Showare Center, Kent, Washington
Attendance: 5500 Fans (Sold Out)

With the announcement that jOlt's biggest show of the calendar year, WrestleCade, was right around the corner at Centurylink Field in Seattle, Washington, jOlt decided to give the fans in the Pacific Northwest a sample of what's to come! The grapplers of jOlt made the trek to the west coast for a special edition of Rock The House live from the Showare Center in Kent, Washington, just minutes outside the home of WrestleCade! The building was filled close to capacity with just over 5,000 fans coming out to see the action they would only get to see with jOlt Wrestling!

1. Sweet Sweet Lovin' (Sam Sweet and Lennox Love) and The Crimson Order (Takeshi and Hideo) defeated Trouble (Statuz Quo and Khadafi) via and The West Texas Terrorists (Eli and Ezra Conway) via Love and War (Flapjack/DDT combo) at 15:51

The first match on tonight's action-packed card came in the form of a showcase of the deep tag team division as former Tag Team Champions Sweet Sweet Lovin teamed with The Crimson Order's Takeshi and Hideo to take on Trouble and The West Texas Terrorists!

Nobody envied referee Antonio Jones for having to keep up with this action! For close to fifteen minutes, the action came fast and furious as the unlikely combination of SSL and the Order came together to make life hell for Statuz Quo. The fights continued until some twin trickery by the WTT twins suckered Lennox Love into a vulnerable position. The Terrorists and Trouble actually worked well together for the duration until Hideo got the tag! Hideo went nuts, suplexing everybody and their mothers and hitting anything that moved! He cleared the path for his partner, Takeshi.

The Japanese Giant, Takeshi, even came in for a spell and tossed everybody around like ragdolls and evevn made Khadafi feel the brunt of a hard SPOKEN WORD Bucklebomb! Sam Sweet eventually got the tag and Statuz Quo fell victim to a BIG Tag team finisher from both members of Sweet Sweet Lovin - The Love and War finisher put him down for the three! First, they won on Intense and got the win in a big eight-man tag! What's next for Sweet Sweet Lovin and The Crimson Order who all appear to be on the rise again?

2. Mike Extreme defeated Reno Davis in an Underground Rules match at 6:42 via The Rogue Crusher

This match came about when Mike Extreme came within an eyelash of becoming the new Underground Champion until Omega rose above and defeated him. Extreme laid out an open challenge and out came "The Unwanted Angel" Reno Davis! The former Relentless Champion accepted the challenge and the fight was reminiscent of a modern-day David and Goliath!

Reno outran his opposition using his speed until he ate a vicious Standing STO that turned the tide. The 6'10" Mike Extreme went on the warpath and even executed a VICIOUS Powerbomb, but Reno would not be denied! He kept him down long enough to go for his double rotation moonsault called the Upbeat Tempo, but he crashed and burned in spectacular fashion! An angry Mike Extreme connected with the Rogue Crusher and he got the win over the former Relentless Champion! A big win any way you slice it and with a match against "Midas" Mack Brody on the next iNtense coming his way, Extreme looked dominant and ready to show he belonged at the upper echelon of jOlt's stars.

3. The Hands of the Cause (Frank Hendrix and Brone Haggard) defeated Adam Lazarus and Cordova at 11:15 with the Euthanasia

The momentum kept on rolling for the new Tag Team Champions in the Hands of the Cause. They had defeated two former TWO-TIME Tag Team Champions in The House and the Heirs of Wrestling! Their opposition were each former Flyweight Champions "The Air Apparent" Adam Lazarus and the luchador Cordova! They had wrestled as opponents for years, but tonight they were tag team partners against the big brawlers. Not only that, but "Friendly Stranger" Henry Dylan was at ringside as well and could easily play a part in the proceedings.

Surprisingly enough, it was Laz and Cordova who took the fight to the Hands early, keeping them off-guard with some high-flying tactics! Laz and Cordova even hit a Double-team Wheelbarrow facebuster on Hendrix for a near fall! However, he took over just minute later when Hendrix hit a PUNISHING Spinebuster! Big Brone Haggard exerted his will on the smaller Cordova, working his back with some devastating power moves. When Hendrix came back into the ring, his attempt at a Michinoku Driver was reverset into a Flipping Asai DDT! Cordova with the tag to Lazarus!

The Air Apparent went nuts and soared around the ring like the expert he was at doing so. He took turns keeping them off bass and even nailed the TKO on Hendrix for a close fall! He tried going for Flight 187 (The ring rope piledriver) only for Frank to cut him off with a Hotshot! He turned him around. EUTHANASIA Double Arm DDT and yet another win for the Hands! However, the Heirs of Wrestling were watching the match from the ramp and gestured that they wanted back the belts that they held and made famous for so long. This budding rivalry was far from over, but Laz and Cordova did impress here tonight. Perhaps a tag run was in store for them?

4. "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann defeated Vogue Gonslavez and "Starlet Powerhouse" Daryn Thompson with Fate/Stay Dead on Vogue at 9:51

The Starlets came out to play on this edition of iNtense and here they were now! The dirty-fighting Vogue from The Hype, The Starlet Powerhouse and Texan Daryn Thompson and finally, jOlt's favorite Otaku, "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann. Ryann and Thompson had a real coming-out party with Charlotte and Sarah Winterton at Unlimited and while Sarah won, both Ryann and Thompson turned heads and showed the Starlets were here to stay.

The action was fast and furious from the get-go while Sarah Winterton watched the match at ringside, possibly scouting future opponents. She had a title defense against former champion, Charlotte, whose whereabouts were unknown following the sudden departure of The House from jOlt for the foreseeable future. Ryann wowed the crowd with some incredible aerial moves, taking down Vogue with a Headscissors followed by an insane Shooting Star Press dive to the outside! Meanwhile, Thomspon later took advantage with a power display, hitting a SIMULTANEOUS Fallaway Slam and Samoan Drop on both Vogue and Ryann for two nearfalls each!

The end came when Vogue got Thompson down with a vicious Rolling Neckbreaker followed by her Corkscrew Moonsault called the En Vogue! However, that was not to be as from behind, The Dragonfly nailed her deadly signature Kudoh Driver! ONE, TWO, THREE! She had her hand raised, but Winterton shot an angry glanced before raising her title. Ryann had a victory over Sarah in a Tag match from I89 and didn't let her forget, promising to come after the Queen of the Starlets for her cherished prize sooner or later!

5. Diamond Jewelz (with Ruby Rocks Jewelz) defeated Kayden Paulton at 15:25 with the 3,106.75 Carats Phoenix Splash.

It was jOlt's Friendly Neighborhood Grappler vs. jOlt's Shinin' Diamond! Diamond Jewelz came up aces at Unlimited, finally putting the months-long rivalry with Jesse Ramey and Mattock to bed for good. But now he was facing a guy who had victories in the past over guys like Derecho and Ninja K! Paulton was no pushover and he actually controlled the first few minutes with some quick mat wrestling! Jewelz kept the momentum going, though, and eventually turned the tides for himself with a DDT on the ring apron!

From there, it was all Jewelz, all the time! The Sultan of Swag (just came up with that) took the fight to Paultona and nearly got three of the Crown Jewel (Busaiku Knee Kick) only for Kayden to kick out! The crowd was on the side of Kayden with "YOU ARE AWESOME!" chants, but Diamond Jewelz fought back and eventually got the duke over Kayden with an AMAZING Phoenix Splash that he calle the 3,106.75 Carats! This was another big performance and win for Diamond Jewelz. With his momentum, who could stop him?

6. Jesse Ramey, Spike Saunders, Mack Brody, and Jon Le Bon defeated Jeremy Ryan, Bane Loneheart, Sepiroth Du Luc, and Jason Rau at 14:29 with the Midas Touch on Bane Loneheart

Never in your wildest dreams would you imagine that one side would have the eclectic cast of decorated Journeyman Jesse Ramey, legendary giant Spike Saunders, former Two-time Tag Champ and up-and-comer Mack Brody and arrogant midg. er, Rockstar called Jon Le Bon. But here in jOlt, that shit's happening, so deal with it! Their opposition was a team captained by "jOlt's Last Real Man" Jeremy Ryan who got himself the dangerous Jason Rau, the giant Sepiroth Du Luc (with tag partner Peresphone on the outside) and brawler Bane Loneheart.

The match started much like the opener in a big pier six that saw the bad guys get scattered from the ring! The crowd was privy to not one, but TWO Fastball Specials as Brody and Saunders used Le Bon and Ramey respectively as lawn darts to throw on all the bad guys on the floor! It was bedlam from there and Brody even got a Giant Swing on Bane Loneheart! The crowd counted along with fifteen rotations!

The good times stopped, though, when Ramey was picked off by his newfound rival, Jason Rau. The bad guys took turns picking off Ramey including a Chokeslam from Du Luc, a big Sitout Spinebuster by Bane, and a Rau Deal (Running Knee) from Rau. Eventually Ryan came in and hit the Man Down (Suplex Backbreaker) for a near fall. He tried to finish Ramey with a suplex only for Ramey to turn the tides and hit the Hangover! (Tornado DDT). The tag was made to Spike Saunders!

The Colossus certainly lived up to his name as the former multiple-time World Champion mowed through everybody! Eventually, the chaos led to Jeremy Ryan simply WALKING OUT on his teammates! Eventually, Rau and Du Luc (along with Persephone) followed suit, leaving Bane by his lonesome to get hit by a BOOM HEADSHOT! Le Bon followed with the Rockstar Stunner into a Attitude Adjustment from Ramey! The punishment concluded with a Midas Touch Fire Thunder Bomb and the victory! It was a team made up of jOlt's past, present, and future that was victorious tonight!

7. jOlt Champion Eiji Kugasari defeated Jonathan Conspiracy to retain the title at 25:02

The crowd gave a grand ovation to the fiery underdog Champion called Eiji Kugasari! The man who did what no other could do and ended the nearly year-long reign of Aran Thompson to win the gold had a hell of a test as he took on former Relentless Champion and perennial contender JCON! They shook hands and the crowd loved every bit of the action!

Eiji's completely unorthodox style lent itself to causing confusion for JCON in the opening moments of the match! JCON was thrown off balance including when the new Champion connected with the Hanzo's Comet (Front Flipping Seated Senton) on the floor! After the crazy spill, he tossed JCON back in the ring and nearly got three off the move! He was close, but Conspiracy had more fight left in him and he proved it when an attempt at a Top Rope Moonsault was turned into an incredible Swinging Neckbreaker off the top!

JCON worked over the head and neck with a variety of different holds, but every time JCON would bring the punishment, Eiji did the same and fought back with everything that he could, just as he did against Aran Thompson. The fights continued and JCON even had the Attention Getter (Crossface!) He had it clinched in and had locked in other submission victories with it. but no! Kugasari fought back and got to the ropes in time!

Mr. One Letter Better tried to use his veteran instincts to stay one step ahead of The Blood Raven, but he was only incensed to try harder! He fought back with the quickness and connected with his Crimson Sword Dance combination for a near fall! Eiji even had it won with another Back fist/Roaring Elbow combination that got another near fall! JCON fought back and later turned Eiji's attempt at a finish into a quick Tornado version of his Co-conspirator Falling Reverse DDT for 2.9!

The crowd was chanting for both athletes at this point and it was anybody's game up until JCON went for the Conspiracy Theory Leg Drop. MISSED! But EIji didn't miss with the Event Horizon (Double Knee Gutbuster) and he didn't miss when he locked in the Recluse Spider Lock! The Pentagram Strangle submission was unlike anything JCON ever encountered before and despite his fight, he had no choice but to tap!

A THUNDEROUS applause from fans in the Showare Center gave the fans everything they wanted in a wrestling show! Eiji proved he belonged against a true wrestling veteran and JCON raised the arm of the new blood up in the air. This was the era of the Blood Raven and it was his night!