The Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Attendance: 1000 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Sephiroth Du Luc vs Graham Youngblood

Match Summary:
It was a good back and forth match between the former Backbone member and the former Ring Rat. Graham started out in firm control of the match and got the fans behind him as he backed Du Luc into the proverbial corner. Du Luc then exposed an opening and took advantage, swinging the momentum back in his favor. Du Luc had Graham reeling to the point where it looked as if it was the end for Youngblood, however, it was a slight mistake on the part of Du Luc that caused Graham to hit Poetic Justice… his version of the Cradle Shock to pick up the victory in a pretty hot opener that got the crowd into the show!

Winner: Graham Youngblood via Poetic Justice
Match Time: 9:18
Match Rating: ***1/2

Match #2
Veteran/Rookie Starlet Tag
Aria Murphy/Alyssa Corliss vs Persephone/Raevynn

Match Summary:
A unique match combining jOlt veterans with members of The Hype! Murphy and Persephone started off and the bad blood between these two hadn’t subsided in the least bit. The beginning of this match resembled more of a fight than a wrestling contest as the two traded blows. Persephone looked to get the upper hand, but Murphy put a stop to that and took Persephone down with a flying cross body. She tagged in Corliss and Persephone tagged in Raevynn. Those who follow the Hype know of the bad blood between these two. Corliss took it to Raevynn to the point where she retreated to the outside. Following her out was a mistake that shifted the momentum back to Raevynn. Once they were both back into the ring, Raevynn hit Minutes to Midnight (La Mistica sans Arm Bar) while Persephone distracted Aria Murphy and picked up the win.

Winner: Persephone/Raevynn via Minutes to Midnight
Match Time: 11:07
Match Rating: ***1/2

Match 3
Sanchez Cano vs Kayden Paulton

Match Summary:
The fans were a bit shocked as it has been a while since anyone had seen Kayden Paulton in a jOlt ring, but alas, he was a special treat for those in live attendance here in Philly! While Kayden was soaking up the admiration from the fans, Cano jumped him from behind. Cano was ruthless in grounding Kayden and pounding away on him. The referee got Cano off of Kayden, but Cano went back to work with stomps until he was weakened. Cano went up top and went for the Sadistic Spike, but Kayden moved out of the way. Kayden then gained the upper hand and sent Cano to the outside. Kayden went for a dive, but Cano kicked Kayden dead in the face as he flew through the ropes! Back in the ring, Cano hit Kayden with three kicks to the side of the head and then a super kick to the face to a kneeling Kayden! Cano then went up top and connected with the Sadistic Spike and picked up the three!

Winner: Sanchez Cano via Sadistic Spike
Match Time: 7:14
Match Rating **3/4

After the Match:
Cano picked up the microphone and brought it up to his lips.

“What you witnessed was the wish of the messiah. His path into martyrdom will pave a path for all of us being treated like livestock within the walls of jOlt. Soon, we will break free from our label as livestock and become the starving wolves we were meant to be…. SIE SIND DAS ESSEN UND WIR SIND DIE JAGER!”

Cano dropped the microphone. Many assumed he said something in Spanish, but it was, indeed, German. Something seemed off about Cano in the past month. One must wonder what is going through his mind and who this messiah is.

Match 4
Grendel vs Frank Hendrix

Match Summary:
The bell rang and Grendel looked as if he were about to sink his teeth into Hendrix. They locked up and as soon as they did, all the lights in the arena went out. When they came back on, there was Reno Davis wrapped in bandages with steel chair in hand. He readied the chair as Hendrix rolled out of the ring causing Grendel to turn around and take the full force of the chair shot right to the skull. Shockingly, Grendel smiled and then clotheslined Davis right out of his boots! Grendel was about to set up Davis for Pain when Chris Titan and Lusus hit the ring from the back. Grendel rolled out of the ring. This was the second time that Titan and Lusus made the save for Davis and there are still no answered as to why!

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: 0:04
Match Rating: n/a

Non-Title Triple Threat
Jimmy B. Martinez vs Adam Lazarus vs Landon Stevens

Match Summary:
This was an athletic contest from the start. It boiled down to a match of “Can You Top This?” between the three superstars. Each of them had their time in control and it kept switching hands, creating some amazing action. As JBM got the final upper hand, he looked to measure up Landon Stevens. All of a sudden, there was static and on the big screen, a message appeared!



The jOltvision remained blackened for several moments before an ominous electronic device with a multicolored array of wiring and lights become the focus of the screen. END.GAME.GOV was affixed above a digital display...


lighting adorning the electronic device began dancing as the foreboding countdown had been initiated...

422:13:10... 422:13:05.. ....Angry Static...

Bullets install stops playing and all the lights in the Arena of Champions power back on.

JBM was distracted. During the confusion, Laz threw Stevens to the outside and then rolled up Martinez with a school boy for the three! The crowd popped in shock as after getting the short end of the stick over the past couple of weeks, Laz scored a pinfall victory.. and over the Flyweight Champion at that!

Winner: Adam Lazarus via School Boy
Match Time: 19:37
Match Rating: ****3/4