"Welcome to Wired"

The sceen was pitch black except for a single turqouise underline blinking, representing a cursor. The sound of someone clacking away on the keyboard could be heard as words appeared on the screen

Process running......



A swirl of turqouise light bathes the screen as "Database" by Man With a Mission begins to play. We're taken through tunnels of circuits as an electric impulse. After many twists and turns through a computer system, the electric impulse arrives at the CPU which cracks with a turquoise light and explodes into the jOlt Wired logo.

We're taken inside the arena. The stage is set up with a large jOltvision in the center. Large wires and cables wrap around the edge of the screen and stream downward to the floor in large coiled piles. Each connected to a giant motherboard on each side of the screen.

The cables begin to shake as steam and smoke shoot out from them. All of the a sudden, turqouise pryo randomally blows from random parts of the motherboards to simulate the sparking of circuits. Eventually in a sparkler-type fashion, the motherboards become bathed in the pyro as a large wall of pyro explodes on stage. The camera then pans around the audience as the commentators welcome us.

--insert powers and burhman ish here--

Rainbow Serpent vs Nate Quartermaine

Rainbow Serpent had been struggling to find his place here in jOlt Wrestling. After piling on a few losses, he began to feel a bit frustrated. Even head trainer Vinny Zahorian issued Serpent an edict to better himself, giving him one final chance. That chance came at the expense of Rebellion member Nate Quartermaine. Things came to a head when Quartermaine walked out on his match with Rainbow Serpent on iNtense 112, only to return to lay waste to Rainbow Serpent. This is the way The Rebellion operates, but Rainbow Serpent refused to let The Rebellion have their way. Tonight, he takes on Nate Quatermaine once again.

“Down River” by Wilcannia Mob

The Australian rookie emerged from the back. He stood on the stage and drew a long breath before dropping down to one knee. Behind him, Head Trainer Vinny Zahorian, who just stood behind the rookie with a keen eye, not even acknowledging the fans.

Serpent headed into the ring as Vinny remained at ringside. Serpent warmed up as he awaited his opposition.

“I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne

The people booed as Nate Quatermaine came out from the back. As a member of The Rebellion, he needed to prove himself here tonight otherwise he’d face the vicious verbal lashings of their leader Jon Le Bon. Quartermaine hasn’t had much of an impact here in jOlt, even as part of The Rebellion, but when he saw Rainbow Serpent on the verge of weakness, he decided that he would try and redeem himself by driving Rainbow Serpent out of jOlt. He was already in hot water thanks to a loss to former world champion Eiji Kugasari on iNtense 110. Many saw this as Quartermaine’s final shot before Le Bon simply has enough of it.

Quatermaine stepped between the ropes and immediately charged at Serpent, drawing the bell from the referee!




Quartermaine swung with a wild right and Serpent immediately ducked it. The two turned around and Serpent opened up with heavy right hands, rocking Quartermaine’s head back! Quartermaine stumbled against the ropes when Serpent clotheslined him up and over the top rope and to the outside! Quartermaine slammed his hands down on the ring apron and paced back and forth at ringside, looking a bit peeved. Serpent dared Quartermaine to get back into the ring and Quartermaine did so, but Serpent was right there to meet him with clubbing blows to the upper back while Quartermaine punched away at Serpent’s mid-section.

It looked more like a fight than a wrestling match at this point, but Quartermaine needed this win, but so did Serpent. This match was about two wrestlers, each with pressure on them to win, and needing a victory here in the worst way possible! Quartermaine had the size advantage as he steeled his fists and with each punch, it lifted Serpent off the canvas silightly, driving him back first into the corner. Quartermaine continued with the body blows until the referee forced him back, but Quartermaine pushed the referee aside and swung with another heavy right, this time aimed at Serpent’s face, but Serpent ducked and the two switched positions in the corner. Serpent then let loose with a series of kicks in the corner followed by stepping up onto the middle rope, going for a high kick, but Quartermaine lowered his head and caught Serpent on his shoulders!

With Serpent up there, Quartermaine charged forward, looking for a Running Powerbomb, but Serpent countered by snapping backwards and hitting a Huracanrana, flipping Quartermaine onto his back! Quartermaine staggered up to his feet as Serpent took to the ropes. Serpent leapt to the middle rope and hit a Springboard Cross Body Block, taking the Rebellion member off of his feet! Serpent then held him down for the first cover of the match…



Quartermaine got the shoulder up.

Serpent stood and waited for Quartermaine to stand. He made his fingers into fangs and the people began to cheer. Quartermaine got back up to a vertical base and Serpent went for the Snakebite.. the two-fingered jab to the throat, but Quartermaine grabbed Serpent by the wrist and shook his head “no”, but as Quartermaine was taking pride in his intelligence, Serpent questioned how smart he really was by kicking him in the stomach. While Serpent was interlocked with Quartermaine’s hand, he charged the corner, walked up the ropes and twisted off with a lucha-style arm drag, taking Quartermaine down to the canvas!

Quartermaine staggered back to his feet as Serpent put him back down with a standing drop kick. Quartermaine got back up and was put down a second time with another standing drop kick! Quartermaine opted to roll to the outside, but Serpent wouldn’t give him time to breathe. Serpent got a full head of steam and flipped over the top rope, landing on Quartermaine’s shoulders, then flipping him with Dragoncanrana on the floor…


The people hit their feet and cheered as Serpent stood up and looked fired up as well. Serpent grabbed Quartermaine by his singlet and rolled him back into the ring. Serpent climbed onto the apron and grabbed a hold of the top rope. He flipped over with the senton and connected. From there he made another cover, hooking the leg deep.



Quartermaine kicked out again.

Immediately Quartermaine rolled back to the outside. He had to rethink he strategy here as this match has virtually been all Rainbow Serpent so far.Vinny yelled to Serpent to stay on him and he did just that by gaining momentum before sailing through the middle and top rope with a Suicide Dive, but…


Quartermaine NAILED a palm strike to the side of Serpent’s head after he side stepped the dive! Serpent hit the floor hard and grasped his right ear in pain! That could be the opening Quartermaine has been looking for since the opening bell to this match. Quartermaine picked up Serpent and whipped him into the steel ring post as the referee reached the count of five. Quartermaine rolled back into the ring happy to take a countout victory as Serpent writhed in pain on the floor. Vinny made his way over the Serpent, shouting at him to get up, but between the palm strike and the ring post, Serpent’s bell had been run pretty good.

Quartermaine stood back and grinned as the referee reached the count of seven. Serpent grabbed the apron and pulled himself up to his knees. The referee reached the count of eight as Serpent struggled to stand. The referee yelled nine as Quartermaine could just taste victory waiting for him, but Serpent, in one last burst of energy, rolled back into the ring just in time for the ten count. Quartermaine gritted his teeth and marched in, stomping down on top of Serpent to keep him grounded. Quartermaine taunted him a bit before pressing his boot against Serpent’s neck, illegally choking him. The referee gave him a five count, but Quartermaine didn’t break it until four. Quartermaine walked away and taunted Serpent to get up.

Serpent staggered up and stumbled back against the turnbuckles. Quartermaine charged in and rammed into him with a running body avalanche. Quartermaine backed up and charged in again, hitting another body avalanche. Serpent slumped down into the seated position as Quartermaine backed up and held his finger into the air to indicate he was going for it one more time. Quartermaine charged in and hit a low running drop kick, catching Serpent in the chest. Quartermaine dragged Serpent out of the corner and finally made his first cover of the match.



Serpent kicked out and the people cheered!

Quartermaine was a bit peeved, but he stayed on Serpent, placing him into a sleeper hold in the seated position. Quartermaine was trying to keep the daredevil grounded as he didn’t need Serpent bouncing all over the ring like he was earlier. Quartermaine had slowed this match down to something more along the lines of a pace where he can control and manipulate his opponent. Serpent tried to battle up to his feet, but Quartermaine threw him down to the canvas once again and this time, wrapped his legs around him, adding a body scissors to the sleeper hold which was on the borderline of being a rear naked choke.

Vinny hopped up and down on the outside trying to rally Serpent to crawl and reach for the ropes. Serpent saw his head trainer trying to get him into this and he reached out, but the ropes were too far away. Serpent began to drag Quartermaine with him as he inched closer and closer to the ring ropes. Serpent continued to reach out with each shuffle, hoping to get within reach, but they still seemed so far away. The crowd stamped their feet to try and give Serpent some support as he continued to fight. Eventually, Serpent was in reach, but before he could grab the ropes, Quartermaine released the hold, stood, and dropped an elbow right into Serpent’s lower back! Quartermaine stood and dropped a second elbow and then, finally, a third one. Quartermaine then rolled Serpent onto his back and made another cover.



Serpent kicked out again!

Quartermaine knelt there shaking his head before standing back up. He reached down and pulled Serpent to his feet where he headbutted him, sending Serpent backwards against the ropes. Quartermaine laid into Serpent with a pair of right hands before whipping Serpent across the ring to the opposite side. Quartermaine telegraphed a back body drop, but Serpent rolled off of Quartermaine’s back, hit a leg sweep from behind which put Quartermaine onto his back and then flipped into a standing shooting star press!!




Quartermaine kicked out!

Both men got back to their feet. Quartermaine realized that Serpent was on his second wind. Quartermaine quickly swung with a clothesline, but Serpent ducked and continued on towards the ropes. Serpent leapt onto the middle rope and moonsaulted off of it, but Quartermaine caught him on his shoulder! Quartermaine tried to switch Serpent into the fireman’s carry position, but Serpent slid down Quartermaine’s back and pulled him over with a Sunset Flip into a pin…



Quartermaine kicked away!

Both men rolled back to their feet, but Serpent went low with a basement drop kick, dropping Quartermaine to his knees. Serpent kipped up to his feet and then planted both boots into Quartermaine’s face with a seated drop kick! Serpent stood and pointed towards the corner! Serpent headed for the corner and climbed up top, but Quartermaine showed some of his toughness by getting back to his feet and knocking Serpent off his perch. Quartermaine climbed up and tried to hook Serpent for a Superplex, but Serpent held onto the top rope and blocked it. Serpent then punched away at Quartermaine’s mid-section and softened Quartermaine up in order to counter him! Serpent lifted Quartermaine high into the air and let him go, letting him free fall stomach first into the canvas! Serpent then stood on the top turnbuckle and leapt off…


Serpent rolled Quartermaine over and made the cover, hooking the leg…



Quartermaine kicked out again!

Serpent signaled for the end. He bent over and pulled Quartermaine back up to his feet. He hooked Quartermaine for a vertical suplex and landed it, but Serpent rolled through and tried to lift Quartermaine a second time, but Quartermaine blocked it! Quartermaine fired punches into Serpent’s ribs, breaking free. He spun Serpent around and shoved him forward, but he grabbed Serpent by the back of the tights and pulled him back in where he got underneath him, lifted, and spun out…


The Blue Thunder Powerbomb connected and Quartermaine held Serpent down with the cover..




Serpent kicked out and Quartermaine was beginning to get frustrated!

Quartermaine stood and picked Serpent up before scoop slamming him back down to the canvas. Quartermaine headed to the corner where he climbed up top and measured Serpent up. Quartermaine leapt off with the No Quarter… the Top Rope Senton, but Serpent rolled out of the way, causing Quartermaine to crash and burn down on the canvas!!

Quartermaine staggered to his feet as Serpent took off to the ropes. Serpent rode up on top of Quartermaine with a satellite headscissors, but he hooked the head on the way over and spiked him into the canvas with a Tornado DDT!! He then quickly barred the arm with a Fujiwara Armbar!!


Quartermaine was dead center in the ring and he almost immediately tapped out!! The people cheered as Rainbow Serpent just pulled out the upset, knocking off a member of The Rebellion!!!

Dean Carrington: Here is your winner… RAINBOW SERPENT!!!

Vinny rolled into the ring and raised up Serpent’s hand. It looked as if the slump was over for Rainbow Serpent. This win was something that he needed and he didn’t let Nate Quartermaine stop him from getting that much-needed victory.

Winner: Rainbow Serpent via Submission

Sarah Winterton vs Callie Scott

A grudge match was up next between two of jOlt’s top Starlets who couldn’t be more different if they tried. The prissy, elegant and cutthroat Sarah Winterton was the longest-reigning Starlet Champion in jOlt history. The other was an up-and-coming brawler who gained a cult following by the name of Callie “Scrapper” Scott. Winterton had been beaten twice in previous matches, but the Queen of the Starlets had struck back with a vengeance in the last two weeks by attacking Scott, giving her a royal makeover and then attacking her with a chair after Tammy Lynn Foster laid her out from behind.

Now it was Underground Rules. Who was going to go to the top? Would Winterton finally defeat Callie Scott or would the Scrapper take her out for a third time?

“The following match is set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced to the crowd. “This is a Starlet match and this will be contested with Underground Rules!”

Falls count anywhere, no disqualification up in this bitch.

“Octane” by Burnos.

The adrenaline-fueled anthem played and the crowd started to cheer for the brawler from Battle Ground. Two pillars of smoke billowed out from either side of the entry ramp and out came the woman nicknamed The Scrapper! A blue bandana was draped over her head as she approached the ring, adjusting her signature black elbow pad on her right arm with a sparking red skull and cross-bones adoring it.

“First, from Battle Ground, Washington, weighing in at 138 pounds… please welcome CALLIE “SCRAPPER” SCOTT!

The crowd started cheering as The Scrapper headed towards the ring meaning all business. She climbed up the steps and jumped onto the second turnbuckle, pointing to the sparkling skull on her elbow pad. Her lethal finisher was the Sliding D elbow that she called The Scrap Heap and she had cut a swath through The Hype on her way to the main roster. She had twice laid out Sarah Winterton and pinned the Starlet Division’s longest-reigning champion with it – could she make it a hat trick tonight?

The crowd was now jeering for the arrival of the personal assistant of the former Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing. She was getting ready to run her mouth… that meant fans were ready to hit the bathroom until she was done.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a mandatory standing ovation to a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the elegance, grace, and dignity of Queen Elizabeth… the fighting spirit of Joan of Arc without all the crazy… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… better hair than Michelle Obama… and the woman who will OBLITERATE… OH, HECK, NO…”

Callie Scott wasn’t going to sit there and listen to any more of Desta’s bullshit, so she ran down off the ramp and came after her to a big cheer from the crowd. Desta turned around and tried to run, but she was a big woman in high-heels so she wasn’t going to get very far…

“Nope, we ain’t doing this shit…” Callie said.

Desta tried to run some more, but Callie caught up with her at the entrance ramp and grabbed her by the collar of her blouse! Desta struggled when Callie tried to drag her to the ring…


Callie was preoccupied with punishing Desta that she didn’t even see Sarah Winterton rush out from the back and WHAM – BLASTED her in the back with a scepter!

Sarah Winterton stood tall at the top of the entrance with the scepter in hand as a weapon! The crowd was booing The Queen now as she stood over Callie and pulled the scepter up against her throat trying to choke the life out of her!



The Queen of the Starlets continued to punish the Scrapper on the ramp until she tossed the scepter aside and threw some more kicks to the head. He grabbed her by the hair as referee Kim Adams came down the aisle and officially called for the bell.


Winterton grabbed Callie by the hair and THREW her hard into the barricade with a vicious throw! Callie was writhing about in pain as Winterton motioned to Kim Adams to count the fall in the aisleway.

“Do it!” Winterton shouted.




Callie got the shoulder up, but Winterton sat up and began unloading with a series of vicious right hands to the top of the head. Desta followed shortly behind and cheered on her boss as she watched her pick up Callie and SLAM her into the opposite end of the barricade! Callie fell to her knees and cradled her back in pain while Winterton soaked in the jeers from the crowd and did a princess wave.

“My darlings, I will end this shortly and we can rejoice in my victory!”

When she went to pick up Callie again by the body, the Scrapper fought back with a series of hard punches right to the ribs! She continued to wail on her with more shots until Winterton caught her in the chin with a knee. Callie was doubled over when Sarah Winterton grabbed her by the neck and DROPPED her with a vicious Neckbreaker on the floor! Winterton limped as she was hurt from the impact herself, but Callie took the brunt of it and Sarah rolled over to try and finish the match early.




Callie still got the shoulder up, but she had yet to get out of the starting blocks with Winterton’s successful sneak attack at the onset of the match. An angry Winterton snatched her up again and threw her into the ring before commanding Desta to dig underneath the ring. No way she would subject herself to dirtying herself underneath the ring.

Desta nodded and threw up the ring skirt before heading underneath to find weapons. She pulled out another pair of scepters, a kendo stick tied up with blue and gold ribbons and a chair that had some decorations to look more like a throne…

…Okay, so maybe Sarah Winterton had come out here and put some weapons for her own personal use in this match. Desta grabbed the ribbon-covered cane for Sarah Winterton and her Queen headed into the ring to inflict more damage on Callie Scott.

She raised the cane up and tried to swing, but Callie rolled out of the way and she hit nothing but the ropes! The reverberation traveled through her hands and she dropped the cane, but the opening gave Callie what she needed to launch an attack by SPEARING her right out of her boots! She crawled over and dropped several blows onto the top of her head!

“You wanna jump ME, bitch?!” Callie shouted.

Callie rained down her own punches from the mount position and continued to rain down the vicious shots! Winterton was trying to defend herself by getting her hand up, but Callie grabbed her right hand…. AND BIT IT!

Winterton cried out in pain as the frenzied Callie Scott continued to bite down on her hand! The crowd was cheering her as she continued to punish the Queen with more right hands. Winterton ducked away from the ring and started to crawl away to escape from the ring, but The Scrapper wasn’t done with her by a long shot.

She rolled down to the floor with her and grabbed the back of Winterton’s head before SLAMMING her face-first into the announce table! The Queen’s skull bounced off the table hard and she slumped over while an enraged Callie cracked her knuckles. She took her by the head and now it was time for Sarah to get a nice introduction…

Sarah Winterton? Stairs.

Stairs? Sarah Winterton.

Now that they’d all met, Callie rolled over and tried to pin Winterton on the floor now.




Desta swung and landed a cane shot right between her shoulder blades to break it up! The shot stunned Callie long enough for her to try and launch a second attack, but Desta stood up and blocked the second cane shot. The Scrapper tossed the cane aside and shoved Desta down on her ass, garnering the biggest cheer of the match so far.

The Scrapper watched the portly lackey for the Queen try and get away, but a groggy Winterton was back up and she shoved Callie Scott right into the ring post!

The Scrapper was down again and Winterton used the brief break in the action to lean against the ropes to recollect herself from her opponent’s earlier assault. Desta was dusting herself off now and Winterton crawled over to where Callie hit the ground. She scooped her up and lifted her up before she dropped her face-first on the steel steps, Snake-Eyes style!

A sickening thud echoed loudly in the arena after she was dumped on the floor and now Winterton was in control. The Queen of the Starlets picked up the downed Callie “Scrapper” Scott and tossed her back inside the ring. Winterton followed her inside and went for a lateral press now.




“Three, you uneducated swine!” Winterton shouted. “Three!”

Adams looked offended as Sarah rolled over to pick up a chair and wedged it over to the corner between the second and third ropes. Looking proud of herself, Winterton rushed over and stood Callie up before grabbing her by the head. Her intention was clear as she tried to ram her into the corner, but Callie got her boot up on the corner to keep herself from getting spiked. She elbowed Winterton in the face and backed her off.

The Scrapper cocked an elbow back and swung at her for a Running Elbow Smash when The Queen ducked and dropped her down hard with a Jumping Neckbreaker on the mat! Other than Callie’s brief spell of offense, Winterton had been in control since her pearl harbor job at the onset of the match. She grabbed the leg of Callie and started to throw some good kicks to the knee joint.

“I’m going to break your leg!” Sarah screamed.

She turned and tried to apply a Figure Four and even threw in a little Wooo of her own that got no response from the crowd other than hating on her. Callie saw it coming though and kicked her off… sending her CRASHING face-first into the steel chair in the corner! Her own move had just cost her and Winterton got rolled up from behind!




It was a damn close one, but Winterton kicked out at the last microsecond! When The Queen of the Starlets struggled to stand, Callie clipped her in the side of the head with alternating elbow strikes. She turned around and lit up Winteron with a stiff Discus Forearm Smash that send her stumbling through the ropes.

Callie was feeling it now as she picked her up whipped The Queen off the ropes only to land a stiff kick to the gut on her return. The Scrapper charged off the ropes and sought an Axe Kick, but Sarah sidestepped that and wrapped both arms around her waist. She shoved her to the ropes…


The Scrapper held onto the ropes and Winterton rolled backwards until she landed on her feet. Callie turned around and charged when Sarah extended a led and SMACKED her upside the head with a high front kick! Callie was in a daze when Winterton rolled her up with a leg…


She used a Schoolboy pin only to roll her backwards so she hit the back of her head on the bottom buckle! The crowd cringed from the impact as Sarah dragged her by her leg out of the corner.





Desta protested with the referee to count faster, but Kim Adams wasn’t even entertaining the thought of giving her attention. The Queen rolled out to the outside of the ring and grabbed the steel chair with all the royal decorum on it and brought it into the ring with her. She slapped it on the ground and wound up like she was getting ready to swing again. Callie stood up slowly and was clutching the back of her head…


Callie ducked the shot and threw a low kick to the gut to double her over. She swung with another Discus Elbow, but this time Sarah ducked that and threw a European Uppercut underneath the jaw. She whipped Callie towards the corner and went charging full speed…


Winterton went down like a royal sack of crap in the corner and the crowd cringed from the impact as Callie Scott started to slap the canvas to fire herself up. She backed up to the other side of the ring as a slumped-over Winterton was trying to sit up...


She probably wasn’t sorry about the Corner Dropkick to the face of Winterton, but it looked vicious as all fuck and the crowd yelled with approval! Callie Scott pulled her out of the corner and hooked the leg!




Desta pulled Kim Adams’ leg and dragged the Starlet referee out of the ring! But with it all being Underground Rules, there was no such thing as a disqualification. Kim rushed back into the ring and Desta was right there on the apron…


An enraged Callie Scott FIRED a Superwoman Punch and blasted Desta right clean off the ring apron! The portly lackey for The Queen of the Starlets had her fucking lights turned out and all that was left was for her to turn her attention to The Queen. Sarah Winterton was just starting to get back to a seated position as Callie had a smile on her face. The crowd knew what was coming next…


Callie hadn’t seen it coming, but Winterton had whipped out her sparking brass knuckles – the very same pair that had won her first Starlet Championship in an Underground Rules match! She was caught in the gut when she came back and had the wind knocked out of her! The crowd was booing as Winterton rolled over and locked her up in a Cradle pin…




Callie Scott may have broken a rib after taking such a shot, but she was down and out and the crowd was jeering. She had this match won on at least two different occasions and had it not been for Desta’s constant interference, she would’ve beaten her for a third straight time.


The Queen of the Starlets limped out of the ring and kissed her life-saving brass knuckles. Her nose may have been broken after taking that kick as blood ran down her face, but Winterton had won out tonight. Desta was still unconscious, but she had played her part in this match and for her reward, Sarah Winterton reached into her pocket and threw down a wad of crumbled bills.

“I told you I was better than you, darling!”

Sarah blew a kiss in the direction of the laid out Scrapper and headed back up the ramp with a look of content. Callie turned around and held her rib cage in pain, seething with rage and pounding a fist on the mat in frustration that she had been duped. She wasn’t going to let this issue sleep.

However, on this, the final jOlt show of 2014, Sarah Winterton proved that she was still as dangerous as she had ever ben.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Pinfall

"gOlden bOy Invitational"

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; jOlt fans are stirring with excitement; they know what time it is: it’s time for the gOlden bOy Invitational. Diamond Jewelz, the very definition of a modern day superstar, neither heel nor face, but more loved than hated by “customers” and dissidents alike, is arguably the most polarizing figure in jOlt and this is arguably the most titilating segment from week to week lately; it has seen everyone from Hype rookies, to current world champions step up to the plate to challenge for Jewelz’s gold be it the gOlden bOy championship or the Relentless Championship; these 20-30 minutes on TV every week are so interesting not only because of the random contenders but also because of the nuances of Jewelz’s deal with Lee concerning the custom rules set of the gOlden bOy Invitational and it being almost totally outside of the jurisdiction of jOlt’s authorities outside of the fact that it is held every week in a jOlt ring. This is the definition of uncensored, out of control chaos, and its’ what makes jOlt authorities so nervous, and on the polar end, jOlt fans so excited to see what could possibly happen next. What has Jewelz nervous are the inconspicuous activities of Jewelz’s former beau and fiance,Ruby Rocks...Apparently she’s put a hit out on Jewelz, and the entirety of gOlden bOy promotions is on alert… Will Rocks send a hitman out to confront Jewelz? Does she even have a hit on Jewelz? That’s what Them M’fn Goons think but is this the case? Who will be Jewelz challenger tonight?

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is a steady jostling of tug and war, back and forth, between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; as usual, the ring apron transforms into golden and purple; the turnbuckles are replaced with gOlden bOy promotions paddings.

“I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a white suit and various articles of jewelry; his gold grill and greasy locks shine to the camera as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Eastsideeeee… Westside stand up.. . It’s now time for the main attraction of the night…. The gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“Introducing first.. He is mR. Twankle and Glisten… A champion of champions...He’s the one, the only…’ That nigga….’Mr. ‘RiseandShine’ himself,” The cheers and boos escalate!

“‘Mr. West Coast’… ‘Mr Bling Bling’.. The first ever CERTIFIED jeweler in professional wrestling… He is thaaa… ‘gOlden bOy’...... Diamond Jewelz “

The bass rifts from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulse into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the baby oil laden, twinkling and glistening “gOlden” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges, his various articles of jewelry complementing the light that bounces off the baby oil smothered on his chest and abs; he wears his signature purple tights, knee pads and boots with his yellow #sOdAmnSerious logo on each; his body drips in the shine not only of baby oil, but also from the gold and silver of his jewelry, and the many numerous speckles of light that line them; chief among all his pieces of jewelry are his gaudy gOlden bOy and Relentless titles, which are each around this waist, the Relentless Title at the top of the showcase near Jewelz’s sternum.. Diamond Jewelz strikes his usual pose, clenching his custom DJ chain and and then flaunting his craftsmanship by tapping the titles around his waist..,,, Jewelz makes his way down to the ring and then procures the mic from O.G. Simpson.

“What’s good.. What’s good… You what time it is… HAHAAAHAAA!!!”

Jewelz proclaims, laughing arrogantly as speckles of gold and green light emanate from his gril with every word.

“Same fly ass gOlden bOy Time… Same fly ass gOlden bOy channel.. Same motherfucking fly ass gOlden bOy Invitational…”

Jewelz screams into the mic.

“Whoever wants some… Come get some hoe!!”

And with that, the weekly challenge is issued. Jewelz drops the mic and begins to remove his many numerous articles of jewelry in the corner while handing them off to O.G. Simpson; simultaneously, the crowd bursts out into cheers of excitement; it is because unbeknownst to Jewelz, The Hype’s Shi No Ryu is racing down to the ring at a furious pace. The young daredevil slides into the ring and immediately does a ninja pose signifying his is readiness for battle. O.G. keys Jewelz to the fact that he has company in the ring, and Jewelz spins around quickly.. When he sees Sh No Ryu, he is aghast and it is because “The Black Cloud” had pinned him in a “gOlden bOy Invitational” match on the Hype, but due to a loophole in “gOlden bOy Invitational Rules”, Jewelz was able to escape the embarrassment of losing his gOld to a rookie on jOlt’s B-Show… Jewelz saw Ryu as an easy paycheck and neglected to give an adequate effort and it almost cost him.

At the thought of avenging himself, Jewelz face goes from being shocked to being flooded with anger. Jewelz’s thirst for revenge becomes obvious, and then the same flood of anger, at the idea of redeeming the most embarrassing moment in “gOlden bOy Invitational” history, transforms into a sort of twisted jubilation. Jewelz flaunts a million dollar grin at the rookie..

“What…. Really!!!”

Jewelz says in a mix of excitement mixed with vengeful anger.

“Good.. young boy.. I’m glad you came out... I’mma beat your ass this time.. Which title you want...” Diamond mouths to Ryu…

“Beat his ass Big Homie.. Don’t go easy on that Hoe this time…” O.G. Screams…

Ryu points to something on the outside… and then does the Aaron Rodgers Discount Double Check motion around his waist.

“What the fuck that mean bitch.. You want this to be for the Relentless Title??”, Jewelz screams.

Ryu does the belt motion again and nods, apparently signaling that it is in fact the Relentless Title that he wishes to compete for tonight… Jewelz confides in O.G Simpson and hands him the last few pieces of jewelry he was wearing.

“This ass whooping, will be taken by Ryu in hopes of gaining the Relentless Title.. HA HAHA!” O.G. screams over the mic.

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Shi no Ryu

Ring…. Ring… Ring…

The bell goes off and Jewelz charges in at Ryu with a fury.. Jewelz immediately unleashes a flury of punches and kicks to Ryu which backs him up and corners him into the turnbuckle.. Ryu’s back is against the turnbuckle as he weathers a vicious onslaught from Jewelz and this is looking very much unlike the match that transpired on the Hype a few weeks ago. Jewelz is taking no prisoners this time around and is establishing dominance over the rookie early; Jewelz looks the part of the seasoned veteran, and Ryu looks the part of the “green” Hype rookie. Jewelz transforms the mixed combination of strikes into repeated Steve Austin like kicks to the midsection and sternum.. Ryu slides down onto the mat in a heap.. Jewelz presses a foot onto the throat of Ryu… Referee Simon Boulder does not count… It seems obvious from the neglect of the count by Boulder that this match will be contested under No DQ rules under the stipulations of gOlden bOy Promotions custom rules set....

Jewelz removes his foot from the throat of Ryu, and then presses it back in.... As his masks hides his facial expressions The only signs of Ryu’s consciousness are the flails and squirms that his body goes into when he is chocked by Jewelz..

“I told ya’lll… I’m bigger than this shit,,,” Jewelz screams out arrogantly…

Jewelz screams out shining a blinging grin at the crowd to a mixed reaction, more cheers than boos… The fans are growing more and more akin to Jewelz and his brash, arrogant charisma each week.. How could they not. The jeweler’s blinging grin and dripping machsimo are extremely attractive, despite the jeweler’s sometimes viscous mean streak ... Jewelz scrapes Ryu up out of the corner and tosses him violently into the opposite turnbuckles sending Ryu to the mat face first, holding his back and kicking the mat in pain…Jewelz turns Ryu over and goes for the pin...



Right at 2, Ryu kicks out violently of the lazy pin by Jewelz.. Jewelz turns Ryu back onto his stomach and sinks in a Camel Clutch… The seasoned vet is continuing to target the back of Ryu... Ryu flails and flings his arms and finally is able to grab the ropes but there is no break by the referee.. This is no holds barred.. Jewelz continues to keep the hold locked in until Ryu is able to get enough of the ropes to break the leverage of the hold. Jewelz then releases the hold, but begins to put the boots to Ryu incessantly...

A flood of boos enters the arena and the loud bark of dogs begins to echo in the background.. Them M’fn Goons, Khalil Straightgully and Lattrell Samuel, the security team of Diamond Jewelz stand at the top of the ramp with two large Presa Canario dogs.. They begin to make their way down to the ramp, and quickly head over to O.G. Simpson for a briefing of sorts…

Back in the ring, Jewelz puts boots to Ryu and then climbs up to the top rope… Diamond arrogantly strikes a most muscular pose on the top rope to the cheers of his “customers” and the “jeers” of his dissidents.. Diamond seems to pose forever before descending with a Randy Savage type elbow..


He misses! To the agony of his gOlden bOy promotions mates on the outside, Diamond Jewelz misses the big elbow from the top rope and rolls on the ground in agony. Ryu gets back to his feet slowly and stands poised to strike,, Jewelz reaches his feet and Ryu lands a roundhouse kick to the body,, Then a punch to the head, then another kick to the body which each strike gaining a cheer from the crowd… Ryu winds up for a big strike and then...



Jewelz levels Ryu with a huge clothesline… At the same time, behind a gasping Jewelz, Them M’fn Goons slide a table into the ring.. Jewelz doesn’t see the table and goes to the top rope again. Ryu Gains his feet...

*CRACK* Big fist to the top of the head by Jewelz… Ryu falls into the rope… and bounces off to a.. viscous..

*Crown Jewel*

Ryu is down and out…

“I Stay Shining!!!” Jewelz proclaims as he does his signature pre-finisher pose.. Everyone knows what time it is now.. The jeweler has made quick work of the rookie who, under jOlt’s normal set of rules, would have pulled of the biggest upset in recent company history if not for Jewelz’s shady custom rules set...

*BOOM* A huge flash bang erupts sending green smoke clouding the ring.. The dogs that accompany the Goons begin to bark in a panic. Jewelz ducks down to the ground and covers his head as the bang was undecipherable from gun fire... All of the sudden, Them M’fn Goons storm the ring… Samuel rushes the downed Ryu with a barrage of blows, while Straightgully stand poised over Jewelz guarding his employer with his own body and swiveling his head looking for possible threats.. As the smoke clears and no threat can be found.. Gully nods to Samuel and gives another signal and then, from that silent communication, begins to set up the table..

“What the fuck is going!” Jewelz mouths…As he begins to come to...

Samuel scoops up Ryu after the assault and carries him over to the table… Straightgully hoists up the ‘Black Cloud’ and Samuel aids Straightgully in sending the masked man through the table… Jewelz is infuriated… He goes over and pushes Samuel and Gully in the chest..

“What the fuck was that… Get the fuck out of the ring… This was my fight.. ” Jewelz is furious… He pushes each Goon in the chest.. The explosion and the antics of Them M’fn Goons have tarnished his victory in his mind..

Jewelz clinches his dreadlocks in anguish. This was supposed to be his redemption fight.

“Fuck!!!” Jewelz screams in frustration. Nonetheless he mounts the top rope… He pauses for a second and then...

3,106.75 Carats… Devastating…




That’s it… Jewelz has gained his redemption, but not without the stain of interference tainting the pure fibers of what was meant to be a sweet plate of vengeance, Jewelz proved without a doubt that he was superior to the Hype Rookie who pinned him on the B show a few weeks ago, and that he was indeed jOlt’s mVp, its’, gOlden bOy. But what gives with the explosion… Is this a part of the speculated hit that Ruby Rocks has put on Jewelz. Was Ryu the hitman and was this his doing?

. As Ryu lay down on the mat, Jewelz and Them M’fn Goons begin to conference…Samuel and Gully talk to Diamond and point at the downed Ryu and Jewelz listens intently… Jewelz looks at the downed Ryu, who Them M’fn Goons are seemingly begging to be let loose on for another attack but Jewelz wants to hear none of it. He waves to hands at Ryu marking him as worthless prey to this den of jackals and then he directs the employees of his promotion to collect the dogs outside and head to the back…

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall

"Upholding the Crimson Standard"


The voice that transcended the revealing of the scene carried a seasoned tone into the heralded Inogami Clan Chamber. The Crimson Elite were seen sealing the chamber doors as an assigned few would remain seated in the position of seiza along each corner of the vast room. Mamoru was seen presenting himself before the seated cadre of fellow clan officers. The Blood Raven was seated atop the steps of the slightly elevated platform, flanked by both Takeshi & Heido.

MamoruEiji Kugasari replied to welcome the clan senior advisor. “What news do you bring?”

Mamoru cleared his throat briefly while searching for the respective expressions in The Crimson Order’s faces.

“Well, Eiji; there is still no word from Lord Kenshiro...” Mamoru mentioned.

The former jOlt Champion’s jaw shifted slightly as he slowly rose to his feet, looking at both Takeshi & Heido respectively.

“We know..” The Blood Raven replied while rubbing his Left Thumb against the length of his Right Palm. “There isn’t a moment that goes by that we have not used our collective resources to discover his whereabouts and condition. Apparently, his grievance with Providence remains as an immediate priority. One that will keep him segregated from our clan. We have become accustomed toward his demands for ‘addressing private matters’...No matter for this clan...will endure. It must....For now, I have assumed command in his absence not for personal gain yet for the preservation of all that we stand for...”

The young clan lieutenant general would slowly make his way down the steps.

“We’ve made many enemies as a collective.” The young ninja continued. “Some have opted to lie dormant where as most are within arm’s reach, all the more eager to pick us apart. We will hold the line...even with our very own lives...”

“Well, that is reassuring to know, Brother Eiji.” Mamoru replied while removing a lone cigar from his suit jacket pocket. “However, as the standing members of this clan, we still have to address the looming threat of ‘the Upstarts’...”

The Rebellion...” Eiji hissed as he turned his back toward Mamoru.

“Yes...” Mamoru continued. “The scraggly haired rodent with the Napoleon complex has set out a trinity of his troops to challenge our this evening. Tonight is a grand opportunity to display this clan’s might and superiority at their expense. Tonight is the night Heido & Takeshi reclaim what is rightfully theirs on the behalf of the clan and themselves....”

“Good.” Eiji replied. “We need to give them a taste of things to come. I am looking forward to see LeBon’s army crumble underneath our collective might.”

“Eiji...” Mamoru mentioned after expelling a healthy gust of smoke. “Respectfully, your ambition is an unstable element that warrants serious concern.”Not to mention, you are still being hunted by the ’Beast of Bangor’...”

Eiji merely waved his hand upward in slight disinterest of the clan advisor’s warning.

“Your concerns are noble, dear Mamoru...” The Blood Raven replied. “However, we are at war...and this is a matter of clan business. ’The Beast’ is my problem and mine alone. Rest assured in knowing that issue will be addressed in due season. Besides, Takeshi & Heido have my back as I do theirs. He may be a opportunistic coward yet I am quite sure he is wise enough to consider the consequences...especially right now...”

“Wouldn’t it be wise to have our scouts alert us to ascertain their current whereabouts?” Mamoru inquired as the young ninja motioned both Takeshi & Heido to casually stroll past himself & Mamoru en route toward the chambers doors.

“With all due respect, Mamoru; we could care less as to who it is...” The Prince of Puroresu rebutted as the eager duo made their egress from the chamber hall. Mamoru would muffle a heavy sigh before chomping on the cigar and following suit, leaving Eiji to contemplate the immediate future of the clan’s efforts...

"Crack Journalism"

A match with huge implications for jOlt’s leading husband and wife, Derrick and Charlotte Huber, was coming up next. Hand in hand with matching looks of determination on their faces, The Hubers were heading towards the ring for their scheduled match with The Rebellion’s own coupling, the Starlets Champion Raevynn and her boyfriend, Sebastian Saje.

“You ready, hon?” Charlotte asked.

Huber still had what happened to Adam Roebuck on his mind.

“They’re not going to be ready … not for what I’m bringing their fucking way tonight.”

When the couple rounded the corner, they ran right into the backstage interviewer Donny Layne who greeted them with a polite nod.

“Excuse me, Charlotte and Derrick, can I get a word with the both of you before your match next?”

The Sin City Strongman stopped in his tracks and took the microphone from Donny. The interviewer backed up a little bit, but Huber put up his hand to try and calm himself down.

“My man, I know that you’re trying to do your job and get a quick scoop before my wifey and I go out there and start stacking bodies, so I’ll go ahead and answer any possible questions that are going to come out of your mouth so we can get right to business.”

Huber raised a finger.

“Yes, it’s bullshit that mine and my wife’s respective title rematches that we’re still owed are on the line in this match. Yes, I am fucking SEETHING at what happened to all of us last week … especially watching what happened to Adam Roebuck, getting beat down like that. Yes, The Rebellion are working our last fucking nerves. Yes, Jon Le Bon is a manipulative little shit. Yes, things look pretty fucking bleak right now. Have I covered everything so far?”

Donny was about to answer but Huber talked over him again.

“But here’s what’s going to happen: Yes, Charlotte and I are going to go out to that ring despite whatever tricks The Rebellion have planned. Yes, we’re going to make them fucking pay for what they’ve done to us over the last month. Yes, we’re going to go out there and hurt these assholes. Yes, we’re going to keep our title rematches where they belong. Yes, we’re going to either RIP those belts from their fucking hands or make sure that they don’t stay champions for long. Sweetie, did I miss anything?”

“Just one, sweetie …”

She took the microphone.

NO … there isn’t a damn thing that Saje or Raevynn can do to stop a motivated husband and wife tonight.”

She pushed the microphone into Donny’s chest and she and her husband marched toward the ring. Their match was coming up next.

Derrick Huber & Charlotte vs Sebastian Saje & Raevynn

For weeks, The Rebellion had been throwing their collective weight around and as of Death Wish, The House and Charlotte were both caught in the middle of it all as they were cheated out of both their jOlt Tag Team Titles and the Starlets Title. Sebastian Saje was key to helping cheat Charlotte out of the belt that many felt she helped to make. Saje was victorious in a lumberjack match where members of The Rebellion were the lumberjacks themselves, but now the Hubers were out for blood. Tonight, The Hubers had to win or their rightful rematches to the respective titles would be forfeit.

“Where is the Edge” by Within Tempation.


The hatred was loud for the Rebellion’s Starlet contingent. She had pulled off the unthinkable and she had pulled out a major upset over the two-time champion Charlotte in order to win the title for the very first time at Death Wish. Now she was going to be in the same ring as the former champion she stole the belt from. She stopped short of the ring.

“Rescue Me” by Coldrain played and brought out the last member of this four-person matchup. The match would be intergender rules which meant anybody could wrestle each other. Men or women weren’t safe from one another’s wrath tonight. Saje and Raevynn shared a kiss before they walked hand in hand to the ring both looking smug at the booing fans. Raevynn entered the ring first and Saje jumped over the ropes. He was a star athlete among the hungry young members of The Rebellion and looked confident in their chances of victory.

Five Finger Death Punch’s “House of the Rising Sun” played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former three-time jOlt Tag Team Champion appeared from the backstage area. The muscular fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his gorgeous wife anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion.

The crowd was certainly pro-Huber tonight on what was the final jOlt show of 2014. At last year’s Wired PPV, the House had been screwed out of the tag team titles, but the men that did it – Red and Ted – were nowhere to be found after Roebuck injured them. If Derrick Huber and Charlotte had their way, he would do the same thing to Saje and Raevynn. They entered the ring …

And they were attacked at the bell!

Saje went right for the husband Huber while Raevynn went for the lovely wife. In separate corners the members of the Rebellion split off and attacked the members of The House. Raevynn delivered kicks to the stomach of Charlotte and pinned her in the corner with a boot as Saje continued to attack The Sin City Strongman with some vicious kicks and punches.

The attacks continued in each corner when Saje and Raevynn met each other in the ring and exchanged a passionate kiss with one another.


“Eat it, haters!”

The Rebellion members were having the time of their lives right now as both Hubers sat in the respective corners licking their wounds … or so Saje and Raevynn thought.

Raevynn turned around to eat a boot right to her face from the taller Charlotte! The Vegas Vixen grabbed her by the head and tossed her from the ring and while Saje turned around to get gut punched by the massive Derrick Huber. He took him by the back of the head and with an angry look on his face, buried several right hands into his gut.

“You fuck with my family and you get fucking hurt…”

Huber grabbed Saje and slammed him on the ground with a standing spinebuster before he took him by the legs. The crowd was cheering and Sebastian tried to shake himself free, but Derrick Huber wasn’t having any of that shit. He was going to bust out an old favorite tonight.


Huber’s version of the classic giant swing had Saje trapped and before he knew it he was being spun around. The crowd counted along with each rotation as Charlotte counted along and held up fingers.

”1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10!”

The Starlets Champion Raevynn tried to get into the ring again to save her boyfriend, but Charlotte cut her off at the pass with a baseball slide kick to lay her out on the floor!

”11… 12… 13… 14… 15… 16… 17… 18… 19… 20!”

On the twentieth rotation, he LOBBED Sebastian Saje towards the outside of the ring and chucked Saje right through the ropes sending him out to the floor right next to his girlfriend! The crowd was going crazy as The Hubers were standing tall in the ring. Derrick Huber was about to walk to the outside and finish what he started when Charlotte grabbed him by the arm.

“Hon … fastball special?”

Huber raised his eyebrow at his wife, but then he decided that if she wanted to do this, then he would. She jumped right into his arms and he pressed her just as Saje and Raevynn were trying to stand. The crowd cheered as The Sin City Strongman went to finish …

Charlotte dove onto both of them on the outside!


The crowd was all in support of the two-time former Starlets Champion as she stood and celebrated with the crowd. The Hubers were in control now and they were about to continue punishing their offenders. She threw Raevynn into the ring and now Derrick Huber retreated to the corner while Charlotte rammed her head into the opposite corner. Raevynn got herself introduced to the top and middle turnbuckle several more times and snatched out of the corner so Charlotte could throw her up and over with a suplex. Charlotte turned over and went for the cover on the champion.




After Raevynn shot her shoulder up, Charlotte pulled her up and whipped her into the far corner. The Vegas Vixen charged right at the Starlets Champion but the quicker wrestler slipped through the ropes which led to Charlotte hitting nothing but the turnbuckle. Raevynn started climbing to the top rope and came off with a flying clothesline that took down the former two-time champion.

“You will never have my title!” Raevynn yelled in her face.

Raevynn pulled her up again and she muscled Charlotte back into the corner where Saje was just now starting to come around after being tossed around by Derrick Huber. She made the tag to Saje and the mouthpiece of the Rebellion started to look towards Derrick with a contempt filled scowl. Saje grabbed Raevynn by the side and threw her right into Charlotte like a missile, hitting a shoulder right into her gut!

The former champion was doubled over in pain as Sebastian Saje stood over Charlotte. He could’ve attacked her per the rules of the match, but he decided to have a little fun. Charlotte tried to crawl over to her husband, but Saje grabbed her by the jaw and held out her hand.

“You better come in here and tag her, Derrick!”

The big gorilla of a man tried to come into the ring, but Huber was held back by the referee. Saje dragged Charlotte back to the corner and held her up by the arm so Raevynn could come into the ring and deliver a heinous slap across her face! Charlotte was brought down and Raevynn followed that up with a seating dropkick to the chest that knocked her flat on her back. The very confident Raevynn followed up and went for a cover.




Raevynn sat Charlotte up after the cover and kicked her in the head a few more times to stun her. The Starlets Champion picked her up and tried to set her up early for the TEARS Breaker, but Charlotte elbowed her way free from her grip. Charlotte was heading to the ropes for another attack, but a spinning back elbow from Raevynn clipped Charlotte quickly!

Huber showed some concern for his wife as Sebastian Saje looked on approvingly at his woman. The former champion tried standing again when Raevynn quickly fought up with a big time move. She doubled Charlotte over with another big kick to the head and then locked in a cravat …


Raevynn dropped Charlotte on the mat with her signature neck breaker variant and this gave Raevynn another opening to keep Charlotte away from her championship.



Close, but no cigar!

Raevynn was in control now as Derrick Huber stomped about the ring apron trying to find a way inside and root on his wife. Huber slapped the turnbuckle while Raevynn tried to pick her up again. Raevynn charged from the ropes herself and tried a tilt-a-whirl but Charlotte tossed her away. The champion landed on her feet …


The taller Charlotte kicked her in the side of the head with her discus big boot and now both ladies were down. The crowd cheered Charlotte to get over to her corner and get to her man while Raevynn tried to get over to her boyfriend. Sebastian Saje was waiting as Raevynn crawled over out of instinct to tag him in first. Saje jumped into the ring and tried to get at Charlotte by grabbing her by the leg. He tried to pull her back, but the tall Charlotte executed a forward flip, rolling Saje into a nasty right hand from The Sin City Strongman.

He was looking glassy eyed on his feet as Charlotte skirted past Sebastian Saje to get the tag out to her big husband! Saje got lifted on top of Derrick’s shoulder and the power man chucked him right into a corner as he rapidly buried shoulder blocks into the chest of the Rebellion member. He lined back up a few steps and charged before running right at Saje with a lariat in the corner that drove the wind right from his lungs.

Derrick Huber carried himself all the way across the ring with good speed for a three-hundred pound man and he came back with a big running lariat in the corner a second time. The shot rattled Saje so bad that he fell to the seated stance in the corner. Huber dashed across the ring a third time and came back …


More of Derrick Huber’s eclectic offense was coming out, proving he was far more than some simple muscle-bound oaf. He grabbed a leg and he forced the smaller Saje out of the corner before he tried to cover him.



And a kick out from Saje!

Huber and Charlotte needed this win badly if they wanted to keep their rematches for their titles in their back pockets. Derrick was about to grab Saje when he freed himself from Huber’s grip and rocked him with an impressive superkick aimed right at his jaw! Huber wasn’t taken down completely by the shot, but it stunned him enough so Saje could follow up with …


The dropsault kick was more than enough to get the big monster right off his feet and now leave Saje the opening that he needed to take control from here. Instead of covering he went right on the attack pummeling Huber with right hands on the ground as a pained Charlotte now watched on at the punishment being delivered. He jumped off and delivered a front flip leg drop off the ropes to go for a cover.



Huber pushed Saje off of him with a cover. Saje had almost beaten both members of The House in back to back weeks, but it was not to be. Not yet, anyway. Saje came back and landed another low kick to keep Huber grounded before he locked in a grounded version of the old abdominal stretch submission as he twisted the neck.

“Tap out! Just give up!”

He knew that Huber wasn’t going to do any such thing, but Saje continued to lock in the hold anyway while Charlotte tried to cheer her big husband on. The crowd was in the corner of Clan Huber as The Sin City Strongman started to sit up to a knee. He went to his knee and Saje tried to fight with the hold, but Huber got his fist up and landed a couple of stiff shots to his gut before simply throwing him onto his back with a hip toss!

Saje was on the ground holding his back in pain as Derrick Huber stood up and tried to shake away the pain he was in. He charged right at Saje when he felt a pair of arms grab him by his leg. Raevynn tried to grab his leg to save her boyfriend, but Huber pulled the Starlets Champion into the ring. The distraction was enough though for Saje to rush at him and land a running double knee into his back. The blow stunned Huber enough so he could connect with a big time leaping DDT.

The blow nearly caved Huber’s skull in after the DDT variation landed! Saje was in control again and he moved over to go for the cover.



Close, but no!

The Hubers were still going strong which pissed Saje off to no end. Saje had a task to get Charlotte and The House out of The Rebellion’s hair and a win here would keep them away from the championships that The Rebellion had in their grip. Saje went to the first rope and dropped a big leg drop across Huber’s neck.

Step one of a combination called the Sebastian Special was under way. He jumped to the second rope now and held out his hands for the crowd before leaping off with flipping forward leg drop! Step two was complete and all that was left was the rarely seen but all dangerous shooting star leg drop … Saje was heading to the top rope while Charlotte bit her lip, showing concern for her husband …

The move missed!

Huber had just rolled out of the way and Saje landed badly on his tailbone! A pissed-off Saje fell backwards onto the mat and slammed a fist as he writhed around in pani. Saje was needing to get to his corner again and Roebuck was needing to get to his wifey. Lucikly for Raevynn that her boyfriend was fairly close to the turnbuckle as she rolled over to the corner. Saje was tagging to Raevynn while Charlotte was tagged for her team!

Charlotte was back up already and took Raevynn back up again to throw her towards the ropes. She swung at her again and the challenger ducked underneath the oncoming shot. Raevynn turned around only to get a spear for her troubles followed by jumping on her with a barrage of right hands.

The Vegas Vixen was standing again and was being cheered on by the crowd as she pulled Raevynn up and sent her once again to another corner. The Starlets Champion reared back and charged with the intention of taking her down, but Raevynn had different ideas and reached up to kick Charlotte in the face. Raevynn jumped to the second rope and flew off with a head scissors in mind, but Charlotte held onto her and dropped her into a seated powerbomb!

Raevynn was down and Charlotte pointed to the ropes with another big move in mind. She headed to the second ropes and she jumped back onto Raevynn …


The second rope springboard moonsault landed and she finally caught her rival with a big move. She hooked both legs.



Close, but no cigar!

Raevynn shockingly kicked out and the crowd got a little bit deflated. Charlotte held up three fingers up to the official but it was only two that she got after that big sequence of moves. The Vegas Vixen slammed a hand on the mat and she was trying to put an end to things. Charlotte set her up again trying to finish her off with the Queen of Hearts …

Raevynn backflipped out and landed on her feet. Charlotte turned around and the challenger made her pay with a kick to the gut followed up with a harsh implant DDT that nearly caved Charlotte’s head into the canvas. Raevynn turned Charlotte onto her back and tried to win to keep her away from her belt!




The Vegas Vixen kicked out yet again!

Raevynn angrily forced Charlotte up and tried to set her up once again for the TEARS breaker DDT that won the championship for her at Death Wish, but Charlotte shoved her backwards and sent her off to the corner. Charlotte turned around and tried to stop her when Sebastian Saje got in her way and blocked her from hurting his girlfriend!

Saje SHOVED her down to the ground!

The crowd was all over The Rebellion member, but now Derrick Huber stepped back into the ring. Saje tried to attack him with Lights Out, but Huber held onto him and threw him backwards into the ropes. Saje came back right into the path of an angry husband …


A discus clothesline all but wiped out Sebastian Saje and he fell out of the ring after the impact. Raevynn jumped onto Derrick’s back and wrapped her hands around his neck, but Huber grabbed her and shook her right off into Charlotte’s grip. She wasn’t going for her regular finisher The Queen of Hearts. This time, she had Raevynn locked up by both arms …


The new move from Charlotte was an elevated double underhook turned into a double knee gutbuster! The crowd was amazed with the impact from the move as Charlotte rolled over to hook both legs of Raevynn.




The Hubers had just saved their respective title rematches tonight and got themselves some revenge for what happened to Adam Roebuck on the last episode of Intense! More importantly, Charlotte had just pinned the Starlets Champion in the middle of the ring to prove that she could indeed beat her.

Charlotte jumped into the arms of her husband and planted a kiss on his lips before he raised her over her shoulders to cheer the crowd! An outraged Sebastian Saje was holding his neck and kicking at the guardrail on the outside. This was a setback that The Rebellion could not afford. He pulled Raevynn out out of the ring and took the Starlets Title with her, helping his girlfriend to the back.

Inside the ring, The Hubers were celebrating with a big kiss. While the titles still belonged to the Rebellion, they at least struck a blow to prove that they were still very much in the fight.

Winner: Derrick Huber & Charlotte via Pinfall

"Click Up"

The camera catches up with the entirety of the gOlden bOy promotions company speaking seemingly simultaneously and fervently backstage along with the two massive dogs.

“I told you.. I told you it was them ninjas… I told you we had to look out for them ninjas.. I told you big Homie..” Gully screams…

“That’s why we came down there with the dogs off the jump.. I knew what was going down, just by how that bitch was talking..” Gully continues... “Man them wasn’t no ninjas young boy.. I’m telling you.. The Rebellion got it out for us…” Samuel talks over Gully..

“Nah… What we need to be doing is finding that bitch.. She the key.. She the one who put the hit out.. If we find the bitch we’ll know exactly who did it.” O.G. states emphatically

“What we need to find the bitch for? Ryu is a ninja fool! He ain’t official Igonami yet, but I mean he got the mask, the get up… A bomb went off… This shit is elementary.” Gully screams

“We need to talk to Le Bon and them and make peace or make war… Them old Hype boys been targeting all the gOld in jOlt and I bet you next big Homie… That’s why Lee probably put you on the Hype in the first place.. You know he in with them niggas” Samuel interjects..

“Silence!!!” Jewelz screams. Immediately everyone in the promotion is silent.

“Men… We gotta go to the drawing board… All war is based off deception my niggas! Maybe whoever this is after us wants us to think it’s the ninjas or the Rebellion so they can hit us hard .. We gotta click up, and just keep our camp tight!!! This is obviously war… We gotta click up my niggas! Make sure our shit is tight.. And first and foremost, protect this gOld...”

Mack Brody vs Orphan

The camera panned to the announce table where Nathan Powers and Michael Buhrman were about to give the rundown of the next match and its particularly unique set of circumstances coming up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, happy holidays and I’m glad that you chose to join us here tonight!” Buhrman said to the camera.

“Way to kiss their ass, buddy,” Power quipped. “But let’s get on with the next match! This one is going to be a physical one, no doubt!”

“You got it. “SuperMack” Mack Brody has been hunting for the man that put his friend and stablemates, the Heirs of Wrestling, out of action and at Death Wish, it was revealed as Orphan aka the former Seymour Almasy. After weeks of Brody being attacked by the dangerous Orphan that led to the fall of All-Star Championship Wrestling, the challenge was issued and made for a rarely-seen Empty Arena match right here in the Arena of Champions.

Powers nodded.

“And it’s all UNSANCTIONED my friend. jOlt and any of its affiliates do not endorse this match and will not count towards any records. Likewise, jOlt and any of its affiliates will not be held responsible for any physical injury that would befall either of its competitors. Mack Brody wanted his one shot at this and after weeks of poking the bear, Orphan gave it to him.”

“We can’t forget Orphan is of one wrestling’s craftiest men. As Seymour Almasy, he cut his teeth wrestling giants and succeed a lot of the time. As Orphan, he was responsible for the demise of ACW after inciting a riot at a Seattle show. No other company wanted to take a chance with this company and eventually they folded. Now to the match… Mack has the size and power advantage, but Orphan’s very own unpredictability can negate that. He’s gone this far to get at Mack and the Heirs all because of their ties to ACW. We’ve not seen this footage, so this will be the first time that we’ve seen this all take place. Let’s go to the match that was filmed just hours before we went on the air…”


The chyron appeared on the screen of the Arena of Champions where Mack Brody was standing at the top of the ramp with referee Darius Underwood and a sole cameraman at his side. He had been waiting months for the chance to get at the man who injured his friends and now he was finally going to get it. The sole cameraman followed Brody and Underwood as they walked down to the ring.

No Orphan in sight.

“So do you really think he’s going to show?” Underwood asked.

“I’m sure,” Mack said. “That little son of a bitch wouldn’t have gone to as much trouble as he had to just no-show this thing.”

Underwood nodded as they both climbed into the empty ring. No fans in the stands. No entrance music, no pyro. Just an official and a pissed-off monster in the ring waiting for the chance for revenge.

“looking for me?”

SuperMack scanned around the vicinity to see where the source of the raspy voice was coming from… until he turned behind him. A smaller man in a hoodie had slinked from underneath the ring and stepped inside…

“let’s do this…”

Orphan was out of his fucking mind, but he was unpredictable as Nathan Powers had pointed out I the video package. But now he walked into the ring like he had not a care in the world…


“No… you’re done fucking talking…”

The fal’cie gasped for air as Brody raised him up…


Underwood gasped and actually looked unsure of what to do, but the only rules agreed upon for this match was to count a pinfall or submission anywhere these two men went. No disqualifications or countouts in this bitch. It was the most rudimentary of heel moves, but it was effective nonetheless and Orphan now stood his ground proudly while Mack tried to do what he could to get his sight back.

“I think I’ll keep on talking, thanks. I look forward to wiping out the last vestiges of acw. Just like I did to your friends…”

After he was done pontificating, Orphan attacked the legs right away of Brody and looked to pick off the left knee of the big Philly Powerhouse with round kicks. He fired off several more into the joint. Brody swung wildly, but he still couldn’t see and therefore, his attacks missed. Orphan continued to smile and act like a general jackass as he sidestepped each shot and watched SuperMack stumble around punch-drunk.

He chopped the massive leg of Brody with one Chop Block that brought SuperMack stumbling a little bit. He ran off the ropes and did a second one. Brody still didn’t go down so Orphan took to the ropes a third time and finally got Brody off of his feet with a Basement Dropkick to the knees! Mack stumbled around to the ground and held the joint in pain as Orphan laughed.

“you big rube… this was easier than I thought..”

Grabbing hold of SuperMack’s right leg, he threw a quick series of kicks to the joint, before dropping down to apply a kneebar. Brody’s immense size allowed him to reach down and grab the head of Orphan before he fired a punch downward and SMACKED him good! He fired another series of punches into his face until Orphan decided to back off and stop getting punched. He had a good starting strategy as Brody headed out to the floor.

The camera man followed Brody as he reached around underneath the ring to find something he could use to either wipe out the mist or wash it out. One side of the ring yielded nothing so Mack headed to the other side while Orphan separated himself from Mack. He was on his knees when he found a concessions cart conveniently placed. He felt a bottle of water and dumped its contents into his eyes.


Little fucker indeed.

While Brody was on his knees, Orphan ran the length of the apron and flew off with a Flying Knee Strike that caught Brody square in the face! Orphan took a second to recover from his landing before he snapped at Underwood to attention.

“Get here and count, you little shit.”

Orphan ducked down and tried to pin Orphan immediately.



ONLY a fucking one-count before Brody THREW Orphan off of him, sending him flying backwards near the barricade. When he tried to stand again, Orphan was snatched up by Brody and LEVELED with a Shoulder Tackle that sent him skittering across half the length of the ringside floor by the empty announce table.

Everything hurt that much more when it came from this monster. He wasted no time in getting Orphan off his feet and ripping the hoodie off his body, revealing the ugly “O R P H A N” tattoo sprawled out across his belly. Brody turned him around and threw him said belly-first HARD into the announce table! The wind was knocked out of Orphan as he fell over, but Brody grabbed him by his hair. The fal’cie skipped around trying to get himself free from SuperMack before he CHUCKED him the opposite way, back first into the ring apron!

There was no pinfalls from Mack Brody attempted just yet – he didn’t come here just to get the pinfall on him. He came out here to punish the perpetrator behind the Heirs of Wrestling’s assault. He picked Orphan up off the ground with a press and got himself a running start before THROWING him through the ropes where he crashed into the ring!

Mack climbed back inside and went after Orphan. He thought after his opening salvo that he had got the big man off his game, but the mist seemed to only piss him off once he washed it out from his eyes. Brody could see just enough to get inside as Orphan tried to slink away. He grabbed the ropes trying to get to the floor but he pulled him back into his grip.

“Say something. I dare you.”

Orphan opened his mouth to retort….

And got a punch in the fucking face for his troubles!

“Shut up.”

The former ACW star fell to the ground after a vicious shot, but Brody snatched him right back up. He pulled him back and now he was up again in the Press Slam position. He was aiming for the crowd and with no crowd to act as a barrier, he would suffer some serious injuries…

Orphan slipped out!

He landed behind Brody and when he turned around, another Dropkick caught him in the leg. The work from the previous attack on the leg was enough to bring Brody down. He was left in the vulnerable position of being Double Underhooked…


A grounded version of his Double underhook DDT DRILLED Brody and sent the big man into the canvas. Orphan gloated once again and now he was going for another cover on SuperMack.




Another big kickout, but this one wasn’t as forceful. Orphan glared at Underwood and suspected some sort of game at play, but he went back to punishing Brody. He jumped and DROPPED a Double Foot Stomp into the back of his head!

Brody kicked around the mat frantically now as the fal’cie looked pleased with himself at his actions. The ACW Killer immediately rolled free of the ring. He needed something to work with to deal with Brody and weaponry seemed like a good idea. Rummaging around under the ring, the legendary former Almasy pulled out a weapon that would be necessary for the main event between Jesse Ramey and Landon Stevens…

A ladder!

Sliding it into the ring, Orphan grabbed hold of it. Mack Brody was up, a bit dazed, but still moving towards the fal’cie, arms high to block any sort of headshot with the ladder. The problem for Mr. Brody, though?

Orphan wasn't aiming high.

He swung the ladder like a baseball bat, struggling a bit with the awkwardness of the action, but crashed the steel right across SuperMack’s kneecaps! This time, there was no hesitation. Brody dropped, tumbling over the ladder in the process!

“Midas” Mack Brody was in trouble now as he held both his knees in pain but not in that funny way that happens to Peter Griffin on Family Guy. There was nothing funny about what was happening here tonight and with Orphan having the control now, he was going to finish Brody for good.

Brody climbed to the outside now and was looking to create some of his own distance from Orphan, but the angry Final Fantasy followed.

“oh, no, we’re just getting started, my big gold friend…”

He landed a rather stiff Thrust Kick to the leg of Brody and brought him down to the ground in front of the ring. He grabbed hold of the injured leg, and began to drive it down onto the ladder repeatedly. Destroying the vertical base of SuperMack seemed to be the key strategy of Orphan's battle plan. Mack, though, reached up with his GOOD leg, and clobbered Orphan in the face with a kick as he went to repeat the ladder to leg plan. Brody reached out, long arms grabbing the ladder.

What followed wasn't pretty, but it was simple and effective.


That was the sound of an angry Brody simply THROWING the ladder at Orphan, catching the fal'cie squarely in the face with the damned thing. Orphan fell to the ground like a shot, and Brody reached for the ring skirt, using it to pull himself back to his feet.

There was no crowd to feed off of tonight, but Brody didn’t need them. Not tonight. He wanted this one chance to get at the Final Fantasy and he would do whatever he could to fuck him up and get his much sought-after payback.

Brody was limping on one good leg, but he grabbed the ladder and threw it down to the ground. The Philly Powerhouse reached over and pulled a now-bleeding Orphan to his feet only to THROW him backwards again, with a one-and-a-half legged Fallaway Slam into the nearby barricade!

The move took a good amount out of Brody, but it was good enough and Orphan looked way fucking worse. He was hunched over in pain on the barricade. Brody rolled over a few feet and finally crawled over into a cover.




Orphan was a tough man himself and the man he was before this nigh-demonic façade was a man who endured wars with a who’s who of wrestling talent. Everyone from hall of famers, dangerous men, big man, technicians… and he’d survived them all. But unfortunately for him, he was dealing with the wrath of a pissed-off man fighting for the well-being of his friends. Mack grabbed him…

Up went the fal'Cie.

Down went the fal'Cie.


Brody wasted no time covering. The longer he spent in this fight, the more it could possibly favor Orphan and his legendary stamina.




He had just barely kicked out again of being thrown across the floor. Orphan knew that this unsanctions Empty Arena match could get very out of hand, very, very quickly. Crawling over to the ladder, he pushed it out of the ring, lest Mack be able to use it more. That, though, left the Killer of ACW alone outside the ring with no weapons against a three-hundred pound monster who was coming towards him fast…

What was an Orphan to do?



It was a last-ditch effort, but it was a pretty good one. Mack Brody was doubled over from the pain, giving Orphan a chance to figure out just what the heck to do with SuperMack. As it turned out, Orphan had a pretty good plan B. One that he unearthed from within his tights: handcuffs, mothafucka.

The fal'Cie moved quickly while Mack was incapacitated, clasping the handcuffs around both wrists, leaving Mack's arms cuffed together in front of him. Mack shoved him away, but Orphan snickered now as he took the key and tossed it into a row of empty chairs about nine rows back. It was clear that the former Final Fantasy had a few tricks up his sleeve.

"got you right where I want…”


There was nothing remotely fancy about that shit. Mack Brody simply reached up and SMACKED Orphan across the temple with a huge standing boot to the face. Orphan went down hard, and Mack moved to cover. He tried to crawl over and simply laid back first across the fallen Orphan on the floor.




Even cuffed, Mack wasn’t going to be denied his fucking revenge. Orphan attempted to pull himself back up to the corner, but The Bronze Bomber there, firing off a short kneelift to his face with his good leg followed by a second one that had him bouncing up the entrance ramp.

Seeing an opportunity to make his weight work for him, Brody limped over while Orphan was staggered and tried to get at the keys on the other side of the ramp, but Mack Brody was clipped at the legs yet AGAIN as he tried to step over the barricade!

The impact sent Brody tripping over the barricade and falling into a whole mess of chairs on the ringside floor! SuperMack writhed around in pain and as a gritty and determined Orphan climbed over the ropes. He picked up one of the chairs while a handcuffed Brody remained on the floor and bared a toothy grin.



Brody's huge left knee took the full brunt of the nasty, and the fal'Cie wasted no time bringing the chair up a second time…


And one more time as he raised the chair…


Three consecutive repetitions of the chair had even had the ultra-tough Mack Brody reeling and he may not have been able to stand after all the punishment the kneed ha ta. Orphan patted the chair before he climbed to the top of the barricade. He remained poised with the chair over his head and laughed.

“say goodbye to your brain matter…”


If there would have been a crowd, it would’ve been cheered en masse. There would’ve been a fucking awesome replay showing him blasting him in the face with his cuffed hands, cutting open an even bigger gash in the face of Orphan, but there was none of that.

Brody’s signature strike didn't have the power or momentum that it usually did, but SuperMack balled his two fists together and thrust them forward with whatever he could muster, knocking the Orphan out of the sky with the big Axe Handle. He hit hard enough, in fact, that Orphan's body bounced off the mat, and slid out to the floor, prompting an audible curse from Brody.


Brody headed back up the aisle and looked among the untouched sea of chairs to see if he could find the key while a groggy Orphan tried to stand, figuring out what the fuck else he could pull out to finish bringing the knee of Brody into dust. He watched Brody try to stand again and noticed his eyes light up. He had found the key that Brody had found in the crowd. He ducked down when Orphan scrambled ove with a chair…


He FRANTICALLY swung the chair about two or three more times into Brody’s back. The blows hurt him some, but he STILL had the strength to get up and turn to face Orphan. He swung again when Brody used his handcuffed hands to knock the chair out!

As the big guy got back up, though, Orphan threw a prone kick to the knee joint that staggered Mack just long enough for Orphan to scissor the injured leg. It took a bit of doing, but finally, the drop toe hold took effect, sending Brody plummeting again into another pile of chairs!

Brody was now writhing in pain again as Underwood tried to hurry over and get to the two men battling it out along the ringside floor. Orphan took some effort, but he rolled Brody over and moved his handcuffed hands upward as he tried to pin him among the rubble.




It was a very awkward kickout for sure, but Brody had moved his shoulder up and seethed in pain. He was still trying to recover from being tripped up into chairs, which gave Orphan time…

Time for something awful.

He ran back out to the ring and pulled out underneath he guardrail and pulled out his signature weapon….


The blood of many a men had been spilled on that chair. Orphan smiled and limped around looking more confident as he reached o the With the object d'torture in hand, Orphan felt much more confident as he rolled back into the ring. For Brody, getting up was considerably harder with his arms bound, but he was vertical by the time Orphan brandished the weapon.

Once again, Brody' hands rose to protect himself from a match ending headshot.

Once again, the fal'Cie went low.


Injured knee, meet barbed wire chair.




The first date went so well, why not try it three more times, right? The full-force shots had Mack on his knees, clutching at the injured joint in agony! He had come to this battle in street clothes, but now the around the left knee had been shredded both his pants and probably parts of his skin!

And, that left Mack Brody's skull wide open for the fal’cie to take a step back, wind up like a baseball player, and swing for the fences…


Brody ducked out of what was probably instinct! Before Orphan could get himself readjusted after almost slipping, another boot caught in the chest, knocking the chair out of his hand. Brody then grabbed his cuffed hands and put them around Orphan’s THROAT!

The very weapon that he had used to try and secure Brody were now looking to be his undoing as he tried to strangle him profusely with it! Brody’s knee may have been torn to shreds but he was STILL going with no sign of stopping…

Orphan kicked the knee out of desperation! Again and again and again!

He got the fuck away from Brody and climbed over more piles of charis as Mack was left kneeling again…

“fuck you… I will walk away from all this… try and get your revenge knowing that you could never truly beat me… that I’m still out here.. ”

Orphan laughed quietly to himself as Underwood looked confused at Mack. But by sheer virtue of the rules, there was nothing against Orphan simply leaving. He would deny Mack Brody his vengeance another way as he headed up the ramps and tried to exit one of the ground floor doors…

“’Hidely-ho, motherfucker...”

Orphan was SHOCKED at the face on the other side of the door as the cameraman zoomed in on the door…


His ankle was still being wrapped up in an air cast, but he was standing in the doorway none the less. When Orphan realized this, he let out a sigh of relief and laughed.

“what are you going to do, gimp all over me?”

He walked towards Ryan Gallway and sought to go after the ankle that he’d worked over two months back, but there was something else in the door. The crowd who was watching all this unfold DID cheer…


And a right hand!

Frank BLASTED Orphan right between the eyes and sent him stumbling. The Heirs of Wrestling weren’t completely a hundred percent, but they were in the house! Mack turned and smiled.

“Nice to see you, bitches.”

Ryan tipped his cowboy hat while Frank gestured at the fallen and stumbling Orphan. He turned around with Frank and Ryan in front of him and a PISSED off Brody limping in his direction. Orphan hissed and turned around.

“you coward…” Orphan pleaded.. “three-on-one… does the almighty supermack really want to win this way?”

Silver, Gallway, and Brody glanced at one another…

“Do you even KNOW who the fuck we are, asshole?” Ryan snarked. “We’ve bene doing three-on-one beatdowns to people for like the longest time!”

Some laughter erupted from the viewing crowd. But the most alarming thing to Orphan was that Brody was devoid of handcuffs, but he also had the key…

And now the handcuffs were in his hand…

And now they were on Orphan!

He was restrained and tried to fight his way from Brody, but SuperMack gritted his teeth with a chair in hand…



A VILE fuck of a chairshot nearly caved Orphan’s brains in and dropped him to the ground! The crowd watching the recording of his clusterfuck of a slugfest cheered! Orphan was down and barely conscious when Mack picked him up. He limped to the ring with Orphan in his arms and made the trek back down to the ring. He was forced back up into the ring while Frank and Ryan cheered him on in the background…

Mack had his own contingency plan which showed that he came into this battle with a plan just as Orphan had done. And now in the ring, Orphan shook his head with his handcuffed hands in front of him, but Brody looked at him contempt before BURYING a knee into his gut…


The ring shook violently and the impact was so great that Orphan slumped all the way over onto his back. Orphan was down and out as Mack rolled him over and hooked the legs.




This unsanctioned and wild brawl was finally over…. MACK BRODY HAD WON THE MATCH!

As the stipulation was laid out, this would not be in any record books. Mack was responsible for his own health and well-being, but he had overcome Orphan trickery and came back with a little of his own to win this fight.

He raised his hands in the air as Frank and Ryan slowly headed to the empty ring to cheer on their friend. Mack kept his eyes on the unconscious Orphan…

“Don’t you EVER fucking come near me or my friends again or a whole lot fucking worse will happen to you.”

Mack nodded and he, Frank and Ryan dapped fists with one another in a bid of solidarity before they all exited the ring with Ryan limping away. For tonight, anyway, the Heirs were back in full force…

and hopefully the threat of Orphan would go away for good...

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"Simply Unacceptable"

The scene opened backstage. Jon Le Bon was simply LIVID. He had Nate Quartermaine by the throat along with Sebastian Saje and Raevynn standing by watching


He turned his attention to Raevynn..


Le Bon looked at Saje..


Cross the Hood strolled up with the tag team championships on their shoulders.

“Whoa, brotha. You need to calm down. We still have our match and ta’night.. we gon teach them ninjas a lesson that they’ll never forget… a lesson that will make a statement.. a statement that says The Natural Athletes won’t be the only team from The Hype to pin their shoulders to tha mat!” said Cross.

“I don’t care…. I DON’T CARE” yelled Le Bon. “All of you say the same thing over and over again. I will do this.. I will do that… they won’t survive.. and yet they do.. you lose.. you constantly lose.. you never win and you never back up any damn thing you say…” said Le Bon while gritting his teeth.

“Yo boss… it ain’t gonna be like that..” said Hood before Le Bon held up his hand.

“Don’t say another word. I know it’s not going to be like that later on because I am going to personally see to it. Come hell or high water… you two will be walking out with your tag team championships… even if you can’t get the job done yourselves. I will not have The Rebellion embarrassed any further by failure after failure.”

Le Bon turned and stormed off. The five of them simply gazed at each other. What did Le Bon have up his sleeve for the jOlt Tag Team Championship match later tonight?

Jeremy Ryan vs Eiji Kugasari

The ongoing crowd chatter would continue as Cameras 22 and 18 would casually trade panning views of the animated legions whom were brandishing jOlt memorabilia for all to see. A number of fans were seen dressed as renown wrestling personalities; Mack Brody...’Kodiak’ Vic Creed...Graphic Violence...Citizen...Even the likeness of Sweet, Sweet, Lovin’ that many within the vicinity were further hyping up the crowd before the attention was centered back toward the ringside area. Standing within the squared circle, the incomparable Dean Carrington would remain standing by in the ring’s epicenter to formally conduct his job...

Carrington: “The following contest is schedule for 1 Fall with a 30 minute time limit...”

“A Man” by Cypress Hill began storming out of the state of the art PA system ruthlessly to ignite the vivid battery of strobe lighting along the entire entrance staging area. A tsunami of jeers would crash against the gorilla position long before the self professed ”jOlt’s Last Real Man” flung the curtains back and defiantly sauntered out before the resentful masses to silently stoke the flames higher. Sporting his loose MMA-styled fighting shorts and fingerless gloves, the stout man beast would slowly scan the horizon before allowing a gradual smirk to form across his lips...

Carrington: “Introducing First; he hails from Bangor, Maine...Weighting in at 254 pounds...This is ’jOlt’s Last Real Man’! JEREMY!!!! RYAN!!!!

The unrepentant brawler would be seen hopping in place in a boxing styled fashion before thrusting his chest outward to generate massive plumes of pyrotechnical rage from each flank. Several miniature explosions would conclude the brief introduction before Jeremy began power walking down the rampway en route to the ring. Not one to play to the people, the self admitted asshole would storm his way up the ring steps, quickly pass though the ropes before anxiously laying siege to his kingdom within the covered cables. The fight atmosphere remained thick as he arrogantly maneuvered about within the ring before scaling the nearest turnbuckles to further agitate the crowd. Mockingly grabbing his testicles and extending middle fingers would only inspire the masses to yell back at him louder as he inaudibly barked back in kind. Referee Mike Hunt was seen keeping a healthy distance from the ’Beast of Bangor’ as he made his descent and started loosening up his extremities before tugging at the ring ropes. The musical introduction would slowly fade out of earshot, leaving the crowd to angrily voice their displeasure onto their assigned target...

Crowd: “...BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)...BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)...”

Ryan’s jaw drew rigid from the massive waves of animosity before he started gnashing his teeth and broadening his eyes. Still bearing the notable scars from his jOlt Underground Championship bid at Death Wish, Jeremy would be seen fighting back the urge to implode before the entire arena went black. On cue, the gathered legions would cheering with a scattered number of incandescent lights shining throughout the stands. ”Dawn Awaits” - Extended Version would begin its gradual ascension that triggered the jOltvision screens to activate. A seamless collage of Japanese lore and Puroresu symmetry would be proceeded by the Blood Raven passing through the strobe lit smoke to initiated his premeditated series of martial art katas before leaping into the air with a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick to a ‘punch’ against the steel grating. The rise of several reddish plumes of fire were immediate as they ravenously devoured the darkness before the arena lighting would promptly return. Immersed in the hues of predominant Crimson with Onyx & Pearl trim, the Prince of Puroresu would gradually rise and extend his arms outward to bask in the adulation before centering his focus on his most ardent pursuer...

Carrington: “...and his opponent...representing The Inogami Clan; from the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is ’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!!!! KUGASARI!!!

Popping the bones in his neck, Eiji would soon begin his trek onward toward the squared circle as his opponent was openly seething from within. An inaudible session of ranting was cast at the young ninjas as he stood his ground a few feet in front of the ring apron before casually making his rounds along the outside. Ryan would continue training the ninja from the inside yet Eiji would motion for the referee to keep his burly adversary away from the middle of the ring steps before approaching the ring apron. Jeremy would feign innocence with both hands partially up as Eiji casually passed through the ropes before Ryan angrily shoved the referee aside and pounced on the Japanese export. The barrage of Clubbing Forearms, Knee and Forearm Strikes would batter the ninja clan officer before the referee physically interceded. The crowd continued taunting the Bangor Bull as he cast aside Referee Mike Hunt to lay hands on the ninja once more. The Running Bike Kick sailed past a spinning Kugasari whom would lean Jeremy forward with a Pele’ Kick before kipping up and drilling his prey with a stiff Back Elbow. An angered Ryan would miss with the strong Back Fist before being force fed a stern Upward Kick to the face! The Twilight Dojo disciple was palming his face briefly as he staggered backwards while the nimble ninja started firing back with the Crimson Sword Dance. However, the shoot fighting impresario countered the Open Palm Strike with a violent Overhead Head & Arm Suplex! The impact led to the young ninja rolling near the bottom ropes as the spry brawler quickly sprung to his feet and kicked the young ninja off the ring apron. Another salvo of unified boos would shower the Strong Style Tank as he grabbed the senior referee by the scruff of his collar a few paces before returning his attention toward the recovering Eiji.

Jeremy merely broadened his base while resting his palms atop each knee as a grimacing Kugasari would stagger his way erect before Ryan arrogantly backed away and motioned for the former jOlt Champion to get back in the ring. The crowd continued to cheer the ninja on as he cautiously made his return yet the Beast’s uncanny speed was displayed a Running Knee dangled the ninja atop the middle ropes before holding the ninja against the top ropes and battering him with several stiff Knee Strikes to the Ribs before draping him across his broad chest. “HOW ABOUT YOU SUCK MY MOTHERFUCKING DICK?!” Jeremy exclaimed to a fan before hurling Kugasari airborne with a High Fallaway Slam! The Inogami Clan officer grimaced from the impact as Jeremy quickly reclaimed his footing, scaled the nearest turnbuckle before jawing at the disrespectful fan from within the crowd. Referee Hunt was seen using the ring ropes to stand himself up before drunkenly flailing his Left Arm to call for the opening bell...


Ryan would again lurch down ready to strike while briefly leaning the referee against the turnbuckle beside him as the Prince of Puroresu struggled to reclaim his footing. A TB Avalanche would sandwich the ninja against the corner before briefly backing up to taunt his nimble target with several intentional Minoru Suzuki-styled Open Handed Slaps before shuffling back and reeling the dazed ninja in to send him sailing across the ring with a Biel Throw. The legions continued to fuel Ryan’s growing hubris as he extended both arms outward while rearing his head back before stalking after the Japanese hot head. A disrespectful shove to the back of the head dropped the young ninja face first before Jeremy playfully pushed Eiji forward with a Boot Heel to the buttocks. Again, Ryan would disrespect him in similar fashion before being snatched up into a Rear Waist Lock. The Japanese export would desperately begin landing several alternating Back Elbow Strike to loosen his captor’s grip yet it only angered Ryan to launch him with an expedient Release German Suplex. The nimble assassin would land in a crouched posture to sprint after the quickly rising Jeremy...Blunt Force Trauma - A stiff Shining Wizard landed flush against the jaw sent the 250+ pounder staggering backwards and through the ring ropes to the outside. The ailing ninja would briefly shake the cobwebs free from his head before prepping himself to go airborne. The limber ninja would sprint toward the opposing cables before sailing over the top rope...The Screaming Eagle - A Running Arabian 1 to an Arabian 3/4 OTR Corkscrew Senton...However, the surly brawler would bear the brunt of the ninja’s weight by rolling through into a staggering Inverted Waistlock before hoisting his prey up and punishing him with a Running Ring Apron Powerbomb! The audience groaned while Eiji awkwardly stumbled forward from the impact before being hoisted upward and unceremoniously flung over the barricades with a Running Gorilla Press Toss into the crowd!!

THIS IS MY HOUSE, MOTHERFUCKER!” Ryan exclaimed amidst the rising chorus of fecal chants as he briefly rubbed his jaw & flexed his pecs before intentionally interrupting the referee’s count. An inaudible conversation was had before Ryan returned to the outside and went on the hunt for the Japanese prodigy. The ailing ninja would staggered forward before draping himself over the barricades where Ryan would rear back a stiff Right Hook across the jaw to drop him onto the padded earth. Immediately, Ryan would grab the ninja by the scruff of his neck and sternly careen him against the ring steps to ensure Eiji staggered forward and landed onto all fours. Grabbing him by the back of his neck, the arrogant Alpha Male would whip Kugasari back inside the ring before making the Tombstone Pin...1! ...2! Eiji jerked his shoulder off the canvas where Kugasari was desperately defending himself from an onslaught of Crossface Punches before catching the fleeing ninja to lock him down with a Waki Gatame - A Standing Fujiwara Arm Bar yet the resourceful former jOlt Champion would begin landing stiff Punches against the side of Ryan’s knee before a stern Forearm Strike would force Jeremy to turn him loose. The Bangor native was seen slightly hobbling from the attack, leading the Blood Raven to briefly wring the pain from his arm before landing several consecutive Buzzsaw Kicks to the injured area before using a precisioned Basement Dropkick to knock his broader opposition off his feet. Ryan was seen quickly rolling back to a hobbled vertical base yet the relentless ninja dropped him to a knee with a stiff Snap Kick under the kneecap before following up with a Switchblade Kick across the back of his attacker’s head! Groggily, Jeremy was seen hobbling forward in a heavily lurched posture to use the ring ropes to aid him back to his feet as Eiji angrily smacked him across the jaw with a Spinning Heel Kick to careen him against the neutral turnbuckles before assaulting him a torrid hail of Martial Arts Kicks & Strikes. Uncomfortably left on the offensive, Jeremy sent Eiji backwards with hard Shove into a Reverse Somersault yet the ninja quickly returned Flying Forearm Strike before sprinting toward the opposing corner and blasting Ryan with a Running Dropsault. The crowd rallied behind the Blood Raven as he returned to violently sandwich his enemy with A Leaping Double Foot Stomp!!!

Ryan crumpled down to a kneeling posture against the corner as the rejuvenated ninja began standing on the middle ropes and stomping the shit out of Jeremy’s chest & head before the referee peeled him away from his target. The Japanese hothead merely waved the referee off en route to extend his advantage yet the opportunistic Ryan dropped the ninja with a stiff Front Kick to the midsection. Shrugging off the accumulated damage, Jeremy would use a Vertical Drop Suplex atop the upper ropes to dangle his prey to receive several Clubbing Forearms across the lower back before gradually standing atop the middle ropes. The Arena of Champions were openly clambering at the sight of the burly brawler suspending the Blood Raven airborne with his patented Delayed Superplex!...

Crowd: “....8!! ...9!! ...10!!”

MAN UP!! and the Ibara, Japan native would careen soundly against the mat and began pushing off his feet with sheer anguish as Ryan sat up and broadly smiled at his prey’s misfortune. However, the initial smearing of blood by his own hand from the bridge of his nose would gradually cause his blood to boil. Inaudibly, the Strong Style Tank would stand himself erect and stand atop Eiji’s Left hand to hurt and humiliate him before obliterating him with Man Down! - A Side Death Valley Driver! The Blood Raven was heard panting amidst his ailing condition where his oppressor would remain kneeling with both arms extended in arrogant showboating fashion before hooking the ninja’s leg deep...1! ...2! 2 ½! Jeremy’s jaw drew rigid as he hovered over the reeling ninja as he grabbed the kneeling Kugasari upward into a Standing Leg Scissors and teased the crowd with a ‘throat slashing’ gesture before hoisting the ninja upward. However, the reluctant Kugasari desperately kicked his legs about before dropping back down to a knee. The angry Ryan began landing some menacing punches to each rib cage before trying again yet the deft aerialist would use the momentum to float up and over to stumble forward against the turnbuckles. Immediately, Ryan snorted before bull rushing after his target yet missed with a Flying TB Avalanche Attack that left him stumbling backwards a few paces. Seen favoring his back, Eiji mustered up the strength to connect with a menacing Super Kick! The blow left Ryan on spaghetti legs as he drunkenly waved his arms about to cling to his wavering balance as a Spinning Roundhouse Kick briefly dropped the ‘Beast from Bangor’ to a knee before a Running Koppou Kick would level the leaning Pillar of Bangor! The crowd were heard willing Kugasari to reclaim his bearings as he gradually stumbled his way over toward the nearest turnbuckle to drape his chest atop the turnbuckles before dragging himself upward. Meanwhile, a groggy Ryan would gradually push himself up vertically before a soaring Kugasari grounded him with Hanzo’s Comet - A Front Flipping Seated Senton (Molly Go Round)...Cover!




The sheer force of the kickout would send Eiji stumbling forward and landing onto all fours before he slowly reclaimed his vertical base. Defiantly, Eiji would be seen reeling the ‘Beast’ upward to his feet before hoisting all 250+ pounds across his broad shoulders yet the pain from his back dropped the ninja down quickly to both knees yet Ryan angrily shook his head to steady himself before hooking the ninja with a Double Underhook and drilling him with several Knee Strikes before hoisting the young jOlt prodigy upward...

A Real Man’s Finisher - A Jumping Piledriver

The audience groaned as Kugasari’s lifeless body bounced off the mat before landing soundly shortly away from Ryan quickly swivled about to hover over his fallen prey. Clutching his head, Ryan gradually stood himself erect with a burning sense of resentment for the ninja lieutenant general’s burning spirit. Referee Mike Hunt would inaudibly converse with the arrogant human bulldozer yet was sorely amused by the faint pawing of his fighting shorts by the ninja’s hands before swiftly spiking him into the canvas with a 2nd A Real Man’s Finisher - A Jumping Piledriver! Now the rabid fans began booing Jeremy out of the building as he inaudibly jeered at the fallen ninja from a seated posture. “SO YOU’RE A CHAMPION, HUH?” Ryan exclaimed. “IT’S TIME FOR SOME KENTUCKY FRIED BLOOD RAVEN, MOTHERFUCKER! GET UP!!!” The Bangor native yelled repeatedly as the motionless ninja remained strewn out near his feet. Arrogantly, he would walk over to the distance turnbuckles and crouch down against to the turnbuckles to playfully mock his opposition to ‘make a comeback’. “COME ON, BITCH!! THEY WANT YOU TO COME KICK MY ASS!!! I WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT TOO!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THAT FUCKING SPIRIT?!!! HUH?!! LET’S GO!!! COME ON, EIJI; LET’S FUCKING GO!!!” It would be Referee Hunt whom would kneel next to the fallen Kugasari whom remained motionless throughout the assault as Ryan stood over the referee and began instructing him that ‘Eiji hasn’t had enough’. The brief argument was resolved by the referee intentionally waving his arms and calling for the bell. That lone action triggered a heavily mixed reaction as Jeremy Ryan held his arms out demanding an explanation for the ref’s decision before another inaudible argument ensued. In sheer defiance, Ryan placed both hands on his hips and nodded as the referee produced his argument before Ryan nodded in compliance. Immediately, he would snatch the ninja upward and spike him into the canvas with a 3rd A Real Man’s Finisher - A Jumping Piledriver and the crowd became livid as his actions summoned another round of bell ringing to cease the madness. The unrepentant Bangor native would offer a smug epression toward the audience as he planted one foot atop the fallen ninja’s shoulder blades while holding his nuts with his right hand. An extended middle finger was displayed before the gathered masses in ‘celebration’...

Carrington: “....Due to Referee Stoppage, the winner of this contest is JEREMY RYAN!!!

A hail of trash would be seen sailing into the ring where a victorious Ryan would parade a set of extended middle fingers before clasping onto the top ropes and extending his tongue outward in dramatic fashion leading to a maniacal fit of laughter. “A Man” by Cypress Hill would angrily stream from overhead to send the crowd into a heightened booing frenzy as Ryan perched himself atop the opposing turnbuckles and celebrated his greatness. Meanwhile, the referee would flash an “X” sign that would summon both medical and ringside personnel out fomr the back to attend to the motionless Kugasari. Arrogantly, Jeremy would clear a path through the oncoming ensemble before turning around and back pedaling toward the back with a pair of middle fingers. Camera 3 would soon focus on getting proper coverage of the ailing Eiji.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Knockout

"Setting an Example"

"This is rather convenient" said a voice.

Out from the back came "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon to boos from the crowd. Eiji was still down and out on the canvas as Le Bon made his way down to the ring slowly as if he were stalking his prey.

"Nate Quartermaine couldn't get the job done against Rainbow Serpent. Sebastian Saje and Raevynn couldn't get the job done against Derrick Huber and Charlotte. I stated that Cross the Hood will make up for their failures.. I guaranteed that they will remain the jOlt Tag Team Champions and later tonight, you will all witness that first hand, however..."

Le Bon walked up the ring steps and onto the apron. He leaned against the ropes and looked into the ring at the fallen Eiji Kugasari

"I wasn't there at Wrestlecade when my Rebellion made an example of you. I didn't get a chance to get my shots in. As of late... you and your Inogami Clan have been nothing more than thorns in my side. You know what happens to thorns in my side? They get removed... just ask Chris Titan."

The people booed that statement

"It seems that I'm the only one in The Rebellion who can consistently get things done around here. I've worked too damn hard to see my revolution fail. I've sacrificed too much to see it all fall apart. It's very clear that if The Rebellion are going to succeed, I'm going to need to carry each and every one of them on my backs otherwise they will stumble and fall on their own. I must be their pillar which supports them as a whole and since I could send out Seraph or Michael Donavan, or any number or combination of The Rebellion... I know that they would just fail.. just like they did so far tonight."

Le Bon stepped into the ring.

"So.." said Le Bon as he walked over and knelt down next the Eiji Kugasari, gabbing him by the hair. "I've decided that I'm going unleash a little pent up rage on you. I'm going set an example for all the members of The Rebellion about how they need to step it up.. and most importantly.. I'm going to use you as an example to what will happen to the rest of the jOlt faithful who don't obediently roll over and let us step over them to take our rightful places at the top of this compnay."

Le Bon tossed the microphone out of the ring and pulled Eiji up to his feet. Eiji surprised Le Bon by punching him in the stomach, trying to mount an offense, but all of that was halted quickly when Le Bon drove a knee into Eiji's stomach then clubbed him over the back of the neck where he recently landed thanks to Jeremy Ryan. Le Bon then hooked Eiji by the head and dropped him chin first over his shoulder...


Le Bon popped up and shook his head, mouthing the words "I'm not done yet".

He pulled Eiji back to his feet and delivered another toe kick. He hooked Eiji's arms after placing him between his legs. He lifted, spun and sat out with an Angel's Wings...


Le Bon rolled out of the ring and headed to ringside. He grabbed a steel chair from the time keeper's position and rolled back into the ring. He placed the chair over Eiji's neck and then headed toward the corner. Le Bon got up onto the top turnbuckle pad when the crowd erupted!






The clan came out en masse and Le Bon hopped to the apron, to the floor, and over the barricades into the crowd as the Inogami Clan hit the ring and surrounded Eiji, protecting him. Le Bon smirked because the damage had been done.. he just didn't get to see it all the way through, but he still got to Eiji and he still put him down. That was enough in Le Bon's mind. Satisfied, Le Bon went up the stairs in the arena and exited. The Inogami Clan helped Eiji out of the ring as the announcers recapped what just happened and ran down the story or our next contest.

Derecho vs Sayber

Sayber started off as a rookie a little over a year and a half ago when The Hype was transformed from an interview show into a full-blown league under the jOlt umbrella to feature up and coming superstars. Sayber had the first five-star match on The Hype against his former Rebellion stablemate Michael Donavan. His talents would eventually lead him to becoming the first-ever Hype Champion. During this time, Derecho was embroiled in a feud with Sylo. Sylo caused great damage to Derecho’s psyche and it left him vulnerable and prone. Sayber saw this and decided to take his shot at gaining a main roster spot, cashing in his stipulation that comes with being Hype Champion, on a weakened King of Hell.

That didn’t bode well for Sayber as Derecho awakened and sent him to the hospital. Sayber was injured to the point where he had to be stripped of The Hype Championship mere days into his reign, ending a historic moment for jOlt and for Sayber himself. Sayber wanted revenge. He rehabbed his way back to health and at the 2013 edition of Wired, he challenged Derecho to a rematch. The match was downright brutal and Derecho, once again, defeated Sayber and went a little too far, sending him back to the hospital.

Four months later at Wrestlecade, a once again rehabbed Sayber returned as part of The Rebellion when they made their debut. Sayber was promised by Jon Le Bon, who had not been revealed as the leader at this point, an opportunity to face Derecho now that they were on the main roster. Month after month went by and Le Bon’s promise was never kept. Sayber finally called Le Bon out on the promise and Le Bon denied him, calling Sayber selfish for using The Rebellion for his own personal vendetta, rather than being a true part of the team. Sayber had had enough and left The Rebellion, going to straight to Damien Lee and taking matters into his own hands.

Finally, one year later after his last match with Derecho, Sayber challenged the King of Hell, and Derecho accepted. The third meeting between these two was set. Sayber said he was a different person then he was in 2013. Could this be Sayber’s night or will Derecho completely destroy him once again?

“Sabertooth” by Yasuharu Takanishi

The crowd stood up and cheered. The lights in the arena turned red, but on ramp leading down to the ring, it illuminated with red claw marks. Sayber stepped out from the backstage area wearing a white and red robe with a hood. There were red claw marks on the robe and on the back, there was a fierce looking red tiger face. Sayber knelt down at the top of the entrance ramp and pulled back the hood, revealing his red tiger mask. Sayber then looked up toward the ring and reached out to it, almost as if it was symbolic of reaching out towards redemption. Sayber then stood up and walked to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope. He climbed a turnbuckle and posed for the crowd as flashbulbs went off. He hopped down and waited as his music died down.

The arena went dark once again. A heart beat could be heard throughout the arena. It started off faintly and it grew louder and louder and louder. With each beat, the lights flashed a crimson red. All of a sudden, as the heartbeat pounded, the stage slowly ignited in fire. Once the stage was lit…

“King of Hell” by Helstar

The song skipped the long intro. As soon as the chords of the guitar hit, Derecho rose up from stage on a platform. Derecho was dressed as the grim reaper for this event!! Derecho sported the black cloak and hood and he even held a scythe in his hand. When Derecho fully rose, he pulled back his hood and revealed his traditional black skull crown. Derecho took the scythe and when the singer began his climatic metal scream at the beginning of the song, Derecho slammed the scythe down into a holder in front of him and the flames on the stage rose high into the air. The music kicked in as Derecho shed the robe revealing his wrestling attire. Derecho made his way to the ring as people actually applauded that entrance despite the fact that they loathe and hate Derecho.

Derecho walked up the steps and entered the ring where he removed his mask and passed it off to ringside. Derecho looked ready to do as did Sayber. The arena returned to normal as the two of them stared across each other in the ring. The referee saw that they were both ready and called for the bell.




Derecho and Sayber slowly circled each other in the ring. Sayber didn’t look daunted by the task in front of him as he wanted this to be his night and Derecho wanted to take that away from him. After several moments of circling, they finally locked up. The two of them viciously tried to gain the upper hand, but after a few moments of neither man budging, they broke the lock up. Derecho cracked a smirk as Sayber continued to look serious about this match. Derecho asked for a test of strength, but Sayber sensed a trap. Despite this, Sayber teased that he was going to go for the test of strength, but instead, opted for a toe kick. Derecho, however, had the same idea and both of their legs collided. Sayber hobbled away as did Derecho.

Derecho wasn’t going to let that stop him. In fact, he was a bit pissed that Sayber tried to go for the same trick he did. Derecho turned and charged the corner, but Sayber side stepped and Derecho slammed chest first into the turnbuckle pads! Sayber grabbed Derecho in a full nelson as he staggered backwards and took him over with a Release Dragon Suplex!!! Derecho landed on the back of his neck and bounced onto his stomach! Derecho pushed himself up on all fours, but Sayber took a page out of Derecho’s playbook and slammed into his face with a Shining Wizard!!! Sayber went for the cover as a mistake by Derecho could end this match in the opening moments!!



Thr.. NO!!!!

Derecho popped the shoulder up as he rolled to the outside almost immediately, grasping at his face in pain!

Sayber wasn’t going to let Derecho have any breathing room, however, as he got a head start and hit the ropes, gaining momentum. Sayber then flipped up and over the top rope, twisting, with a corkscrew plancha that took Derecho down to the floor! Sayber stood and let out a roar and the crowd cheered loudly and even began to chant his name!


Sayber pulled Derecho up and hit a knee lift to double him over. He grabbed Derecho by the neck and the seat of his tights and hurled him shoulder first into the steel ring steps! Derecho turned over into a seated position as he held his shoulder in pain. Sayber got a running start and…


Derecho moved out of the way and Sayber just hit a knee strike into the ring steps! Sayber hobbled away and immediately Derecho came from behind and hit a Chop Block to that right knee, taking Sayber off his feet. Derecho quickly stood up and grabbed Sayber by the hair. He pulled him into a position between his legs where he lifted Sayber and in one vicious release…


Sayber collapsed to the floor as Derecho quickly turned this match around. You could see the anger on Derecho’s face and the last time Sayber made Derecho angry, he ended up in the hospital… twice… and now it looks like a third trip would soon be in order! Derecho pulled Sayber off the floor and rolled him back into the ring. Derecho climbed onto the apron and headed for the turnbuckles, ascending to the very top. He made a slashing motion across his throat as he leapt off…



Sayber put the knees up and Derecho slammed down stomach first across them! Sayber was in pain, but he stood and grabbed Derecho as he was hunched over, holding his stomach. Sayber placed Derecho in a front face lock and immediately lifted him and nailed it…



Sayber held his back in pain after the move, but Sayber made the cover, hooking the leg!!



Th… NO!!

Shoulder up by Derecho!

The second pin of the match.. the second near-fall for Sayber. There is no doubt that there was no slow build up here.. there was no “who can outwrestle who” in this match. They were going full speed ahead from the opening bell and it’s turned into a match to see who can kill who the fastest!

Sayber knew that Derecho was hurt after getting hit with his finisher so he rolled to the outside and lifted the ring apron. He reached underneath and pulled out a table!! The crowd cheered at the sight of it and Sayber set the table up down on the floor at ringside! Sayber then rolled back into the ring where Derecho was trying to pull himself up. Sayber hit a clubbing blow across his back and then set Derecho up between his legs. Sayber lifted Derecho up into a Splash Mountain Bomb position and ran towards the ropes where the table was, but Derecho wriggled free and fell to a single knee behind Sayber. Sayber turned around as Derecho stood and Derecho cold clocked him right in the jaw with a stiff forearm shot that knocked Sayber backward against the ropes. Derecho walked over and grabbed Sayber by the hair. While against the ropes, Derecho started off with a heavy right hand. Slowly Derecho built up speed in his punches until he was firing rapid rights into the top of Sayber’s head. Derecho then pressed Sayber against the ropes and sent him across the ring with an irish whip. Derecho made Sayber eat a back elbow that knocked him down to the canvas. Derecho then glanced out towards the table that Sayber set up and he cracked another grin. Derecho reached down and grabbed Sayber by the hair, dragging him towards the ropes where Derecho stepped out onto the ring apron. Derecho pulled Sayber through and then hoisted him up onto his shoulder!!!

The crowd stood up, but Sayber wriggled free and slipped over the top rope and landed on his feet back inside the ring. Derecho turned around as Sayber hit a shoulder block between the ropes, but Derecho held onto the top rope and prevented himself from falling backwards through the table. Sayber went for a second shoulder block, but Derecho side stepped it and when Sayber came through the ropes, Derecho kicked him dead in the face! Sayber just hung there across the middle rope as Derecho backed up and got a running start. Derecho then planted both boots into the side of Sayber’s head with a seated drop kick! Sayber flopped back into the ring where he held his head in pain.

Derecho stood and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad, but much to Derecho’s surprise, Sayber got up! Sayber got to his feet and charged the corner, leaping up to the middle turnbuckle! He grabbed Derecho in a front face lock and twisted as he pulled Derecho off the top…


Sayber had the cover!!



Thr.. NO!!!!

Derecho kicked out again!

Sayber has had three pin attempts on Derecho.. every single pin attempt has almost been a three count. Sayber knows he has to hit Derecho heavy and hard if he wanted any chance of beating him and so far, Sayber has done just that… making pin attempts at vital moments where Derecho has taken a big impact and if this continues, it may actually end up paying off for Sayber, but Derecho is the King of Hell.. a two-time Underground Champion. He is as resilient as they come and it will take a lot more than this to put Derecho down for good.

The Super Falcon Arrow took its toll on Sayber as well as he was slow to get up after the kick out. The powerbomb on the ring apron earlier was still taking its toll as the move jarred Sayber’s spine and re-aggravated the pain from that move. Derecho was still down however so when Sayber stood he merely took the time to walk it off and get the muscles in his back loosened up again. Derecho slowly began to rise as well and Sayber took notice. Sayber hunched down in a corner and waited as Derecho got back to his feet. Sayber charged in with a lariat, but Derecho ducked! Sayber turned around and Derecho hit him with a right hand, then a left hand, then a right again. Derecho finally spun around, looking for a discus punch, but Sayber clocked him with a forearm shot that staggered Derecho against the ropes.

Sayber went for the irish whip, but Derecho reversed it and went to send Sayber into the ropes, but Sayber reversed it and pulled Derecho into a knee lift! Sayber then hit a forearm to the upper back, then a European uppercut.. he went back to the knee lift, then the forearm, then the uppercut. Sayber repeated this over and over and over again until he hooked Derecho by the head with a cravat and flipped him over into a Cravat Neckbreaker!


Sayber stood and grabbed Derecho by the hair. He pulled him up and hit another toe kick, doubling him over. Sayber, again, raised Derecho into the Splash Mountain Bomb position and aimed towards the table on the outside. Sayber with the running start, but Derecho, again, slipped off of Sayber’s shoulders and landed behind him. Derecho immediately took off to the ropes. Sayber turned around to see Derecho rebound and come at him with a lariat! Derecho drilled Sayber hard before he walked through the ropes out to the ring apron where he turned and grabbed the top rope. Derecho waited for Sayber to get to his feet. When he did, Sayber turned around and saw Derecho springing up to the top rope, looking for the Straight Line Strike, but as if it were second nature or if Sayber expected it, Sayber immediately leapt into action, charging the ropes and hitting a European uppercut in mid jump! Derecho was knocked off the apron and through the table at ringside!!


Derecho laid there motionless as the fans approved of the carnage. Sayber could have stayed on Derecho, but instead he opted to rolled out of the ring on the opposite side and lift up the ring apron in search of another weapon. Sayber pulled out a small white bag… the people knew what was in that bag as Sayber brought it back into the ring with him. In fact a “Thumb Tacks” chant even broke out in the arena. Sayber opened the bag and reached inside pulling out a small tube of Elmer’s glue. Sayber then began to coat his hand in the glue as Derecho was seen pulling himself up on the other side of the ring, using the ring apron. Derecho slowly rolled back in under the bottom rope as Sayber then dipped his glue-coated hand back inside the bag.

That wasn’t a bag of thumb tacks…

When Sayber pulled his hand back out, it was coated in broken glass!!!! Derecho stood and Sayber lunged in with a right hand and it connected right into Derecho face!!! Derecho went down and squirmed on the canvas violently! Derecho laid there holding his head in pain. Sayber grabbed Derecho by the hair and pulled him up and we could see that Derecho’s forehead was lacerated pretty badly. Sayber didn’t care… this was a man who tried to end his career on two separate occasions. He wanted to make Derecho feel the pain that he felt! Sayber cocked his hand back and fired another glass-coated right into Derecho’s face, dropping him down again! Derecho, again, was in tremendous pain and you could see Derecho’s blood coating the glass on the fist of Sayber!

Sayber pulled Derecho back up and backed him into the corner. Sayber used that glass coated hand and lit up Derecho’s chest with a knife edge chop! Derecho screamed out in pain and immediately, there were several slashes across his chest that instantly started bleeding. Sayber didn’t care. He pushed Derecho back against the corner again and hit another chop with that glass-covered hand, lacerating Derecho’s chest a second time! Derecho fell to a seated position clutching his chest. Sayber then grabbed Derecho by the hair and pounded away at the top of Derecho’s head with that glass-coated fist, just opening up the wounds even more!

Sayber then gained some distance and charged in. He leapt into the air and hit a Hesitation Drop Kick right into Derecho’s bloodied face! Sayber stood up and knelt down next to Derecho and screamed out..


However, Derecho spat some of his blood right into the eyes of Sayber. Sayber was wearing a mask, but it still left his eyes exposed to the elements and Derecho took full advantage of that. Derecho pulled himself up and underneath the blood on his face, you saw a look of a man who just awakened inside a world of carnage and destruction. Derecho charged in and with a sickening smack that echoed throughout the arena, Derecho made full contact on a lariat that even caused a loud and audible grunt from Sayber as if all the air were just driven out of his body. In fact, Sayber was gasping for air on the canvas after going down like a rock!

Derecho had so much momentum on that lariat, he ran clear across to the other corner where he grabbed the ropes and turned around, his face now a crimson mask with a look of anger upon it. Derecho heaved in and out as he walked over and aggressively pulled Sayber up by the hair. Derecho coated his hand with his blood and wrote the word “DIE” on Sayber’s chest! He then hoisted Sayber up onto his shoulder and nailed him…


Derecho made the cover. Third time was not the charm for this kid.





SAYBER KICKED OUT!!! The place erupted for him!


Sayber wisely rolled to the outside as Derecho sat there on the canvas in disbelief! It was like on Sunday Night iNtense. Derecho hit him with the A Forever Reminder then and Sayber powered through that. Perhaps Sayber was right. Perhaps he was a changed man from a year ago. Derecho stood back up and saw Sayber on his hands and knees down on the floor. Derecho gave chase by rolling out of the ring and grabbing Sayber, pulling him up, but much to Derecho’s surprise, Sayber drove Derecho back first into the ring apron! Sayber did it again.. and again.. and a third time until Derecho collapsed down to a single knee. Sayber quickly placed Derecho between his legs and lifted him…


Sayber just gave Derecho a receipt from earlier in the match!! Sayber then walked over and grabbed the top half of the ringsteps, tossing them aside. He then dragged the bottom half over to where Derecho was laying on the floor. Sayber grabbed the bloodied Derecho and pulled him back into a position between his legs. Sayber lifted Derecho up high into the Splash Mountain position and…




Forget that being a receipt.. that was double your money back for what Derecho did to Sayber at the beginning of the match!

Derecho was limp and lifeless. Sayber grabbed Derecho and threw him back into the ring, but Sayber didn’t follow him in. Sayber wanted to inflict even more pain and punishment on Derecho. Sayber grabbed a steel chair and brought it into the ring with him. Sayber placed the chair down on top of Derecho’s stomach then hit a Front Flip…


He stood…

Standing Moonsault!!

He stood again..

Standing Shooting Star Press!


Sayber gritted his teeth through the pain as he made the cover, hooking the leg in deep as the people in the crowd stood on their feet.



Thre.. NO!!!

Derecho kicked out once again and it was, yet, ANOTHER near fall for Sayber! Time after time after time he has been so close, but Derecho just refuses to die!

Sayber pulled Derecho up and made a slashing motion across his throat. He placed Derecho into a front face lock, but when he tried to lift Derecho for Korosu, Derecho floated over and landed behind Sayber! Derecho grabbed Sayber for Legends Get Forgotten..the Regalplex, but Sayber countered that with a pair of back elbows. Sayber fell backwards and kicked Derecho in the face with a Pele Kick, staggering him back into the corner! Sayber stood and charged in, hitting a Tiger Wall Flip off of Derecho’s bloodied chest! Sayber landed on his feet and charged back in, but Derecho exploded out of the corner and turned Sayber inside out with another vicious lariat!!

Derecho was a man enraged! He stood up and you could see that every single move he made that he was in a lot of pain, but he didn’t care. This was the kind of physical and mental toughness that allowed Derecho to capture the Underground Championship twice. He used that focus and drive to get to his feet and pull Sayber off the canvas. Derecho hooked Sayber in a front face lock and…

Vertical Suplex!

He held on, turned over, lifted and…

Snap Suplex!

He held on again, turned over, pulled Sayber up and lifted him half way before sitting out with it…

Split-Legged Gordbuster!


Derecho stood though. You could still see him heaving in and out for air as he was running on nothing more than pure adrenaline at this point. Derecho looked down and he saw it. He saw his best friend in the entire world… the chair that was used against him. Derecho bent down and picked up the chair. He looked at it for a second and then smacked himself in the face with it, letting out a bestial roar.. almost as if he were psyching himself up!!

Derecho turned and faced Sayber as Sayber rolled toward the ropes and was using them to pull himself up. Derecho was like a madman.. taunting Sayber to get up.. practically begging for it. He was tasting his own blood in his mouth… the same blood that was mixed with hatred and rage that was flowing through his veins right as we speak. Derecho wanted this more than ever right now and when Sayber turned around…



Derecho slammed the chair so hard over Sayber’s head, the seat broke off of it!!! Sayber went down and he went down hard! Derecho stood in front of Sayber with the broken chair in hand. Derecho stretched out his arms to bask in his glory, but then, the crowd began to roar as the look on Derecho’s face went from rage and confidence to complete shock..


Sayber had to use the ropes again.. but he was slowly pulling himself up to his feet!


Sayber got back up and stumbled towards Derecho. The look on Derecho’s face was almost that of disbelief. Sayber pressed his mask against Derecho’s forehead and screamed into his face….


Sayber then hit a headbutt that knocked Derecho back a few steps. Sayber swung with a clothesline, but Derecho ducked. The two turned around and Derecho swung the broken chair, hoping to hit him with the seat back, but Sayber hit a toe kick mid swing and stopped that! Sayber quickly wrapped his arm around Derecho’s neck and drove him into the canvas with the Uranage Slam!


Sayber held on and pulled Derecho back up… he lifted and planted him again!!


He continued to hold on!! He pulled Derecho back up and this time scooped him up in his arms. He then swung him into another Uranage Slam…


Sayber then collapsed. It took all of his strength and energy to hit those moves. He had nothing left. The crowd stood on their feet, applauding and cheering Sayber!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

The referee checked on both men to see if they could continue. Both of them said that they could and the referee could do nothing more but wait and see what they would do next. After several moments, Derecho began to sit up.. as did Sayber. Both got up to their feet and Derecho took the first shot with a clothesline, but Sayber ducked it! Sayber turned and hit Derecho with a toe kick. He picked Derecho up onto his shoulders, but Derecho slipped off and landed behind Sayber. Derecho grabbed Sayber in a waist lock, but Sayber charged forward, bringing Derecho with him. Sayebr hit the ropes and held onto them and Derecho rolled backwards up to his feet. Sayber then hit a high back thrust kick under Derecho’s chin, knocking him down! Sayber then looked to the corner, but first, he grabbed the broken seat of the chair and placed it down across Derecho’s stomach!

Sayber climbed the corner, albeit slowly. He got to the top and took aim as Derecho laid out with his head facing the turnbuckles. Sayber then leapt off and pivoted in mid-air to adjust his position…


Sayber crashed down on top of the chair and Derecho. Sayber bounced off and held his stomach in pain, but he crawled back over and made the cover, hooking the leg…



Thre.. NO!!!!!!

Derecho kicked out AGAIN! Sayber sat up and clutched his face as desperation was beginning to settle in. Then Sayber eyed something he had brought into the match earlier. He eyed the white back of broken glass. Sayber got up and walked over, picking up the back. He walked to the center of the ring and poured the contents of the bag right there dead center. Sayber looked at the glass as if he knew that this is where he would have to go to end Derecho once and for all, but little did Sayber know that Derecho was right behind him!! Sayber turned around and walked right into it…


Derecho stood.

He grabbed Sayber by the hair…

He pulled him up and hoisted him onto his shoulder…


That was it….




Th.. NO!!!!!!



Sayber’s back was lacerated… blood began to ooze out from the wounds, but still.. somehow.. Sayber kicked out of it and Derecho was in completely shock!

Derecho was seated on the canvas with disbelief on his face while Sayber rose to his feet!!!

Sayber ripped his mask right off his face and screamed at Derecho.


Sayber grabbed Derecho by the hair..





Sayber pulled Derecho up into a front face lock! He lifted Derecho up…


Sayber stood… he pulled Derecho up out of the glass and he hooked him again…


Sayber screwed out in pain as he landed in them as well, but he wasn’t done!! He pulled Derecho up AGAIN! He grabbed Derecho by the hair and yelled into his face…


Front face lock…


A third time…


Sayber was dead. He barely had the strength to lift his arm, but he did and he placed it on top of Derecho….




The crowd erupted! One of the biggest upsets in jOlt has happened… Sayber… from a rookie on The Hype… to the first-ever Hype Champion.. to The Rebellion.. to going on his own…. To FINALLY getting redemption on the man who tried to end his career twice…. Sayber put it all on the line here tonight. He wouldn’t be denied.. he wouldn’t stay down… no matter what the cost… he plunged forward and reached for his goal until he finally accomplished it… but at what cost?

Sayber wasn’t moving. The referee checked on Sayber and there was no response. Sayber was breathing, but the match took such a toll on him.. he pushed himself so far… he was unconscious. The referee signaled for the medical team and they came rushing out with a stretcher… two of them in fact. They hit the ring and immediately checked on both Sayber and Derecho. They quickly worked to carefully stabilize both of them on top of the stretcher boards. As Sayber was being put on, they shined a light into his eyes and indeed, nobody was home. Sayber pushed himself to the point of collapse. Derecho suffered so much blood loss, too. Both of them passed out after the match had ended.

Sayber was brought out of the ring first followed by Derecho. They quickly carted both to the back as the crowd were on their feet, silent. As they wheeled them out, the crowd could do nothing but applaud. Love them or hate them.. Derecho and Sayber gave the audience their bodies here tonight. After they were carted to the back, the camera panned around to once again show what happened. A broken table… a broken chair… separated ringsteps.. blood stains on the canvas… and a pile of broken glass. That aerial shot gave us a reminder of what just transpired here tonight.

One man’s personal war seeking redemption played out before our eyes. The ending was bittersweet, but Sayber will return as a man who can finally say that he defeated his past and now can look forward to a better future.

Winner: via Pinfall

Cross the Hood(c) vs The Crimson Order


Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen....jOlt Wrestling fans, both home and abroad, the following contest is schedule for 1 Fall and it is for the jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Championship...!!!

Both Michael Buhrman & Nathan Powers were overheard breifly clambering about the upcoming match when the jOlt Wrestling faithful openly rallied behind the gradual erosion of arena lighting. The waning moments would further generate a groundswell of anticipation before the inevitable battle anthem triggered a brief barrage of dancing strobe lighting before delving back into the void...

”Thought Crimes” - Extended Version

The ongoing stream of edited Japanese lore and precisioned violence would move in lock step with the passionate acoustics as the mesh grating below would began belching forth. An angled view would monitor the former Chief Retainers of the Tag Team Division, stepping through the hazy plan and keeping their heads downcast for several moments. Meanwhile, their esteemed manager would walk between them and stand several paces in front of them to scan the horizon while slightly shifting his jaw. An air of absolute focus and championship redemption radiated from the Japanese trinity...

Carrington: “...Introducing First, the Challengers...Representing the Inogami Clan; Accompanied both by their manager Mamoru...They hail from the Kansai Prefecture of Japan...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are the team of HEIDO & TAKESHI...THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

Shrouded underneath the polished Kendo Mask and tattered Coolie Hat respectively, both the Mute Mountain Splitter & the Kansai Crippler would slowly elevate their heads before breifly glaring at one another before scanning the horizon. Fans along the way would cheer the aberrant duo whom would breifly halt their progress to silently bathe within the adulation before slowly making their way up the ring steps before branching off to adjacent ring posts. The vivid strobe lighting would apply more dramatic effect as both ninja would slowly remove their head coverings before sticking their chests out. Takeshi would wring out both shoulders and wrists as Heido would sweep back his obsidian locks from his face before carefully making his descent back inside the ring. Referee Ian Nyugen was on hand to start his initial inspections of the 2 ninja clan officers as their musical introduction waned on cue. Mamoru would remain along the ring apron to offer his team last minute instructions in their native tongue...

Joell Ortiz - Brooklyn Bullshit

A violent downpour of negative crowd heat would flood the Arena of Champions’ vast interior as the jOltvision screens began streaming edited glimpses of Gotham and its unsavory representatives executing their unforgiving brawling style with their unfortunate opposition before the arrogant duo sauntered out from backstage, nodding to their new theme music. A musical ode that paid homage to their infamous stomping grounds warranted a mutual nod as their obnoxious antics added more fuel to the fire...

Carrington: “...and their opponents...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 496 pounds...Representing The Rebellion...From Brooklyn, New York...They are the jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Champions...The team of JACKSON CROSS...and MACHIDA HOOD...and they are... CROSS!! THE!! HOOD!!!

Jackson Cross was seen with his championship belt fastened around his neck where as machida Hood would have the belt fastened across his chest similar to a bandoleer en route to the squared circle. The Crimson order briefly were monitored watching their enemies with a mutual stoic disposition as the smug duo were inaudibly brandishing their hardware to the unbelievers before taking several moments to taunt the ninjas by standing a few paces in front of them before continuing their seemingly juvenile antics before the dissipating music theme and the referee would corral the unsettling duo into their assigned corner. The crowd would openly display their rebuke of the current champions before they readily cheered the Mute Mountain Splitter extended his fist towards the heavens to further infuriate the opposition as Heido & Machida Hood would square off for the warring parties. Machida would forego the initial tie up to extend his middle finger at the Kansai Crippler and scoffing at the ninja before encircling the ring again. A Single Greco Roman Knuckle Lock bound the pair of rivals together as they cautiously hunched down with Heido pulling Hood toward him. However, a Forearm Shot would stun the ninja followed by a pair of Knee Lifts to the midsection before staggering the ninja back with a several measured Punches to the Face. The Left Hook was parried by Heido and allowed the challenger to hook his arm up and over Hood’s before stunning him with a stiff Headbutt to the Face. A Fireman’s Carry Takeover would leave Machida impaired by a Reverse Chinlock. A malicious session of Kesagiri Chops would leave Heido’s target grimacing with each impact before transitioning to a Kneeling Armbar. Referee Nguyen would adamantly assess the yelling brawler’s condition as Heido yelled at both his target and his comrades in his native tongue.

Unwilling to give Heido the satisfaction of conceding defeat, Machida would flood the air with curses before the Kansai Crippler swivled about and ensnared his prey with a Back Mounted Hammerlock while methodically grinding his Elbow against the side of his prey’s neck before the referee interceded. Soon, the ninja would maneuver about to pull Hood upward before locking him into taunt Crossface Chickenwing. Puroresu enthusiasts would rally the ninja on as Hood gradually broadened his base to fully fish for an opening. Heido would begin leading his reluctant prey over toward his corner with Machida offering needed resistance before the Inogami Clan officer utilized measured Knee Strikes to the rib cage to erode his base. Heido used his often dismissed strength to lift and seat Hood atop the turnbuckles while allowing Takeshi to slap Heido’s shoulder before stepping over the top ropes. Playfully, the occasionally ‘gentle’ giant mute would motion for the crowd to ‘hush’ before rearing back...


A voiceless scream would leave Hood’s jaw agape as Takeshi flashed the crowd with a brief smirk before wedging his knee against the dangling Machida’s throat. Referee Nguyen’s hard count to 3 would lead the Mute Mountain Splitter to fall back briefly before rearing back and punishing Machida’s ribs with a trinity of Measured Forearms before ripping his target out of the Tree of Woe with a Rope Assisted Neckbreaker! Rolling to a knee, Takeshi nodded in kind as he allowed Heido to tag himself back in and crush him with a Slingshot Knee Drop across the Chest before initiating the 1st Lateral Press of the match...1! ...2! Hood with the Kickout yet Heido quickly pulled this prey to his feet and began punishing him with the Hateful Haiku - A series of precisioned strikes of his desired target areas before Hood desperately tried to stagger away to friendly territory. However, the Kansai Crippler would flatten his rival with the The Archangel Suplex - A Crossface Chickenwing Suplex! The kneeling ninja would casually scan the stands before standing himself erect and mocking kicked at his fallen rival before pulling him up for a Snap Mare into a Stinger Kick between the shoulder blades. The New York native would yell angrily while reeling from the attack before the ninja blasted him across the face with a Crossface Punch from behind. Machida would stumble forward toward the middle of the ring before Heido grabbed him and led him into a neutral corner with an Irish Whip. The raven haired ninja would wait until he careened against the corner before sprinting after him yet the intended Boot to the Face was caught and flung down to the canvas. However, the resourceful brawler would lean the ninja back with a loud European Uppercut of his own before following through with a desperation Running STO into a Lateral Press...1! ....2! A dazed Heido with the Kickout, allowing Hood to catch a brief breather before reclaiming his bearings & footing before relentlessly laying the boots onto his Japanese oppressor to the point the referee physically pulled him away. Again, the disgruntled New Yorker would lay the boots on the ninja before waving off Referee Nyugen and drilling the kneeling ninja with a staggering Right Hand. Heido stumbled away before being flung into the neutral corner and literally assaulted without fail.

The referee would again intervene which would allow the cunning Hood to shoot over toward Takeshi and blast him with a cheap shot to the face. The Mute Mountain Splitter quickly gave chase yet was held back by the in ring official. The opportunistic Jackson Cross would sprint along the ring apron and knock heido off his feet with a TB Clothesline before returning back to his corner. The audience would angrily boo the champion’s antics as the seemingly clueless referee was late with his assessments. Hood would feign innocence briefly before punishing the ninja with a Slingshot Butterfly Suplex before shooting the half...1! ...2! Again, Heido would shrug his shoulder off the mat before Hood landed several measured Knee Drops. Each one would warrant some berating commentary by Hood before sending the ninja soundly against the corner with an Irish Whip. A Crooked Arm Lariat would knock the rebounding ninja off his feet as Jackson Cross tagged himself in and together Cross The Hood would connect with a Belly-to-Back Suplex/Neckbreaker Combination before Jackson Cross was seen hooking the leg deeply...1! ...2! The crowd cheered as Takeshi used a Running Stomp onto the back of Jackson’s head to break up the pin. Left clutching the back of his head, Cross would stagger back to his feet before landing his battery of Boots on Heido before hitting a succession of consistent Elbow Drops. An angry yell would draw forth the ire of the people as Cross used a Boot Scrap on the ninja’s brow to further humiliate him before connecting with a Running Kick to Heido’s exposed ribs. The Kansai Crippler reeled from the attacks while trying to stand before Cross led him away with an Irish Whip. The returning ninja would succumb to a brutal Spinebuster, leaving a kneeling Cross to extend both arms outward while barking at the crowd before hooking the leg for the cover...1! ...2! ...2 ½! Cross would angrily slap the canvas and briefly yell at the ref before extending his arm out to tag Machida Hood back in before hoisting and violently draping the ninja after a stiff Kneeling Backbreaker before his partner went airborne and connected with a Flying Elbow Drop! Machida Hood would stand to his feet and intentionally taunt the Silent Nightmare yet the massive ninja replied with a stoic glare as Machida was led back to his target. A few disrespectful Slaps across the jaw was followed several fits of taunting yet the 4th Slap urged the ninja to slowly turn his head toward Machida. Notably concerned, Hood would briefly look out into the crowd before slapping the ninja once more. Angrily, Heido would fire back with an Open Palm Strike of his own. Machida shook his head from the impact before both men began exchanging blows with one another, leading the crowd to openly choose sides before a pair of European Uppercuts stymied the ninja’s momentum before a Front Kick careened Heido against the ropes...

Burning Knee Strike - A Running Knee Uppercut to Jaw

However, Machida wisely side stepped the attack and countered with Project 347 - An STO Backbreaker! The Kansai Crippler would be seen recoiling from the impact as Machida quickly balled him up into a Cradle Pin! ...1! ...2! Takeshi would dive and wedge both palms into Machida’s chest with a heavy Shove to keep them alive. Hood would roll onto all fours and scowl at the massive titan as he back pedaled to his corner. Machida would angrily reel the raven haired ninja back to his feet before landing a few Clenched Knee Strikes. The 4th one would stand the ninja up, allowing Machida would sprint toward the opposing ropes for a Running Yakuza Kick. However, the ninja would duck underneath and counter with Tataku Guruma - A Hammer Wheel! An immediate Elbow Drop across the throat would leave Machida floundering along the canvas as the ailing ninja reached out to his partner. The crawling Heido would soon rise from all fours yet Jackson Cross desperately use a Waist Lock to keep Heido from making the tag before sending him airborne with a Release Overhead Belly to Back Suplex yet the nimble ninja clan officer would land and stagger backwards against the ropes. Cross swivled back to his feet and knocked Heido back with a Running Right Hook to send him barreling through the ropes and landing along the ring apron. The crowd angrily booed Cross as he successfully knocked off the ring apron with a Spear through the ropes! Both men were left in a crumpled heap along the outside as Mamoru would stand at a distance and encouraging his ward to recover in his native tongue...

Meanwhile, back inside the ring, Machida Hood would hold onto his throat while urging the referee to hurry up with his mandatory count. Referee Nyugen would eventually order Hood to leave him alone before continuing on with his duties. The count of 5 would allow Jackson Cross to stumble upward and against the ring apron before pulling himself back into his corner as Heido continued to will himself upward to pursue him. The opportunistic Cross would openly mark his target before charging forward with a Running Ring Apron Kick. However, the Kansai Crippler would counter with a swift Single hand Leg Sweep to soundly bounce Cross spine first against the ring apron. Left cradling the back of his head, Jackson would desperately cling to Heido’s ankle to impede with his progress to return back inside the ring. A quick Stomp to the Face would give the ninja to necessary push to beat the 10 count yet an awaiting Machida would violently lay the boots on the returning ninja. Holding onto the ring ropes, Machida’s rage was on full display before being peeled away by the referee. Not to be outdone, Machida would hook his prey into a Standing Front Face Lock for an intended Brain Buster yet the ninja wisely dropped to a knee to defend. Again, his intentions were adverted to cause Hood to batter the ninja with several Clubbing Forearms across the back before rearing back for a Short Armed Clothesline yet the sinewy ninja would counter with Gyaku Hiji Nage - A Reverse Elbow Throw. The anger elevated with the rising machida whom would sprint after the ninja yet was grounded by Kata Guruma - A Shoulder Wheel. Quick to roll to his feet, his intended Crooked Arm Lariat sailed over the ninja’s head yet the undeterred brawler would carom off the opposing ropes...

Heaven’s Rebuke - A Head & Arm Suplex

Being dumped unceremoniously on his skull, the reigning tag champion would drunkenly recoil from the attack that left Heido laying in his side before crawling his way toward his awaiting tag team partner. The Mute Mountain Splitter would anxiously shift his weight along the ring apron as his partner drew close yet Jackson Cross slipped through the ropes and knocked Takeshi off the ring apron with a Running Forearm Shiver as Heido dove for the tag. The audience angrily groaned as Heido collapsed against the canvas dumbfounded before Jackson Cross dragged him up to his feet by his hair and lured to the middle of the ring. The sight of a pissed off Takeshi would be held up by the referee, keeping him entangled in the ropes as Cross The Hood reunited and leveled the ninja with a Argentine Rack/Neckbreaker Combination! The lifeless body of Heido would bounce off the canvas as Jackson Cross draped his comrade’s arm over his partner before rolling off the ring apron. Yelling for the referee, Cross would summon Nyugen over to make the count...




A pissed off Cross would adamantly slap the ring apron as Machida Hood scowled at both Heido & the referee respectively amidst a rejuvenated crowd. Machida would continue wailing on Heido with more Overhand Forearms while standing himself erect before holding the Kansai Crippler with Full Nelson as Jackson Cross leapt over the top ropes. A minute session of inaudible taunting ensued as he broadened his stance and hauled off with a Super Kick! The audience roared as Heido fell to a seated posture, allowing the intended attack to heavily lean back a groggy Machida. Jaw left agape, Cross would soon curse his luck before spying a standing Heido that led him to led with a Running Lariat...Kote Gaishi - A Wrist Reversal that would plant Cross into a compromising position as Heido drove his padded heel against his assailant’s head before turning about, staggering forward and finally making the tag! The Arena of Champions would roar as the proverbial ‘bald bull in a China shop’ would step over the top rope and turn Machida Hood inside out with a stiff Running Clothesline! The Silent Nightmare was running on all cylinders as he swiftly snatched the rising Cross up to his feet and hurled him into the neutral corner with an Irish Whip. An immediate TB Clothesline would leave Jackson stumbling forward as Takeshi strode toward the adjacent ropes and obliterated him with a Flying Leg Wheel! The mobile locomotive would roll to a knee before charging after a dazed Machida and sending him spine first against the turnbuckles with a Double Open Palm Punch before he stumbled forward...Kakute (Bladed Ring) Strike - A Press Style Elbow Smash and the impact would bounce Hood against the padded corner before the Mute Mountain Splitter hoisting his prey overhead to showcase his kill before the awaiting legions... Heaven Meets Earth - An Overhead Press Power Slam! The Mute Mountain Splitter with the Tombstone Pin...




Jackson cross would make the save with a successful Running Yakuza Kick across the Jaw, leading Takeshi to stumble away. The angry Brooklynite would continue wailing on the bald titan before the inner pugilist began landing measured shots on his rival before draping the 300+ pounder across his broad shoulders. However, Takeshi would wiggle free to land and stumble about a few paces...

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

The Burning Knee Strike - A Running Knee Uppercut to Jaw

Jackson Cross would wobble drunkenly about from the impact before the Okayama Prefecture native would seize his disoriented rival and humiliate him with several revolutions with Silent Hell - A Spinning Full Nelson Hold w/ Toss. Now with the reigning tag team champions’ reign teetering in dire straits, the jOlt Wrestling faithful would openly rally behind the incumbent championship suitors as Mamoru ordered his charges to finish them in dramatic fashion. Both Heido & Takeshi would readily remain crouched near the groggy Machida’s immediate flanks before setting him up for the coup de grace; The Oni Destroyer when Camera 2 would catch a number of reinforcements storming out form the back en route toward the squared circle. The crowd angrily booed the interference as Heido was the first to engage Nate Quartermaine, leading both men to start brawling inside the ring. Immediately, Takeshi would fling Hood aside before tossing Michael Donovan aside to begin trading punches with the mighty Seraph...


The Arena of Champions were still voicing their resentments as the numbers game would gradually began to heavily favor The Rebellion soldiers with Seraph & Donovan continuing to wear down the Mute Mountain Splitter as Heido was finally succumbing to Nate Quartermaine’s offensive onslaught...Three Quarters - A Falling Blue Thunder Bomb and the Kansai Crippler would careen off the mat with authority before being dragged to his feet and leaned against the turnbuckles. A brief rally would sound as a fighting Takeshi managed to give himself a hint of room to work with before Divine Destruction - A Sit Out Choke Slam) rattled the squared circle from the impact! A hope of reprieve was heard by the crowd as an abrupt set of flashes and pillars of smoke revealed Shoji and a quartet of lower tier ninja clan initiates entered the fray to challenge the Rebellion’s might. The unchecked brawling would not be ceased by the excessive ringing of the bell as the Hokota Holocaust ordered the safety of his master before he managed to stagger Seraph back with a Underhanded Throat Chop before hitting Quartermaine with a Side Kick to the midsection. However, Shoji and his small party would soon be seen losing ground as 1 of the initiates was removed from the ring via a Seraph Choke Slam! Another initiate was sent straight to hell with Cross The Hood’s Double Team Powerbomb! Shoji was among the Crimson Order whom were fighting to stay alive when the reigning tag team champions arrogantly set their sights on the elder statesman as they climbed out of the ring. Both casting their belts aside, they continued toying with the old man as he defiantly unfastened his suit jacket and flung it aside. The Area of Champions were overheard rallying for the seasoned manager yet the mischievous duo mockingly beckoned him to ‘bring on the fight’....

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch

Sheer bedlam would overwhelm the entirety of the arena as the casino laden lighting signaled the coming of the former jolt Wrestling Tag Team Champions. On cue, both members of The House were seen making a B-line toward the ring with Derrick Huber managing to make a significant dent in the Rebellion offensive curtain before Adam Roebuck flattened both Quartermaine & Michael Donovan to grant the Inogami forces the initiative to reclaim all lost ground....


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Seraph is seen staggering backward via the impact of the ring steps before Donovan & Machida were seen jumping after Roebuck. Immediately, Heido & Huber would join Takeshi & Shoji to send the Rebellion horde on the run up the rampway to formally solidify the battle lines. The inaudible curses were extended by the reigning champions and most of their party as the would be championship contenders would hold their ground...

Carrington: “...Due to Disqualification, the winners of the match....and STILL jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Champions...CROSS THE HOOD!!!

The crowd were overheard voicing their resentment as the cowardly champions elevated their belts while slowly conceding ground to the unlikely alliance whom were slowly exchanging calloused stares at one another. Derrick Huber was seen pointing at both Machida & Jackson as The Crimson Order kept the initiates and the clan’s Chief Enforcer at bay. ”Thought Crimes” - Extended Version would serenade the crowd while both The House & The Crimson Order ended the scene with a mutual standoff. The war for control of the jOlt Wrestling Championship division was not only just beginning....

Winner: Cross the Hood via Disqualification

Providence vs Ninja K

The scene would open with camera 30 offering a lofty yet casual pan of the arena’s interior before making the smooth transition to Camera 11 to reveal Dean Carrington & Referee Mike Hunt standing by in the middle of the ring...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen...the following contest is a GRUDGE MACTH!...and it is schedule for 1 Fall with a 30 minute time limit!”

The Arena of Champions crowd would continue buzzing until the arena lighting would randomly flicker about before gradually succumbing to the uneasy darkness. The numerous collage of voices were overheard piercing through the darkness before "Stinkfist" by Tool angrily rang out from the state of the art PA system. Infrequent flashes of light would promote the crowd to respond with a rousing chorus of negative crowd heat as the tune reached its acoustic climax. The jOltvision screens would flash foreboding messages in Latin as a lone spotlight would descend upon the cloaked figure below. Atop the entrance staging area, the figure would be seen slowly heaving quietly before extending his arms outward. The arena lighting would immediately return to a brilliant strobe lit effect to make the dancing shadows promote an air of enigmatic effect onto the innovative brawler...

Carrington: “Introducing First; fighting out of Cincinnati, Ohio...Weighting in at 255 pounds...THIS! IS! PROVIDENCE!!!” The stoic expression cast back toward the fans made Providence the hated man of the hour. Irregardless, the Ohio native would slowly power walk his way en route of the squared circle to where he would take several moments to bask in the crowd venom from atop the ring steps before casually entering the ring and seizing control of his domain. He would walk past both Carrington & the referee to use the ring ropes to stretch out his shoulders and extremities. In short order, his musical intro would slowly diminish and leave him to shift his jaw while visually sifting through the stands. The ongoing chatter would serve as an intentional annoyance to him with them chanting for his opponent to make his return. The abrupt submersion into the blackened void would warrant a tangible pop from the jOlt Wrestling legions as rhythmic pulsations of Red Lighting teases the arrival of the Midnight Assassin. Several moments would lead to the increased pace before it intentionally ceased...

”Vicarious” by Tool would set the promotional faithful ablaze as the jOltvision screens would display a damning collage of natural disasters, the accumulated sins of mankind to help compliment the seasoned prowess of the Inogami Clan patriarch. With the musical theme having reached its acoustic summit, the entrance staging area would become overwhelmed by the trademark strobe lit smoking entrance. The audible spike was felt as the familiar silhouette slowly sauntered forward, swathed in predominatly Crimson with Onyx trim. Cameras 1 and 4 would offer timely glances at the spurned rivals before the ninja clan general gradually extended his arms out from his sides to summon electrical currents to ignite 2 angry spires of pyrotechnics upward to his flanks before concluding with a set of balled up fists....

Carrington: “....jOlt Wrestling fans; making his return....he hails for the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan....Representing The Inogami Clan...Weighting in at 245 pounds...KENSHIRO!!!! INOGAMI!!!!

Slowly, Providence would smooth out his jawline with his Right Hand as the returning ninja would slowly make his way toward the ringside area. At the end of the entrance rampway, Kenshiro would take a brief moment to visually embrace his surroundings before walking up the ring steps and stoically hyping up the crowd from atop the distant turnbuckles. Arms extended outward, the ninja would slowly raise his head upward and draw his eyes shut before gradually setting his focus back onto assigned target. Eventually, the musical entrance theme would ebb out of earshot yet the ongoing chatter would continue as the ninja made his descent into the ring. A shower of streamers would welcome the seasoned veteran back home in traditional fashion. Providence would scoff at the gesture as the ringside personnel to diligently clear the debris before allowing both rivals to slowly approach the middle of the ring to be given the referee’s final instructions before they mutually stepped away to their respective corners. The fight atmosphere remained thick without question as the waning moments or war ticked away...


After the bell sounded, both men moved forward slowly toward the center of the ring. Their eyes were locked on one another so intensely, it was as if the capacity crowd was a million miles away.

As they neared each other, they stopped with just a foot or so between them. The muscles on Providence's arms and chest were twitching and although Ninja K's ring gear didn't leave as much skin exposed, he was reacting in much the same way. Seeing the face off, the crowd roared with anticipation of the battle that was about to begin. A tense staredown was always sure to get a crowd amped.

Providence looked to his left for a moment and then to his right, sneering at the fans who were already chanting for Ninja K. Unlike their previous encounter at Death Wish, tonight's crowd was not split in the least.

Finally, Providence took the first swing, but Kenshiro was ready, blocking it with his left arm and then striking with his own right hand. Providence tried to retaliate with a right as well but again it was blocked. This time Ninja K landed not one but two right fists before backing his opponent against the ropes and whipping him across the ring. Providence came roaring back and ducked down as Ninja K leapfrogged him. When Providence came back off the ropes, Ninja K turned and landed a quick kick to the ribs that doubled him over. Then, he leaped quickly up to the second turnbuckle before flying off and dropping his leg across the back of Providence's neck and driving him to the mat.

Providence clutched his jaw as he started to get to a knee, but Kenshiro was right back on the attack. He caught Providence with a right kick, then a left, sending him staggering back toward the corner. Ninja K followed in and grabbed Providence by the wrist to whip him across to the opposite corner, but Providence reversed it and sent Kenshiro across instead. Providence followed right after him, but the ninja leaped toward the corner and springboarded off the turnbuckles to catch Providence with a moonsault and hook the leg for a pin...



Kickout! Both men scrambled to their feet and Providence swung wildly for a clothesline, but Ninja K ducked and went behind locking on a full nelson hold. But before he could pull off one his signature moves, Providence powered free. He tried to go for a suplex then, but as he lifted Ninja K up, the Clan Leader slid down his side and behind him. Before Providence could react, Kenshiro wrapped his arm around the brawler's neck and drove him to the mat with a reverse DDT. Again, Kenshiro took the opportunity for a pin attempt...



Shoulder up for Providence! As Ninja K rolled off, Providence slid over toward one of the side ropes to regroup. Using the ropes for help, it didn't appear that Providence saw Ninja K charging toward him. But at the last moment, Providence sidestepped Kenshiro and with the help of a shove and the ninja's own momentum sent him soaring over the top rope and crashing to the floor below.

Providence took a moment to try and shake off the cobwebs before sliding outside to the floor, where Ninja K was holding his left shoulder in pain. Standing over the fallen ninja, Providence struck him repeatedly with boots to the head and shoulder. As Kenshiro struggled to a knee, Providence pulled him up and twisted Ninja K's left arm behind his back. Then, he pulled Ninja K forward before tossing him shoulder first into the ringside steps. As Kenshiro winced in pain again, Providence stood and glared out at the crowd, who voiced their displeasure at the turn of events.

The official had been putting on the 10 count and Providence finally obliged his calls to get the action back in the ring, shoving Ninja K in under the bottom rope. Once back inside, Providence held Kenshiro face down on the mat with his left arm outstretched and drove the point of his knee down on the injured shoulder. He repeated the move a second time and then a third before Ninja K retreated to a nearby corner.

Providence stalked after him, but Ninja K kicked him in the shin to stop him momentarily. Getting to his feet, Ninja K charged forward, but Providence had his wits back. He ducked Ninja K's lariat attempt and moved right behind his opponent and grabbed him around the waist. An instant later, he lifted up Kenshiro and executed a perfect German suplex with a bridge...



THR-NO! Ninja K broke free just before the three count and a relieved audience sighed. But Providence was right back on the attack, stomping down viciously and repeatedly all over Ninja K's body. When Kenshiro rolled over onto his stomach, Providence measured him and dropped an elbow with all his weight right on the left shoulder. Providence immediately grabbed the left arm and extended it, wrenching it backward and putting even more pressure on the injured area. Ninja K fought the pain and the crowd urged him on, but it was clear he was hurting.

Luckily for Ninja K, he was close enough to the ropes to get his right hand to grab on to the bottom one and the official forced Providence to break the hold, although he waited until the very last second before a DQ to do so. Providence stood back as Ninja K used the ropes to help himself up, smirking that the ninja was only setting himself up for more punishment. Once Kenshiro was nearly up, Providence moved in and grabbed him around the waist looking for another German suplex.

But Ninja K fought it, holding onto the ropes to keep Providence from lifting him up. After trying a couple of times, Providence released the waist lock and clubbed Ninja K several times across the back with his forearm. As soon as Ninja K released the ropes, Providence changed tactics. This time he grabbed the ninja in a full nelson hold and lifted up for a full nelson slam to the mat. He quickly covered for another pin attempt...



Kickout by Ninja K! The ninja had kicked out, but Providence was still leaning over him on his knees and punished him with a couple of hard elbows to the jaw. After doing so, he reached out with one hand and grabbed Ninja K's jaw to hold his head still so he could look into his eyes.

Providence: "No surrender, Mr. Inogami? Just what I was hoping for."

Standing up, Providence pulled Kenshiro up with him and set him up between his legs in a powerbomb position, which meant he was setting up for one of his patented moves - the Schism!

Instead, Ninja K had other plans. As Providence lifted the ninja up onto his shoulders, Ninja K pounded away at his skull, causing Providence to stagger around. Sensing his opening, Ninja K hopped down beside Providence and after grabbing him in a full nelson, lifted him up and backward for a backbreaker across his knee. Now it was Ninja K's turn for a cover...



The ref halted the count there as Providence's left leg was draped across the bottom rope. As Kenshiro stood up, Providence rolled to the apron and got to his feet there, standing on the outside of the ropes. Ninja K started toward him but Providence yelled for the referee to keep him away. Ninja K still went after him but the referee was between them. In the confusion, Providence landed a hard right and moving the official aside, grabbed his arm around Ninja K's with an eye toward suplexing him over the ropes and to the floor outside...

...But again Kenshiro was able to fight it off and stay inside the ring. He tried a suplex of his own, but this time it was Providence who fought that off to remain on the apron. As they broke free, Ninja K was first to act, catching Providence with a heel kick to the temple. The dark-haired man almost fell from the apron but managed to hold onto the top rope with one hand even while dazed. Ninja K had a plan to fix that however.

Turning around, Ninja K charged toward the opposite ropes and bounded off. As he headed back toward Providence at full speed, the crowd rose and murmured in anticipation of what was about to happen. A second later, Ninja K lowered his head and...

...DOVE FORWARD WITH A SPEAR! Both men flew to the outside and landed in a heap on the floor as the crowd exploded. Providence lay prone on his back, while Kenshiro was on his stomach. For a few seconds neither man moved much as the referee began his 10 count...





FIVE...Kenshiro began to stir and made it to a knee, glancing over at Providence, who was still down...


SEVEN...Providence had finally rolled to his side and started up, while Ninja K stood leaning against the apron...

EIGHT...Ninja K moved over to Providence and pulled him up to his feet...


Just before the official reached 10, Ninja K shoved Providence inside and followed behind. Getting back to his feet, the crowd cheered again, waiting to see what other damage he'd inflict on Providence. Moving in, Ninja K kicked Providence in the ribs, sending him from his hands and knees sprawling over to his back. Taking a few steps back, Ninja K ran back toward Providence and jumped up before hitting a double stomp to his ribs.

Providence clutched his ribs in pain as he rolled over and got to a knee. Ninja K pulled him up but before he could execute what he had in mind, Providence stunned him with a European uppercut. As Ninja K staggered backward, Providence grabbed him and sent him into the ropes with an Irish whip. Providence took a couple steps back and then launched himself toward Kenshiro, trying to hit a flying shoulderblock as soon as he came off the ropes. Instead, Ninja K dove forward underneath it. As Providence got back up and turned around, he had an unwelcome surprise...


The double mule kick caught him flush on the jaw and the crowd sensed a victory for Ninja K as he made the cover...



THR-NO! Somehow Providence got a shoulder up at the last instant to beat the three count. Both the crowd and Ninja K thought the match was over, but the official reiterated it was only a two count.

With both men exhausted, they traded a couple of punches before Ninja K started to take control. But before he could take advantage of it, Providence caught him with a high knee. With Ninja K doubled over, Providence grabbed him and re-directed him to a corner nearby. The move drove Kenshiro at full force into the corner, his injured left shoulder crashing right into the ring post through the turnbuckles. He staggered backward holding the arm in pain and this time it was Providence waiting to pounce...


Providence spun Ninja K around and immediately lifted him up and spiked him into the mat with the uranage slam. Now, it was he who felt victory was at hand...



THREE! NO! KICKOUT! The crowd was thrilled to see the match continue, while Providence was incensed. He slammed his fist to the mat and stood nose to nose with the official, shouting that it was a three count. But the official emphasized with two fingers and Providence just snarled.

He turned back to Ninja K, who was getting to his feet. Grabbing Kenshiro by the throat, Providence leaned in close to his opponent's face again.

Providence: "If you want suffering, then suffering you shall have."

With that, he wrapped his arm around Ninja K's neck and shoulders to hit The Fall a second time. But this time, the stalling caught up to him and Kenshiro elbowed him three times to the head to break free. Having done so, he knocked Providence to the ground with a double leg takedown and started to set up for...


The crowd knew it and cheered wildly but Providence was putting up a fight. As Ninja K tried to lock the move on, Providence kept resisting and eventually kicked free before he could suffer the painful submission move.

Back to his feet, Providence ducked to the side of the charging Ninja K and locked on a full nelson to set up his own submission move...


But Kenshiro was also anticipating the move and now he was fighting it off, bracing himself to prevent Providence from taking him to the mat to put the move on completely. Providence tried using all the power he could muster, but he couldn't get Kenshiro to the mat.

The two men were at a stalemate until Kenshiro managed to summon enough strength to back Providence up into a corner. He pushed back to send Providence up against the turnbuckles, but he couldn't get free of the hold. Finally, he slammed Providence back with enough force to break free and step forward. Providence was staggered for a moment but then moved forward toward Ninja K. The ninja sidestepped his opponent and floated around to lock on his own full nelson hold with one thought in mind...


The high impact move took Providence completely by surprise and Ninja K covered while hooking the leg...




The crowd's epic explosion drowned out "Vicarious" as it played again to signal the victory for the Inogami Clan leader. He made it one knee and then finally both feet as the official raised his arm as the victor. He walked forward toward the nearest set of ropes, holding onto the top one to keep his balance as he savored the victory.

Meanwhile, Providence had barely missed getting a shoulder up in time and rolled to the outside, where he held his head in pain as he watched Kenshiro celebrate. This wasn't what was supposed to happen, and he could feel the anger and frustration growing until he couldn't stomach it.

Shoving an attendant aside, Providence grabbed the steel chair he was sitting in and folded it up. As Ninja K saluted the crowd, his enemy slid back in the ring with chair in hand and before the crowd could warn him...




The three chair shots crushed Ninja K's back, causing him to slump over onto one knee and leaning against the middle rope. As the crowd rained down boos, Providence just stood there, watching Kenshiro lean forward. The referee yelled at Providence, but he quickly stepped back when the dark-haired man feigned taking a swing at him with the chair.

Turning back to Ninja K, Providence just waited, watching him pull himself up with the ropes and turn around. He could see the fire in Kenshiro's eyes and he was hell bent on extinguishing it.


The final chair shot slammed against Ninja K's skull, leaving him to fall to the mat. Providence finally tossed the chair away and pointed toward the ring announcer. He motioned for him to come over and once he did, Providence grabbed the microphone from his hand.

"Mr...Inogami..." he spoke between deep breaths. "Congratulations. You earned yourself a hard-fought victory here least...according to the record books. But I ask you...since this is what it feels like to win..." He paused to smirk and look out at the crowd before turning back. "...are you really prepared to feel the pain of losing? Next time, I promise, you will find out."

Then, he dropped down to a knee and leaned down close to Kenshiro's still body. "This war is far from over, Mr. Inogami. FAR from over. My destiny...and yours...cannot be stopped."

With that, he tossed the microphone down next to Ninja K's head and exited the ring, his eyes fixed straight ahead as he ignored the venom of the crowd.

Winner: Ninja K via Pinfall

Landon Stevens(c) vs Jesse Ramey

The scene faded in on the Jolt ring for the final time of the evening as the fans all buzzed in anticipation for the main event of the evening. Dean Carrington stood in the center of the ring microphone in hand, and the camera panned up to show the Jolt Heavyweight Championship already hanging above the ring.

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to beat throughout the arena and the fans all came to their feet as the Anti-Star burst through the curtains and onto the Wired stage. Despite all of the shortcomings that Ramey had encountered against Landon Stevens in the past he still had a smile on his face as he scanned the fans in attendance. When anyone else would have given up hope, they had not given up hope and they were still holding onto the idea that the Anti-Star would be able to unseat Stevens here tonight.

“Making his way to the ring,” Carrington’s voice rang throughout the arena, “he is the challenger. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

The Anti-Star rushed down toward the ring, bobbing and weaving through the line of ladders the ring crew had set up in the entrance aisle. Ramey slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his left hip and popped back up in the center of the ring. Ramey made his way to the ropes, placed one foot on the center rope and then popped the other foot up onto the top rope and threw his arm up into the air.


The fans in the arena all rang out with their approval of Ramey when his music slowly died down and “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch began to blast. From the backstage area slowly walked the Rising Star, the reigning and defending Jolt Heavyweight Champion, Landon Stevens. All of the cheering turned to that of disdain as soon as Stevens’ head popped out from the backstage area and the chanting began as well.


Stevens smiled, because he knew in the back of his mind that it didn’t matter what the fans thought. He had already beaten Ramey on several different occasions and even beat him in his own match. Tonight, in the mind of the champion, was going to be an easy victory on his continued run as the longest reigning Jolt Heavyweight Champion. The Rising Star then began making his way down to the ring.

“Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and eighteen pounds and hailing from Glendale, Arizona; HE IS THE REIGNING JOLT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, “THE RISING STAR” LANDON STEVENS!”

The fans continued to boo with the announcement of the champion as Stevens slowly made his way up the steel ring steps and into the ring. The Rising Star made his way to his corner, where he climbed to the middle rope and extended his arms out with a huge smile on his face. He wasn’t expecting to get a standing ovation from the crowd, at least not in the form of cheering. Instead he got exactly what he was looking for; more continued booing as he rained down on the ring.

Stevens dropped back down and turned to look across the ring from him at his opponent for the evening. The smile on the champions face never wavered, but the look on his opponent’s face was that of pure determination and the Anti-Star was in the mood to fight tonight as the bell sounded signaling the start of the match.


The Anti-Star quickly rushed toward the Rising Star, and Ramey nailed Stevens in the side of the head with a flying forearm that sent Stevens soaring backward into the turnbuckle. Ramey then climbed to the middle rope straddling Stevens as he began driving down closed fists on top of the champion’s skull. The fans chanted along with every blow that he connected.











Ramey then cupped his hands behind Landon’s next, placed his feet into his stomach, and flipped him back into the middle of the ring with a monkey flip. Ramey stood as he looked out at the crowd with a huge smile on his face. The reason he was smiling was the rotating chants that were being rained down on the arena.

“LET’S GO RAMEY!” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY! Clap x 5

Ramey quickly slipped outside of the ring, snapped the rungs of a six foot ladder together, and began sliding it into the ring. The biggest problem with that idea was the fact that Landon Stevens had made his way back to his feet; Stevens darted off the ropes and hit a dropkick right into the top of the ladder causing it smash back into Ramey. The Anti-Star flew backward into the safety railing that separated the fans from the ring.

Stevens was breathing heavy as he grabbed hold of the ladder, pulled it into the ring, and set it up in the center. Stevens smiled as he looked down at Ramey outside of the ring and he began climbing the rungs of the ladder quickly. The fans in attendance all rallied behind Ramey who was slowly getting to his feet outside of the ring.

“LET’S GO RAMEY” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY” Clap x 5

Ramey shook out the cobwebs and quickly entered the ring as Landon was swiping at the Jolt Championship, but couldn’t quite get his hands on it. A shocked look came across Landon’s face as Ramey had grabbed hold of his leg, then found the other leg. Ramey yanked as hard as he could, pulling Landon from the top of the ladder. Steven’s head bounced of each rung as he came back to a standing position in front of Ramey with his back to his challenger.

Ramey grabbed hold of Landon’s neck and brought him swinging down to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker and then quickly made his way to the corner pulling Stevens into position. Ramey placed his hands on the top ropes, jumped up onto the top rope split-legged, and came crashing back down on top of Stevens with a massive split-legged moonsault.


The fans erupted with excitement as Ramey came back to his feet quickly grabbing at his ribs and made his way over to the still standing ladder. Ramey positioned it directly under the Jolt Championship, made his way around the ladder so he could keep an eye on the downed Stevens, and then began climbing up each rung. After reaching an appropriate rung that he could reach the Jolt Championship Ramey began trying to unclasp the belt.

The fans in attendance all cheered at the sight as Ramey was mere inches away from winning the Jolt Championship, when Landon Stevens began making his way to his feet. Ramey stopped trying to unclasp the belt leaving the fan in attendance all wondering what in the hell was running through his mind. Ramey pulled himself up to a seated position on the top of the ladder as he watched Landon Stevens slowly getting back to his feet.

The first thing Stevens did as he reached his feet was notice the perched Ramey a top of the ladder looking down at him. The shocked look that had encompassed Stevens’ face the majority of the match returned as he quickly dropped back to the mat and rolled out of the ring. It was at this point in time Ramey turned his back to Stevens, stood at the very top of the ladder and jumped. A smile had graced Stevens’ face thinking he had out thought the veteran, when he turned around though Ramey connected with a massive Asai moonsault from the top of the ladder outside of the ring on Stevens.


Both men lay in a crumpled mess outside of the ring as the fans within the arena were all in shock, until one single chant began ringing throughout the arena.


Neither man moved as the fans continued to chant, Mike Hunt made his way over and began checking on both Ramey and Stevens. It was visible that both men shook their heads, assuming that Hunt was asking if either man needed medical assistant or wanted to end the match.

Both men slowly began making their way to their knees, Stevens was the first. Ramey grabbed at Stevens’ trunks and trying pulling himself up a position where they were eye to eye. Stevens threw a punch that rocked Ramey back, but he kept his balance on his knees and returned a blow of his own.







The two men battled their way back to their feet, and then the momentum for Ramey ended with one swift kick from Stevens between Ramey’s legs. The fans in attendance all groaned as Ramey went to fall back to his knees, but Stevens kept him up by grabbing hold of his arm and whipping him toward the steel entrance steps that connected to the ring.

Ramey’s back connected with the steel with so much force that it shot the top portion of the steps off of their base leaving the two sections in just that. Stevens staggered for a moment as he slowly made his way over to the downed Ramey. Landon grabbed hold of Ramey’s hair gradually pulling him back to his feet. The champion pulled Ramey around to the front of the steps, made his way up the one step onto the larger base with Ramey in tow. Stevens placed Ramey’s head between his legs and looked as though he was going to pull a page out of Jeremy Ryan’s playbook and plant him with a massive piledriver on the steps.

The Jolt Champion pandered to the crowd just a little bit too long though as Ramey dropped to his knees, and brought an uppercut right between Stevens’ legs returning the favor from earlier. For the first time in a long time, the Anti-Star was fighting dirty with fighting dirty. Stevens was ready to drop to his knees, but Ramey stood to his feet wrapped Stevens up and dropped him neck first on the steel with the crossed arms through the legs brainbuster.


Stevens’ body fell off the steps, limp. The fans all looked on shocked as Ramey slowly pushed his way back to his feet and staggered over to the ring. Ramey leaned his back against the apron, before rolling into the ring. The fans all began chanting even more frantically than they had the entire night.

“LET’S GO RAMEY!” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY!” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY!” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY!” Clap x 5

The Anti-Star slowly made his way back to his feet inside of the ring, made his way over to the ladder that was still standing in the center of the ring; he positioned it once again, and then began making his way up the ladder slowly. The current reigning Jolt Champion was still lying in a crumpled mess outside of the ring as Ramey had made his way to a position on the ladder where he could reach the championship. Ramey flailed his arm in the air a few times before he finally grabbed hold of the belt.

“LET’S GO RAMEY!” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY!” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY!” Clap x 5
“LET’S GO RAMEY!” Clap x 5

Ramey finally found the clasps of the belt, and with one swift movement he pulled the Jolt Championship free of its hanger.

The fans within the arena were all in so much shock as “I’m Not Alright” began to blast throughout the arena once more and Ramey pulled the Jolt Championship close to his chest as he hugged it and tears almost began to stream down his face.


The announcement rang throughout the arena, despite the fact that everyone was still in amazement at what was happening here tonight. History had just been made, the longest reigning Jolt Heavyweight Champion had just been unseated by a man whom he had beaten on two earlier occasions.

The ultimate underdog of professional wrestling was now holding a Heavyweight Championship in his arms for the first time in ten years.

Ramey made his way to the second to last rung at the top of the ladder and held the Jolt Heavyweight Championship up into the air for all of the fans in the arena to see as the Jolt logo hit the screen and the scene faded to black.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Retrieving the Title