Height: 7 foot 3 inches

  Weight: 317 lbs.

  Hometown: England

  Theme: "Any Means Necessary" by Hammerfall

  Wrestling Style: All-Rounder/Powerhouse

  Alignment: Heel

  Signature Moves: BOOM! Headshot! (Downward Punch to the head)

  Finisher: Dreamkiller - Gory Special into a Sitout Powerbomb








A Collosus of the Ring

Born in the luxurious Beverly Hills, Spike Saunders was a man brought up with the silver, gold, and platinum spoon in his mouth. His parents were beyond wealthy, and would give him whatever he wanted. Both his parents loved and adored him, giving off the picture of the perfect family.

However, Not everything was as bright and glorious as was seen from the outside world's perspective. His Father was cheating on his wife with his two Assistants Cherie and Shara. His mother was a cocaine addict, that would sell her body on the street on nights her husband failed to show up.

One night when Saunders was only nine, his father made the mistake of inviting his assistants home knowing his wife was out of town. Unknowingly to them she had gotten sick and stayed up in the guest room when she was woken by the sounds of the bed next door. She walked down the hall and opened their master bedroom where her faithful husband was laying naked with two women straddling his body. His reaction to her appearance there was not quick enough before she withdrew a handgun from her purse and shot him, and then fired of the remaining five bullets between the two women and her husband.

Spike arrived back home the next morning from his friend's sleep over, and found all sorts of men in uniforms rushing about. He was stopped by some lady that told him he was going to stay with them for awhile. Spike saw his mother standing outside with two police officers, with her hands cuffed behind her backside.

Years of living between foster families and running away and living on the streets, finally brought him to the fighting scene. At the age of fourteen he was already a colossal kid, and when someone would make fun of him for it he'd bash their face in with his fist. This attracted some local gangs and one leader offered him a spot. With no where else to go he took it and found himself fighting in a barred off cage somewhere underground. This was the start of what would soon be come his career.

A undefeated streak followed after his first few fights until there was just nobody around to stop him. He grew tired of the lack of challenge and took it out on the fans and staff, injuring numerous, but nobody would complain or file any type of lawsuit against him or the company due to its illegal existence and their attending of it.

After leaving the underground fight circuit he wondered around the eastern continents seeking out worthy fighters, but ultimately grew tired of that as well. It was around the age of twenty four that he got word of some wrestling organization called WWO/WWA that had recently opened and would be touring the States and then Europe, while being based out of Scotland. Saunders joined them and quickly rose to the top as their champion. for nearly two years he stood on top of the mountain as the undefeated World Heavyweight Champion, the Goliath knocking down all that dared to step up to challenge him.

The WWA/WWO hit some rough times and had to close down leaving Saunders without a job or hobby any longer. Some oddjobs and tour dates later, he found himself in the WWR. This is where Saunders donned a unfamiliar mask and costume calling himself the Silver Prince. For nearly two years he wore down the lockerroom with his cruiser attitude stuck in such a large frame. Eventually he achieved the Extreme championship title.

This however only started a surge of need for more gold. He ditched the Prince gimmick for his real name, as did the former champion, the Executioner, going by his real name of Michael O'Dell; together they formed Millennium Meltdown, and won the Tag titles. They successfully defended those titles for months. With a partnership with some of the best talent in the WWR, Saunders then overcame all odds and won the World Championship.

The title was defended and lost to Gunsmoke of all people. Saunders was turned on by O'Dell and finally saw the light. The fans were what was important to him. For the next couple of years in WWR and aftewards, he did everything he could to make the best enjoyment for the fans.

Saunders joined Final Act of True Entertainment, FATE for short, and server as a mentor to the younger talent, while working a short program with Mediocre Mark. After that he jumped from federation to federation upon it's end. Eventually ended up in no brand Wrestling.

While there he formed new alliances, and helped throw over the Napoli regime, at the cost of his own newly won World Heavyweight championship. Saunders was removed from the staff by the Board, for reasons best left unknown to the public.

Since being demoted back to the active roster, Saunders has took upon himself to mentor and train the younger talent. His days of chasing gold are long past. At least that was the plan until the ratings riot J. Leslie Voss showed up and got under his skin. What started out as a simple lack of respect escalated into what most in nbW are referring to as a blood feud.

To this day Saunders is employed as an Active Superstar with the nBw and jOlt.

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