Palm Beach Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, Florida
Attendance: 2250 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Diamond Jewelz vs Sanchez Cano

Match Summary:
Cano and Jewelz locked up. Jewelz used his power and strength to back Cano into the corner, but Cano used his speed to escape. A pair of chops by Cano before sending Jewelz to the opposite side, but Jewelz countered when Cano charged in. Jewelz then ran over Cano and proceeded to ground him with a ground and pound tactic. Several moments passed by before Cano mounted an offensive comeback, hitting several quick and heavy strikes that put Jewelz down. Cano went up top for the Sadistic Spike, but Jewelz was able to recover and counter. Superplex by Jewelz got both men down. During the referee's ten count, Mattock ran out from the back and slid into the ring. He picked Jewelz up onto his shoulders and nailed the Quantum Driver II which caused the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Disqualification
Match Time: 8:18
Match Rating: **1/2

After the Match
Jesse Ramey ran out from the backstage area, but stopped half way down the ramp. Ramey just smiled and backpeddled as Mattock and Cano watched on.

Match #2
The Crimson Order vs Sweet Sweet Lovin'

Match Summary:
Heido started the match off with Sam Sweet. The two bulls locked up, but Heido used various knee strikes to break the tie up. Heido with the whip to the corner, but Sweet had the elbow to stop the 270lb Heido. Sweet came out and hit a pair of lariats before sending Heido to the ropes. back body drop telegraphed ended with a stiff kick and then a lariat. Tag to the bigger Takeshi as Sweet staggered up and into the corner. Splash by Takeshi and a tag back to Heido. The two of them alternated tags back and forth to keep Sweet from getting to his corner. After several minutes and a tag back to Takeshi, Sweet finally hit a takedown on Heido and then made the tag to Love. Love leapt off the top, but got caught by Heido in mid-air. Heido nailed a powerslam, held on and pulled Love back up where he nailed another powerslam. He lifted Love up again and threw Love up in the air, catching him on his shoulders and nailing the Release Buckle Bomb. Love staggered forward as Takeshi knocked Sweet off the apron. One quick hook up later and Takeshi nailed Love with the Hanzo's Hammer.. the Fisherman's Suplex and got the three.

Winner: The Crimson Order via Hanzo's Hammer
Match Time: 12:33
Match Rating: ***

Match 3
Ryan Gallway vs Alexander Redding Before the Match "American Idiot" by Green Day hit the speakers and Jon Le Bon walked out from the back. He had a microphone in hand, talking about how he has already dominated the singles competition ranks in jOlt (despite only having two matches). He said he wants to make the transition to the tag team scene and wants to reform HOWL. He asks Gallway if he can take his spot tonight and win one for the gipper. Ryan thinks about it and realizes he'll get a night off because of this and decides to agree to it. Redding complains about the switch since Redding wanted to show everyone that he could beat Ryan Gallway and prove he can be a tag team champion come Rise of the Legends, but it was agreed upon and it was a done deal!

Match 3
Jon Le Bon vs Alexander Redding Match Summary:
Redding attacked Le Bon at the opening bell, pounding away at him vehemently. Whip to the ropes by Redding gets reversed as Le Bon sends him in and hits a drop kick. Redding rolled to the outside, but Le Bon hit a Tope Con Hilo! The people were behind Le Bon as he rolled Redding back into the ring for two, but once he pulled Redding up, that is where he took control of this match. Gallway just stood back and watched as Redding hit a few high impact moves mixed with some strikes, but much to Le Bon's credit, he kicked out of each and every pinfall attempt. The crowd got behind Le Bon and this fired him up as he made the comeback, knocking Red down a few times and then nailing a nice spine buster. Le Bon then signaled for the Rockstar Stunner, but Redding reversed it by grabbing the leg and spinning Le Bon around. He delivered the toe kick and hooked him for the Grady Special III, but Gallway hopped up onto the apron and distracted Redding. Red let Le Bon go and went to attack Gallway, but he hopped off the apron. When Red turned around... ROCKSTAR STUNNER! Le Bon made the cover and got the three!

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Rockstar Stunner
Match Time: 14:22
Match Rating ***

After the Match
Ryan Gallway sneered as he stepped into the ring and stood over Alexander Redding. He got in Red's face, telling him that he will never be a tag team champion. Teddy Jacobs then ran out from the back and slid into the ring as Gallway ducked out the other side. Gallway smiled all the way up the entrance ramp as he avoided disaster there as Jacobs stood in the ring and stared back.

As Gallway backpeddled, he was leveled from behind by Derrick Huber!! Huber pulled him up and drove him back first into the ring apron! Frank Silver then came out and jumped on Huber and they began to brawl! Adam Roebuck then came out to even the odds... and then Mack Brody showed up! All of them were brawling as Alexander Redding recovered. Red and Jacobs then hit the ropes with a double dive over the top, taking out The Heirs and The House at the same time! The two of them stood as the people booed! Red and Ted then made their ways up the ramp.. could they be the next tag team champions!?

Match 4
Underground Rules
Derecho vs Cordova

Match Summary:
Derecho exploded from the opening bell, leveling Cordova with a vicious lariat. He rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He slid back in and unfolded the chair in the middle of the ring as Cordova tried to recover from the lariat that turned him inside out. Derecho pulled Cordova up and grabbed him by the neck. CHOKESLAM!!! The chair broke in half from the impact, but Derecho wasn't done. He took the remains of the chair and placed them on top of Cordova. He went up top and nailed the Frog Splash! Derecho stood and let out a bestial roar as he pulled Crodova to his feet. He then nailed the A Forever Reminder and picked up the three.

Winner: Derecho via A Forever Reminder
Match Time: 4:01
Match Rating: *

After the Match
Derecho lost it. He rolled out of the ring and grabbed the bottom half of the steel ring steps and slid them into the ring. He rolled back in and pulled Cordova up off of the canvas. He whipped him to the ropes and nailed a massive spine buster onto the ring steps. Derecho then rolled back out and grabbed the top half of the ring steps and brought them back into the ring. Derecho, while holding the ring steps, hopped up to a seated position on the top rope. He stood on the middle rope holding the ring steps and jumped off....

Derecho slammed down with a splash, holding the ringsteps, sandwhiching Cordova between them. Derecho held his mid-section in pain as he bounced off of Cordova, but Derecho was grinning through the pain.. Cordova was hurt and hurt bad as officials flooded the ring to check on him. Derecho remained in a seated position up against the corner, laughing the entire time. The crowd didn't know what to make of it, but it was apparent that the King of Hell had returned and now he set his sights on Tyke.

jOlt Championship
Aran Thompson (c) vs Eiji Kugasari

Match Summary:
Aran and Eiji locked up and right away Eiji went toe to toe with the world champion as they exchanged move for move, hold for hold, and counter for counter that lead into a series of flash pin exchanges between the two of them. They stood and stared down for a round of applause, but Aran didn't waste any time and slapped Eiji across the face. Eiji then fired back with forearm shots that rocked the champion. After a whip to the ropes, Eiji hit a huracanrana for a two count.

Back and forth they continued to fight until Eiji knocked Aran to the outside. Eiji hit a twisting plancha to the outside and took out the jOlt Champion. They brawled around ringside until the referee got to count of eight and it was Eiji that rolled Aran back into the ring. Eiji went up top, but Aran recovered and fell against the ropes. Superplex by Aran for a close two. Aran then regained control of the match as he grounded Eiji knowing that he couldn't let him take to the air, but Eiji continued to kick out of whatever Aran threw his way.

Aran began to become frustrated and made a mistake. Eiji capitalized and regained control, putting Aran down with an array of innovative high impact moves. Eiji went back to the corner looking for better luck this time around. Aran stood as Eiji front flipped off the top with a cannonball senton, shades of his master Ninja K, and took Aran back down for a very close two. Aran staggered up and Eiji saw his shot... SHINOBI SUNSET!!!!! THREE!!??? NO!!!

It was about as close as you could get, but Aran kicked out and we almost had a title change at a local show! The people rallied behind Eiji as he was fired up. Aran staggered up and into the corner. Eiji charged in, but Aran side-stepped and slammed Eiji face first into the turnbuckles... Eiji staggered right into it... ICARUS SWITCH!! BUT NO!!! KICK OUT!!

The crowd was on their feet. Both men at their limits.. both stood and began and exchange of strikes as the crowd became red hot. Eiji got the upper hand and hit a punch, chop and backfist combo to the champion. Off to the ropes Eiji went, but Aran nailed a lariat. Eiji landed close to the ropes.. Aran went to the apron and nailed the God Slayer leg drop!! Aran made the cover, but NO!! KICK OUT AGAIN!

Aran pulled Eiji up and scoop slammed him near the ropes again. Aran went for the God Slayer a second time, but Eiji rolled out of the way! Aran staggered up and Eiji went for Death's Embrace.. the Half Nelson with the body scissors, but before Eiji could lock it in, Aran spun out of it and in a fluid motion, hooked Eiji in the abdominal stretch and flipped him.. ICARUS SWITCH! ONE.. TWO.. THREE!

Winner: Aran Thompson via Icarus Switch
Match Time: 41:45
Match Rating: * * * * *