Cincinatti Gardens, Cincinatti, Ohio
Attendance: 1350 Fans (Sold Out)

Mattock came out to a mixed reaction. He had a microphone in his hand.

“Although precarious situations have been experienced since the initiation of the Power Struggle Invitational, I didn’t traverse that ramp and arrive at my destination here in the ring to vocally enunciate my displeasure for the situation. Nay… I seek to rectify those injustices here tonight and prove once and for all that I do not stand in the shadows of my brother. I hereby issue an open challenge for tonight to any member of the locker room to test their mettle against me. I shall break free of the proverbial chains and claim myself as my own one way or another”

Mattock dropped the microphone and headed to the back.

Match #1
Sanchez Cano vs Graham Youngblod Match Summary:
This match never got started. Cano jumped Youngblood from the start and threw him into the barricades. He stomped away on him until he was satisfied with his assault. He grabbed Youngblood and threw him into the ring. Cano then went around ringside and picked up a steel chair. He brought it into the ring and placed it on the chest of Youngblood. He went up top and took aim. He leapt off and connected with the double stomp… the Sadistic Spike… right into the chair and chest cavity of Graham Youngblood. Cano kicked Youngblood out of the ring and then grabbed a microphone.

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: N/A
Match Rating: N/A

Post Match: Cano stood there in the middle of the ring with a smile on his face. He brought the microphone to his lips.

“I stated that it has begun, but the question of what comes to mind. You see.. the messiah is playing the martyr at the moment, but the time is drawing near for him to come forth and speak. What has begun cannot be stopped and what has been set in motion shell herald a new age in jOlt.”

Cano dropped the microphone and headed to the back. Each and every week on Rock the House he has become more and more cryptic.

Frank Hendrix is backstage. He was recently signed on iNtense just a short few days ago. Donny Layne is with him.

Layne: Tonight, while it’s not on television, you will have your debut here tonight in front of the fans of Cincinatti, OH. What are your thoughts going into your match against Colby Korver?

Hendrix just looked at Layne with a scowl on his face and then walked off without saying a word. His silence, however, spoke more volumes than any words could have.

Match #2
Frank Hendrix vs Colby Korver

Match Summary: Hendrix and Korver started out evenly matched. The two of them wrestled and countered each other for several minutes. Getting frustrated, Hendrix turned to a more vicious side and began to brawl with Korver around the ring. They spilled to the outside where Hendrix drove Korver back first into the ring post. He brought Korver back into the ring. Korver staggered up to his feet and Hendrix brought him down by pulling him into a short arm clothesline. As Korver stumbled back to his feet, Hendrix measured him up. He grasped Korver and planted him with a double arm DDT that he called The Euthanasia. That was enough for him to get the three in an impressive debut.

Winner: Frank Hendrix via Euthanasia
Match Time: 7:33
Match Rating ***

In the back, Sanchez Cano came across Donny Layne who wanted to know what he meant by the messiah and the martyr. Cano looked and Donny as if he asked a question he shouldn’t have asked.

Cano: You see… there comes a time that when you push and you push and you push… eventually those who you push are going to push back. I am but a man paving a path for the messiah to follow… a path he will walk and deliver his message. He will deliver the message when he is ready. Right now, he is the martyr and every loss… every defeat… it’s all part of a grander vision. Don’t worry, Donny. Everyone will know soon enough what happens when you build walls around hungry wolves.

Cano walked off as Layne stood there even more confused.

Match 3
Non-Title Match
Jimmy B. Martinez vs Ryan Raysor

Match Summary:
One would expect this match to be fast-paced and not skimping on any of the action, but those who’ve seen The Hype, know that Ryan Raysor spent most of the opening moments of this match, running from the Flyweight Champion. Raysor wanted to cherry pick his moment, but JBM wouldn’t allow that as JBM eventually cut off Raysor and leveled him with a clothesline. He sent Ryan to the ropes and nailed a tilt-o-whirl back breaker. Raysor left the ring, but JBM took to the sky with a tope con hilo and wiped Raysor out on the floor. JBM brought Raysor into the ring where he staggered up to his feet. From there, JBM put him down with the IKO, he version of the TKO. That spelled the end for Ryan Raysor

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via IKO
Match Time: 6:05
Match Rating ***

After the match, Aran Thompson came down to the ring with a microphone in hand.

“I’m not waiting until Warriors. I know you put your hands on Laurie, Jacobs. I want you right here… right now and I’m not leaving until I get you!”

Someone came out from the back.. it wasn’t Vince Jacobs.. but rather.. .Craig Thomas? Thomas had a microphone in his hand.

“Now now, Aran. Vince Jacobs may be the mega star, the reason there is a show and all that other crap, but that’s old. That’s tired. The people don’t want to see Vince Jacobs anymore… they pay to see me… The Ego Craig Thomas. I KNOW I deserve a spot higher on the roster than I already am… so what better way than to prove that then by beating the “famous” Mr. Relentless.”

Thomas cockily walked to the ring and we have ourselves and impromptu match!

Match 4
Non-Title Match
Aran Thompson vs Craig Thomas

Match Summary:
If there was ever a time not to choose a fight with a man who was enraged with anger, it was now. From the moment Thomas stepped into the ring… Thompson was on him. Aran pummeled away on Thomas, not allowing him to get up. Aran pulled Thomas up and sent him across the ring, but Thomas came back with a flying shoulder tackle. Thomas then tried to control the match from here, but Aran was in just too foul of a mood. He quickly broke free from a submission hold and threw Thomas to the outside. Aran then rammed Thomas against the barricades several times and rolled him into the ring, just beating a ten count. Craig staggered to his feet as Aran wrapped himself around the backside of Thomas and snapped him down with The Icarus Switch… his crucifix driver. Thompson picked up the three!

Winner: Aran Thompson via Icarus Switch
Match Time: 7:13
Match Rating ***

Open Challenge Match
Mattock vs ??????

Match Summary:
Mattock came out and waited to see who would accept the challenge. The fans erupted when “Vicarious” by Tool hit the PA and Ninja K stepped out from the back. There was some history there between these two. Mattock didn’t look happy, but then again, he never does. Ninja K and Mattock went at it as The Athletic Freak of Nature battled the Pure Evil Enigma. With so many innovative moves, the crowd busted into a “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. The match continued to go back and forth and there was even a long sequence of near fall flash pins. Perhaps Mattock would finally break free and prove that he doesn’t belong in the shadow of his brother. Mattock even began to get the upper hand and hit a series of strikes followed by Direct Damage. He went up top and went for Transient Silence.. the shooting star elbow, but Ninja K moved out of the way. Ninja K then went on the offensive with a series of strikes. Mattock tried to reverse a strike into the Switchblade Romance, but Ninja K was able go behind and hit the Japanese Skull Splitter and put Mattock away!

Winner: Ninja K via Japanese Skull Splitter
Match Time: 16:53
Match Rating: ****1/2

Much like his previous attempts, Mattock came close, but came up short once again. A look on Mattock’s face told stories of something that was about to break within him. Could Mattock be a ticking time bomb or would this loss fuel him for the remainder of the Power Struggle invitational?