DAWNCAST: Waymoth Turnbull
Dawn Cassidy Thieves’ Honor was on the horizon. It was becoming quite the spectacle with the matches that it currently has set on the card. From what is being said; the event is a complete sell-out. So, soon and very soon, fans from around the country will begin to line up with baited breath as they wait to see their favorite jOlt superstars.

“Is he even here?” Heard is the voice of Dawn Cassidy as the camera fades into the set of her infamous Q&A segment, “The DAWNcast”. There were two seats available, one Dawn had already occupied and the other was set for her guest of the show.

“What’s taking him so long?” She asked with a hint of annoyance, “Let’s get this thing on the road!”

“Nah rush me ‘oman, ah ain’t gah be here,” the familiar gruff of Waymoth Turnbull snapped from the background.

“Yuh de one dah ask me to come to dis ting, nah de otha way ‘round,” Waymoth informed, finally taking his place next to Ms. Cassidy.

Dawn Cassidy: “And don’t think that your showing up, though late, was not appreciated. A lot has changed since you first came on the scene and I think this would be the right format to finally get to the bottom of it all.”

Waymoth Turnbull: “ Ah tell yuh right now Dawn, any question meh nuh feel like dealin’ wit, Ah guarantee yuh nah fi get an answer so Ah suggest you tread nicely.”

Dawn Cassidy: “Understandable. Let’s start with a very easy one then. There’s been a lot of confusion as to where you’re actually from. Can you clear that one up?”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Ah was bawn and raised inna de Virgin Islands. Both ah dem. British and US. Ah was born in Tahtolah…”

Dawn Cassidy: “I’m sorry, where?”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Das one strike on de board.”

Dawn Cassidy: “I-I’m sorry, okay, so you were born, um..in Tah-to-la was it?”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Move fahward wit de next question.”

Dawn Cassidy: “Um..Okay..so, let’s jump ahead a few then. Recently, a ‘blast from your past’ as we discovered, made an appearance. What can you tell us about Cloyd Monsanto? From what I understand he was your trainer…?”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Right. Cloyd was’a man who put me on to de wrasslin’ business. Befo’ da ah was a boxah. Unfawtunately, de boxin’ scene back home wasn’t as heavy back inna mah young days as it tai’s now. So competition was low. Cloyd saw me afta a fight and pitch me de idea of wrasslin’. Talk’n bout travel’n all over de world and what not. He made good, but de one ting my motha always tell me from time I was a lil’ yout – nuttin’ come free. So wit everyting da man teach me, leh jus’ say that de bill was a big one and he finally decided da it was time to pay.”

Dawn Cassidy: “And that’s how you found your way here, am I correct?”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Exactly. He was de one dat reach out to ah’yo big man dem up here and send dem a tape .”

Dawn Cassidy: “Obviously he saw something in you, and so did our officials, considering that they placed you into the Power Struggle tournament. A tournament that you also went on to win and gained yourself a shot at the Relentless Championship. Which you then lost on the following episode of iNtense”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Da’s strike two. Nuh tek me fo nuh fool, ya’ unnastand? Ah know where yuh goin’ next wit dis, but ah gon’ answer yuh.”

Dawn Cassidy: “I appreciate it.”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Yes, ah went onto win de tournament, and de title offa Jonatun. It wasn’t even ah su’prise for me tuh be honest. De competition at de bottom was nuttin’. And das de truth. Ah run tru’ all dem man. One by one. Even when de t’ought dat da Anson LaRue dude would actually do sometin’ to slow me down, ah prove da he was a pussy too! All dem ah pussy if yuh ask me!”

Dawn Cassidy: “Well, let’s ask you this then. You just stated that you felt the competition was lackluster. If that was the case, then why drop the title to someone else that could’ve been, by your logic, easy pickings. I mean, you just laid there while Aran pinned you for the title. Why waste the time of our fans and the faith that jOlt officials had in you like that?”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Allow me to ansah yuh question wid’a question.”

Dawn Cassidy: “I just want an answer.”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Do yuh tink ah care?”

Dawn Cassidy: “Excuse me?”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Yuh nah deaf woman. What ah said was very clear; do yuh tink I care what it t’aise any one dem people tink when it come to de decision dat I mek’ with m’life? Yes, ah could’a run tru’ Aran like meh did e’ryone else but de one ting that will always stan’ out inna de lessons Cloyd teach me – business befo’ pleasure. Ah had tings dat needed to be taken care of and it was handled. All it needed for me was tuh lay pon’ me back and not tear Thompson ah new asshole!”

Dawn Cassidy: “Which is what I’m sure fans were expecting. They wanted a match, not a business transaction. It's safe to say they went home very disappointed.”

Waymoth Turnbull: “An’ again meh ask yuh, do you tink ah care? Ah ‘andle what ah needed to ‘andle. That’s that. Not a ting else mattah goin’ fahward ‘cept wha’ gon’ happen at Tief’s ‘Onah!”

Dawn Cassidy: “And what exactly does that mean for Thieves’ Honor? You gonna’ lay down for him again? Let him go on to win de jOlt Championship too?”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Strike tree. Ah done.”

Dawn Cassidy: “What the hell? Where are you going?”

Waymoth Turnbull: “Yuh ‘ear me nuh. Ah done.”