Springfield Civic Center - Springfield, MA
Attendance: 9500 Fans (Sold Out)

1. Total Conquest (Sepiroth Du Luc and Persephone), Mattock, Sanchez Cano, and Mike Extreme defeated Nate Quartermaine, Michael "Phantom" Donovan, Raevynn, and Cross The Hood (Machida Hood and Jackson Cross) at 15:49 when Mattock pinned Nate Quartermaine with the Quantam Driver

The show started off with a HUGE ten-person clash when members of The Rebellion captained by Nate Quartermaine were set to take on the combination of the ReVolt/Backbone led by Mattock! The match started off with Persephone and Raevynn going to blows! The Starlets of the respective groups fought tooth and nail and fought to a standoff.

Over time, The Backbone/ReVolt stable had put together their force and singled out Nate Quartermaine for the opening minutes. Eventually, The Rebellion turned the tables on their hated rivals and singled out Sanchez Cano. The tattooed high flyer had gotten himself a big following in his rivalry with Mattock a few months ago and the fans got behind him. Eventually, The Phantom Image of Donovan missed, allowing Cano a Leaping Tornado DDT!

Mike Extreme, the biggest man in the match, mowed down his opposition and looked a lot more like the dominant Mike Extreme of old as he took down Cross the Hood and Nate Quartermaine. Eventually, things broke down and Cross the Hood members almost stole one with a quick pin off Mattock before Sanchez made the save! SDL cleared them and Raevynn out of the ring and left Nate alone to take a Quantam Driver! The three-count was made and The ReVolt/Backbone scored the big victory heading into the big eight-on-eight match at Breakdown! Could Mattock's group, even with one person down, find a way to overcome the Rebellion at Breakdown? Well, watch it when it airs and your questions will be answered!

2. Vizier ta Seti defeated Jason Rau at 5:42 with See No Evil

Jason Rau entered the arena to a decent ovation, though it did pale in comparison to that received by Vizier ta Seti. Apparently, home video of his dismantling of Adam Lazarus had gained some traction on Youtube, and the 'smarky' type fans decided to get behind him. He didn't seem to notice, but it's immaterial since it didn't seem to affect him. For the second week in a row, Vizier ta Seti dismantled his opponent from bell to bell, ending it as he did last time with the face drop to his knees, which we learned from some vocal fans is called "See No Evil." The only thing we really didn't get from this match was, why is Vizier ta Seti wrestling house shows when he should be tearing up Jolt TV?

3. Eiji Kugasari and Jesse Ramey defeated Spike Saunders and Diamond Jewelz at 11:36 when Ramey pinned Jewelz after the Non Compos Mentis

Unique forces came together for the next match when former jOlt Champion Eiji Kugasari teamed up with wrestling veteran Jesse Ramey to take on Ramey's former and Eiji's current rival Diamond Jewelz along with Spike Saunders! Citizen was nowhere to be found tonight, but Ramey was all the more happy to take on a man that had been his friend for years, now turned into his enemy.

Eiji and Ramey took turns keeping their opponents off-kilter with a series of spectacular high flying moves! Eventually, Saunders turned the tide with his strength advantage. They took turns picking off Eiji Kugasari for minutes at a time while Saunders and Diamond Jewelz put a beatdown on him. Kugasari broke free and made the tag to Ramey! Ramey and Jewelz renewed their old rivalry and continued to fight! Jewelz almost got the win of his signature Busaiku Knee Kick called the Crown Jewel! Saunders mid-match stepped off the apron when Jewelz made a tg and simply walked off, clearly not wanting any more of the situation. The Event Horizon from Eiji led to the Non Compos Mentis from Ramey! He gets the three!

4. Sarah Winterton defeated Faith Hines with the Royal Crown submission at 12:10

Winterton was accompanied by her personal assistant, Desta, as she went on a tirade about her upcoming Starlet Title Ladder Match defending her title against "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann! Before the rant went too long, she was interrupted by Hype Starlet Faith Hines! A great wrestler in her own right, Faith didn't take kindly to Winterton running down the Starlet division so she showed her a thing or two!

Faith owned the first few minutes and kept Winterton on the defensive with some well-executed technical moves! Winterton was a great pure wrestler on the mat in her own right, but the two Starlets put on a clinic, showing they were far more than eye candy than most women's wrestling divisions. Winterton took Faith to task after a distraction by Desta led to Sarah DDTing Hines on the apron!

She kept the pressure on with some neck work until Faith freed herself from a Cravate submission! She fought back and got a nearfall off her Double Jump Moonsault called the Leap of Faith! She had things in hand when she tried her Double Arm DDT called No Faith in Humanity when Desta distracted Faith. This led to the Cross-Arm Lungblower from Winterton right into the Clutch Crossface called The Royal Crown! With the victory, she showed Amber Ryann what to expect, but when the match was going Ryann's way, would that even matter? We could have a new Starlet Champion at Breakdown! When Winterton tried to attack her again, Amber Ryann made the save for Faith and stared down her challenger. Amber stood tall once again, and gestured that she wanted that belt.

5. Four Corners Tag Title Preview Match: Frank Silver defeated Frank Hendrix, Heido and Eli Conway when Silver pinned Hendrix with the Stay of Execution at 19:02

News came from the office of Damien Lee just moments after the last iNtense went off the air: Due to no decision between the Crimson Order/Heirs of Wrestling/West Texas Terrorist bout to claim a #1 contender to the Tag Titles at Breakdown held by The Hands of the Cause, there would be a Four Corners match between all teams! Tonight was a preview of that very match when Heirs of Wrestling member took on the HoC leader Frank Hendrix, The Crimson Order's Heido and The West Texas Terrorist member Eli Conway.

All four men cut loose right at the onset and referee Ian Nguyen had a hard time keeping track of not only the action in the ring, but each tag wrestler had their partner on the outside! Ryan Gallway, Brone Haggard, Takashi, and Eli Conway were all present and cheering on their teammates!

Some quick thinking by the twin West Texas Terrorists led to the classic switcheroo and Ezra took control! The fighting kept on going for nearly fifteen minutes with everybody breaking up nearfall after near fall! Eventually, the action got a bit unruly on the outside as well and the teammates all fought with one another! At the end of the battle, Frank Silver caught his rival, jOlt Tag Team Champion Frank Hendrix and planted him with the Cradled Styles Clash called the Stay of Execution! Silver won the match for his team and had pinned one of the Tag Team Champions! The Heirs got the win tonight and the two-time Tag Team Champions could make history in jOlt if they won the belts for a third time!

The action wasn't over, though, as a MASSIVE fight broke out between all four teams who wanted the belts! Security had a hell of a time breaking things up, but eventually the calm came out and it was time for our next match.

6. "jOlt's Last Real Man" Jeremy Ryan defeated Cordova at 2:19 with the Last Real Brainbuster

Next up was a man that had real problems as of late with jOlt management. Since WrestleCade things hadn't been going the way of Jeremy Ryan who had slandered Hall of Famers and wrestlers alike with controversial comments. Perhaps seeing a punishment, Damien Lee booked him on iNtense against Omega for his Underground Championship and almost won it, but Omega had survived and dominated as he always did.

Cordova, a former Flyweight Champion in his own right, didn't stand a chance against Jeremy Ryan. He had mowed right through him with power moves and eventually sealed the deal an incredibly STIFF Swinging Lariat that he called The Last Real Brainbuster! Right after the match, Ryan ranted the whole way up the aisle that he would be making some noise soon enough and that threat was not good for anybody.

7. Aran Thompson and "Midas" Mack Brody fought jOlt Champion Landon Stevens and Ninja K to a no contest at 22:42 after interference by The Faction, The Heirs of Wrestling, and the Crimson Order.

The main event of tonight was going to be very interesting. Aran Thompson had beef with his former protégé and now jOlt Champion Landon Stevens by usurping his title and his follows from underneath him. The Heirs of Wrestling's Mack Brody had been embroiled in a new rivalry with Ninja K out of personal competition. Landon Stevens won the title off of Ninja K's star pupil, Eiji Kugasari. Now that that was all explained, it's time to roll on with the madness!

Aran Thompson and Mack Brody hadn't had a lot of interaction with one another in the past, but they were pretty civil for the most part. Ninja K was a respected fan favorite, but grew irritated with Landon Stevens taking shortcuts and cheating to get the advantage. Ninja K and Mack Brody even had the chance to show off their skills. The Philly Powerhouse Mack Brody was proving to be far more than some one-dimensional wrestler who kept Ninja K at bay with his power.

The action was getting out of hand quickly and when it looked like Aran Thompson was about to pin the jOlt Champion, The Faction attacked! The Crimson Order was right behind them coming to the aid of Ninja K just as The Heirs of Wrestling came to the aid of their friend, SuperMack and soon, everybody was hitting everybody! The Heirs of Wrestling, Ninja K and The Crimson Order stood tall in the ring as Aran Thomspon went right after his rival!

It was going to be a hell of a time getting out to Breakdown! With so many rivalries coming to a head, The jOlt World Championship, The return of The House, The first-ever Starlet Ladder Match, The Underground Title match among others, Breakdown would be a night to remember!