Mission Statement

A cold winter night is all but still minus a few cars that seem to be going down the local interstate. The chill is welcome as it means that the season has finally arrived and everyone is either at a local establishment or in their homes to enjoy the evening.

Even on the quietest nights however…silence MUST be broken!

A motorcycle speeds down the street off in the distance and the person that is riding it is seen wearing a suit jacket, white shirt and red tie. That is the only thing really known as the person’s face is covered by the helmet to prevent injury in case the bike was to spill. The bike finds its way through the streets and the route to the arena is fairly simple to navigate although it doesn’t stop in the parking lot but rather stops in the backstage area as the rider hits the kickstand so the bike doesn’t fall over and gets off. As he does two guards walk up to the unidentified individual and decide to find out what’s going on.

“Excuse me sir” The first guard says “we weren’t told about anyone coming tonight other than the wrestlers. Could you please identify yourself?” the guard asks and the still helmeted gent looks over at the over guard whom nods and he takes his helmet off before introducing himself. “Sorry about that gents” The man begins “My name is Eric Daniels and I heard that you guys were having a time of it with your women’s division. I believe you call it the ‘Starlets’ no?” Eric asked and the guards just shrug before speaking again.

“We’ve heard that there would be someone to come and help us with our division but we didn’t know anything else about it Mr. Daniels.” The first guard explains and Eric just smiles before speaking “Please you don’t have to call me ‘Mr.’ just ‘Eric’ will be fine. Now can you please direct me to where the ring is? I would like to give your fine fans that I heard and read about a statement about what I intend to do to help you and what I plan on giving the fans very soon.” Eric explains and the guards point him in the direction of the entrance to which he walks out from behind the curtain and towards the announce position and gets the microphone from the ring announcer before walking up the steps, stepping through the ropes and addressing the packed arena

“Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Eric Daniels and I am here to help you enjoy your female division that you call the ‘Starlets’. Let me tell you that where I come from women were treated as two things and the first was credible athletes that would bust their ass for people like you that pay your hard earned money each and every time a show came to town. The second thing that the women were treated as were equals. In one place that I worked years ago a woman was the world champion and she, at one time, was one of the most hated and yet respected individuals in that company’s existence. Why? Because of who she was and what she could do inside this squared circle that you people want to see wrestling in am I not correct?”

The crowd cheers it’s approval and Eric smiles before continuing

“Ladies and Gentlemen and people whom watch us on any means necessary tonight I’m here because I have a mission to accomplish for you fans and the women that work here and that’s this: YOUR women, the ‘jOlt Starlets’ are going to perform to the highest level each and every week that they are out here and if any woman wants to slack off they don’t deserve to be here! I know that you want to see the best in the world in this ring and my mission is to help you find them and contend for the Starlets championship without all the petty BS Drama that you see nowadays elsewhere. I know in my heart you want to see women wrestle and climb the ladder while still having the intense feuds that can and SHOULD happen and it WILL happen or I will have failed you and I don’t want to do that! The bottom line friends is this: Change is coming very soon for your ‘Starlets’ and by GOD it will be for the positive!

So here’s a message for all the women that are here now and want to come in the future: Bring your best because that’s what we want! This is jOlt and we aren’t here to play kid games…strap in and hold on tight!” Eric exclaims as he drops the microphone in the center of the ring and climbs out slapping hands with some of the fans before heading into the backstage to get his helmet back on and ride out of the arena to disappear into the night.