"Wrestlecade Roundtable"

There was a room that was dimly lit. In the middle, a roundtable with many chairs. Derecho, Ninja K, The Blazer, Xtreme, and Mike Patterson all sat in these chairs around the table. In the final, sixth seat, at the head of the table, was The Hype General Manager, Shayne Anderson.

Shayne: Gentlemen.. welcome to this roundtable discussion about the history of Wrestlecade. I want to start off this conversation by asking each of you what Wrestlecade is and what it means to you. Let's start with the man who was the brain child behind this entire concept... Derecho.

Derecho: Well... it's no secret. From 1999-2003, I was on and off in the wrestling business as an active competitor because I had my hands full down in Miami, FL with a little promotion called X Wrestling. I remember we started out small, holding shows in gyms. Hell, my office was the hood of my car for a while.. but we grew and our biggest event of the year was Wrestlecade. I wanted to make it a staple in our industry and it became as such. So, when jOlt Wrestling came back after the acquisition of Legacy of Champions, the crew backstage.. Damien Lee, all of the brass, were thinking on a huge show. Something that would really be a spectacle. They tossed Zero Hour out there, but they said they wanted something different. Something they could market. After overhearing the conversation, I walked up to them and I told them about Wrestlecade. I told them about the Xperience we had, the build up, the press coverage, and they loved the idea, so I was given a contract to sign releasing the rights and trademark of Wrestlecade to jOlt Wrestling and here we are.. approaching March 30th with my brain child... it was once was the biggest show of X Wrestling and now it's the biggest show to jOlt Wrestling.

Blazer: In 2004, I took over X Wrestling, but sadly, we didn't make it to Wrestlecade V. Since then, I've always wanted to re-live that spectacle and apparently jOlt Wrestling did their homework and looked me up. They called me on the phone and asked if I would be interested in signing a contract here to be the official host of Wrestlecade. Coming from a near career-ending stint in Japan back in 2005, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to compete, but I couldn't turn down the offer to be apart of this event so I agreed. To be apart of Wrestlecade again.. even though this is the fifth for me, but the first for jOlt Wrestling, is truly an honor.

Ninja K: Wrestlecade was always the pinnacle for me. In fact, we had this tradition, which is sadly absent from this event, called the Triple Threat Theater. It took two people who had a feud that couldn't be settled by normal means so we had to battle it out in three separate matches in a best 2 out of 3 matches wins. The stipulations were always picked by the participants and at Wrestlecade II in 2001 and Wrestlecade III in 2002, I wrestled Mike Patterson. Our feud was so deep that it took two triple threat theaters to settle it. It created a lot of memories for people, and this year is no different. This year, I'm wrestling Greg Davis in a dream match. Davis used to be in xW, but he also was a former fWo Cruiserweight Champion and a man who set the standard for Cruiserweights everywhere.

Mike Patterson: First off.. how's your body, Kenshiro? I remember German Suplexing you off the top of the Hell in a Cell and you crashed chest first through the announce table. THAT was a Wrestlecade moment!

Ninja K simply chuckled as he held his stomach.

Ninja K: Trust me.. I haven't forgot.

Mike Patterson: Wrestlecade to me, though.. is about showcasing your best skills. It's about breaking out and becoming something more than what you are. You're not just on the biggest stage in the world looking to impress the masses, but you're also looking to find that one thing that shows the world.. from the fans, to your peers, to your bosses, what you are truly capable of. To me.. Wrestlecade is all about breaking out and saying "This is who I am. Forget what you've seen... forget what you've known. This is my true self."

Xtreme: For me.. Wrestlecade is about memories. Being in the main event of Wrestlecade III and winning the X Wrestling world championship was the highlight of my career. While myself, Mike, and Crucifix were brought back to work with the newer talent on The Hype, I think I would want them all to watch Wrestlecade and take notes because that is the one thing you need to strive for.. the one thing you need to reach out and grab to try and claim as your own. If there is anything I would teach people on The Hype.. it would be to hone your skills and be everything you can be to make it onto the main roster so you have a shot at competing at Wrestlecade to do what Mike said.. to show the entire world what you are made of.

Everyone nodded in agreement as Shayne moved onto the next question.

Shayne: Since we all know what it is and what it means to you guys, I have to ask... what is the one big thing about Wrestlecade that gets you excited the most?

Derecho: As the former owner of X Wrestling, I would by lying through my teeth if I didn't say the money it brought into my company. It was a cash cow.. it's what kept us alive and it was what allowed me to pay for these guys' contracts for a few months while I let all the subesquent revenue come in. I know that's probably the most corporate answer anybody could give, but it's a simple solid fact. Without Wrestlecade, X Wrestling probably wouldn't have survived. That's what got me excited the most.. was that our company would continue to live and thrive thanks to that one event.

Blazer: It was always about money with you, Jason. Haha.

Derecho simply shrugged.

Blazer: What got me excited most about Wrestlecade was seeing how many fans we could cram into an arena.. a stadium.. wherever it was held. Whether it was stateside or over in Japan, just seeing the massive sea of humanity getting pumped up for the biggest event of the year always made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

Ninja K: For me, I think it was mainly the kinship between the wrestlers. We all wanted to outdo each other. We wanted to go out there and steal the show from one another... and the fact that we tried so hard to do that.. it made the entire event feel special.. it made the audience go home happy and it bettered ourselves as performers.

Mike Patterson: For me.. it was being able to show off my ability to the world. Being over six feet and 300lbs and to be able to move like a lightweight is a gift. Being able to share my gift with the world got me excited the most.

Xtreme: For me.. it was the overall spectacle. The attention that we got from the press and media, from the local fans, from the television ratings, everywhere. At the water cooler the next day, people talked about it and to see something like that explode into its highly rich popularity was something that always got me excited because I knew that I was a part of all of that.

Shayne: Okay.. last question before they kick us off the air. What one match are you looking forward to this year at Wrestlecade?

Derecho: Barring my own? I would have to say the main event. Eiji Kugasari versus whoever walks out of that opening match. Aran Thompson is something I've had quite the storied rivalry with and he would be an amazing opponent for Eiji. Then we have Waymoth Turnbull.. the winner of the Power Struggle Invitational and a breakout star waiting to happen.. and then Landon Stevens.. a man who went undefeated for so long before becoming tainting by the Black Faction.. but he turned it around and now leads the group. All three are very worthy contenders, but Eiji's back is against the wall. He has to find a way to adapt in a matter of hours to who he will be facing as he doesn't know who it's going to be. That mystery.. that possibility of a new champion.. the contender's advantage, but at the same time, disadvantage because they will have to wrestle twice.. is all very compelling.

Blazer: I'm going to have to say yours, Jason. This is the rubber match between you and Spike Saunders. You beat him in NBW in 2006.. he beat you in fWo in 2009.. and here we are in 2014.. five years later, and we'll finally get the score settled. I know you can still go 60 minutes if needed, but I know due to the fact that our card is so jam packed, that they only gave you 30.. but it is what it is.. 30 minutes is still enough time for two of the greatest in our business to go out there and put on a clinic to settle an old rivalry.

Ninja K: I want to say my own because of the history or the nostalgia.. but I want to see Omega defend the Underground Championship. He bested me and took that title and now his first defense is in a three on one handicap match against The Widow's Nest. Just because The Nest came up from The Hype doesn't make it an automatic win for my successor in the Underground. The Nest have a deep history and they are very dangerous. Putting them in this environment where they can communicate and form plans against a single man makes them lethal. I actually feel that Omega will have a very tough time.. and that's saying a lot knowing what Omega has done so far here in jOlt.

Mike Patterson: I'm going to cop out and say Ninja K vs Greg Davis. I've known these two for a very long time and I know what they are capable of. They finally get to cross paths at Wrestlecade.. something they haven't been able to do before in the past. I want to see what my former Triple Threat Theatre rival is going to do against one of the best cruiserweights to ever step foot into a wrestling ring.

Xtreme: Honestly.. I'm going to give the Jeff Hartman answer and say the Starlet Championship match. We've all seen women's wrestling on mainstream television.. and we have to agree that while some of these women are capable, they're not able to show that. We don't have handcuffs here in jOlt and our Starlet division is becoming more and more like a Joshi division in Japan. We have women wrestling better than the men in some cases and I could see the Starlet title, one day, main event a Pay-Per-View because of the way these women are handling themselves. I have no doubt that Amber Ryann and Sarah Winterton are doing to do everything they possibly can to tear the house down and set the standard for female wrestlers everywhere. In fact.. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this match will damn near steal the show.... not to take away from everyone else's matches.. but when people see what two women are truly capable of.. it's going to break everyone's expectations and it's going to leave a huge lasting impression.

Shayne: All right guys.. thanks for your time here at Wrestlecade Xperience! Of course, you can catch Wrestlecade on Sunday, March 30th at 7pm EST.. LIVE on Pay-Per-View, and of course, if you miss it live, it will be available on jOlt's Video on Demand service in the archives section of a day or so after the live airing! Derecho.... Blazer... Ninja K... Mike Patterson... and Xtreme... thank you all for joining us here today and goodnight from Seattle.

"Q&A w/ Omega"

The jOlt fans had been giving a great opportunity to interact with the jOlt superstars for the past three days at the Wrestlecade Experience. The young fans had the ultimate experience of their lives to meet and greet their favorite superstars of jOlt. The table was set up for the next Q&A with a jOlt superstar. The fans waited anxiously for the next superstar to come out to the table. Suddenly a large man started to walk from the curtain to the table. The fans gasped as some kids started to get a little scared to see the Underground Champion, Omega walking to the table with the Underground Championship adorned over his left shoulder.

The champion sat down at the table with Donny Layne. Donny looked out at the hesitant crowd as he spoke.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight you have the opportunity to ask the undefeated Underground Champion, Omega any question you want.” Donny Layne said.

A small portly man stood up and walked to the microphone. “My name is John and my question to the champ is, how does it fell to be the only undefeated wrestler in jOlt?”

The champ moved the microphone closer to his lips. “We do not care about streaks or winning percentages like others. We only believe in doing what we do best and that’s to cause mayhem and chaos, which you people enjoy.”

The portly man looked on with a scared look on his face as he moved away from the microphone. A small kid who looked to be about nine or ten came up to the microphone with his mother next. “Uh, hello Omega my name is Maria and this is my son Jose, he would like to ask you a question.”

Omega smirked. “What is your question, child?”

The kid looked on a little frightened by the massive Underground Champion. “Uh, um, Mr. Omega, are you really the boogeyman?”

Omega smiled showing his bright pearly whites to the child. “You want to know if we are the ones hiding in your closet or under your bed at night. You would like to know if we are the monsters that you see in your nightmares.”

The little kid shook his head yes as he held on to his mother. “We do not scare little kids Jose. You are a small innocent creature that has not been tainted by this society. The people that see us as the boogeyman are the adults because they do not understand us. Come closer child and we will show you want we mean.”

The child looked at his mother and she nodded her head that it was okay. Jose walked to the table where Omega was sitting. The champion looked at Jose and pointed to his damaged eye and scarred body. “Now child, what do you see?”

“How did your eye get that way?” Jose said as he looked at Omega who started to smirk. Jose started to touch Omega’s scars. “Whoa you got a lot of scars. Are they all over your body?”

Omega smirked at Jose’s questions. “See this is what we mean Jose. The innocence you have, shows no fear when you see me. However, if your mother saw us on the street she would be scared. That’s why adults fear the unknown but kids question the unknown.” Omega reached in his pocket and pulled out two front row tickets to Wrestlecade and handed them to Jose.

“Do not let society sway your innocence, child.” Omega said with a smirk as Jose had a big smile on his face as he raced toward his mother with the two tickets in hand.

Donny Layne grabbed the microphone to address the crowd once more. “We have a few more minutes so we can have two more questions.”

A tall blond in heels walked to the microphone. “My name is Amy and I have watched you for the past few months and I want to say that I love you. I love the way you take charge in the ring. I wanted to know are you single.”

“The destruction and chaos that we cause is our mistress and the championship belt is our muse. But to answer your question, yes we are single.” Omega said with a smirk and a wink to the tall blond who smiled back at the champion.

The tall blond walked away as a muscular man walked up to the microphone. “My name is Jack and I wanted to ask you about your issues with the Widow’s Nest. How are you going to overcome a three on one handicap match?”

“We will overcome it just like we have for many years. We will meet it head on and show the Widow’s Nest what destruction is all about. The Widow’s Nest fear us and we will show all you people why we are the most dominate force in jOlt. Be forewarned, the Widow’s Nest will be the same after we get through with them. We want you all to come out to see some unadulterated violence.”

“Thank you everyone for coming out to this Q&A session with our Underground Champion, Omega. The champion stood to his feet and walked away from the table as some fans cheered the champion.

"Final Hall of Fame Inductee"

Damien Lee was in the ring with a microphone in hand. He was joined alongside Dean Carrington as the final match of Wrestlecade Xperience was about to kick off in mere moments. Lee tapped the microphone to make sure it was on.. he also did that to get everyone's attention inside of Century Link Field.

Lee: "Ladies and Gentlemen... as you are aware, over the past four weeks, we have been naming off some legends in our business who will be inducted into our initial class for the 2014 Hall of Fame. So far we have announced that "Kodiak" Vic Creed, "Superstar" Vince Jacobs, "The Suberbeast" Sylo, and Brandon Blade will be in the Hall of Fame, but we have room for one more person."

The people clammored amongst themselves as they tried to take a guess as to who it could be.

Lee: "The person who we are inducting has been one of the pillars of jOlt back in the early days. When jOlt was a fledgling promotion, he was one of the ones responsible for putting it on the map. A former jOlt World Champion in his own right, he carved a legacy that without it, jOlt Wrestling wouldn't exist today."

Lee paused for a moment Lee: "His hard work in front of the camera and behind the camera is what was responsible for jOlt becoming a household name. When there were big companies like the fWo, 21st Century Wrestling, TW2K, Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling, The Asylum, and many others running rampant on our industry, jOlt Wrestling found a name for itself and because of his efforts, jOlt became a name that was always mentioned among some of the biggest promotions of our time."

Lee: "His contributions unparalleled, and his in-ring ability un-matched. Ladies and gentlemen. It is with distinguished pride and honor.. that we induct...."

Lee hesitated for a moment and then pointed to the makeshift entrance for tonight's match. The people all turned their heads to the entrance as no one really expected this..

Lee: "erOn the Relentless!!"

"Jerkoff" by Tool

The crowd was in shock, but alas, erOn the Relentless stepped out from behind the curtain, the crowd exploding with applause and cheer! The atmosphere was electric as erOn made his way down to the ring.

By the time erOn got to the ring apron, which was just a few feet away, the crowd and everyone in attendance had already transitioned into a very loud 'erOn! erOn! erOn!" chant!

erOn stepped into the ring and shook the hand of Damien Lee. He then grabbed a microphone from Dean Carrington as the crowd continued to chant his name. His music had died down, but for a good solid two minutes straight, the crowd continued to chant "erOn" over and over again. erOn, who rarely smiled, cracked a grin.

erOn: "First off, thank you to Damien Lee and to jOlt Wrestling for bestowing this honor on me. If I could take a moment, I'd like to reflect a bit. iNtense is fast approaching its 100th episode and perhaps if the company hadn't closed and came back a few times it would already be there.. but be that as it may... I remember it was back on iNtense 23 when I defeated Brandon Blade and captured my first and only jOlt World Championship. It was a moment I'd never forget and...

"You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies

erOn recognized the tune... the mere mention of his name cued up his theme. erOn looked straight at the entrance and out from behind the curtain stepped Brandon Blade!! The crowd gave him a pop equal to erOn's! The look on erOn's face was one of conflict, yet, respect. He knew what these two had gone through and that was enough for erOn to feel a bit apprehensive, but at the same time, in the back of his mind, he had his doubts that Blade was out here for a fight.

Blade hopped up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring. He came face to face with erOn with a look of intensity. The crowd was going nuts as it was possible that we would be reliving that classic match from iNtense 23 right here right now!

"Let's go erOn!"
"Brandon Blade!"
"Let's go erOn!"
"Brandon Blade!"
"Let's go erOn!"
"Brandon Blade!"

All of a sudden, Blade looked as if he were about to deck erOn with a right hand, but instead, he embraced him in a hug! The two embraced in the middle of the ring and then Blade raised erOn's hand in a rare showing of class and respect which garnered much applause from the crowd. As they were showcasing themselves to the crowd..


"Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)" by Nonpoint

The white light exploded!

The Superbeast had arrived!! Sylo was here in Seattle!!

Sylo made his way down to the ring and Century Link field was cheering as loud as they could. Sylo entered the ring and shook the hands of Brandon Blade and erOn the Relentless! The past meeting the present!! Sylo asked Carrington for a microphone and was granted one.

Sylo: "I couldn't let you two have all the fun. I had to come out here and take my share of the spotlight as well."

Then a voice from the back boomed.

"There's only one person that a spotlight should shine on... Pro-Wrestling's Phenomenon... The Living Legend.. The Reason There is a Show!"

The people recognized the voice!

"Villain" by Theory of a Deadman

Sure enough.. the fourth piece of the puzzle stepped out from the backstage area! "Superstar" Vince Jacobs was in Seattle as well!! SVJ stepped out from the back, microphone already in hand. He made his way down to the ring as the people cheered! SVJ hopped into the ring and gave an evil glare at Sylo, but then extended his hand. Sylo smirked and gripped SVJ's hand and shook it. After all these two went through, the moment was symbolic to say the least.

SVJ then shook the hands of Brandon Blade and erOn the Relentless while erOn brought the microphone up to his lips.

erOn: jOlt's past.. jOlt's present, together in the ring at the same time. What you see before you is the epitome of transition. From what we were in 2000 to what we have become in 2014, just our mere presence tells a story of a thousand words. However, somewhere in the middle we're missing the final link. It is sad and unfortunate that he cannot be here as he no longer walks among us physically, but he's a man who has always been here, looking over us.

The crowd breaks into a "KVC" chant.

erOn: "That is why, when we exit this ring, we do so in his honor"

erOn, Blade, Sylo, and Jacobs each stuck their fists out, touching them. Immediately the camera got a close up as they were all wearing their 2014 Hall of Fame rings.

Lee: "Ladies and Gentlemen.. I gave you.. your 2014 Class for our initial Hall of Fame!"

The crowd applauded and cheered.

"Walk" by Pantera

It was Kodiak Vic Creed's theme. This is what they meant by leaving in his honor. One by one, in reverse order from which they entered, they exited the ring. SVJ first, then Sylo, then Blade. erOn stayed behind for a moment and took one last look around Century Link Field. He then hopped out of the ring, rejoining the other three as they all collectively exited behind the curtain to KVC's theme song. The people were left standing and cheering.

The final match of Xperience was up next.

Derecho vs Mike Patterson

After the Hall of Famers exited, Dean Carrington brought the microphone to his lips.

Dean Carrington: The following contest is your closing event for this evening. It is set for one fall and will be contested with Underground Rules!

"King of Hell" by Helstar

Dean Carrington: Making his way to the ring.. weighing in at 234lbs.. from Stuart, FL... "The King of Hell"... Derecho!

Derecho made his way through the makeshift entrance and into the ring. He warmed up as he got ready to face someone familiar from his past.

"Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth

Dean Carrington: And his opponent.. from Virden, Manitoba, Canada... weighing in at 337lbs... Mike Patterson!

Patterson cracked his knuckles and grinned as he rolled into the ring and got to his feet, showing great agility for a man his size. Patterson stood as Derecho walked up to him. You could feel the tension between these two as the referee called for the bell.




Derecho and Patterson have a long stare down in the middle of the ring as former employer and employee face off here tonight on the final televised day of Xperience. Patterson then locks up with Derecho. He bum rushes Derecho into the corner and then backs off, patting Derecho on the shoulder, tapping his cheek, laughing as he backs off.

Derecho shook his head in disbelief and steps out of the corner where he locks up again as Patterson drives him right back to the corner. Patterson grins as he backs off a second time, but this time Derecho rocks him with a big right hand to the face. Patterson laughs and then extends his hand as a show of respect, but Derecho won't fall of it and Patterson shrugs and backs off again. Patterson wants to lock up a third time, but Derecho ducks underneath and behind. Patterson turns around and then eats big time right hands as Derecho does his best to phase the monster. He then grabs Patterson and whips him off to the ropes then hits a high spinning heel kick to the face and knocks him down to the canvas!! Derecho then runs to the ropes and hits his running leg drop that slices across Patterson's neck. Derecho goes for a quick cover.



Patterson kicks out with power, tossing the former World and Underground champion off of him like he was nothing.

Derecho gets back up and starts hammering away at Patterson with forearm clubs to the back of the massive neck of Patterson, but Patterson continues to stand up. Derecho then switches to big right hands, but they have no effect. He then grabs Patterson by the arm and whips him to the ropes, but Patterson reverses it and sends Derecho into them instead. Derecho comes back and Patterson gets nice rotation on a mid-ring powerslam. He makes a quick cover and hooks the leg.



Derecho kicks out of it.

Patterson pulls Derecho up to his feet and then tosses him out of the ring between the middle and the top ropes. Patterson steps out of the ring and pulls Derecho up where he whips him toward the steel ring steps, but Derecho hits a baseball slide and stops himself. Patterson charges in towards Derecho but ends up getting caught in a drop toe hold and Patterson goes face first into the steps which busts his forehead wide open! Derecho lifts up the ring apron and takes a steel chair out from underneath the ring and slams Patterson over the back with it. Derecho slams Patterson over the back with it a second time and then a third time for good measure and then tosses the chair down.

He then takes Patterson by the head and places him into a front face lock where he quickly DDTs him on top of the steel chair on the outside! Derecho feels he may have gotten him as he pulls Patterson up and rolls him back into the ring. Derecho rolls back in and makes the cover, hooking the leg.



Patterson kicks out with ease, even after those vicious shots!

Derecho gets up and heads over near the ropes and waits for Patterson to stand up. Patterson rises to his feet and Derecho charges in and tries for a clothesline. The clothesline connected, but Patterson just stood there and looked at him. Derecho runs to the ropes again and then tries the clothesline once more, but Patterson continued to stand there unphased. Patterson yelled "COME ON!" and Derecho took up the challenge and headed to the top rope. Derecho off, but Patterson catches him and then lifts him above his head with a press slam and then drops him straight to the canvas.

Patterson pulls Derecho off of the canvas and rests him against the ropes. Patterson then hits him with a knife edge chop across the chest. He then alternates to an open palm slap. He then hits another knife edge chop and another big open palm slap! Patterson whips Derecho across the ring and then charges in after him. Patterson then drills him with a running clothesline off a rebound that damn near took Derecho's head off! Patterson then runs to the ropes and nails a running leg drop across the chest. Patterson then makes the cover, hooking the leg.



Derecho kicks out of it.

Patterson then takes Derecho and tosses him out of the ring and out to the floor. Patterson hops out and lifts up the ring apron, pulling out a table where he sets it up at ringside. Patterson grabs Derecho and drags him over to it. He then slams his face off of it and goes to do it a second time, but Derecho blocks it and nails three hard elbows with all his weight behind them into Patterson's gut. He then slams Patterson face first into the announce table, causing him to stagger back, but Derecho grabbed Patterson before he could go too far and rolls him on top.

Derecho climbed up onto the table and then knelt down on top of Patterson's throat, choking the air out of him! Derecho then pulls Patterson up and sets him up between his legs. He lifts Patterson up to shoulder height and then pivots 180 degrees off the table with Patterson on his shoulders. Derecho uses the gravity of falling to the floor for extra momentum and slams Patterson through the table with a modified Vortex Powerbomb!!!!

Crowd: Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derecho stood back up after landing on his knees, but what is really amazing is that Patterson is getting up to his feet!! Derecho is up and he grabs Patterson and rolls him back into the ring before he could completely recover. Derecho then makes a cover after rolling back in as well.



Patterson kicks out of it!! Derecho shook his head as the crowd applauded Patterson's effort to kick out!

Derecho brings Patterson back up to his feet and swings with a clothesline, but Patterson ducks it and counters into a waist lock. Derecho tries to wriggle free, but Patterson hits a headbutt to the back of Derecho's skull and nails a release german suplex, dropping Derecho on the back of his head!! Patterson then waits as Derecho staggers back up to his feet. Patterson charges in and runs him over with a running clothesline. He then pulls Derecho up, hooks him and nails a belly to belly overhead release suplex.

Patterson pulls him up again, hooks him and nails a release northern lights suplex. He picks him up, hooks him and nails a t-bone suplex! Patterson stands and lets out a bestial roar as Derecho laid there completely demolished by Patterson's Suplex Fury! Patterson then makes a slashing motiona cross his throat and heads up top. Patterson measures Derecho up jumps off, nailing his Frog Splash!!


Patterson then gets up and goes nuts, screaming. He then rushes over to the corner and crouches. He then motions with his arm to rise as he yells "GET UP! GET THE FUCK UP!!!" Derecho staggers to his feet. Patterson charges in full steam for his spear, but Derecho moves out of the way and Patterson ends up ramming right into the steel ring post!!

Derecho staggers around a big and tries to shake it off, but ultimately, he falls to a single knee. Patterson pulls himself out from the corner, holding his shoulder in pain. Derecho sees it and stands, grabbing Patterson and quickly applying an arm wringer to that shoulder he hit the post with. Derecho then yanks on the arm once. He does it again, trying to pull the shoulder out of the socket. Derecho then pulls Patterson into a shoulder ram. Derecho then takes a step back and rams Patterson's shoulder a second time. He takes a step back and rams the shoulder again for a third time. Derecho twists the arm once again, but Patterson counters with a short arm clothesline, knocking Derecho down as Patterson walks around, trying to warm up his arm.

Derecho staggers to his feet as Patterson then charges in for a running clothesline, but Derecho grabs Patterson by the arm and slams him to the canvas and applies a Fujiwara Arm Bar Submission hold. Patterson is in tremendous pain, but he is close enough to the ropes to just reach out and grab them, breaking the hold. Derecho stands and then starts to stomp away at the shoulder of Patterson. Derecho then brings Patterson to his feet and whips him to the ropes, but Patterson reverses it and sends Derecho into the ropes instead. Patterson then hits a shoulder block and Derecho goes down as if he ran right into a wall. Patterson then runs to the ropes, comes back and hits a running body splash. Patterson holds his shoulder in pain after landing the move then makes the cover.



Derecho pops the right shoulder up. Patterson then gets pissed heads out of the ring where he lifts up the apron and pulls out another table. He quickly sets it up and rolls back into the ring where he stands and points to the table. He grabs Derecho and walks him over to the ring apron. Patterson then slams him head first into the turnbuckle pad and then looks at it, getting an idea.

Patterson grabs a fist full of Derecho's hair and uses it to wipe the blood from his face so he can see better. Patterson then walks up the turnbuckle pads to the very top of them. He then reaches down and grabs Derecho, pulling him up to the top with him and then shoving him between his legs as if he were thinking about a Super Bomb. He then lifts Derecho up to shoulder height and Patterson jumps off of the top turnbuckle pad and nails a diving powerbomb through the wooden table!! The table explodes into pieces from the impact as both men are just laying there amidst the rubble on the ground!!!

Crowd: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both of them kind of just lay there for a few minutes as an impact like that could be enough to end a career let alone a match! After several minutes, Patterson begins to move. Slowly, he gets back to his feet and notices Derecho still laying there in the rubble. Patterson leans over and pulls a lifeless Derecho out of the rubble and back up to his feet. He then staggers with him back over to ringside and rolls him back into the ring. Patterson then rolls back in after him and makes a cover, hooking the leg with the feeling that he has him.




Derecho kicks out of it!!!

Patterson is irate as he gets up and grabs the referee by the shirt, violently shaking him. Derecho then takes Patterson by surprise and rolls him up from behind with a school boy.



Patterson kicks away from it.

Patterson stands and ducks a clothesline by Derecho. He turns around, lifts Derecho up for a short powerbomb, but Derecho counters it with a huracanrana, taking Patterson over and down to the floor as Patterson spilled through the ropes from the momentum. Derecho then heads to the top turnbuckle pad. He takes his aim and then leaps off, nailing Patterson with his version of the Frog Splash, smacking down on top of Patterson and the floor!! Derecho holds his stomach in pain, but he knows that he has to get Patterson back into the ring if he wants to win this. Derecho grabbed Patterson and pulled him to his feet. Derecho used whatever strength he had left to roll the big man back in. Derecho rolled under the bottom rope where he makes a cover, hooking the leg.



Patterson kicks out!!!

Derecho then lets Patterson stand, mainly to try and regain some energy of his own. He then takes Patterson back down with a double leg take down. He then hooks Patterson and quickly turns him over into a Single Leg Crab!!! Derecho has it hooked in tight and the people are on their feet! Patterson muscles himself up onto his arms and starts to crawl over to the ropes. As Patterson nears them, Derecho pulls Patterson back to the center of the ring and really sits down on it. Patterson yells out in pain, but is refusing to give it up! Patterson tries crawling again, but then lifts himself up with enough leverage to flip Derecho over with his own leg strength! Patterson gets up and grabs Derecho by the legs and puts him into a Single Leg Crab of his own, but Derecho flopped down too close to the ropes and he grabs a hold of them and the move is broken up quickly.

Derecho uses the ropes to pull himself back up, but Patterson grabs him and send him off to the opposite end with an irish whip. Patterson then telegraphs a back body drop, but Derecho sticks Patterson's head between his legs and then lifts Patterson up to shoulder height. He then front flips him over, driving him head first into the canvas!! VORTEX DDT!!!



Two.... Thre........NO!!!!!!!!!!

Patterson kicked out and Derecho cannot believe it!!

Derecho rolled out of the ring and grabbed the bent steel chair from the beginning of the match. He rolled back into the ring with it and then blasted Patterson in the face right when he stood!!! Patterson, amazingly, didn't go down, but he was on spaghetti legs. Derecho dropped the chair on the canvas and then hoisted Patterson up onto his shoulder. He swiftly fell and dropped Patterson head first onto the steel chair!


Derecho gritted his teeth in pain as he made the cover, hooking the leg!



Three... !!? NO!!!!!


Derecho wouldn't stand for it any longer! He grabbed Patterson by the hair as he tried to get up and just blatantly kicked Patterson in the face like a punter would a football on opening kickoff! Derecho grabbed Patterson and pulled him up. Once again he hoisted him onto his shoulder and dropped him onto the chair...


Derecho with another cover...




That one finally did it!

Dean Carrington: Here is your winner.... Derecho!!!

"King of Hell" by Helstar played throughout the stadium as Derecho could barely stand. The people booed him, but Derecho didn't care. He sat there, holding his mid-section with a grin on his face. Given the match that just happened, was it really wise for Derecho to go through with it knowing that he had an iron man match just a little over a week away at Wrestlecade?

The match's end signaled the end of the televised portion of Wrestlecade Xperience. There was one more day left, but that day would only be seen by the public attending. The next time jOlt airs, it will be Countdown: Wrestlecade this Sunday!

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall