"Welcome to Wrestlecade Xperience"

We open the show in Seattle, Washington. We are at Century Link Field.. the scene for jOlt's Wrestlecade PPV event. There is a ring set up inside the field itself.. the Wrestlecade set has not yet been constructed. Instead, the football field where the World Champion Seattle Seahawks play is littered with booths, decorations, panels, activities, and a variety of things to experience here at Wrestlecade Xperience.

In the middle of that ring was Damien Lee. As the crowd bustled around the stadium, Damien Lee tapped the microphone and got the attention of many.

Lee: "Ladies and Gentlemen.. welcome to jOlt Wrestling's first ever Wrestlecade Xperience!!"

There was applause and cheering from the crowd.

Lee: "This entire week, you will be able to experience jOlt Wrestling up close and personal. Each and every day this week, we will hold various activities to invite you into our world. Today, Wednesday, and Friday will be televised so audiences who cannot be here can also experience jOlt Wrestling and Wrestlecade as well!"

More applause and cheering.

Lee: "Today, we will be holding special Q&A sessions with jOlt Wrestlers! You can find them shortly around the stadium at the designated booths. There will be free autograph signings and photo opportunities wiht the wrestlers as well! Wednesday, we will hold more Q&A sessions, incase your missed them today, as well as fan interactions and press conferences and on Friday, we will have a look back at the historic Wrestlecade event and make the announcement of the final inductee into the 2014 Hall of Fame!"

The crowd continues to applaud Damien's announcements.

Lee: "In addition, on each of the televised days, we will end the day with an exclusive match right here in the middle of this ring. Tonight's match will feature KUMO from The Hype, taking on one half of reVolt in Mattock. Wednesday's match will feature "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann taking on the returning Sweet Aroma.. and Friday's match will see "The King of Hell" himself.. as Derecho will take on Mike Patterson of The Hype in an Underground Rules match!!"

The crowd was even more amped up.

Lee: "So in closing, I wish to say WELCOME and THANK YOU for attending Wrestlecade Xperience! Please, enjoy the festivities!!

As Lee put the microphone down, pyro encircled the top of Century Link Field... the pyrotechnics were green and blue in color. They shot up into the sky and exploded into a brilliant fireworks display. White sparkler pyro also went off simultaneously on the four ring posts until the fireworks display above the arena came to a halt. Lee exited the ring and Xperience went to commercial after a voiceover stated that highlights from today's wrestler Q&A sessions would be shown next.

"Q&A w/Mattock"

When we come back from commercial, we see footage of Mattock sitting behind one of the Q&A booths. There is a line of fans at every booth, but Mattock's was just a bit shorter than the others. A little boy walked up to the booth, approaching Mattock who had a scowl on his face. The boy quivered at bit before speaking up.

Boy: "Could I get your autograph?" asked the boy sheepishly

Mattock leaned over the booth table as the boy took a step back.

Mattock: "You have been bestowed a moniker on the day when you were jettisoned from the nuturing womb of your mother. May I request to know such moniker so I may scribble it upon this photograph?"

The boy began to cry as his mother cradled him. The two simply just walked away.

Mattock: "There goes the next president of the United States..."

An older, teenage girl, approached the booth. Mattock sat back in his chair and observed.

Girl: "I don't care what other people say.. I totally think you're cool. Can I have your autograph and a picture?"

Mattock grinned.

Mattock: "You wish to seize the photogenic opportunity? For what reason? So you can log onto Facebook, post it to your wall, and then prattle on to your so-called friends that you were in the presence of a magnificent specimen of humanity all while these sorrowful plebian existances of humanity who only masquerade as your friends can commune and converse behind your back and vilify you as something you'd rather not be or become? If that is your wish.. I shall grant it."

The girl just stood there with a deer in headlights look on her face... after a few moments...

Girl: "COOL!"

The girl trotted around the booth and put her arm around Mattock as the photographer snapped the picture. Mattock looked disgusted while the girl did her best duckface. She then gave her contact information to the photographer who stated that the photo would be sent to her by the end of the day. The girl then scampered off, completely forgetting she had asked for an autograph.

Mattock: "And we wonder how we as a society are regressing back to the days of the stone age. Soon enough, I'll be getting asked by Ook and Dook for a family photo with the mountain babies they call their offspring."

Mattock looked up at the next person in line.. who just happened to be the last.

It was Sanchez Cano.

Cano: "So.. I wanted to know if I could have your autograph, esse? I want to hang that photo on my punching bag so I have the proper motivation when training."

Mattock stood up.

Mattock: Despite how contradictory this may be.. I'm actually quite satisfied that you're here. As I have stated on this past week's Rock the House.. I have a bit of an announcement to make. But please.. allow me to make this public.

Mattock reached under his booth where there just so happened to be.. a microphone.

Mattock: "Lesser forms of humanity.. I require a mere fraction of your precious time. As you can see, a man who holds the proverbial knife in my back.. Sanchez Cano.. is interested in my announcement. I wished to make this announcement public so that the entire world can bask in its glory."

Mattock paused for a moment before continuing.

Mattock: "As we are well versed and fully aware on the subject.. Wrestlecade is a mere two weeks away and chico here has been a rather sharp and irritating thorn in my side. Since he wishes to seek freedom and liberation from my movement to rid this world of a glass ceiling.. then I shall grant him his freedom... IF.. he can defeat me at Wrestlecade."

Cano instantly snagged the microphone away from Mattock.

Cano: Esse, that's a mistake. I already defeated you once... I'm going to do it again in front of 70,000 people... but it's not just about freedom.. it's about sending a message.. not to the people.. but a message to you. My message won't be at a fan convention because my message doesn't contain any words. My message is going to be sent with physicality... and at Wrestlecade, I'll make sure you receive that message loud and clear.

Cano put the microphone on the table and grinned at Mattock who looked rather annoyed. Mattock turned to walk away, but then swiftly changed direction, diving over his booth and attacking Cano! The two of them pounded away at each other on the ground until security quickly ran over and pulled them apart. Mattock simply grinned as Cano was hauled away with an angry look on his face.

"Q&A w/Jonathan Conspiracy"

Jolt Wrestling had arrived in Seattle, Washington for their first major event outside of Orlando, FL since their rebirth for Wrestlecade, and today select Jolt talent was made available to the wrestling media for Q&A sessions at designated booths. One such booth was assigned to Jonathan Conspiracy and his wife, Sweet Aroma.

The happy couple walked on their way towards the booth amongst The 12th man and high fived, shook hands and fist bumped while en route. The raucous crowd broke out a "ONE LETTER BETTER!" chant as Jonathan pulled a seat out for his wife before taking his own seat. Aroma sat patiently with a Jolt microphone in her lap while Conspiracy wielded a microphone of his own and brought it up to his mouth.

Conspiracy: Hello Seattle, so glad I could be here with you guys, and I'd like to thank Damien Lee for giving me and my wife the opportunity to represent Jolt Wrestling at this huge event.

Jonathan was in hot water with the company, and thought best to use this situation with Diamond Jewelz to smooth over his employer and get back in the good graces of Damien Lee after what transpired following a night out in Orlando after iNtense 92.

Conspiracy: And with that said I'll open the floor for questioning. Yes you.

Conspiracy pointed out into the crowd.

Greene: Erika Greene, Dime Diva Wrestling Online; this question is for Sweet Aroma actually but Jonathan you can answer as well. As a couple and more importantly as parents now, how do you go about managing your professional life and your home life?

Aroma: Well, for me having twins and being in this business for most of my life it really isn't that hard. The way Jolt is set up there really isn't much time that I spend away from my family. Most of the events are held in Orlando which I really haven't been a part of lately but we'll see how things go tomorrow when I face the number one contender to the Starlets Championship Amber Ryann. That match will determine where I'm at as far as competing actively in Jolt again, and I will use this match as the first step towards putting myself in contention for the championship.

Conspiracy: Like Aroma said it really isn't that difficult. I generally fly to Orlando on Saturday, wrestle Sunday and fly home Monday and then Tuesday I'm on a plane to participate in Rock The House on the weeks that I'm booked for the show that Wednesday and I'm home right after and I'm home until it's time for my flight Saturday. Now it was a little easier with Aroma home with the kids, but now that she's going to be back on the road with the company, it'll be a little adjustment but definitely not something we can't deal with, BOSS!

Reporter: Jeff Stone, for Wrestling 24/7. Your match with Diamond Jewelz was made into a ladder match at Wrestlecade for the chain you stole from him weeks ago, can you give us an explanation as to why you decided to steal his chain?

Conspiracy: Well Jeff it's as simple as this, I didn't steal anything. What I did was emancipate the chain from the slavery that Jewelz had put upon said chain. But I still couldn't free Diamond from his way of thinking. It's very disheartening to see a fellow black male subjecting himself into the false ideals that America sets before us. We're supposed to be some gaudy chain wearing, foul mouthed, N-Word dropping monkeys for your entertainment. The image and the way that we are portrayed in any form of entertainment makes it harder for the likes of myself who do things the right way. I never signed up to be a role model, but when given the opportunity to show that the stereotype is false...

Stone: But didn't you validate the stereotype when you sto...

Conspiracy: Hold it right there, I didn't perpetuate any stereotype BOSS! I merely handled this situation the best I could, considering who I was dealing with and Jewelz was not receptive to my way of thinking, but he doesn't need to be receptive to my way of thinking anymore; because at the end of this month Mr. Conspiracy will get his attention BOSS.

Reporter: Mike Fox, can you tell us more about the ladder match, what are your thoughts going into the match?

Conspiracy: My thoughts Mr. Fox, you want my thoughts. Well let me put it to you this way, I don't know how many ladder matches Diamond Jewelz has been involved in but I have wrestled in SEVERAL ladder matches and with every ladder match that I've been a part of I've taken something away from that match and have made it a point to put on a show steali... bad choice of words... a show stopping performance at Wrestlecade, and after I reclaim MY chain I just might give it away, better yet I just might hold an auction live on iNtense, seeing as my eBay auction didn't go over so well. $50K minimum and no bids; Jewelz needs to stop lying about the prices of his jewelry pieces. I mean I brought that thing home and showed it to Aroma and she laughed at me. BOSS!

Aroma: I sure did, talking bout Jewelz said that thing was worth more than a house, I don't know where he says in Vegas but one things for sure it wasn't worth more than mine and Jonny's condo in Tribeca, seriously Diamond. Ruby please talk some sense into your man before it's too late. BOSS!

The Jolt/Seahawk 12th man faithful started a BOSS! BOSS! BOSS! chant.

Kid Reporter: My name is Paul Gates and I'm the special kid reporter for Jolt Wrestling Dot Com, and my question is with the recent events that happened between you and Diamond Jewelz, do you think your life could be in danger when you wrestle him at Wrestlecade?

Conspiracy: Paul let me just say this. You're awesome man...BOSS!

Aroma: And cute...BOSS!

Aroma blows Paul a kiss, as Conspiracy continues.

Conspiracy: And that is a very good question. Let me start off by saying this; a ladder match in itself is dangerous, and with how quickly things escalated with me and Jewelz I think there was no other choice but to put the chain up for grabs in a ladder match. Now with everything else going on, I won't get into specifics, but I'll tell you this, that definitely ups the ante, and that's fine by me, because when it's all said and done I expect this issue to be put to rest. Trust me when I tell you this Paul, Diamond Jewelz is not in any way shape or form walking out of Seattle with my chain, the chain that he tried to sell me at a highly inflated price, so I decided that he didn't deserve to wear one either. Thanks for your question BOSS!

The crowd gave a nice round of applause to Paul as he took his seat again.

Conspiracy: Yes you, final question...BOSS!

Reporter: When are you going to stop being a bitch and give me back my fuckin' chain nigga!!!!!

Cameras spun to reveal the question asker, and it was revealed to be the one and only Diamond Jewelz, who continued.

Jewelz: It's cool nigga, cause come Wrestlecade I'm gettin' my shit back! And I'm #sOdAmNsErIoUs when I say I'm going to fuck you up nigga!

It was at that moment that security filled the area to surround Jewelz as other members of security ushered JCON and Aroma out of the area.

Jewelz: That's a bitch move my nigga!

Jewelz did his best to out manuever the security team, but for every two he managed to get by, there were 3-4 more in his path.

Jewelz: Yo JCON, ya bitch ass can't run at Wrestlecade, you bitch nigga!

"Q&A w/Derecho"

While the fans are roaming through the booths and getting autographs and photographs with the various jOlt talents, Derecho was doing something else. He was with Donny Layne in the middle of the ring. There were fans surrounding the ring.. each of them had a question for Derecho.

The first fan.. a teenage girl.. walked into the ring and handed a card to Donny Layne. Layne took a moment to read it to himself and then brought the microphone up to his lips.

Donny: "Candice from right here in Seattle Washington..."

That got a pop from the crowd.

Donny: "She wants to know why you think you don't need to be saved."

Derecho rolled his eyes and then grabbed the microphone away from Donny Layne with a little bit of force.

Derecho: "This question again... you know.. I've stated this over and over and over again and I will state it once again. I don't think I need to be saved because my mind is clear. The level of clarity my mind is at right now is something I haven't experienced before. For once in my life, I see things crystal clear... and what I see is a path back to the Underground Championship.. a path, that yet, got detoured once again.. but rest assured.. when I take care of Spike Saunders at Wrestlecade, I'm going to get right back on that path.. you can count on it."

Candice asked Donny Layne if she could ask another question. Since Derecho took Layne's mic, Layne grabbed another one and handed it to the young girl.

Candice: "But you didn't really answer the question.. you just dodged it and turned into a threat against Spike Saunders."

Derecho chuckled to himself.

Derecho: "That's cute... really cute... tell me... Candice was it? Tell me one thing Candice... would you rather take Spike Saunders' place right here, right now?"

Candice became wide-eyed as Layne kind of nudged her away from Derecho. She backpeddled and exited the ring. Next up in line was a young man, probably in his early 20s. He handed his card to Donny Layne who took a moment to read it before to himself.

Donny: Ok, Max here wants to know... eh.. are you sure you want me to read this question?

Max smirked as he nodded yes.

Donny: Ooookay... Max wants to know why your family is so screwed up. He says you're a psychopath and your brother thinks he's some cult leader.

Derecho: First off.. let me address my brother Mattock.. real name Markus Roberts... don't believe that Jared Thatcher nonsense. My brother could never be me... he could never be as successful as I... he was always in my shadow because he never had the talent or the passion to succeed in this industry.. so he blames the world around him.. and honestly.. to me.. Markus is and always will be a smart man acting stupid as he tries to understand the world of professional wrestling..... As for me... I get paid to end people's careers...

Derecho paused as he smirked.

Derecho: It's funny though.. even though I ended Citizen.. he still wants to come back at Wrestlecade.. even though I ended Jason Rau.. he's back and he even has a little beef going on with Jesse Ramey. I ended Rune Winters and he became some lackey to Damien Lee and we haven't seen him since... and even though I technically didn't beat Sylo at Unlimited.. he disappeared once again.. so in the end.. I still win because I ended him. Everyone that steps into the ring with me ends up coming out of that match a completely different man... so am I a psychopath? I say nay.. I lay claim to being the King of Hell because that is exactly what I am.. a psychopath will pretend to be someone he's not... I don't pretend.. I am reality.

Max shrugged and exited the ring.

Donny: "We have time for one more question before we allow Derecho here to sign autographs and take photos with the fans."

Derecho: "Why the hell would I want to do that?"

Donny: "Because it's Wrestlecade Xperience week!"

Derecho just looked at Donny as if he were out of his mind.. he shook it off as the next fan walked up. The fan was a boy about five years of age, accompanied by his mother. He was a bit shy, but handed his card to Donny Layne anyway.

Donny: "This one is from Tyler. He says... What can I do to be big and strong like you?"

Tyler's mom admits that she's the one who wrote it for him. Derecho brought the microphone up to his lips.

Derecho: Well for starters, you can write the question yourself instead of letting your mommy do it for you. In fact.. the real first step to becoming big and strong is to stop letting mommy live vicariously through you. Then.. when your testicles descend and you grow an actual pair, instead of hiding behind her all the time and cowering in fear, maybe you could get involved in a contact sport.. get your ass kicked for a few years to toughen you up.

Tyler's mother was blatantly appalled at the remarks as Derecho continued.

Derecho: That way, if anyone tries to pick on you, you can kick their ass and lead by example. Then, when you get older, join a gym.. work out.. and fully develop that backbone you're lacking at the moment. Then you don't take any prisoners... anyone who gets in your way.. you put them down and step over their broken body, moving along your personal path to glory.

Tyler's mom yelled at Derecho... "HE'S ONLY FIVE"

Derecho: "Yeah.. he's only five.. and if you're just like every other typical overprotective mother who wants their kid to live in a plastic world.. if someone doesn't deliver reality to your son soon and fast, then he'll just end up as a fluffer at some random gay porn site by the time he's 18.. wear khaki pants, and claim to be a metrosexual, when deep down inside, he's damaged from an overprotective hag of a woman."

Tyler's mom grabbed him up in her arms and stormed out of the ring, obviously pissed. It looked as if she was making a bee line straight to the complaints department.

Derecho: "So.. we still doing that autograph and photograh bullshit?"

Donny: "I think that part's cancelled now..."

Derecho: "Good."

Derecho dropped the mic and exited the ring.

Donny: Uhm.. .thanks for coming everyone... uh.. please make your way around to the other booths. I'm sure the other superstars will be happy to interact with you.

"Q&A w/The Heirs of Wrestling"




Voices in the crowd were raucous for the arrival of perhaps jOlt’s most talented tag team-slash-stable going today in The Heirs of Wrestling. Not only were the crowd so loud for the appearance everybody’s favorite former a-hole douchebags turned a-hole douchebag fan favorites, but Frank Silver was a native of the Seattle, and thus, some chants from the crowd.


Frank Silver was wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses, a black polo shirt and jeans. For Ryan Gallway, his partner, a striped red and white hoodie that made him look like a candy cane with light blue jeans and of course, his cowboy hat. Mack Brody followed the pair as always dressed in a slick tan business suit with a white shirt and a gold tie. What can we say, Brody dressed to impress!

The trio had their seat at their designated booth while they were prepared for the questions to come.

Frank Silver: Hey, wait… I think… I think I’m FROM here, right?

The crowd ROARED with approval for their hometown boy returning to where it all began for him as Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody each had a seat at their table.

Frank Silver: On behalf of Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway, I’d like to welcome all of you to the Heirs of Wrestling portion of the Wrestlecade Xperience… RIGHT HERE IN SEATTLE!

More cheering from the crowd as Frank laughed.

Frank Silver: They are not cheap pops we do them. They are expensive explosions or something equally as lame as a joke. But anyway, we’ve got some good shit lined up for the show and we’re going to have a great night tonight.

Ryan Gallway: And ladies, if you have any questions about me, I’ll get my piece out of the way. My turn-ons include hot chicks and naked hot chicks. My favorite music is the pleasant sounds of Beck and a little bit of Shiny Toy Guns with Death Cab for Cutie for you Seattle folk. And for any of you ladies that want a piece of the old chest pubes or my ball fro, the offer is good from now until you say yes!

The fans laughed and they may have been oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t kidding. Mack spoke up from his seat.

Mack Brody: Same offer as him. We’ll all have a good time. But I’m better, so I have that going on for me, ladies.

Frank Silver: …On those frightening notes, we’re going to be opening the floor to questions… you, sir, who could be the dead ringer for Richard Sherman… oh, wait!

The crowd turned around and CHEERED! This man was Super Bowl Champion, Seattle celebrity and hater of guys names Michael “Mediocre” Crabtree Richard Sherman! He stood up and waved for the crowd as he walked up to the stage to shake hands with Frank Silver. The two shared one of those bro-hugs before Sherman took a seat.

Frank Silver: Okay, but for serious now, let’s get to the good shit. You in the blue shirt.

A man in the blue shirt stood up.

Paul Gibbons: Hey, man, Paul Gibbons from You guys have gone all of your careers being this hated group of individuals and now a few short months ago, that all turned it around. How have you been dealing with your newfound stardom and what made all three of you come to this decision to change your ways, for lack of a better term?

Frank Silver: To be honest, it’s about goddamn time! We’ve been wrestling for so long as a group that when we all came together, we legitimately made a pledge to make tag team wrestling mean something again. We never cared about how we did it, what it took or who we had to do it to; we were going to the top no matter what. But about time everybody else jumped on the Heirs of Wrestling bandwagon.

Ryan said his piece as well.

Ryan Gallway: And let’s be honest – everybody needs a good bad guy to root for and we’re not hard to dislike. We like to talk all kinds of shit, we’re spoiled and we like to have good time. Sometimes that good time happened to come at somebody’s expense, but we always had good fun. But the time came when we decided that it was time to grow up and kick ass… well, wait, we’s still kicking ass anyway…

The crowd had another laugh as Mack Brody continued.

Mack Brody: This was a long time coming, we think. In wrestling, as time goes on you either have to evolve or you get left behind. We decided that with all the assholes and all the bastards who have been running around in jOlt – groups like The Black Faction, The Hands of the Cause, and Trouble that enough was enough… WE are the best group of talented assholes in jOlt Wrestling and we weren’t going to take this any more! Plus, with me on their side, I even make that shit look good, you know?

More laughter from the crowd as Frank nods to another person in the crowd.

Frank Silver: You, miss.

A woman in a red blouse and black dress stood up from her seat and waited as one of stagehands came by with a microphone.

Carla Reyes: Hi, my name is Carla Reyes and my question is for Mack Brody.

Mack Brody: Yes, you can have my number. 253-795-2684.

He said it with a wink and Carla laughed, blushing a little bit.

Carla Reyes: My question is for Mack Brody; so… that guy Jeremy Ryan is kind of a douche, huh?

The crowd booed the very mention of Mack Brody’s Wrestlecade opponent as SuperMack himself had a laugh.

Mack Brody: That’s not really a question… We KNOW that guy is a grade-A Summer’s Eve douchenozzle! (more crowd cheering and laughter) But I agree. What did you want to ask about the match?

Carla Reyes: Yeah, he is! He’s been saying mean things about you for weeks? Why does he hate you so much? I think you’re pretty cute!

Frank Silver: EVERYBODY thinks he’s cute… that’s all he fucking talks about backstage.

Ryan Gallway: Yeah… that and if you need rock an awesome shampoo/conditioner that makes your hair silky like that of a God... he’s your man!

Brody leaned forward in his seat.

Mack Brody: Jeremy Ryan has been making waves for a while as this man who has a way of seeing things as he sees it. He wrestles for jOlt and yet he goes on to question the talent of the people that are coming to these shows, wrestling for you fans, busting our asses off night in and night out and acts like we’re trash. THAT’S where my first problem begins with Ryan. The second one is that he’s calling himself the last real man in wrestling when there are people who’ve been in jOlt longer than him, kicking more ass than him, and breaking their backs to do so. I didn’t like the way he was picking on Jon Le Bon so I came to his aid and I showed that prick what it’s like to get jumped. He hates me because somebody had the brass to deal with his shit and call him on it. And when we face off at Wrestlecade, I’m going to make sure he thinks twice about calling out ANYBODY. I’m gonna prove that jOlt’s Last Real Man is nothing more than jOlt’s Loudest Belching Vagina.


SuperMack nodded and pumped a fist in tune with the chants while the stagehand moved to another guy in the crowd wearing a Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Champions t-shirt.

Bobby Williams: Hey, guys, Bobby Williams! Big fan of you guys, you’re awesome!

Frank Silver: Thanks, man.

Ryan Gallway: What’s your question?

Bobby Williams: You guys have won a lot of tag team titles as a group. ACW, tSC, SCCW, EPW, jOlt, and others… what would you say are the best tag titles you’ve ever held?

Frank Silver: Well, I’ll level with you… because they’re signing our paychecks, jOlt’s Tag Title belts we are quite fond of and are known as the bee’s knees in our camp!

Ryan Gallway: But seriously, I think I can speak for Frankie when I say we like all of them. Any title that you win in professional wrestling we look at as a sign – that’s a sign that you are somebody in the business and that you will always be a part of history when you have accolades like that.

Frank Silver: Exactly. We’ve had our share of belts, but it goes back to what I was saying earlier… we’re greedy SOBs and we like championships, but they mean everything to us. Tag team wrestling isn’t something that we did because we couldn’t cut it as singles wrestlers – for far too long a lot of places have looked at it like they’re dirty words but I think our body of work has spoken for itself… we treat belts with respect… something the Hands of the Cause know nothing about. And when we win those belts for a THIRD TIME, THIRD TIME, THIRD TIME... We will continue to prove our legacy in this business!

The cheers continued as the Q&A session took a brief break to allow for the Heirs of Wrestling to meet with the fans. Pictures, autographs, and all that jazz. All this and there was still two more days.

Just another day of jOlt doing it big!

"Fan Interaction w/Eiji Kugasari"

A pair of jOlt security were seen leading the way through the crowd with a number of fans cheering at the arrival of one of the promotion’s own in Eiji Kugasari. Sporting a Black WIZIKOREA Printed Hooded Pullover with Red Print, Washed Black Jeans & Onyx Yeswalker Embossed Side-Zip Sneakers, the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion was escorted deeper into the assembly hall. Readjusting the weight championship belt atop his Left Shoulder, The Blood Raven was seen sweeping his Crimson & Onyx hued hair from his face before engaging the masses.

Teenage Girl: EIJI! PLEASE CAN I GET A PICTURE? PLEASE?! Pen at the ready, Eiji urged the security to lighten up with the clearance to grant the nubile youth her wish before a few signing autographs as fast as possible. The Japanese & Asian demographics were drawn near in celebration of their own as the ninja lieutenant made himself comfortable in his assigned booth next to both Adam Lazarus & Sweet, Sweet Lovin’.

“Konnichiwa” the ninja exclaimed to his fellow countrymen and offered greetings in English to his American counterparts who approached his booth. Eiji motioned to his adjacent wrestling comrades to join him in a series of group pictures. Laughter would ensure as Lazarus would display his more comical side as the usual antics of both Sam Sweet & Lennox Love added communal flavor and comedy to the overall interaction. The wrestlers returned to their respective positions where Kugasari was busy applying his signatures to photos and memorabilia.

Eiji: “What’s your name?”

Kid: “Sam”.

Eiji: “You having fun today, Sam?”

Sam: “Yeah! Mom said I can watch Wrestlecade on pay-per-view for my birthday.”

Eiji: “Your birthday?”

Sam: “Yeah!”

Eiji: “Well, here’s your autograph but for your birthday, how would like to see Wrestlecade live? Front Row Seats?”

Sam’s jaw dropped as his mother smile while reassuring him that this possibility was surreal yet really happening. Eiji was fishing out a pair of tickets that have been purchased at random.

Eiji: “Happy Birthday, Sam. We expect to see you there. Ok?”

Sam was elated while provoking a mixture of envy and wonder within the masses nearby. One of the older fans approached and engaged Eiji in regards of his time as a young champion to what he thought of the internet wrestling community. The barrage of inquires promoted laughter and enlightenment in respective order when a adult female fan approached

Woman: “I can’t believe I’m here seeing you in person.” Eiji: “I’m live and in person. What’s your name?”

Woman: “Meiko.”

“Meiko” Eiji repeated while nodding to himself while signing his picture. “Beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

A sheepish blush flourished across her face as Eiji continued scribbling. She was wearing a Purple, Pink & Black Kayden Paulton ‘SoftCore Nation’ T-Shirt & Black Skinny Jeans.

“There you go, Meiko.” Eiji mentioned while giving her the signed picture.

“Can me and my friends get a picture with you?” Meiko replied with a trinity of female friends giggling behind her. A growing smile radiated from his face as he agreed to the offer. The ladies happily gathered around him as he assumed a confident pose with the belt highlighted. A set of camera flashes danced in short order before the request was fulfilled. The ladies sounded like aged schoolgirls in departing yet Meiko stuck around.

“Are you single?” She inquired, drawing a muffled smirk from his lips.

“I’m working.” The jOlt Champion replied. “But we’ll keep in touch.”

A mutual set of sly winks were exchanged as Eiji returned to his allotted time to engage the masses. A wheelchair bound fan wheeled his way forward where Eiji stood up and greeted him formally. An inaudible exchange was had before Eiji draped the jOlt Championship across the young man’s shoulder while assuming a supportive pose beside him. A hearty handshake was exchanged before addressing an pair of African-American wrestling fans. A private conversation ensued before both fan and jOlt Champion posed nose to nose with Eiji holding the championship up with his Right Hand until the picture was taken. The other man of color joined the fray with Kugasari placing a hand on each shoulder of the fans. Smiling.

“Thanks, dawg.” One of the black teens replied after the session was concluded. Eiji shook hands with both men before reclaiming his seat. One was wearing a Hand of the Cause T shirt with the barbaric trinity standing together as an imposing force as the other wore a ’Hurricane Turnbull’ with an exaggerated yet twisted visual of Waymoth Turnbull; the violent face of an undeniable maelstrom with the hues of Red, Yellow & Green. The pictures were taken and the fans were sent on their way happily. One of the wrestling security whispered something inaudible to the ninja’s ear, leading him to nod and whisper his reply before addressing the next wave of fans to the booth. One was wearing a preserved Kenny Rock T shirt, brandishing both the Asylum & Immortal Championships in each respective hand overhead. Screaming with an inaudible fury.

“Cool shirt, man.” Eiji opened as he received the Inogami Clan poster to be signed. “Who am I making this out to?”

“Thanks, man!” The adult Latino fan replied as his crew were clambering impatiently for their turn. “Hector. But who do you think you’re gonna face in the Main Event?”

“It’s anyone’s guess.” Kugasari replied before handing the autographed poster back. “Always expect the unexpected but you having a great time? ”

“This shit’s fucking awesome, man.” Hector continued. “Haven’t been to one of these since 2000 since XWF was opened back in the day. These youngsters’ don’t know anything about that.”

Eiji smiled in response. “I still have footage of that fed. Kinda wish I was around that time but it’s cool. It’s a pleasure meeting you.”

“You’re next, fool.” Hector smiled as what appeared to be his son & daughter. She was wearing a ‘Air Apparent’ Adam Lazarus T Shirt with matching Jeans & Shoes. A replica jOlt Starlets’ Championship belt shimmered over her shoulder as her brother was seen wearing a ‘Rising Star’ Landon Stevens jersey with the Black Faction’s new leader stood embroidered, radiating of sheer hubris.

“What’s your name, man?” Eiji opened while briefly shaking the young man’s hand before sitting back down.

“Javier” The boy replied.

“You enjoying yourself?” The ninja inquired while finishing up his signature.

“Yeah.” The shy one responded while taking his prize. “Thank you.”

A whimsical smile flashed across the Blood Raven’s visage as the eldest sister stood herself before him.

“And what’s your name?” Eiji inquired while signing her pieces of memorabilia.

“Angela.” The girl shifted in place while smiling. Eiji noticed and motioned for her to take a picture with the family. “You all ready?”

Several camera flashes danced across their collective faces before parting company. The camera panned back slightly to take heed of the approaching cavalcade of armed security leading a heavily chained Grendel through the crowd. Scores of fans remained awestruck as a myriad of metal restraints and the aura of precaution followed the frightening behemoth en route to the depths of the assembly. Wrists & Neck cuffed with the best steel money could buy. A guttural grunt escaped the monstrosity’s sealed lips as the elite security team continued onward, leaving the ninja and company back to their respective devices.

KUMO vs Mattock

The opening day to Wrestlecade Xperience was coming to a close. The staff had set up folding chairs around the ringside area. As the crowd filled in the seats, Dean Carrington stepped into the ring with a microphone in hand.

Carrington: "Ladies and gentlemen.. it is now time for your closing event of the evening. Once this match has concluded, there will be an additional thirty minutes of the convention before we close our doors to prepare for tomorrow's Xperience events.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Carrington: "Making his way to the ring.. from Deluth, Minnesota... weighing in at 224lbs... Mattock!"

Mattock came from a makeshift entrance that lead to the locker room area of the stadium. He hopped up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring. He went over to one of the neutral corners and leaned up against it with his arms folded as he awaited his opponent.

"Harvester of Sorrow" by Metallica

Carrington: "Introducing his opponent... from Nagasaki, Japan... weighing in at 201lbs... KUMO!"

KUMO hopped up onto the apron and then grabbed the top rope, front flipping over the top ropes and rolling up to his feet. He stared at Mattock and took a few steps back as the referee checked to see if both wrestlers were ready. Once they seemed that they were, the referee called for the bell.




Mattock stepped out from the corner and the two of them immediately circled each other in the ring.

Lock up by both competitors...

Mattock with the standing switch into a waist lock... KUMO fought to break the grasp of Mattock and eventually did so, performing a standing switch. Mattock charged the ropes and grabbed a hold of them while KUMO rolled backward up to his feet. Mattock turned around and KUMO ducked a clothesline and charged the ropes.

Asai Moonsault by KUMO, but Mattock caught him on his shoulder as he turned around! Mattock then went to spin KUMO off, but KUMO hooked Mattock by the arm and took him over with a lucha-style arm drag. Mattock got back up and KUMO hit a standing drop kick that sent Mattock against the ropes,

KUMO got a head of steam and charged in, but Mattock ducked and lifted KUMO up and over to the ring apron where he landed on his feet. Mattock turned around and got caught with a high kick to the side of the head, causing him to stagger away. KUMO then grabbed the top rope and launched himself off with a springboard drop kick, but Mattock side stepped it and KUMO crashed and burned on the canvas!

Mattock then took off to the ropes and went for the Vision Shatter.. the Shining Wizard, but KUMO rolled to his left and avoided the move! KUMO stood and grabbed Mattock by the arm, turning him around. He went for a short arm clothesline, but Mattock ducked it and transitioned into a waist lock.

German Suplex attempt by Mattock, but KUMO landed on his feet near the corner. Mattock stood and turned around, grabbing Mattock by the arm and whipping him to the corner he had his back to. Mattock countered by leaping to the middle turnbuckle and leapfrogging over KUMO, landing behind him with a waist lock.

German Suplex connected this time, but Mattock rolled to his feet, got underneath KUMO and spun him out with a Blue Thunder Driver!!




KUMO kicked out!

Mattock didn't let KUMO rest one bit as he quickly pulled him up to his feet and hooked him in a front face lock. Mattock lifted KUMO up for a suplex, but KUMO hit a knee strike to the top of Mattock's head. Mattock released KUMO and paid for it as KUMO hit a low drop kick to Mattock's knee which brought him down to a knelt position. KUMO then opened up with quick Kawada style kicks to Mattock's chest before hauling off and kicking him right in the head with a spinning front kick that put Mattock down! Cover by KUMO...



Mattock with the shoulder up

KUMO then grabbed Mattock and placed him in a seated position. He then wrapped his legs around Mattock's head from behind and scissored him, trying to cut his air supply off. Mattock, however, wouldn't let KUMO do so as he pushed up off the canvas with his legs and leaned backwards, pinning KUMO!



KUMO released the hold and got the shoulder up!

Both of them got to their feet at the same time. Mattock hit a right hand, but KUMO came back with a quick right, a quick left, a knife edge chop, a spinning back chop, and then a leaping enzugiri that put Mattock down on all fours! KUMO then took off to the ropes as Mattock staggered back to his feet, but when KUMO approached Mattock at full speed, Mattock lifted KUMO high into the air and dropped him across his knee with an elevated Gut Busters!

Mattock took off to the ropes as KUMO held his stomach in pain! Mattock lunged in with a running Yakuza Kick that put KUMO onto his back. Mattock then quickly grabbed the top rope and leapt to the middle rope, spinning off with a Springboard Phoenix Splash that connected!!





Shoulder up by KUMO

Mattock waited for KUMO to sit up and then he hit a stiff kick to KUMO's chest. He hit a second and then a third kick, but KUMO fed off of each and every strike, getting back to his feet in the process! He let out a battle cry and dared Mattock to kick him some more.

Kick to the chest... second kick to the chest... Mattock then aimed high and went for KUMO's head, but KUMO ducked.. into a waist lock...




Mattock kicked out despite landing on the back of his neck!

KUMO held on and pulled Mattock up to his feet. He spun him out of the wait lock position and pulled him right into it...


Mattock flipped over completely, landing right on the back of his head from the sheer force of that impact!!! KUMO stacked up Mattock in another pin...



Thre.. NO!!!

Mattock kicked away and KUMO looked a bit disappointed as he stood and called for the end. He grabbed Mattock and pulled him up to his feet, setting him up between his legs. KUMO then lifted Mattock up onto his shoulder, but Mattock showed some signs of life and wriggled free.. as Mattock got free, he stuck his legs underneath KUMO's arms and flipped him over with a Yoshi Tonic!!!



Kick out by KUMO!!!

Both men were up to their feet as Mattock forced KUMO back into the corner. Mattock grabbed KUMO by the head and hit alternating knee lifts to his feet which stunned and staggered him. Mattock then lifted KUMO up onto the top turnbuckle and ascended to the very top. Mattock grabbed KUMO and placed him onto his shoulders with a fireman's carry! Mattock looked to try and hook KUMO for a Super Quantum Driver II, but KUMO elbowed Mattock in the side of the head. Mattock began to lose his balance, but KUMO, in a show of great athleticism, slipped off Mattock's shoulders and landed on his feet, immediately grabbing Mattock by his waist and throwing him off the middle turnbuckle with a Release German Suplex.. but....


Mattock then charged the corner...


KUMO held onto the top rope and it was the only thing holding him up! Mattock quickly got up and grabbed KUMO and hoisted him up onto his shoulders. Mattock walked away from the corner and turned to face it when he got to the middle of the ring. Mattock with a front roll that deposited KUMO near the corner. Mattock rolled up to his feet and hopped onto the middle turnbuckle. He then climbed up to the top and twisted off with a Phoenix Splash where he stuck his leg out and drove it right into the top of KUMO's head!!!





Thre... NO!!!!

KUMO got the shoulder up as the crowd chanted "THIS IS AWESOME!"

Mattock stood and grabbed KUMO by the hair, pulling him up. Mattock then fired off a knife edge chop across KUMO's chest. He fired off a second and a third, but KUMO, once again, got fired up with each and every strike!! KUMO then unleashed a hellacious barragage of punches, chops, and kicks which drove Mattock back into the corner. KUMO then hopped up onto the middle rope and smacked Mattock in the face with a knee strike!

KUMO ran to the opposite corner for distance and charged in with a double knee strike to the chest. He ran back to the opposite corner and charged in once again with a running drop kick to the face! Mattock fell to a seated position and KUMO once again went to the opposite corner. He charged back in and hit a running knee strike to the face. He then immediately grabbed the top turnbuckle, jumped straight up into the air and then swung his feet towards Mattock's face with another drop kick!!!

KUMO grabbed Mattock and pulled him out of the corner and then made the cover, hooking the leg!




Mattock kicked out and seemed to be fired up as well!! Mattock got back to his feet as KUMO and Mattock pressed against each other with their foreheads. KUMO shoved Mattock back and kicked him in the head with a front roundhouse, but Mattock answered with a kick to the stomach and then the Rise From Below!! The backflip kick that brought both feet into KUMO's chin!!

KUMO landed flat on his back, but immediately kipped up to his feet, grabbed Mattock, spun him around, hooked him in a half nelson and then dumped him on his head with a Half Nelson Suplex!!!!

Both men were down and the referee had to start a mandatory ten count...








Both men began to stir...



Both men were up!

Punch by Mattock
Kick by KUMO
Punch by Mattock
Kick by KUMO
Punch by Mattock
Kick by KUMO
Punch by Mattock
Kick by KUMO
Punch by Mattock
Kick by KUMO

KUMO quickened the pace with his kicks and started to his left and right combos with his feet. He then went for a front roundhouse, but Mattock ducked it and grabbed KUMO in a waist lock. He spun him around, hooking his arm around KUMO's neck. He then lifted KUMO up and dropped him with a Uranage Back Breaker! Mattock held on and pulled KUMO to his feet where he lifted KUMO straight up and then planted him with the Uranage Slam!! Mattock stood and headed for the corner where he went up top and took a moment to measure KUMO up...

Mattock then flipped off with the Descent from Twilight.. the Shooting Star Elbow Drop, but KUMO rolled out of the way!

Mattock crashed and burned on the canvas! KUMO ran to the ropes, came back, and slammed into Mattock's face with a Shining Wizard! He quickly stood and pulled Mattock to his feet. He hooked him in a front face lock...


KUMO rolled backwards up to his feet where he grabbed Mattock and pulled him back to his. He shoved Mattock between his knees and crossed his arms. He lifted Mattock up to shoulder height and then snapped him forward as he sat out with the Straightjacket Barry White Driver...

KOKUSHIBYOU!!!!!! KUMO then made the cover, hooking the leg in deep!




The crowd stood and applauded KUMO as he stood and had his hand raised by the referee.

Dean Carrington: Ladies and gentlemen... here is your winner... KUMO!!

"Harvester of Sorrow" filled the stadium one again as KUMO hopped out of the ring and headed to the backstage area. KUMO stopped before the curtain and looked back as the crowd continued to give him and Mattock a standing ovation. KUMO then simply turned around and exited through the curtain.

The show then came to a close, fading to black.

Winner: KUMO via Pinfall