Height: 6 foot 2 inches

  Weight: 230 lbs.

  Hometown: Sin City, Nevada

  Theme: "Jewelry" by Gucci Mane

  Wrestling Style: Aeriel Risk Taker/Technician

  Alignment: Heel

  Signature Moves: Crown Jewel(Strike Finisher Setup): Busaiku Kick To The Head, Diamond Bling(Alternate Set Up): Frankensteiner Moissanite Tester( Main Setup): Lightning Spiral Suplex

  Finisher: 3,106.75 Carats (Phoenix Splash), Iced Out (Cross-Faced Chicken Wing)








Diamond Ring

One of 3 children of a single mother, the beginnings of the metamorphism that shaped and molded a rock solid young man into the rare, and precious Jewel he is today began at the counter of his mother June's favorite jewelry store 8 years ago when he was 16 years old. Diamond, a multi-sport athlete at Valley High School in his hometown of Sin City, NV, was interested in obtaining a summer job to make a little cash that he could utilize for satisfying his cravings for his favorite recreational activities when they crept up! If Diamond could find a job, he wouldn't have to ask mom for money for the movies, food, or gas even though she was well able to afford it, being a very successful accountant in the city; a job would provide Diamond with the independence he so desired! Diamond's mother, a woman with an insatiable appetite for jewelry laden with diamonds and other precious gemstones(hence Diamond's government name), possessed a pocketbook able to fulfill her appetites, and acquired a smorgasbord of the objects of her cravings: diamonds, rubies, jewels, jade, sapphire, and many other precious gemstones. On a sweltering hot Saturday afternoon in 2005 Diamond tagged along with his mother on an excurision to her very most favorite jeweler, Segalowitch & Sons Jewelers, to look for a new Diamond piece to add to her robust collection; even though Diamond tagged along in the interests of getting some new cleats for football practice, he made an observation that would start his journey to his destiny: out the corner of his eyes he spotted a "Help Needed" sign and immediately inquired one of the owners of the store, Barry, the son of George the owner, about the open position.

Diamond's mother being such an avid buyer from the store, Barry awarded the young man, out of loyalty and gratitude to his mother, a job sweeping floors, making food runs,and doing whatever other odd jobs the Segalowitchs' needed. Although Diamond had, because of his mother's hobby of jewelry collection, already gathered a significant amount of knowledge about diamonds and precious gemstones, it was in the Segalowitchs' store that Diamond inherited his mother's obsession and began to become obsessed with anything having to do with precious gemstones. Diamond would spend the summer of '05 going between his sports endeavors at Valley High and the Segalowtchs' store.

Diamond's Jr. and Sr. year would be much like the summer of '05, and would be focused on training for his multi-sport athletic career, and studying diamonds and gems as an amateur hobby while sweeping up the Segalowitchs' shop. For his birthday and holidays, the Segalowitchs' would even gift him with some small random jewelry pieces to fuel his new obsession. Diamond would work after school and practice for the Segalowitchs' all year around for the rest of his high school career!

Diamond's sports endeavors would lead to small school offers in baketball and baseball, and the same in football with the exception of one: UNLV. Football being his favorite sport by a slim margin, and this being the source of his only major collegiate sport scholarship offer, Diamond decided to continue the pursuit of his sport endeavors at UNLV.

Diamond, an self-admittedly undersized DE, would float around to different positions(RB, LB, S) and get a few garbage time snaps the first two years of his career before deciding that the structure, discipline, and regimented setup of a D1 college program were not for him; Diamond, an alpha personality, also didn't benefit from his "intelligent" mouth, and his independent and heady nature which led to numerous clashes with the discipline and obedience obsessed UNLV coaching staff. The rigid structure of the sports world was just not for Diamond. What Diamond did have though was a keen interest in diamonds and jewels. While majoring in Gemology at UNLV, he would earn his GIA(Gemological Institute of America.) certification on the side, and after graduating from UNLV in 3 1/2 years with a Bachelor's degree, return to Sin City to work with the Segalowichs as a certified jeweler. Diamond began designing custom pieces for different rappers, his signature skill being designing custom grillz. In 2011, because of Diamond's impressive build, he was recruited out of Segalowhich & Sons by a promoter James Jack from Outlaw Wrestling in Las Vegas, an independent promotion and began wrestling. Because he was a casual fan of the business he decided to take the promoter up on his offer. He would migrate from place to place along the indy circuit, lastly SCW(Sin City Wrestling) before arriving to jOlt to put his own custom jeweler touch on its' ring and leave a mark of Diamond Jewelz on it like he did so many others in the past.

After Diamond's arrival in jOlt, despite being signed to a lucrative contract, he was not immediately thrust into singles competition, but would, at first, be forced, to his great distaste, to idle in the tag division where he was paired with one Jameson Lennox, and then Jesse Ramey before he would ever get the opportunity to shine on his own in the singles division. The team with Jameson Lennox, affectionately known as the next Generation Superstars, was disbanded when Lennox was brutally injured at a bar, by Jewelz himself, over some unpaid jewelry debts. His tag team with Ramey, under the same name, ended when Ramey, not one for savagery and crime, uncovered Jewel's crime thanks to some help from an ill-willed Mattock. Jewelz defeated the former ACW Heavyweight Champion and future jOlt Heavyweight Champion twice, catapulting into his first shot at the gOld he so coveted, a failed attempt against the, at the time, undefeated, and unstoppable Omega. Jewelz big splash into singles competition occured in his first competition for gOld in jOlt. It was not for an title though; after jCon stole his signature "DJ" chain, Jewelz was forced to contest for his own custom jewelry piece after a failed bar assault and numerous independetly contracted retrieval attempts, before Damien Lee forced jCon into the ring against Jewelz for an epic ladder match where Jewelz was able to reclaim his chain with the help of his newly hired security team, The Hype's Lattrell Samuel, and Khalil Straightgully. Jewelz would continue in the singles division, getting another crack at gOld when he wasentered into the Relentless Title Tourney at i98 where he was derailed by Vizier Ta Seti due to interference at the hands of the jOltvision video hijinks of Providence...

Feeling robbed of his destiny to win the rebirthed Relentless Title at i100, by Providence's interference against the future Relentless tourney winner Vizier Ta Seti on i99,Jewelz took the Relentless Title he had custom designed for his Relentless Title reign he was sure to begin on i100 and decided that his destiny to wear that gOld would not be derailed, but being the champion he is, he would compete for his custom creation christened the gOlden bOy Title, and he would defend it week in and week out. On i100 Prince Samir was the first person to challenge Jewelz's destiny to wear gold on i100 and he was soundly defeated as so many other would be in the future. This open challenge for Jewelz's craftsmanship would appropriately be named the gOlden bOy Invitational. In the future, due to a favor owed to Jewelz by Damien Lee, Jewelz made the gOlden bOy Invitational a completely separate promotion, with its' own rules set, unique announcer and ref; the gOlden boy Title also became officially sanctioned. Quickly, the gOlden bOy Invitational became quite possibly the most popular weekly segment on iNtense seeing the high flyer from Las Vegas afrront former and current champions answering Jewelz's open weekly challenge; most notably, Heavyweight champion Landon Stevens on i105. Jewelz became jOlt's "gOlden bOy", the most valuable title holder in the orginization by his own estimation

At Thievers Honor, Jewelz faced off with Ta Seti and defeated him by submission to finally gain the Relentless Title he had so coveted... Because of the official sanctioning of the gOlden bOy Title, the original design Jewelz had in mind for the Relentless Title stayed with the now official gOlden bOy Title, and Jewelz came up with a new customization idea for the Relentless Title. Jewelz was now was a double title holder in the same breath as one Aaron Thompson now who held two official jOlt titles at the same time: the Relentless and World Heavyweight Titles. Seeing the likeness between himself and Aaron, he subsequently adopted the monkier of Mr. Relentless, much to the chagrin of one Aaron Thompson. Thompson would answer the gOlden bOy Invitational to defend his namesake, but the match ended in a no contest; but a post match beating dealt out by Jewelz led the new Relentless Title holder to see the act of ferocity as a passing of the torch and Jewelz would henceforth go by the monkier of Mr. Relentless. After an affair with Vogue Gonsalvez live on jOlt tv, Jewelz suffered a breakup with his once fiance Ruby Rocks.

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