"Campaign A La Le Bon"

The scene took place early in the day. There was a line outside of Century Link Field as people waited to get in for the fourth day of Xperience, which was the second televised day. As the camera captured the length of the line, off in the distance up by the doors we saw a figure holding, what was presumed to be a megaphone. As the camera zoomed in.. we saw it was Jon Le Bon!

Le Bon: My fellow homo sapiens lend me your ears... well.. actually.. lend me your hands... show them to me if you follow me on Twipo!!

Nobody raised their hand.

Le Bon: That's okay... today you are all honorary Twipo followers and as my Twipo followers we need to band together and make Wrestlecade the greatest show in the history of greatest shows in history! We will do that by giving all of your energy while sitting in the crowd and witnessing the action.. We will do that by squandering away all of our hard earned cash on merchandise manufatured in a sweat factory in China... We will do that by supporting the food vendors at the stadium who sell hot dogs the price of new music albums... but don't think of it as a waste.. think of it as a right of passage to be considered an American! Think of the stars and stripes when your blindly handing over your cash to feul the capitalist machine! YAY CAPITALISM!! WHO'S WITH ME!!??

Dead silence with the exception of a random cough.

Le Bon: Excellent!! I knew I could count on you! Now.. the doors are about to open.. I know that you are filled with excitement. Please refrain from urinating in your pants.. we have many ferns and various flora around the premesis if you don't mind whizzing in the company of others and when the security guard goes inside for his donut break... also... when the doors open, you should show jOlt and the world your enthusiasm by pushing and shoving your way into the stadium. Trampling people is a plus.. even moreso if the person trampled is elderly, defenseless, or a small child.

The people in line just looked at each other with awkwardness.

Le Bon: I will also post pictures of the mayhem to my Twipo account.. this way those who could not be here will feel sorry for themselves for missing out on all of the excitement that we're going to bring to this event. I want them to sit there and loathe in self-pity.. I want them to feel left out.. I want them to think that they should have bought a ticket.. I want them to say to themselves "damn.. that could have been me getting trampled by the spirit of Wrestlecade!"

With that, a random guard came over and whispered something into Le Bon's ear.

Le Bon: What is your name?

The guard pointed to his name tag.

Le Bon: Ron here says that I'm a public hazard and I need to leave.. well to that, I say NUTS. There is no hazard in expressing your spirit! By the powers vested in me by the official host of Wrestlecade.. The Blazer... I have been tasked with etherally transmitting the spirit of Wrestlecade into each and every one with you!

Le Bon then bent over and puffed his cheeks while he placed his fingers on both sides of his head.


With that, Ron the Security Guard picked up Le Bon and carried him away, much to the applause of the crowd.

Le Bon: Put me down! The public hasn't received the spirit yet!! Let go!! My girlfriend doesn't even grab me there!! UNHAND MEEEEEEEEEE

Le Bon continued to complain as he was hauled away. With that, the doos opened to the stadium and the crowd filed in.

Welcome to the second televised day of Wrestlecade Xperience!

"Q&A w/ Chris Titan"

It was time for the Chris Titan Q&A session of the Wrestlecade Xperience. He was here to promote his match against Grendel at Wrestlecade. A match that had been months in the making, beginning with Grendel’s betrayal at All or Nothing that lead to the break-up of the Backbone and Titan’s loss to Sylo in the jOlt Championship match. Of all the matches at Wrestlecade, this one may be the most personal.

Taking a seat beside Donny Layne, the M.C. of the Q&A event, Titan poured himself a glass of water and gave a nod. It was underway with the first, most obvious, question from a fan.

Fan #1: Hi, my name is Ernie and I traveled all the way here from Michigan. I wanted to know … what was it like to be set on fire?

Titan: Well, Ernie, it hurt a lot. When your face is lit on fire you’re not really sure what you’re experiencing but you know it’s pain.

Ernie: What was the recovery process like?

Titan: It took a little while for everything to kind of grow back, during which time I couldn’t train. Lots of rest, lots of time to sit there and stew about what happened to me. Lots of time to plan my revenge. To be perfectly honest with you, I’m not sure I have recovered or if I will until I give Grendel exactly what he deserves.

Ernie took a seat and a female fan was next up to the mic.

Fan #2: Hi Chris, love your hair. I’m Candice from right here in Seattle. My question for you is why bring Angelique into this? And let’s say you do win her services, why do you even want that?

Titan: First of all, Angelique brought herself into this. She turned Grendel against me and the Backbone and, in doing so, she made an enemy out of me. I would not have her in my sights if not for her instigating it. So, I am not bringing Angelique into this … she brought herself into this.

Why do I want her services? I don’t, honestly, but Grendel does and that is his weakness. He loves this woman who is clearly manipulating him but I digress, that is his decision. Whether he has his full faculties or not he’s a grown man and he also chose to make an enemy out of me, a man that had his best interests in mind. What can you do, right? He betrayed me, he took the jOlt Championship from my grasp, and now I take Angelique from his. Tit for tat, as the saying goes.

Candice takes her seat, feeling a little snubbed by Chris Titan over his response. Donny Layne called up the next fan.

Fan #3: I’m Dave from Florida and I just wanted to ask if you could go with me to my prom?

Titan: Not a chance, but I might consider going with Candice.

Another fan was called up.

Fan #4: If the Backbone was still around today do you think that you would be jOlt Champion?

Titan: Without question I would be jOlt Champion. And Total Conquest would be Tag Champs, Persephone would be Starlet Champion, and one of those guys would be Underground Champion. The betrayal by Grendel that lead to the Backbone being forced to disband changed the landscape of jOlt and gave you all yet another Sylo reign, yet another Derecho reign, and now we have unworthy champions. We have a Bruce Lee knockoff as jOlt Champion and a guy that looks like he was on the wrong end of a heated conversation with a lawnmower as your Underground Champion. Who the hell even knows who’s the Tag Team Champs these days, titles change so often.

Yes, if the Backbone was still around today we would all be champions. We were the jOlt Originals and we should have stuck together but, again, we were betrayed by our own. Now I intend to make that wrong right by destroying Grendel at Wrestlecade.

Donny Layne ushered the fan away from the mic and another female fan in a hoodie stepped up.

Fan #5: Just one question, Chris Titan. What do you want on your epitaph?

The fan slowly, seductively unzipped her hoodie down to her navel and removed the hood from her head. It was Angelique. Chris Titan leapt up from his chair but was unaware that his attacker would emerge from the curtain behind him. Grendel drove his fists into the base of Titan’s neck, slamming his face into the table top repeatedly. Security spouted out from all corners of the room but weren’t fast enough to get to Grendel before he wrapped both mammoth hands around Chris Titan’s neck and lifted him high above his head.


The table splintered, shooting shards of wood across the room as the fans in attendance ducked the incoming wooden shrapnel. Angelique stood in front of the microphone laughing maniacally witnessing her monster dismantle his opponent. Grendel was heading into Wrestlecade with the upper hand and Titan with a mouth full of tooth picks. In essence, both men were able to “speak” their piece and Grendel’s side left little to interpretation.

"Interview w/ Spike Saunders"

Seattle, Washington had become the home of the j0lt Wrestlecade Xperience, where numerous members of the j0lt locker room took the time out of their daily lives and routine schedules to meet and greet with the fans. From live wrestling exhibitions, to press conferences and even Q&A's. One such wrestler was the Colossus of j0lt himself, Spike Saunders, as he sat back behind the table draped with j0lt colours and Wrestlecade banner.

Donny Layne: Thank you again folks, we hope you've had a great time thus far!

This got some cheers from those in attendance as Donny Layne.

Spike Saunders: Donny, actually if you don't mind. I got this.

Layne shrugged and stepped off to the side.

Saunders: Before we get started here tonight, there is a matter I need to address and make right. My opponent at Wrestlecade, the man that deems nobody needs save him as he doesn't need saved, was rather rude to a few of you out there. One such person has been seen still attending our event here tonight and if you wouldn't mind, would you please come up here?

He looked through the crowd but only saw blank stares as people looked around questioning as to who he meant. Saunders then turned towards security off to the side.

Saunders: Guys, go take 10. Head over and grab a bite to eat and some refreshments on me, I've got this and you know I don't need the security here.

They looked at each other and shrugged but Saunders just smiled and nodded his head and they headed off. If he got jumped it'd be his fault after all. At least hopefully their bosses would agree.

Saunders: Good then. Candice, would you please come on up here?

A teenage girl, probably sixteen or seventeen, stepped away from her place and walked over to Lane but Saunders waved her on over. Nervously the young girl walked around and up to the table.

Saunders: Candice, I know you've already heard from the Suits and been apologized to for the rude behaviors of Derecho.

She nodded.

Saunders: Good to hear. Alright well listen, Donny over there is going to go attend to some other things, maybe go grab a bite to eat as well-

Donny Lane stood confused but Saunders just waved him off and told him it'd be fine, so he walked over and handed Candice his spare microphone and off he went as well. Leaving just Saunders, Candice and a large group of fans and maybe some sneaky journalist.

Saunders: See he's gone. And now I'm stuck doing everything myself, Candice. Maybe you'd like to help me out here?

She was a bit nervous but biting her lip she tried to force a smile.

Saunders: Don't worry, it'll be easy! Now I know the Suits already offered you some good front row seats surely for Wrestlecade, which is great. But I want to add to that and make it your day and night to remember, alright?

Candice nodded while some of the people cheered for her good fortune.

Saunders: So on the day of Wrestlecade I'm going to pick you up at your home, and you're going to join me and Lexia Hart for Breakfast or Lunch, your choice. Now Lexia you probably know from NBW, the other place I wrestle for. She's going to take you and three of your friends or family members around Seattle wherever you want to go. She's also going to accompany you for a nice shopping spree for clothes, electronics, or whatever you want while I'm at the gym training and sparring. You'll have five thousand dollars to spend. After all that she'll then take you to Wrestlecade where you guys can have front row seats to watch the full event up close and personal, but I'm also going to make sure you have a backstage pass for free access whenever you want that night.

Candice: Awesome!

She finally spoke.

Saunders: Now assuming I can still walk after Wrestlecade, we'll go do a later dinner and take you back home. Alright?

Candice nodded with a bright smile.

Saunders: Great! Then let's get this Q and A session going! Who's first?

For the next fifteen minutes it was a standard go at questions being fired off by the members of the audience, and for those that weren't loud enough or too shy Candice relayed their questions for them. Some were expected, some were out of the blue and even some seemed to come from long term fans with a deep knowledge for the Colossus' history.

Eventually Donny Layne showed back up and made a show of tapping his wrist signalling that they needed to move along into the autograph signing and photo's portion.

Saunders: That'll have to do it for the questions for now folks. Go ahead and gather on up here. No need to push or shove! I'm not leaving until I've signed everything you guys want and took enough photo's to make my skin tan from the bulb flashes!

He grinned as the first group approached, and held out various objects to get signed. From shirts and programmes, posters and notebooks to the less likely iPhone case's, one lucky fan got his prosthetic leg signed, and a few even went the dumb route with their chests and foreheads. All the while leaning in and taking close pictures with those that wanted them. A few even joined him on the other side of the table to sit in his lap or have a sleeper hold put on for the photo. Once all were satisfied with their autographs he stood back up from his chair and grabbed the microphone off the desk again.

Saunders: Thanks for coming out here guys. J0LT appreciates it, and I appreciate it. Now I do expect to see a auto-tune on YouTube of my slip-up earlier during the questions. Don't let me down!

They all laughed with the giant before them.

Saunders: Before we wrap this whole shindig up, let's get rid of some of these barriers. Security is gone, you guys have behaved. Let's do a group photo!

Cheers erupted.

Saunders: First things first.

With that he raised his fists clutched above his head and with a roar drove them down into the table, cracking it. His left boot then raised and crashed down through the table. The scraps were shoved aside, where Layne and some personnel helped pull it aside as Saunders mouthed an apologetic 'sorry'.

Saunders: Alright, let's do this! EVERYBODY now!

And like that the group swarmed forward, everybody getting as close as they can. Various cameras were being handed over to Layne as he took photo after photo for each fan. Not his job but it seemed to be something he couldn't say no to.

After several minutes later, and dozens of handshakes and hugs for additional photos, the gathering finally shrunk down. Layne thanked Saunders for his time and let the people know what else was to come during Xperience. Spike joined Candice off to the side and went over the plans with her again while also gathering her home address and other information needed while the clip faded on out.

Amber Ryann vs Sweet Aroma

Dean Carrington was in the ring, microphone in hand as fans filed into the ringside area. He brought the microphone up to his lips as his voice boomed throughout Century Link Field.

Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen.. the following is your closing event for today's Wrestlecade Xperience.. it is set for one fall...

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

Dean Carrington: Making her way to the ring.. from Neptunia.. weighing in at 112lbs... "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann!

Ryann made her way out from the makeshift entrance and hopped up onto the ring apron. She floated over the ropes, twisting and landing on the middle rope where she backflipped to the center of the ring, landing on her feet. Ryann warmed up as the music died down.

"Holy Grail" by Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake

The crowd turned their heads to the entrance as Carrington made his announcement.

Dean Carrington: And her opponent... from Brooklyn, New York... making her return to jOlt Wrestling... please welcome back.. Sweet Aroma!!

The crowd cheered as Aroma stepped out from the backstage area with Jonathan Conspiracy by her side! The crowd there even began a "Welcome Back" chant as she strutted down to the ring. Aroma got up on the apron and turned to the crowd, giving them a wink. She stepped inside as JCON remained at ringside.

The two of them came face to face and the referee called for the bell.




The two circled each other in the ring as Aroma motioned to the crowd to get into it. The crowd stamped their feet as the pace quickened. They circled and locked up in the center of the ring and immediately Aroma went into the side headlock, but Ryann backed her into the ropes and shot her across and then made her eat a back elbow to the face! Aroma then took off to the ropes and hit a seated drop kick to the side of Ryann's head as she sat up and held her jaw!! Aroma went for the cover and the win immediately as the crowd rose to their feet!



Kick out by Ryann

Two heavy strikes right off the bat from Sweet Aroma had this crowd believing that the match would have ended that quickly, but alas, Ryann got her shoulder up and was brought back up to her feet by Aroma who hit a knife edge chop across the chest before grabbing Amber by the arm and whipping her to the ropes.

Ryann then leapt to the middle rope and with no hands, sprung off of the rope backwards, expecting Aroma to pass underneath her, but when Ryann landed from the Mega Man X Wall Jump, she found nobody there. Aroma simply didn't chase after her and it paid off as she clasped her hands around Ryann's waist and nailed a German Suplex, complete with a bridge pin!



Ryann kicked out once again!

Aroma then sat Ryann up and placed her in a Sleeper Hold. Aroma then brought Ryann down to the canvas and placed her on her side with the Sleeper Hold locked in tightly. Ryann fought, but the more she did, the more Aroma locked in the hold. Ryann looked to be fading and when the referee went to check her arm, a surge of energy arose and Ryann fought back to her feet, bringing Aroma with her. Ryann was able to turn enough to drive a pair of elbows into Aroma's mid-section, breaking free.

Ryann then took off to the ropes when Aroma tried for a Spinning Heel Kick to counter, but Ryann caught Aroma's leg and quickly hooked her in a cradled position. She then popped the hips and nailed a Side Cradle Suplex on Aroma that dumped her on the back of her neck!!

"OOOOH!!!!" groaned the crowd!

Ryann got to her feet and headed toward the corner. She ascended the turnbuckles with her back to Aroma. She then leapt backwards, while flipping forward, twisting in mid flip so she landed with a Senton Backsplash across Aroma's chest! A new move she calls the Bravery Default! Ryann turned and hooked the leg in a cover!



Shoulder up by Aroma

Ryann immediately stood and headed to the corner where she climbed up top and perched herself there as she waited for Aroma to get back up. Once Aroma was back on her feet, Ryann leapt off with a single leg kick right to Aroma's chest.. she calls that the FOOT, FOOT DIVE!

The impact knocked Aroma on her back as Ryann took off to the ropes. She then flipped into another senton backsplash and it connected. Ryann with another cover on Aroma..



Aroma kicked out once again,

Ryann stood and made her way to the corner where she turned and dared Aroma to get back to her feet. Aroma staggered up as Ryann charged in and went for the Hadoken double palm thrust, but Aroma side stepped and nailed a short range lariat that knocked Ryann down. Ryann got back up and Aroma hit another lariat. She pulled Ryann back up and sent her to the ropes where she delivered a toe kick that doubled her over. Aroma then went to the ropes and front flipped over the hunched over Ryann with a Flipping Neckbreaker!

Aroma then blew a kiss to Mr. One Letter Better at ringside as she went to the corner and ascended to the top.. she then leapt off with the Top Rope Leg Drop...



Ryann rolled out of the way as Aroma crashed and burned. Ryann went to the ropes and came back, going for a Shining Wizard, but Aroma, even after missing the move, leaned back and caused Ryann to miss. She then quickly turned over and grabbed Ryann from behind with a schoolgirl rollup!!



Thr.. NO

Ryann was caught off guard and that was almost a three.. perhaps Sarah Winterton was somewhere taking notes on that one.

Both of them got up and Aroma ducked a clothesline by Ryann. The both turned and Aroma kicked Ryann in the stomach again and set her up for a powerbom. She lifted Ryann up to her shoulders, but when she dropped her with the powerbomb, she put her knees up and Ryann's lower back came crashing down on top of them!! Aroma then went for the cover once again...



Thre... NO!!!

Ryann kicked out just in the nick of time again!

Aroma dared Ryann to get back to her feet. Once she did, Aroma opened up with a big right hand that rocked Ryann's head back. Aroma hit a second, then a third right hand before whipping her to the ropes. Aroma gave chase and Ryann heard her footsteps behind her. Ryann went for the Mega Man X Wall Jump a second time, but Aroma stopped short and Ryann ended up leaping onto Aroma's shoulders. Aroma, from the electric chair position, popped Ryann off her shoulders, caught her in mid-air with a waist lock and nailed the Croyt's Wrath German Suplex!!!!

Crowd: "OOOOH!!!!!!"




Three....? NO!!!!

Ryann kicked out once again!!

"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap clap clapclapclap
"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap clap clapclapclap
"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap clap clapclapclap
"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap clap clapclapclap
"THIS IS AWESOME!" clap clap clapclapclap

Aroma pounded her fist on the canvas as JCON told he to calm day and stay focused from the ringside area. Aroma grabbed Ryann by her multi-colored hair and brought her up to her feet. Aroma hit a stiff forearm shot to Ryann's face that spun her around and dropped her to a single knee, but Ryann let out a war cry as she pumped herself up and stood back to her feet. She turned and faced Aroma who decked her in the face with another stiff forearm.. that one staggered Ryann back towards the ropes. Aroma stepped in and hit a third forearm smash that sent Ryann back first into the ropes... Ryann used the momentum to come back and put some power behind her double palm strike!!


Aroma grabbed her stomach as she fell to the canvas! Ryann staggered over to Aroma and fell into the cover, hooking the leg...



Thr.. NO!

Aroma got her shoulder up!

Both women stood. Ryann fired a right hand, but Aroma blocked it and retaliated with a right of her own. Ryann went for another right, but it was blocked and countered for a second time. Aroma then swung with a haymaker, but Ryann ducked underneath and from out of nowhere, she reached back and hooked both arms in the back to back position, looking for a backslide, but Aroma leaned forward to try a backslide of her own, but Amber flipped over, landing on her feet.

While Aroma was still hunched over, Ryann quickly turned her back to her, hooker Aroma by the arms and twisted around, lifting Aroma onto her back, looking for the Fate/Stay Dead, but Aroma flipped out and landed behind Ryann!! Aroma then grabbed Ryann in an inverted face lock, looking for JCON's Co-Conspirator, but Ryann used her flexibility and kicked Aroma in the face from that position!!

Ryann turned and bent over, placing her head between Aroma's legs from behind. She quickly hooked the arms and in one fluid motion, lifted Aroma up and dropped her on the back of her head...


Ryann turned and made the cover, hooking the leg...




"Antinotice" struck up over the stadium's speakers as the crowd applauded their efforts. Ryann helped Aroma up to her feet and gave her a hug in the middle of the ring. Aroma lifted Ryann's arm up and applauded her as she exited the ring where JCON provided some reassurance. Ryann then celebrated in the ring, raising her arms up on the turnbuckles.

Would this be the scene in two weeks at Wrestlecade because if so, you will be looking at the new jOlt Startlet Champion!

Winner: Amber Ryann via Pinfall