Height: 5 foot 8 inches

  Weight: 130 lbs.

  Hometown: Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

  Theme: "Sexy Girl Anthem" by Roscoe Dash

  Wrestling Style: Brawler

  Alignment: Heel

  Signature Moves: Bling Bling (Flying Spinning Elbow Drop), Dimepiece Earrings (10 Alternating Elbow shots to the ears)

  Finisher: Girls Night Out (Ezekiel Choke)








Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

A small town Canadian Girl who grew up hunting and fishing with her dad and brothers, was in 2010, at the age of 19, thrust into the spotlight by herfeature on Urbanology, a major Canadian Hip Hop Blog, She was discovered by the editor, Tony Mack, who by chance ran across some of her twitter pictures, and immediately contacted the buxom beauty about doing a shoot for the blogs spotlight section.

An admittedly shy girl growing up, her first shoot developed a craving in her for the attention, praise and glamour of photo shoots. After her first shoot, she was hooked and needed to feed her newfound habit; Ruby Patel would adopt the moniker Ruby Rocks, an alter ego of sorts for her delve into the modeling world that all the great models seemed to take on when beginning their career. Rocks used the Urbanology feature to become featured on blogs all around the world, and gained a cult following amongst hip hop artists and fans alike

One day in 2011, on a trip to Sin City for a shoot for an online magazine, she would stop by Segalowitch & Sons Jewelers, a very popular jewelry shop amongst hip hop heads in Sin City, to look around, and maybe with the impressive amount of money she was bringing in from her modeling work, pick up a piece or two for herself. It was here where she met her now fiance Diamond, who inquired her about becoming his valet for his wrestling matches, strictly as a business endeavor. Soon after thism they began dating, and Ruby Rocks began training to get into the ring. After almost 2 years of training, Ruby is still a rookie in the ring, but a rookie full of potential. Her brains are her greatest asset, but her hard work is leading to vast improvements in her speed, stamina, and strength. Because of her beauty, Ruby is a presence outside of the ring as Diamond's valet/manager, but she is also poised to be a presence in the ring and take the Starlets division by storm.

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