Height: 6 foot 6 inches

  Weight: 303 lbs.

  Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

  Theme: "What You Know" by T.I.

  Wrestling Style: Powerhouse/Smashmouth

  Alignment: Face

  Signature Moves: Gold Rush (Running Body Block), 24K (Release Exploder Suplex), Gold Digger (Argentine Backbreaker), Ten Gun Salute (10 Forearm's to the chest while opponent is on the apron)

  Finisher: The Midas Touch (Fire Thunder Powerbomb), Gold Standard (Gorilla Clutch Submission)








The Birth of SuperMack

After initially finishing up training with his father, Brody went to Japan with his brother, Butch, to hone their craft as a biker-based theme called "The Princes of Anarchy." They met with some success and tried to apply their talents to ACW, but an as-of-now-unknown fallout occurred between Brody and the rest of his family, leaving him on his own. The Heirs of Wrestling (then, just Frank Pierce and Ryan Gallway) saw his natural talent and offered him up a spot in their group, to which he accepted. The rest his now history.

Mack Brody plays the part of the enforcer of the group, but is not without his own personality. He is mean, he is a brute and he'll gladly take out enemies of the Heirs without a thought, but some of the money being thrown his way also seemed to have an effect on the giant. Now leaving his long-time home of Philadelphia to make a temporary homes in various parts of the country, Mack Brody has become addicted to tanning, bleaching his hair and making himself look like a million bucks. An arrogant asshole of many words and even more actions, Mack Brody will kick your ass and look good while doing it.

In more recent times with the acceptance of the Heirs of Wrestling as faces, Mack Brody made the announcement on Countdown: Unlimited that he will be embarking on singles career trying to make something of himself beyond the tag ranks. He is still the same womanizer he always was, but overall loves to have a good time. Don't let his seemingly vain personality fool you - in between the ropes, he's a machine that cannot be stopped once he gets going.

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