The Orpheum - Ybor, Florida
Attendance: 1500 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Landon Stevens vs Sanchez Cano

Match Summary:
This started off as a quick-paced match with Cano getting the upper hand early. Cano looked to keep Stevens grounded, but Stevens mounted a comeback and tried to match Cano with quickness, but Cano was just a bit too fast for Cano and regained control after a leg lariat into a side head lock. Stevens powered back out of it and shot Cano to the ropes. A pair of clotheslines and a drop kick later and Cano found himself on the floor. Stevens went for a dive and took out Cano, but out from under the ring came Omega! He blindsided Stevens when he got back up and it prompted the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Disqualification
Match Time: 9:12
Match Rating: **

After the Match
Omega rolled Stevens back into the ring stalked him. He wanted to hit The End on Stevens when all of a sudden, Ninja K ran out from the backstage area to a pop from the crowd! Ninja K went up to the top turnbuckle pad and leapt off with a springboard side kick that caught Omega in the jaw and took him down! Omega rolled out of the ring and escaped through the crowd as Ninja K stood there and looked on. Ninja K, however, quickly darted to the side as Stevens stood up. He made sure Stevens wouldn't try anything and then exited the ring.

Match #2
Romeo Ruster Reno vs Mattock

Match Summary:
Romeo and Mattock started off much like the first match, but it was more of a can-you-top this speed battle that saw some pretty innovative offense that wowed the crowd, but Mattock didn't really care about those fans. To them, they were objects that stood in the way of his true path to glory. Mattock and Romeo continued to try and top each other, but Romeo missed a drop kick and Mattock responded with a shining wizard. He brought Romeo to his feet and nailed a brainbuster. He went up top and tried the Descent from Twilight, but Romeo moved. Mattock stood as Romeo went for the Makeover, but Mattock threw him off. Kick to the stomach and a cliffhanger ddt got only two for Mattock. Mattock pulled Romeo up and kicked him it the stomach and went for standing sunset flip powerbomb, but Romeo dropped to his knees mid-move driving Mattock's head into the canvas. He also had the pin and got the three from out of nowhere!

Winner: Romeo Ruster Reno via Pinfall
Match Time: 12:17
Match Rating: ***

Match 3
Handicap Match
Team EGO vs Derrick Huber

Match Summary:
Strangler and Huber started off. They both were equal in strength and it was like two bulls trying to force each other to budge, but it wouldn't happen. Thomas tagged himself in, thinking his speed would make up for it, but Huber clotheslined Thomas out of his boots. Strangler came back in and hit a flying shoulder tackle that took Huber off his feet. From there it was Team EGO keeping Huber grounded, not allowing him to get back up. This prompted Adam Roebuck to come out and trip up Strangler from ringside. Roebuck pulled Strangler to the outside and rammed him into the barricades. The distraction caught the attention of Craig Thomas as Huber got back to his feet. When Thomas turned around, Huber hooked him and nailed the Yokosuka Cutter for the three!

Winner: Derrick Huber via Yokosuka Cutter
Match Time: 5:42
Match Rating **

Match 4
Waymoth Turnbull vs Kayden Paulton

Match Summary:
Waymoth didn't like the fact that he had a chair slammed into his head on iNtense 79 and wanted to settle this. Paulton and Waymoth went toe to toe for all but a brief moment. Waymoth leveled Paulton and then set him up for Who Don't Hear, Must Feel. Right when Waymoth was about to hit the move, Paulton elbowed his way out of it and nailed a jumping roundhouse avoiding the squash. He then hit a running lariat that stunned Waymoth. Paulton to the ropes once again and this time with springboard cross body that took waymoth down for a two count. Paulton went back up top and nailed a missile drop kick for another two. Waymoth got back up and Paulton hit a toe kick and then went to the ropes. Spear from Waymoth cut Paulton in half! He pulled Paulton up and hooked him for Who Don't Hear Must Feel, but Paulton countered with a DDT for two!! Paulton was getting massive pops as he readied himself for a super kick. He lunged in, but Waymoth side stepped and hit a massive forearm to the face. He then set up Paulton in the splash mountain position. Who Vex, Dead into the corner. Paulton staggered forward. Who Don't Hear, Must Feel. It was over as Waymoth got the three. Paulton got a standing ovation.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Who Don't Hear, Must Feel
Match Time: 6:12
Match Rating: ***3/4

Superstar Vince Jacobs & Derecho & Ninja K vs Dallas Griffin & Aran Thompson & Tyke

Match Summary:
SVJ and Tyke started off. They locked up and SVK had the upper hand until Tyke used a quick thumb to the eye and then a tag to Dallas Griffin who came in and chop blocked SVJ. SVJ tried to get up, but Griffin dropped an elbow into his back. Griffin then made a tag to Thompson and Thompson took his turn keeping SVJ grounded. Tag back to Tyke and Tyke kicked Jacobs, preventing him from making the tag. Back to Aran Thomspon, but when Aran tried to pick up Jacobs, Jacobs hit an enzugiri. Derecho begged for the tag, but Ninja K was closed and K was tagged in

Ninja K pulled Aran up and the Underground Champion whipped the jOlt Champion to the ropes, but Aran reversed. Handspring elbow by Ninja K blocked into a german by Aran, but K landed on his feet and went to the ropes. Clothesline ducked by Kenshiro that lead into a springboard cross body that was countered by a drop kick by Aran! Tag back to Tyke. Tyke came in and kicked away at NInja K. He pulled him up and sent him to the ropes, but blind tag by Derecho. Derecho came in and charged at Ninja K. Ninja K leapt over Derecho as Derecho lunged in at Tyke, nailing a Spear!

Derecho stood and pointed to Aran Thompson. He wanted him and he wanted him bad. Derecho grabbed Tyke by the hair and threatened certain death on Tyke if Aran didn't tag in, but Tyke quickly nailed a back drop suplex on Derecho and tagged in Aran who now wanted the tag. Aran came back in and taunted Derecho, kicked away at him. Aran went to grab him, but Derecho grabbed Aran by the throat instead. Aran kicked Derecho and bolted to his corner where he tagged in Dallas Griffin.

Dallas came in as Derecho charged in and clotheslined him to the outside. Derecho then knocked Tyke off the apron with a forearm and brought Aran into the ring the hard way! From the back, Statuz Quo, Khadafi and Duzza came running out, but SVJ and Ninja K hopped off the ring apron and began to brawl with them in the entrance way. While the referee wasn't looking, Waymoth Turnbull and Mace William hit the ring from both sides. Derecho clotheslined Williams, but turned and got speared by Turnbull. Black Faction bailed as Aran hopped wanted the tag. Dallas made the tag and Aran came in and yelled at the referee as he pinned Derecho and got the three!

Winner: Aran Thompson, Tyke, Dallas Griffin via Pinfall
Match Time: 34:57
Match Rating: ****