Height: 6 foot 10 inches

  Weight: 337 lbs.

  Hometown: Virden, Manitoba, Canada

  Theme: "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth

  Wrestling Style: Powerhouse/Aerialist/Technician

  Alignment: Face

  Signature Moves: The Big Souix Splash [Frog Splash], Various Suplexes, Spear

  Finisher: Trailervision [Cradle Piledriver], Dawn of the Final Moment [Back Drop Driver]








The Monster

Mike Patterson grew up in the small Western Manitoba town of Virden the son of a farmer. He worked hard on the cattle ranch his father owned and trained hard for competition in local rodeos. He even went to the famous Calgary stampede to compete in the bull riding competitions. One day, his family's farm went under and Mike set out for the big city to find work to help support those he held near and dear. Mike's massive size led him to work as a bouncer and bodyguard in several establishments in the bustling prairie metropolis of Winnipeg until he was discovered one night by a former professional wrestler named Dwayne Robbins. Robbins noted the speed and agility that Mike possessed for such a large man and asked him to train as a professional wrestler underneath him. Mike agreed and began training. He trained hard for several years before being approached by X Wrestling. They informed Mike that they were looking for a big man to fill a vacant spot and that they thought he would be just perfect for the job. Since then, Mike has gone on to dominate all competition thrown at him and has become a champion several times. As of late though, Mike's darker side seems to have taken hold earning him the nickname "The Monster". Fed on a steady diet of other superstars, "The Monster" has gotten more and more violent in his wrestling style and even more hardcore.

After several years of not being seen, Mike Patterson turned up on The Hype. He was hired by Shayne Anderson to be a part of The X Movement.. a group dedicated on taking out the original members of The Hype in order to pave the way for the future generation. It was all part of Shayne Anderson's plan of keeping a cycle of talent flowing throughout jOlt. Patterson is the leader, enforcer, and powerhouse of The X Movement. He doesn't obey Anderson's orders for a paycheck.. he obeys them because it's an excuse to cause destruction to anyone and everyone that stands before him.

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