Ford Community & Performing Arts Center - Dearborn, Michigan
Attendance: 1175 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Bryan Dawkins vs Cordova

Match Summary:
Dawkins and Cordova started out with a handshake out of respect. The two of them went into a nice opening sequence of counters that went into a chain of flash pins and then a standoff to a round of applause from the crowd. They locked up again and again it was a sequence of counters as the two of them just couldn't find a way to one up each other The match in its first several minutes had become a stalemate. They locked it up for a third time, but now Cordova got the upper hand. He hit a few quick strikes to take Dawkins down and then went up top. Cordova missed with the splash and Dawkins then took control of the match with a flurry of offense. Dawkins then went up top for his Shooting Star Press when Romeo Ruster Reno came out and hopped up on the apron. The momentary distraction allowed Cordova to go up top and nail a top turnbuckle brainbuster for the three!

Winner: Cordova via Top Turnbuckle Brainbuster
Match Time: 11:12
Match Rating: ***

After the Match
Romeo entered the ring and stood on top of Bryan Dawkins. He looked around the arena to a chorus of boos. Romeo then pulled Dawkins to his feet and then lifted him up onto his shoulders. He then flipped Dawkins off with a Death Valley Driver! This was the second show in a row where Ruster Reno had attacked Bryan Dawkins with little to no explanation! Reno exited the ring with a grin on his face as the people continued to boo him!

Match #2
next Generation superstars vs Sweet Sweet Lovin

Match Summary:
Lennox and Love.. yeah.. what a coincidence there... started off the match. Lennox and Love locked up, but Lennox hit a knee to the stomach and then an arm wringer. He controlled Love as he pulled him to his corner and made the tag to Jewelz. Jewelz then took over and began to keep Lennox Love grounded. Quick tag back to Jameson Lennox as he came in and continued the punishment. Another tag back to Jewelz. This pattern continued for several minutes as Sam Sweet tried his best to rally Love to get back to the corner. Eventually, Love was able to put down Jameson Lennox, who had become legal, and dove to the corner to make the hot tag! Sweet came in and cleaned house to a rather large pop from the crowd. He ran over both Lennox and Jewelz and eventually threw Jewelz to the outside. Sweet then took full control of Jameson Lennox and put him down in the middle of the ring. He went up top to deliver his patented splash, but Jewelz knocked Sweet off the top! Lennox then hoisted the big man onto his shoulders and in a display of strength, hit The End of the Road, the TKO, on Sam Sweet and picked up the three while Jewelz kept Lennox Love busy!

Winner: next Generation superstars via The End of the Road
Match Time: 18:38
Match Rating: ***3/4

Match 3
"The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon vs Waymoth Turnbull Match Summary:
It was a rematch from Warriors last week, but when Turnbull entered the ring, Le Bon's music played but he never came out. Turnbull wanted to know what was going on. As he stared at the entrance, Le Bon came out from underneath the ring and got up on the top turnbuckle pad! He then yelled out.


He leapt off the top rope, but Waymoth heard him yell and caught him in mid air as he turned around. Waymoth, from the cradle position, switched it to Who Don't Hear, Must Feel and picked up a very quick three count. Le Bon's journey of being The Giant Slayer began and ended with Spike Saunders, apparently. Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Who Don't Hear, Must Feel
Match Time: 0:42
Match Rating *

Match 4
Tyke vs Reno Davis

Match Summary:
Tyke got himself dusqualified, giving Reno the win on last week's Rock the House. Then Tyke pinned Reno on iNtense 77 tying them a one a piece. This was the rubber match and like iNtense, it is being contested with Underground Rules!

Tyke and Reno locked up, but it didn't take long for Tyke to throw Reno to the outside. Tyke followed him out, but Reno ended up spearing him right into the steel ring steps. Reno went on the attack and stomped away at Tyke. He brought him to the announce table and bounced his head off of it. He rolled Tyke in and then grabbed a chair and re-entered the ring. Tyke made a comeback and snagged the chair away from Reno and punished him with it. Tyke ended his punisment with a DDT on top of the chair, but only got two. Tyke went back on the attack as Reno was dazed at this point. He used vicious strikes to keep putting Reno down each time he got up, but Reno found that second wind and began to battle back. He got Tyke dizzied as he picked up the steel chair and cracked it right over Tyke's skull with a knockout shot! Reno got a VERY close two count on that which garnered a "bullshit" chant from the crowd. Reno then signaled for the end and went to tie up Tyke in the Queen Angelito Stretch, but when he touched Tyke, Tyke immediately shoved him off, shuffled back and nailed the Tyke Shot from out of nowhere! He got all of it too and pinned Reno Davis for the three, breaking the tie between them!

Winner: Tyke via Tyke Shot
Match Time: 17:55
Match Rating: ****

Match 5
Kayden Paulton vs Mattock

Before the Match
Mattock and Sanchez Cano came out and talked about how Paulton was starting to get noticed, but this could lead to his downfall because that means those in power will take notice and do whatever they can to squander his growth. He offers Kayden a spot in reVolt, but Kayden declines!

Match Summary:
Mattock then jumps Kayden at the bell and pummels away at him. He yells at him that he's an obstacle that needs to be removed and stomps away at him. Mattock looks toward the crowd as they boo him. Paulton uses that to make a comeback and clocks Mattock over the top rope to the outside. Kayden then dives to the outside with a suicide dive between the ropes and takes Mattock out! Cano wants to get involved, but Paulton whipped hiim into the ringsteps, but that caused Mattock to nail Direct Damage, the corkscrew spear on the outside. He rolled Paulton back in for a two count. Mattock then worked on keeping Paulton grounded before he went up top. He missed the Shooting Star Elbow. Paulton quickly grabbed Mattock and butterflied the arms.. FEEL GOOD! The Tiger Bomb connected and Paulton held Mattock down for the three!

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Feel Good
Match Time: 7:33
Match Rating: **3/4

After the Match
Sanchez Cano slid into the ring and clobbered Paulton from behind. He grounded and pounded him on the canvas. Mattock came to and grabbed a microphone.

"Losses don't matter to me. I am the martyr of jOlt Wrestling and every time my shoulders get pinned.. I empower you with the ability to recognize the fact that this company will do nothing but hold you down. My losses are symbolic. They symbolize the fact that each and every wrestler in the back that is not at the top of the card are nothing more than livestock.. are nothing more than pieces of flesh being held down so the main eventers can line their pockets with your hard earned money. We refuse to let the status quo encompass our careers and those who stand in our way.. shall be punished." Mattock dropped the microphone and then hoisted Paulton onto his shoulders. He then lifts up Paulton and drops him with a high-angled Air Raid Crash.. the Quantum Driver II. Mattock stands over Paulton and makes a fist with his right hand and places it over his heart as the people boo.

Spike Saunders vs Mace Williams

Match Summary:
Saunders and Williams lock up in the center of the ring, but that's about as far as they got as Derecho ran out from the backstage area and immediately jumped Williams, pounding away with fists. Saunders tried to pull Derecho off to calm him down, but Derecho shoved Saunders back

"This doesn't concern you" yelled Derecho to Saunders.

Derecho then went back to Mace Willams as he continued to pummel him. Saunders then respected his friend's warning and hopped out of the ring and began to head to the back. Derecho pulled Williams up to his feet and screamed in his face.


Williams simply spat in Derecho's face and that pissed him off even more. Derecho then kicked Williams in the groin and hoisted him onto his shoulder. He then dropped Williams with an A Forever Reminder in the middle of the ring. Derecho then grabbed Williams by the hair and once again screamed in his face.


Derecho was so tunnel visioned that he didn't notice that Aran Thompson was like a side view mirror.. closer than he appeared. Thompson had slid into the ring and superkicked Derecho right in the side of the head! He then grabbed Derecho and quickly placed him into the Abdominal Streetch..

Icarus Switch!

Thompson then leaned over Derecho and shouted.

"The Future is RIGHT... HERE"

Thompson then helped Williams up to his feet and the two of them left the ring. The show came to a close with Derecho laid out in the center of the ring.

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: --:--
Match Rating: n/a