mental advantage, but here, now could it overcome the shear strength of the super heavyweight duo? It was time for the third chapter of this budding rivalry. The crowd paid attention to the bell ringing to signify tonight’s main event.

The PA came to life with a ripping drum line and thrashing guitar.

'My Reward' by Hail the Villain welcomed Red & Ted into the Arena of Champions. Teddy Jacobs slow-jogged out from behind the curtain first, debuting a new set of gear in the colours black, white and green. Next out was Grady Patrick, proud smile from underneath his trademark bowler's cap. He strode in front of Teddy Jacobs and lead the way to the ring. Following behind those two was Alexander Redding, Greg Capullo's beautifully twisted Joker Grin on this new pair of shorts, but no grin on his face. Ted power walked around the ring. Grady slid next to the announce team. Red never took his eyes off of the center of the ring. The team of Red & Ted had been on a tear since arriving on the main roster. They were certain their fate was to be crowned as champions, but was their night tonight?

"Aces High" by Iron Maiden

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner. A brief shot was cast back inside the ring with Red & Ted looking back to the big men from the floor, mid huddle.

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick ducked his head, missing the company of the Starlet's Champion. Adam Roebuck was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

The referee in the center of all things in the main event raised both of the jOlt Tag Team Titles. Tag Team wrestling had been a very thriving division and the four men in tonight’s main event were chief among them. Inside the ring, Brad Arnold was there to call for the match.


Teddy Jacobs stood in front of Alexander Redding, perched sitting on the top rope. Grady stood on the apron giving words of advice that the duo promptly ignored.

“In the corner to my left and accompanied by Grady Patrick, these men are the number one contenders to the jOlt Tag Team Titles! Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! They weigh in at a combined 473 pounds and they are the team of ALEXANDER REDDING AND TEDDY JACOBS!!! THEY ARE RRRRRRRRREEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD AND TTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DD!”

The abrasive, yet very cunning Redding and Jacobs took the time to play up for the jeering crowd. They knew they held the numbers advantage at 2 to 3, but what would it mean when the threat of DQ means losing their chance at the belts?

“And in the corner to my right, they are the reigning, defending jOlt Tag Team Champions!.From Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds! They are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSEEEE!”

The Oddsmaker and the Big Bucks raised their hands for the crowd and the crowd gave them a big ovation. The fighting Tag Team Champions had won the belts twice now since coming to jOlt and they had their chance to keep their big roll going. They had successfully defended the titles against The Heirs, Cross the Hood, and the West Texas Terrorists and now looked for successful defense number four tonight.

Teddy Jacobs started things off for his team just as Adam Roebuck would do for his. Patrick Grady watched carefully on the outside as Teddy started to go right at Adam Roebuck. He jabbed him several times with right hands and did his best to stick and move against the big surly mountain of a man.

“Come and get me, tubbo!” Teddy grinned.

Roebuck charged in, but Teddy ducked. The quicker brawler jabbed him again, then twice in the face and it seemed like they threw Roebuck off his game. Teddy gloated and high-fived Redding, a moment of legit happiness with getting the better of Roebuck for the moment while the angry Roebuck staggered. Turning his back on the Big Bucks wasn’t smart, though, because he was grabbed and shoved down to the ground seconds later.

Derrick Huber watched as Teddy started to stand. Grady Patrick preached from ringside a better way to attack the Las Vegas Leviathan. As Roebucks walked in, he was met by Ted, kicking away at the leg of the big man and followed with some more punches. He ran off the ropes just to be knocked down with a big shoulder tackle from Roebuck.

The star of such questionable films as "Sexton Hardon: Morning Wood" was unsteady getting to his feet as Roebuck grabbed him with both hands wrapped around the throat. He was tossed across the ring and into the corner where the other half of The House was ready and waiting to go on the attack. When Teddy tried to get out of the corner, Huber grabbed him by the throat.

“Talk your way out of this, asshole…”

Roebuck held up a hand and shouted the magic words that the fans knew were coming next…


Teddy Jacobs' chest was probably on fire now and maybe his brain was short circuiting just a little, because he was chopped with four of the hardest-hitting chops in jOlt today. All four blows landed across his chest and doubled over Teddy Jacobs walking out of the corner as Roebuck made the tag to The Oddsmaker! The crowd was heavily into The House as the current tag team champions went to the double team, forcing Ted back to their corner. Roebuck grabbed Huber by the arm and launched him into a big running shoulder tackle in the corner hitting him right in the rib cage.

Redding and Patrick watched from their respective corner and groaned with sympathy pain from the impact of the blow to the chest. Jacobs dropped to his knees, then fell to the ground when The Oddsmaker pushed him over and went for the first cover of the match.



And a close one off the bat when Jacobs kicked out. Huber stood over him and kicked him in the ribs just because he could. The crowd cheered each shot, maybe loving Ted getting a beat down as much as cheering the Champs. But as the Champ tried to stomp away again at the number one contender to the title, Jacobs had enough in him to move out of the way. He rolled off to the corner and the quick tag was made to Alexander Redding. Your Willing Villain jumped over the ropes and went with a quick series of kicks to the knee of Huber, staying out of the big man's range.

Redding tried to whip him, but Huber was just too strong and stopped him in his tracks. A second attempt for the Irish whip failed him again, and Huber simply shook his head. Redding, frustrated, tried a third time and instead pulled Huber in and fired an elbow into the side of the head of Derrick.

Drawing in a hail of boos, Redding smiled and tapped the side of his head as if to say he could out think anybody in that ring and thus far, Red and Ted had done that. Redding grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into a back elbow. He did two and three more shots before he took off to the ropes. Rebounding back, he had the misfortune of seeing Huber, running right at him and with all his weight Huber barreled right into him with a shoulder block that knocked him down to the ground. Huber then picked him up and dropped him with a scoop slam and that was followed up with a running splash.



Pin attempt near his corner, Teddy Jacobs reached inside and tried to break up that fall as Redding was getting his shoulder off the mat. Huber watched Teddy and Grady closely, looking for any sign of chicanery. The House knew to keep eyes in the back of their heads facing Red and Ted, perhaps even more cunning than The Heirs of Wrestling were during their rivalry.

With scary strength, Huber pulled Redding up, and in one motion set him up on the top rope. It was early and he trying to finish things off with his signature muscle buster called The Odds Are Against You. Redding had scouted it and elbowed his way out, staggering Huber with a nice kick before coming off the second rope with a flying uppercut.

Huber had finally been taken down and Red was quick to tag in Ted. Both men picked up Derrick Huber and hit a picture perfect double dropkick that knocked him over. Red made his way back to the apron as Ted shot the half.




Huber shoved Teddy Jacobs off him and shook the cobwebs loose, time afforded by Teddy chatting with the ref. After being sure that the ref did in fact know how to count past two, Ted charged off the ropes before coming back firing a boot – this time, Huber ducked underneath. Teddy stumbled trying to find his balance and turned around to see Huber charging..


The massive discus clothesline of The Oddsmaker did more than just connected, it turned Teddy Jacobs inside out! Now it was Huber’s turn to go for the cover on him.



Close, no cigar!

Huber was slightly surprised that Teddy Jacobs kicked out, but Red & Ted were more formidable than their antics would lead you to believe. The Big Bucks watched as Jacobs was pulled out to the floor in order to regroup with Patrick and Redding. The three members of Red and Ted had an impromptu huddle (which was more like Patrick and Redding fanning off a dazed Ted) while an angry, and freshly tagged in, Roebuck started to climb over the ropes. The antagonists scattered like roaches among the ringside area as he chased Ted back inside the ring. Jacobs had an opening and tried to attack him only for Roebuck to shove him back.

Jacobs quickly rolled back to his corner and tagged an apprehensive Redding. It had seemed that Red & Ted might have relied too much on chicanery and general asshole-ery in matches, a benefit they were not being granted in this match with the Champions. Roebuck motioned for Redding to get into the ring, but Your Willing Villain gestured for Huber to tag in. The Oddsmaker reached out a hand to his partner and Roebuck let him inside the ring to have his own fun.

Redding and Huber met in the center of the ring and immediately and proceeded to unload on the bigger Huber with a fast flurry of forearms to the face to try and weaken him. He charged to the ropes, and then Huber, with a wild clothesline that did little more than sting his own arm. He shook loose the arm, trying to get rid of those pins and needles to be dropped to the mat with a backbreaker.

Alexander Redding tried to scurry on his knees away from the bigger Huber only to get picked up and tossed through the air into the Champ's corner. Huber unleashed a series of head butts to the forehead of Redding and continued the assault. The Oddsmaker grabbed him by the arm and lead him to the centre of the ring just to use a hammer throw to send Redding back, crashing hard into the turnbuckle. The wind was knocked out of him and now he was easy pickings for The House member. The jOlt Tag champion grabbed him by the legs and pulled him away from the ropes before shooting a series of hard calculated stomps to the stomach of Alexander.

“Well… this is a fuck…” Teddy said bluntly.

Huber then looked out to the crowd and twirled a free hand. Redding tried to turn away to no avail. Huber then started to spin. Alexander Redding was the first person to suffer the effects of the giant swing called…


The crowd was amazed by the show of strength from the big guy as he continued to swing him around in an effort to disorient him. The move continued to swing for close to fifteen full rotations before Huber tossed him across the ring!

Redding took a few seconds in order to regain his senses, but did more of a dizzy dance right into the Big Bucks and ate a head butt for his troubles. Your Willing Villain hit the mat like a sack of potatoes and Huber picked him up again. A tag was made to Roebuck and the House members launched him into the ropes before they took him down with a double back elbow. Roebuck went for the cover.



And an elbow from Teddy Jacobs broke it up. Teddy was forced back to his corner while Roebuck picked up Redding by the scruff of the neck and tossed him to The House's corner to tag in Derrick Huber again. The Oddsmaker took his time and blasted Redding in the face with a measured elbow. Alexander fell to his knees while Huber raised a fist for the cheering crowd and the clapping Charlotte in a shot from the trainer's room while she was getting her arm bandaged from her bout earlier in the evening.

The Red half of Red and Ted had been rocked when Huber once again Irish whipped him into the ropes. Huber telegraphed a back body drop that Redding met with a kneeling uppercut. The Oddsmaker was staggering, then on one knee after Red kicked away at the back of the other one. Red made his way over to the outstretched hand of Ted and made the tag.

The for-legal-reasons-no-longer Sexton Hardon rushed The Oddsmaker and fired a right after right to the side of the head. Huber found an opening and blocked a punch before shoving him to the ropes. Huber charged only to eat a boot to the midsection from Teddy. Redding once again tagged himself in and jumped on Huber’s back, which left a big opening…

Just as Huber managed to shake off Red, Ted connected with a running chop block to the knee to finally get Huber down. While The Oddsmaker was back down to one knee, Alexander Redding took his place on the apron and begged Huber to find the courage to stand back up, or as he put it, "Get up, you dumb fuck!" When he had the attention of the Oddsmaker, Red bounded back in.


The spring board Superman punch targeted the same leg that Teddy Jacobs went after and now, Red and Ted had their target at long last. He reached over and tagged into Teddy Jacobs as the two men started to stomp violently onto the left leg of Derrick Huber.

“Taught them everything they know!” Grady touted. “Break that leg and finish this!”

The titles were on the line so Red and Ted put as many boots to Huber as they could before Redding was forced by the referee to leave the ring. Teddy Jacobs went back to what he did best:brawling. He stomped away at the knee of Huber. He tried to shove Teddy away again but was met with a sweeping kick to the head before Teddy hooked him in a kneeling Thai Clinch and fired off another flurry of punches to the side of his temple. He finished off the combination with a big knee drop to the top of Huber’s head.

Teddy Jacobs worked over Huber’s knee by snapping it down to the canvas in DDT-style fashion. Huber had to make it to the ropes for assistance back to his feet, but before he could get both feet planted, he was rushed again by Jacobs. A couple of shots to the back of the neck lead to Jacobs twisted the oak-like legs of the Oddersmaker around the middle rope. Teddy pulled and torqued away at that damaged knee. Sticking an arm out, he made the tag to Red. Still on the apron, Redding ran to the man tangled in the ropes and connected with a massive Shining Wizard right to the temple! Inside the ring Huber was down. Redding recovered and rolled into the ring going for a pin. He was also sure to hook the bad leg.




Close, but not quite enough. Redding led him up again and continued to throw a flurry of leg kicks into the leg of his larger opponent. The Las Vegas warrior fought back with a solid uppercut that took Alex off of his feet. Huber limped to the ropes and came back with a senton splash too slow. Redding moved and he hit nothing but the canvas. The tag was made again to Teddy Jacobs and he ran over to Huber…


He hooked the bad leg out from under him and drove him into the canvas with a leg hook reverse STO. Jacobs rolled big Huber over and went to cover him again.



And no!

It was another close one when Huber shot his shoulder up again. Roebuck cheerled from the corner but just having the crowd behind you wasn't going to help the Oddsmaker fend of a two-pronged attack from Teddy and Redding as the two clubbed him in their corner. Ted bullied him into the corner and again wrapped Huber’s leg into the ropes. Huber fought back with an elbow. Then a shot to Redding, but Teddy came right back and kicked him in the leg again.

Huber was grimacing while Jacobs charged off the ropes and came back with a running drop kick to the leg tied in the ropes! Huber shouted in pain and collapsed to the ground now while Jacobs took a bow. They had worked over his leg and neutralized the power advantage of Derrick Huber. Red & Ted were a very formidable pairing and were demonstrating that tonight.

Roebuck slapped the turnbuckle and paced around on the apron slowly while the crowd watched intently in this big main event. Huber’s leg had been worked over well and he started to writhe around in agony. Back in off another quick tag, Redding grabbed him by the leg and carefully twisted the leg around…


Overlooking the fact that yes, Redding was a Canadian and the move called the Stereotype was indeed a sharpshooter, it didn’t make the move any less deadly. Huber was in pain now even more as Redding struggled to hold those massive legs in the submission.

Derrick saw the ropes ahead of him and started to pull Red towards the ropes. He still had a lot of power and size in his frame so he was able to drag him along also. Redding was doing his best to try and keep The Oddsmaker grounded.


Derrick heard the crowd and gained more ground towards the ropes. Grady Patrick was enjoying this and he kept on cheering his men on as Redding was showing some strength of his own just to keep the hold locked in perfectly. Huber was almost there…


Just a little further…

And he got the ropes!

Derrick breathed an early sigh of relief as he wrapped his hand on the ropes. Redding was going to hold onto the submission until the referee started counting. And after the ref started counting, it wasn't until four that Alexander let go. "I've got until five!"

With that moment of opportunity, Huber mustered the strength to hoist Red up despite the damaged and maybe even injured leg.


The inverted samoan drop planted Redding ferociously into the mat and finally both men were down as Derrick Huber started to favor his knee. The power man for The House started the army crawl towards his corner now while Alexander Redding, holding his ribs made it over to his own with Grady pleading with him to hurry it up.

The tag was made to Teddy Jacobs and he started to climb inside in order to stop Derrick Huber, but by the time he managed to get there, it was too late because the tag was made to Adam Roebuck!

The Las Vegas Leviathan had the crowd in his corner now as he charged into the ring and mowed Teddy Jacobs over with a vicious running clothesline off one side. When he stood up again he was knocked down a second time by the mighty monster from Las Vegas.

A third time when Teddy stood up he was whipped into the corner. Roebuck pinned him there with his arm while waiting for the crowd to count along. When he raised his mighty palm, the crowd knew what was coming next…


For the second time in this match, the four brutal chops caught Teddy Jacobs in the chest and left some fresh red welts in each spot that he hit. Roebuck lifted Ted up in his arms now and dropped him across his knee with a rib breaker prior to continuing. He postured around the ring with a worried Jacobs in his grip…


The rib breaker followed up with the fall away slam sent him flying nearly the entirety of the the ring’s length. Roebuck rolled over and dragged him away from the ropes to go for the pin and it looked like the titles were going to stay with The House!




Making the save at the very last second was Red, with an elbow across the back of Roebuck's neck. Buying Ted some time, Red kicked away at the ribs of Roebuck until the big man grabbed that foot and flung it. Red carried that moment around to hit a Dragon Whip kick that rocked the otherwise think skull of Big Bucks. With Roebuck left on his knees, he charged off the ropes to finally be grabbed by the referee. When the ref was finished with his instructions, there was Roebuck with an overhead belly to belly throw that saw Redding skid out of the ring!

Teddy Jacobs was still recovering when Roebucks lumbered over to him and lifted him up by the hair. Adam lifted Ted in a power slam, but was distracted by Grady Patrick, now standing on the apron. It got the attention of the ref, too. It was all just enough for Teddy Jacobs to wriggle out of the clutches of this mammoth and unleash and unholy uppercut between the thighs. Roebuck doubled over in shock and pain.

As the ref was telling Grady to get down from the apron, Roebuck ate a second nut shot: a kick this time Perhaps he was in too much pain to move, but Roebuck stayed hunched over. It was a high angled DDT that spiked him to the mat. The crowd was booing Teddy Jacobs as he struggled to roll the big body of Roebuck to his back. As he finally got the monster over he hooked the far leg of Adam Roebuck. It was dirty, sure, but these were the tag titles.



And a kick out!

Roebuck survived and just narrowly pushed his way out! Teddy Jacobs was in a full state of disbelief when Roebuck powered out so he landed a big dropkick to the chin that sent him staggering into the ropes. The tag was made and Derrick Huber was back inside!

Teddy hadn't seen the blind tag, but Huber made it and running with that limp, he slammed hard into Teddy Jacobs with the mother of all spears. The crowd exploded as the big man started to take the straps down… this was now SRS BZNS.

Derrick Huber quickly hoisted Teddy Jacobs up and powered him off the canvas as the fans knew exactly what was coming next…




No! Cane to the back of the neck and head! Alexander Redding had made it back into the ring and broke up the pin using Grady's cane! The ref immediately signaled for the bell.


Red didn't stop with the bell, and continue to wail away on the down and daze Oddsmaker. He was certain to take a few swings away at that targeted knee for good measure. The pain that Huber was in was obvious. His partner tried to come to his aid, but what with the nut shots withstood mere moments ago, he wasn't so very swift. The referee was trying to step in, but carelessly Redding tossed the ref down and back. This match was over and Red wasn't about to listen to any zebra now.

The metal cane was now bent when Roebuck got within swinging range. Seeing the Monster in such a weakened state, Red shrugged his shoulders and swung that cane like a baseball bat. He got one hit in on Roebuck's hip, but the second was caught. Roebuck tossed the weapon aside and challenged Red straight up. That's when Teddy Jacobs hit him in the back with a solid strike of a steel chair. Back arched, Roebuck turned around. Red took him to one knee with a chop block from behind.

Grady Patrick tossed a chair to the waiting Redding. And for all of the motivation he gave during the match, Grady was oddly calm, and even... smiling? Surely it was never his intention to lose out on a cut of a championship bonus.

Now wielding dual chairs, Red gave Ted an eerie nod. What followed was the Con-Chair-To! Roebuck got his head caught been two swing steel chairs and got busted up for it.


The timekeeper tried to calm the action in the ring, but it seemed that after losing their shot at the titles, Jacobs and Redding were blood thirsty. That didn't spell good news to Derrick Huber, in the corner and clawing back up to his feet. Seeing this across the ring, Teddy Jacobs made his way over and smacked the bent knee with the chair. Now turning it sideways, he dug the edge into the thigh again and again. Huber slumped back down in the corner while Ted gave another shot to the shoulder/head.

Across the ring was Alexander Redding. He called out something to Ted that he must have understood because as Red made his way up to the top rope, Ted placed a chair in front of Huber's head and held it there. Seconds and a short prayer later, Redding leapt.

Van Terminator!

We cut to the back to see Charlotte trying to push through the medical staff with her bandaged arm, but they were holding her back. She wanted to be the difference out there, but as we cut back, it seemed that Red & Ted had finished their attack. They were happy with the damage they had caused.

The next camera cut we made was to ringside, and Grady Patrick stopping the timekeeper from handing the jOlt Tag Titles to the referee. The ref now made his way out of the ring to get in Grady's face. His team had made a mockery of his authority and he was certain to let someone know how pissed off he was. But he would only get more upset.

From his coat pocket, Grady pulled out a rolled up stack of papers. Our cameras rushed to see what it was he was handing over. From over the referee's shoulders we could see that it was the tag title contract awarded to Kaze for winning the PRI Tournament. The last page was Kaze signing away the rights for that title shot to Red & Ted, complete with his own, legit John Hancock. It seems the contract Grady had Kaze sign last week wasn't for the match against Red & Ted.

Our referee turned from shades of anger to frustration to helplessness. He ordered the timekeeper back to the bell and grabbed the titles from Grady Patrick. Hesitantly he made his way back into the ring.

Jacobs and Redding had since rid the ring of the weapons that they brought in. They were back standing at their corner. A Cheshire Grin on both Red and Ted. They were motioning to the ref to get on with it.

The referee looked at both Huber and Roebuck with pity. Roebuck was just stirring enough to roll out of the ring, his face becoming a crimson mask. Huber was conscious, but just laying in the corner he had been crumpled into. He started to make his way, gingerly, back to his feet when he saw the ref holding the jOlt tag team titles high into the air.

Brad Arnold had the mic again, but didn't sound so happy. "Ladies and gentlemen, this will be a one fall match for the jOlt Tag Team Championship," he didn't bother to explain further.

The ref had handed the belts back off to the outside and was walking over to the just-barely-standing Derrick Huber. He was trying to stall the start of this match, but Red was quick to walk over to the two man huddle and tap on his imaginary watch. Just seeing Red's face was enough to make the proud Oddsmaker mad enough to tell the ref to, "ring the damn bell."

The ref pointed.


Alexander Redding made his way to the apron and Teddy Jacobs made his way to the almost-definitely-injured Derrick Huber. For his part, Huber shoved Ted back on his first two approaches, but it was the lazy left he threw that Ted caught. Ted turned him around and nailed the rolling cutter!

On the Rocks!

Huber was on his back in the middle of the ring, but rather than make the pin, Ted walked over to Red, already climbing up to the top rope, and made him the legal man. Ted exited the ring via the suicide dive on the other side of the ring and collided with Roebuck.

Perched up on the top rope, Red took one last look and turned his back. Flipping and twisting he made his way through the air.

Everyday Oktoberfest!

The corkscrew moonsault hit the mark. Huber grimaced as Red recovered and went into the pin.





The ref didn't bother to raise his hand, but just point to Red as the winner of this 'match'. It was a fix from the beginning. A con that took both The House but Kaze as well. The PRI contract that they thought they should have held from the beginning and the jOlt Tag Team Titles that they coveted, Red & Ted had swindled to get it, but they had it now.

Grady grabbed the titles from the timekeeper and made his way around to Teddy Jacobs and Alexander Redding now at the base of the ramp. He gave one to Red, the other to Ted. They looked at each other, then their own reflections in the newly stolen gold. The crowd hailed boos and half empty soda cups down upon them, but they didn't seem to mind.

The final shots of this iPPV was of Charlotte, running past the new Champs and sliding into the ring. She propped Derrick Huber's head up onto her lap and looked with worry to Adam Roebuck, still down along the guard rails.

Fade to the jOlt logo

Winner: Red & Ted via Pinfall