Height: 6 foot 3 inches

  Weight: 235 lbs.

  Hometown: Ikebukuro, Japan

  Theme: "Sabertooth" by Yasuharu Takanishi

  Wrestling Style: Puroresu Strong Style

  Alignment: Face

  Signature Moves: Sayber Driver (Standing Release Uranage Slam), The Way of the Tiger (Knee Lift, Forearm to the Upper Back, European Uppercut combo), Three Marks of the Tiger (Flipping Senton into a Standing Moonsault into a Standing Shooting Star Press)

  Finisher: Korosu (Sideswipe Brain Buster)








As Fierce as a Tiger

Sayber wears a tiger mask which covers just his eyes and nose, but his technique is based on Japanese Puroresu. Sayber is very fierce and stiff in the ring and it is this style that caused him to adopt the name Sayber.

Born as Mikado Kida, during training sessions, his stiff style and moveset was described as a fierce tiger biting down and draining life from their opponents. To honor this description, Kida donned a mask and took the Sayber moniker.

Sayber started off on The Hype and became The Hype's first-ever champion! He cashed in the title's stipulation and challenged the then Underground Champion Derecho to a match, but Derecho defeated Sayber and injured him to the point where Sayber had to relenquish the Hype Championship just mere days after winning it. Sayber returned to The Hype after a month off and sought revenge against Derecho. He challenged him a second time and again, was defeated and placed on the injured list.

Having had enough of this, Sebastian Saje and Raevynn reached out to him and offered him a chance to come to the main roster with them as part of The Rebellion. Sayber agreed knowing this was his ticket to an inevitable revenge match against someone he owes a huge receipt to. Unlike the other members of The Rebellion, Sayber isn't seeking a top spot. He simply wants revenge and will do anything, even turning his back on the fans, to get it.

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