Rostraver Ice Gardens, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania
Attendance: 475 Fans (Sell Out)

Match #1
Jason Rau vs Clyde Fox

Match Summary:
Rau took it to Fox early on in the match, showing the rookie how it’s done here in jOlt. Rau got a bit full of himself and started to showboat to the crowd a little too much. Fox took advantage of that with a nice European Uppercut under the jaw and then a leg lariat. From there, Fox poured on the speed and hit several quick moves to take control of the match. Near the end, Fox sent up top for a flying splash, but nobody was home. Rau then hooked Fox for the Aussie Driver, but when he went to lift him, Fox hit a bridging pin and picked up a three count from out of nowhere!

Winner: Clyde Fox via Bridge Pin
Match Time: 6:18
Match Rating: **1/2

A graphic on the screen in the arena showed that tonight the main event was going to be a PPV-Quality main event. Tonight we would see the new Relentless Champion Jonathan Conspiracy taking on Aran Thompson in a rematch from All or Nothing!

Match #2
The Jury vs Sweet Sweet Lovin’

Match Summary:
Tag Team action had been set between The Jury and Sweet Sweet Lovin’. Khadafi and Lennox Love started out and Love got right into it but made a crucial mistake after being in control of the match. He missed an elbow off the top and after that, Khadafi and Quo took turns on Love as they grounded and pounded him with swift tags in and out. Eventually, Love got to his corner and made the “hot” tag to Sam Sweet. Sweet came in and cleaned house and was able to get Khadafi out of the ring. Quo, now the legal man, got planted with a big power slam. Sweet went up top and Love saw Khadafi staggering up on the outside. Love hit a suicide dive to the outside as Sweet hit the Sweet Emotion.. the top rope body splash in the ring. Sweet picked up the three!

Winner: Sweet Sweet Lovin’ via Sweet Emotion (Sam)
Match Time: 17:18
Match Rating: ***3/4

Post Match: Sam Sweet gets on the mic and thanks everyone for supporting them during their run as Tag Team Champions. He said that this wasn’t going to be the last we’ll see of them and that they are confident that they will regain the championships!

Match 3
Sanchez Cano vs Sephiroth Du Luc

Match Summary:
Cano and Du Luc started off evenly matched. After what happened at All or Nothing, Cano kept an eye out for The Backbone, but feelings were after what Sylo did to them, Cano was safe during this match. Cano took a beating at the hands of Du Luc who started to sway the match in his favor. He dumped Cano to the outside and whipped him into the ring steps. He then brought Cano back into the ring where Cano caught Du Luc unaware with a superkick under the jaw! Cano then went up top and nailed his double stomp, the Sadistic Spike and picked up the win!

Winner: Sanchez Cano via Sadistic Spike
Match Time: 6:55
Match Rating **3/4

Post Match: Cano helped Du Luc up to his feet and then drilled him with a short arm lariat that flipped Du Luc inside out! Cano rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He brought it back in and slammed it down on top of Du Luc’s chest! Cano once again went to the top and leapt off with another Sadistic Spike… right into the chair and Du Luc!

Cano then grabbed the house mic and muttered just a few words. “It has begun” Cano dropped the mic as many wondered just what had begun!

Non Title
Jonathan Conspiracy vs Aran Thompson

Match Summary:
The match was everything you expected…. A great athletic wrestling contest from start to finish. JCON and Thompson were evenly matched through the beginning and middle of the match. Toward the end, JCON resulted to a low blow behind the referee’s back to gain the upper hand. From there, JCON grounded Thompson and gave him little room to breathe. JCON made a crucial mistake when he taunted Thompson while he was on his back as Thompson slapped the taste right out of JCON’s mouth. Thompson came back with a pair of clotheslines and then a third that sent JCON to the outside. Thompson then flew over the top rope with a hilo that took out JCON. Thompson then pulled JCON up as the referee was at a count of six. He then hooked JCON for a Crucifix Driver, but JCON countered with an Air Raid Crash as the referee was up to the count of eight. JCON stood and went to get back into the ring at the count of nine, but Thompson grabbed JCON by the leg and held on. The referee hit ten and both men were counted out!

Winner: Double Countout
Match Time: 28:16
Match Rating: ****

Thompson smiled as JCON argued with the referee. This allowed Thompson to stand and hook JCON from behind. He then hit the Icarus Switch, the Crucifix Driver and the crowd popped. Thompson grabbed the Relentless Championship and held it up high to cheers from the crowd. He dropped the title on JCON and sent the crowd home happy.