"Welcome to Wrestlecade II"

The screen illuminated and standing in the middle of the screen in a seemingly empty room was Morgan Freeman.

“Every day a child is born into this world. As the child grows it begins to dream of the future. Everybody has a dream… afterall, what are we if we are not dreamers?” said Morgan Freeman.

Freeman began to step towards the camera, the background illuminated and pictures of jOlt Wrestlers, past and present flashed behind him.

“Children become men and what defines a man is the legacy they leave behind. In order to build a legacy, they must complete their dream, but that is easier said than done.”

Freeman turned towards the background and images of defeat were shown in the background. Whether it was failing to capture a title, or simply just losing a match, looks of anguish, pity, and sorrow were shown.

Freeman turned back towards the screen.

“But for these men, failure is but a mere setback… a chance to step forward and prosper. All these men need is a chance… an opportunity to step in front of the world and claim in a voice loud and clear… that they are here to stay.. that this is my moment… my one true shining destiny. “

The images in the background faded away and everyone booked on tonight’s card from Jesse Ramey, Diamond Jewelz, Mack Brody, The Natural Athletes, Draconian, Mike Patterson, Brian Williams, The Heirs of Wrestling, The House, Charlotte, Tammy Lynn Foster… the list goes on. Their collective image illuminates in the background.

“Tonight.. these men and women will plant their feet on the biggest stage in professional wrestling.. tonight is their opportunity… tonight is their chance to fulfill their dreams and leave their legacy that will stand the test of time. Tonight is their defining moment... so join us as they take their journey into this new world and stake their claims.”

Morgan Freeman walked up close to the camera and smiled.

“For now is the time…. This… is Wrestlecade”

The scene faded out.

“Play & Peace” by The Goodfellas

We are taken inside the Tokyo Dome. 62,551 people are jam packed to the rafters. The majority being Japanese fans of jOlt Wrestling, but you could see some fans at ringside that made the trek across the globe to be here tonight. The stage was impressive, to say the least.

There was not one, not two, but three full-sized jOltvision screens side by side by side in a pseudo-semi circle. The word WRESTLECADE II was curved along the top of the three jOltvision screens. To the left and right of each screen were roman-styled pillars. A full pillar stood to the left of the left-most screen and to the right of the right-most screen. The ones in-between the screens were shorter and stopped right below the “WRESTLECADE II” sign. The letters in Wrestlecade II sign were lights in and of themselves which were lit up in amber. From the two tallest pillars, jOlt banners hung down covering them.

The entrance ramp itself was metal as usual, but the sides of the ramp had a long strip that was actually a screen on the left and right sides of the ramp. “WRESTLECADE II” scrolled vertically from top to bottom along those screens.

The actual entrance was beneath the middle screen while the left and right jOltvisions were resting on top of curved walls which were also screens in and of themselves. As a finishing touch, high above the three screens were three banners. The left banner was the American Flag.. the right banner was the Japanese Flag.. and the middle banner was the jOlt Wrestling Logo,

The screens in the Tokyo Dome went black as the lights went out. A power failure to kick off the show? Nope. The three big jOltvision screens said WELCOME on the left with Kanji below it. TO in the middle with Kanji below it as well, and WRESTLECADE on the right with romaji below it. The words themselves began to glow then turned into fireworks rocketing up into the sky.

When the images of the fireworks hit the top of the screen, pyro began to explode from the top of the WRESTLECADE II sign. Each letter exploded with pyro randomly. After each letter exploded, the sides of each of the three jOltvision screens exploded with pyro horizontally from top to bottom and then pyro exploded randomly both on stage and above the ring! After the random display a wall of pyro on stage, all four turnbuckles, the sides of the jOltvision and the top of the letters of the Wrestlecade sign all blew at once in different colors in one-earth shattering explosion!

The camera panned around the Tokyo Dome as the people applauded the pyrotechnics display. We were taking to ringside with our own Nate Powers and Micahel Buhrman.

Buhrman : It is the biggest event of the year. It is where men become legends and immortalized in the annals of time. This is WRESTLECADE TWO!! Welcome ladies and gentlemen as tonight, every championship is on the line and the balance of jOlt Wrestling hangs by a thread!

Powers: That’s right… Tonight we could see the end of The Rebellion, or the rise of jOlt’s greatest terror should they win. For one year, Jon Le Bon and The Rebellion have terrorized the roster and if The Kugasari Clan proves successful, that reign will come to an end.

Burhman: Plus, in our main event, Jesse Ramey will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Citizen. Ramey and Citizen have a very deep and storied past… Ramey has never settled the score with Ctizien and now that the two of them are under the same roof once again, this age-long rivalry will get settled tonight.

Powers: Whoever wins that match will have a challenger waiting in the wings.. as tonight Jeremy Ryan, Mack Brody, and Diamond Jewelz will face off for the right to challenge the winner of Jesse Ramey and Citizen to a world title match. Last year, the stipulation was the winner would face the champion in the same night and Landon Stevens defeated Eiji Kugasari and became champion.. tonight the rules are a bit different as the #1 Contender could challenge at any time they choose. Will it be tonight? Will it be on iNtense? That’s the fun and mystery of this time time around.

Buhrman: Indeed it is. Speaking of championships, The Hype Championship will be on the line as jOlt’s developmental territory gets the chance to shine on the grandest stage of them all. Hype Champion Brian Williams will take on the beast from Virden, Manitoba, Canada, Mike Patterson!

Powers: That’s going to be an amazing contest! There’s so much here tonight.. The Starlet Title, the Fearless Title, The Tag Team Titles, newcomers and Hype Rookies who graduated alike… all of it here culimating at Wrestlecade II. Last year we said that Nothing is Impossible.. this year, the saying is, The Future is Now.. and with the way things are shaping up tonight.. that statement could never be truer.

Burhman: Absolutely.. The Future is definitely now and we mentioned the number one contender’s match.. that match will kick off Wrestlecade II… take a look at the jOltvision as we take a look at the three men participating in our opening contest here tonight.

"One of Three Ways"

Three men...

One objective…

The #1 Contendership for the jOlt Championship…

The gOlden bOy Champion called “SuperMack” Mack Brody

The Relentless Champion himself Diamond Jewelz

The Loose Cannon known as ”jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan

The winner walks out of Wrestlecade with a contract for a future jOlt Championship match that they can use at any time of their choosing. The "Golden Opportunity."

What does this match mean to each of them? Find out as we get their last minute thoughts on this high-stakes match.

“SuperMack” Mack Brody

In front of the Wrestlecade backdrop to set up for these brief interviews, there stands the largest of the three men in this match-up to come. The gOlden bOy Champion Mack Brody stood front and center, almost like he was looking PAST the camera and right at his two opponents.

“Wrestlecade means more to me than anything in this world right now…” Brody held out the famed gOlden bOy Championship that he defended proudly. “More than this… I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and now, I have the opportunity to make my dreams a reality. Normally I’ve got some great quip about how I’ll kick Jeremy Ryan’s ugly ass and somehow make it look good or how I’ve already beaten Diamond Jewelz and how I’m better than jOlt’s favorite hustling… WALMART JEWELER…”

He paused for a quick laugh at the expense of his opponents…

“But I’m about to pen this shit up with some real talk. The time for bullshittery is over. In my own quest for singles glory, I’m still waiting to get to the motherfuckin’ mountaintop, but at Wrestlecade, I’m taking this climb and I am making it my BITCH!”

SuperMack held the title and looked to the camera with an intensity that hadn’t been seen.

“Diamond Jewelz and his Posse of Pussies left your ass high and dry, Ryan, and I pinned you on Intense. And lest we forget, Jeremy, you and I danced at Wrestlecade and I. BEAT. YOU! Despite all your jibes about how I was a metrosexual peacock or whatever other garbage you had to say, you couldn’t cut this this shit when it came down to it. And Jewelz, you’ve not just been talking… you’ve been talking, walking, eating, breathing, and sleeping trash, too! I’ve beaten you both separately, but at Wrestlecade, I’m going to do it again… and when I do… it’s to be ME standing tall! I’ve had a taste of glory at Wrestlecase last year by beating Jeremy Ryan, but now… now, I’m going to LIVE glory! I will cement my place at the top of the food chain, I will beat the winner of Jesse Ramey and Citizen and I WILL become the jOlt Champion!”

Full of determination, Mack grinned.

“And I’m gonna level with you… I think the future looks pretty fucking good, don’t you?”

An obligatory pec dance because why the hell not?

”jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan

No backdrop for the man that called himself jOlt’s Last Real Man. He was in the recesses somewhere in the jOlt Arena when this was filmed. Pacing back and forth, the frantically moving Ryan paid no mind to the camera.

“Against me… they’re ALL fucking against me! That flashy little faggot, Diamond Jewelz, left me to rot and the ONLY reason you beat me, Brody, was because Ramey and the House did your dirty work for you! You forget that I’ve beaten YOU, too! And Jewelz, I would’ve beaten for his Relentless Championship had it not been for THE FUCKING DEAD CELL! THEY’RE ALL FUCKING AGAINST ME!”

Ryan continued to pace.

“SO CLOSE… I am SO CLOSE to attaining my rightful place as the champion of jOlt… and then fuckers like Damien Lee try to hold ME back… imposing his little edicts on me. If just ONE more official or jOlt staff member gets touched, then he’s threatened to bench me until I run out… but Lee, what you, Brody and Diamond Jewelz all need to learn…”

Finally stopping in his tracks, Ryan took a deep breath and started to laugh.

And laugh some more.

“…No suspension, no opponents, no threats, no fines, no firing will stop a REAL MAN like myself from making it to the top where I belong! Brody and his fake title mean nothing to me. Diamond Jewelz and his little gang of wanna-be thugs mean nothing to me. The Dead Cell, The Rebellion, Clan Kugasari… even YOU, Damien Lee, you are all footnotes in MY story! When I want something, I will get it. I made a decree to start this year that I will make good on. I WILL be the Fearless Champion! I WILL become the jOlt Champion! I WILL have them both! Then MY era will begin! The world that doesn’t have has-beens like Ramey running things… no pretty boy poster-boy homosexuals like Mack Brody… and certainly no jewelry and fame-obsessed piece of shit like Diamond Jewelz!”

Ryan let out another deep breath.

“FINALLY, there will be a Real Man standing at the top of jOlt, giving these fans a MASCULINE role model they wish they could have! And trust me… if by some force of nature, some freak occurrence, some aligning of the planets happens and I DON’T win this match…”

The Bad Man from Bangor turned to finally acknowledge the camera.

“…You will ALL lose, jOlt. You will ALL lose.”


Diamond Jewelz

To the surprise of no one, jOlt’s Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz, who dons a purple versace shirt and countless articles of twinkling and glistening jewelry pieces crafted from all types of different various precious metals, has the most extensive and extravagant backdrop of all three competitors in the number 1 contendership match. having decided to shoot his promo at the base of his jewelry operations, Segalowich’s Jewelers. The shine and glimmer of Jewelz’s countless articles of jewelry are for once, diminished, and made to seem petty, not because of their lack of worth or craftsmanship but instead, by the many, more numerous articles of jewelry in the background.

“Yeah…. I been saying it since I got here 2 years ago…. And I been proving it in the ring week in and week out…. But tonight, on the grandest stage of them all, I get my ticket.”

Jewelz gives a large twinkling and glistening grin at his allusions of grandeur and rubs his hands together, hungry to satisfy the passions of the lusts of his dreams that have crept up in his eyes.

“I been that nigga..., You feel me… I been jOlt’s biggest draw… But it’s time that jOlt’s mVp… jOlt’s big Homie…. Gets his ticket to immortality… I’ve already proven among these mere mortals in this organization right now that I’m undoubtedly, The Most Relentless…

On cue Jewelz holds up his customly crafted Relentless Title.

That I’m undoubtedly the most ballingest, most shiningesttt… most stuntingestttt nigga here..”

Jewelz is so overwhelmed by the pleasures of his visions, that he bursts into a jovial pit of bowling over laughter.

“But tonight.. I’m about to get my ticket to expose my awesome craftsmanship to the whole world. When I get this number 1 contendership, I get the guaranteed rights to the most coveted piece of gOld in this organization, and when I get the rights...

Jewelz grins a full toothed, million dollar grin.

“It’s mine, and these nothing that I haven’t already conquered, Jesse Ramey, standing in my way…When I get that title….” Jewelz rubs his hands together again in anticipation. “I’mma create something that puts all my other works up to this point, gOlden bOy Title included, to shame. Everybody will know then that Diamond Jewelz… He’s not only that nigga… He’s the finest jeweler in the world. And that more than anything, is the point I’m trying to get across.. Diamond Jewelz is not only professional wrestling’s only jeweler, he is the very finest jeweler in the world”

“Ohh and concerning these two haters in this forray tonight....”

Jewelz grins a devious million dollar grin.

“Fuck “The Last Real Fag” you feel me… That’s why I walked out on that nigga… And especially, fuck that bitch who stole my shine, Mack Brody… I’mma reclaim my shit soon enough. Don’t forget about my lil homies doe… Them M’fn Goons is coming up… After tonight… It’s all gOld everything in the gOlden bOy promotions camp….


As the video package concluded as tonight’s lead-up into this huge match-up, a graphic appeared on the screen. This was no regular match for a #1 Contendership - per the decree of CEO Damien Lee, the winner would be allowed to cash this opportunity in as they see fit. This “Golden Opportunity” was what three men coveted.

The self-serving and dangerous Jeremy Ryan.

The fan favorite and hard-working gOlden bOy Champion, “SuperMack” Mack Brody.

The cunning and talented Relentless Champion, Diamond Jewelz.

The titles that two of the three men held were not up for grabs tonight, but the biggest opportunity of their careers was! Who was going to win tonight? It may very well come down to who wanted it more!

“The following contest is the Golden Opportunity #1 Contender’s match for the jOlt World Championship!” Dean Carrington shouted for the Japanese jOlt faithful.

The music played and the crowd started turning their reaction in a wholly negative way. Out from the back dressed in his fighting gear was none other than the man who had made it his mission to destroy all things fun-loving in jOlt. He was the polar opposite of his opponents – he wasn’t obsessed with looks, he wasn’t flashy, he wasn’t meant to be fun – he was a vicious asshole who was looking to rule the ring by force and force alone.

“First, he hails from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds… this is ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!”

He was a man who took offenses seriously and now he was ready to prove once and for all that what he was saying about Mack Brody was all true – that he was nothing more than a company poster boy who couldn’t hack it in his world, let alone in the singles ranks where he had never been in his career. He also wanted to prove that he was a far better man inside the ring than teh very successful and controversial Relentless Champion, Diamond Jewelz.

Ryan approached the ring and looked ready for a fight after making a long way down the ramp. jOlt’s Last Real Man climbed into the ring as he tossed off his Bloody Knuckles-style “REAL MAN” hoodie and chucked in on the floor. He paid no mind to the jeering fans as he continued.

The massive entrance at the top of the stage was starting to glow in shades of gold as Jeremy Ryan looked disgusted at the flashy show that his opponent was all about. The lights continued to flash until a bevy of B-E-A-UTIFUL ladies started to make their way out with very, VERY skimpy dresses that didn’t leave much to the imagination. The lights continued to shine and the crowd started popping as the music kicked in…

“What You Know” by T.I.

The row of ten dancers started keeping in tune with the music and earning themselves flurries of cheers from the normally quieter and respectful Japanese fans who were cheernig.

One by one, the girls separated until the crowd started to cheer…


A SHOWER of golden pyro erupted from the stage now as the man called SuperMack stood at the top of fthe ramp with a big grin on his face and a wink towards his disgusted opponent who was standing in the ring, almost looking physically ill at the show before him. The gOlden bOy Champion held his title overhead as A large Superman logo with a big sparkling “M” shined brightly at the top of the ramp. Brody stood forward and took a peck on the cheek from each of the dancers on his march towards the ring. At ringside, Brody’s personal ring announcer, “The Juice” O.G. Simpson stood at the ramp. He was looking a little more dapper this week in an all-white suit, but with various gold chains, rings and other jewelry just for this occasion.

“Next, making his way to the ring from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 303 pounds... he is being introduced to the ring by them FINE-ASS Golden Girlz… with a


Mack Brody made the long down the ramp in his “KNOW YOUR WORTH!” t-shirt and walked to the ring with a major purpose. SuperMack looked confident as ever, but tonight, he would need every last trick he could think of and every last move he’d ever learned if he wanted to beat two of jOlt’s fellow top stars. His entrance was done and there was but one more...

The lights go out and after a prolonged time period, Diamond Jewelz’s custom signature flashes on the screen eliciting a smattering of boos overwhelmed by the chants of,

“We Stay Shinin’ clapx5
“We Stay Shinin’ clapx5
“We Stay Shinin’ clapx5
“We Stay Shinin’ clapx5

Diamond Jewelz’s customers rock the Tokyo Dome with their chants in anticipation of the appearance of the “Jeweler”. All of the sudden, an unfamiliar Gucci Mane tune, “Floss My Jewelry” begins to pump into the speakers and the stage alone becomes illuminated and reveals a plethora of extravagant jewelry pieces on display.

“And their opponent, from Sin City, Nevada, weighing in at 230 pounds… he is the current Relentless Champion… jOlt’s Only Certified Jeweler… DIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAMMMMMMMMOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNDDD JJJJJEEEEWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Jewelz has apparently, as evidenced by his choice of song, decided to use his prominent position on jOlt’s biggest show of the year to floss his custom pieces to the world, and back up his claims of being the world’s “Greatest Jeweler”. There is a giant, link chain covered in diamonds and gold; there is a humoungous platinum watch covered in all kinds of diamonds; there are what look to be pro wrestling title belts, undoubtedly from other promotions, that Jewelz had previously custom designed for himself and other wrestlers, and there are many other jewelry pieces as well. The entrance stage has become a jewelry showcase of what is undoubtedly Jewelz’s finest work throughout his career as a jeweler. The lights go out again, but each jewelry piece remains illuminated.

The bass rifts from "Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle pulse through the PA system of the Tokyo Dome as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashes across the joltVision followed quickly by his trademark "#sOdAmnsErious" and a serious face emoticon logo. A raucous cheer erupts from the crowd. Jewelz has no moral grounding, but him, his swag and his bravado are undoubtedly jOlt’s most intriguing spectacle and jOlt’s fans can’t get enough of “Mr. Relentless”. Jewelz, covered in the gleam of diamonds and gold, chiefly his Relentless Title, bursts through the curtains and immediately admires his custom craftsmanship that he is surrounded in. His shoes are hightop tennis shoes, a combination of purple and gold; his kneepads are white, and covered in a yellow "#sOdAmNsErious" insignia, as are his elbow pads; he sports white tights with his logo on the back!!! A white form fitting Diamond Jewelz/#sOdAmNsEriOus shirt covers his tall, muscular frame, and his neck and wrists are each draped in a plethora of diamonds, gold, and platinum jewelry pieces. .

His white shirt is stained from a mixture of baby oil and sweat; he freezes in front of the crowd, showing off the different articles of jewelry on each body part he wears piece by piece, much like a bodybuilder would show off each individual muscle group he has crafted. Jewelz has stepped up the extravagance of his entrance for tonight, and his enthusiasm is on a level never exhibited before for jOlt’s biggest extravaganza. Jewelz’s customers are defeaning, and the once prominent boos have been drowned out by Jewelz’s partisans. As Jewelz approaches the ring, he reveals the gleam of the purple, platinum and gold grill he wears as he mumbles words inaudible to the crowd, and then gives a bright blinging grin into the camera which reveals “Number One” on the top row of his teeth, and “Contender” on the bottom row of his teeth. Jewelz jumps in the ring and gives another pose; he then begins to remove his many numerous pieces of jewelry.

All three men were in the ring now which left referee Ian Nguyen to call for the bell before anarchy broke out between the three men…


Diamond Jewelez locked eyes with the man that took his prized gOlden bOy Championship and looked to make a move…


Unfortunately, it was a smart one!

Brody went right after Jewelz first, but The Relentless Champion already ducked to the outside in order to avoid the biggest of the three men in the match. That’s when Jeremy Ryan took a chance to cheap shot his opponent from last year’s Wrestlecade from behind with a knee strike! He caught him good and he went right to work on Brody, firing off a series of hard alternating Chops and Elbow Smashes to to the face!

Ryan went on the attack quickly and unleashed a hard series of Suzuki-style Palm Strikes to the face of Brody before taking off to the ropes. When he came back…


Brody EXPLODED with tremendous force and he sent Ryan flying across the ring! Brody let out a roar quickly as Ryan tried to stand just as Diamond Jewelz laid low on the floor, trying to pick his spot. When he grabbed him by the waist, he THREW Jeremy Ryan overhead with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Jewelz tried to run in again, but Brody was already there and SuperMack wasn’t having any of that shit. He stopped him in his tracks as the Relentless Champion rolled back to the outside.

jOlt’s Last Real Man tried to get back to his feet, but when he did, Brody grabbed him by the waist again and connected with Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex II: Now With More Suplex! But that’s when Jewelz took the opportunity to strike as he went for a cover on The Bad Man From Bangor!


TWO… huh?

While Jewelz tried to steal the pin quickly, Brody grabbed him by the legs and started to go for a move that he didn’t have quite the name for yet (READERS? SEND ALL SUGGESTION’S TO SETH’S PM BOX) and started to spin…

And spin…

And spin…


Diamond Jewelz just got spun to all fucking hell and THROWN backwards by the powerful Brody! And now after that move, the crowd was going nuts!


The Japanese fans chanted loudly as The Philly Powerhouse took control quickly over both of his opponents. He crawled over to where Diamond Jewelz got chucked and went for the cover on the Relentless Champion…



Diamond Jewelz was, among many things, a tough mofo in his own right so he didn’t go down right away, but Mack Brody wasn’t done with him. He went to pick up Jewelz when the Relentless Champion surprised him with a Jawbreaker that stunned the big man. He turned around where Jeremy Ryan was now standing, ready to kick him with a big shot to the gut. He propped him up quickly and was trying to go for his deadly Piledriver – A Real Man’s Finisher – when Jewelz snuck up behind him and went for a Schoolboy!




When Jewelz popped up back to his feet, Jeremy Ryan caught him with a knee to the gut. He turned around and saw a massive Mack Brody charging at him when he ducked… Diamond Jewelz did not and he got CLOBBERED with a huge Clothesline that sent him flying over the top rope! But now Jeremy Ryan had an opening and tried to steal one from Brody…




Brody powered out! The Philly Powerhouse met Jeremy Ryan and now both men were slugging it out in the middle of the ring! This match was going to be many things – physical, intense, and a complete war between three men who had never been jOlt Champion before looking for their first opportunity to do so.





They weren’t American fans, but that didn’t stop some of the masses in the Tokyo Dome cheering along with each blow that the two of the three heavy hitters in the match were throwing. Brody blocked a forearm and fired back with a big Elbow of his own, but Ryan ducked an oncoming Clothesline in order to BLAST him with a fucking nasty Headbutt to the face! The blow actually opened up a gash quickly in the side of Ryan’s head, but he only laughed!

Ryan had made it clear from day one since he graduated from the Hype that he was not here to entertain anyone. However, the fans loved them some fighting spirit as Ryan went on the offensive, firing off a series of hard Headbutts to the face of Brody! He tried to whip Brody, but the giant was STILL standing and even flashed a smile to Jeremy Ryan before he THREW him into the ropes! Jewelz was right there on the ring apron and he leaped up with a HUGE kick from the apron that stunned jOlt’s Last Real Man. Brody spun him around…

THE 24K!

The Release Exploder Suplex sent Jeremy Ryan FLYING over head again as Brody had been going wild wit the Suplexes right off the bat! He turned around, but was taken down by a HUGE Missile Dropkick off the top rope by Diamond Jewelz, taking Brody down and out for the moment! Yet again, the opportunistic Jewelz crawled over and the fans let out a mixed reaction as he tried to win again!




Ryan kicked out, but Brody was still down so DJ headed his way and jOlt’s Certified Jeweler tried to add a #1 Contendership with his very impressive Relentless Title reign!




Brody POWERED the fuck out quickly and even launched Diamond Jewelz through the ropes where he almost spilled out to the floor! Jewelz slapped a fist on the mat and tried to get back in the ring when Brody caught him with a knee burying right into his gut. With that, Brody turned him around and started to try and set him up for something painful. He had both arms restrained in the ropes when the fans started to count along…



Jeremy Ryan was built like a fucking tank, but he managed to leap up and connect with a Jumping Knee Strike to the back of Brody’s head, making him drop the Relentless Champion down to the floor! While Brody was down, jOlt’s Last Real Man went out to the floor himself to deal with the repeated nuisance of Diamond Jewelz. He picked him up and spiked him back-first on the ring apron before turning around to do the same, but against the barricade. He finished off his dreaded assault by lifting him up…


It was the hardest part of the ring and the brutal maneuver sent shockwaves up Diamond Jewelz’s spine! He arched his back in pain before falling back out to the ringside floor as Ryan stood over him.

“Fucking puppet…” Ryan snapped.

He headed back into the ring just as Mack Brody was trying to stand. The second that he did, Ryan came running and leaped off of SuperMack’s knee, blasting him right in the face with a sloppy, but effective Shining Wizard-esque Knee Strike to the face! Brody was sprawled out on the canvas when going for a cover on Brody.




The gOlden bOy Champion kicked out! Mack powered out, but a seething Ryan only climbed on top of the big man and unleashed a HARD flurry of Elbow Smashes to the face of the large pretty boy from Philly. The very smug Ryan now climbed to his feet only to drop a big Driving Elbow to the face. He then got right back up and ran off the opposite side before jumping and slamming a HARD Knee Drop back to the head again! He was targeting the head of Brody now and went for a second cover.




Brody still had the strength to unleash a powerful kickout, but Ryan knew he was in control now and lapped up the moment as the crowd continued to cheer. jOlt’s Last Real Man looked down at the fallen Brody and then out to the crowd.


Diamond Jewelz tried to get back in the ring again and was finally coming around, but Ryan stopped that shit quickly by catching him with a big Shoulder Tackle that sent him flying off the ropes, right into the barricade again! The cunning Relentless Champion was trying to pick his spots, but Ryan was picking and choosing his a little bit better for the moment.

The Bad Man from Bangor turned and picked up Brody by his hair only for SuperMack to fight back with a big right to the gut. The shot only stunned Ryan for a second only for him to fire back with three STIFF knee strikes to the temple, making sure that Brody stayed the fuck down. He continued to fire back and Mack even made it back to his feet to try and run off the ropes for a big move only for Ryan to clip him with a gruesome back elbow. He was out on his feet when Ryan clipped him with a knee and followed up with a big Running Senton! Ryan was feeling the victory coming his way and now the Golden Opportunity was going to be his…



Jewelz was back in and rolled up Jeremy Ryan with an Oklahoma Roll out of virtually nowhere!




When the angry Jeremy Ryan was trying to stand to his feet once more, Diamond Jewelz finally got one over on Ryan when he leaped in the air and caught him right on the button with a BEAUTIFUL Dropkick! Ryan went down hard and now Diamond Jewelz was finally in the driver’s seat for the first time since this match began.

He forced Jeremy Ryan back to his feet and used some uncomplicated right jabs in the corner before switching over to more serious right hands, trying to wear down The Bad Man From Bangor. The Maine native fired right back on Jewelz by turning him around and hitting him with a HARD series of alternating Chops and Elbow Smashes!


Ryan took hold of Diamond Jewelz’s arm and whipped him cross-corner before charging in looking for some sort of a Spear, but Jewelz leaped backward and leaped OVER Ryan, sending him crashing violently into the turnbuckle post! The impact was so great that Ryan was halfway hanging out of the ring, so Jewelz grabbed him and pulled him out of the corner before he turned and repeated it, throwing Ryan shoulder-first into the post a second time! When that was over, he rolled him backwards and tried going for a cover on jOlt’s Last Real Man.




He almost got him right there when Jeremy Ryan kicked out! Jewelz continued to drill Jeremy Ryan upside the head with a flurry of Uppercuts to the jaw before grabbing him in a Suplex position. Ryan still managed to fight the Suplex attempt and tried one of his own, but Jewelz slipped out the back and made him pay for it with a Hotshot, sending him neck-first into the ropes! Ryan stumbled back, right into the grip of Jewelz…


The Lightning Spiral dropped Jeremy Ryan right on the back of his head and flattened him good! With Brody looking like he was still down and out, Diamond Jewelz had the opportunity of a lifetime to win… well, the Golden Opportunity #1 Contendership!




SuperMack was back up and the gOlden bOy Champion made him pay with a boot right to the back of Diamond Jewelz’s head! The champion was reeling now and he muscled Diamond Jewelz all the way to a neutral corner before ramming him twice with a Shoulder Thrust in the corner.

SuperMack got himself vertical again and charged at Diamond Jewelz in the corner only for The Relentless Champion to get both feet up to kick him square in the jaw! A second kick from Diamond Jewelz put Brody down on his knees again and allowed him the time to head to the top rope. He looked out to the crowd and he was about to bust out something awesome…


An AMAZING aerial move drove him down to the ground and now he was on top of Brody, trying to pin him to score the biggest victory of his jOlt career thus far!




SuperMack once again with the close kickout when he got his shoulder up. Diamond Jewelz glared at Nguyen and when Ryan was trying to get back up to his feet…


... Jewelz took care of him right then and there with the blow sending him staggering through the ropes and back out to the floor! He before he turned his attention back to SuperMack who was now seated upright. Jewelz saw him coming and ran off the ropes before coming back and clubbing him with a Front Seated Dropkick to to the side of the head! And now there went Diamond Jewelz with another cover now!




That was another close one, but Brody was still able to kick out! Furiously, Jewelz started to direct his attack at his arm and started to fire kicks away at the shoulder before he wrapped it around his own arm and lockedin a Chinlock/Armlock combination, perhaps trying to set up SuperMack for The Iced Out Crossface Chickenwing. A submission was somewhat questionable in this particular situation, but Jeremy Ryan was still laid out on the floor after the vicious Superkick.

With that having been said, SuperMack was now left in a very vulnerable position in the middle of the ring as Brody tried to fight his way out. He scratched and clawed for the ropes trying to get to them for safety, but Diamond Jewelz had him trapped right in the middle of the ring! There was a lot on the line with both big titles up for grabs, but Brody was not about to give in.

“Brody, do you give up?” Ian Nguyen asked.


SuperMack was still very much in the fight despite Diamond Jewelz controlling the last few minutes of the match. He fought back and tried to get free from the hold and was about to as he managed to get back up to his feet and use his free arm to punch the exposed rib cage of The Relentless Champion. Brody managed to rise and get Diamond Jewelz back to the corner, ramming him repeatedly with more elbows to the ribs until he let go. Brody then grabbed him up by the neck and chucked him OVER his shoulder, making it look easy despite Diamond Jewelz not being a small man!


Brody was somewhat hurt now, but he kept on going as he ran right into Diamond Jewelz with a big shoulder block that rocked the Sin City native. He got up a second time as he ran off the ropes and charged right at Brody again, landing an even HARDER shot and knocked him back down to the canvas! Mack shouted to the crowd and they roared back with some good energy.

When he started to stand up a third time, Brody kneed him in the gut for about five brutal shots before launching him across the ring with tremendous force into the turnbuckle. He played to the crowd and yelled out in approval as he bounced off the ropes to deliver a GRUESOME Body Avalanche in the corner! And shit was only going to get worse for The Relentless Champion as he hooked Brody around the body…


Jeremy Ryan launched himself right into Mack Brody, managed to actually power the 300-pounder up before he SLAMMED him viciously into the canvas with his signature Spear-turned-Spinebuster! Ryan tried to steal one now as Diamond Jewelz was looking groggy…




SuperMack still kicked out, so Ryan kicked away at him and managed to get the largest man in the match out of the ring. Diamond Jewelz had taken a powder to the ring apron after the beatdown that Brody started to deliver so he finished it off. He started to climb to the second rope and headed up top, looking for his Deadlift Superplex that he called Man Up!

He had Diamond Jewelz on the ring apron and managed to POWER him up, but Diamond Jewelz fought back with a few right hands to the stomach to keep him from hitting the huge power move. He elbowed him in the gut and fired more right hands until he seated Ryan on the top turnbuckle. The Relentless Champion got himself up between the ropes and now joined Jeremy Ryan on the top rope, trying to finish things off. He had him in place…


The crowd went fucking NUTS for what just happened! Diamond Jewelz landed his signature Diamond Bling Frankensteiner when Mack Brody caught Jeremy Ryan in mid-air and SPIKED his chauvinistic ass damn near to the other side of the world with a ring-shaking Powerbomb! Brody could barely believe what he just pulled off, but he quickly snapped out of his trance and stacked him up for a pin!







Brody brought up both knees to break up the pinfall attempt! Diamond Jewelz was back up and he tried to charge at Mack Brody…


Brody and Diamond Jewelz had wrestled each other multiple times in recent months, so he blocked it by CATCHING him in mid-air and trying for his finisher…


Likewise, Diamond Jewelz knew some of his best moves and had twice felt the wrath of the Revolution Bomb, so Jewelz slipped out and landed on his feet. He charged at Brody, but SuperMack caught h The Relentless Champion and threw him out to the ring apron! He then turned Diamond Jewelz around once again and started to set him up in the ropes for a second time in the match. Last time, Jeremy Ryan had interrupted the proceedings. This time, he was still a grease spot on the lowercase j and the uppercase O as Brody tied up Jewelz in the ropes, preparing for the worst…


The greatness that was the Ten-Gun Salute transcended all language barriers as Brody flexed the arm and cocked his fist back…



Brody landed out to the apron as Diamond Jewelz was knocked out over the ropes and ran forward, SMACKING him good with a Running Knee Strike! The stiff blow sent Diamond Jewelz tumbling backwards into the ring as Mack Brody started to ascend the top turnbuckle. He was waiting as The Relentless Champion tried to stand before flying off the top, landing a POWERFUL Diving Shoulder Tackle that sent Diamond Jewelz flying backwards and rolling onto his back! Mack Brody then set him up and went for a cover now!




Diamond Jewelz kicked out at the last goddamn second! But the gOlden bOy Champion was right on the cusp of victory as he wiped his hands and told the crowd that this was it! He was going for broke now. He picked up Diamond Jewelz off the mat and now had him right where he wanted him… he was thinking The Midas Touch Powerbomb….


Ryan wrapped both arms around the throat of Mack Brody and locked in a dangerously tight Rear Naked Choke in a bid to finish off SuperMack once and for all! He tried to squirm and the big man just barely managed to stand while carrying the 250+ pound Ryan on his back! The Bad Man From Bangor had the hold clinched in tightly now, but Mack Brody rammed him about two or three times into the corner so he could finally get himself free!

SuperMack headed off the ropes a second time, but Jeremy Ryan ran right behind him and when Brody turned around… REAR NAKED CHOKE! A second time, Ryan tried to wear him out! Brody may have used his last bit of strength as he tried to power out…


The Tazmission/Camel Clutch submission was locked in and the crowd was in a frenzy now! Ryan hadn’t used this submission in a while since using the Real Man’s Finisher, but tonight he was pulling it out of mothballs! The hold was as good as it was going to be and now he was ready to finish things off for good here now.


Indded that looked to be the case as he fought back in the submission hold! There was no way for him to get out of this hold as he was in the center of the ring and far away from the ropes. Ryan’s gameplan was perfect!

The crowd continued to shout and yell for Brody as SuperMack was now looking very vulnerable in the position he was in! Brody raised a hand and looked like he was about to tap out to Jeremy Ryan’s key submission move in his arsenal and continued to struggle… but Brody STILL fought back up! Ryan was so close to the submission as Brody’s arm was up, looking like he was about to tap…


Diamond Jewelz was back up and he landed a Busaiku Knee Kick right to the back of the head of jOlt’s Last Real Man! He was laid out when Diamond Jewelz wasted no time in picking up Jeremy Ryan and THROWING him out to the floor! Brody was still groggy as hell from the combination of chokes from Jeremy Ryan, so he was easy pickings…


Another Busaiku Knee Kick came his way and nailed Mack Brody right between the eyes! It was very opportunistic of The Relentless Champion, but SuperMack was sprawled out on the canvas and now he headed up top…

3106.75 KARATS!



Ryan was starting to stir…


He was almost there…


One second too late…

Ryan scratched and clawed to get at Diamond Jewelz, but the Relentless Champion rolled right off the fallen body of Mack Brody and headed halfway up the ramp! He had just STOLEN one from Jeremy Ryan and scored the biggest victory of his career!


“Gotta Take It” played as Diamond Jewelz took hold of his title and hightailed it right back up the ramp, holding The Relentless Championship and garnering a HUGE mixed reaction from the crowd! Some loved him for his antics, others hated him for his dickheaded attitude, but Diamond Jewelz didn’t give a fuck about the haters and couldn’t get caught up on that shit…



Ryan howled and nearly lost his shit before he rolled out of the ring and disappeared into the crowd, heading for lord knows where. Meanwhile, Mack Brody was just starting now to come around. He’d taken several chokes including Ryan’s own Dead Man Finisher, A Crown Jewel and the Phoenix Splash to finally be kept down, but Brody was pissed off more than anything that his quest for gold had slipped through his fingers.

But Diamond Jewelz didn’t give a fuck about anything else as he celebrated at the top of the long ramp, yelling and cheering as The Goons – Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel – came out to celebrate with their boss! As much as ring announcer OG Simpson wanted to join in – and believe you me, he was ecstatic that his former employer won – he was still bound to Mack Brody and the gOlden bOy Championship.

But tonight, Diamond Jewelz had capitalized and now achieved his destiny. And with this victory, he could cash in on his Golden Opportunity whenever he saw fit. The jOlt Champion would have to sleep with both eyes open now, knowing that while their future may have been bleak…

The future was shining brightly with YOUR Relentless Champion and NEW Number One Contender, Diamond Jewelz!

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall (#1 Contender to World Title)

"All Bets Are Off"

The scene faded in on the backstage area, the lens slowly zoomed into a locker room setting. Resting in a metal folding chair taping up his hands and wrists was the reigning and defending Jolt Heavyweight Champion. Ramey didn’t pay any mind to the camera in his locker room, these kinds of things he had become more and more accustom to, especially since winning the belt. It was what was about to happen next that was slowly beginning to get on his nerves.

That next thing you may ask, well it was Donny Layne casually slinking into the locker room with microphone in hand.

“So, you know you missed your slated interview slot, right?” Donny questioned.

“Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve kind of got a big match to prepare for this evening.” Ramey responded and then continued, “If the interview slot had been scheduled a little later in the show then maybe I would have obliged it once I was finished preparing myself.”

“Yeah, I’m not really in charge of scheduling, but I know how you like to work. You know considering I used to be the guy who would have to set this kind of stuff up for you in Legacy of Champions.” Donny quipped.

“Then you should have known when you got the line-up that you should have asked for it to be changed because of this past experience, right?” Ramey questioned, his eyes never leaving the work he was doing with the tape on his left hand.

“Probably,” Layne said with a brief pause, “but that’s not my job anymore. Kind of pissed a few people off in management that you didn’t show up, I figure it would have been worse had they set the cameras rolling and it was just me standing there looking like a jag off with microphone in hand and no one to interview. Luckily it didn’t come to that though.”

This caused Ramey to stop, look up, and let the roll of tape just hang from his hand.

“Honestly, I’m really not concerned if it pissed anyone off or not. I’ve kind of got a lot on my mind right now considering the situation. I agreed to Citizen’s demands of this match being made a Last Man Standing match because he said he would give my wife back to me. I haven’t seen anyone in management doing anything to try and help me get her back. As a matter of fact I haven’t even heard anyone talking about repercussions for his actions of taking my wife hostage period.”

“There were more actions taken against Jon Le Bon for holding stuff over Damien Lee’s head than there has been for my situation, so excuse me for beginning to not give an ounce of crap about what anyone in management thinks.”

Donny’s eyes shot open and he had to adjust his glasses. He had never heard Ramey this genuinely pissed off before, but honestly he couldn’t blame him for it. However, there really wasn’t much he could say either for fear of losing his job.

“I’m sorry for everything you’re going through, Jesse. Honestly, I am.” Then there was another long pause, and the Anti-Star had a feeling he wasn’t going to like what came next. “I’ve got a job though, and I’m a lot more expendable than you are.”

It wasn’t that Ramey didn’t like the comments he was getting from Layne, he was feeling sympathy for him and at this moment in time he didn’t want to feel sympathy for anyone. Instead he just wanted to get his hands on Citizen and rip his head from his shoulders and place it on a pike in front of the arena.

“I’ve tried to play this situation cool,” Ramey started up again, “but the closer I get to this match and the longer my wife is gone the worse I’m getting Donny. You know me, I’m the company man through and through, if the situation weren’t so bad I would have showed up for that interview earlier this evening. As much as I hate to admit it I’m just not in the right frame of mind right now. I want to kill Citizen, legit kill him. I don’t want to just go out to that ring and do bodily harm to him for what he’s done to me, I want to murder him.”

If anyone else had been telling these things to Layne he probably would have just shrugged them off, but the look in Jesse’s eyes told him that he was speaking the truth.

“I hope whoever you have to report to feels this is a good enough interview, because this is what they are getting. When I walk out to that ring tonight you’re not going to see some spectacular technical wrestling match. You’re not going to see me pandering to the crowd on hand; you’re going to see a beating. Citizen messed up when he asked for this match to be a Last Man Standing match, because not only does that mean Citizen can do whatever he wants to me inside of that ring. It means I can do whatever I want to him inside of that ring, and tonight the ‘good natured let’s give the fans what they want’ guy is out the window. Tonight the kid’s gloves come off and I’m going to make Citizen wish he had never set a target on me here in Jolt in the first place.”

With that final comment, the Anti-Star turned his attention back to the swinging tape from his wrist and he began to prepare for his match again. Layne took that as a sign that he was finished, and wanted to say nothing further, he felt as though what he got was good enough and if anyone else didn’t feel like it was then they would have to be the one to come interrogate the champion more.

"I Don't Wanna Stop" by Ozzy Osbourne hit the air, the crowd instantly begins to cheer – it’s Wrestlecade II, folks.

Out walks Nate Quartermaine, an All-American athlete and skilled technical wrestler. He’s got the moves, he’s got the ability, he has the will, but does he have everything else it will take tonight? In his traditional black and brown attire he made his way down to the ring.

As per usual, Nate was left loosening up in the ring while his opponent seemed to delay. Referee Boulder walked across and dropped a quick nod to Nate, confirming that they both knew it might be a few seconds until…

“Scheme” by STS9

The lights go dark, blue flashes pan the arena. Here he comes.

The Draconian.

White skin, completely black eyes, blue hair. Not your ordinary… man.

His demeanor was chill, but somehow intense. He appeared calm, yet a tempest of emotion seemingly raged beneath. Slow and methodical he walked, not turning to the fans who reacted more negatively than before. It appeared a consensus was being reached that he was not to be liked.

Stepping into the ring, The Draconian walked past Nate and approached a corner. Leaning in with an arm on each side of the turnbuckle, he stared toward the fans with a glare. “Scheme” continued its methodical pulse as he approached the opposite corner and stared out across the crowd.

He turned, the music faded out…


Nate wasn’t about to give his opponent a second to think.

Snap kick to the stomach, two right punches and a toss to the ropes. The Draconian came bouncing back with a wicked clothesline, but Nate snapped back up to his feet ready for more. He had an early-match move he was saving in his back pocket…

Running at The Draconian, Nate flew to the right and let his left arm cross the neck and fell forward with a somersault. Nate scrambled back to his feet, let his momentum slingshot him off the ropes where he sprung back at his kneeling opponent.


The Draconian fell to his side and Nate threw himself off the ropes again. To beat this big man, Nate couldn’t stop moving and he had to move fast. Nate followed through with a stiff kick to the back. Though The Draconian may have been in pain, he didn’t let it show.

Nate pulled his foe up by the head and threw him to the corner, begrudgingly TheDraconian’s body thudded against the turnbuckle. His gameplan was working against this mysterious counterpart.

He was All-American and he was about to use some good ol’ fashion muscle on this guy; jumping up to the second rope he twisted his body to face back in toward the ring. Connecting TheDraconian’s chin to his shoulder, he jumped for a stunner… Nate’s opponent didn’t follow. By himself Nate had landed squarely on his back.

The Draconian stepped away from the corner unfazed.

Nate got back to his feet determined not to abandon his quick offense, he lunged at The Draconian and delivered a decisive spear!


The Draconian hadn’t landed a single, deliberate move yet, so feeling luckyQuartermaine went for the cover.


That cover attempted was a bit premature.

The Draconian bench pressed Nate into the air and away to land him on his back. Getting to his feet, the pale white dreadnoughtstepped toward the recovering All-American. Now Nate was in trouble.

Two hands to the top of the head were delivered before Nate found himself being lifted into a suplex… BOOM! Fifteen feet from where they just were Nate’s ankles were pounding with pain. The Draconian climbed to his feet and lifted Quartermaine, as well. With a gutwrench lift, The Draconian had Nate’s back perched on his shoulder; he dropped Nate’s back onto the top rop bouncing him up and face first onto the mat.

The Draconian lifted Nate back onto his feet again, threw two solid left punches and whipped him into the corner. The Draconian charged…

Nate’s inner-survivor came alive as he spun away letting The Draconian smash face-first into the turnbuckle. The Draconian stumbled back straight into falling Blue Thunder Bomb.


Despite the opponent’s size, Nate had used his honed strength to deliver a serious blow.It was on.

Nate dragged The Draconian up, wrapped his arms around the massive chest and delivered a belly-to-belly suplex shaking the ring. Again Nate dragged his opponent up by the head and attempted a throw to the ropes.

The Draconian stood still.

It was as if nothing prior had happened.

The Draconian quickly whipped Nate to the ropes and let Nate’s head bounce off the back of his elbow upon the return. Nate popped to his feet but was met with a falling clothesline. After two hammer fists Nate was being propped up by both hands in a gorilla press. We’re talking about 11 feet in the air…


The crowd exhaled on impact while The Draconian stalked his prey. The Draconian picked him back up, bent Nate, hooked a leg and delivered a powerful Fisherman’s Suplex. Opportunistically he covered the All-American.



Nate wasn’t done yet.

The Draconian looked annoyed as Nate rolled away and got back up to his feet with the crowd cheering behind him. Still on his knees, The Draconian took a vicious knee to his head that sent him rolling all the way out of the ring.

Quartermaine was had to keep this going; he ran and sprungboard on the ropes out of the ring onto his opponent which sent them both tumbling. Tapping into his inner-strength, Nate roped up The Draconian and worked him back under the ropes into the ring. Quickly Nate got into the ring and jumped onto TheDraconian’s back locking in an over-back cross-neck choke.

The Draconian flexed his muscles to snap Nate’s hold… they both got back to their feet and stood still.


Again, it was like the match had reset leaving them staring at one-another.

Nate took a charge but was met by a big boot to the chest. Nate went stumbling back to the ropes and when he returned to middle ring he found The Draconian waiting with a stiff hand to the throat. The Draconian was looking for his chokeslam.

Nate was prepared for this. As he was being lifted, Nate jumped and used his extra momentum to wrap his legs around The Draconian’s head for POWERFUL hurricurana. Nate might be a technician, but was using any move that seemed available tonight.

The Draconian rolled forward, got back to his feet, but in came Nate from behind for the bulldog. He got it this time! It appeared to stun the black-eyed stranger.




Nate picked The Draconian back up by the head, threw TheDraconian’s head between his legs for what appeared to be an attempt at a legitimate powerbomb. With an overarm punch The Draconian pushed Nate back.

The Draconian came forward with a lunging knee to send Nate to the mat and back up. The Draconian wrangled Nate toward the corner, gave him another gutwrench pick-up, he landed Nate’s back onto the turnbuckle with a thud, then climbed the ropes himself.

With a solid grip, The Draconian fell backwards from the corner sending Nate face-first onto the mat. The impact was ridiculous... the crowd could sense this was ending soon. The Draconian hunched over Nate and picked him up with one arm above his head…


In their first bout, The Draconian had chokeslammed Nate twice. No mistake it seemed to be happening again as Nate was lifted over 11 feet in the air.


The Draconian stood above his fallen opponent and looked up slowly to the crowd. The boos began to flood in. That was enough right?

Nope… Nate’s nearly unconscious body suspended 11 feet in the air again.This was out-of hand; Nate Quartermaine is a human being for crying out loud!


Boos rang in heavily while The Draconian slumped down for the cover.




Before “Scheme” could hit the airwaves, The Draconian signaled for the microphone which Dean Carrington obliged. Slowly he lifted it to his mouth.

“Look at you.” The Draconian’s voice bellowed.

At first it seemed he was speaking to Nate specifically, but was he really speaking to everyone in attendence?

“You are a simple people. You have easily manipulated emotions. You are impulsive. You are reckless. You are short-sighted. And because you fail to understand your past, you fail to understand your future.”

The dreadnought with black eyes brought his gaze up from Nate’s body to the crowd.

“I am Draconian. Your idols will fall and your ideals will fail. I will break them.”

jOlt’s newest enigma dropped the microphone next to Nate Quartermaine, exited the ring and slowly made his way up the ramp out of sight as “Scheme” flooded the air.

Winner: Draconian via Pinfall

"The Fate of jOlt Lies in Our Hands"

The scene opened up to the backstage area. Jon Le Bon, Michael Donavan, Cross the Hood, Sebastian Saje, and Raevynn were all standing around. Le Bon looked at each one of them in the eye and began to speak.

“Tonight… many would consider this our final stand. Tonight.. many would consider this the last time we will ride together as The Rebellion … they can think that all they want, but they know that they are dead wrong. We will not go quietly… in fact.. we will not go at all. The next time this company broadcasts, it will be in Seattle, Washington for Sunday Night iNtense. I full intend to open that show with the lot of us, marching down to that ring together in unison and deliver to Damien Lee the biggest ultimatum in history.. give us all championship matches, or we will burn jOlt to the ground.”

The members of The Rebellion nodded, Cross the Hood cracked their knuckles.

“Tonight.. we repeat history. Tonight, we destroy the Kugasari Clan on the biggest stage of them all. Last year, we took out Eiji Kugasari and the rest of the clan fell. Now, Ninja K isn’t here to protect them and the only replacement they have for him is that turncoat Sayber. None of them are a threat to us. Tonight, we will go out there and run roughshod over the lot of them and we will claim supreme victory.”

Again, the members of The Rebellion nodded, a little bit more fired up this time.

“Make no mistakes… focus completely… one by one their numbers will fall and one by one.. we will stand over their broken bodies. jOlt’s fate lies in their hands, is what they say… but I disagree. jOlt’s fate is already sealed as the only hands jOlt’s fate lies in.. are ours. “

Le Bon paused.

“Tonight is our time… tonight will be jOlt’s final hour. The Rebellion will live on.. The Rebellion will become absolute.”

Le Bon put his fist out in front of the group. The others all joined in.

“The Rebellion… WILL…. NOT…. DIE!”

With that the group withdrew their fists as the scene faded to black.

After months of ruling The Hype and putting together a stellar inaugural run as the Hype Tag Team Champions, it was now time for a new team to take center stage in The Natural Athletes. After some grand performances, The Hype’s own General Manager Shayne Anderson have granted Cori Albright and Terry Massimo possibly the BIGGEST opportunity that could be given to a member of The Hype – to make their debut on the biggest stage that jOlt had to offer here at Wrestlecade! Brian Williams and Mike Patterson would have the chance to do so later tonight when they battled for The Hype Championship, but right now, the Natural Athletes were on deck.

“The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Gimme Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The music played first and out came a pair of men looking to play the spoilers for The Hype tag team looking to make an impact in grand fashion. They were former jOlt Tag Team Champions themselves, loyal servants of former jOlt Champions like Aran Thompson and Landon Stevens, now looking to carve a niche of their own.

“Making their way to the ring, from Dallas, Texas… at a combined weight of 490 pounds, they are the team of Eli and Ezra Conway… THE WEST TEXAS TERRORISTS!

The twins made the long walk down the aisle as the fans reacted appropriately with some jeering for the brothers. Eli and Ezra nodded in unison before they each took a turnbuckle and raised their hands. A big win over perhaps the finest tag team in Hype history would allow them to play the spoiler and perhaps put the twins right back in the Tag Team Title hunt. As the brothers reunited in the ring, they talked strategy among themselves as they waited for their opponents to arrive…

The lights in the arena went dark and as the WTT waited in the ring, a voice could be heard throughout the arena…


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo followed by a legion of sexy red-and-yellow clad cheerleaders on the entrance ramp…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic and Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the arrival of two men with… pardon the expression… a whole lot of hype behind them! The 6’ and 211-pound former LA Galaxy player Cori “Striker” Albright and the 6’4” and 354-pound former linebacker for WSU and the Seattle Seahawks, Terry Massimo!

The crowd went crazy for the newcomers as they each stood on the ramp while a massive explosion of red and yellow pyro went off on either side of the stage! The two men headed towards the ring past the bevvy of beautiful cheerleaders and slapped hands with fans on either side of the massive ramp leading to ring. To debut in the motherloving Tokyo Dome of all places was an amazing opportunity for the two – but to WIN here at Wrestlecade would be another story entirely.

Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see. He jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd before the music finally faded out.

The fans of Japan politely applauded for the two Hype members as the bell rang. The man in the middle was referee Ian Nguyen…


Both members of the West Texas Terrorists went on the attack at the bell! Eli went after Cori while Ezra went for the bigger Massimo and now all four men were in fights on either side of the ring. The brawls broke out quickly and the WTT were trying to snuff out The Hype rookies before they had the chance to get off the ground running.

“This is OUR time, you hear me?” Eli yelled.

He there another vicious elbow to the head of Cori Albright and tried to whip him to the other side of the ring. Eli rushed forward and tried to go on the attack, but The Striker leaped to the second rope and came back off…


The Springboard Flying Headbutt caught him right in the chest and took down Eli, sending him scurrying from the ring. Meanwhile, Ezra tried to whip the 350-pound Massimo, but the former Seattle Seahawk didn’t budge and he actually LAUGHED at the former Tag Team Champion.

“My turn, homey…”

He then LAUNCHED him over the ropes and sent him crashing all the way out to the floor, making the crowd gasp from his show of strength! Massimo pointed out to the floor where both Eli and Ezra were trying to recover just as Cori gestured to the crowd. With a smile on his face, Massimo nodded and Albright headed towards the ropes. Massimo pulled the ropes down…


Just a few moves into this match and the former soccer and football player had taken The West Texas Terrorists to task! The former Tag Team Champions were left scrambling as Cori rolled back inside the ring, leaping to the second rope and motioning to the crowd for a big reaction.

Terry went outside the ring and reached over to pick up Ezra by the body before he PRESSED him over his head and threw him back inside the ring! Eli headed away from the former football player and returned to his corner begrudgingly as Terry Massimo became the legal man. The Mass climbed back in the ring and dropped a HUGE Elbow into the chest of Eli before he picked him up and put him near the ropes. He leaned Ezra against the ropes and ran across the ring before actually DIVING through the ropes with a Leapfrog Body Guillotine, sliding out to the floor!

The fans gasped from the show of agility put on by the big man as he slid right to the outside and landed on his feet before he high-fived a couple fans in the front row. Cori tagged in and slingshotted over the ropes right into a Double Stomp to the chest! Cori then rolled over and went for a cover on Ezra.




The Texan kicked out, but The Natural Athletes were dictating the match right now. Cori picked up Ezra and stunned him with a pair of Knife-Edge Chops before trying to whip him across the ring. Cori ducked down too low for a Back Body Drop which gave Ezra a chance to catch him off-guard with a kneeling Uppercut! Cori was stunned now when Ezra took him by the back of the head and rammed him into the corner before tagging in Eli. The twins both whipped him off the ropes and took him down with a Double Back Elbow to the face! Now Eli went for a cover on the young Albright.




Cori’s shoulder came up before the three, but Eli wasn’t finished inflicting pain on him. He dropped a trifecta of hard Elbow Drops to the chest before he pulled him up again. He whipped him into the corner and tried to take him out with a Monkey Flip… but Cori landed his feet coming out of the flip! Eli tried to stand up and came rushing at him…


Out of nowhere, Eli got caught right between the eyes with an amazing Overhead Kick from The Striker and now he was down The crowd was in amazement after the kick as Cori leaped up and landed a Standing 450 Splash! The crowd even applauded the fantastic move as Cori went for a cover…



Ezra dropped an elbow into the back of Cori’s head to break up the pin attempt before he headed back to his corner. While Nguyen reprimanded Ezra for his actions, Albright quickly kicked away at him some more before he tried to set him up for some sort of Double Underhook-like move on Eli. Before the crowd could see exactly what was coming up, Eli had enough strength to shove him to the ropes where Eli popped him in the back with a knee. The blow stunned him as Eli leaped off the ropes and DRILLED him right in the chest with a Spear!

The 245-pound twin put Cori Albright down and picked the upstart to a vertical base again before tagging out to Ezra. The two twins picked up Cori and each dropped him across a knee with a big Double Backbreaker! The simple and effective double team move drove the wind right out of him as Eli left the ring. Ezra went for another cover via the lateral press.




The shoulder went up again, much to the surprise of Ezra. He then slapped on a standing Abdominal Stretch; nothing fancy, but Cori Albright had pulled out some unique moves in the ring and needed to ground the high flyer as best as he could.

“Stay the hell down!” Eli shouted.

The hold was getting tighter as Ian Nguyen looked for any sign of a submission, but Cori Albright was tenacious. A concerned Terry Massimo watched as Eli reached out and grabbed his twin’s arm, supplying more leverage to the submission attempt. An oldie, but a goodie in the bad man’s bag of tag team tricks.

Ian caught wind of it and reprimanded Eli who quickly let go. Meanwhile, Ezra was wearing down Cori who was looking for any sign of an escape. He shook his free arm and tried to swing upwards, delivering a few punches to the head to try and get the hell free. Before he could get any further, Erza drilled him in the gut with a series of punches to the gut. Cori was worn down and now he was calling for his finishing maneuver…


Cori slipped out and landed on his feet! He kicked him low and set him up for that doulble underhook move again…


A Double Underhook Fameasser put him down on the mat now and both men were in need of a tag! It was a great move when Cori Albright needed to get over to his huge tag team partner. The former linebacker reached a hand out and slapped the turnbuckle while a grounded Ezra tried to get to his partner…

Tag to Eli!

Eli Conway tried getting into the ring to stop Cori Albright, but he turned around and KIPPED right up into a Hurricanrana, sending him flying forward into a HUGE right from Terry Massimo in the corner! Massimo was eager to fight now as Cori rolled over…


The Big Hitter headed into the ring now and just as Eli tried to stand, he was mowed right the fuck over with a big Shoulder Tackle. He then charged over to the corner and laid out Ezra with a big forearm that knocked him right off the apron. Eli was back up when Terry Massimo stopped him with a kick to the gut. He took him off the rope and THREW him over his head with a massive Gutwrench Toss!

Massimo may not have been as polished of a wrestler as his tag team partner was, but he was very adept at using what brought him to the dance; that being acting like a fucking brick wall that could fight back. When Eli Conway tried to get back to his feet, Massimo waited…


The MASSIVE (pun very much intended) Shoulder Tackle sent Eli FLYING the fuck across the ring in a very bad way and now Massimo went for a cover.




The twin got in the ring again and saved his brother from being pinned, but Cori Albright headed back into the ring and RAN halfway across the ropes, coming off with a big Missile Dropkick to take Ezra out of the equation!

The crowd was in amazement as Terry Massimo pulled Eli up and ran across the ring before Cori tagged his shoulder. Terry rushed forward and SPLATTERED Eli with a big running Back Splash in the corner before rolling Eli forward with a Snapmare. He brought him mid-ring in the seated position as Cori Albright poised himself on the top rope…


The Diving Double Knee Strike to the chest caught Eli and crushed him as Terry Massimo waited. He headed off the ropes and things were not going to go Eli’s way… in fact, things were going to go…


354 of Terry Massimo collided with a Running Senton Splash! Terry rolled out of the way while the legal man Cori Albright went for a cover now.




And that was going to do it for The Natural Athletes! Two men who had been turning heads weekly on The Hype had done so again, only this time at Wrestlecade! They had pinned former jOlt Tag Team Champions in the process!


Albright and Massimo had their hands raised as the disappointed Conways each limped away from the ring, having been bested by the former Hype Tag Team Champions. The two had come a long way on The Hype. They had started out as friendly rivals and had become the best of friends and perhaps the most formidable tag team to come out of the Hype; now they had just proven that they were now more than Hype…

They were the real fuckin’ deal.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall

"Tokyo Drift"

It was going to be a huge night for two of the champions trying to defend their titles against some stiff competition tonight and those champions were now standing with the lovely and amazing Dawn Cassidy.

“Ladies and gentlemen across the world, thank you so much for joining us for the once a year event that brings jOlt’s absolute best! I’m of course, talking about Wrestlecade. With me now are three of the current champions looking to defend against some very tough competition. Welcome The jOlt Tag Team Champions Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber of The House and the Starlets Champion, Charlotte!”

The two super heavyweights walked in while Charlotte hand-in-hand with her husband, Derrick Huber. They shared a kiss and in the background, a chant could be heard picking up steam.


“Hear that, Dawn?” Derrick asked her. “I never thought I’d get the chance to hear that chant ever again, did you, Roe?”


“See,” Huber explained. “Big Bucks and I cut our teeth here around 2005 and we were very successful for a few years. We originally came in as gaijin who were stomping over much smaller guys just because we could. But we grew to love and respect this place and thanks to jOlt, we have that chance on the biggest card of the year to do just that here in the Tokyo Dome! We used that chant to talk about how cooler we were than everybody, but now it’s a sign of respect because we worked our asses off in Japan to get good.”

“Tonight, you have a tough challenge ahead of you with Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel. Tell us, Roebuck, how has your knee held up after several attacks?”

“It won’t slow me down, I got cleared to compete tonight and when I get my chance, I’m going to repay everything The Goons have done to me tenfold. Khalil beat me in a No Fear Rules match by attacking my knee, so I’m going to go out there and break their bones, too.”

Dawn nodded.

“And you, Charlotte, have the chance to finally go after your newest rival in Tammy Lynn Foster. She has attacked you multiple times and even has a pinfall victory over you recently. Do you have a plan of attack going into your Starlets Title defense?”

“Yeah, I do, hon,” Charlotte said, “I’m gonna attack that bitch with everything I got! Thanks to Sarah Winterton injuring me last year, this is my first Wrestlecade and I ain’t about to give that redneck bitch the satisfaction of taking away what I’ve worked hard to fight for and make into a prize in women’s wrestling! Tammy Lynn is tough and I can’t take that from her, but she needs to be stopped. This match would be one thing if she showed me and the rest of the Starlets any respect, but she ain’t getting away with cracking me in the head with a beer bottle and making me bleed on the women’s locker room floor.”

“Best of luck to all of you with the matches ahead,” Dawn said.

“Thanks, Dawn, and thank all of you who are here to make this night for the Tag Team and Starlets Champions a memorable one!”

Huber gestured at Roebuck and Charlotte as the title clad trio took their leave, hoping to make it out of Japan with their titles intact.

The history between these two stems back quite some time. Shayne Anderson brought in Mike Patterson, Xtreme, Crucifix, Mad Morgan, and Shovel and formed The X Movement. Lead by Patterson, The X Movement sought to destroy any of the original members of The Hype that were still on the roster to make roster space for new and upcoming talent. Anderson described it as a cycle and The X Movement was there to help that cycle along. Brian Williams rallied those The X Movement were targeting. Jack Dawn, Gabriel Gold, Prince Samir, and Ryan Raysor all joined Willimas in their crusade for survival.

Pietro Geist, who was the Hype Champion at the time, left for the main roster and vacated the championship. It boiled down to Patterson vs Williams for the vacant title and whoever won, the opposing faction would have to disband forever. Williams won the championship and The X Movement was no more. Anderson then turned on Patterson, but was fired. Patterson made amends with Williams, but a competition between the two of them began to form. Patterson challenged Williams for the title and came up short. This drove Patterson insane and made him want the title more and more.

For the better part of the last two months, Patterson embarked on a do or die quest to unseat Brian Williams. It has been vicious.. it has been ugly. Two of the most physical athletes on The Hype are on another collision course and that collision happens here at Wrestlecade II. In the origins of Wrestlecade, Mike Patterson wrestled jOlt alumni Ninja K at back to back events. He has experience on the biggest stage in professional wrestling. Williams doesn’t have that, but he could make a big name for himself here tonight. We already know he was called up to the main roster… Williams said he would gladly pull double duty should he win here tonight. He has no intentions of letting that championship go, but Patterson is looking for that one win.. that one career-defining victory over his greatest rival in jOlt to date. Two men will impassioned goals and heightened determination…

The clash of these two… begins now!

“Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth

The orchestral intro to the song struck up as the lights dimmed in the Tokyo Dome. The song kicked in and the lights began to flash in accordance to the beat of the song. Mike Patterson stepped out from the backstage area and stopped at the top of the stage. He looked around at the capacity crowd before stepping forward a few steps. He then threw a punch into his hand and a wall of pyro exploded behind him.

Patterson continued down to the ring where he circled around ringside to the announce tables area. He got up on the apron and made his way to the turnbuckles, climbing up and throwing his fist into the air. He hopped down and walked along the ring apron to the opposite side, climbed up and raised his fist into the air once again. Patterson then hopped over the ropes and landed in the ring. He warmed up as his music faded.

The arena became bathed in an amber hue and then a symphonic sound hit the PA system. The amber spotlights swirled around the arena before they converged on the stage, creating golden rays of light streaking across the arena and converging on one spot.

“Yours is an Empty Hope” by Nightwish When the electric guitar portion of the song hit, the lights scattered and Brian Williams came out from the backstage area with the Hype Championship around his waist. When the drums struck, the lights would converge back onto the main stage, bathing Williams in it. The drums hit again and the lights scattered once again. They converged on the next striking of the drum and so forth until the song finally kicked in

Two golden pyro curtains rained down on the left and right side of the stage as Williams walked down the entrance ramp. It wasn’t a new theme per se, but a special entrance for him here at Wrestlecade II. Williams stepped up onto the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. He stepped into the ring and unfastened the Hype Championship and knelt down in the center of the ring as the chorus of the song hit. The amber spotlights now converged on the center of the ring, bathing Williams in them again. When the chorus, the song ended abruptly and the lights scattered and the arena returned to normal almost instantly.

Williams stood and handed the Hype Championship over to the referee who held it high into the air. Mike Patterson re-entered the ring and stood face to face with Williams. There were relaxed rules in this match which means the referee will tend to let some stuff goes unless the envelope was pushed too far. The clash for the Hype Championship began at the sound of the bell!




The two of them stared a hole through each other with great intensity. Mike Patterson told Williams he was taking his championship here tonight to which Williams begged Patterson to try. Patterson mouthed the word “Okay” and then decked Williams with a forearm shot! Patterson hit another forearm and another, rocking Williams back, but with each forearm smash, Williams had fired a punch to the ribs of Patterson! The two of them brawled into a corner where Patterson swung wildly, but Williams ducked it and the two traded positions. A right hand by Williams, followed by a knife edge chop, then another right hand, then another chop. After a few hits of the punch/chop combo, Williams grabbed Patterson by the arm and whipped him across the ring. Williams charged in, but Patterson made him eat a back elbow. Patterson hopped up to the second turnbuckle and flew off with a clothesline, but Williams grabbed Patterson out of mid-air and slammed him into the canvas, trying to hook in a Fuijawa Arm Bar, but Patterson wriggled his way to the ropes and placed his feet on them before Williams could fully hook in the hold.

Williams stood and mouthed “that close” to Patterson as he got back to a vertical base. Patterson didn’t like that and charged in. The two of them locked up and Patterson powered Williams up against the ropes. The referee wanted a clean break, but Patterson punched Williams in the face! Patterson grabbed the arm and whipped Williams across the ring. Patterson bounced off the near ropes and hit a knee lift right into Williams’ stomach, flipping him over. Patterson nailed an elbow drop into the heart of Williams. He stood and dropped a second elbow, stood again and dropped a third elbow. Patterson elected not to go for the cover. Instead, he wanted to punish Williams some more. He brought the Hype Champion up to his feet where he rocked him with a big headbutt that stumbled him back. Patterson stepped in and hit another headbutt, rocking Williams. Patterson pressed him against the ropes and whipped Williams across the ring. Patterson telegraphed the back body drop, but Williams countered it with a knee strike to the face!! Patterson simply stood up, grinned, then clotheslined the HELL of out Williams!!! It could be over early as Patterson went for the cover.


Williams kicked out only after one!

Patterson didn’t like that at all. He grabbed Williams and pulled him up to his feet. He hooked Williams and took him over with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Williams landed hard, but he still managed to get back up to his feet. Patterson walked over and hooked Williams again, nailing a second Belly to Belly Suplex, but Williams refused to stay down! Williams got back up as Patterson grinned. He hooked Williams for a third, but Williams countered with headbutts to the face! Patterson let Williams go and Williams grabbed Patterson from behind and nailed a German Suplex! Williams hung on, turned over and pulled Patterson up. He took Patterson over with a second German Suplex. He continued to hold on as he pulled Patterson back to his feet, but Patterson broke Williams’ grip and performed a standing switch. Patterson grabbed Williams in a Half Nelson and tossed him over towards the corner! Williams got dropped on his neck with the Half Nelson Suplex, but he stood!!!

Williams kind of needed to find his balance, though, and rested against the corner. Patterson charged in and drilled Williams with a corner clothesline, dropping him down to a seated position. Patterson then placed his foot against Williams face and scraped it across with a Face Wash. Patterson then took off to the ropes, but Williams popped up and nailed a Lariat on Patterson as he was looking to deliver a Running Face Wash! Williams continued his momentum to the ropes where he slowed and propped himself up in the corner. He had to shake off the effects of the damage sustained from Mike Patterson, but this allowed Patterson to grab the ropes and make it up to his feet. Williams walked over and began to hit knee strikes to Patterson, doubling him over. He then grabbed Patterson by the shorts and tossed him through the middle and top ropes to the outside where he landed hard.

Williams stepped out onto the ring apron as Patterson got up on all fours. Williams then ran along the apron and leapt off with a Diving Double Knee Drop right into Patterson’s back, collapsing him down to the floor!!! Williams rolled away and put himself into a knelt position as he watched Patterson writhe in pain on the ring mats. Williams stood and walked over, grabbing Patterson by the hair, pulling him up to his feet. He went to toss Patterson into the ring steps, but Patterson reversed it and sent Williams shoulder first into the steps instead! Patterson stumbled away, holding his back in pain… almost as if he were reminding himself of the damage Williams caused a few moments ago. Patterson waited for Williams to get back to his feet… when Williams was vertical, Patterson charged in and nailing a Flying Shoulder Tackle that sent Williams on top of and over the ring steps to the ringside area on the opposite side!!

Williams flopped over onto his back and Patterson got an idea into his head. Patterson took a few steps back and ran at the ring steps. He leapt up onto the third step and launched himself off…


Patterson slammed down on top of Williams on the outside with a sickening thud! The height he got and the pure agility of a man his size wowed the Japanese crowd here tonight! Patterson stood up holding his mid-section as Williams writhed in pain on the ground. Patterson pulled Williams up and kicked him in the stomach, doubling him over. Patterson placed Williams between his legs. He lifted Williams up onto his shoulders and..


Willams fell to the ground, but Patterson immediately grabbed him and placed Williams back between his legs. He lifted him up to shoulder height and…


Williams fell to the ground limp, but Patterson immediately grabbed Williams and pulled him up. He placed Williams back between his legs and lifted him up onto his shouders… This time Patterson walked over to the corner of where the barricades met and turned….GOOD GOD NO…



The referee immediately hopped out of the ring and checked on Williams. Williams wasn’t giving any kind of response. The referee went to call for the bell, but Patterson grabbed the referee by the arm and stopped him from signaling.

“What are you doing!?” yelled the referee.

Patterson grabbed the referee and threw him into the barricades, knocking him out!!

Patterson turned his attention back to Williams. He picked up the lifeless Williams off the floor and threw him back into the ring. Patterson got onto the ring apron and yelled “THIS IS MY CHAMPIONSHIP.” Patterson ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top and took aim on Williams. He leapt off, looking for another Big Souix Splash, but it was countered!!! Williams put the knees up and Patterson crashed down on top of them!!! Williams couldn’t capitalize as he was still in tremendous pain, but he, at the very least, saved his championship for the time being.

Williams flipped over to his stomach and crawled to the ropes. He tried to use the ropes to pull himself up, but his back was hurting too much and he couldn’t find the strength to stand. Williams fell to a knelt position and tried to stretch his back muscles as much as possible to loosen them up. Patterson was getting back to his feet right when Williams was finally able to get up to a vertical base. Patterson charged in and grabbed Williams in a waist lock. He then tossed Williams overhead with a Release German Suplex! Patterson stood as Williams couldn’t move in the ring. Patterson grinned as he grabbed Williams and returned the favor by throwing him through the middle and top ropes to the outside right in front of the row of announce tables. Patterson then took a momentum to motion to the crowd that he was finally going to claim the Hype Championship all to himself. Williams knew he needed to get time to recover if he were going to save himself in this match. He reached under the ring and grabbed a steel chair, but Patterson didn’t see as he was too busy showboating.

Williams kept the chair out of sight as he used the apron to pull himself up. Patterson saw Williams head poke up and decided to go high risk. Patterson bounced off the opposite ropes and charged ahead full speed. Patterson dove through the middle and top ropes to the outside with a Suicide Dive, but Williams revealed the great equalizer and…



The steel collided with Patterson’s head as he dove through the ropes! Patterson flopped onto the apron and down to the floor! There was no referee to witness it so Williams pulled out something to swing momentum back into his favor! Patterson was busted open from the chair shot, but Williams couldn’t follow up, but that one chair shot bought him enough time to walk around the ringside area and get some feeling back into his legs and lower back. With the chair still in hand, Williams walked back over to where Patterson was laid out and dared him to get back to his feet. Patterson checked himself for blood and when he saw red, the pain, seemingly, faded away and he became enraged. Patterson stood as Williams readied the chair for another strike, but Patterson exploded out of the knelt position and even Williams was surprised…


The chair went flying out of Williams hands, landing at ringside as the two of them crashed through the security wall! Both of them laid there for a few moments before Patterson began to pull himself up. Patterson staggered back a few steps, but then reversed direction and stepped back over to Williams. He grabbed Williams by the head and pulled him to his feet. He walked Williams over in front of the announce tables and set him up between his legs!! He wanted to powerbomb Williams through the table, but Williams countered with a Back Body Drop on the floor! Williams fell to a knee as that re-aggravated his injured back. Williams tried to shake it off as he got back up to a vertical stance. Patterson pulled himself up and charged back in at Williams, but Williams hit a back thrust kick right into Patterson’s stomach, doubling him over. Williams turned and clubbed Patterson over the upper back with a forearm shot. Williams did it again and again until he placed Patterson between his legs, looking to return the favor, but when Williams tried to lift the 300+ pounder, his back gave out and he couldn’t lift him.

Patterson then stood up and lifted Williams with him. He held onto Williams’ legs as he draped him over his back. Patterson then turned and faced the row of announce tables…



The table shattered, which is a rarity in Japan, upon impact and Williams looked to be out for good from that. Patterson stood there and grinned as he knew that he had finally beaten Brian Williams and now it was just a matter of getting Williams back into the ring for the pinfall. Patterson grabbed Williams put of the rubble and threw him back in under the bottom rope. Patterson cockily walked up the steel ring steps, knowing he had this in the bag, but as he walked up the ring steps, he gazed off to his right and a look as if his heart sank came over his face.

The referee was still down from when he threw him into the barricades. Patterson hopped off the ring steps and walked over to the referee. He shook the referee and told him to get up. The referee groggily began to get up off the floor, but Patterson felt it wasn’t fast enough. He grabbed the referee by the belt and hoisted him off the floor with one arm! He rolled the referee back into the ring and then quickly followed suit. Patterson crawled over into the cover, hooking the leg deep as the referee began to count…. Slowly.




Patterson was pissed. Too much time had elapsed and it allowed Williams enough time to recover, but now that there was a referee, Patterson realized that all he had to do was hit a big move and it would be over. He bent over and grabbed Williams, pulling him back to his feet as the referee tried to recover. Patterson kicked Williams in the stomach and placed him between his legs, looking for the Trailervision, but Williams countered with a Back Body Drop! It was a move of desperation because as soon as he hit it, Williams stumbled forward and fell to his knees, having to use the ropes to hold him up. Patterson got back up and saw Williams against the ropes. Patterson charged in, but Williams stood and made Patterson eat a back elbow! Williams remained there and Patterson simply turned and charged back in, but this time, Williams stepped in and rocked Patterson with a big right hand! Williams stepped away from the ropes and nailed another right, then a third, then a fourth, trying to build momentum.

He grabbed Patterson by the wrist and whipped him across the ring. Williams hit another back elbow and that knocked Patterson against the ropes. Patterson used those ropes for momentum and charged in with a lariat, but Williams ducked! Patterson turned around and Williams hoisted Patterson onto his shoulders!! Williams yelled out in pain, but he didn’t care.. he had to do something.. and that something with a Death Valley Driver!!! As soon as the move hit, Williams rolled away from Patterson, holding his back in pain and kicking his feet into the canvas, but Patterson just got dumped on the back of his head and it bought Williams some time.

Williams pounded his fists into the canvas and let out a bestial roar as he pulled himself back up, fighting through the pain. Williams got back to his feet and now it was Patterson that was using the ropes to pull himself back up. Williams charged in and stepped into Patterson with a forearm shot. Williams hit another, and another and another and another.. not letting up. The more he hit Patterson, the faster his strikes became. Williams yelled out as he picked up the intensity. Patterson began to slouch down and that’s when Williams switched to knee strikes! Knee after knee after knee found its way to Patterson’s head and it got to the point where the referee had to get Williams off of Patterson due to the wound on Patterson’s head, feeling that he could may end up with a concussion or worse at that rate.

Williams was just beginning to get his second wind and he didn’t want to waste it. He walked over and grabbed Patterson right in front of the referee, pulling him up to his feet. Williams lit up Patterson’s chest with a Knife Edge Chop. He hit a second chop, then a third chop before grabbing Patterson by the wrist and whipping him into the corner. Williams charged in, but surprisingly, Patterson got the boot up and kicked Williams in the face. Williams staggered back and Patterson exploded out of the corner with a lariat, but Williams ducked and placed Patterson into waist lock, but Patterson broke free with a pair of back elbows! Patterson turned, but he saw they had little effect as Williams delivered a headbutt to the open wound of Patterson, causing the bleeding to begin once again!

Williams grabbed Patterson and threw him into the corner. Williams put the boots to Patterson until Patterson was down in a seated position. Williams walked away and turned, measuring up Patterson. Williams charged to the corner, but Patterson pulled himself up, lunged in and damn near took Williams’ head off!!!



Williams got back to his feet, even after landing on the back of his neck and flipping over! Patterson couldn’t believe it! Patterson backed up into the turnbuckles and charged in with another lariat, but Williams ducked it. He placed Patterson in a waist lock and popped the hips…


Williams stood and saw that Patterson was slouched over, just hanging off the top rope by one arm. Williams pulled Patterson out of the corner and got behind him again…


This time Patterson collapsed down to a seated position. Williams walked away and began to pump himself up. The adrenaline was shutting out the pain in his back as he charged in and flipped into the corner with the Cannonball!!! Williams rolled out of the corner and back to his feet. He ran to the opposite corner, charged in and hit another Cannonball!! Williams took and motioned for one more to the crowd and they cheered. Williams backed into the opposite corner and charged in.. he nailed a third Cannonball to Patterson! Williams stood and grabbed Patterson by the leg. He pulled Patterson away from the corner and positioned him a decent distance away. Williams stepped out onto the apron and began to slowly climb the turnbuckle pads to the very top. He took aim on Patterson and flipped off..


The Swanton Bomb connected and Williams turned and hooked the leg with an expression of pain on his face.




Patterson kicked out of it and Williams looked a bit dejected after that.

Williams stood and signaled that he was going to put Patterson away. He grabbed Patterson by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. He kicked Patterson in the stomach and placed him between his legs, but Patterson countered with a double leg trip! Patterson then knelt down on Williams and began to pummel away at his face with heavy right hands, showing that he still had a lot of fight left in him! Patterson spoke of this during a meeting between the two of them on The Hype. He said he wouldn’t quit… he didn’t care if he died trying.. he was going to beat Brian Williams and he was showing that intestinal fortitude right here!

Patterson stood and pulled the champion up to his feet, but Williams shocked Patterson by hoisting him up onto his shoulders in an Inverted Fireman’s Carry… Williams tilted off to the side and…


Williams was down… the move took its toll on his back, but Patterson was also down! The referee had to start a mandatory ten count…






Williams turned over and began to crawl to the ropes.



Williams grabbed the ropes as Patterson turned to his side.


Patterson was up to a knee as was Williams…


Both men got up

Williams turned around and stumbled into a right hand by Patterson that rocked his head back. Williams returned the favor with a right hand of his own that rocked Patterson back. Patterson shook it off and fired another right hand, connecting with Williams and knocking him off balance a bit. Williams regrouped and put all of his weight behind a punch that leveled Patterson!!! Patterson hit the canvas and looked around to see just where the hell he was. Williams dared Patterson to stand back up. Patterson slowly got back to an all fours position and that’s when Williams charged in and nailed a Running Senton onto Patterson’s lower back, collapsing him down to the canvas!! Williams let out another bestial roar as he knelt down in front of Patterson and placed him in a front chancery. He then hit knee strike after knee strike to the top of Patterson’s head, trying to knock him out cold. After a myriad of knee strikes, Williams shot the half and went into the pinning combination…



Patterson popped the shoulder up!

Williams wasted no time. He grabbed Patterson by the hair and yanked him up to his feet. He placed Patterson into a pumphandle position, but Patterson countered with a hip toss! Patterson lost his balance and fell to a seated position! All of the headbutts, the punches, and the knee strikes to the head, coupled with that chair shot from earlier that busted him open, perhaps all of it was finally taking its toll on this monster from Virden, Manitoba, Canada. Williams got back up as Patterson got back to his feet. Williams stepped in and one good right hand knocked Patterson flat onto his back! The monster finally went down from a single solitary punch and it looked like it did a number on him. All the blows to the head were, indeed, finally catching up with Patterson. Adrenaline can only take you so far before it wears off. How would that affect Williams and his back once his begins to wear off?

Patterson turned over on all fours and began to pull himself up to his feet. Williams got behind Patterson and placed him into the Pumphandle position once again. Williams face told the tale of pain, but he lifted Patterson up and dropped him neck first across his knee with the Pumphandle Neck Breaker…


Williams went into the cover, hooking the leg!



Patterson kicked out!!

Even though Patterson kicked out, it didn’t look like he had any idea where he was. Patterson staggered up to his feet and Williams was right there to meet him. Williams hit a knee lift that doubled Patterson over. He placed Patterson between his legs. He lifted Patterson up and spiked him right on top of his head!!!!


The Cradle Piledriver connected!!! All the blows to the head.. it all lead to this! Mike Patterson, on his fourth try, STILL couldn’t beat Brian Williams! The champion was set to retain after the hand would slap three times on the canvas! Williams made the cover as it was academic from here.



Three!! NO!!!!!


Williams couldn’t believe it! He just gave Patterson his best shot and he kicked out of it! Mike Patterson will not be denied on the biggest stage jOlt Wrestling has to offer! Williams grabbed Patterson and brought him up to his feet. Williams hit another knee lift and placed Patterson between his legs again, but Patterson shocked Williams by hoisting him up onto his shoulders and falling back with a Samoan Drop! Patterson rolled on the canvas away from Williams towards the corner. Patterson pulled himself up as Williams got to his feet on spaghetti legs. Patterson charged in, looking for the Spear, but Williams lunged in…





Patterson flopped over to his back! Both men were down. The referee was about to issue another mandatory ten count when Patterson.. somehow… some way… turned over and began to crawl over to Williams. Patterson lifted his arm up as he was about to drop it down across Williams’ body when...


Williams had grabbed Patterson’s arm as it was up in the air and he moved his body into position!! He wrapped up Patterson with a Triangle Choke right in the middle of the ring!! Nobody saw that coming and Patterson had nowhere to go!! The referee asked if Patterson wanted to give it up, but Patterson yelled out “no!” Patterson continued to fight, but the lights were fading fast. The referee saw Patterson go motionless and he raised Patterson’s arm once… it fell… he raised it a second time… it fell again. The referee told the time keeper to get ready… he raised the arm a third time… it remained steady!!!

Patterson shook his arm and then he got a good grip on Williams. Patterson got to his feet and used raw power to lift Williams up off the canvas!!! Patterson then simply fell down and nailed a Falling Powerbomb on Brian Williams. He stacked Williams up with the cover…




Williams grabbed Patterson by the arm in the middle of the pinfall and got his shoulders off the canvas, applying the Triangle Choke a second time!! Patterson wasted no time powering Williams back up off the canvas. Patterson charged the corner and slammed Williams back first against the turnbuckle pads. Williams let go of the hold and slouched down in the corner. Patterson hoisted Williams up onto the top turnbuckle pad and climbed up. He hooked Williams for what looked like a Super Belly to Belly Suplex, but Williams hit a pair of headbutts and Patterson staggered down off the ropes and away from the corner. Patterson turned and faced Williams who dove off the top with a Cross Body Block. Williams slammed into Patterson and Patterson collapsed, but he rode the momentum and picked up Williams off the canvas as he stood up! Not one…. Not two… but three rib breakers across the knee before he tossed Williams overhead with the Fallaway Slam! Williams staggered to his feet as Patterson got back to his. Patterson got a big running start, lunged in and cut Williams in half!


Patterson got on top of Williams and hooked the leg…



Thre.. NO!!!

Williams kicked out!!!

Patterson was beginning to lose it. He has wanted to defeat Brian Williams for so long now. The shame from losing the Hype Title Match and causing The X Movement to disband… the inability to defeat him two other times in the past. Patterson had to defeat Williams here at Wrestlecade… otherwise, what would be left for him? On the other hand… Williams was showing the heart of a true champion.. he wouldn’t give it up no matter what. Williams was also determined to retain his title here tonight. The struggle for Hype supremacy continued as Patterson got back to his feet, wondering just what he had to do in order to put Williams away. Then, Patterson looked around the arena and got a sick, twisted idea.

Patterson grabbed Williams by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. He pulled Williams with him over to the ropes where Patterson stepped out onto the ring apron. He pulled Williams out with him and then placed Williams between his legs. He lifted Williams up and cradled the leg… he was looking for the Trailervision on the goddamn ring apron!!!

Williams kicked his legs and reversed the momentum. He landed on his feet on the apron. Williams charged in and drove Patterson’s back into the steel ring post!! The two of them tumbled off the apron and down to the floor at ringside!! Williams got up on all fours and then back up to his feet as Patterson was on the floor, arching his back in pain. Williams hobbled over and grabbed Patterson, pulling him up to his feet. Williams placed Patterson into a front waist lock, but Patterson jammed the point of his elbow into Williams’ shoulder, breaking the hold. Patterson grabbed Williams by the arm and went to whip him into the barricades, but Williams reversed it and pulled Patterson back into the front face lock. He popped the hips and…


Patterson landed hard on his shoulders and upper back as he folded up like an accordion! Williams got back to his feet and stumbled over to Patterson, helping him back to his feet. Williams rolled Patterson back into the ring and then followed suit. Williams had one last ace up his sleeve. He signaled for it as he waited for Patterson to stand. Patterson got up to his feet and Williams lifted Patterson up onto his shoulders with an Inverted Fireman’s Carry, but Patterson wriggled free and slipped off, landing behind Williams!! Williams turned around and Patterson hoisted Williams up onto his shoulders instead with a regular Fireman’s Carry. Patterson was about to hit a move when Williams slipped off behind Patterson. Williams hit a Kidney Punch to soften Patterson up. He lifted Patterson back up with the Inverted Fireman’s Carry. He tilted Patterson off his shoulders and sat out with the Piledriver…


This is what he used to beat Patterson back on Hype 52! Brian Williams will now go 4-0 against this monster!! Williams made the cover, hooking the leg!!





After changing positions so much, they got too close to the ropes. Patterson’s leg was near the ropes enough for him to easily drape his leg across the bottom. Williams quickly grabbed Patterson’s legs and hooked both of them, going for the pin a second time..



Thre.. NO!!!

Patterson kicked out! That little extra time helped Patterson recover just enough, but how much more can he take? Patterson’s head has taken so much damage in this match.. any normal man would have been out cold and in a hospital bed by now, but Patterson somehow, some way, continues to power through it and march on!

Williams knew that Patterson was done, though. He just had to hit it once again and it would be over. Williams grabbed Patterson and brought him up to his feet. He hoisted Patterson up onto his shoulders once again with the Inverted Fireman’s Carry, but Patterson slips off, hooks the arms and tries for a Backslide Pin, but Williams fights it. Patterson lets go… turns around and decks Williams in the back of the head and neck with a Roaring Elbow!! Williams goes face first into the canvas from the impact and Patterson quickly goes over in front of him. Patterson can barely walk in a straight line.. he had to put Williams away now.

Patterson pulled Williams up to his feet. He doubled Williams over with a kick to the stomach. He placed Williams between his legs, lifted, hooked the leg and drove Williams down to the canvas with the Cradle Piledriver…


Patterson with the cover..



THREE!!! NO!!!


Patterson quickly stood. He pulled Williams up.. Patterson backed into the ropes…


He stood.. he pulled Williams up. He backed into the ropes again…


He stood… pulled Williams back to his feet… he backed into the ropes for a third time…


He stood, grabbed Williams, pulled him up between his legs… He lifted… hooked the leg….






The bell rang!!

Dean Carrington: The winner of this match… and NEW Hype Champion….. MIKE PATTERSON!!

Patterson couldn’t even stand. He continued to lay there out cold after giving it everything he had to win the title. The referee checked on both men as Mike Patterson slowly rolled over onto his back, his chest heaving to take in as much air as possible. His head still bloodied from being busted open. He couldn’t move. We was beyond exhausted.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the fans of jOlt just witnessed one of the most hard-hitting matches they have ever seen. Both men put their bodies through hell.. hit each other with everything they had and then some.. and each came coming back for more and more. In the end, Mike Patterson made good on his word. He said he would do whatever it took to defeat Brian Williams. He damn near killed him and if Williams had somehow found a way to kick out at the end, who knows what lengths Patterson would have gone to in order to get the job done. A few moments have passed and the two of them were still down. The referee brought some water into the ring and handed a bottle to each of them, but Williams was motionless. Williams was communicating, but he didn’t want to move. Those three lariats and two trailervisions took it all out of him.

Patterson sat up and took some sips of the water. From there, he managed to get back to his feet, but he had to use the ropes to hold himself up. Patterson was then handed the Hype Championship. He looked at the belt as if he couldn’t believe he was holding the title. Patterson looked over at Williams and after holding that title, Patterson finally got a sense of what it meant to be champion. When he looked at Williams, he began to understand why Williams kept kicking out.. why he was never able to beat Williams until now. That sense of pride of holding the championship filled Patterson’s body and he felt what Williams had felt all this time.

Patterson dropped the belt on the canvas and walked over to Williams. He stood over him and offered him his hand. Williams looked up at Mike Patterson who had a humbled look on his face. Williams reached up and grabbed Patterson’s hand and Patterson pulled Williams up to his feet. Patterson reached down and grabbed the Hype Championship and placed it on his shoulder. He offered Williams a handshake when Williams said…. “Hold on… not yet”

Williams took the title off of Patterson’s shoulder and told Patterson to turn around. Williams then placed the title around Patterson’s waist, officially passing the torch and recognizing that Patterson was, indeed, the new Hype Champion. After the title was fastened, Patterson turned around and saw that it was Williams that was offering the hand this time. Patterson quickly grasped Williams by the hand and shook then pulled him in and gave him a hug and a pat on the back!

The two finished their embrace when Patterson walked over to the ropes and held them open for Williams. Williams shook his head and laughed and stepped forward, placing one foot through the ropes. He gingerly stepped down and Patterson followed him out. The two of them headed up the ramp, stopping at the top. Williams patted Patterson on the shoulder and told him that this was his spotlight. Williams disappeared behind the curtain as Patterson turned and faced the capacity crowd. Patterson raised the Hype Championship into the air as violet pyro exploded around him!

The people were giving a standing ovation out of the respect for the performance that he and Brian Williams gave here tonight. Patterson placed the Hype Title on his shoulder, bowed to the Japanese crowd then turned and disappeared behind the curtain.

A broken announce table.. a broken barricade.. some blood stains on the ring canvas. You’d think it was a No Fear Rules match, but it wasn’t. It was two highly competitive men with a score to settle and they settled it the most physical way possible. How either man was able to walk after that match is a miracle in and of itself, but these two were complete and utter beasts and if they didn’t prove that tonight, then anyone watching that match is as blind as blind can be.

What will The Hype be like with Mike Patterson as its champion? What lies next for Brian Williams who has joined the main roster? These questions will be answered in time, but for now, Wrestlecade II moves on!

Winner: Mike Patterson via Pinfall (NEW Hype Champion)

"One of Us"

The scene faded in on a dimly light room, in the center of the room sat Nicky Santiago-Ramey bound and gagged to a wooden chair. Slowly lurking behind her was the man known as Citizen, decked out in his full attire. Citizen slowly paced, each time passing Nicky he would brush his hand across her shoulder.

“He’s beginning to crack.” Citizen stated, while he only continued his pacing back and forth.

“I know it wouldn’t be long,” Citizen paused, “your husband is good at putting up these walls so that people only see the one side of him that he wants them to see. The secrets, his real feelings, they never truly come to light. He merely wants to present any image that is appealing and will lend to everyone cheering for him when he steps out from behind those curtains.”

Citizen stopped pacing directly behind Nicky, placed both hands on his shoulders and began gently rubbing. The heavy breathing from Nicky could be heard growing louder and louder as the fear was rising.

“Everyone thinks I’m the bad person in this situation,” Citizen paused, “but you know the truth. I’ve exposed your husband for the fraud he is, but everyone continues to chant for him. Like cows to the slaughter, they just follow blindly to exactly what they want to believe is true. They need something good to grasp onto, something to hope for, because their lives are so rotten that they have no other choice. The problem with this world is that there is no such thing as good and bad people, Nicky.”

Citizen shook his head.

“No, there are only decisions that define our character. A person can live their life following by a moral code that allows them to be seen as this righteous being to everyone surrounding them, but behind closed doors people don’t see the prostitute that individual is seeing at night. That’s exactly what your husband does, he paints this picture that makes everyone around him see him as this shining light that they can hold onto to, have faith in, and keep them going. When the camera turns off though he goes right back to living his secret life, one that you’re involved in.”

“You’ve been married for nearly fifteen years, but this wasn’t something the fans knew. No, there were women swooning over your husband at every show that he went to. Little children looking up to him as a role model of what they should be when they grow up, but he kept you a secret from them. Even after my revealing this revelation the people still rallied behind him because I look like the bad person for taking you away from him.”

Citizen began pacing once more.

“I’m not the bad person for exposing someone of their wrongdoings. I merely made decisions that would help me bring your husband into the true light. To show his true colors to the fans, and from that interview earlier it seems it’s worked. He’s an ill-tempered individual who will crack under the pressure just like any normal person; he isn’t impervious to the onslaughts and attacks of his enemies like he wants people to think.”

“Your husband thinks that tonight he is going to have the advantage in this match because he’s not sticking to his normal game plan inside of that ring. That’s what I wanted all along, I want the raw emotion from him, I don’t want him pandering to the crowd and putting on a show. I want them to see him for what he truly is, a monster just like the rest of us.”

With that final comment, the scene slowly began to fade out.

It was now time for the mysterious faction known only as the Dead Cell to show what they could do when they were in the confines of the squared circle. In a short time, the group had wreaked havoc on several jOlt broadcasts including attacks on Jesse Ramey and his top contenders for the jOlt Championship, even going so far as to halt a broadcast of the show just as Jesse Ramey was about to defend his title in a long-awaited match with House member and one-half of the Tag Team Champions, Derrick Huber.

The Heirs of Wrestling had felt a couple of those beatings, but they didn’t back down and in fact, got one over on The Dead Cell last week, giving them a taste of their own medicine with help from Mack Brody, Sonny Silver, Kayden Paulton and Callie “Scrapper” Scott. Three members of The Dead Cell would make their in-ring debuts to take on the highly decorated former multi-time Tag Team Champions The Heirs of Wrestling along with perennial underdog, Kayden Paulton. Could they play spoiler to the Dead Cell or would the new faction prove that they were here to stay?

“The following contest is a six-man tag team contest set for one fall!” yelled Dean Carrington…

The lights dimmed low... the golden columns on the left and right sides of the stage began to faintly glow. The left jOltvision illuminated with an H along with the noise of a bass-filled boom. The main jOltvision in the center of the stage illuminated with an O along with another bass-filled boomThe right jOltvision screen illuminated with a W with a third bass-filled boom.

The letters then disappeared and then reappeared in sequential order while the chorus of a crowd chanting the letters sounded as each letter lit up in sequence..

"H" "O" "W"
"H" "O" "W"
"H" "O" "W"

After the third time, they all faded and this time they lit up in gold and a massive wall of pyro blew on stage.

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras along with Kayden Paulton in the middle! They all wore white variations on camouflage - as an FU to the dark swat gear worn by the Dead Cell - white the lyrics played.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

When the chrous kicked in..

I'm ready for the...

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to tens of thousands in the Tokyo Dome cheering in the stands. The long walk eventually made its end at the ring where Gallway, Silver and Paulton slid in and ascended the turnbuckles, pointing out to the sea of humanity standing and cheering them on! And they weren’t alone! Standing by was Sonny Silver, Frank’s godfather and trainer, who himself got a pop from the crowd, but remained his usual, incredibly grumpy self.

Showing their unity, the Heirs and Kayden stood in the middle of the ring. They went back to back, so their opponents couldn’t blindside them, as they were known to do.

“Believe” by Since October.

The lights dimming and white lights flickering like lightning ushered in the all black squadron of archangels that have been wreaking havoc all throughout jOlt. Like shadows in the darkness, three members of the Dead Cell went unseen until climbing over the security barrier. The three soldiers Ezekiel sent into battle were the death-defying Rafael, the smashmouth Gabriel, and his leader in the field, Michael.

Rafael hurried to the top rope, where he perched himself like a gargoyle, with his two larger allies standing on each side of him on the apron. Each man struck the same pose of placing their right fist over their heart before Michael and Gabriel climbed into the ring, while Rafael leapt high into the air and slammed his fist into the mat, striking a pose.

The lights slowly came up, as the Dead Cell looked over to their enemies, who had formed a line, shoulder to shoulder in the middle of the ring. The visual itself spoke volumes with the two teams going nose to nose, as the white-garbed Heirs and Kayden stood before the black-clad Dead Cell.

“I’m going to kick the shit out of all of you fucks,” Frank rudely enlightened his opponents.

“For sure,” Ryan chimed in, making sure to show he was just as fearless as his teammate.

“You are bad bad men and need to start being good or I will get really unhappy,” Kayden followed suit to which Frank just shook his head in annoyance, while Sonny buried his face in his hands in shame on the outside.

The referee stepped in to break them up and get some order restored. He directed each team to their respective corners, where each team needed to choose who would be the first into battle. The Dead Cell chose without a single word spoken. Not quite the same for their foes…

“Move your asses,” Frank took charge. “I got this. Major league ass-kicking is back in town.”

Silver glared at Rafael and motioned for him to come fight him. The archangel was well-trained. He wasn’t going to just rush out to meet Frank. He made Silver think about it, as he adjusted his mask and stretched out his legs. The duo began to circle with Frank having to stay light on his feet due to Rafael diving at his feet, hoping to pick an ankle. A collar and elbow tieup led to Frank gaining the upper hand with a side headlock, which he kept tightly applied, as he took his foe down to the mat. Rafael was not kept down for long and he hurried Silver into the ropes before shooting him across the ring.


Frank easily ran right over his opponent with a shoulder block, sending him tumbling backwards to the ropes.

"Get your ass up," Silver demanded with the crowd cheering him on.

Rafael kipped up and instead of trying to hurry back into battle, he offered his hand to Gabriel, who was more than happy to climb into the ring.


In came the bruiser of the trio and he stared a hole through Silver. Frank wasn't going to be intimidated by Gabriel. He stared right back at him, as the two men circled. Another tieup led to a headlock, but this time, Frank found himself on the receiving end. A trio of forearms struck Gabriel in the side and he was sent racing into the ropes. Silver immediately found out what it was like to be Rafael.


A shoulder block sent Frank down fast and Gabriel just stood over him.

"Not so bad now, are you?" the archangel said arrogantly, while watching Silver climb back up to his feet.

Frank rotated his shoulder, trying to stretch it out. Gabriel motioned for him to bring it and Frank was not going to back up. He looked to tieup once more, but was cut off by a boot to the gut followed by a huge right hand that sent Frank stumbling backwards. A left to the gut and another big right hand forced Silver into the corner. Gabriel stayed on the attack with a pair of boots that dropped Silver to one knee and followed them up with a matching pair of right hands to the jaw.

The archangel fired his opponent into the far corner and hoped to follow him in, but instead found Frank racing back towards him. Silver put him down with a brutal, running, European uppercut.

After pulling his foe up to a seated position, Frank lit him up with a chop to the back and then, delivered a running boot right to the mouth.

Not done, Frank helped get Gabriel vertical only to immediately put him right back down the hard way with a swank belly-to-back suplex.

A cover by Silver...




Gabriel kicked out with time to spare and instinctively rolled to his stomach. Frank looked to keep the momentum in his favor and tried for a vertical suplex. Before he could try and lift Gabriel, the archangel spun out of the capture and knocked Frank down hard with a short-arm clothesline.

That rung Frank's bell and he couldn't do anything to stop Gabriel from forcing him into the Dead Cell's corner. Gabriel kept his foe pinned in the corner, as Michael looked to get involved in the match by patting his ally on the back.


Silver was in the wrong part of town. He couldn't escape the barrage of punches and elbows being delivered by the head archangel. Staggered, Silver was blasted by repeated headbutts that finally put him on his ass in the corner.

The referee stepped in to put some space between Michael and his target, but the stoppage was only for a fleeting moment, as Michael went right back to work. This time by stomping the holy hell out of Silver. Once again, the referee had to pry Michael from his enemy. Led by a handful of his hair, Silver was dragged out to the ropes, where he was socked two more times before being whipped into the ropes. The lead archangel lowered his head and got clubbed in the back for his trouble. A knee to the gut kept Michael doubled over for what Frank had next.


He had to use all of his might to lift the monstrous Michael. The powerful slam forced Michael to put some space between himself and Silver by rolling away, giving Frank enough time to reach the outstretched hand of his tag team partner.


Michael had slid over to the Dead Cell's corner when Paulton made his way into the ring. The lead archangel offered his hand and Rafael was quick to take it.


The high flyer of the Dead Cell launched himself up to the top rope and hopped over to the adjacent rope before executing a front flip into the ring. Paulton was unusually focused tonight. He paid no mind to Rafael's flashy entrance. There was no circling with these two. They charged at each other like a pair of bulls, locking horns in a tieup. Rafael got the upper hand and forced Kayden back into a neutral corner. The official got involved calling for a clean break, but he wasn't going to get one. Rafael went for a punch, only to have Paulton block it and connect with a trio of forearms. Kayden kept it going with a kick to the outside of his enemy's thigh and instantly went to work with a trio of knees to the abdomen that backed Rafael into the ropes. An Irish whip by Paulton and...


Paulton was full of energy and he slapped the mat with both hands while standing up, feeling the crowd rally behind him. Rafael was kneeling where Kayden blasted him in the back with a reverse knife edge chop, an open-handed slap to the chest, and finally a dropkick to the back of the head.

Much to everyone's delight and honestly surprise, Kayden had things in firm control when he held his hand to Ryan Gallway.


Kayden positioned their foe in the middle of the ring. Kayden and Ryan pointed to one another and hit opposite sets of ropes.


A cover by Gallway...




Rafael was able to shove Ryan off and he immediately started towards the corner. Ryan met him there with a pair of roundhouses to the chest. An Irish whip was countered by Rafael and he fired back with a lightning fast trio of boots to the gut. Into the corner went Gallway with Rafael charging in after him. Gallway caught him with both feet right in the jaw, sending him stumbling back to the center of the ring.


Showing great jumping ability, Ryan took Rafael off his feet after leaping from the middle ropes. Both men were up quick, but Rafael was off-balance. Gallway sprinted past him and hit the far ropes.


The momentum of the move sent Rafael across the ring and he found himself draped across the middle rope.


Ryan hit the ropes opposite Rafael and found Michael waiting for him. The lead archangel had made the blind tag behind Gallway's back. Michael missed an incoming Ryan with a clothesline, but he put an end to the quick pace in the blink of an eye.


Trying for another headscissors, Ryan was instead driven violently into the mat. Gallway clutched at the back of his head in pain while he was dragged to the Dead Cell's corner by the leg.


A slap to the back counted as a tag and Gabriel hurried in. The two archangels looked like they were going to do the old wishbone on Ryan, but instead they each grabbed Gallway by the throat with a leg held in their other hand. With ease, they pulled their opponent up off the mat. They held him high in the air before spiking him down with all of their might.

On spaghetti legs, Ryan was dragged out to the middle of the ring. Gabriel cocked his fist and flat out levelled him with a vicious lariat.

The archangel stared a hole through the furious Frank Silver, while getting Gallway back up to a vertical base. Gabriel hoisted Ryan up into the air as if he was lifting a toddler. He held him up in a gorilla press, even doing a few reps, before mercilessly throwing him over the top rope to the floor.

Silver immediately hurried to check on his teammate. However, he had to stop short due to the fact that all three righteous soldiers stood before him. Rafael and Michael kept Frank from getting to close, while Gabriel kept his focus on the fallen Gallway.


Gabriel scooped up his enemy like he was going for a spinebuster and drove him harshly into the security barrier. Not done there, the archangel tossed Ryan up into the air only to slam him down back-first onto the top of the barrier.

There was no time to tend to wounds for Gallway. He was immediately picked up and fired back into the ring. Gabriel slid in after him and drove his boot down into his spine repeatedly.

"Heroes often die for their cause," Gabriel snarled. "Are you ready to die for yours?"


Gabriel held his hand out for Rafael, who tagged in without any debate. Ryan tried to use the slight opening to jump to his team's corner, but Gabriel had a firm grip on his arm and pulled him into an inverted atomic drop. Instead of letting Ryan go, he held him parallel to the mat, while Rafael launched himself into split-legged moonsault position from the apron.


Rafael hooked the near leg, as he went for a pin attempt...




Digging deep, Gallway barely got his shoulder out from under Rafael and up before the referee could count to three. Rafael shot an unhappy look to the referee, while pulling his opponent up from the mat. The smallest of the archangels positioned Ryan right where he wanted him and hooked him for what might be a vertical suplex.


Not missing a beat, he hurried out to the apron. Time for Rafael to do what he does best and that it take to the skies.


Not happy with just that, Rafael used the momentum to roll back up to his feet and he took off to the opposite ropes.



Ryan's jaw was nearly torn from his face with that kick. His body kicked into autopilot and tried to get him vertical, but he couldn't get past all fours, so Rafael hooked him with the Oklahoma roll...




Rafael couldn't hide his frustration and he punched the mat in annoyance. He dragged his adversary up and shoved him into a neutral corner. Ryan could barely stay upright, but he wouldn't have to worry about it, as Rafael sat him on the top rope, facing the crowd. The archangel climbed up to the middle rope behind him and Gallway exploded with a flurry of elbows, knocking him back down to the mat. Ryan tried to stand on the top rope. However, Rafael was able to pull him from the top rope in electric chair position. Ryan was in danger and had to think fast. Just as they were about two steps from the corner, he quickly spun on Rafael's shoulders.


The move sent Rafael crashing headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. That caused the archangel's eyes to water and he staggered back towards the middle of the ring. Gallway threw all he had left into taking advantage of the opening.


Ricocheting off the middle rope, Ryan blasted his foe right in the mouth with a twisting gamengiri. The crowd could see what was going on and they started to come alive. Frank stomped and Sonny pounded on the apron, while the crowd and Kayden kept rhythm by clapping their hands. The entire arena roared, as Ryan got closer and closer to his teammates.

Across from them, Rafael was able to stumble over to Gabriel.


Just as he did, the arena erupted, as Ryan was able to reach Kayden.


In a flash, Kayden was in the ring and running on all cylinders. He and Gabriel rocketed towards each other. Kayden slipped under a lariat and surprised Michael by blasting him with a massive front dropkick, sending him to the floor.

A huge right hand from Gabriel missed its mark and Paulton assaulted him with alternating knife edge chops and forearms to the jaw. In no time, Kayden had his opponent backed up into a corner. His Irish whip was reversed, but he bounced off the middle rope and took the approaching Gabriel down with a cross body block.

Paulton rolled off Gabriel and instantly took off to the ropes. He slipped under a back elbow and then, sent the archangel flipping to the mat with a dropkick directly to the kneecap.

The crowd was firmly behind Kayden and he executed a front handspring to his feet. He could feel the adrenaline fueling him.

"Come on everybody," he yelled. "We can do it!"

Just as fast as he got up, Gabriel was put back down.


Quicker than a hiccup, Kayden ascended the turnbuckle and looked to the elated crowd. He pointed to the fallen Gabriel and went airborne.


Paulton got amazing height with that leg drop off the top. He knew the time to go for a cover was now and he hooked both legs.




Gabriel was able to shove the smaller fighter off with barely a moment to spare. Kayden was not going to give him a moment to breathe. Paulton socked Gabriel with a pair of forearms before being shoved into the ropes. Running on pure instincts, the archangel charge at him. However, Paulton went low and over the top tumbled Gabriel. Noticing the situation, Kayden looked to the crowd, who started to grow loud again. Paulton hit the far ropes, building up as much momentum as he could.


Adrenaline had kicked Kayden into overdrive. He slid back into the ring and ducked under a spinning heel kick by Rafael, only to surprise everyone including the recovering Michael by going high risk once more.


This time, he wiped out the unsuspecting head archangel, who had just recently got back to his feet out on the floor. The crowd was jumping and fully behind Kayden.

"What the fuck?" Sonny Silver said to himself, as he looked around the arena in total disbelief over what was happening. He pointed to the ring and shouted to his godson. "Well, get your stupid ass in there!"

He didn't have to tell Frank twice. Silver and Rafael met in the middle of the ring and unfortunately for the archangel, things didn't go his way.


That shot knocked Rafael into next week and Frank knew it.

"Take that, you piece of shit," Silver snarled.

Frank had no idea what was waiting for him when he was done talking shit to his adversary.

"Pay attention, fucktard," Sonny demanded from outside.

However, it was too late for Frank. He turned around and found himself in the path of an on-coming truck named Gabriel.


With his foe nearly broken in half, Gabriel pounded the mat with both fists and roared. It's amazing how things can change in an instant. Just as fast as Gabriel took control, things were about to go in the total opposite direction.


Kayden hooked both legs, nearly folding Gabriel in half...




Michael narrowly made the save, as it looked like Paulton had Gabriel down for the count. However, his stay in the ring was cut short, as Frank picked his ankle under the bottom rope and pulled him out to the floor. The head archangel had his head rocked back with an European uppercut and then, driven square into the steel post, sending him stumbling to the security barrier. Relentless, Frank launched himself like a human projectile, sending both men tumbling out into the crowd.

Back in the ring, Kayden crawled over and met a waiting Gallway.


Now the legal man, Ryan launched himself up to the rope.


Gallway took off to the ropes and jumped off the middle rope.


Showing his own agility, Ryan rolled up to his feet and dropkicked Rafael off the apron before he could interfere in the match. Rafael landed safely on the floor, but instead of heading back into action, Kayden made sure he wouldn't stick his nose in their business again.


Gabriel and Ryan were the only two left in the ring, the archangel was able to strike first with a right hand and a boot to the gut. An attempt at a belly-to-back suplex was escaped by Ryan courtesy of a back flip. The referee got clipped in the face, as Gallway flipped, sending him tumbling to the ropes and down to the mat. Ryan hooked his enemy in a rear waist lock. Gabriel quickly reversed and applied one of his own. He did his best to keep it applied, as Ryan took off to the ropes. Ryan lowered his head, forcing his opponent to do the same. That made Gabriel's head slip between the top and middle ropes, where Sonny Silver leapt up and blasted him with a roundhouse square to the bridge of the nose.

"Get him you fucking retard," Sonny demanded of Ryan.

Gallway delivered a trio of roundhouse kicks to the gut and hopped up onto his weakened enemy. it looked like Ryan was going to connect with SUPERNOVA. He fell forward to touch the mat and steady himself. Just as he righted himself for SUPERNOVA, Azrael appeared...


So focused on hitting his finisher, Ryan never noticed the WMD of the Dead Cell slipping into the ring. The lariat was one of the most brutal anyone had ever seen and Gallway was out cold in the middle of the ring. Paulton tried to catch the wobbly Gabriel off-guard by coming off the top, but...


Azrael saw it coming and just about cut Kayden in half with a spear to save his ally. The archangel of death caught Frank out of the corner of his eye, as he slowly pulled himself over the barricade. He quickly slid out of the ring and sprinted around the corner of the ring. Yet, his plans to kill Frank were put on hold. Sonny stepped right in his path and narrowly missed hitting him with a steel chair.

"Just try it, you steroid-enhanced fuckwad," Sonny challenged him and couldn't help but flip him the bird, much to the crowd's delight.

Sonny's reputation and legendary status was no secret to even the upstarts in the Dead Cell. Azrael was always ready to fight, but he knew that taking on Sonny would be a challenge even without the chair. The archangel of death growled like a beast, yet Sonny wouldn't budge.

"Make a move and I'll part your fucking hair with this chair," Sonny threatened him, ready to wrap the chair around Azrael's massive cranium.

However, Frank wasn't completely out of danger. Rafael found himself uncontested with both Ryan and Kayden taken out of the picture. He saw a wobbly Frank wide open to attack and he took full advantage of it.


The Dead Cell may be hated by the crowd, but Rafael's daredevil high flying could not be ignored.

"For fuck's sake," Sonny sighed upon seeing his godson wiped out by the smallest archangel.

The lack of focus on Azrael allowed him to knock Sonny to the floor with a well placed forearm to the back of the head.

Back in the ring, Gabriel had Ryan against the ropes and was battering him with right hands to the jaw. To the far ropes went Gallway, just barely missing the recovering referee.

Blind tag by Kayden.

Ryan ducked under a clothesline and showed some daredevil tendencies of his own.


Much to everyone's shock and disappointment, Azrael snagged Gallway out of the air. The archangel of death had more destruction on his mind. It would have to wait though.


Sonny walloped him dead in the spine with the steel chair, causing his knees to buckle. The referee couldn't disqualify anyone, as Azrael never got the chance to hurt Ryan and Sonny attacked someone not in the match with the foreign object.

Kayden let the events on the outside unfold, as they distracted Gabriel and allowed him to surprise the archangel when leapt off the top rope.


A stunned Gabriel knew enough to get back to his feet and when he got there, he was chopped and chopped some more by his enemy until, he was backed up into the corner. Paulton's Irish whip attempt was reversed. Instead of crashing into the corner, Kayden exploded backwards off the middle rope for a possible back elbow to his following adversary.


Little did Kayden know that he had jumped right into perfect position for Gabriel to plant him with his belly-to-back lift into an uranage. Gabriel rolled out of the way with the impact and from seemingly out of the lights came Michael to put an exclamation point on it.


Once again, the crowd was surprised by the Dead Cell. This time they couldn't believe their eyes, as they watched the three hundred plus pound Michael come off the top with his rendition of a frog splash. The head archangel hurried to cut off the incoming Gallway, knocking him off the apron, as Gabriel rolled onto Kayden for the cover...




He had put up a great fight, but there was no way Kayden was going to be able to kick out of the Dead Cell’s brutal one-two combination. Gabriel and Michael stood over their fallen victim and they were soon joined by Rafael.

They were going to make sure Paulton would never cross their path again…

Michael looked to his two allies and with a simple nod, they knew exactly what he had in mind. Gabriel snatched up Kayden, while Rafael leapt up to the top rope in one fluid motion. Up into powerbomb position their target went and Michael hooked his head in position for a neckbreaker. Nearly hitting his head on the rafters, the Dead Cell’s daredevil leapt into the air for a frog splash.


No one was getting up from the combination powerbomb-neckbreaker-frog splash..


Azrael stood guard outside the ring the entire time, keeping a watchful eye on the other members of the defeated team. Ryan Gallway gestured to Frank Silver.

“Come on, man, we’ve gotta help him!” Ryan screamed.

Frank showed a slight bit of concern and looked to head into the ring, but Sonny stopped him by grabbing him by the arm.

“No… we’re done here. They won. We need to go.”

Sonny left and Frank turned towards Ryan and then glanced back at his godfather… and followed. The Dead Cell remained stoic in the ring, focused on Paulton’s body, almost daring the Heirs to come back, but Ryan had a troubled look on his face before he left too…


The crowd booed the deserters while The Dead Cell regrouped in the ring, stalking their territory. The Heirs of Wrestling and Paulton had put up a great fight, but tonight The Dead Cell proved they were more than just talk… they were a force unparalleled.

And they were just getting started.

Winner: The Dead Cell via Pinfall

It was now finally time for the challenger Tammy Lynn Foster to take her shot at glory when she faced off against the only three-time and current Starlets Champion Charlotte. Tammy Lynn Foster had been the dominant force in wrestling going back to Unlimited when she won a three-way match over former Starlets Champion Sarah Winterton and Callie “Scrapper” Scott to win this title opportunity. The three-time and defending Starlets Champion, Charlotte, had prided herself on being a defending and fighting champion, but this was without a doubt her toughest challenge tonight.

Charlotte had eaten a loss to Tammy Lynn Foster in a singles match back on Intense 113, not to mention more recently, attacked Charlotte backstage by smashing a beer bottle across the back of her head after an interview, and got into her face at Day 1 of the Wrestlecade Xperience during a fan meet and greet. Charlotte had yet to have an answer for the seemingly unstoppable Foster. Could Charlotte defeat an opponent who had her number at every turn?

“Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson played amidst a sea of jeers and anger as the powerful Country Girl walked from the back amidst a sea of jeers from the crowd. She continued to ignore the masses in the Tokyo Dome as she walked looking every bit as confident as she should. She had Charlotte’s number at virtually every turn since she took this path to the Starlets Championship, but could she finally win the belt from the three-time Starlets Champion? She entered the ring quickly and waited for the champion.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing current Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. She wore a bright pink bustier and pink leather shorts. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts as she got ready to go to war for the belt that many had identified with her as the standard-bearer for the division. She struck another pose in the center of the ring as the flashbulbs went off all around her. The camera did a swooping pan to capture the atmosphere before switching to the hard camera for a close up shot. Her music died down and was replaced.

And as soon as that bell rang, Charlotte went right on the attack quickly!

Charlotte had the height and reach advantage, but Tammy Lynn Foster had the power and had dominated Charlotte before. Right now, the Starlets Champion didn’t give a crap about any of that; she was out for blood against this woman who had bullied her the majority of the lead-up right into Wrestlecade.

The Vegas Vixen came out swinging of the gate as she backed her into a corner and continued to go right for Tammy Lynn Foster with kicks and punches in a bid to wear her down quickly. She continued to throw fists until an irate Tammy fought back and delivered a headbutt before she grabbed her by the head and slammed her down to the mat with a facebuster.

“Ah told ya dat Scarlet belt is mine!” Tammy bellowed with her southern drawl.

That still didn’t stop Charlotte as she got back up and went right at The Country Girl with more fits to the head. Instead, she grabbed her by the head and tried to turn this into a wrestling match with a headlock. The Vegas Vixen continued to hold the headlock in place, but Tammy Lynn Foster grabbed Charlotte by both arms and snapped her over quickly.

Fans were all over Foster as she yelled more trash talk in the direction of Charlotte. She had controlled the outset of the match with her strength advantage and now wasn’t going to stop things from going down. She grabbed Charlotte by the waist and pulled her up to lock her in a sort of reverse bearhug hold, shaking her around menacingly as she did so.

Charlotte tried to fight her way out by prying the arms of Foster, but when the Blonde Bomber didn’t let go, the Starlets Champion reared back and threw in an elbow followed by two back headbutts to finally get Tammy Lynn to release the hold. Foster looked like she was dazed when Charlotte came off the ropes to fire back a forearm smash to the head. The blow didn’t take Tammy Lynn off her feet yet, but she was even more glassy-eyed after the shot. Charlotte ran again, but this time ran into a brick wall in the form of a shoulder tackle.

The Starlets Champion dropped her good with a running shoulder and it was clear that maybe the direct approach wasn’t going to work. Tammy Lynn was soaking in the negative crowd reaction as she forced Charlotte up and popped her under the chin with a European uppercut she learned from the legendary “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. She kneed Charlotte in the gut and brought her into the ropes before tossing her across the ring. When she came back, Charlotte surprised her with a running drop kick that finally took the challenger off of her feet!

The Vegas Vixen crawled on top of her and threw more right hands while she was down! She didn’t forget about having multiple stitches put into the back of her head due to her beer bottle attack oir the busted lip she got at the Wrestlecade Xperience. Charlotte even was willing to sully her good looks to throw some headbutts to the fallen Tammy Lynn while she tried in vain to defend herself. Charlotte was back up and took Tammy Lynn with her as she threw her into the corner.

Charlotte launched an assault by running at her and hitting her square on with a good running elbow to the face. Tammy Lynn was even more dazed now when Charlotte came running again, this time throwing another elbow to the head. She rolled her out of the corner and then she jumped off to the second rope…


The springboard moonsault off the second rope hit its target and now Charlotte tried the first pinfall of the match to defeat Foster quickly.



Foster kicked out!

The shoulder went up first, but Charlotte tried to get at her next when Tammy Lynn Foster blasted her in the back of the head. Two more shots caught her before she grabbed her by the waist and threw her back with a big German suplex! Tammy Lynn was still reeling from Charlotte’s fiery attack, but now she was ready to fight back as she grabbed it again and threw her backwards with a second one. Her arms were firmly locked around the waist of Charlotte again before she threw her back one more time…


Three german suplexes snuffed the fight right out of Charlotte and now Tammy Lynn was once again standing tall. She brought her down with several more kicks to the ribs of Charlotte and then ran for a cover now.



Charlotte’s shoulder went up, but Foster still continued to assault her anyway with right hands and even looked like she was enjoying the beating she was handing out to the three time Starlets Champion. She picked her up by the arm and she led the Vegas Vixen off to the corner before she whipped her all the way across the ring.

When Charlotte hit the corner, Tammy Lynn Foster ran in right behind her and speared her right in the ribs. The Vegas Vixen cried out in pain when Charlotte was grabbed and thrown over with a T-Bone Suplex. Tammy Lynn Foster hit another suplex variation and covered the champion again.



Close, but no cigar!

“Get up, ya little bitch!” Tammy laughed.

Much to the surprise of the official, Tammy Lynn seemed to be enjoying dishing out this pain and while she made no bones about wanting the belt, she wanted to punish the champion while doing so as to leave no doubt she was more worthy of the Starlets Title than she ever was.

Tammy Lynn grabbed Charlotte by the hair and she rammed her right into the corner, going back to attacking the midsection with knees and shoulder shots to continue wearing the Starlets Champion out. When she tried to take her down again, Charlotte got a knee up and caught her right in the face with it! She then unleashed a flurry of offense including several more elbows and even a couple of punches to try and wear out the challenger for something else.

“Come on!” Charlotte screamed.

She threw a big superkick right to the chin of Foster! The blow stunned her but she came right back off the ropes with an explosive discus elbow that brought Charlotte right back down to the surprise of the fans in Japan! This was no doubt going to be a hard-hitting affair, but any attack that Charlotte had come up with so far, Tammy Lynn Foster had an answer for. She went in for a deep cover again.



Charlotte used her strong legs to kick out of the cover, but Tammy Lynn was looking a might bit impressed with the Starlets Champion. She egged Charlotte to try and stand and ever so slowly, the champion tried doing that. She lightly slapped her in the back of the head and laughed at her plight as she tried going vertical and then rung Charlotte’s bell with a resounding SLAP.

The slap echoed loudly in the Tokyo Dome as Charlotte stumbled backwards, barely using the ropes to stand. The Blonde Bomber continued to antagonize Charlotte with some more slaps until one woke Charlotte up. She threw in a headbutt for good measure and the blow actually stunned Tammy Lynn for a brief couple of seconds. She turned around and tried to set her up…


Tammy Lynn stopped her attempt to go for the finisher by dropping an elbow in the back of his head. The challenger continued to push her back into the ropes and elbowed her upside the head. Several more knees caught him in the gut and finally stunned her, but Foster shoved her backwards. Charlotte bounced off the ropes and took Tammy over with a Sunset Flip!



Tammy Lynn rolled backward so she could escape and when Charlotte approached her, she caught her in the stomach with a knee to the gut. She then set her up and dropped her mid-ring with a big spinebuster! She dropped her down hard and The Vegas Vixen was hurt again! While she was down, she went for a cover.



Close, but no cigar!

The massive spinebuster almost got her, but Charlotte’s shoulder came up right before the three count! She wasn’t about ready to give up, so that’s when Tammy Lynn Foster grabbed her by the legs and locked her up in an inverted cloverleaf!

The hold was locked in tight with nowhere for Charlotte to go in the middle of the ring while Tammy Lynn was squeezing back, trying to injure the back and ribs that she’d been attacking all match.

“Tap out, ya little bitch!”

Tammy Lynn continued to talk some more trash while she was locked in the deadly inverted cloverleaf with little chance of escape. Still, Charlotte wasn’t about to surrender the title that she worked hard to get and worked even hard to make into a title worth respecting. The Vegas Vixen made a slow crawl towards the ropes and tried to get to them, but Tammy Lynn wasn’t releasing the hold.

“Just give it up!”

“Screw you!”

The Vegas Vixen was getting even more cheers from the crowd in Japan as she fought towards the ropes with everything she had.

She crawled over …

Almost there …

… and she made it!

Her hand was on the bottom rope, but Tammy Lynn didn’t look like she wanted to really let go. She held onto the hold and continued to lock it in tightly until the official started to count. When the official got to the count right before five, Tammy Lynn let go but the damage to Charlotte had already been done. She grabbed the Starlets Champion and kicked her in the ribs before forcing her back up again. She whipped him off to the corner and tried another shoulder when Charlotte jumped up and leaped backwards with a sunset flip aimed at trying to pin her!



Tammy Lynn once more kicked out of the move, but Charlotte wasn’t giving in despite being in pain right now. Tammy kicked her around some more and she kicked her in the gut looking for her finishing maneuver, a gory neckbreaker she liked to call the Trailer Hitch when Charlotte elbowed her way free and landed on her feet again. Charlotte rushed off the ropes and landed a hard jumping elbow smash to bring her down.

The pace started to pick up again when Charlotte landed a second jumping elbow and finally a third to put her down as she fed off the crowd, looking for her chance to fight back. She held her ribs when Tammy Lynn was trying to stand. She kicked her in the stomach to double her over and then fell to her back, bringing her leg up to kick Tammy Lynn in the face. Charlotte was really getting the momentum again when Tammy was doubled over …


The running one armed neckbreaker dropped her down to the ground and she then dropped a flipping leg drop to the top of the head. Tammy Lynn Foster landed the succession of moves and tried going right for the win.



And another kickout by Tammy Lynn Foster!

That didn’t stop Charlotte from continuing to fight back as she pulled Tammy Lynn back to her feet. She stopped her with a kick to the gut again and she spun around with an attempt to kick her head right off with the discus big boot she liked to call The Death Card, but the Blonde Bomber stopped that quickly and pushed Charlotte off the ropes. Charlotte leaped in the air trying for a headscissors when she kicked him in the gut and went for a power bomb. She held on and Charlotte flipped her over into a rana pin!



Tammy kicked out quickly and The Vegas Vixen was still standing. Two uppercuts rattled the chin of Foster and Charlotte tried following up with a double underhook of her arms. She was trying for her other Royal Flush finisher when she elbowed her way free. She turned around and kicked her in the stomach before lifting Charlotte back up and dropping her with a sit-out power bomb! Charlotte was down and went to the pinfall.



3… WAIT, NO!

Now all that tenacity that the Starlets Champion was showing off was thoroughly pissing off the challenging Tammy Lynn Foster after Charlotte’s shoulder reached off the mat. She managed to counter a lot of Charlotte’s moves, but she wasn’t giving up just yet. She picked up Charlotte and pushing him backwards to the corner and rushed in like a bull only for Charlotte to get a elbow to her face.

The Vegas Vixen charged and tried a leaping tornado DDT move when Tammy threw her away to block whatever move was coming up. Charlotte tried another superkick, but this time Tammy caught that and spun her around before she dropped her with an Inverted DDT. Charlotte was dropped right on the back of her head and Foster wasted no time trying to win.




The crowd couldn’t believe that Charlotte powered out of that move! Tammy Lynn Foster was the most powerful Starlet in the whole division, but she still couldn’t believe she kicked out! She rushed Charlotte up and she was trying for another Trailer Hitch when Charlotte squirmed out and kicked her. Lynn charged only for her to get dropped on the second rope.

Charlotte then hit the ropes and came back with a running double knee strike to the back while Foster was in the ropes. The Blonde Bomber was stunned and clutching her back as a fired-up Charlotte waited for her to get back up again …


Foster was laid out after the clean shot and now Charlotte hooked the legs!




Tammy Lynn Foster pushed her right off and she was still heated and almost frothing at the mouth, but it still wasn’t enough. She pulled her right back up and tried for another shot at the Queen of Hearts when Tammy Lynn pushed her all the way back into the ropes! She charged and a vicious knee caught her upside the head. Charlotte was forced out of the corner.

“Yer done, bitch!” Foster shouted.

Tammy Lynn continued to elbow her multiple times in the face, partially out of annoyance and frustration. She kicked her in the gut and had a chance to lock things up when Charlotte surprised her with a kick out of nowhere! She grabbed her by the arm and locked up Foster in a headscissors before she took her forward into a modified cradle pin!




The crowd went nuts as Charlotte sat up and raised both arms! She couldn’t even believe it was a three-count, but it was! Foster was in complete surprise and couldn’t believe what she was hearing as Charlotte was told by the official! Tammy Lynn had dominated most of this match-up and even had most of Charlotte’s moves scouted, but a new trick in her playbook just gave her the victory!

“No! No!” Tammy protested with the referee.

But three fingers were up and that was the end of the match as Charlotte was handed the Starlets Championship! Tammy Lynn Foster had everything in hand as far as this match was concerned, but she stood up and raised the title over her head…


Tammy Lynn wasn’t taking this loss lying down and immediately went on the attack! Charlotte had taken a severe beating to her ribs and the Blonde Bomber was going to take out her frustrations on her!

“That was my title!”


The crowd was jeering Tammy Lynn’s actions, but the Blonde Bomber didn’t care! In her head, she’d already won the title and Charlotte’s victory was nothing more than a lucky break. She pulled up Charlotte a second time …


The second gory neckbreaker was worse than the first! The Starlets Champion had pulled out a massive victory on the grand stage of Wrestlecade, but Tammy Lynn Foster was going to walk out with the last laugh! She picked up the Starlets Championship and raised it over her head before she dropped it on the fallen Charlotte’s chest.

“You think this means we’re done? We ain’t done!”

Tammy took in the booing from the crowd and walked out of the ring. On what should’ve been the most important moment of Charlotte’s career in her first Wrestlecade appearance with a huge win, it was completely ruined thanks to the poor sport that was Tammy Lynn Foster.

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall (STILL Starlet Champion)

"The Party is Over"

After an advertisement for jOlt’s next PPV offering – Breakdown- appeared, we were away from matches for the moment. As the show was about to draw to a close, Wrestlecade II didn’t disappoint. We crowned a new number one contender to the jOlt Championship in the Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz, who now had the opportunity to cash in whenever he wanted. The House had retained their Tag Team Titles against tough competition in Them MF’n Goons. The Natural Athletes had a very successful debut over The Conways and now, the show was about to change pace just a little bit.

Standing by in the ring was none other than the CEO of jOlt Wrestling, Damien Lee, with a bright smile on his face and looking rather dapper in his most finely-picked Armani suit. Standing at a podium place in the ring, he greeted the audience with his associate, jOlt’s Japanese ambassador, Hiroki Miyano translating for the tens of thousands in the jam-packed Tokyo Dome.

“Personally, before we begin,” Damien Lee started, “I just wanted to offer my own heartfelt thank you for your attendance and for helping to make Wrestlecade II a show that everyone will remember!”

As Hikoki-san translated for the fans, they applauded in a kind show of support for the CEO’s opening statement. He continued to translate for the crowd as Lee continued.

“We have seen many things here tonight that will help to shape the direction of jOlt! You can first of all, purchase a subscription to the WrestleNow! Service for ONLY $8.99! And the best part is, we’re assuming that you all know how to download an application so we won’t treat you like idiots as the competition do!”

Some fans laughed, maybe not getting the joke aimed at another competitor, but Lee continued.

“We’ve seen the best and brightest of both the present and the future of jOlt here tonight, but along with that, I’d like to extend one more announcement here tonight. A few nights ago, we greeted the audience with a Hall of Fame ceremony that showcased the 2015 class. Stars of jOlt Wrestling who helped to pave the way for a lot of the stars you have and will continue to see compete tonight! That is why at this time, I would like to have your attention over to the jOltVision… for those of you who were not fortunate enough to attend…”

He greeted as an image flashed on the jOltVision.


One by one, the recipients of the award appeared on the jOltVision for all to see as the fans let out a massive “WHOA!” followed by a THUNDEROUS round of applause!”


The longtime rival of jOlt’s only Grand Slam Winner, Tyke, appeared on the tron, showing clips of him in action, kicking people’s heads off with his famous Tyke Shot! He meanmugs one camera and flashes a bright grin for another.


The camera now shows clips of the war veteran and all-round badass in action from his time in jOlt, terrorizing the masses with his unique brand of violence. There are various victims that he lays waste to courtesy of his infamous finisher, Unsuitable for Children.


The crowd fucking EXPLODES for the man known as The King of Hell! He destroys countless victims with A Forever Reminder as well as rapid-fire clips of all the athletic and deadly moves that he has used to put down countless men and women with unparalleled skill.


The former jOlt World Champion and countless clips of him putting down the most deadly of opponents and making it look easy. The Legitamate Italian Businessman is towering over various opponents as he puts them down quickly and effectively. A caption is of him remaining as stoic as he always appeared.


The unique style of humor and insanity that is Team VIAGRA appears for the fans, along with clips of their reigns as the jOlt Tag Team Champions! The former two-time champions are seen celebrating with the titles in tow along with various shots of them in action, putting down opponents with creative and exciting double-team maneuvers.

Finally, the screen shows one more caption, this time of the entire Hall of Fame 2015 Class. Lee and the fans continue to clap and show tremendous support for this group of legends and incredible personalities who have helped to steer the course of the wrestling business.


The applause continues as a package starts to play of interspersed clips of all of these men in action, celebrating with respective titles they’ve won, things they’ve achieved and…

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

No fucking way.

A look of complete shock washed over the face of Damien Lee as the music played, leaving the crowd stunned that somebody would actually interfere in these proceedings… let alone a very dangerous and volatile man…

“jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan.

He stormed to the ring quickly as Damien Lee looked stunned.


This was supposed to be a tribute to the men who have come before and a celebration… and just by his mere presence, the rotten Jeremy Ryan had just ruined all of that as he climbed into the ring and locked eyes with the CEO of jOlt. A few shorts weeks ago, it was Lee who decreed that after weeks of abusing officials, if he touched one more of them he would be benched indefinitely. That threat still looming over his head, Ryan entered the ring.



He was referring to earlier in the Triple Threat #1 Contenders match that saw Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz pin Mack Brody to win the match.


“Ryan!” Lee shouted back. “That match is over! It was first to a fall Triple Threat Match, not Elimination Rules! You didn’t win! End of story! Now get the hell out of my ring now and MAYBE I won’t think of suspending you for this…”

But jOlt’s Last Real Man did no such thing. He got a little more calm, but not by much as he grabbed the podium microphone and took it so now all could finally hear him.

“Why? So you can sweep me under the rug? Sweep jOlt’s ONLY Real Man under the rug while you publically slobber all over the cocks of a bunch of FAGGOTS who couldn’t hold my jock? In case you don’t remember, when one of those guys was here… I BEAT Derecho and he ran off to Legacy of Champions for fear of what I was going to do to him!”

For those that could understand these appalling comments, they gasped as Hiroki was hiding behind Damien Lee. Ryan continued.

“I have been DICKED over for the last Goddamn fucking time, Lee. You haven’t put the screws to anybody this hard since Aran Thompson when you made a PUBLIC vendetta to get him! You throw me this bone of the #1 Contendership and you slap me with this bullshit about benching me if I hit one of your weak and feeble pussy-ass officials! You tell me when you have guys like Omega and The Dead Cell making sport of attacking people weekly… why am *I* slapped with this bullshit edict?”

Lee tried to retort, but Ryan cut him off.


Lee tried to remain calm and had a microphone of his own.

“That’s YOUR own revisionist history and NONE of what you said is true!” Damien Lee said with Hiroki translating still.. “You want to do this out here in public? Then we will! Ryan, you’re talented. There’s no question about that. But you are a LOOSE CANNON that nobody would ever trust at the top… not after CLASSLESS comments like you just made! I don’t like saying this after the whole debacle with Aran Thompson at the top… but on a persona level, Ryan, I would NEVER want you representing my organization as its champion!”

A big pop erupted from the crowd as Lee continued.

“And I’m sorry, but I’m GLAD you lost tonight! As far as your request for a rematch, it has been formally DENIED!”

Ryan remained stone-faced after that announcement as he dropped the mic on the canvas. Lee wasn’t done.

“In fact… I’ll make sure that you NEVER get another crack at a title for a long, LONG time after this public embarrassment! Get the hell out of my ring!”

Lee finally stepped forward to Ryan.


jOlt’s Last Real Man turned to leave…


The whole crowd now went dead fucking silent as Jeremy Ryan lunged at Lee, kicked him right in the gut and SPIKED him on his head with his finishing maneuver, A Real Man’s Finisher! Security had started to swarm the ring, but it was too late for the CEO of jOlt, who had just been dropped on his head with a grotesque fashion!


Trainers rushed to the ring now to attend to Lee, but he wasn’t moving now. He was laid out on the mat and wasn’t moving. This was not a trained wrestler, nor was he ever involved physically in the ring. He’d been a party to some despicable things in the past doing what he believed was right, but he did not deserve this.

Ryan was dragged away towards the back by six or seven security guards while trainers were in the ring, preparing a stretcher for Lee.

With this, the scene quickly cut to an advert for some WreslteNow! Products while they worked to resolve this uncomfortable situation.

The Tokyo dome was about to see the jOlt Tag Team Championships being defended and they would see two men who made it big in Japan getting famous. In the mid-2000’s, The House had made a big splash in the Land of the Rising Sun, amassing several championships here. They were older, but they still showed when they came to jOlt that they were not done. They were the current Tag Team Champions in their record-breaking fourth reign with them, proving they were not going to go away quietly.

Their opponents, Them MF’N Goons, had been constant thorns in the sides of the Tag Team Champions. They singled them out in attacks to Roebuck at a bar after Intense 118 and then followed that up by having the Goons’s muscle, Khalil Straightgully, defeat Roebuck in a No Fear Rules match. The Goons were on top of their game and looked primed to win the titles. Could they bring more gold along side the Relentless Title that their boss, Diamond Jewelz had? Let’s find out!

Schoolboy Q’s “Gangsta” brought out the trusted hitmen for Diamond Jewelz as they appeared on the ramp and took in the jeering from the Japanese fand. The rowdy Latrell Samuel was out first and he started to piss off the crowd by screaming out loud strings of cursing their way and right behind was big Khalil Straightgully raising his hands to more boos. The two men had been in jOlt a short time but had already caused trouble by vandalizing the dojo of Eiji Kugasari, helping Diamond Jewelz in his own bid for glory and now had pissed off the physically biggest tag team in jOlt. The worst part of it all was them doing it with smiles on their faces.

Carrington: The first team making their way to the ring, weighing in combined at five-hundred and two pounds, they are Khalil Straightfully and Latrell Samuel … they are Them Mf’N Goons!

Latrell posed on the top turnbuckle while Khalil stood next to him, arms folded with a menacing scowl on his face. They were known in Japan for causing trouble and tonight if they could win their first set of Tag Titles against The House, they would be even bigger trouble.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

Both men arrived!


The crowd remembered The House very well and greeted both super heavyweights with a massive series of cheers! Huber was thirty-eight with Roebuck a little over forty years of age, but the cheers and support from the crowd turned back the clock a little! The obese fan favorite Adam Roebuck extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart Derrick Huber anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the jOlt Tag Team Champions thundered down to the ring.

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring;...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the reigning Tag Team Champions … ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!.. They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick followed suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

Derrick Huber and Latrell Samuel were face to face now as Roebuck threw down his title and went right after Straightgully! Samuel lunged right at Huber who threw him over the ropes and to the outside with a right handed shot! Off on the other side of the ring, Khalil and Roebuck were fighting with each other and the two mastadons were throwing rights at each other like there was no tomorrow. Eventually, Roebuck got the better of that exchange and threw him to the ropes. Both members of The House rushed at him and cleared Khalil off his feet with a double shoulder tackle.

The blow was strong enough to send him packing from the ring and now The House were standing tall among a sea of chants.


Roebuck got near the ropes and Huber whispered something into his ear. He looked a little bit nonplussed, but Huber was about to do something incredibly crazy. Roebuck then waited as Huber ran towards the ropes. They were big men not really known for flying, but when Roebuck got to Huber, he propelled his partner over the ropes …

Over the top rope dive to the outside~!

The crowd was going nuts for a little fastball special action that the Goons certainly did not expect. Derrick Hubert was slowly starting to get back up and raised his hands after sticking that successful landing! Roebuck shook his head and let out something resembling an angry laugh before the surly mass of mayhem climbed outside and picked up Latrell.

Roebuck picked up Latrell in a press position and actually tossed him back through the second and third ropes and back at the feet of Derrick Huber who had since returned to the ring. Huber picked him up and waved hello before he buried a fist deep into Latrell’s stomach to the delight of the crowd! Huber slammed four more big fists into the gut and pressed him over his head now. The crowd was amazed by the strength of Huber while Latrell frantically shook his head. He let him go only to drop him hard with a gorilla press powerslam.

The smaller member of the Goons was hurt in a bad way as Huber tossed him into their corner. The tag was made to the big monster Adam Roebuck. The Las Vegas Leviathan stepped in between the ropes while Huber restrained him in the corner. Latrell tried to break free but it was no use because Roebuck was smiling now with a big hand held out…


Four nasty open handed chops landed shots across the chest of Latrell and each blow sounded incredibly stiff. The crowd in the Tokyo Dome didn’t feel sorry at all for Latrell when he crumbled to his knees in pain. Roebuck kneed him twice to get him on the ground and then simply walked over him, pressing all his weight down into his chest.

He held him up again and reached over to tag back out to Huber again and the two men did what they did best by going to work. They each took turns hitting him with clubbing shots against the ropes and whipped Latrell Samuel into the corner before Roebuck grabbed him. Huber ran off the ropes and came back with an elbow drop as Roebuck dropped him with a sidewalk slam…


Latrell may have had his insides crushed after such a move from the two powerhouses. Roebuck left the ring and Huber went to pin him.



Khalil ran in and broke up the cover by pulling Huber’s leg off. Huber and Khalil had a tense staredown before the bigger of the two Goons returned to the corner. Hubetr was far from done with Latrell and punished him with elbows to the head. He whipped him into the corner and crushed him with a big running splash in the corner before unleashing a series of head butts to the face and chest of Samuel. He switched it up for elbows several times and then threw him out of the corner with a snapmare. Huber charged and landed with a sliding forearm shot to the small of his back.

Samuel was probably wishing that he didn’t take this match as he laid across the mat in pain. Huber walked over and grabbed him by the legs and was looking for the ever-popular Roulette Wheel! The crowd was cheering loudly and they wanted it, but Khalil had different ideas. He charged and went over to start something with Charlotte. Huber let go of him as he and the official both warned the big guy not to try anything funny on the outside.

Well, it was all a ruse as Latrell snuck up behind Huber and landed a hard low blow! The shot was enough to stop Huber in his tracks and as if that wasn’t enough, Latrell turned around and landed a spinning wheel kick that brought the Sin City Strongman down!

Khalil Straightgully returned to this corner but now The Goons were going to control the match. Latrell rolled over and tagged to the big muscleman Khalil. Khalil was also a proud native of Las Vegas, Nevada, but that’s where the similarities ended with he and The House. The bigger of the Goons stomped down on him and let the Sin City Strongman have it by dropping a vicious knee drop against his chest. Straightgully was six-seven and close to three-hundred pounds and was playing a good equalizer to the strength of either House member.

Charlotte was showing concern for her husband as the violent Khalil picked him up and pushed him violently into the Goons corner with a big shoulder ramming barrage. He unleashed some sick shoulders and turned around as he took off his elbow pad. Latrell was cheering him on from the corner and watched him go to work…


The vicious barrage of stiff punches in the corner were coming fast and Huber was powerless to stop most of it as the shots kept on coming. The referee ordered him to back up and risked a disqualification, but Khalil only back up probably because his arm was getting tired. Latrell took the tag rope while Khalil protested with the referee and tried to choke out Huber with it! The crowd was booing and Roebuck yelled at the official to take notice, but when the official turned Latrell turned back and held up his hands with a scout’s honor symbol.

Huber was choked with a boot on his neck from Straightgully and the force was enough for him to reduce him to a seated position in the corner. It was now Latrell’s turn to shine again as he jumped into the ring. He positioned himself carefully on the turnbuckle and he jumped only to nail Huber in the face with a rope-aided dropkick. With some effort, he pulled him out of the corner and away from the ropes so he could cover.



Huber kicked out with plenty of force behind it, but Latrell Samuel was still happy to have the advantage. Latrell used the ropes as he own plaything once again as he charged off the ropes and came back with a high angled flipping senton, putting all his body weight across the barrel chest of the Sin City Strongman. Latrell Samuel tried to end it there with another pinfall attempt.



And another big kick out from Huber.

Latrell headed back to the corner and tagged back to the bigger Khalil Straightgully as he towered over Huber. The Sin City Strongman was trying to stand when he ate a solid kick to the chest that doubled him over. He reached over to pull Huber back to his feet, but the big strongman of the House continued to fight back by throwing a couple of right hands into the chest of the monster. Huber broke free from his grip and was looking for something big off the ropes when he was caught and slammed back down to the ground.


The move known in some parts of the world as a uranagi suplex took Huber back down in a New York … or in Khalil’s case, a Las Vegas minute. The same move had defeated Roebuck a couple weeks ago in a No Fear Rules match and it could do it again …



Huber with the kick out!

Khalil continued to stand over the powerhouse and mean-mugged Adam Roebuck in his own corner before turning around and reaching over to cover Huber again to try and wear him out.



And Huber kicks out yet again! Khalil tried a third time.



Close, but no!

Khalil took Huber back to his corner again and reached over so he could tag Latrell Samuel back inside. Khalil grabbed him by the arm and whipped him right into a dropkick in the corner. Latrell stood up and whipped him back into a big boot from Khalil and laid him out on the ground. Latrell was grinning like he was higher than a kite … and he probably was … and Latrell jumped on top of the Sin City Strongman looking to score a big tag team win.



Close, but no cigar!

Latrell stood over the downed Huber and shot a flirtatious glance at a couple attractive young ladies near the front row. He winked at her and made a very suggestive motion involving his mouth and one of his other body parts which quickly had the camera cutting away to a disgusted crowd.

The Goon stomped across Huber’s body to walk over and tag back to big Khalil Straightgully looking to finish things. He was setting up for his killing elbow smash lariat that was his namesake called The Straightgully. The big Khalil stalked him as Huber slowly rolled over onto his back and forced himself back to his feet. He swung for the fences and looked for the big lariat only for Huber to duck. When he came back off the rebound, Khalil was taken down.


The brutal discus clothesline from Huber took down Khalil for the first time in the match and now both men were down. This was Huber’s big chance to get back to the corner as Latrell Samuel yelled at his large tag partner to make the tag. Khalil was groggy as hell from the shot but had just enough ring awareness to reach over and tag out to Samuel again.


The crowd’s chants were growing louder for a pair of gaijin who made it big in Japan once upon a time. Samuel ran with the quickness and tried to stop him by grabbing the Oddsmaker’s big leg, but Derrick turned himself around and with a big burst of strength, he kicked him away with his free foot and sent Latrell flying back several feet. The tag was finally made now and the crowd was cheering on Roebuck.

Latrell charged at the former two-time tag champion and knocked him over with a big clothesline. When he stood up to his feet he was knocked over with a second and even more forceful clothesline from the Las Vegas Leviathan. He knelt down to Latrell’s level and floored him with a headbutt that sent the Goon into the corner. The Big Bucks was running things now and Latrell was easy pickings…


The running hip attack in the corner nearly drove out all the air of Samuel’s lungs. He stumbled out from the corner as Roebuck came charging off the ropes and connected with a running shoulder that bowled him all the way across the ring.

The big Roebuck was finally showing off all the force and mayhem that came with being part of the largest two-man tag team that jOlt had ever seen. Adam Roebuck was ready to finish things off now and grabbed onto Latrell as he stood up only to drop him across his knee with a rib breaker. He then tossed him up and over his head with a monstrous fallaway slam…


Roebuck had manhandled him and now it was time to finish things once and for all! He rolled behind him and went into the cover on Latrell Samuel.



Just when it looked like things were ended for The Goons, big Khalil charged into the ring and stomped down on the back of Roebuck’s head. He continued to maul the mass of humanity while he was down and stomped hip relentlessly. The official screamed at him to get back to his corner and he ignored him as he tried to bumrush Huber on the apron. The Sin City Strongman pulled the ropes down and Straightgully got taken out off the ring!

Inside the ring, Roebuck’s attack at the hands of Khalil was enough to shake up the Big Bucks so Latrell scrambled back up and kicked Adam in the face and did his best to keep him down. Samuel did what he did best and jumped off the ropes looking for another one of his big moves, but Roebuck did what he did best and snatched him out of mid-air with sheer power. He tried to catch him, but out of nowhere came Khalil …


Straightgully managed to sneak away from Huber long enough to land a vicious cheap shot, dropping Roebuck down after the running elbow lariat. An anxious Latrell snapped to life and rolled over to try and cover the massive Roebuck while Khalil kept Huber at bay.




It was so close, Straightgully and Samuel thought they actually won the belts, but it was not to be! Roebuck powered out at two-point-eight or nine and he was still down on the ground. Latrell tagged Khalil and now both men were trying to work the big man over. Roebuck shoved him away into the grip of a returning Huber who caught Samuel …


The swinging side slam backbreaker dropped him and took him out of the equation when Khalil surprised him with a knee to the back. He waited for Roebuck to stand again and ran off the ropes, looking for a second Straightgully elbow lariat. He was almost there when Roebuck ducked it and caught him in a full nelson. Huber was back up …


The House just rocked Khalil with their tandem sit-out power bomb! Roebuck rolled over and went for the cover on Khalil with both legs back.




The Goons gave the House all they could handle here tonight, but The House were still going strong with the Tag Team Titles! The House members both sat up and were looking a bit winded after this incredible bout between the future and the present of the division, but tonight, the old dogs proved to have plenty of fight left in them!


As the announcer told the outcome of the rematch resulting in The House’s big victory here tonight, Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck celebrated. This marked history for this as this was the first time that they’d competed for and retained the titles at Wrestlecade! The Goons regrouped while The House continued celebrating with the fans in the first couple of rows. All in all, a great night for The House, but this good showing also demonstrated The Goons could absolutely hang with the best.

Winner: The House via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Tag Team Champions)

"No Man Left Behind, Except Poor Kayden"

A shaky camera view caught a glimpse of one body trying to catch up to two more ahead of him. The camera steadied and finally caught the form of a limping Ryan Gallway as he tried to match pace with his tag team partner, Frank Silver and his godfather, Sonny Silver. They were both showing the effects of their heated battle with The Dead Cell earlier as Frank limped down the hall with help from Sonny. Ryan wasn’t much better, but he was able to get close enough to them.

“Frank? Frank!”

The Prince of Precision finally caught up with Frank and Sonny, deliberately standing in their way now.

“Get out of the way, Ryan, we’re done here,” Frank said.

“MOVE.” Sonny added.

“What the hell was that, dude?” Gallway asked. “We just left Paulton to ROT out there and he was the only man willing to come out and team with us!

Ryan stood his ground and did nothing of the sort. Sonny Silver was about to say something when Frank stepped up.

“Ryan…we tried to fight, we really did… but the bottom line is that we lost… AGAIN. Ryan, aren’t you TIRED of this? For almost a year and a half, we have been fighting some bullshit good fight and where has that got us? NOWHERE! We’ve been fucking punching bags for the Dead Cell all this time. We took up the cause of defending jOlt against some masked fuckers and what did we get for it? NOTHING! No title shots, no opportunities, NOTHING! This the longest that you and I have ever gone without having some sort of title in our possession or some major victory on our resume. These people… that useless asshole, Kayden… I’M TIRED OF ALL OF IT!”

“What the hell are you saying, Frank?” Ryan fired back. “You want to quit this? Quit us?”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying! Look... look at where we were and look at where we are now. Two years ago, you, Mack and I RAN this shit. When guys like Sylo, SVJ, Ninja K, Derecho were all here, we were just as much a part of those names… hell, we BEAT some of those names! And now look at us… we’re fucking doormats for anybody to just wipe their feet on! The Hands of the Cause, Red and Ted, The Rebellion, The Goons, Orphan, the Dead Cell and whatever other fucking flavors of the month think they’re gonna be hot shit! These people got on our jocks after finally realizing how great we are, but what have they done for us in the last two years? JACK. FUCKING. SHIT.”

“He’s right, Ryan,” Sonny added. “This place has chewed you both up and spit you out! You don’t need to fight jOlt’s fight… you don’t need that happy-go-lucky little fuck, Kayden Paulton, with his nose up your asses… you need to WIN. You need to get back to what got you to this dance in the first place. You both need to be the people that I KNOW you can be… And I will help you both do that, but you both need to fucking want it.”

“And what about Mack?” Ryan asked. “We just supposed to forget about him?”

Frank fumed. “Nobody is saying that. If he wants in, he wants in, but he’s got his own career to worry about and I respect that… but what I DON’T respect is getting fucking taken advantage of. A long time ago, Ryan, you and I do the taking!”

Gallway threw up his arms in disgust.

“Man… I… I don’t know… I’m outta here…”

Ryan turned on his heel and Frank watched him leave with a concerned look on his face. Sonny shook his head.

“Forget about him for now. He’ll come around… but if we’re going to do this, you and I need to talk business, Frank.”

Frank only nodded before the two walked elsewhere.

But what did this mean for the Heirs?

The vastness of the Tokyo Dome revealed the gathered legions, warmly clambering amongst themselves as several casual camera transitions soon brought about the opposing visuals set upon each massive opposing screen; a tale of 2 warring clans with literally everything set on the line. Japanese subtitles were cast out during the American broadcast teams’ initial announcements to the jOlt faithful before switching over to mend the language barrier with those outside of the range of the native Japanese tongue. On cue, both Dean Carrington and Japanese Puroresu legend Ichiro Yabari took center stage of the squared circle to formally address the masses…

Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following contest is a 10 Man Tag Team Match where the losing faction is hereby banned forever, effective immediately, at the conclusion of this match…”

Ichiro Yabari was heard repeating his American counterpart’s words in Japanese before the amassed lighting overhead began to erode on cue. Several moments of prolonged darkness kept the masses cheering before ”God Will Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash bellowed forth from overhead and a literal tsunami of crowd heat radiated from the stands as the massive screens began streaming; a vivid and well edited collage of one consortium’s reign of terror being wrought throughout the promotion danced before the masses. The accommodating flashes of light & smoke would bring forth the unsavory brood from the backstage area. 1 by 1, the band of disgruntled brothers would arrogantly look out into the great beyond before stoically bracing themselves against both the world and the odds…together...

Dean Carrington: “...Introducing 1st; weighing in at a total combined weight of 1202 pounds...Led by their Team Captain, ’Rockstar’ Jon LeBon...They are the team of Machida Hood...Jackson Cross...Michael Donovan & Sebastian Saje...THE REBELLION!!!!!”

The animosity was at a nuclear pitch as both LeBon & Saje led their comrades onward into battle down the elongated aisleway where some fans unleashed their international venom upon them. The towering titan in Donovan would cast a smug look towards the unworthy on each side as both Jackson & Cross were the most adamant in their rebuke for the hateful republic. Sebastian Saje would display his brand of hubris toward the civilian populace, notably confident in the remaining nuclei of The Rebellion collective. The others were mere pretenders, unfit to stand amongst the rightful kings of their promotional kingdom. However, the diminutive ringleader in Jon LeBon, maintained a wry smirk across his lips. The cunning human viper bared the look of a man whom was well prepared to cover his bases by every means necessary as they all began their initial patrol of the squared circle. The band of jackals were ill received by the overwhelming majority yet The Rebellion thrived within the moment as they soon huddled together for their last minute review of the team’s game plan. LeBon would subtly order his generals to take control of the ring before perching himself atop the turnbuckles and siphoning the unified hate as his own. Saje & Cross The Hood would follow suit in their respective corners as Michael Donovan was sternly strolling about around the ring’s epicenter; wringing the tension from his extremities. The musical theme would soon ebb out of earshot, leaving the angry scores of humanity offering more unsettling sentiments toward the unruly quintet that were busy consolidating their numbers in preparation...

The hometown crowd began applauding and cheering with earnest as the vast arena’s lighting began to ebb away in infrequent strobe lit fits. The audible rumbling of the encroaching storm would rattle the speakers throughout the building’s interior as the turbulent mixture of Crimson & Onyx hued clouds were seen on display across every possible screen & LED board in view…


The Tokyo Dome opened up with another pop as the 2 center screens began streaming a pre recorded scene before the viewing audience...

”...365 days…..”

“...Virtually an entire year of embitterment...empty promises and deferred retribution…” The familiar voice conveyed as a lone silhouette stepped forth from the heart of the blackened landscape. The limited lighting would reveal a number of reddish follicles,. revealing the character's identity to those familiar...

“...On this very stage, it was I whom was chosen to represent my brethren as their appointed champion…” The obscured ninja continued. “Standing atop the championship summit and acting on the behalf of my clan...We all stood prepared to stake our rightful claim among this promotion’s elite…yet the end of my championship regime birthed the rise of The Rebellion...”

The limited lighting would soon reveal the heralded leader of the Kugasari Clan; Eiji Kugasari. Armed in his sleek clan colored ninja spandex armor, the Blood Raven would begin wringing the tension free from each wrist before sternly popping the bones in his neck.

“This consortium of human scavengers...attention whoring parasites...have been assembled by twisted ambitions and the promises of ill-gained spoils and recognition…” The Blood Raven would faintly turn his head toward his Right Shoulder where a cadre of shadows would appear and reveal themselves as the upper echelon of Kugasari Clan elite.

“This Cycle of Clan Futility must end…In fact...” Eiji bellowed. “At the conclusion of Wrestlecade, before the eyes of millions and our esteemed countrymen, it will end….tonight

“Behind me, stand the future of Tag Team supremacy...future champions and much more...However, this requires all of us to bring about a definitive & necessary end to whom we once were...The previous regime relied heavily on political posturing...psychological warfare and respectfully, concepts & ideas just as antiquated as its esteemed leader and his principles. Concepts that are outright unbecoming to what this clan was meant to be; swift with the implementation of Justice...rotted within the branches of Power & Influence...above all, uncompromising by definition and by design…”

“On this day...The Kugasari Clan shall right the wrongs that arrogantly seek to poison this promotion with the destruction of the band of jackals, whom are at the brink of extinction…” Eiji continued as both Takeshi & Shoji were seen and heard cracking their respective knuckles in stereo. “..And just as a matter of competitive spirit, as this clan’s leader, I nominate to place the very existence of this clan on the line upon the grandest stage of this promotion’s history...Survival of the Fittest…”

Jon LeBon...” Eiji mentioned while setting his full focus toward the camera. “Heed my words; even with the promise...the opportunity to be the one to bring about our demise, will not prevent the inevitable from coming to fruition…Treasure these fleeting moments of significance while you still can..”

Numerous plumes of smoke would begin enveloping the cadre of ninja clan officers with the final moments of Eiji’s calloused stare dissipating amidst their smoke laden egress….

”Dawn Awaits (Extended Version)” by Cliff Lin

The reddish strands of angry lightning would begin arching infrequently along the meshed staging area as the lone Japanese clan patriarch sauntered forward into position. The preliminary martial arts katas would become far more pronounced with the random arcs of lightning connecting with the affixed metal plates set onto the young ninja’s extremities before leaping airborne with a Spinning Double Roundhouse Kick. The mock Punch against the grating generated a pronounced wave of reddish electricity throughout the meshed area. On cue, several accommodating arcs would signal the approach of the ninja clan elite that would stand to their leader’s immediate flanks. The Mute Mountain Splitter himself would slowly raise his arms slowly upward with a set of gnarled knuckles. The Tokyo Dome was intentionally flooded with a hero’s welcome for the products from Japan’s bosom. The overhead lighting would crackle across the heavens as the lighting slowly returned. The young ninja stood himself erect to casually take in the visual surroundings of his native homeland. The angry guitar riffs would further amplify the atmosphere as the ninja clan general would sternly lead his generals onward...

Dean Carrington: “...and their opponents...Hailing from the Land of the Rising Son...Weighing in at a total combined weight of 1305 pounds...Led by their team captain, ’The Blood Raven’, Eiji Kugasari...; they are the team of Shoji...Sayber...’The Mute Mountain Splitter’, Takeshi & Heido...WELCOME HOME THE KUGASARI CLAN!!!!!!!”

The rising smoke would begin to disperse in their wake as the cadre of ninja would silently embrace the love from their native homeland as they stood at the end of the rampway. Taking several moments to remove the conductive metal armaments from their persons, the assembly of clan officers continue their mutual frigid stares with their opposition. Together, they would climb their way up onto the ring apron to further amping up the masses while The Rebellion would hold their ground on the opposing end. Both teams would carefully pass through their respective ropes and set off the dividing lines as Referee Darius Underwood stood before the eastern ring ropes with both arms folded behind his back. A hail of colored streamers would sail passionately over the top ropes and into the ring. The diligent ringside crews were on hand to clear the debris as both Shoji & Takeshi held court atop the adjacent ring posts to embrace the moment. Meanwhile, the trinity of Sayber, Heido & Kugasari assumed a passively defensive stance before the opposing trinity of Sebastian Saje, Michael Donovan & Jon LeBon. The ongoing chants continued to pour in as the embittered rivals inaudibly muttered their mutual angst towards each other before peeling off to their respective corners. Both Kugasari & LeBon were set on representing their respective factions as the in ring official finally signaled for the opening bell...


Crowd: “...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! ...jOlt!!!!!!!! …”

The unrepentant faction leaders would remain motionless while inaudibly cursing one another amidst the crowd momentum. The jubilant gaijin would openly celebrate in complete contrast of the traditional Puroresu enthusiasts as both LeBon & Eiji would stand nose to nose angrily. The Rebellion generals would continue amping up their leader as Jon became indignant by pointing his finger in his enemy’s face. The young ninja slapped the hand away only for LeBon intentionally spat in Eiji’s face. The crowd groaned loudly as LeBon began wailing away at the young clan leader’s frame with Punches & Front Kicks. Kugasari would catch his rival’s fist with his hand and drill him with a stern Headbutt to the teeth! An Open Palm Punch atop his rival’s Right Thigh was followed up with a stern Back Fist Uppercut to a Spinning Back Elbow before leading him away with an Irish Whip. LeBon would carom against the ropes before being launched airborne with a Quick Release Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! The self professed Rockstar would scramble up to his feet only to be knocked backwards into the neutral corner with a Running Front Kick to the Chest before pelting him with a Flying TB Forearm Smash followed by another Irish Whip. LeBon was slammed back first against the opposing corner yet his raised Boot to the Face was caught and flung doward. Eiji missed with the Short Forearm Strike sailed over the nimble cruiserweight’s head, allowing Jon to lean the ninja back with a blistering Knife Edge Chop! The Front Kick would be proceeded with yet another Knife Edge Chop and a Spinning Back Elbow before initiating a Hammer Throw. Kugasari with the Reversal yet LeBon leaned the Blood Raven back with a swift European Uppercut. The Snapmare seated Eiji in line for a Stinger Kick that left him arching his back. A stern Front Kick to the back of the head allowed a pissed off LeBon to grab Eiji by the hair back to his feet. The Left Hook spun Eiji about to connect with a retaliatory Spinning Back Elbow across the Jaw! Eiji with the Rear Waist Lock for a German Suplex. The cunning ring general blocked 2 attempts with a pair of Heel Hooks before being belted with a pair of Clubbing Forearms across the back. The throw would allow the adroit California native to land into a crouched posture as Eiji Reverse Somersaulted himself back to his feet...A Running Full Nelson Bulldog was countered by an expedient Snapmare followed by a blistering Switchblade Kick across the back of the neck!

The angry Rebellion general would slither out from the ring, reeling from the blow from along the outside where both Jackson Cross & Machida Hood were on hand to back their leader. The ringside seat noise further pissed him off to where he kicked the barricades before slapping the ring apron. Michael Donovan lumbered over to be the voice of reason as both Shoji & Takeshi were busy hyping out the crowd in their own respective ways. Eiji perched himself atop the middle turnbuckle ropes and motioning for his rival to bring his ass back into the ring. LeBon would break free from his company before carefully reentering the ring. The Blood Raven would casually back pedal away with both arms extended outward as the vile loud mouth made his his resentment clear as he walked about in a broad circle to recollect himself. Eiji again motioned for Jon to engage him where the Los Angeles lothario spied the Single Hand Greco-Roman Lock invitation. LeBon scowled as he carefully as he teased the invitation before blatantly humbling his rival with an Eye Rake followed by A Stroke of Genius - (A Devil Lock DDT)! LeBon with the hasty Lateral Press...1! ...2! Eiji with the Kick Out yet the technically sound LeBon swiveled about and battered the ninja’s arm with precisioned Leg & Elbow Drops before slapping on a Kneeling Armbar! The ailing Prince of Puroresu would belt out muffled screams as his oppressor applied more pressure. Jon spun out and dragged his rival in closer to enemy territory before reapplying the Kneeling Armbar. LeBon readily tagged an anxious Jackson Cross whom would hurdle over the top rope and deliver a hardened Stomp onto the young ninja’s exposed midsection. Both LeBon & Cross would intentionally punish the young clan leader with a Combination Wheelbarrow Suplex/Falling Neckbreaker Attack! Cross with the cover...1! ...2! Immediately, Sayber would physically intervene with a brutal Yakuza Kick to the back of Jackson’s skull before knocking Saje off the ring apron with a Running Forearm Strike! Referee Underwood would intentionally tug and pull the masked grappler away to his assigned corner, inadvertently allowing both Donovan & Machida to hurl the ailing ninja over the top rope to the outside.

Sebastian Saje would land a Running Yakuza Kick on the recovering ninja before the heelish feeding frenzy began; Cross The Hood & LeBon would quickly get their intended licks in before the Kugasari horde sent them scurrying over the barricades for safety. The crowd continued to clamber about wildly as The Rebellion forces continued to point and pester the highly annoyed ninja clan where both Heido & Takeshi knelt beside their clan general before Shoji got into Sayber’s face angrily. Immediately, Takeshi would keep them apart as Eiji was gradually led back to his feet and back towards friendly territory. Cross The Hood would intentionally haunt them en route to their assigned corner with Eiji allotting a steady 5 count to recover before reentering the ring. The anxious Cross would club the Kugasari Clan leader across the back several times before quickly running Eiji into the neutral corner and battering him with Street Level Violence; A literal Flurry of Chops, Punches & Kicks in the corner. Kugasari’s attempts to fight back led to Jackson to unload on him further before being physically pried off of the fallen ninja. On cue, Cross would intentionally take a swipe at Sayber in which he began to give chase. The Kugasari generals would seek to keep the clan initiate at bay yet the opportunistic LeBon quickly snuck in and crushed Eiji with a Running Hip Attack before dipping out undetected. The mounting frustration emanated within the masked brawler whom both Heido & Takeshi set aside got set him straight. LeBon was steadily dismissing the referee as he climbed back onto the ring apron before being directed to make the count for the former jOlt Tag Team Champion...1! ...2! Kickout and Jackson mocking dragged the former jOlt Champion up to both knees to briefly taunt him before crushing him with an Oklahoma Stampede into the Rebellion corner. LeBon tagged himself back in before crushing his enemy with a Slingshot Senton Splash! LeBon with the Lateral Press...1! ....2! The crowd would cheer as the Hokota Holocaust snatched LeBon off Eiji and smashed him with a punishing Wheelbarrow Suplex! The hulking ninja would be quick with his egress, dragging Eiji closer toward friendly territory briefly before allowing the ninja clan leader to begin recollecting himself. The ailing Rebellion standard bearer dragged himself over towards the awaiting Saje whom finally made the tag. The Rebellion 2nd in command would sprint after the crawling ninja whom was intentionally tagged by the Kansai Crippler. Saje would immediately hit the breaks and slowly back pedal away as the raven-haired submissionist slowly passed through the ropes.

The hometown crowd would rally behind the current pairing as the Duluth, Minnesota native cautiously re-assessed his his current situation before popping the bones in his neck and encircling the ring’s epicenter. Heido would force him to shuffle back defensively by abruptly halting on his tracks. Heido would flare out his kimono before motioning Saje to challenge him when both me finally collided with a mutual Collar & Elbow Tie Up. Saje smoothly transitioned from a taunt Side Headlock to a Side Headlock Takedown where the former tag team champion slithered free into a Headscissors Lock. However, Sebastian’s Right Hook was quickly parried & countered by Heido’s Sukui Nage - A Scoop Throw. Saje would rise yet be hurled away towards the opposing corner with an Irish Whip yet the cunning ring general slid to a stop to swivel about and stagger the incoming Heido backwards with Saje Mode - A picturesque High Dropsault! The Rebellion horde would rally behind the Arrogant One’s abilities as he sprinted onward with a High TB Splash yet the Kansai Crippler stepped aside, leaving an ailing Saje to stagger backwards. Shoji would sprint along the ring apron and drilled Sebastian with a hard Left Hook, leaving him open to be overwhelmed by Heaven’s Rebuke - A Head & Arm Suplex! Heido with the cover…

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!


It would be LeBon whom would make the save with a precisioned Basement Dropkick on Heido. However, Sayber would offer the intentional cheap shot with a Running Clothesline from behind that would warrant cheers from the masses. Heido would shake the cobwebs free during his ascent before controlling Saje with a Hammerlock en route to his allies. The raven haired ninja would intentionally drive Sebastian’s shoulder into the ring post before tagging in the Hokota Holocaust himself. Shoji would sling shoot himself over the top ropes into the ring before driving several Punches into the small of Sebastian’s exposed back. Referee Underwood would again intervene only to be sidestepped by Shoji whom would set Saje up and pummel him with his patented The Tengu Plex - A Pumphandle Fall Away Slam! Shoji with the Cradle Pin...1! ...2! Now it was Michael Donovan’s turn to make the save with a Running Soccer Kick to the chin!Immediately, the Philadelphia native would incapacitate Shoji with his infamous The Final Curtain - An Inverted Fireman's Carry into a Wheelbarrow Suplex! The towering titan would scurry away to the ring’s exterior as both Saje & Shoji remained stirring along the canvas. Both camps were rallying their troops onward as Saje was the first to his feet. Shoji started back him down with each parry and follow up Shoot Kick before leading with an Irish Whip toward the ropes. Saje would return to be launched airborne with a exceedingly high Back Body Drop before the hulking ninja staggered the rising Saje with a Sweeping Right Hook! The Left Hook to the Gut led to another hard Hammer Throw. Sayber would be seen extending his hand outward for the tag yet Shoji would look away and focus on exacting justice onto the Rebellion scum with a Leaping Front Kick to the Chest. Saje would find himself driven hard against the neutral corner, at the mercy of the now charging Hokota Holocaust. From the outside, Donovan would snatch Saje out of harm’s way, allowing him reprieve while Shoji recoiled from the impact. Seizing the advantage, Sebastian would begin wailing out the bewildered ninja; Left Hook, Right Hook, Left Forearm Strike, Headbutt followed by a Forearm Shiver against Shoji’s Right Thigh to drop him to a knee. The hard Knee Strike to the Face leaned him back before initiating his patented Sebastian Special MK II; 1 Rolling Spike DDT into another before completing the technical slaughter with a Rope Assisted Tornado DDT!

All hell would break loose as the opposing forces charged into battle with Saje foregoing the intended Lateral Press. The groggy Shoji would struggle to reclaim his footing as the Rebellion commanding general crept along the neighboring ring apron as both Takeshi & Donovan spilled over the top ropes to the outside. Both Saje & Eiji continued squaring off as Heido & Sayber took the fight to both members of Cross The Hood. The Hokota Holocaust was finally up to a knee when LeBon slithering into the ring and spiked Shoji’s skull into the mat with A Stroke Of Genius - A stiff Headscissors DDT! before slipping away amidst the chaos. Jon would buy Saje time to focus on the fallen Shoji as Sebastian battered the hulking ninja with a swift Scoop Slam, leading into the Sebastian Special; A Bottom Rope Leg Drop followed by a Front Flip Leg Drop off the middle ropes before landing the Shooting Star Leg Drop as the coup de grace’! However, LeBon would tap Sebastian’s shoulder and crush the Hokota Holocaust with a Slingshot Cannonball Senton followed by the arrogant laced Lateral Press…

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!



Dean Carrington: “...By way of Pinfall, SHOJI HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

Advantage: The Rebellion as the brawling along the outside continued with a massive Takeshi Running Clothesline used to knock Donovan over the barricades. The Rebellion forces would recollect themselves, leaving the neophyte band of ninjas to reassess their collective strategy as the defeated Shoji was seen rolling off the ring apron. Both Saje & LeBon would settle out their respective difference as ringside personnel would aid Shoji during his forced egress. Eiji motioned for his warriors to stop and focus as The Rebellion crept back towards the ring where LeBon would tag Sebastian back in to represent the fold.. The Blood Raven was seen ordering Sayber into the ring before halting Shoji and offering a few words in private. The masked Strong styled brawler was seen hungrily pounding his fist into each palm as a smirking Saje egged him on further. However, the intended Elbow & Collar Tie Up would be averted by a intentional slip behind him and humbled him with a heelish Chop Block. The humbled Sayber would endure several Punches before catching Sebastian’s Front Kick. Sayber reeled him in and knocked Saje off his feet with a Short Armed Lariat! A Flying Forearm Shot by Jackson Cross stumbled the Rebellion turncoat several paces before attempting a Belly to Belly Suplex. However, a equilibrium-shattering Bell Clap would set Sayber free in order to punish Jackson with his patented Sayber Driver; A Standing Release Uranage Slam before Machida Hood was knocked to the mat with a Running Lariat! The recovering Hood would find himself utilized as a weapon in being Scoop Slammed atop his partner before Donovan interveined with a Saito Suplex on the masked mauler to stymie the wave of momentum. The overtly cocky LeBon extended his middle finger towards the Kugasari Camp as Michael returned back to his corner, allowing Saje to capitalize with several punishing Stomps on his target’s head. The intended Lateral Press was notably offset by Sayber’s Gorilla Press, leading a surprised Sebastian to remain kneeling briefly before making the hasty tag to the towering Phantom himself. Donovan would briefly stretch out extremities before staggering the rising Sayber with a Running Knee to the chest. The intended Hammer Throw was averted by Sayber digging his heels in. An angry Donovan tried again but to no avail as Sayber would reel him in for a Belly to Belly Suplex attempt. The heelish Eye Rake was Donovan’s saving grace as he sought to end it all with the Phantom Driver; a Snap Double Underhook Piledriver...

The masses roared as the Mute Mountain Splitter nearly decapitated Donovan with a violent Angry Man’s Clothesline! Sayber inadvertently crushed Michael with a Rolling Senton before rolling away as the vengeful mute proudly back pedaled towards the ninja camp with a hardened scowl. LeBon was seen and heard screaming at both the ref and his opposition as a recovering Sayber began crawling his way back towards his allies. On cue, both Jackson & Hood would swoop in and began laying the boots on their former ally before punishing him with a Double Team Russian Leg Sweep. The referee chased them away as Donovan was able to stand himself erect and lumber after the ailing Sayber. Donovan seized the former Hype Champion by the throat and taunted him before attempting his patented Phantom’s Fate; A Fallaway Choke Slam yet the Ikebukuro native slapped his captor’s grasp away and staggered him with a quartet of precisioned Headbutts. The battery of weighted Punches would drive the Obsidian haired titan back before shooting him toward the opposing ropes. The trinity of consecutive Clotheslines would fire up the crowd with Sayber rearing his head back & savagely beating his chest with a ominous roar before unleashing The Way of The Warrior; a heavy Knee Lift followed by a stiff Forearm to the upper back before concluding with a jaw rattling European Uppercut. Donovan was led away with a hard Irish Whip to by Sayber that would careen him against the ropes to send the Phantom airborne and crashing hard with a Standing Back Body Drop before shooting toward the ropes. However, Cross The Hood would draw forth the ire of the masses by pulling down the ropes and sending the motivated former Hype Champion crashing hard onto the padded earth outside of the ring. The mischievous duo would revel in the moment before slowly retreating as The Crimson Order stood at the opposing end, signalling their intent upon exacting revenge.

Referee Underwood continued his hard count as a recovering Sayber eventually reclaimed his footing yet the crowd volume masked the impending approach of the nimble Donovan’s OTR Diving Senton! Both men were down as the Rebellion camp continued to motivate their troops in celebratory taunting. Eiji Kugasari would halt his generals from launching preemptive sneak attacks as Michael became the first to reclaim his footing and shove the dazed Sayber back inside the ring. Donovan with the Lateral Press...1! ...2! 2 ½!! The Tokyo Dome was littered with cheers as Sayber managed to shoot the shoulder upward. Michael gnashed his teeth while standing before motioning Cross The Hood to aid him. Both Jackson & Machida would rush in and drag Sayber away toward the middle of the ring by his legs before Donovan officially tagged Machida Hood in. Immediately, the aggressive Brooklynite would keep the kneeling Kugasari Clan initiate reeling with a methodical battery of Boxing-styled Punches to the Face before retreating toward the ropes behind him...A Running Yakuza Kick failed to flatten the masked monstrosity, leading Machida to shoot toward the ropes again and topple the muscular masked man with a Sliding Lariat...Lateral Press…

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!


Heido would sling shoot himself into the ring and blindside Machida with an Open Palm Strike between the shoulder blades before spiking him into the mat with his patented Archangel Suplex; A stiff Crossface Chickenwing Suplex! The Rebellion camp angrily vented their resentment toward the similar guerilla tactics being implemented upon them as Heido quickly rolled off the ring apron amidst the referee’s stern reprimand. While distracted, both Sebastian Saje & Jackson Cross would aid their comrade by bringing him within range for a needed tag before heading to the outside. Meanwhile, an ailing Sayber continued reaching for aid en route toward his comrades as Jackson was tagged in 1st. The desperate Cross would sprint and cut off the muscular masked man with a Front Face Lock to make the tag virtually impossible. Eiji was seen desperately extending himself outward within fingertip’s range when Cross wisely knocked him back with a Discus Elbow Strike before scooting away from the Crimson Order’s wrath. The referee ensured to keep the former jOlt Tag Team Champions at bay as both Machida & Cross launched a paired sneak attack on Sayber. The Double Irish Whip bounced him off the ropes where he ran underneath the Double Clothesline. The returning masked Japanese native would violently floor both rivals with a Double Clothesline of his own! Referee Underwood would busy himself with trying to restore order as LeBon sought to capitalize with the Rockstar Stunner; A swift Ace Crusher yet the masked madman would counter with a Hair Whip Slam onto the canvas. Stumbling about, the weary Sayber would lumber onward towards his corner as the desperate jackals sought after him. The Tokyo Dome opened up with applause as a fresh Takeshi was rendered legal, stepping over the top rope to consecutively floor both tag team rivals with Running Clotheslines & Punches. The incoming Machida was launched over the top rope with a hearty Toss yet his Standing Clothesline sailed over the head of the rushing Jackson. The returning brawler would quickly find himself launched airborne and humbled by Takeshi’s Kakute (Bladed Ring) Strike; A Press Style Elbow Strike!

On cue, The Silent Nightmare would propel Heido over the top rope with a High Hip Toss to sandwich Jackson with an impromptu Senton Splash! The Kansai Crippler rolled to his feet and spun the incoming Sebastian Saje out with a violent Cactus Clothesline to the outside! The opportunistic Kugasari would drill LeBon through the ropes with a Diving Spear with both men rolling off the ring apron as Takeshi had Cross set up to deliver The Song of Sorrow; a Delayed Double Chickenwing Face Buster when Michael Donovan made the save with a pair of Double Axe Handle Strikes from behind. As Machida Hood vaulted off the ring steps and floored Sayber with Time To Get Free; A Diving European Uppercut along the outside, The Phantom would marvel the crowd by hoisting the 320+ pound nightmare across his broad shoulders for a Death Valley Driver yet Takeshi would fight his way out, land and begin exchanging Punches with Donovan. Eiji was seen brawling with LeBon whom would seize the advantage with an unchecked Low Blow before careening him soundly against the ring apron! Sayber was holding his own against the reeling Machida before Jackson Cross blind sided him with a Running Forearm across the back of the head. Cross The Hood would make short work of Sayber with a Double Team Suplex atop the unforgiving concrete while Sebastian Saje bounced soundly against the opposing ring steps by a pissed off Heido. Donovan would seize control with several Punches before doubling him over with a hard Front Kick. Promptly, he would shoot towards the adjacent ropes yet his impending Axe Kick was evaded and countered by Takeshi’s Discus Forearm, the prelude to a vicious Release Overhead Belly to Back Suplex!! Opting to reclaim his footing as an ailing Donovan rolled off the ring apron, the Mute Mountain Splitter was caught off guard by Jackson Cross’s stiff Knee Tumbler that literally left him in dire straits. Seeking to cripple the Kugasari forces, Cross would signal to the crowd his intent to end it with a measured Curb Stomp. However, Cross missed and spun about to eat a heavy Haymaker Punch across the Jaw! A punch drunk Jackson would stumble forward toward the ropes into an awaiting Heido’s Sweeping Open Palm Punch across the Jaw from the outside. The blow left him as the primary target for Takeshi’s patented Iron Fan Suplex; a stiff Leg Hook Belly to Back Suplex!!!

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!


The crowd groaned as Machida made the desperation Diving Double Axe Handle save before angrily laying the boots onto the hulking bald titan. Along the outside, Jon LeBon was recoiling from a Underhand Throat Punch by Kugasari as the trinity of Donovan, Saje & Sayber were pulling themselves together. Heido would dive into the ring to aid his clan brethren yet Machida cut him off with a timely Left Hook. The Front Kick doubled Heido over where Hood would quickly carom off the ropes and launch himself airborne with a Superman Punch yet Heido snatched him out of the air with a stern Over the Shoulder Throw onto the canvas! The former tag team champion rolled to his feet yet was force fed The Burning Knee Strike; A Running Knee Uppercut that sent him soundly against the corner. On cue, the Mute Mountain Splitter would sprint towards the opposing ropes as the Kansai Crippler used an Irish Whip to jettison Hood airborne with a Monkey Flip…

The Tokyo Train Wreck!!!

Takeshi’s Flying Shoulder Tackle would send Machida sailing across the ring and rolling off the ring apron as an ailing Jackson Cross stumbled his way about, clutching the back of his head. The hometown crowd roared as Takeshi used a throat slashing gesture behind his helpless target…

The Oni Destroyer; A Combination Double Chickenwing Face Buster/Double Knee Gut Buster!!!

The audience groaned once more when Takeshi spiked Cross skull first into the mat with a violent Bridging Tiger Suplex!....

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!!!!



LeBon was livid as he angrily slapped the ring apron in sheer frustration as the defeated Cross fell motionless near the middle of the ring. Camera 3 would monitor the stirring Machida low crawling near the ring apron. A recovered Sayber & Saje would pull themselves onto their respective sides of the ring as Eiji sought to make a head count of his remaining forces….

Dean Carrington: “...By way of Pinfall, JACKSON CROSS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

With a recovering Donovan lurching along the ring apron, Takeshi would unceremoniously dump Jackson Cross over the top rope before motioning for the Phantom to challenge his authority. Michael looked at the remaining soldiers briefly before pulling himself back inside the ring. The raucous crowd further annoyed him as the muscular mute began slapping his forearms atop each thigh and urging Donovan to fight him yet both Machida Hood & Sebastian Saje overheard yelling. Popping his knuckles, the Phantom would collide with the bald titan into a Elbow & Collar Tie Up yet Takeshi would eventually shove Michael onto the canvas. LeBon became vocal, urging him to get back up. Again, Donovan would approach the Silent Nightmare only to steal the advantage with a Double Throat Chop. A quartet of measured Right Hands would back the giant into the corner. Several alternating Knee Lifts would batter the bald barbarian, setting him up to endure a battery of Forearm Strikes & Punches. A stern Headbutt proved costly as the Phantom recoiled from the impact. Left a bit woozy, Michael reared back for a Right Hook yet was parried and offset by Takeshi’s precisioned Headbutt between the eyes before delivering a pair of Mongolian Chops. Another Ric Flair tribute was heard with the weighted Knife Edge Chop before shooting toward the cables. However, Donovan swiveled away from the incoming Yakuza Kick to carom off the opposing ropes. The Phantom careened Takeshi against the ropes with a Running Pump Kick to the Chest before overwhelming the crowd with a seismic Powerslam! ...1! ...2! Takeshi with the Kickout yet Michael would head off to the adjacent ropes and connected with a high Leaping Leg Drop before attempting another Lateral Press...1! ...1 ½! The Gorilla Press would set Michael into a kneeling posture before pulling the giant up and toward enemy territory to tag in Machida Hood. Both men would go to work on the Mute Mountain Splitter before Takeshi began fighting back with arrand Punches, Forearm Strikes & Headbutts within the kill radius. However, a Piggyback Sleeper Hold by LeBon slowed his target down for the human hyenas to overwhelm him. Machida would hold the top ropes and deliver a hail of Boots on the bald muscle before Saje tagged himself in. Sebastian would use the ropes as leverage to wedge his knee across the massive mute’s throat before before initiating a Face Wash on Takeshi. The masses booed LeBon as he tagged himself in in order to get his cheap licks in before tagging Donovan back in whom would intentionally taunt the rival faction before hitting Takeshi with The Phantom Crush; a Side Cannonball TB Splash! Again, Donovan would gain some more steam with the ropes and hit Takeshi again before finishing with a 3rd and arrogantly infuriating the crowd with his antics.

Saje was tagged in whom would flash a wry smirk as Donovan set Takeshi up on a silver platter with a hard Scoop Slam before Sebastian connected with the Sebastian Special! Lateral Press by Saje! ...1! ...2! Heido would snatch him up and connect with a punishing Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex yet the Prince of Puroresu vaulted off Heido’s back and knocked Michael Donovan off the ring apron with The Flying Osprey; a Leaping Double Foot Stomp! A resounding fecal chant resonated from the impact along the padded floor yet the opportunistic LeBon would grab Eiji from behind and run him shoulder first against the leading broadcast position! Machida Hood would be seen interrupting the Kansai Crippler away from delivering Knee Strikes with a Running Knee Strike to the chest before Sayber would spike Machida into the mat with a Deadlift Cobra Clutch Suplex! The ailing Saje slipped off the ring apron and away from Heido’s grasp as Sayber slide to the adjacent side to confront the Rebellion faction’s patriarch. LeBon was steadily plea bargaining for mercy when Sayber snatched him up, leading to an audible pop from the crowd when Sebastian made the sacrificial Spear to save Jon’s ass. As a recovering Takeshi would crawl back to a knee, a backpedaling LeBon would bump into an awaiting Kugasari. Jon would give pause amidst the roaring crowd before having his Spinning Back Elbow evaded by Eiji…The Crimson Sword Dance; A Snap Kick to Thigh, Spinning Back Elbow to Skull, Spinning Back Fist, Open Palm Strike to Jaw would careen the California Copperhead hard against the ring apron before obliterating him with Tenzo Ken; a Rolling Iron Claw STO! Back inside the ring, Takeshi would spy a returning Saje reentering the ring where he would silently taunt him while slowly pulling him upward by the back of his neck. Heido would take the fight to a recovering Donovan as Takeshi took Saje for a ride with Silent Hell; a Spinning Inverted Full Nelson...

Crowd: :..ICHI!!!!! ….NI!!!! ….SAN!!!! ….SHI!!!! ….GO!!!! ….ROKU!!!! ….SHICHI!!!! ….HACHI!!!! ….KYUU!!!! ….JUU!!!! …

The civilian populace would applaud louder with each rotation before Saje’s carcass was jettisoned soundly against the canvas several feet away. The Mute Mountain Splitter would silently savor the moment amongst his fellow countrymen before grabbing the heavily dazed Saje by the arm and dragging him back to his feet. The wobbly Minnesota native struggled to stand as Takeshi reared back for a Short Armed Clothesline when Machida Hood leapt onto the bald behemoth’s back with a Piggyback Sleeper W/ Body Scissors! Saje merely dropped to a knee as Takeshi struggled to retain his equilibrium while fighting off Machida’s advances yet was eventually cast off with a High Snap Mare. A now groggy Takeshi’s intended Short Armed Clothesline was countered by Saje’s Rear Waist Lock. An incoming Machida would aid Sebastian for them to overwhelm Takeshi with a Combination Flying Bulldog Lariat/Bridging German Suplex Pin!...

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!


The masses roared as Eiji Kugasari & Sayber dove to make the save as Heido was still brawling with Michael Donovan along the outside. However, Machida Hood began wailing away at the recovering Kugasari before sending him outside via a OTR Clothesline! The massive Takeshi was lurched over onto all fours as Sayber spun Machida about and drilled him with a Short Armed Knee Lift. A Clubbing Forearm across the back would set him up to be hoisted airborne…Korosu; a Sideswipe Brainbuster! The masked beast would wildly beat his chest, fueled with adrenaline over the fallen Machida before a recovering Saje humbled him with a Running Enzuigiri Kick from behind! The beleaguered brawler would wobble himself erect and stumble backwards before Saje drilled him with Lights Flicker; a Single Knee variant of the Code Breaker! The impact sent Sayber spilling through the ropes to the outside as Takeshi groggily reclaimed his vertical base...Lights Flicker; a Single Knee variant of the Code Breaker on Takeshi would stand him up in a highly eerily manner, leaving a slack jawed Saje to quickly knock Heido off the ring apron with a Running Hip Attack before sprinting towards the wobbly Takeshi...Lights Out; a stiff Double Knee Face Breaker! The blow careened the Mute Mountain Splitter off the ropes before he stumbled wildly forward and collapsed against the canvas hard! Desperately, Saje would roll Takeshi over and hook the leg deeply…

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!!!!



A feeling of shock and awe resonated as the Silent Nightmare was no more. A highly annoyed Eiji was a second too late in making the save as Saje was shoved off the ring apron. Taking a moment to lower his head, the clan general would remain kneeling as the referee aided the dazed gargantuan out of the ring…

Dean Carrington: “...By way of Pinfall, TAKESHI HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

Mocking laughter would escape from LeBon's lips as both Donovan & Sebastian crept upward from adjoining ring aprons. The Blood Raven scowled as a recovering Machida Hood continued stirring, starting to reach out for the bottom ropes. Heido was seen lumbering around the ring post to make his stand as a dazed Sayber was seen resting atop the opposing ring apron. Eiji would stand himself erect before stalking after the ailing Machida with the Rebellion opposition forewarning their Brooklynite comrade. Eiji sprinted onward to grab the brawler’s head and punish him with a Flying Hair-Pull Hangman, leaving the MMA-styled enforcer clutching his throat. The fleet footed ninja would slide back into the ring and bundled him up into a Figure 4 Jackknife Hold...1! ...2! ...2 ½! Hood barely kicked out yet Eiji would quickly apply a Gedo Clutch Pin...1! ...2! Again, Machida would escape the pinfall before quickly being bundled up into a La Magistral Cradle...1! ...2! ...2 ½! Never to be deterred, Kugasari would utilized a Diving Oklahoma Roll back to his feet and drape the 252 pounder across his shoulders and destroying him with Event Horizon; an Airplane Spin into a Falling Double Knee Lung Blower!! Before Eiji could secure the pin, LeBon was quickly make the dave via an Overhead Release Belly to Back Suplex. However, the nimble ninja landed and grabbed by the Phantom into a Head & Collar Tie Up. The young ninja would quickly knock Donovan off the ring apron with a picturesque Scorpion Kick to the skull before drilling Saje with a hard Back Elbow. LeBon would catch the young ninja off guard with a Flying Dropkick into the corner before standing Eiji up yet the ninja spun away from the Forearm Strike and belted the Rebellion faction leader with a barrage of alternating Shoot Kicks. The random Knife Edge Chops would proceed Eiji hyping up the crowd by briefly extending both middle fingers to his enemy before delivering a hard Front Kick to the Chest! From behind, Machida would connect with an Overhand Clubbing Forearm from behind before bending him in half with his patented Project 357; an STO Backbreaker! The grimacing Machida sternly after connecting with the follow up Neckbreaker as he covered the ninja clan leader…

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!


The crowd cheered as Sayber drove a Running Yakuza Kick against Machida’s jaw before hauling off on the dazed LeBon. A returning Sebastian Saje would enter the ring to trade blows with the Rebellion turncoat, drawing the referee’s full focus. Meanwhile, the Kansai Crippler would grab his clan leader by the arms and quickly drag him 3/4ths of the way to safety before broadening his base in wait for the rising Machida…Heaven’s Rebuke; a stiff Head & Arm Suplex before slithering back through the ropes, poised and ready for the tag. On cue, Sayber would segregate himself from the opposition as Eiji low crawled his way closer for the tag. The Masses cheered as a legalized Heido entered the ring with great haste to land a Running Stomp to the back of Machida’s head before knock LeBon back with a Running Forearm. A hard Open Palm Punch stumbled Saje sideways before Michael Donovan halted the momentum with a pair of hard Knee Lifts. The Irish Whip by the Phantom yet Heido hit the Reversal and utilized Raimei Nage; Thunder Throw! The bewildered Donovan would rise and miss with the Running Clothesline to carom off the ropes and have his 2nd Running Lariat offset by Akik Nage; Harmonizing Throw. Highly pissed off in being humiliated, Donovan’s wild Punches sailed off target as he left himself compromised by a missed Pump Kick. The Back Fist by Michael was quickly counted by Heido’s devastating Archangel Suplex; a Crossface Chickenwing Suplex!! The onyx haired titan bounced away, allowing Machida to try and launch a sneak attack where the awaiting Heido would hoist him upward for a Death Valley Driver. However, the desperate Hood would kick his legs while using an quartet of Elbow Strikes to free himself. The intended Front Kick was caught, leading from a torrid Dragon Leg Screw into his patented Tengu Tourniquet; an Inverted Cloverleaf Submission Lock!! A screaming Machida would dig his claws wildly into the mat, seeking an escape by any means as his captor continued to drag him closer to the ring’s epicenter. Moments later, Heido would lock in a Body Scissors to maximize the pressure! A screaming Hood would push up high try to pull himself closer toward the ropes when Sayber would intercept Sebastian Saje with a timely Spear! Kugasari kept Lebon held back with a Rear Waist Lock along the outside as Machida was 3/4ths the way towards the ropes before panic inevitably set in. Burying his face against his Left Forearm, the Brooklynite refused to tap out! Heido would quickly release the hold., snatch his prey back to his feet and bend him in half with The Broken Seal; Crossed Armed Double Knee Back Breaker rolled into a Goku-Raku Gatame (Straightjacket Strangle Hold)!! The Kansai Crippler relentless reared back on the hold further for several moments before Machida adamantly stomped his heel, tapping out! Sayber would warmly rally the crowd as Heido refused to release the hold, in spite of the referee tugging away at his hands…

Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; way of Submission, MACHIDA HOOD HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

Heido stood up as we were back to being even on both sides. Le Bon gripped his hair on the ring apron as if he couldn’t believe he lost another member of The Rebellion. Heido stood up and stared into The Rebellion’s corner as Michael Donavan stepped into the ring. Heido cracked a grin and the two of them locked up. Heido and Donavan powered around the ring until Heido backed him up into the corner. Heido went for a swing of the arm, but Donavan ducked, turned and decked Heido in the face with a big right hand. Whip to the opposite corner and Donavan charged in nailing a corner clothesline. Heido staggered forward as Donavan hit the ropes, but Heido LEVELED Donavan with a massive lariat!! He went for the cover and could eliminate two Rebellion members in a row here…

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!



Heido stood up and walked over to the corner tagging Sayber back into the match for another chance of revenge at his former stable. The first-ever Hype Champion stepped into the ring as Donavan pulled himself up. After a series of kicks, Sayber sent Donavan to the ropes and telegraphed the back body drop, hitting it. Donavan popped back up and Sayber clotheslined him up and over the top rope and out to the floor. Sayber got a running start as Donavan got back up to his feet…



Donavan caught Sayber right in his arms then…


Crowd: OOOOOH!!!

Sayber’s back hit HARD as Le Bon cracked a smile. “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET” yelled Le Bon at Sayber as The Phantom walked over and pulled Sayber up off the floor. The referee was up to the count of four when Donavan placed Sayber between his legs. He butterflied the arms, lifted Sayber up and then…


The referee was up to the count of seven. Donavan quickly stood, pulled Sayber up and rolled him back into the ring. Donavan slid in and made the cover, hooking the leg, but before the referee could even make a count, Eiji Kugasari dove into the ring and dropped down on top of Donavan, saving an elimination. This prompted Sebastian Saje to come into the ring and begin pounding away on Eiji. Heido came into the ring to even the odds, but Jon Le Bon grabbed the top rope, leapt up top and dove off at Heido with a Double Axe Handle, but Heido grabbed Le Bon out of mid-air by the neck, however, Saje grabbed Eiji and shoved him aside and then hit a Super Kick on Heido, releasing his grip. Eiji took this opportunity to leap up onto Saje’s shoulders, looking for the Shinobi Sunset, but Donavan stood and grabbed Eiji off of Saje’s shoulders and placed him into an Inverted Fireman’s Carry. He spun Eiji around and nailed an Inverted TKO!

Sayber was still down… Heido was down from the Super Kick. The three members of The Rebellion were standing tall in the ring. Sayber slowly pulled himself up and like sharks, they smelled the blood in the water. Sayber staggered up and Saje leapt up, pulling Sayber’s face down into his knees with the elevated code breaker…


Le Bon pulled Sayber up and placed him between his legs. He butterflied the arms, lifted and sat out with the Angels Wings…


Le Bon and Saje stepped back as Donavan made the cover..

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!!!!



Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; way of Pinfall, SAYBER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

Eiji and Heido staggered up to their feet, but Donavan charged in and leveled Eiji Kugasari with a lariat that caused him to roll to the outside. Le Bon and Saje pummeled on Heido, but Heido hit a headbutt to Saje then a knee lift to Le Bon. Heido rocked Saje with a big right hand and then dropped Le Bon with a Discus Punch, but immediately after he spun and hit the discus punch, Donavan had turned and charged in, nailing a Running Big Boot right into Heido’s face! Donavan immediately positioned himself and hit the Standing Moonsault.


Donavan pulled Heido up as Saje got back to his feet. Saje yelled at Donavan to move and he Saje leapt up, bringing Heido’s face down into a single knee..


Heido didn’t go down though… he was on spaghetti legs! Le Bon stood and kicked Heido in the stomach…


Heido STILL remained on his feet, but he was about to teeter over. Donavan kicked Heido in the stomach. He placed Heido between his legs and butterflied the arms as Eiji recovered and got up on the ring apron. Donavan lifted up Heido and spiked him..


Eiji grabbed the top rope, but Le Bon and Saje saw him and stepped in front… Eiji leapt off and nailed a Single Leg Drop Kick to both Le Bon and Saje, but the distraction was enough to not matter!

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!!!!



Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; way of Pinfall, HEIDO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

What once was even grounds was now three on one. The Rebellion versus a lone Eiji Kugasari. Eiji stood up however since Le Bon and Saje were down. Donavan got back to his feet after pinning Heido. Heido rolled to the outside as Donavan turned and faced Eiji. Donavan immediately lunged in with a lariat, but Eiji ducked out of the way. Donavan stumbled forward as Eiji turned and leapt up onto Donavan’s shoulders. He went to flip back for the Shinobi Sunset, but Donavan held onto the legs and prevented Eiji from flipping him. Saje got back up as did Le Bon. Le Bon ordered Saje over to the ropes as Donavan pulled on Eiji’s legs, sitting him up on his shoulders. Saje grabbed the top rope and went for a Doomsday Device, but Eiji front rolled into a victory roll and Saje flew over Donavan and accidentally clotheslined Le Bon!! At the same time, Eiji has the pin with the roll up.

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!


Donavan kicked out!!

They both got to their feet and Eiji kicked away at Donavan, softening him up. Saje tried to get involved, but he got kicked in the mid-section by Eiji.

Kick for Donavan
Kick for Saje
Kick for Donavan
Kick for Saje
Kick for Donavan
Kick for Saje
Kick for Donavan
Kick for Saje
Kick for Donavan
Kick for Saje
Kick for Donavan
Kick for Saje

Eiji was getting the better of the two until Donavan sucked up the impact of a kick and grabbed Eiji by the neck. He went for his Fallaway Chokeslam, but Eiji floated over and landed behind Donavan. He then placed Donavan in a waist lock and shoved him into Saje, knocking him through the ropes to the outside. Eiji rolled up Donavan from behind..

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!


Broken up by Le Bon!!

The numbers game was still a factor so Eiji got up and began to pummel Le Bon. Donavan got up and charged, but Eiji dodged and Donavan accidentally clotheslined Le Bon to the outside where he landed next to Sebastian Saje! Donavan stared out to the floor where he couldn’t believe he hit Le Bon on accident. Eiji jumped up onto Donavan’s shoulders and flipped him..


Crowd: “...ONE!!!!!!!



Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; way of Pinfall, MICHAEL DONAVAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

We were down to two members on The Rebellion’s side. Le Bon looked up at Eiji from the floor with a look of shock. Sebastian Saje stood and Le Bon ordered him to get in there and take care of it. Saje slowly climbed up onto the ring apron as Eiji backed away and taunted Saje to step into the ring. Saje did so one foot at a time until he was fully inside the squared circle. Saje charged Eiji to lock up, but Eiji side stepped and began to kick away. Irish whip attempt on Saje, but Saje reversed it and sent Eiji to the ropes instead. Le Bon leapt up onto the ring apron and decked Eiji in the face with a forearm shot!! Eiji turned and staggered towards Le Bon who leapt up, looking for the Lights Out, but Eiji tossed Saje away!

Saje landed on his feet and charged in at Eiji with a lariat, but Eiji ducked and took off in the opposite direction. Both Eiji and Saje bounced off of opposite ends of the ring and Eiji hit a twisting back elbow that knocked Saje down to the canvas! Saje popped back up and was taken down with a Spinning Heel Kick. Saje got back up and was pressed against the ropes as he was shot across the ring by Eiji. Eiji went for a leaping Leg Lariat, but Saje caught Eiji in his arms and spun him out into a Blue Thunder Driver where he held him down with the pinfall attempt…

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!


Eiji kicked out!!

Eiji staggered to his feet as Saje hit a pair of knife edge chops then a toe kick to double Eiji over. Saje hooked Eiji by the head and spiked him with a DDT. Saje held on, turned over and pulled Eiji up where he spiked him with a second DDT. Saje continued to hold one where he stood, pulled Eiji up and then ran with him to the corner where he stepped up the ropes and spun off, looking for a Tornado DDT to complete Sebastian Special MK II, but Eiji countered by hitting a Sit Out Powerbomb, but the DDTs caused him to fall back and not capitalize with a cover.

Eiji turned and grabbed the ropes pulling himself up into the neutral corner. Le Bon acted like the cheerleader as he called out for Saje to get to his feet. Eiji took this opportunity to climb up to the top turnbuckle pad as Saje staggered up and faced the corner. Eiji front flipped off, looking for a Dragonrana, but when he landed on Saje’s shoulders…


It was a tremendous counter that dropped Eiji down to his knees!! Saje took a few steps back and leapt up and…


Saje used his legs and slammed Eiji’s face dead into the canvas!! Le Bon screamed at Saje to cover him, but Saje wanted more… he wanted his Wrestlecade moment. Saje grabbed Eiji by the hair and pulled him back up to his feet. Saje leapt up, looking for Light’s Out, but Eiji grabbed Saje and powerbombed him onto the canvas! He immediately front flipped into a jackknife pin!!!

Crowd: “...ONE!!!!



Eiji used the ropes to pull himself up as Saje crawled toward the corner to tag in Le Bon, but Eiji staggered forward and grabbed Saje by the leg, preventing the tag. Saje got up and balanced himself on one leg. He swung his free leg, looking for an Enzugiri, but Eiji ducked and grabbed Saje in a waist lock. It looked like Eiji was going to go for a Wheelbarrow Suplex, but during the lift, he swung Saje out so that Saje landed on his feet. Eiji immediately leapt up onto Saje’s shoulders and flipped backwards…


Crowd: “...ONE!!!!!!!



Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; way of Pinfall, SEBASTIAN SAJE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

It was down to two!! Eiji Kugasari and Jon Le Bon!!! The man who lead The Rebellion who attacked Eiji Kugasari exactly one year ago was now in Eiji’s sights. Finally.. after a year.. the moment of retribution had come!!

Eiji called for Le Bon to come into the ring. Le Bon slowly came into the ring and swallowed hard. He looked as scared as scared could be as he and Eiji slowly circled each other. Le Bon circled around the ring until he had his back to the announce table.. and Eiji had his back to the entrance ramp. That’s when Le Bon cracked a smile and used his hands to motion to Eiji to bring it… except it wasn’t Eiji he was motioning to.

Jackson Cross… Machida Hood… Michael Donavan… the three of them who were previously eliminated came out from the backstage area. They came down the ramp and Eiji turned around slightly and noticed them slowly making their way down the ramp. Eiji gazed back at Le Bon who began to laugh. This was Le Bon’s last resort.. he wasn’t about to let The Rebellion die… not here… not now…

Eiji readied himself for an attack… As The Rebellion got closer, it seemed more and more that all hope was about to be lost when…



IT WAS!!!!




Titan ran out from the back with a steel chair in hand…







Sebastian Saje charged at Titan…



Chris Titan stood at the bottom of the entrance ramp and pointed the chair right at Le Bon!! Le Bon turned and headed for the ropes, but Eiji charged in and grabbed him by the seat of his pants. Eiji got underneath him and went for a Back Drop Suplex, but Le Bon flipped over and landed on his feet. He turned to run, but Chris Titan got up on the ring apron and Le Bon stopped dead in his tracks… it was that momentary distraction that did it..

Eiji turned and got behind Le Bon…




Crowd: “...ONE!!!!!!!



Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; way of Pinfall, JON LE BON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED… Therefore… the winners of the match… THE KUGASARI CLAN!!!!!!

Eiji Kugasari had done it!! He survived when it was three on one… using his cunning and will, he eliminated The Rebellion one by one.. then Chris Titan made his appearance.. he got his measure of revenge after being tortured by The Rebellion. Eiji Kugasari then capitalized and pinned Jon Le Bon… Not only did Eiji Kugasari get his retribution, but The Rebellion must now disband forever! Every tactic.. every plan… every back up plan… every scheme Le Bon devised to give his Rebellion that last chance at survival… all of it backfired thanks to Chris Titan.

Titan hopped off the apron and headed to the back, making sure to step on the bodies of Saje, Cross, Hood, and Donavan on his way up the ramp. Eiji Kugasari took a look around the arena as his hometown crowd were on their feet cheering and applauding him. Eiji bowed in all four directions before leaving the ring. When Eiji got to the top of the entrance ramp, the rest of the Kugasari Clan came out and hoisted him up onto their shoulders. The Kugasari Clan had come a long way since Ninja K had left them and placed Eiji Kugasari in charge. Under Eiji’s leadership, they were able to best The Rebellion and end them for good!

The Clan turned and disappeared behind the curtain. Jon Le Bon was left alone in the ring. He sat up and looked around in disbelief. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His Rebellion… his greatest work… was over.

Le Bon rolled out of the ring and slowly walked around ringside. He looked around the arena at the fans who were booing him. He looked at the laid out bodies on the entrance ramp. He simply just walked past them without even stopping to see if they were okay.

It was a weird moment… Le Bon in a trance-like state, walked up the ramp and stopped up top. He dropped to his knees as he stared up at the Wrestlecade II set. Le Bon seemed to be laughing as he knelt there at the top of the ramp. Le Bon shook his head as he stood up. He turned around and looked at the arena once more. The laughing expression on Le Bon’s face came to a sudden halt… the look became dead serious.

He then cracked a smirk and exited to the backstage area.

What was that smirk about? Was there something he knew that we didn’t? Something didn’t feel right after seeing that. Could this truly be the end of The Rebellion?

Winner: The Kugasari Clan via Pinfall

"No Severance Package Here"


The whining voice belonged to that of the former Starlet Champion, “The Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton watching the previous match from one of the monitors backstage. At her side as always was her portly and annoying associate, Desta.

“I know, my Queen, this is a travesty…” she sighed somberly. “Perhaps we go ask for a title shot after the winner of Foster and Charlotte?”

Winterton turned her head slowly, eyebrow twitching.

“I am a QUEEN! I am ROYALTY! I am one of the finest women’s wrestlers on this PLANET! I should not have to fight for their scraps and I do not ASK for anything! If there is something that I want, then I shall have it, no questions asked! I am a woman to be revered and exalted in this business! I have MADE the Starlet Division what it is! Those hack Bombshells in Legacy of Champions have nothing on our division…”

“…And yet… they’re there and you’re here…”

Sarah and Desta turned around, coming face to face with somebody that gave them a verbal lashing…


“What?” Winterton said, flabbergasted. “How DARE you insinuate that ANYONE is better than me in that ring!”

Desta turned towards Sonny and jabbed him in the chest.


The Silver Lining let out a loud and annoyed sigh.

“Okay, first off… holy shitsnacks, Pam Poovey don’t you ever fucking touch me with your gigantic bear claw arms ever again.” Desta was shocked, but Sonny didn’t care and turned right to Winterton. “And two… yeah, when you were at the top of your game, you were something special, Winterton… but like I asked you before? What happened? How’d you go from dominating this division to becoming a whiny little fucking putz?”

The question seemed to stab Winterton like a knife to the gut while Desta was not so forgiving.

“I’ll have you know I’m down twenty pounds!” She yelled at the wrestling Hall of Famer. “And you will NOT speak ill of the Que…”

“Don’t talk for me, Desta!”

The assistant turned to Winterton as Sonny folded his arms.

“That’s your first mistake… you’ve been known as a cutthroat and ruthless woman and yet... here you are palling around with this troll, doing everything for you. She’s not a wrestler, she’s a human shield. You’re too good for that shit, Winterton. You want to be taken seriously again, then you need to get off your fucking ass and you need to make a new impact… you need to do something about it! If you want to be feared and respected again, you need to bust somebody’s ass!”

Desta turned to Winterton, who turned around and patted her on the back.

“My queen… don’t listen to his lunacy…” She pleaded. “You deserve better than that! You know that I worship the ground you walk on and I would lay down for you! I will help you convalesce and we will get you back to where you need to be…”


Winterton reared back and caught Desta in the face with a right hand! She laid her out on the ground and began putting the boots to her right in the middle of the hall, all the while Sonny stood back with a look of interest on his face.


The Queen of the Starlets continued to shriek as she continued throwing kicks to Desta’s body. She then picked her up by the face before she rammed her into the ground repeatedly, letting out loud and shrill screamed as she did so!

The crowd watching this unfold in the arena started to boo loudly! Granted, Desta was annoying as all get out, but she was still a human being first and foremost. She finally stopped the attack after Desta was rendered beaten, unconscious, and even a faint bit twitchy on the floor.

“THERE’S the Winterton I’ve heard about!” Sonny beamed. “And if you want my help, Sarah, I can arrange it.”

Sarah looked down at the battered mess that had blindly followed her for the better part of a year and then turned back to the Hall of Famer.

“I accept.”

“Good. Now… we need to talk business.”

Sonny gestured and Winterton followed, but not before catching Desta in the ribs with another kick! Desta was not a trained wrestler or fighter in any way, so she stood no chance against Winterton’s onslaught. Security rushed the scene and a trainer ran by to check on Desta just as Sonny and Sarah both walked away from the hall… but not before Winterton came back. Two large security staff got in the way in case she tried to attack, but the Queen of the Starlets only had one last parting shot.

“Oh, and in case this wasn’t painfully clear before, you are fired!”

Salt in the wounds as Sarah walked off, cackling with a smirking Sonny trailing right behind her.

This match had been building for many weeks between these two men who were hell bent on destroy one another. Omega continued to dominate the Fearless division as an unstoppable wrecking ball but Seraph was a seven foot monster with No Fear. This situation became even more volatile with the attacks that these two men portrayed on each other. Also Seraph was a man possessed after he witnessed Omega’s dismantling of Shiloh in the middle of the ring in a Fearless title match.

A seven foot monster trying to take down the Fearless champion who does not know the meaning of the word pain… he just embraces it.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall! This match will be for the Fearless Championship!”

"Devil's Dance" by Metallica started to play over the PA system as the crowd looked to the stage to see the Shiloh and the seven foot monster Seraph walking out from the backstage area. Seraph was about to embark on the biggest opportunity of his career as he will be getting his first shot at a major championship in jOlt. The challenger slowly made his way to the ring with Shiloh right by his side. Seraph slowly made his way into the ring and awaited the Fearless Champion.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson’s “Redeemer” echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega suddenly appeared holding the Fearless Championship in his right hand. The fans jeered as a young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we are free
now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the champion slowly made his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly came back on as Omega made it into the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face. The Fearless Champion climbed into the ring and smirked as he looked at Seraph and Shiloh who stood in the far corner watching the champion’s every move.

Simon Boulder was in the middle of the ring receiving the Fearless championship from Omega. The champion pulled his hoodie off and sent it to the floor. Seraph escorted Shiloh through the ropes as Omega positioned himself on the ropes. Boulder motioned for the bell as Seraph raced across the ring which caught Omega off guard. The seven foot monster started to pound on the champion near the ropes. Seraph grabbed Omega by the arm and whipped him into a short-arm clothesline that sent the big man to a knee.

The shot from Seraph would have sent any normal man to the mat but we all know that Omega is not a normal man. The seven foot monster drove a knee right into Omega’s face that sent the Fearless champion to the mat to the excitement of Shiloh outside of the ring. The True Monster of jOlt continued his attack. Seraph was on a mission to solidify himself as the only monster in jOlt but in order to do that he would have to go through the most sadistic, inhumane man on the roster in Omega… a situation that Seraph relished. God’s War Machine picked up Omega and threw him into the corner. The challenger nailed Omega in the corner with his big paws literally leaving an imprint into Omega’s face with each punch. The fans actually cheered Seraph with each vicious shot in the corner. Shiloh slammed her hands on the mat encouraging her man to pummel the champion. And that is what the challenger did, he pummeled the champion into the mat. Omega slumped in the corner of the mat as Seraph stood over top of him.

No man has ever gone toe to toe with Omega and survived but Seraph’s approach was go full blown monster on Omega in order to keep him off his game. Seraph pulled Omega to his feet, scooping the boogeyman in the process and slamming him hard to the mat. The crowd had gasped as the ring shook from the impact. The challenger looked down at Shiloh who gave him the motioned to continue his attack. The self-proclaimed True Monster reached down to pick up Omega once again but the boogeyman jabbed him in the left eye with a thumb. The crowd jeered as Omega made it to a knee with Seraph writhing in pain. Omega bolted from his kneeling position to nail Seraph with a vicious clothesline that did not send the big man to his feet.

The challenger was staggered as Omega quickly hooked Seraph and drove him into the mat with a big German suplex. The challenger held the back of his head as Omega pulled him to the bottom ropes. Omega placed Seraph’s head and neck under the bottom rope onto the ring apron. The madman had climbed through the ropes and dropped a big leg across Seraph’s throat on the apron. Shiloh’s face looked disgusted as Seraph rolled into the ring holding his throat presumably trying to gain some air. Omega smirked as he looked out to the fans at ringside who jeered him. Omega slowly walked over to a guardrail, folded up a chair and slid into the ring with said chair in hand. The champion pointed to Shiloh with the chair before he turned his attention back to his prey. The boogeyman pulled back and lambasted Seraph’s back with several chair shots that echoed throughout the arena.


Omega looked at the mangled chair and placed it on Seraph’s neck trying to choke the life out of his challenger. Shiloh screamed from the floor as the fans continued to jeer the champion. The boogeyman removed the chair from Seraph’s throat and threw it over the ropes almost hitting Shiloh on the floor. The boogeyman picked up Seraph and drove him back to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Omega went for the cover as Boulder dropped for the count.



Seraph powered his way out of the pinfall attempt. Shiloh clapped on the floor and Omega smirked. The champion made it to his feet and grabbed the self-proclaimed True Monster by his hair. The madman grabbed Seraph’s arm and whipped his massive frame into the corner. Two bulls going at it shook the ring once again. Omega raced into the corner for a spear attempt but Seraph moved out of the way and Omega barreled into the ring post shoulder first. The champion grabbed his shoulder and rolled to the floor in pain. Shiloh noticed that Omega was hurt and screamed at Seraph to go to the floor. Seraph slowly made it to his feet to see Omega on the floor. The challenger climbed over the top rope near Shiloh and dropped to the floor. Omega was on the other side of the ring holding his shoulder not noticing that the seven foot monster was barreling down on him. Seraph made his way around to the opposite side of the ring and drove Omega to the ground with a vicious forearm to the back of the head. God’s War Machine grabbed Omega by the locks and threw him shoulder first into the steel ring posts. The fans once again erupted in cheers for the monster. A small chant started by some fans near the ringside area.


Seraph was not done with the champion as he grabbed his arm and whipped him hard into the guardrail, sending the metal and the fans back a few feet. Seraph stalked the champion but this did not phase Omega who had a small smirk on his face. This was why this man was so dangerous because he smiled in the face of pain. The seven foot monster pulled Omega from the guardrail and drove him back first into the ring post. The champion held his back in pain as Seraph continued the onslaught. The challenger pounded on the champion’s back with several forearm blows drilling Omega into the ground. The champion was now on all fours as Seraph kicked Omega in the head. Shiloh grabbed a steel chair and handed it to Seraph who was looking for a little retribution from the earlier chair shots from Omega. Seraph held the chair high in the air before drilling Omega’s back unmercifully on the floor.


Seraph dropped the chair on the ground as he looked down at the boogeyman. The challenger pulled Omega to his feet and rolled him into the ring. The seven foot monster slowly made his way into the ring and grabbed the champion from behind. He nailed Omega with a vicious head butt to the back of the head. Omega staggered to the ropes as Seraph slowly made his way to the champion. The boogeyman nailed Seraph with a back kick that gave him a little time before he exploding with a vicious clothesline that sent Seraph staggering back to the corner. The madman race into the corner with a big splash that caught Seraph off guard. Omega bounced off Seraph and moved back to the opposite corner. The madman raced across the ring once again and nailed the challenger with a big running boot that sent a series of shock waves throughout the arena.

Shiloh grabbed her head as she sunk down to the apron. The Fearless champion pulled the seven foot monster out of the corner and hooked him in a front chancery. The crowd looked on trying to see what Omega had planned. The boogeyman picked Seraph up in the air with great strength and drove him into the mat with a huge vertical suplex. The fans were in shock to see that Omega had lifted God’s War Machine up in the air and held him in a vertical suplex. The impact put both men to the mat as Simon placed a hand over his mouth at what he just saw. Shiloh looked at her man laid out in the middle of the ring as the fans started to chant for the seven foot monster. Omega went for the cover on the challenger as Boulder dropped down to the mat.




God’s War Machine was able to get his shoulder up as Omega looked at the self-proclaimed True Monster of jOlt. The boogeyman slowly stalked his challenger as Shiloh placed her hands over her eyes. Omega grabbed Seraph by his hair and flung him over the top rope to the floor. Seraph hit the floor hard as Shiloh gasped. Omega rolled to the floor and pulled Seraph up to his feet by his arm. The champion whipped Seraph into the guardrail but Seraph reversed the move and sent the champion spiraling into the steel steps, separating the steps. The fans at ringside yelled in delight at Omega crawling on the floor. The seven foot monster was now on his feet as the arena started to chant his name.






The challenger made his way over to Omega and pulled him to the ramp way by his locks. Seraph grabbed Omega by his throat and lifted him high in the air. God’s War Machine viciously drove the champion into the steel ramp with a hug choke slam. Shiloh clapped as Seraph stood over top of the boogeyman. Seraph dropped for the cover as Simon went for the count.




Shiloh thought Omega was done as she witnessed his head hitting the ramp hard. The fans in the arena thought he was done as well but were taken aback with the kick out by the champ. Seraph grabbed the champion by the head and pulled him up the ramp but Omega drove a big fist into Seraph’s side but the monster continue to pull the champion up the ramp. God’s War Machine pulled up the champion and sent him to the mat with big clothesline. The challenger was not done as he reached for Omega and started to pull him to his feet but the champion nailed Seraph with a low blow that dropped the big man to his knees. There was a collective “OOOHHH” sound from the fans as Omega made it to his feet and grabbed Seraph while he was still on his knees and drove him into the ramp with a DDT. A sick grin formed on Omega’s lips as he knew this was the end.







Omega slowly turned Seraph over for the pinfall. Boulder ran up the ramp for the count.




Seraph kicked out yet again to the surprise of the arena. Omega sat up and made his way down to the ringside area and ripped and pulled at the guardrail to break free from the other railing. The big man picked up the guardrail walking up the ramp and slammed it across Seraph’s back. The Fearless champion moved the guardrail to the floor by the ramp. The champion picked up Seraph and hooked him in a powerbomb position but the seven foot monster took Omega down with a big back drop on the ramp. Omega screamed in pain especially from the earlier damage on his back. Both men were down on the ramp as the fans started to make more noise for Seraph because he was given Omega one hell of a match.





Both men started to get to their feet as they traded blows on the ramp leading to the stage. Omega nailed Seraph with a big right hand but the challenger followed up with an even bigger right hand that sent the champion back toward the stage. Seraph made it to his feet and drove a boot into the side of Omega’s head. The champion was in trouble as God’s War Machine stood over top of him. Seraph reached down and grabbed Omega by his throat with both hands. This looked to be the end for Omega on the stage. The seven foot monster picked the boogeyman up in the air but Omega knee’d the challenger in the face in order to break the hold. Seraph had released his grip from around Omega’s neck. The champion drove another knee into Seraph’s midsection doubling the challenger over. The madman hooked Seraph in a powerbomb position but the champion was looking for massive damage as he moved to the edge of the stage with a smirk on his face.

The champion picked up God’s War machine high in the air showing his uncanny power. The boogeyman jumped off the stage.


Boulder had to make his way from the stage to the floor to access the damage. Omega had the challenger pinned on the floor through the debris. Boulder counted through the wreckage.




Omega had retained the Fearless title once again against a very game Seraph in a very vicious match. Shiloh raced up the ramp to the stage to access the carnage on the floor. She held her mouth as the bodies of the two large men laid scattered on the floor surrounded by rubble. The camera panned into the ruins of the table to see a smile on Omega’s face as he was being attended to by jOlt officials and EMT personnel.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall (STILL Fearless Champion)

"No Cash-In Tonight"

Still obviously full of jubilance and elation over having claimed to what is in his mind, a guaranteed ticket to jOlt’s most coveted piece of Jewelry, and jOlt immortality, it is impossible to wipe the bling from Las Vegas’ finest jeweler, who dons a pair of white sweat pants, and a white “gOlden bOy pRomotions” shirt. Although unsuccessful in their quest for gOld earlier in the night, Them M’fn Goons, Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel share the elations of their employer and are bubbling with joy as well..

“Big Homie 1…. The rest of them niggas.. Shit they in the negatives…” Samuel blurts out.

Khalil Straightgully, pulls a bottle out of his bag, seemingly of champagne, and begins to spray it in the air.

“We in this motherfucker… What strip club we heading too Big Homie…. I hear these Japanese hoes be freaks to..”

Samuel looks at Gully with skepticism and disbelief.

“Nigga…. You a Muslim… They ain’t got no prayer rugs in no strip clubs for you my nigga..” Samuel jabs at Gully’s religous background

Gully, blushes a bit through his dark brown Arab skin. Obviously angered by Samuel’s jibes, he quickly changes the subject.

“Ehh… Why ain’t you cash in tonight Big Homie… We could went down there and smashed whoever win that mug tonight and take what’s ours… Especially if its’ that nigga Ramey… Which one of them niggas could stop us.” Khalil demands...

“Ehh… Ehhh.. No cash in tonight… Soon enough… When I take that title, I don’t want nobody talking shit about getting jumped. I’mma do that shit heads up you feel me. I don’t want no stains on my immortality

“What about that strip club doe…” Samuel jabs, making the whole of gOlden bOy promotions laugh.

We gon party… But tell you what my niggas.,,, Ya’ll find a good spot out here for us to chill… Hit up them niggas we stayed with when we burned down the Igonami Dojo… And yeah, I’mma catch up with you… I forgot something back in the stadium.. I gotta go get that shit… You feel me...

“Yeah Big Homie..” Samuel responds to Jewelz’s commands.

“Yeah Big Homie” Gully agrees.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Dean Carrington stood in the center of the Wrestlecade laced ring for what would be the final time this evening, “the following contest is scheduled for one fall, has no time limit, will be contested under Last Man Standing rules and will be for the JOLT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!”

The Japanese audience was abuzz at the sound of this announcement when the slow thumping beginning of “The End is Coming” by Sevendust began to blast throughout the arena. The house lights cut down to a minimum as a red fog began to engulf the entrance stage and from the backstage area slowly walked the man known as Citizen, and slowly behind him crept the wife of the Jolt Heavyweight Champion, Nicky Santiago-Ramey, whom Citizen still had bound by the hands, blindfolded, and was leading along with a rope. The fans on hand were at a fever pitch of booing as Citizen just stood at the top of the ramp, within the fog for a moment and then began making his way toward the ring.

“Introducing first, he is the challenger, weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty-five pounds and hailing from New York City, New York; HE IS THE MAN KNOWN AS CITIZEN!”

The booing inside of the arena only grew louder as Carrington bellowed out Citizen’s name. Citizen stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and released his grip on the rope. Not feeling the tug of the rope anymore Nicky stood waiting at the bottom of the ramp as Citizen slinked into the ring under the bottom rope and his music slowly faded. The house lights kicked back up and “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Bot quickly replaced any sounds streaming throughout the arena.

Quickly from the backstage area rushed the reigning and defending Jolt Heavyweight Champion. There were no theatrics, Ramey just quickly made his way down the entrance ramp to his wife.

“And making his way to the ring, he is the champion, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS THE JOLT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Ramey undid the binding on his wife’s arms, and then tossed the blindfold off of her face. At first she still seemed panicked and tried to fight, but as soon as the blindfold came off she knew that everything was going to be alright. The two embraced in a long passionate hug, and then Ramey caressed his wife’s face with his right hand, and kissed her. He then mouthed something and she began making her way up the entrance ramp and out of sight. The Anti-Star turned his attention to the ring, and the look of relief that was on his face turned into pure rage as he quickly made his way under the ropes and darted toward Citizen. Darius Underwood rang for the bell.


Citizen was already rushing toward Ramey as he popped up, and the two went right to the canvas as Ramey snapped him up with a double leg take down and began driving right fists down into his mask. Citizen tried to cover up, but this only sent Ramey to the ribs as he continued to deliver blow after blow. The Anti-Star must have landed at least twenty to twenty-five blows before coming up from between Citizen’s legs back to a standing base.

Ramey took a few steps back and then circled around Citizen, Citizen rolled onto his hands and knees and began pushing his way back to his feet. Ramey grabbed hold of him by his mask and lifted him back to his feet, grabbed hold of his arm, pushed him back against the ropes and shot him across the ring. As soon as Citizen’s back hit the opposing ropes Ramey rushed him and brought him flipping back down to the canvas with a running high knee to the midsection.

Citizen came to a seated position as Ramey took a few steps back to analyze the situation, and then slowly walked over behind the seated Citizen. Ramey grabbed Citizen by the mask and looked to pull him back to his feet, but once Ramey had him in the right position he began driving knees into Citizen’s mask. After three or four good knees Citizen dropped back down to his knees, but Ramey did not release his hold. The Anti-Star held right and delivered two more good knees to the side of the head before releasing his hold and Citizen fell to his stomach and began crawling toward the corner.

Ramey hovered over top of Citizen as he now laid face first on the mats. Ramey stepped across Citizen’s body and placed his forearm on the top rope, then delivered a swift kick to Citizen’s back. Ramey watched as Citizen cringed and rolled onto his side, then grabbed hold of the mask once more and began lifting him back to his feet. Upon reaching his feet Ramey latched his arm around the back of Citizen’s neck and planted his feet lifting Citizen up and over with a snap suplex.

The Anti-Star slowly rolled around to a knee, and then back to his feet. Once to his feet Ramey looked at Underwood and signaled for him to start counting.



Citizen rolled onto his side as Ramey watched and slowly began pacing back and forth.


Citizen had managed to push his way back to his feet stopping the count, but Ramey was ready and waiting as he delivered a huge knife edge chop across Citizen’s chest. Citizen grabbed at his chest in pain as he twisted and began walking toward the nearest corner and Ramey slowly walked behind. Reaching the corner Citizen grabbed hold of the top rope on both sides of the turnbuckle padding and then Ramey dug into his back with a forearm blow. The move caused Citizen to twist in place as he hung himself over the top rope and Ramey grabbed hold of the back of his trunks and delivered another forearm blow to the small of the back.

Citizen slumped over, with one arm still resting over the top rope, but only for a moment until Ramey grabbed him by the mask and charged him across the ring. The Anti-Star smashed Citizen face first into turnbuckle padding across the ring. Citizen came back to a resting position with one arm draped over the top rope, but the Anti-Star quickly came back in, tossed his other arm over the top rope and delivered another huge knife edge chop across Citizen’s chest.

Citizen dropped to his knees from the blow, still holding one arm over the top rope and his head resting on the middle rope. Ramey reached down, grabbed Citizen by the shoulder, and brought him back up into the corner. The Anti-Star threw Citizen’s other arm back up and over the top rope exposing his chest as he rained down another massive knife edge chop that forced Citizen down into a seated position on the bottom rope and then he fell to the canvas on his stomach once again.

Ramey again circled around his opponent to his leg area, and Citizen made his way back up to a standing base in the corner and then leaned down grabbing hold of the middle rope. The Anti-Star went back in, but this time Citizen brought a boot up out of the corner and caught Ramey in the leg. The move did little damage to Ramey as he retaliated with a boot of his own and then forced Citizen back into the corner. Ramey drew back and delivered a fist into Citizen’s side, grabbed him by the head, and delivered another stiff punch as he released.

The Anti-Star grabbed hold of Citizen’s arm and looked to send him flying across the ring into the opposing turnbuckle, but Citizen mustered up the strength to reverse the move and instead send Ramey flying into the corner. Citizen dropped to the canvas and rolled to a seated position as Ramey hit sternum first off of the turnbuckle padding and fell to his back in the ring. The Jolt champion rolled onto his side grabbing at the bottom rope as Citizen rolled back to his feet. Citizen staggered for a moment, then made his way over to the downed Ramey who had managed to get up to his knees pushing on the bottom rope. Citizen drove a boot down into Ramey’s back that caused him to release his grip and flip over onto his back.

Citizen drove five more boots down into Ramey, then grabbed hold of the rope, planted his right foot on the bottom rope and lifted himself up and down onto Ramey’s head with a knee. Citizen popped back up and rested his back against the ropes for a moment before coming off and walking out to the center of the ring. It looked as if he was trying to walk off any effects that the onslaught from Ramey had given him.

As Citizen hit the center of the ring Ramey had turned onto his hands and knees in the corner and Citizen began making his way back toward the downed Ramey. Citizen rushed in, grabbed hold of the top rope with his left hand, and brought a book up into the midsection of Ramey that caused him to bounce up and over onto his back. Citizen took a step back; hand still grasped onto the top rope, and delivered a boot down into Ramey’s chest, along with one more for good measure. Citizen then leaned over, grabbed Ramey by the hair, and pulled him up only to drape him neck first over the middle rope.

Citizen shoved a thigh into Ramey’s back and pressed down hard on the back of Ramey’s neck causing more strain on him and the rope. Despite not being able to do anything about it Underwood still pleaded with Citizen that what he was doing was inhumane. Citizen didn’t listen to Underwood though as he continued to cut off Ramey’s airway, but then eventually did release. Ramey continued to rest on the ropes as Citizen slowly backed his way half way across the ring trying to catch his breath. Citizen then slowly made his way back over to Ramey who was beginning to stir, grabbed him by the face, and pulled him back to a standing base.

Citizen pulled Ramey to the center of the ring and scooped him up only to drop him with a scoop slam. Citizen then took a few steps back and waited as Ramey slowly began to stir. Just as Ramey was able to make his way back to his feet tried to snap him up, and was mostly like going to attempt to hit his signature snap T-Bone suplex, but Ramey was able to counter the move dropping Citizen face first near the corner with a drop toe hold. Ramey came to a seated position and pushed his way back up to his feet. The Anti-Star trying to catch his breath saw that Citizen was going to get back to his feet, and delivered a kick into the back of his head.

Citizen flipped over onto his back near the ropes, but Ramey reached down grabbing him by the mask, pulled him to his feet, latched onto his arm, pushed him against the ropes and whipped him off into opposing ropes. Citizen grabbed hold of the top rope to try and stop his rebound, but as soon as he turned Ramey was charging at him and caught him square across the forehead with a double axe handle blow that leveled Citizen back to the mats. The Anti-Star walked around the corner and shook his head trying to shake out the cobwebs as Citizen rolled over onto his side near the ropes. Underwood began his count seeing that Citizen was motionless.



Ramey circled around to the center of the ring, right next to where Underwood was making his count.



Citizen made his way up onto his hands and knees and began crawling toward a turnbuckle as Ramey charged in and dropped a double axe handle down across Citizen’s back. Citizen was pushed close to going out of the ring at this time as Ramey came up to a crouched position and then drove a knee down into Citizen’s chest, he rested for a moment and then proceeded to hit Citizen with another knee only this time to the head with the opposite knee. Ramey hit Citizen with two more knees before coming back to a fully standing position and latching onto Citizen’s mask. Ramey pulled Citizen back to his feet and then looked to hit Citizen with a belly-to-back suplex, but Citizen latched onto Ramey’s head and drove a stiff shot into the crown of his head.

Ramey released his grip on Citizen and staggered back, but Citizen turned and drove another stiff punch into the side of Ramey’s face. Citizen then took a step back, measured, and caught Ramey in the side of the head with a boot that dropped him to the canvas. Citizen turned toward the ropes limping a bit before turning his attention back to Ramey and then something else struck in his mind as he made his way over to the ropes nearest the entrance ramp. Citizen ducked between the top and middle rope and dropped off of the apron to the ring side area.

Ramey had slowly made his way back to his feet inside of the ring as Citizen grabbed hold of the draping over the apron and lifted it. Citizen grabbed the first thing he could find under the ring, in way of a trashcan, as Ramey turned from the center of the ring and darted toward the ropes. He rebounded off of the ropes as Citizen was finally getting the trashcan out from under the ring and Ramey was charging across the ring. Ramey dropped to the mats as Citizen was pulling the trashcan lid out from inside the trashcan, and was caught by Ramey with a baseball slide that sent Citizen flying backward toward the ramp.

Ramey stopped his momentum by latching onto the apron and came to a standing base outside of the ring while Citizen had rolled to a seated position. Citizen slowly made his way over onto his hands and knees while Ramey was slumped over still holding the apron. The Anti-Star forced himself back up and began making his way toward the trashcan that Citizen had brought into the match, but Citizen sprang back to his feet and charged at Ramey from behind catching him with a clubbing forearm blow to the back and head. The Anti-Star never dropped though, he just went back to his slumped over position holding the apron.

Citizen made his way around to Ramey’s side and brought another clubbing forearm blow down, this time in the center of his back. Citizen took a step back from Ramey, who sprang back to life and caught Citizen across the face with a closed fist that staggered the challenger. Citizen took a few steps around and then came back at Ramey with his own closed fist, which staggered Ramey enough for him to catch him with two more. Citizen then grabbed hold of Ramey’s with his left hand, draped his right arm around the back of Ramey’s neck, and sent him flying off into the barricading that surrounded the ring. Ramey’s back snapped against the barricading as he held himself up with one arm thrown over it.

Citizen took a few steps back and then ran toward Ramey who caught him and sent him up and over the barricade into an open area between rows of seating with a back body drop. Ramey turned fully toward the barricading and rested with both arms over it, while Citizen tried to push his way back to his feet. Ramey slowly made his way over the barricading and into a sea of fans that had gathered round, all trying to get in and pat him on the back. In the process Citizen had managed to get back to his feet and began making his way back through one of the aisles to get away from Ramey who was now in pursuit.

The two made their way around and to the back aisle of the front row seating where they began trading forearm shots. Ramey finally gained the upper hand, and had Citizen pushed back against another set of barricading where he had bent him over and brought a knee up into his abdomen. Citizen managed to break free and began making his way back to the barricading that they had both came over in the first place to get out of the ringside area. Ramey followed slowly behind and caught Citizen in the back with a clubbing forearm blow as he was trying to get back over the barricade. This caused Citizen to fall over the barricading and to the mats surrounding the ringside area. Ramey pulled himself over the barricade as Citizen was pulling his way back to his feet using the steel ring steps. Citizen made his way half way down the ring side apron and then rolled back inside of the ring, with Ramey hot on his heels and crawled back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Ramey came to a kneeling position once entering the ring, resting his left arm on the middle rope, while Citizen found his way over onto his stomach where he pushed his way back to his knees. Ramey came back to a standing base and approached the kneeling Citizen. Citizen managed to get back to his feet just as Ramey reached him, but the Anti-Star slugged Citizen with a forearm blow that caused him to twist around and into the ropes. Citizen held onto the top rope with both hands, and as he turned back around Ramey grabbed hold of his legs pulling them out from under him as he step him up and twisted him over into the elevated Boston crab. Ramey locked in the hold, and placed one knee in the center of Citizen’s back for good measure.


Citizen fought and struggled in the submission hold, but there was nowhere he could go. It wouldn’t matter if he made his way to the ropes, it couldn’t break the hold in this match. Citizen clawed at the mats and finally began tapping out, but that didn’t matter either. It couldn’t break the hold and it wouldn’t end the match either. Underwood waved it off and just watched as Ramey applied more pressure to the hold. Citizen continued to tap at the mat hoping it would end the pain, but Underwood dropped to a knee and waved it off again. Citizen knowing now that there was nothing he could do to get the hold broke crawled toward the ropes, grabbed hold of the bottom rope with his right hand, and yanked at the middle rope with his left. The leverage he made was the only thing that caused Ramey to release the hold as he fell backward to a knee.

Citizen tried to pull his way back to his feet using the ropes, but Ramey got back to his first. Ramey approached Citizen from behind grabbed hold of his tights, and drove a fist down across his back. Citizen snapped back up to his feet still holding the ropes, and Ramey wrapped his arms around his waist and brought Citizen up and over with a German suplex. Ramey held tight to his grip, as he twisted Citizen and himself around and the two made their way back to their feet only for Ramey to bring Citizen up and over with another German suplex. Ramey continued to hold his grip around the waist of Citizen as he brought Citizen back up and down with three more German suplexes before the Anti-Star released his grip and sent Citizen flying backward toward the ropes.

Citizen rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope, and flopped to his back on the mats surrounding the ring. While inside the ring Ramey had made his way over onto his stomach where he was also winded. Underwood began counting both men.




Ramey pushed his way back to his feet inside of the ring breaking the count from Underwood.


Underwood dropped from inside of the ring to the outside where he now stood over top of Citizen.




Ramey had made his way over to the ropes where he latched onto the top rope with both hands and watched as Citizen rolled to his side.


Citizen pushed his way up to a knee to stop the count from Underwood, and Ramey released his grip on the ropes and took a few steps back. Ramey waited as Citizen began pulling his way up onto the apron and then the Anti-Star rushed across the ring. Ramey bounced off of the ropes and darted back across the ring. As soon as Citizen came to a full standing base on the apron Ramey leveled him with a double axe handle blow that sent him flying from the apron back down outside of the ring. Citizen landed near the trashcan that he had pulled from under the ring earlier and Underwood began the ten count once again. Ramey didn’t exit the ring, he just stood holding at the back of his head and catching his wind while Underwood did his thing.







Citizen began stirring as he rolled over onto his side.


Citizen rolled to a seated position with both hands pushed behind his back.


Citizen was able to push his way back up to a knee, and he leaned forward catching himself on the apron once more. Citizen slowly made his way back up to a standing base on wobbly legs, as Ramey rushed toward the ropes once more. Ramey rebounded and came charging across the ring again, he leapt through the middle and top rope with a suicide dive, but Citizen had managed to back up several steps, and grabbed hold of the trashcan lid. As soon as Ramey was ready for impact Citizen nailed him across the crown of his head with the trashcan lid.

The Anti-Star went limp on contact with the ground, and Citizen turned, fell to a knee and then down to the mats as well. Underwood began counting both men down.




Citizen rolled up to a seated position and propped himself up against the steel ring steps stopping the count on himself.




Citizen pushed his way back up to a kneeling position and grabbed hold of the trashcan lid once more as he watched as Ramey made his way over onto his side.



Ramey rolled over onto his hands and knees, while Citizen made his way back to his feet with the trashcan lid in his left hand and he grabbed hold of the actual trashcan with his right. Citizen left the trashcan lid on the steel ring steps as he began shoving the trashcan into the ring under the bottom rope and Ramey came to a knee stopping Underwood’s count.

With the trashcan fully in the ring, Ramey was in a slouched over position holding himself up with one hand on the ground. Citizen quickly turned, grabbed hold of the trashcan lid from the steel steps, brought up and down hard over the back of Ramey’s head. Ramey fell back down to the mats face first, and Citizen dropped the trashcan lid slowly limping backward until he came to a rest with the small of his back against the ring apron. Underwood began his count once again on the champion.





Citizen turned back toward the ring and he pushed the trashcan into it further.



Ramey pushed his way up to his hands and knees, and slowly back to a kneeling position breaking the count by Underwood. Citizen came from his resting position off of the apron toward Ramey bringing a boot up and catching him in the head. Citizen then grabbed Ramey by his hair, lifted him back to his feet, and sent him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Ramey rolled to his back in the ring, while Citizen slinked back in under the bottom rope. Citizen slowly made his way back to his feet and made his way over to the trashcan. Citizen pulled the trashcan over beside of Ramey, and then drove a boot into the Anti-Star’s ribs. Ramey began crawling and trying to force his way back up to his feet, when Citizen made his way around, grabbed Ramey by the head and lifted him back to his feet.

Citizen locked Ramey’s head under his left arm in a front face lock, and lifted him up for what looked like a vertical suplex, but instead seated Ramey on the top rope. Ramey straddled the top rope, and Citizen brought a clubbing blow down across his back. Citizen staggered back a step, but then came right back in with a closed fist to the side of Ramey’s head. Citizen then stepped up onto the middle rope, but as he was coming up Ramey grabbed hold of his head and brought a closed fist into Citizen’s face of his own. The blow staggered Citizen, but he regained composure only for Ramey to deliver another closed fist.

Citizen rocked back on the ropes, but did not fall. Ramey still straddling the top rope brought another fist up and across Citizen’s face. Ramey looked to be ready to hit another blow when Citizen grabbed hold of his head and smashed his own against it with a headbutt that rocked Ramey. Citizen then planted Ramey with two closed fist and locked him back up in the front face lock. Citizen stepped up to the top rope and quickly lifted Ramey up as well. Just as quickly Citizen brought Ramey up and over with a superplex, the worst part for the Anti-Star was that he landed back first across the trashcan crushing it.

Both men now lay inside of the ring lifeless as Underwood began the ten count on both of them.







Citizen rolled to his side near the ropes, while Ramey still lay lifeless. Citizen was able to grab hold of the ropes and pull himself up to a knee stopping to count on himself, while Ramey slowly made his way over onto his side.



Ramey rolled over onto his stomach, as Citizen made his way back fully to his feet and rested his back against the ropes as he watched Ramey. Before Underwood could reach the count of nine Ramey pushed his way back up to a knee and Citizen made his way around the ropes to a position where he was standing directly in front of Ramey who was trying to get back fully to his feet.

Just before Ramey could get back to a standing base Citizen rushed in driving a knee up into the Anti-Star’s face leveling him back to the mats. Citizen then turned noticing the trashcan lid was in the ring, snatched it up, and brought it down across Ramey’s stomach. Ramey twisted in the ring as Citizen brought the lid down across his stomach, shoulder, and back four more times before he turned and tossed the lid outside of the ring. Underwood was ready to start the count on Ramey again, as Citizen looked outraged as he pushed past Underwood and kicked the smashed trashcan out of the ring. Once he was in the clear, Underwood began to count.



Citizen made his way to the ropes, where he exited to the outside through the middle and top rope.


Citizen aimlessly wandering around the ring, making his way around the steel ring steps near the announcer’s table where he lifted the ring apron once more and began pulling a ladder out from under the ring.


Citizen looked at the ladder for a second, then placed it into the ring under the bottom rope and slid in as well.



Ramey made his way onto his hands and knees and gripped at the bottom rope with both hands as Citizen made his way back to a full standing base. Out of the corner of his eye Citizen saw that Ramey had made his way up enough to break the hold, he turned and walked over toward Ramey catching him in the side with a boot that dropped Ramey back down to his knees.

Citizen turned and made his way back over to the ladder. Citizen grabbed hold of the ladder lifting it up and springing it open in almost one singular move near the opposing corner that Ramey was trying to get back to his feet in. Citizen positioned the ladder making sure that one side touched the turnbuckle padding and then turned back to Ramey who was halfway to his feet leaning against the middle rope with both hands.

Citizen limped his way over toward Ramey, who shot up and out of the corner catching Citizen across the chest with a vicious knife edge chop. Citizen staggered back a step, holding onto the top rope to try and stay stationary, but Ramey caught him with another knife edge chop. Ramey delivered two more before Citizen retaliated with a closed fist to the side of Ramey’s head that staggered him. Citizen hit one more fist to the side of the head followed up with a forearm to the back then he pulled Ramey out of the corner to the center of the ring.

In the center of the ring Citizen lifted Ramey up and dropped him with a scoop slam then looked over at the ladder he had positioned in the corner. Citizen slowly made his way over and before attempting to climb the ladder he leaned against it trying to regain composure. Then Citizen slowly began climbing up the ladder, but the Anti-Star was already starting to stir as he rolled onto his stomach. Citizen was barely able to make his way up to the second rung of the ladder before Ramey came back to his feet and delivered a forearm blow to the small of Citizen’s back.

Citizen was able to take one final step up the ladder ending up on the third rung as Ramey connected with another forearm shot to the back and climbed up onto the ladder with Citizen. Citizen tried to fight back connecting with a back elbow, but it was too late as Ramey reached the third rung as well and wrapped his arms around Citizen’s waist bringing him back into the ring with a German suplex. Citizen now lay motionless in the center of the ring while Ramey rested on his side. Underwood began his count on both men.








Ramey began pushing his way up off of the mat onto his hands and knees. The Anti-Star willed his way up to a staggered standing base and broke the count on himself.


Citizen came up to a seated position, and slowly rolled to his knee and began to push himself up off of the mat as Ramey walked up behind him. The Anti-Star once again locked his arms around the waist of Citizen and brought him up and over with a German suplex. The Anti-Star tried slowly pushing his way back up to his feet, and the signs of fatigue were setting in as he was nearly up and dropped back down to one knee before being able to get back to staggered legs and falling into the ropes where he watched as Underwood began counting Citizen again.




Ramey seethed for a moment, but then his attention turned back to the still standing ladder as he slowly made his way along the rope to the ladder.


The Anti-Star made sure the ladder was secured back against the turnbuckles, and then slipped between the turnbuckle padding and the ladder to begin climbing so that he would be facing the downed Citizen.


Ramey wasted little time as he scaled the ladder all the way to the top, he began trying to get his balance at the top as the ladder shook a little bit.


The Anti-Star twisted and came soaring off of the ladder looking to hit Citizen with his signature Asai moonsault, but just before he connected Citizen rolled out of the way of the move leaving Ramey to connect with nothing, but canvas. The Anti-Star writhed around the ring as Citizen rolled to his side. Underwood was forced to restart his count now as both men were lying on the mat.






Citizen rolled himself onto his stomach and began crawling toward the corner on hands and knees, but was never able to get above his knee to break the count.


Citizen was finally able to force himself up off of the mat near the corner, but Ramey had turned facing the ladder and began pushing his way back up to his feet as well. Underwood stopped the count as Citizen staggered across the ring, falling onto the bottom rope near the ladder. Citizen reached around behind the ladder and somehow a chair had been placed in the corner. Citizen grabbed hold of the chair and he came to a kneeling position on both knees as he just looked down at it.

Citizen slowly made his way back up to his feet and turned to where Ramey was staggering up to his own feet. He held the chair in both hands and came at Ramey like a battering ram. Citizen almost caught Ramey with the chair, but instead he was brought down with a drop toe hold and Ramey floated it into locking his elevated Boston crab on Citizen for the second time in the match.


Citizen struggled to get his way out of the move again, but there was nothing he could do. Ramey had the move locked in on him in the center of the ring and only after a few moments of being locked in the hold he began tapping out once again, but Underwood could only wave it off. Citizen struggled until it looked as though there was no life left in his body, as soon as Ramey heard his arms stop hitting the mat he released the hold and fell to his side. Underwood then began counting both men down.








The Anti-Star rolled over onto his hands and knees and pushed his way up off of the canvas. Citizen managed to roll onto his stomach, the first thing he tried to latch onto was the chair once again as he willed his way back to his feet. Ramey walked up behind Citizen and began throwing down the clubbing forearm blows to the back. Four clubbing forearm blows to be exact, then he locked his arms around Citizen’s waist again and delivered another devastating German suplex. Much to the same effect as earlier in the match, the Anti-Star kept his hands locked around Citizen’s waist as he delivered two more German suplexes and was looking for a third, when Citizen wrapped his own leg back around Ramey’s to stop him.

Citizen then began throwing back the back elbow blows to Ramey’s skull to try and get him to release his grip. Two precision blows to the head and Ramey’s hand unlocked from around Citizen’s waist, and Citizen turned face to face with Ramey placing his hand on the top of his head. Citizen brought a boot up into Ramey’s midsection, snapped him up, and brought him up and over right on top of the chair with the small of his back with the snap T-Bone suplex.


Underwood dropped to a knee in front of both men, the Anti-Star had rolled onto his stomach now face down in the canvas, as Citizen was lying on his side. Underwood looked back and forth at both men and began his count on both of them again.




Citizen twisted his body around next to Ramey’s and now lay near the ropes on his stomach as well.



Citizen rolled onto his back under the bottom rope, but then came to a seated position.


Citizen twisted around to a knee and staggered back up to his feet where he immediately went to the ropes for aide in standing breaking the count on himself. The Anti-Star had still not moved from his face down position in the ring.



Citizen walked along the ring using the rope as his crutch until he came to the corner with the ladder in it. He skirted around in front of the ladder hobbling until he could get to the next set of ropes where he once again used them to continue standing.


Ramey pushed his way up off of the canvas to a knee, and then staggered up for a brief moment before falling back to a knee stopping Underwood’s count. Citizen had managed to make his way around the ring into the vacant corner directly beside the one with the ladder with it and convenient only a few feet away from the Anti-Star. The Jolt champion staggered back up to his feet again, and on shaking legs stumbled around in the center of the ring. Citizen cautiously walked up behind him and at the perfect moment when Ramey turned he locked his arms in the double underhook and planted him in the center of the ring with the brainbuster.


That had to be it, the end of the match, there was no way that the reigning Jolt champion would be able to come back after taking Citizen’s finishing move in the center of the ring. Not after all of the punishment that both men had already suffered in the match.

The Anti-Star rolled to his back in the middle of the ring, and crimson began trickling over the side of his face as all of the abuse to his skull had finally given and the blood now began to trickle down. Citizen popped back up against the ropes in a seated position with his back on the bottom rope as Underwood began his count.




Citizen sprang forward onto his hands and knees then began crawling across the ring. He made his way by the chair that he had managed to cause damage with and to the ropes across from him.



Citizen pulled himself up using the ropes, and rest with his back against them. Now in a fully standing base he had no reason to worry about himself being counted out in the match. Ramey only continued to lay on his back in the center of the ring, both arms outstretch and his legs partially stretched.


Citizen made his way into the corner where he rested his back against the turnbuckle padding. He waited, hoping that the Anti-Star would not be able to get back to his feet, but in the same position he was just a few short moments ago when he was ready to approach and hit his finisher. Citizen was obviously planning out his next move and in the slightest instance that Ramey would get back to his feet Citizen was ready.


Citizen’s worst fears were coming true as Ramey began to shake and he rolled over onto his side.


The Anti-Star looked as though he was convulsing trying to make his way back to his feet, but he managed to push his way back up onto hands and knees.


Just before Underwood could make the final count Ramey popped back up to his feet and you know a look of desperation had to be etched on the face of Citizen under that mask. As Ramey stood in the center of the ring on wobbled legs Citizen made his way back up, snapped Ramey up once again with the underhook and dropped him with the brainbuster again!


The Anti-Star once again rolled to his back in the center of the ring and Citizen came to his knees as he once again dropped back into a seated position in the ring with his back resting against the bottom rope. Citizen signaled for Underwood to start his count on the champion again.





Citizen scooted his way on his butt along the ropes until he was back in the same corner, but he didn’t come back to his feet yet. He only stared across the ring watching Ramey.



Citizen finally pushed his way up off of the mats and he stood in the corner, not touching his back against the turnbuckle or ropes anymore, but at a fever pitch watching.


The Anti-Star began to stir again, willing his way up to his side as he held himself up off of the canvas by planting his left elbow into the mats. Citizen raised both hands into the air and ran them backward across his mask, then shook his head.


The Anti-Star was still fighting as he now placed the palm of his left hand into the canvas and began pushing as he rolled over onto his hands and knees.


Citizen made his way back across the ring, picking up the chair because he knew now that Ramey was going to get back to his feet and stop the count. Ramey stood on wobbled legs in the center of the ring with his back fully turned toward Citizen. Underwood stopped his count, but he was going to have to start it again as Citizen charged up behind the Anti-Star catching him square in the back of the head with the folding chair. Ramey fell face first into the ring and now not only was there blood trickling out of the front of his head, but from the back as well.

Citizen rested on a knee for a moment, but then used the ladder to push off of the second rung back to his feet. Citizen made his way around the ring coming to a seated position in the corner on the second turnbuckle as to not get counted, but Underwood had not started his count yet. Instead he was checking on Ramey due to the amount of blood he was losing. Citizen shouted across the ring for Underwood to begin his count, and that time Underwood had no other choice, but to start the count.










The Anti-Star somehow managed to plant both hands into the canvas and push his way back to his feet breaking the count within milliseconds of the final count being dropped down. Citizen shook his head as he came out of the corner once more and knew one final brainbuster would end this match for the Anti-Star, but as he approached he was caught by surprise as Ramey brought a boot until into his midsection and then quickly wrapped him up into the straight jacket, lifted him into the air, and brought him down onto the canvas with the brainbuster, but what Ramey may not have calculated was the placement of the chair in the ring. Citizen’s head spiked down from the brainbuster directly into the center of the seat of the chair.


The fans inside of the arena were going nuts, not only had they just seen the Jolt champion barely manage to get back to his feet and stop Citizen from becoming the new Jolt Heavyweight Champion, but he had just hit a miracle finisher on his challenger directly into the chair in the middle of the ring. Citizen lay motionless face still planted into the chair as the Anti-Star rolled to his back, his stomach rising and falling rapidly as he panted for breath. Underwood dropped to a knee and began counting both men.






The Anti-Star rolled onto his side and planted the palm of his hand into the canvas, but was struggling to find the strength to push his was back to his feet.




Ramey’s face turned blood red as he pushed his way back to his feet, stopping the count on himself and he staggered into a corner where he managed to keep composure and stay standing. Citizen began crawling forward toward the ropes.


Citizen couldn’t move, his neck rested on the bottom rope and there was nothing left in him.


The bell sounded as the fans within the arena were going crazy and “The Phoenix” began to blast once again as the Dean Carrington rang throughout the arena.


A stagehand brought the Jolt championship over to the ring handing it into referee Underwood. Underwood then made his way over to the corner where a blooded and battered Ramey ran his hands through his hair. Underwood handed Ramey off the championship and then helped him back to the center of the ring on staggered legs and raised his arm into the air in victory.

The Anti-Star stood with Underwood holding one arm into the air and in the other he launched the Jolt championship high into the air as well. The fans in the arena were going crazy, but suddenly Ramey’s music came to a close. The cameras continued to roll, but the fans in the arena only thought this was the signal of the end of the show, until…

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Last Man Standing (STILL jOlt World Champion)

"Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle pumped throughout the arena and the majority of the fans within the arena began booing heavily as they knew exactly what was about to happen. There was a section of the crowd though that cheered because of the same reasons and the familiar chants from earlier in the evening began to breakout in certain areas of the arena.

“We Stay Shinin’” clapx5
“We Stay Shinin’” clapx5
“We Stay Shinin’” clapx5
“We Stay Shinin’” clapx5

The Anti-Star staggered back into a corner as he clutched onto his Jolt Heavyweight championship with his right hand as he brought his left up and wiped the hair from his eyes. Ramey tried to get rid of some of the dried crimson mask that covered his face, but only made the cut worse in the process causing it to bleed more when Diamond Jewelz emerged onto the stage for the second time of the evening.

Jewelz held tight clad onto the contract he had won from earlier in the evening making him the number one contender to the Jolt Heavyweight championship. The biggest thing about that contract though was the fact that he could cash it in, whenever, and wherever he wanted to. Despite his actions earlier telling Them M’FN Goons that he wasn’t cashing in this evening and getting them to leave the arena it looked as though he had other plans.

Perhaps for once in his career Jewelz wanted to come through looking like a shining light, and not have to worry about the Goons getting in the way of his business this evening. Jewelz must have known that the battle between the Anti-Star and Citizen was going to be brutal, but there was no way of him knowing exactly how bad of shape Ramey was going to be at the conclusion or that Ramey would even retain the championship.

Ring crew members worked diligently to clean up the ring from the chaos that had ensued and concluded just moments earlier in case Jewelz was cashing in his chance at the Jolt Heavyweight championship. Jewelz continued to stand at the top of the biggest stage in Jolt history as he quickly shot the contract high into the air, and the blind of the Relentless championship shined around his waist.

If it wasn’t clear before what was happening right now, the fact that Jewelz shot the contract up into the air must have made it pretty evident because the malice for him began to grow throughout the arena as he began making his way down the entrance ramp. Gucci Mane continued to play as Jewelz finally reached the ringside area and he made his way slowly around the ring to the time keeper’s station. Jewelz took the Relentless championship off from around his waist, and handed it to the time keeper as he spoke with Dean Carrington and then placed the contract into his hands.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have been informed at this time that Diamond Jewelz is cashing in his guaranteed Jolt Heavyweight championship RIGHT NOW! The following contest will now be your main event of the evening, will be one fall to a finish, and has no time limit. IT WILL BE FOR THE JOLT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!”

Jewelz smiled, the blind on his teeth shining from the spotlights within the arena, as he started to make his way up into the ring via the ring steps.

“Making his way into the ring, he is the challenger, weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds and hailing from Sin City, Nevada; HE IS THE RELENTLESS CHAMPION AND THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TO THE JOLT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, DIAMOND JEWELZ!”

Jewelz stepped into the ring between the middle and top rope and slowly made his way to his corner, the smile never wavering. In the past Jewelz had bragged about how many times he had gone the limit with Ramey and been able to keep the upper hand winning the matches, but tonight Jewelz felt confident that once again he had that upper hand and that he would be walking out of Wrestlecade the biggest winner of them all not only still being the Relentless champion, but being the Jolt Heavyweight champion as well.

“Already in the ring, he is the champion, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS THE JOLT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Darius Underwood walked to the corner Ramey was leaning in and the two looked to be locked in conversation. Ramey knew there was no way to get out of this match, and it looked like Underwood was truly concerned for the champion’s well-being, but even he knew there was nothing he could do. Ramey handed his belt over to Underwood who brought it back to the center of the ring and held it high for the fans in the arena to see again. Underwood then made his way over to the edge of the ring, handed the belt off to a stagehand, who then took the belt over and gave it to the time keeper. Underwood made his way back to the center of the ring and signaled for the bell.


As soon as the bell sounded Jewelz charged across the ring toward the Anti-Star. Jewelz attempted a clothesline one Ramey, but he was able to sidestep the move causing Jewelz to continue on crashing into the turnbuckle post chest first. Jewelz stumbled backward out of the corner and turned in a rage and began swinging left and right closed fists.









Ramey was doing his best to stay on defense to keep from getting caught in any kind of onslaught of attacks by Jewelz because he knew he had taken so much damage in the previous match. The champion was pretty much spent as it was and he wasn’t going to play this match like he did with Citizen. Jewelz wrapped Ramey up into a front face lock, but the Anti-Star was able to break the hold, duck under, and pop up behind Jewelz pushing him away.

Jewelz turned attempting along the way to catch Ramey with a spinning back fist, but the Anti-Star jumped back avoiding the move. Ramey grabbed the extended right arm of Jewelz and brought a boot up under his arm; as soon as Ramey released the arm Jewelz began shaking it furiously in pain. Jewelz twisted in pain, but quickly turned back toward Ramey who brought his boot back up and placed it in the center of Jewelz chest rocking him backward.

Jewelz was beginning to become visibly pissed off now, the only reason he had cashed in that championship opportunity was because of the shape that Ramey was in. He wasn’t prepared for the slow paced match he was having and certainly wasn’t expecting to get embarrassed the way he was right now. It was at this very moment that a thought crept into the back of Jewelz mind. Jewelz rushed toward Ramey swinging at him with a clothesline attempt using his left arm. The Anti-Star ducked under the attempt, and Jewelz fully expected it. Before Ramey had a chance to pop back up on the other side and turn Jewelz had shifted and darted back toward Ramey. As soon as the champion was able to turn Jewelz was already in the air and caught the Anti-Star right under the chin with his running knee attack.


The champion hit the canvas hard and the huge gasp rang throughout the arena as Jewelz quickly crawled on top of Ramey’s body pulling the leg for the leverage pin attempt.




The moment that Ramey’s shoulder popped up off of the canvas a sigh of relief was heard throughout the arena. Most of the fans actually had a shocked look on their face, surprised with all of the previous damage the champion had taken that he still had the energy to get a shoulder up off of the mats after Jewelz hit one of his signature moves.

Jewelz knew now with Ramey down he had to continue his assault and not let up or his chances of winning the Jolt Heavyweight Championship could very well slip through his fingers with as much as Ramey had been able to thwart his attacks earlier on. Jewelz climbed on top of Ramey’s downed body and began driving stiff elbow shots into the side of his face, Jewelz lifted Ramey’s head off of the canvas each time he delivered a blow causing it to snap back against the mats hard as well effectively doing more damage.

Jewelz came back to his feet breathing heavily; he reached down snatched Ramey by the hair, and lifted him back to his feet. Jewelz latched onto Ramey’s arm and sent him flying across the ring into the ropes. Ramey rebounded and Jewelz charged catching Ramey with a running knee to the gut that sent the Anti-Star flipping over and into a seated position in the center of the ring. Jewelz took off running across the ring, coming back toward the front of the seated Ramey where he delivered a running knee to the face that dropped Ramey back down to the canvas. Jewelz jumped on top of Ramey’s body and went for the leverage pin attempt.




The fans in the arena all rejoiced once more as Ramey was able to will his shoulder up off of the canvas one more time and Jewelz was only becoming more and more frustrated. This was not lending well to a clear mindset, especially when Jewelz felt like this match should have ended a long time ago.

Jewelz lifted the Anti-Star back to his feet, pulled him over into the position he wanted him, and planted him down on the canvas with a scoop slam. Jewelz turned toward the corner and the fans in the arena began to boo knowing exactly what he was about to go for. Jewelz scaled the turnbuckle to the top rope; he turned, found his barring, and then leapt from the top rope. Everything within the arena looked as though it was set in slow motion as Jewelz came twisting down, only for the Anti-Star to roll out of the way at the last minute. The Phoenix Splash attempt had failed; Jewelz had just missed hitting 3,106.75 Carats.

The Anti-Star had rolled onto his stomach, and the fans in the arena all began clapping their hands and stomping their feet. It was as if they were trying to will him back to his feet for him, and it seemed to be working as Ramey pushed his way back to staggered legs. The Anti-Star stumbled around the center of the ring, and Jewelz slowly began making his way back to his feet as well.

Jewelz finally back to his feet approached the staggering Ramey, placed his hand on Ramey’s shoulder and twisted him around. To Jewelz’ surprise though Ramey brought a boot up into his midsection and then charged toward the ropes. The Anti-Star jumped onto the middle rope and then onto a seated position on Jewelz’ back where he then flipped him over with the sunset flip powerbomb and held tight for the pin attempt.





The Japanese audience in attendance all came to their feet once again, knowing now that the night was completely over. The Anti-Star had finally overcome Diamond Jewelz in a match, and it was on the biggest stage in Jolt history. Not only had Ramey successfully defended the Jolt Heavyweight Championship once tonight, but he was able to overcome the beating he had taken from Citizen and still have the wherewithal to outthink, out strategize, and overcome a fresher Diamond Jewelz who was willing to cash in his championship match at what seemed to be the most opportune time.

A stagehand brought the Jolt Heavyweight Championship back to the side of the ring and handed it in to Darius Underwood once again. Underwood then made his way over to a downed Ramey and helped him back to his feet. Darius handed the Jolt Heavyweight Championship to Ramey and lifted his arm in victory for the second time this evening. Ramey staggered for a moment and then made his way to a turnbuckle, climbed to the second rope, and shot the Jolt Heavyweight Championship high into the air as “The Phoenix” blasted throughout the arena and the Wrestlecade logo appeared at the bottom of the screen.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall (STILL jOlt World Champion)