Height: 6 foot 5 inches

  Weight: 270 lbs.

  Hometown: The Kansai Prefecture of Japan

  Theme: "Vanishing Twin" by Cliff Lin

  Tag Team Theme: "Thought Crimes (Extended Version)" by Cliff Lin

  Wrestling Style: Puroresu Strong Style

  Alignment: Face

  Signature Moves: The Archangel Suplex [A Crossface Chickenwing Suplex], Heavenís Rebuke [A Head & Arm Suplex], The Tengu Tourniquet [An Inverted Clover Leaf], The Tekahashi Clutch [A Step Over Head-Hold Arm Bar], The Jaded Stone Crusher [A Cross Armed Piledriver], Burning Knee Strike [A Running Knee Uppercut to Jaw], The Broken Seal [A Crossed Armed Double Knee Back Breaker rolled into a Goku-Raku Gatame], The Hateful Haiku [Heido cinches victimís tights to deliver a precision Head Butt to Collarbone, followed by hand strikes to the Abdomen, Hip, Rib Cage before finishing w/ an Open Palm Punch between Shoulder Blades.], The Vermillion Compress [A Three-Quarter Nelson Choke], The King Crab Submission [A Spinning Inverted Figure-Four Ankle Lock], The Southern Cross Submission [A Kneeling Figure Four Leg Lock]

  Finisher: The Japanese Death Sentence [A Short Armed Asiatic Spike to Throat], The Kansai Kraken Lock [Bridging Double Chickenwing Submission]








The Mark of a Jaded Phoenix

March 17th, 2012 (22:18)

The life of a runaway is far from the romanticized tales, etched by secular television...It always seems that the most impressionable often easily become the most adaptable to the vices and evils the world freely offers...

Sake...Loose Women...Blood Money...All that a hardened 'cleaner' for hire should ever want...However, there are some lessons that are best experienced than spoken; The penalty of leaving certain demons unexercised ...The abandonment of a spineless crime boss is not without its share of consequences; My wife, begrudgingly ignorant to my marital indiscretions, was taken from this world in the most egregious fashion...

However, along the intended path of retribution, it was HE that stood in my way...I bumped into him by accident...at least, in my interpretation of the matter...Something convinced me to grant him an audience and while my target managed to escape, my former employer and his loyal dogs, were found slaughtered by the Japanese warehouse district docks...

...That was many years ago...A new life...first under the tutelage of the honorable Goro Tenjin...Now summoned to serve under His command...A more suitable outlet for the remaining demons within...My brother & I have a remarkable bond established between us; his appetite for violence mirrors that of my own...In the absence of writing utensils, he has other methods to effectively air his grievances...It was HE that brought us together...Our enemies will soon learn there is no measure we, myself especially, will exercise to prove that we are....our brothers' keeper...

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