"Take a Picture with the Champ"

It was the final day of the Wrestlecade Xperience event, but the build up to Wrestlecade was far from over to say the very least. There was a lot on the docket not only for the crew that Jolt had brought along with them to make sure everything was set up properly, but for the superstars as well. Tonight the reigning Jolt champion was pulling double duty and if the first day was any indication of his dedication to his duty he had shown up at the Xperience venue as soon as the doors opened. It had already been six hours into his first interaction with the fans doing a special in-ring shoot session with anyone who wanted to get their picture taken with the champion, and them holding the Jolt championship. The Anti-Star had certainly been the main attraction for the longest time, but finally the line was beginning to dwindle down into the double digits.

The champion stood in the center of the ring, gracing everyone who entered with a huge smile and posing with them in whatever manner they requested while they held the Jolt championship. Some fans were enjoying the fact that Ramey would lie on the mat flat on his back while they placed one foot on his chest and held the championship high into the air. For that one moment in their lives it made them feel as though they had accomplished something, that in that brief second they very well could have been the Jolt champion. While others were perfectly fine just having the championship resting on their shoulders while the Anti-Star embraced them with an arm over the shoulder.

The personal security detail that Ramey had escorting him on the first day during the autograph signing was by his side once again, and he was beginning to look just as antsy as he was on day one.

“Mr. Ramey,” the man began, “we’re running into the same problem today that we ran into at your autograph signing. You’ve been here since the doors opened and you’ve got the question and answer panel starting in a little over an hour. I know this obviously isn’t the same as competing in the ring, but you’ve got to be run down by now, can’t you just take a small break before you head to the next assignment?”

“I tolerated the fact that you were calling me Mr. Ramey on the first day, but we’ve known each other for nearly fifteen years Kevin.” The reigning Jolt champion rang out, once again not pulling his attention away from the fans that were at his beckon call. “I honestly don’t know why you are so persistent in continuing to try and make me take a break. For as long as you’ve known me, you should already know the answer to your question is going to be no.”

The gentlemen, now known as Kevin, let out a large sigh as he placed his hands on his hips. “I do know what the answer is going to be, it’s been the same for as long as I’ve known you. You also know I’m not going to stop asking when you run yourself ragged like this, especially with the extenuating circumstances that have been going on lately. I keep asking in the hopes that one day that answer is going to turn from a no into a yes.”

“You want my honest opinion on the matter?” The Anti-Star questioned.

Kevin let out another sigh and rolled his eyes behind Ramey’s back, “It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t want to know, that’s another thing. You ask these questions, but you’re going to tell me if I want to hear what you’re going to say regardless.”

“Exactly,” Ramey’s smile grew a little larger, “I think the only reason you have tolerated me in the position you’ve been in for the past ten years because you know if you disagree with me you’re going to be back out on the street and cut off from my money. Mostly because you know you can’t handle working a normal job, and you’re too much of a pussy to get back into the ring because you don’t think you’ve got what it takes to compete anymore.”

The visible anger growing on Kevin’s face was mounting, until the Anti-Star finally turned toward his security detail. “Or maybe I’m just pulling your leg to try and get a rise out of you because I know talking crap about you will do exactly that.”

From the looks of it Kevin was beginning to clam, but the fact that Ramey would put one over on him like that again, for probably the millionth time did irritate him.

“You know,” Kevin began as he contemplated, “you may think in your own way that you’re just joking with me, but there is obviously some kind of truth to what you’re saying. That’s why I need to get this off my chest now.”

The Anti-Star stopped with the pictures for a brief moment and turned to Kevin in legitimate concern, “What are you driving at Kevin?”

“Your right,” Kevin started, “I’ve been riding your coattails for a long time as some kind of glorified security detail and I’ve been running away from what I was good at during one point in my life. The same exact thing you do inside of this very ring. So, I regret to inform you that this is the last tour Kevin Mulligan is going to be on with you. I’ve had try-outs and I’ve been accepted into a promotion.”

“Kevin, that’s great news! Where, you know I could have got you on at the Hype here?” Ramey exclaimed and then questioned.

“If I had let you do that then I would have felt like I was just continuing to ride your coattails, Jesse. I needed to do this on my own so that I felt like I was worth something, and I am. So, after today I’m going to be getting on a plane and heading back to the states to prepare for the new job I’ve got lined up.”

“Regardless of anything, Kevin,” Ramey looked at his friend solemnly, “I’m proud of you. Thank you for the time and friendship you’ve given me over the years and if things don’t work out don’t be afraid to come back, you know you’ll always have a place here. Now, go get yourself ready for the flight back home, I’ve got this covered.”

Kevin nodded as the two men shook hands, and the Anti-Star went back to finishing off the last few fans in his line. Kevin made his way out of the ring and the scene faded.

"Third Hall of Fame Announcement"

Damien Lee was in the ring along with Hiroki Miyano who was ready to translate what Lee had to say.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. So far, Team VIAGRA and Graphic Violence have been added to the list of inductees for the 2015 Hall of Fame. Tonight, we will continue the sadistic trend by inducting this next man."

The jOltvision came to life and we saw the now defunct Underground Championship.

"Many men held this championship, but only one name was synonymous with it for an entire year"

The championship then became engulfed in flames and then shattered. Behind the title was a wasteland.

"This man turned a division into Hell itself and sat atop of it as it's King"

A figure in the distance stepped forward... it was Derecho!

The scene changed to Derecho dominating throughout his jOlt career

"Derecho is the only man in jOlt history to hold the Relentless, Underground, Tag Team, and World Championships. He has become a household name wherever he goes and wherever he wrestles. He has spawned many monikers throughout his career.... The Forever One, The King of the Underground, The King of Hell, The World Breaker... and now he can add Hall of Famer to that list as he will take his place and be enshrined in immortality as part of the 2015 jOlt Hall of Fame!"

The final scene showed Derecho standing in the middle of the ring with his arms folded and his classic sadistic grin.

"Derecho joined Tony Davis, High Flyer, and Graphic Violence and you can catch him next week on Saturday, April 4th, at the 2015 Hall of Fame Ceremony! Thank you!"

The crowd applauded as Damien Lee and Hiroki Miyano exited the ring.

"Bling Me Out Big Homie: Custom Grill Giveaway"

The crowd at Xperience is an overflow of people and a stew of colors. The camera pans around the various stations of the expo; in the bottom left of the screen is a countdown clock: Diamond Jewelz’s face is the body of the clock, and his teeth are the time left remaining; just one minute and counting until Jimmy Sanderson, the winner of the "Bling Me Out Big Homie Contest", is crowned with his own custom made grill, courtesy of Diamond Jewelz and gOlden bOy Promotions. The camera switches to an alternate camera on the ground, where the costumes are many and numerous. One fan dons the flowing blond locks and outrageously large, foam cartoon muscles of Mack Brody; another wears red tights, a jOlt title and dirty brunette hair, an obvious homage to Jesse Ramey. The camera switches to another area; 2 white kids are decked out in the skin tight singlets of “The House”, while another group of minority children has decided to deck themselves out in fake jewelry and grillz as a tribute to the trio of Diamond Jewelz, Lattrell Samuel, and Khalil Straightgully of gOlden bOy Promotions. The countdown clock hits double zero’s on Jewelz grillz, and immediately, the grill is transformed from numbers to a shiny custom grill that reads “Bling Me Out Big Homie”. The camera switches to a station at the expo that features a dentistry chair, some tools, what looks to be a medical assistant to aid in the process and also Donny Layne. The Station is flooded with purple and gOld, obviously signifying that Diamond Jewelz’s “cUstomers” have turned out in full force for his cameo at the biggest event on the jOlt calendar.

Donny Layne: jOlt fans… Are you ready.. It’s now time for our Diamond Jewelz “Bling Me Out Big Homie Contest".. The winner of our online twitter contest, if you haven’t read, was Jimmy Saderson of Duluth, Iowa. To win the contest, all you had to do was send in a picture of yourself here at the WrestleCade II Expo, holding a sign saying “Bling Me Out Big Homie”.

Jimmy did it, was entered into a random drawing which he won and today is going to get his own custom grill from your “Big Homie” and mine, jOlt’s Relentless Champion, Diamond Jewelz.

Jimmy, Jimmy where are you at…

Simultaneously, a scrawny white kid in a black, Iowa Hawkeyes shirt, and some black shorts runs up to the stage.

Donny Layne: There he is… Iowa huh?? Well Jimmy, you ain’t in Iowa no more… Courtesy of wrestling's only GIA Certified Jeweler, Diamond Jewelz, you're about to get a taste, quite literally, of Las Vegas’ finest gold and diamonds, from Las Vegas’ finest jewelry store, Segalowich’s Jewelry Store. You Ready??

Jimmy blushes red with excitement.

Jimmy: Wooo!!!!!

Jimmy’s excitement elicits a thundering roar from crowd.

“Bling Him Out!!!”

“Bling Him Out!!!”

“Bling Him Out!!!”

The crowd roars. “Gotta Take It” By Nipsey Hussle pulses through the PA system absolutely rocking the expo center at the Tokyo Dome. Diamond Jewelz, wearing a purple and gOld “gOlden bOy Promotions” shirt, purple shorts, and plethora of different glistening and shining jewelry pieces, the Relentless Title being chief among them, is accompanied by his security team, Khalil Straightgully, and Latrell Samuel, “Them M’fn Goons”, who wear matching gear and showcase a significant amount of blinging jewelry themselves, come out from behind the set. DJ poses, showcasing his Relentless Title and numerous jewelry pieces, and then joins Donnie and an obviously nervous Jimmy on set.

Diamond Jewelz: Where my customers at!!

We In Here… The Crowd roars in excitement

Diamond Jewelz: Let’s get it then!!! Jimmy.. Have a seat… Jimmy won my contest yesterday, and if you can see the mold here, I’ve already got his teeth molded and ready to be blinged out.

Diamond exhibits a plain clay mold of teeth before the fans, the crowd is awed in silence at the process. The Medical assistant preps Jimmy in the dentistry chair by placing a blue protective cloth over his chest and cleaning his mouth out with a rinse.

Diamond Jewelz: The next step here is to place our diamonds on the teeth and coat the entirety of the masterpiece in gOld. Due to the length of this process, I’ve already completed it, but just to show you how this ballin ass nigga does it… Let me place a few diamonds here in the teeth, to show you how it’s done.

Diamond sits in a chair and puts on a magnifying lens to help him with the placement of the diamonds. The camera pans in. Diamond places a diamond on one of the teeth perfectly.

Diamond Jewelz: Bling!

The Jeweler exclaims marking his precision. He places another diamond in the tooth completely immersing it in diamonds.

Diamond Jewelz: Bling!!!! And there you have it… I ain’t got the time today to go through a whole process of this as you see how tedious this shit be… But….

Diamond snatches a curtain off of the table next to his workspace unveiling a completely finished grill which reads “Jimmy”,

Diamond Jewelz: Voila my niggaz!!!! This the finished piece…

Ohh's and Ahhh's errupt from the crowd at the beautiful grill piece, fully immersed in diamonds and gOld. The piece twinkles and glistens in the light. Donny Layne: Big Homie… If I can interrupt you for a sec… What’s the value on that bling my ninija..

Diamond eyes Donny and gives him the evil eye at his terrible use of slang..

Diamond Jewelz: Lil Homie…. It’s 50 stacks.

Donny Layne: Woooo…. That’s a lot of gwapola… You hear that Jimmy, you’re gonna have 50 stacks in your mouth

Jimmy gives a thumbs up in the dentistry chair as the medical assistant is progressing through what looks to be a rinse and cleaning.

Diamond Jewelz: And now for the fitting

A drumroll begins to blare through the PA. Jewelz places some blue rubber medical gloves on his hands and with the ever most care, picks up the grill and begins to make his way over to Jimmy. The Medical assistant places a tube in Jimmy’s mouth.

Donny Layne: If you don’t know what that tube is for… It’s to keep our man Jimmy’s saliva from building up during this initial fitting.

Diamond continues his work…Diamond presses on Jimmy’s teeth and then moves back quickly. He motions for the medical assistant to pull the tube out and take the sheet off of Jimmy.

Donny Layne: We’re all finished here ladies and gentlemen.. It’s now time for the unveiling… Jimmy… Show em your bling…

The drumroll stops and symbols crash.. Jimmy stands up and gives a twinkling and glistening smile. Diamond embraces Jimmy and joins him with an even more blinging smile… The glisten and shine coming from the stage is second to none…

Jimmy: I'm hella ballin niggasss.... Yeahh...

Jimmy exclaims, each word illiciting an awesome twinkle and glisten.... The crowd erupts in laughter at Jimmy's proclamatiion.

Donnie Layne: Yeahh….. Look at Jimmy… “The Big Homie” done blinged him out… Big applause for Jimmy for working with us today and allowing “Mr. Relentless” to show off his craftsmanship today… Now a few questions for DJ..: How do you feel about your match and your opportunity to get back your gOlden bOy Championship and more importantly, a shot at the jOIt World Heavyweight Championship.

Diamond Jewelz: Ever since I got here, I been talking about my thirst for gOld, and at ‘Cade, not only do I have a chance to get what’s mine back from Brody, but I got a chance to be what I, and these fans already know I be…. jOlt’s mVp… You feel me… I’m taking that contract, and if I feel so inclined, I’mma get that big Chip to… BIg Homie is coming for the Big Chip.

Donny Layne: One Last question!!! How would it feel to beat your old partner Jesse Ramey for that title. Would that add something extra to the whole deal for you or no??

Diamond Jewelz: Nah… I stepped in the ring with Ramey many times as his partner, and 4 times as his opponent, and I’m 3-0-1… I’ve already climbed this mountain before… That’s why I feel that this here boy, this Relentless Title around my waist, is the most valuable chip in jOlt because how I’ve dominated the world Champion time and time again.. I hope Citizen wins so I can add another notch in my belt… Ramey is passe.. Give me a new champ.. Ohh yeah.... Don't forget about my Goons.... New Tag Champs.... We outchhhh chereee...

"Fourth Hall of Fame Announcement"

Time had passed and we were now mid-afternoon. Damien Lee made his way to the ring along with Hiroki Miyano who was ready to translate what Lee had to say once again.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. We are here to continue announcing inductees into the 2015 Hall of Fame. Our next inductee has only been in jOlt for a short time, but the fact that he opted to step into the company with the history he has in this business, helped build the foundation of what jOlt has become today.

The jOltvision came to life as we see a lion on the screen against the British flag. The fans instantly recognize the symbolism of his moniker and begin to cheer. A lion's roar is heard as a claw mark tears the screen. The next scene is of the man who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame... TYKE!

"The British Lion, Tyke, has been a recognized name throughout the world of professional wrestling. Often seen as an underdog, Tyke captured the hearts of his fans around the world, but he wasn't always a fan favorite. Here in jOlt, Tyke took a revolutionary step in his career and turned his back on the masses. The man who once was accompanied by JET and Max Hopper had faded from our memories and was replaced by someone who was vile and vicious."

Scenes of Tyke terrorizing the Underground Division in jOlt were shown on the screen.

"Many never saw this side of Tyke before, but he became a villain you loved to hate. It has often been said that Tyke deserved more recognition than he had previously received throughout his career and jOlt Wrestling agreed. That is why we choose to honor Tyke by having him take his rightful place in the 2015 Hall of Fame!"

The final image showed Tyke standing there in his classic pose against the backdrop of the British flag.

"Second Chance"

You've all heard of dream debuts.

The Entertainers didn't have one.

Sure, they'd debuted, but they must have been dreaming if they thought they were going to be too hot to handle for The House.

They'd talked a good game, perhaps even a great one, and riled Roebuck and Huber respectively, getting their attention with a barrage of insults and a bottle of water.

Unfortunately, unannounced, they were back for seconds on Wrestlecade Xperience Day 3.

Backstage, near The E-Fed Guerrilla position as I've renamed it, Darren Best and Alfie Button, dressed in snazzy, matching yellow and white outfits that would blind a bat, yes that analogy was intended...

The straight man in this crazy combination, Darren Best, took the lead: "Alfie and I, we've had a few days to think and we want another opportunity."

"Nah, nah, don't grovel mate," Button brought up.

Best shook his head and sighed prior to knocking the door the walking pair now found themselves in front of. It was answered by Shayne Anderson, the Hype GM: "Entertainers...changed your minds? Come on in," Anderson said in a welcoming fashion.

Unbeknownst to him, Alfie and Darren were arguing, Button adamant that they were not going to do whatever Shayne wanted them to do, and nor did we know.

Darren and Alfie rolled up near his table, as Anderson sat down and smiled: "So...what can I do for you?"

Best took a step forward: "Shayne, thanks for offering..."

Alfie couldn't stand it: "Fanks, but no fanks, pal. You can shove the spots on The 'Ype right up your arse, understand what I mean?"

Hardly ambiguous, was it?

Darren was mortified: "Alfie..."

Anderson smiled: "He didn't mean it? Sure, he did. I mean it too though. You guys are talented, but I think you should consider starting on The Hype. There's no shame..."

The Englishman in the duo was livid: "No shame? We didn't come 'ere to be on your show. We're not settling for nothing less. Get Damien Lee in 'ere right now and let's sort this out."

"You're kidding?"

Only Alfie wasn't: "No, I ain't mate and I don't care 'oo you are, you talk to me like that again..."

A swift elbow by the more tactful Best shut Button up: "What do we have to do to get a match here tonight?"

Anderson pondered that thought, though something tells me he was ready for that: "You have to make it happen. I'm not going to book a match for you. You have an opportunity and, by the way, if you haven't won a match by the end of the night between you, you'll be relegated to the Hype, no questions asked."

Shayne extended his hand and Alfie and Darren looked at each, silently exchanging words with Best asking him what he wanted to do via the use of shoulders and hands. Button begrudgingly nodded and beckoned for Best to shake Shayne's hand.

Second chance for The Entertainers to entertain.

Only they'd have to do more than that tonight.

They'd have to win to stay on the main roster.

"Brody Gives Away Tickets, People Rejoice!"

Jolt Wrestling had arrived in Tokyo, Japan for its second-ever Wrestlecade show – and the first one outside the country – and in the convention center in the center of the ring meeting with fans was none other than the motha-lovin’ gOlden bOy Champion himself, “SuperMack” Mack Brody. Standing aside from them was a translator, Hiroki Miyano, who was translating everything being said.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Mack Brody said, “WELCOME TO DAY THREE OF THE WRESTLECADE XPERIENCE!”

Once it was translated to the fans, the crowd went nuts!

“We’re going to be getting to the autograph portion of this as soon as we’re done recording here, but I want this to be said… Wrestlecade and this opportunity that I’m about to receive means the WORLD to me… but I know that none of the success that I achieved… I mean this with complete sincerity that I owe everything to you…”

The gOlden bOy Champion pointed out to the sea of fans and as Miyano-san translated, the convention center was filling with thunderous applause.

“Thanks to the whole lot of you for getting me to where I am today. Wrestlecade means everything to me and I promise that before we get his party started, that I will NOT let any of you down! Jesse Ramey is a very worthy jOlt Champion and I’ve been lucky enough to be in the ring with him; the guy is a workhorse… but as great as this title is…”

He said as he held perhaps jOlt’s gaudiest championship outward.

“…It’s time for SuperMack to step up to the big time! Next time I face Ramey, I want it to be for the jOlt Championship! And I want YOU to all be there to witness it at Wrestlecade! That’s why to kick things off in fucking STYLE…”

Brody reached over and Miyano-san handed him a pair of tickets.

“I’ve got two tickets in my hand and if you all reached out before the raffle when you came in today, I’ve got TWO --- count ‘em --- TWO front-row tickets to Wrestlecade! And now…


A young fan in his mid-twenties approached the ring and Brody handed him the tickets.

“Thank you, SuperMack!” Sato told him.

“You got it, bro!” Brody said with a thumbs up. “Enjoy them seats, especially when you get to be there front row when I kick the shit out of Jeremy Ryan and Diamond Jewelz!”

Sato took the tickets and ran off to a round of applause as somebody watched in the crowd from underneath a hood, fixated on Mack Brody as he shook hands with a few members of the press on hand…

A growling Jeremy Ryan.

"Keep talking, you little fucker..." Ryan hissed.

Not normally seen at public outings, jOlt's Last Real Man turned and disappeared into the crowd. He would show the world exactly how a real man handed his business at Wrestlecade.

"Final Hall of Fame Announcement"

We were now in late afternoon when Damien Lee and Hiroki Miyano returned to the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.. our final inductee has been an influence to the history of jOlt. They say you should honor the ones who come before you and tonight we are doing exactly that."

The jOltvision came to life. There was no waiting.. no mystery. The first image on the screen was THE DON!

"The Don was one of the most influential men in the history of jOlt Wrestling. A manager, a former owner, and a former jOlt World Champion was The Don. He could talk his way into the mind of a superstar... or into the front offices of a company. His tongue was more golden than any championship in jOlt's history."

An image of The Don winning the jOlt World Title was shown.

"Some argued that despite his nefarious ways, that there would be no jOlt today if it weren't for The Don. His influences could be felt by anyone who had remotely come near him. Just his image alone became symbolic with jOlt Wrestling. We could think of no better candidate to select as this year's featured entrant into the Hall of Fame!"

With that, the final graphic is displayed. The Don in the center, Derecho to the left, Tyke to the right, Graphic Violence to the left of Derecho and Team VIAGRA to the right of Tyke.

They were the 2015 Class of the jOlt Hall of Fame!

"Q&A Panel w/ Jesse Ramey"

The scene faded into a sealed off area of the convention center, with a large stage at the front of the room. On the stage were several long tables, with white sheets over them. Seated at the table were several of the convention centers representatives and one was located at a podium at the far left of all of the tables. The doors at the back of the room finally swung shut as several people were still shuffling in trying to fight seating, while a long line of individuals had already formed at the center of the room, and stretched back nearly to the door.

A microphone stand rested at the front of that line, and beside of that was another individual most likely the translator. The casually dressed individual on the stage at the podium twisted his lanyard around and then leaned into the microphone, tapping it a few times causing the crowd on hand to calm down.

“女性および紳士は、この時点で、ステージに歓迎で私を助けてください "The Anti-Star"ジェシー ラメ !” The man announced emphatically and caused the crowd the go into an uproar.

From the right of the stage walked Ramey holding the Jolt championship folded close to his side, he raised one arm into the air as he made his way over to the center of the tables and found his seating. The Anti-Star placed the Jolt championship on the table with the plating facing forward, and then took a seat at the table.

“Thank you all for being here this evening,” Ramey began, and as he spoke a Japanese voice was reiterating everything he expressed to the crowd, “we don’t have a lot of time here this evening, but I’ll do my best to answer every single one of your questions as accurately and honest as possible. Let’s get this started!”

The first person in line was a little hesitant, but adjusted the microphone and in a clear voice began speaking in Japanese while the translator conveyed his message so that Ramey would understand. Despite the fact that Jesse had spent more than six years wrestling in Japan and did in fact know Japanese, “Mr. Ramey, I’ll make your first question very simple, how long have you been wrestling?”

Ramey chuckled, “I’m only laughing because I know Darren Best and Alfie Button are going to get a kick out of this when they see it, but I’ve been a part of this great profession and sport for the past twenty-four years. Next question please.”

The next person stepped up to the plate, “I’ll make this sort of a follow up question. Considering how long you’ve been doing this, and the fact that you’re pushing forty now, how much longer do you see yourself being able to continue doing what you do?”

“That’s honestly a fair question,” Ramey nodded and actually contemplated the question, “you know that’s something I’ve been asked a few times in the past. When I joined Jolt a lot of people thought I was well past my prime and that I had peaked in All-Star Championship Wrestling, but obviously I’ve proven those critics wrong.”

The Anti-Star brought his hand up and patted the Jolt championship in front of him, which drew a small reaction from the crowd.

“As far as your question is concerned though, I honestly couldn’t give you a definitive answer to that.” Ramey paused, “One thing I can promise though is that as long as my body allows it I will continue walking out that entrance curtain and down that ring to compete, and who’s to say with success I’ve had over the past four years that even when my body does give out I wouldn’t land some kind of job that would still see me in front of the cameras like Jolt Commissioner.” Ramey winked at the camera, “Keep that in mind Damien Lee.”

The next person in line stepped forward, “Mr. Ramey, in your opinion heading into your match against Citizen at Wrestlecade, who in your career have you faced before that you feel has prepared you for a fight like this?”

“As long of a career as I’ve had that’s honestly going to be a very easy question to answer, and Citizen has fought the same exact person before, but Underground rules is totally different than a Four Walls match.” Ramey paused as the crowd cheered, most knowing exactly who he was speaking of, “And just to clarify for those of you who didn’t pop already knowing the man I’m speaking of, that would be Khristain Keller.”

“Maybe you’ll find that to be a good answer or you won’t,” Ramey paused, “considering Citizen was able to defeat Keller in their encounter, but I couldn’t. The biggest difference between now and then though is that I let Keller get into my mind before our fight during Fight Night, but I’m not letting Citizen’s attempt at mind games get to me. I know that sounds pretty pathetic as a husband, but I know how tough Nicky is and I know she can handle her own. I also know that Citizen isn’t stupid enough to do anything to my wife that would cost him his career with this company and his obvious mission at breaking me, that isn’t working.”

The fans all clapped as a stage hand made his way over to Ramey, and whispered in his ear.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Ramey started, “don’t be alarmed, but I have been informed that the recorded portion of this event is going to be ending now, but I’m going to stick around until that line is done asking their questions. I don’t think anyone is going to be coming in here anytime soon and telling the reigning Jolt champion that he has to leave. At least they haven’t yet.”

The Anti-Star chuckled as the next person stepped up to the plate and the scene faded out.

El Principe vs Gordon Patrick

Gordon Patrick, the second generation star, was already stood waiting in the ring. The talented technician, besides pairing up with Jesse Ramey in a losing effort to The House, had also found it hard to pick up a victory on The Hype. You could say he couldn't buy a win at the moment.

Which brings us nicely to his opponent - El Principe. With the help of the legendary El Gringo Loco, that is exactly what he had been doing. He'd racked up three consecutive scalps without breaking a fingernail, let alone a sweat or dare I say, a bone.

And, accompanied by the aforementioned EGL, with a briefcase in hand, it seemed that Principe, who shared his 2nd generation status in common with Gordon, was intent on attempting to pay for again. Amazingly, they were disregarding Patrick's jabs at him in promos for bribing opponents rather than beating them.

Ignorance really is bliss.

Wait a minute!

Principe was on the floor, the recipient of a sneak attack by The Entertainers. A hard axe-handle from Darren Best had done the damage and Button, in no uncertain terms, threatened El Gringo Loco, who surprisingly wasn't equipped for once, who walked to the side of the ramp and watched Best pick Principe up. He held the Mexican masked man for Alfie to unleash three left-footed penalty-like punts to the pectoral region.

EGL had been loitering, and for good reason...

The briefcase.

Button spotted EGL moving forward courageously in an attempt to snare the cash, but Alfie put two and two together and picked it up, which visibly frustrated Loco. To add injury to insult, Button rammed the briefcase hard into Principe's head, as Best held him, and fell to the floor motionless.

The audacious Alfie didn't bother to return the case to its rightful owner either. Perhaps that was an insurance policy in case they lose their spots on the main roster?

Gordon Patrick had watched all of this unfold and as The Entertainers made their way down the aisle, it became apparent that the plan was for them to pulverise Principe and take his place in this outing by force.

Alfie took up a place near the ring steps as Darren ascended them and stepped between the ropes.

Then, Best reminded Button he had other duties and Alfie, for once in his life, did as he was told, informing the timekeeper to ring the bell, regardless of what Gordon Patrick thought or felt, and he just couldn't help himself...

He took up station at the commentary desk. Anything to get on TV!

Darren Best vs Gordon Patrick

"Alfie Button is in the joint; not that type of joint, but 'ere in Japan and we're gonna 'ave it large in a minute as my mucka, my bruvver from another muvver, the criminally blessed Darren Best embarrasses this never-was."


We were underway.

A tie-up. If any of you are familiar with Gordon Patrick, you won't be surprised that he negotiated a hammerlock.

Best nodded, like he was expecting it, and reached to reverse it, which Gordon reversed and soon enough the pair of them were in the ropes, being separated by the referee.

There wasn't a clean break...

Best drew boos from the capacity crowd, sans Alfie who applauded enthusiastically on commentary, but Darren, brushing off the referee's reprimanding, took too long to capitalise...


Good old-fashioned headbutt right on the chin and it felled Darren, who was tending to his mouth and counting his teeth to check they were all intact.

Regaining a vertical base, The Entertainer wanted to shake Gordon's hand to show their were no hard feelings.

Understandably, Patrick was reluctant to do so and looked at the masses, who encouraged him not to. In truth, he was playing Darren and was never going to fall for the trick, which is exactly why he was able to block Best's attempted sucker punch, take control of Darren's wrist. If that didn't hurt, DB was in more pain courtesy of GP momentarily...


The fans lapped it up as Patrick scored with a succession of right hands to Best's upper arm, which must've felt like it was going to fall off. One thing that was going to fall was all of Darren, as Gordon rounded off the lovely sequence with a fierce right hand that connected flush on the chin.

Best was trying to scurry away from Patrick, taken aback at the aggression that Gordon was displaying...

"Get outta there, Dazza." Button screamed unashamedly, neglecting any neutrality whatsoever in calling this clash,

To halt Darren's escape, Gordon stood on his opponent's hand, but Best didn't have time to dwell on that as he was being escorted to church for...

Sunday Mass.

Fortunately for Darren, he was close enough to hook the ropes with his free hand to elude Gordon's grounded wristlock. Patrick released his grip on three and a relieved Darren slipped out of the ring to get away from Gordon.

The camera showed Principe and El Gringo Loco leaving, which made Best turn around and make sure they were heading out of the exit than coming back down to exact revenge. You know what happens when you take your eye off the get punished.

"Na na na na, na na na na, hey...." sang Alfie, untill...

Scintillating Suicide Dive, somewhat of a risk for the sound strategist we know as Gordon Patrick, but it scored and had paid dividends.

"Darren, come on...we'll be on the dole at this rate, man."

On the outside, Patrick asserted himself, unleashing anger and annoyance which would've been originally intended for the departing Principe and Loco respectively on Best's head, smacking him with four hard and accurate punches to the forehead.

The official had come out of the squared circle to order Gordon to bring it back inside, and he respected the ref's request, bringing Best with him until Darren ushered a knee into the abdomen and attempted a whip, but it was the 'Irishman' who negotiated the Irish Whip, ironically enough, to send the former host of the BEST Wrestling Podcast into the same stairs he'd climbed up to step up and substitute El Principe.

It had been going downhill ever since.

Gordon protested his innocence to the official. He didn't have to. Darren had initiated the whip, only to have it reversed, but he wanted the action back inside and GP was going to finally follow that command.

"I can't believe 'e 'asn't been disqualified for that, the mug," Alfie shared with everyone who'd listen.

He dumped Darren underneath the bottom rope and then followed suit. However, even though his arm was hurting, Best took advantage of Patrick's slight hesitation to come back in with a boot to the temple, subsequently complemented by a second effort.

A suplex attempt...



Yes, Gordon had pulled off his own suplex attempt. Lateral press...



And only two, though tellingly, Patrick was one step ahead...


Best was in all kinds of trouble. On commentary, Alfie knew what was coming next, Darren was fully aware of it, desperately trying to inch and drag himself away from Ryan Harms way, but it wasn't going to happen...

The Headscissors was cinched in as well.

Ladies and gentlemen...


Button took his headset off and stood up, hands on head, in disbelief, knowing The Hype may well await The Entertainers next week. To quote someone from the broadcasting booth in November 1996 when referring to the Texas Cloveleaf...

AW, this move HURTS.

Darren Best now had first-hand knowledge of that. He was in all kinds of trouble and had his hand cocked until

Alfie thought on his feet, figuratively and literally, and vacated the commentary position momentarily to step up onto the apron, which distracted the irritated official, and Gordon was incredibly close to extracting a submission that would've embarrassed The Entertainers into taking their so-called skills to Shayne Anderson's show...

Gordon got up to confront Alfie, who didn't want any part of the talented tactician, who didn't need to deploy any acumen...

Right hand that knocked Button off the apron, much to the audience's approval, and even his co-commentators! Them more than anyone else.

Alfie, who took a terrific bump, looked to be out of it on the floor. His saving grace being that he'd smacked his head off the desk rather than the concrete floor, yes he'd gone back THAT far, and well, it was the lesser of two evils.

As Gordon brought his attention back to Darren Best...

Single Arm DDT!

Oh my goodness, how matches can hinge on a single moment. I'd talked earlier about Best taking his eye off the ball, now he was dishing it out...

He stepped through, and Patrick knew this move only too well, it being in his repertoire too...




Scorpion Armlock! And Darren, who'd not enjoyed much offence thus far, had given the world a premiere of his specialist submission, just moments after being on the brink of tapping out to Gordon's.

It's pretty difficult to swim on canvas, especially when you've got another human trying to mutilate your vital limbs, but egged on by the audience, Gordon decided to begin the journey to the shore, he could see it, it was going to be agonizing, ultra-difficult and painful ordeal, but he hadn't once been dubbed the hardest working man in wrestling for nothing and was about to show why.

The vociferous support heightened. It moved Gordon who, inch by damn inch to quote Al Pacino, had indeed been in hell, but believed and the faith was rewarded when it seemed a dejected Darren Best couldn't lock the brakes on to stop the speedy progress of Patrick.

Whilst the referee told Best to let go, Alfie, whose head was propped up against the foot of the desk he'd sat behind a couple of moments ago, was at least conscious.

Aggrieved, Darren Best quickly moved to slap on a waistlock. A German in Japan?

No, Patrick was able to go behind...




A wild clothesline attempt by Best was way off the mark...





Best was enraged. He couldn't get near Gordon, another lariat going awry...

Inside cradle...



Each fall was getting closer!

This time, Darren took the wind out of Patrick's sails, good and proper with a cracking kick to the midsection.

Like earlier, his trademark move had come out of nowhere, this one had emerged from leftfield too...


Wrist Clutch Exploder, baby. Right here in the country where you see them as frequently as an Italian eats pasta for lunch.

This had scored.




Best slapped the canvas in frustration. Button, who'd seen the last exchange and was fully aware of where he was now, nodded at Darren. Very few people saw it, though the chemistry between these two wasn't just limited to jokes...

Darren dragged Gordon, who was in danger now, towards the top left-hand corner of the ring, the same one where Alfie stood, and draped Patrick over the second turnbuckle, choking him up until four. Best took exception to the official's intervention and argued the toss with him, narrowly avoiding disqualification. It was all part of the master plan though as Button stepped up to the plate...


From the outside through the second rope, Alfie's left foot, educated at Harvard apparently, had echoed around the arena like a firework going off.

Conveniently, Best said sorry to the referee and covered Patrick...




No, shoulder, barely, just barely, moved off the mat.

Best stared at Button, whose two index fingers moved in motion. Once again, Darren dragged Patrick, this time to the middle of the ring, and up he went...

OUTstanding Moonsault!!!

We have ONE...

And TWO....

Could it be....?


Best, open-mouthed, and tending to his right shoulder, had his left hand raised by the referee as Alfie Button jumped up and down on the spot, their eyes locked, not moving, when it dawned on them that they'd 'earned' their place.

Alfie jumped into the ring and then ONTO Darren as they embraced, rare for these two, in front of a disapproving crowd.

Then, Button stood to the side and insisted on the official raising both of their hands, which he did as the announcer officially declared Darren Best the winner.

Another hug? Yes.

There'd be another appearance too.

Gordon Patrick had controlled the contest for large portions, but The Entertainers had proven they could be a well-oiled outfit with odds of two on one.

On Day 1, they'd had the proverbial worst nightmare, but Darren Best, aided by Alfie Button, had seized the chance to create a first impression at the second time of asking.

I still wouldn't say I believe the hype of The Entertainers and whether they'll be back at Wrestlecade III in championship contention...

But at least they wouldn't be appearing on The Hype next week.

Winner: Darren Best via Pinfall