Alhambra Arena, Philadelpha, PA
Attendance: 2500 Fans (Sold Out)

1. reVolt defeats Cross the Hood via Switchblade Romance in 18:02

Last week on Rock the House, Cross the Hood ended up getting the win, but tonight the new reVolt, comprised of Mattock and Sephiroth Du Luc fought Cross the Hood in a rematch. The match went back and forth as Mattock saw through Cross the Hoods isolation tactics that they used last week and countered them every chance they got. It looked as if reVolt was going to pick up the win when Sebastian Saje and Raevynn came out to cause a distraction, but Sanchez Cano and Persephone made their way out to even the score. This ended up distracting Cross the Hood who attempted to go aid Saje and Raevynn and it caused their downfall. Du Luc send the illegal Jackson Cross to the outside then took out The Rebellion with a Hilo. In the ring, Hood went for Project 347, but Mattock ducked it and hooked Hood for the Switchblade Romance, hitting it and picking up the three!

After the match, the brawling continued when Damien Lee made an appearance and stated that later tonight, the other two members of reVolt will face Saje and Raevynn in a mixed tag team match!

Jon Le Bon came out to address the crowd, stating it was nice seeing his friends again, but didn't understand why they were so grumpy. He only wanted to rekindle their relationship. This brought out Seraph who simply got in Le Bon's face. Le Bon patted Seraph on the shoulder and told him to ease up, but Seraph grabbed Le Bon by the neck and nailed Divine Destruction on him. He then left the ring..

2. Devastation Inc. defeated Sweet Sweet Lovin in 17:33

The crowd popped when BIG Little Italy and Conan the Leprechaun came out after a long hiatus from jOlt. Sam Sweet started the match off against Conan and the two jockied for position at first, but Sweet started to get the upperhand. Sweet scooped up Conan for a powerslam, but Italy jumped off the top rope and landed on Conan and it caused Sweet to collapse for a near fall. Conan tagged Italy into the match and Italy came in like a house on fire, using his small size and speed to his advantage to keep Sweet off his game. Sweet needed speed he didn't have so he tagged Lennox Love into the match. Love came in and matched Italy in speed, but Love's size, albeit small himself, didn't help him as Italy was able to flip up onto Love's shoulders and take him over with a huracanrana. Love staggered to his feet and was met with a dropkick to the knee then a roundhouse to the head. Italy then went to the ropes and hit the BIGsault in the middle of the ring and picked up the three!! The people popped as Italy and Conon celebrate their comeback victory!

After the match, Seraph made his way out from the back and it was like David vs Golliath. Conan tried to attack Seraph, but Seraph simply issued a headbutt that put him down. Italy kicked away at Seraph's legs to no effect. Seraph grabbed Italy by the throat, but Mike Extreme and Bane Loneheart came out and jumped Seraph, chasing him off. They checked on Italy as the three of them stood tall in the middle of the ring.

3. Kayden Paulton defeated Jason Rau with the Feel Good in 10:33

It was the rubber match between these two. The match began with counter after counter after counter as neither man could find the opening they were looking for. Rau began to get frustrated and began making mistakes which Paulton capitalized on. This angrered Rau even more as he took to the outside to regroup. Kayden went for the Happy Smiles Dive, but Rau knew it was coming and Paulton crashed and burned. Rau attacked Paulton on the outside until the count of eight and then threw him back into the ring for more punishment. Rau went up top and hit an elbow for only two. Rau signaled for the Aussie Driver, but Paulton grabbed Rau by the leg when he went for the toe kick, spinning him around. Paulton then spiked Rau with a DDT for a close two. Paulton then called fo the Feel Good, but Rau twisted out and went for a short arm lariat, but Paulton ducked that, hit the toe kick again, hooked Rau and nailed the Feel Good on the second attempt, picking up the three!

4. Alyssa Corliss defeated Daryn Thompson via The Corliss Effect in 8:44

After her victory over the Starlet Champion, Daryn challenged Alyssa to a match figuring that if she beat Corliss, she could take her spot as number one contender. The match went back and forth at first, but Thompson gained the upper hand. Thompson hit a couple of big moves on Alyssa and signaled for the end. She whipped Alyssa to the ropes, looking for her Dust in the Wind.. the Sit-Out Spinebuster, but when Daryn lifted Alyssa, she countered with a drop kick into the chest! Alyssa quickly stood and grabbed Daryn by the head and butterflied the arms. She dropped her with the Corliss Effect.. the Double Arm DDT and picked up the victory! She's 2-0 on the main roster!

After the match, Sarah Winterton came out from the back and tried to attack her, but Amber Ryann hit the ring and made the save. Together, Ryann and Alyssa clotheslined Winterton over the top rope and out to the floor. Winterton scoffed at the two of them and stomped away in protest for being treated so rudely. This gave Alyssa some momentum heading into this Sunday's iNtense where she has a rematch against Winterton for the Starlet Championship! Can Alyssa make it 3-0 and will we see a new champion crowned!?

5. The Widow's Nest defeated The Inogami Clan via Run With the Wolves in 37:44.

It was six man tag team action as Wolf Spider, Araknis, and Muerte took on Takeshi, Heido, and Eiji Kugasari. The match was as everyone expected it to be.. non-stop action that was too fast to call... it was a match you just sat back and enjoyed. Araknis and Eiji pulled off some amazing feats while Wolf Spider matched power with Takeshi and Heido. The ending came with Khalil and Latrell, along with Diamond Jewelz, came out from the back. The Goons distracted the referee while Diamond Jewelz laid out Eiji from behind with his chain. When the referee turned his back to see Jewelz hop off the ring apron, that's when Jewelz continued to distract the referee. A brawl ensued on the outside with the Crimson Order and the Goons, leaving a fallen Eiji in the ring. The Nest didn't want to get involved as the match was still going on. Wolf Spider was the legal man and he hit Eiji with the Run with the Wolves.. his Spear, when he staggered to his feet. At that point, Jewelz and The Goons backed off as Spider made the cover. Takeshi and Heido realized what was happening, but they were too late as the referee already counted to three. The Order gave chase to The Goons up the entrance ramp after the match. The people booed as Jewelz and The Goons ruined a tag team classic.

6. Aran Thompson defeated Ezra Conway via Disqualification in 8:06 when Eli Conway and Landon Stevens interfered

Aran Thompson was going toe to toe with Ezra when Eli and Landon ran out from the back, hitting the ring. They jumped Aran from behind and the referee threw out the match. Aran tried to fight back and he managed to get both of the Terrorists out of the ring, but that allowed Landon to nail The Rising Star Driver on Aran. Landon yelled to Aran that there would be no running tonight like he did on iNtense. Landon then grabbed the house microphone and told Aran Thompson that he should get used to the beatings because he will face Eli and Ezra in a handicap match this Sunday! Landon dropped the microphone as The Faction exited to the backstage area.

7. The Rebellion defeated reVolt via Lights Out in 27:58

Sebastian Saje and Sanchez Cano started off. Saje controlled Cano for a good portion in the beginning. Saje even started toying with Cano, exuding his confidence in his ability. Each time Cano tried to mount a comeback, Saje would cut him off. Persephone couldn't do anything since this was a mixed tag and not an intergender tag. All she could do is watch as Sanchez Cano continued to get dismantled by Saje, but Saje took too much time showboating to the crowd and Cano mustered up enough strength to drop kick Saje from behind, sending him chest first into the middle rope. Cano hit a running knee to the back twice and then pulled Saje up, hitting a back drop suplex. Cano went to his corner and made the tag.

The referee forced Saje out as Raevynn and Persephone were finally going to get to go one on one here. They locked up and immediately Raevynn hit a knee to double Persephone over. Raevynn twisted Persephone's arm, but Persephone fought back, punching Raevynn in the face. She broke the grip and hit a drop kick. Raevynn rolled to the outside and Persephone hit a suicide dive, taking Raevynn out. They brawled around ringside and Persephone threw Raevynn back into the ring for a close two.

Raevynn wanted the tag, but Persephone dragged her back to their corner where she locked in a cross leg breaker. She reached up and tagged Cano back in and released the hold. Saje came in as Raevynn rolled out. Cano took his revenge out on Saje, hitting a pair of clotheslines, a whip to the ropes, then a Blue Thunder Driver for two. Cano then hit a powerslam off an irish whip and went up top, looking for the Sadistic Spike, but Saje rolled out of the way, stood and when Cano turned around, dropped him with the Lights Out and picked up the three.

Saje and Raevynn celebrated in the middle of the ring and Persephone went to check on Cano. That's when Raevynn attacked. This brought out BIG Little Italy, Mattock, Sephiroth Du Luc, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, and Reno Davis. They hit the ring and chased Saje and Raevynn out. The rest of The Rebellion came out, but Saje held them back as they collectively stood their guard at the ring ropes. The Rebellion slowly backed away as the banded groups stood tall in the ring as Rock the House went off the air.