"When Some Other Nature Calls"

“Daddy, where are we?” asked a young boy as he was being led by the hand through a Tokyo Dome tunnel.

“We’re going to find a bathroom without an hour-long line. You don’t want to waste all your time to meet your favorite wrestlers standing in line for the potty?”

“No… but there’s no one else here. Are we in the right place?”

Down the hall the father peeped the bathroom sign; he sighed with relief that his gamble to find an out-of-the-way restroom paid off. They were about 30 feet down the hall from their destination before the lights started to flicker around the corner. Coming into view from another hallway walked a figure over seven feet in height, black eyes, blue hair and pale white skin.

The Draconian.

Nervously, the father stopped in his tracks with his son not sure what to do. The Draconian continued to his march, almost not even acknowledging to two jOlt fans as the flickering of lights seemed to follow him alone.

“Daddy? Is that the new big, scary guy?”

The Draconian was about to pass them but then stopped. Slowly the enigmatic big man turned his scowled face to the father and son.

“Dad!? You’re hurting my hand.”

The father stood still with a firm grip on his hand, frozen in fear. It was as if encountering a wild animal and hoping inaction will keep from spooking it. In this case, it just might have worked.

After a moment The Draconian resumed walking, his boots thudding off the ground as the flickering lights followed him.

"Second Hall of Fame Announcement"

Damien Lee and Hiroki Miyano made their way to the ring. Miyano tapped the microphone and it drew people's attention.

"Mina-san, arigatou-gozaimasu! Anata ga watashitachi no kanshū ni yotte tanoshima jibun jishin o mitsukete iru negatte imasu! Kokode wa dendō no 2015 hōru ni tsugi no dendō o tataeru tame ni kon'ya aru"

Damien Lee took the microphone.

"Two days ago, we announced Tony Davis and High Flyer, known as Team V.I.A.G.R.A. as the first inductees into the 2015 Hall of Fame. Tonight, another man will join them amoung the greats who have competed here in jOlt Wrestling. Without further delay. I present to you the next inductee into the 2015 Hall of Fame!"

The lights in the Tokyo Dome dimmed and the jOltvision screen came to life. Black and white scenes of a man shadow boxing were seen. The camera switched views, but the images were quite blurry from motion.

"He was the man who set the violence standard in jOlt as one of the kings of the Xtreme division, paving the way for the Underground and Fearless Divisions"

The scene flashed some more.

"A former Xtreme and Underground Champion, this man rarely felt any pain. In fact, it was because of this that his matches were too... GRAPHIC.... for most audiences." The man pounded his fists together as the camera panned up and unveiled GRAPHIC VIOLENCE!

The live audience cheered as bloody scenes from his matches throughout jOlt were flashed on the jOltvision.

"Standing at the precipice of hardcore wrestling, Graphic Violence was an unstoppable monster that many feared and hated to go against. Many times people often wonder what it would be like today if Graphic Violence roamed the halls of jOlt Wrestling once again. While he may not be an active competitor any longer, he will be forever engraved in our minds as the newest member of the jOlt Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2015!"

The final scene was a close up of Graphic Violence's face, cracking a sinister smirk.

The graphic for his 2015 Hall of Fame induction flashed on the screen as the lights came back up.

"Congratulations to Graphic Violence! You can see him live, next week right here on April 4th for the 2015 Hall of Fame induction ceremony! Enjoy the rest of Wrestlecade Xperience!" said Damine Lee.

The people applauded as Damien Lee and Hiroki Miyano exited the ring.

Sweet Sweet Lovin' vs The Freak Show

The fans buzzed inside of the convention center after a long day of activities and despite the fact that this was surely the second day for a lot of the fans they did not seem to be wore down in the least.

Dean Carrington stood in the center of the ring located at the center of the convention center, with referee Simon Boulder standing at attention in the corner of the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Carrington bellowed, but it didn’t have the same effect as it did from the inside of an actual arena in the more spread out environment, “we here at Jolt Wrestling want to thank each and every single one of you for making it out to day two of Wrestlecade Xperience, but before we begin to close things down for the evening the following will be your featured match of the evening!”

The fans all began shuffling near the ring more and more with the sounds coming from within it.

“The following contest will be a tag team match, one fall to a finish, and has a fifteen minute time limit.” Carrington smiled as he lowered his microphone.

“UH!” began to blast throughout the convention center when from behind a small gated off looking backstage area walked Sam Sweet, Lennox Love, Jon Katz, Jr., and Candy Girl. The team all grooved to the beat as they made their way through the crowd and toward the ring.

“Making their way to the ring first, weighing in tonight at a combined weight of five hundred and fifty-four pounds; THEY ARE SAM SWEET AND LENNOX LOVE, SWEET, SWEET, LOVIN’!”

All four members of the team made their way into the ring and continued to dance and clap their hands getting the Japanese fans into the mood for the match.

Dean Carrington made his exit from the ring, when Sweet, Sweet, Lovin’s music faded and “The Dark Ride” by Prelude to a Nightmare’s strong street organ intro blasted throughout the convention center. From the makeshift backstage area skipped Bally out in front of the large crowd on hand. She stopped a few feet from the entrance as her two masked monsters slowly emerged from the makeshift backstage area and she lifted a microphone from behind her back up to her mouth.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! Gather round and feast your eyes on the most spectacular attraction no longer under the big top! For the first time ever in their career venturing outside of the United States and bringing their talents to a land they’ve never stepped in before!”

Bally began to smile as she continued to skip toward the ring slowly with Pinhead and Missing Link following shortly behind.

“They may not be the attraction you saw last night in the Tag Team champions, The House, but I can personally guarantee they will bring you as much entertainment and excitement! Missing Link may even hit a shooting star press off of the top rope tonight!”

Bally stopped in her tracks, smiled, and turned to look at Missing Link who just shook his head gesturing that the answer to that was a resounding no. Bally then turned back toward the ring, shrugged her shoulders, and the team continued on their way. Bally jumped up onto the ring apron, and quickly made her way into the ring twisting to the center as Pinhead and Missing Link made their way up the steel steps.

“I present to you the tandem spectacular of Missing Link! Pinhead! And I am your charismatic mistress with the smile that goes on for miles! We are THE FREAK SHOW!”

Bally took a bow and exited the ring as Pinhead made his way in, leaving Missing Link on the apron. Sam Sweet stood across the ring, while Lennox Love had made his way out onto the apron and Boulder checked with both men, and then signaled for the bell and the start of the match.


Sweet wasted no time as he made his way to the center of the ring, where he came toe to toe with Pinhead. On paper Sweet was the bigger of the two, but the menace behind the mask of Pinhead definitely gave him that mysterious factor.

Sweet quickly locked horns with Pinhead and the two began to battle it out in a collar and elbow tie-up in the center of the ring. Sweet was finally able to get the upper hand as he pulled Pinhead in for the headlock. Pinhead planted his feet to the canvas, placed his hand on the small of Sweet’s back, and shot him off toward the ropes breaking the headlock.

Sweet bounced off of the ropes and came charging back toward the not moving Pinhead. Sweet planted Pinhead with a solid shoulder block, but Pinhead barely moved. Sweet looked astonished at the fact that Pinhead hadn’t even budged an inch.

Sweet then turned and charged toward the ropes once again, coming back through catching Pinhead with another shoulder block. This time Pinhead moved an inch, but still barely moved from the momentum that Sweet was bringing toward him. Sweet began looking a little frustrated at this point and charged toward the ropes once again, thinking that Pinhead would just stand and take another shoulder block. Instead, as Sweet approached he was quickly snapped up and planted dead in the center of the ring with a massive spinebuster.


The fans in attendance all sat in quiet astonishment at the sheer power and ability to take damage from Pinhead. Boulder had dropped to the mat as Pinhead followed through with the spinebuster into a pin attempt.




Love had entered the ring right after the count had started and was able to place a well-planned foot right into the back of Pinhead’s skull. Pinhead slowly made his way back to his feet, where he met Lennox Love still standing in the ring behind him; Love looked as though he may have not given enough thought to sticking around in the ring, but before Pinhead could do anything Sweet had made his way back to his feet.

Sweet grabbed Pinhead by the shoulder and twisted him back toward the center of the ring. Sweet brought a boot up catching Pinhead in the midsection causing him to double over. Sweet took a few steps back, and then jumped as high as he could into the air catching the back of Pinhead’s neck with his leg and bringing him down into the variation facebuster.


Sweet then rolled Pinhead over, and then climbed onto of his downed body for the pin attempt while Love finally made his way back out onto the apron.




The fans all looked on in astonishment as they watched Pinhead power the over three hundred pound man up and off of his body with some massive authority; so much so that an awe echoed throughout the crowd.

Sweet popped up to his knees, and even he couldn’t believe the height from the mat that he had just received. Not to relax though as he felt he finally had some kind of momentum though Sweet grabbed hold of Pinhead by the mask and lifted him back to his feet.

As soon as Sweet was able to get Pinhead back to his feet though the masked man broke back to life and caught Sweet with a massive uppercut that rocked him backward toward his corner. Love slapped Sweet on the back catching him with the blind tag.

Pinhead stood waiting as Love jumped into the ring over the top rope and charged toward Pinhead. Pinhead shot toward Love with a standing clothesline that Love was able to duck under. Love stopped himself just as he ducked under the attempt and waited for Pinhead to turn around; as Pinhead turned Love jumped into the air spinning catching Pinhead square in the side of the face with a huge kick.


Pinhead dropped back down to the canvas face first, and Love struggled to get him turned over for the pin attempt.




Love was sent flying into the air much higher than Sweet, and another awe rang throughout the crowd as Love made his way back to his feet and struggled to pull Pinhead back to his own.

As Love finally got Pinhead back to his feet he was met with the same thing that Sweet encountered a massive uppercut, but this time Pinhead staggered back to his corner and tagged Missing Link into the match. Missing Link entered the ring and as Love was getting his senses back he noticed the larger man approaching him.

Love darted across the ring and leapt into the air, only for his flying cross body attempt to be caught in midair. Missing Link twisted Love’s body around and then planted him in the center of the ring with the twisting capture side slam.


Missing Link wasn’t finished though as he nodded in the general direction of Pinhead who was still located in the ring. Pinhead rushed across the ring catching an unknowing Sam Sweet on the apron with a clothesline as Missing Link brought Love back to his feet. Missing Link positioned Love for the STO as Pinhead hit the ropes and came back through catching Love in the face with a big boot to which Missing Link dropped the STO.


Pinhead quickly exited the ring after hitting the big boot, and Missing Link rolled Love over into the center of the ring for the pin attempt.




The bell sounded as “The Dark Ride” began to play throughout the convention center once more. Pinhead made his way back into the ring with Missing Link as Bally hopped onto the apron with a huge smile on her face. Bally made her way between the two large men and raised their hands in victory as the Japanese audience on hand were still left in amazement at their sheer power.

Winner: The Freak Show via Pinfall