Height: 6 foot

  Weight: 200 lbs.

  Hometown: Information Hithheld

  Theme: "Sacrifice" by Jeff Williams

  Wrestling Style: High Flyer/Martial Artist

  Alignment: Neutral

  Signature Moves: Striking Spear, Diving Crossbody, Diving Hurricanrana, Shooting Star Press, Corner Splash followed by a Whip to the Opposit Corner, then Corner Spear, Running Springboard Suicide Crossbody

  Finisher: East Wind Cutter (Lifting Rolling Cutter), Pangea's Fall (Corckscrew Moonsault)​








The Tale of the East Wind

Tell me...

Have you ever heard the story of the East Wind?"


Once upon a time, in lands long forgotten, there lived a tribe of warriors. This tribe lived alone in the wilderness, surrounded on all sides by vicious horrors that would make grown men weep. To these men and woman, survival seemed like nothing more than a fanciful dream.

But these people were proud, and they were fierce, they worshiped their warrior spirits, and they vowed to claim the land as their own. It took years. But finally, after years of combat, of toil, of war, hope, glory and courage, the tribe of warriors clawed their way to the top of the mountain and finally claimed dominance over the land!

And the spirits! Oh, the spirits who had watched over them were elated! They could not be more proud of their children for what they had accomplished!

But then, something unforgivable happened. The tribe of warriors, secure in their dominance... began to relax. They became complacent, slow, lazy! PATHETIC!!!


The people of tribe had become cowardly and weak. So the spirits decided that they needed to be put down. One day, reports came into the village of a young man from the east. The man walked alone they said, and wherever he went, a chilling wind seemed to follow him.

The people of the tribe were hopeful, believing the man to have been sent by the spirits to bless them, to reward them for their achievements.

Well... they were half right.

The elders decided to send their finest warriors to greet the traveler. Only one would return, his eyes plucked from his sockets, telling his people about how the traveler had slaughtered his friends one by one, skinning them alive. The warrior died of his wounds soon after.

But that wasn't the end of it. Soon after, the people of the tribe began to see strange figures from the corner of their eyes, hear voices whispering in their head.

Then the disappearances began. When a tribesman's panic began to reach levels that bordered on madness, he would suddenly disappear. Only for the other tribesmen to find his shredded corpse nailed to the door of his home. The pattern continued for months as the traveler toyed with his prey. Stalking, hunting and killing. The traveler spared no mercy to any man, woman or child.

Finally, only the oldest man was left. Surrounded by the bloody corpses of his friends and loved ones, he tearfully begged to know WHY? Why had the traveler done this to them?

"Because you became weak.' the traveler said "And that is an insult that cannot be tolerated."

"And then, he committed the cruelest action of all, he let the old man live. Alone and terrified for the rest of his days. And the old man spent those days telling every warrior he would meet about the tale of the East Wind. The lone stranger who sort out the bravest, strongest warriors in the land, and weeded out the worthy from the impostors."

Warriors of jOlt, be warned. For I am the East Wind. And I am coming for you.

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