Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama
Attendance: 1100 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Jayshin Lee vs Adam Lazarus

Match Summary:
The match started off quick and fast like one would expect as the two of them traded quick holds and strikes in the ring until they eventually came to a standoff to a round of applause from the crowd. Jayshin then struck first with a clubbing blow over the back of the back and then tried to ground Lazarus, but Lazarus fought he way through it and swung the momentum back in his direction with a series of drop kicks that put Jayshin down. Jayshin then got backed into the corner where he ate a big splash from Laz. Laz went for a shooting star press, but Jayshin moved out of the way. Jayshin then kicked Laz in the side of the head with a roundhouse. He then kicked him on the other side with a front kick and then finished it off with a super kick to the face while Laz was on his knees. Jayshin covered and got a VERY close two count. The crowd popped big as Laz tried to get back into it, but Jayshin kicked Laz in the stomach and nailed a brainbuster and got the three count.

Winner: Jayshin Lee via Brainbuster
Match Time: 13:37
Match Rating: ***3/4

After the Match
Jayshin then taunted Adam Lazarus and even began to kick away at him. Then Eiji Kugasari ran out from the back and hit a spinning wheel kick to Jayshin which sent him out of the ring. Jayshin then quickly backpeddled up the entrance ramp when Jimmy B. Martinez stepped out and stood behind him. Jayshin then bumped into JBM! When Jayshin turned around, JBM hoisted Jayshin up onto his shoulders and spun him off with the IKO on top of the ramp! Eiji and Martinez then stared down each other as Laz propped himself up in a corner. All four men would meet at Thieves' Honor this upcoming Sunday!

Match #2
Craig Thomas vs Waymoth Turnbull

Match Summary:
The match started out with Waymoth being in firm control of the match. He got Thomas down and kept him grounded for a few solid minutes. When Turnbull went to pull Thomas up, Thomas used a thumb to the eye and swung the momentum back in his direction. He took it to Waymoth, but the comeback didn't last all that long as Waymoth used his strength and power to regain control after he whipped Thomas to the ropes and planted him with a big time powerslam in the middle of the ring. Waymoth readied himself and then took Thomas' head off with a vicious clothesline. By this time, The House came out from the backstage area with The Strangler behind them. The Strangler looked to be directing The House against their will toward the ring. Thomas saw them and he ordered The House to get up onto the ring apron. Roebuck and Huber sighed and did so as Turnbull shook his head. He told them to stop listening to Thomas or else they would end up in a situation like Waymoth was in. By this time, Aran Thompson also came out and he ordered Waymoth to ignore The House and finish off Thomas, but when Waymoth turned around, Thomas kicked Waymoth in the Stomach and nailed Egofied! He went for the cover and got the three!

Winner: Craig Thomas via Egofied
Match Time: 9:01
Match Rating: **1/2

After the Match
Aran got in the ring and yelled at Waymoth for feeling sorry for The House. He told him that The House can handle their own issues just like Aran handled his issues for him. He told Waymoth to get up and follow him to the back. Meanwhile, Craig Thomas was pleased with the distraction that The House created and all four walked to the back.

Match 3
Grendel vs Mike Extreme

Match Summary:
Grendel thought that this would be an easy match for him, but he was wrong as Mike Extreme held his ground and battled against Grendel and went toe to toe with the monster. The brawl then spilled to the outside where Grendel rammed Extreme back first into the guardrails, but Extreme fought back and tossed Grendel up and over into the first row! Extreme climbed over and the two began to brawl through the crowd, using things such as cups of beer and trash cans as weapons to pummel each other with. They eventually made it back to ringside, but the fans popped when Superstar Vince Jacobs ran out and when Extreme climbed over the barricade, it was too late! He ate a Superstar Kick to the face and fell to the floor. SVJ then backed off as Grendel rolled Extreme back into the ring and made the cover where he picked up the three!

Winner: Grendel via Pinfall
Match Time: 12:18
Match Rating **

Match 4
Tyke vs Jimmy B. Martinez

Match Summary:
A return match from a few weeks ago here on Rock the House! The two of them locked up, but Jimmy used his quickness to get Tyke into a waist lock, but Tyke broke free and pummeled away on Martinez. Tyke then gained control of the match as he began to punish JBM. JBM then mounted a comeback, from out from the back came Jayshin Lee. He hid down at ringside and when JBM was sent to the ropes, he quickly reached up and grabbed Martinez's boot. JBM staggered forward and Tyke saw his opportunity and hit the Tyke Shot. Tyke then scored the three as Jayshin smiled as he delivered a receipt from earlier in the show!

Winner: Tyke via Tyke Shot
Match Time: 6:15
Match Rating: n/a

Derecho vs Ninja K

Match Summary:
A rematch from All or Nothing! The two started off and Derecho actually offered a handshake to Ninja K! Ninja K kicked the hand away from Derecho and motioned that he didn't trust him.. especially since Derecho almost killed Ninja K just two months ago. The two locked up and as expected, it was hold for hold, move for move, near miss after near miss. These two knew each other so well that neither man could connect with anything. Eventually, they went to the stand off and Derecho extended his hand again and again Ninja K kicked it away. They locked up a second time and more chain wrestling went down that cuased Derecho to gain control of the match be backing Ninja K into a corner and lightning him up with knife edge chops across the chest, but Ninja K switched Derecho in and hit a series of quick front kicks and then a monkey flip out of the corner. Ninja K waited for Derecho to stand and then hit the rope and leapt off with a thrust kick that knocked Derecho and out of the ring to the outside. Ninja K then dove over the top rope and took Derecho out with a twisting plancha!

A "This is awesome" chant sprung up in the crowd as Ninja K recovered on the outside. He rolled Derecho back in and only got two. Ninja K then continued to punish Derecho in the ring with a series of kicks. He then went up top and nailed the Cannonball Senton and got another two. Ninja K then applied a Triangle Choke in the middle of the ring and Derecho looked to be fading. The crowd rallied behind Derecho.. he then used his power to pull Ninja K up off the canvas a powerbomb him from out of the triangle choke. Derecho then collapsed down to regain his breath. Both men got back to their feet and began to trade punches with each other. Derecho went to irish whip Ninja K, but Ninja K reversed it and accidentally sent Derecho into the referee! Ninja K rolled up Derecho but there was no referee to count!

Sylo then came out from the back and slid into the ring. Ninja K saw it and ducked a clothesline, but Sylo charged in behind Ninja K and nailed him with The Slaughter! Sylo yelled at Ninja K that there will be no tie at Thieves' Honor and then rolled out of the ring. Derecho got back to his feet and saw Ninja K down. Derecho had no idea what happened, but Aran Thompson came into the ring from the crowd. Derecho sensed someone behind him and turned just in time to eat alow blow from Thompson. Thomspon then nailed the Icarus Switch on Derecho!! Aran rolled out of the ring as the referee came to. He noticed both men down and began a ten count.

1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6...7 ..8...9 .. 10!

Winner: Double Countout
Match Time: 28:19
Match Rating: ****