Height: 6 foot 3 inches

  Weight: 230 lbs.

  Hometown: Dothan, Alabama

  Theme: "Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop

  Wrestling Style: High Flyer/Technical

  Alignment: Face

  Signature Moves: Leg JAM! [Top Rope Leg Drop], Happy Smiles Dive (Suicide Dive), Bundle of Joy (Olympic Slam), Positive Thinking (Sling Blade)

  Finisher: Feel Good! [Pearl River Plunge], The Upside Down Frown (Rolling Cutter)








Walking On Sunshine

Kayden Paulton is the nicest guy you will ever meet.

Seriously. This is why he's earned nicknames like The Nicest Guy in Wrestling and jOlt's Friendly Neighborhood Grappler.

He's so nice he's never gotten mad in his life.

Although some people will think Kayden has some kind of mental illness that makes him like this, they could not be further from the truth.

Kayden was brought up in a caring environment. He's an only child. His parents are still happily married. And from the day he was born they supported Kayden in whatever he has done.

It might seem weird for a nice guy like this to want to be a wrestler. He does have to fight, and he's not afraid to beat someone up (only in the ring and in-between bells of course). But this is Kayden's passion and he's thrilled to experience it with so many others.

Some of Paulton's favorite wrestlers stem from LoC. Sylo for one. Kayden loves how Sylo is so laid back and cool! He really hopes he can measure up to the legend named Sylo in the near future. Paulton also likes Ninja K. He thinks Ninja K has some of the most awesome moves out there.

But that's not to say Kayden doesn't like everyone else. Paulton is a huge wrestling fan in general and chances are if you're in the industry, he really likes you.

Maybe it is weird how no matter what you say to him, or how you act, you cant get him mad. Maybe there is a problem with him.

But you'd never know and more than likely you'll never find out.

Kayden's excited to start wrestling in jOlt. He was in Action Wrestling for a while, but then it closed. Kayden hopes to do well in jOlt and show Reed Young just how much he inspired him.

After taking some advice from his good friend, Bane Loneheart (Bane tried to sucker him into a quick loss only for this to backfire, but Kayden doesn't realize this), Kayden realizes that there's nothing wrong with setting a goal for the future instead of just living in the now. One day, he hopes to be a jOlt Champion like Derecho or Sylo. He now dedicates his career to the recently deceased Derecho (who wasn't really dead as this was a ploy by Aran Thompson to discredit him) and hopes to finally make big waves in jOlt Wrestling!

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