Dawncast: Jonathan Conspiracy

Jonathan Conspiracy Cameras opened up to Jonathan Conspiracyís locker room following Warriors 8. Seated inside the room was Jonathan Conspiracy, with Sweet Aroma having already headed out to give Jonathan some space. Seated across from Conspiracy was jOlt journalist/interviewer Dawn Cassidy.

Cassidy: I want to thank you for taking the time out to speak with me Jonathan.

Conspiracy who was still wearing the towel over his head, finally decided to remove it and tossed it across the room.

Conspiracy: Do we really have to do this Dawn?

Cassidy: Yes Jonathan, you promised that if I managed to get rid of Donny Layne, you would give me this exclusive for Countdown.

Conspiracy: Fine, fine; what do you want to know?

Cassidy went through her phone, in search of the first question.

Cassidy: Since making your return to the ring, you havenít had the greatest of success, most notably in high profile matchesÖ

Conspiracy interjected.

Conspiracy: Get to the question Dawn, I donít have all day. Iím supposed to be meeting Veronica in an hour andÖ

Cassidy: Donít you think itís time you retire?

Flustered, Dawn Cassidy blurted the question out that everyone wanted answered. Conspiracy sternly looked at Dawn Cassidy before he answered.

Conspiracy: Actually thatís something that has weighed on my mind. Iíve been wrestling almost as soon as I got out of high school, and many people feel that I peaked with my PIW World Championship over 10 years ago and with my recent string of lossesÖ

Jonathan threw his hands up.

Conspiracy: I donít knowÖ phffff.

Conspiracy stood up.

Conspiracy: Sorry Dawn, I canít do this.

He removed the microphone from his shirt, and picked up his traveling bag.

Cassidy: Cut, just cut. Letís just hope that for his sake, he gets it together if heís not retiring.