Height: 5 feet, 9 inches

  Weight: 180 lbs.

  Hometown: The Dark Carnival

  Theme: "The Dark Ride" by Prelude to Nightmare

  Wrestling Style: Technical

  Alignment: Face

  Signature Moves: The Overcall (Springboard Cross Body), Merry-Go-Round (Headscissors into a Facebuster)

  Finisher: Key to the Midway ()








The Dark Carnival

The life of a carnival worker and the life of a professional wrestler don't differ much. You work a live audience; only professional wrestling gets seen by a larger audience. This was the key to hitting the jackpot and Bally knew exactly that.

For years, Bally had worked as a Barker for numerous small side shows, but two things had stayed consistent during this time.

Missing Link, a man billed as the strongest man on Earth. Every night the tents went up Missing Link would put on a show for the audience ripping phonebooks in half, bending metal bars, and holding two grown men in the air on each arm.

Pinhead, the human enigma, he could hammer nails up his nostrils, swallow swords, and eat and breath fire.

The two men were the biggest attraction at any venue that Bally would call, and the three became very good friends behind closed doors. However, Bally knew the life they were living was not something that was always going to be tangible. Living life off of nickel and dime shows was not the life she had envisioned for herself, and she knew it wasn't for Missing Link and Pinhead either.

With the last amount of money the three could scrap together Bally came up for a plan, in professional wrestling. She took herself along with Missing Link and Pinhead and signed up to train in the sport under the All-Star Wrestling Academy, led by head trainer Jesse Ramey.

After their graduation, the tandem continued together for years on the independent circuit until one day Bally received a call from her former trainer letting her know that Jolt Wrestling was looking for viable tag teams and female wrestlers. After several dark matches on both the Hype and iNtense, Damien Lee saw the potential these three could very well bring to live taping within Jolt and they were signed to a contract.

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