The Georgia Sports Complex, Athens, Georgia
Attendance: 2755 Fans (Sold Out)

jOlt brings to you another live event, this time we’re live from the Georgia Sports Complex in Athens, Georgia here for a good time! Georgia was more than kind, offering up some of that fabled Southern Hospitality for the show coming up!

1. Sweet Sweet Lovin (Sam Sweet and Lennox Love) defeated Jason Rau and Bane Loneheart at 11:10 via Love and War!

Just days before they were scheduled to take on the enigmatic Hands of the Cause on the next edition of Intense, Sweet Sweet Lovin were tested by the newly-formed team of former Backbone members Jason Rau and Bane Loneheart. Much to everyone’s surprise, after the opening minutes were dominated by SSL with a plethora of double-team moves including Sweet spinning the lighter Love around like Terry Funk and a ladder, Rau took over with the Rau Deal (Knee Strike!)

He continued the punishment and for several moments it looked like Rau and Loneheart would get the duke over the valiant former Tag Team Champions. Luckily for Lennox Love, Rau missed an attempt at the Aussie Driver (Double Underhook Piledriver), and tagged to the bigger Sam Sweet! The deluded Lothario managed to take out both members of Rau and Loneheart and the match was finished off with the Love and War Double team (Flapjack/DDT combo!) They got the win! They proved to be more than ready for the Hands of the Cause tonight.

2. Daryn Thompson defeated Vogue Gonslavez at 7:14 with the Last Roundup.

Daryn Thompson would be one of three Starlets with the chance to get a crack at “Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton at Unlimited, but before that she was in action tonight against The Hype’s own Vogue Gonslavez. A cunning woman in her own right, she was dominated in the first several minutes by the Texan Firecracker’s raw power, including a Delayed Suplex held for close to a minute!

Vogue fought back by suckering the powerful rookie on the outside with a vicious Facebuster on the floor! She got a near fall off that and tried to end things quickly with the En Vogue (Skytwister Press) but crashed and burned! Thompson fought back and cleared house with a Spin-out Powerbomb called the Last Roundup! The three-count was academic and Daryn’s winning streak since Wired only continued! She may be the dark horse in that match, but with her unmatched power on her side, she could very well jump out and surprise everybody.

3. Jon Le Bon over Graham Youngblood at 6:22 with Rockstar Stunner.

Jon Le Bon had been garnering attention since his wacky antics essentially forced him off the Hype and landed him into a popular role on the main roster! He was now given the chance here to actually wrestle and test his mettle against the protégé of one Sylo – Graham Youngblood.

The action was kept clean for the match and the two high flyers went at it tooth and nail. Youngblood clearly had the power advantage but that didn’t stop him from executing a death-defying dive to the outside… that missed! But the Shooting Star Press Suicida from The Rockstar did not!

The action went even faster after that when an attempt at the Shining Wizard from Youngblood missed, but The Rockstar Stunner did not! That was all she wrote! Jon Le Bon was going into his match with Jeremy Ryan with a win… could he do the unthinkable and defeat Jeremy Ryan when nobody has yet?

4. Derecho defeated Adam Lazarus in an Underground Rules match at 12:14 with the A Forever Reminder through a table.

Derecho had made it clear that the Underground was once again his domain, but if there was anybody who had something to say about that, it was the former Flyweight Champion Adam Lazarus! To much of everybody’s surprise, Adam came to play here tonight and fought Derecho tooth and nail with several good shots including a good move where he CLEARED the top rope with a Tope Con Hilo and took the fight to Derecho on the outside!

After several minutes, Derecho was in control again and jOlt’s only Grand Slam champion continued to destroy Lazarus on the ramp, including a vicious release Dragon Suplex on the ramp! The match was almost stopped at that point, but the Air Apparent wasn’t going to be denied. He continued the brawl and even choked Laz with an extension cord from the back. Both men fought their way back to the ring and Laz got the closest fall of the night with the Flight 187 (Ring Rope Piledriver) that was only saved when Derecho weakly kicked out. He brought out a table thatturned out to be his undoing – Derecho was only incensed and DESTROYED Lazarus with half a dozen chairshots followed by A Forever Reminder through the table! The King of Hell continued his path of destruction. Who could stop him now that the King had returned to his throne?

5. The House (Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber) defeated The ReVolt (Mattock and Sanchez Cano) at 5:04 with a Bad Hand to Sanchez Cano.

The former two-time Tag Team Champions and resident superheavyweights The House were about to come to a first-time match-up; a rarity for a team that had come in and knocked down almost all obstacles in their path. The ReVolt gave up a lot of weight and power to the former two-time champions, but what they lacked in those departments they made up for with cunning and speed of Mattock and Cano.

Huber mostly fended off both men by his lonesome and even got in the Roulette Wheel (Giant Swing) on Sanchez Cano until Mattock snuck in a chair and blasted Huber behind the referee’s back. They took turns working him over until he made the tag to Adam Roebuck! He was turning up the viciousness in recent weeks, even single-handedly injuring the former Tag Team Champions Red and Ted to the point where they were released from their contracts in jOlt. He ripped through the members of ReVolt like a fat man through cake. One Bad Hand later to Cano and they got the win!

After the match, Huber tried to unleash an attack with a steel chair only for Derrick Huber to shoo him away at the last moment before he could do even more damage to put their careers in jeopardy. Roebuck angrily walked away. It appeared that even though his bloodlust ran Red and Ted out of jOlt for the forseeable future, he was still not sated.

6. Jesse Ramey defeated Sepiroth Du Luc in 9:41 with the Original Attitude Adjustment at 9:41

After a grueling injury at the hands of Omega, Sepiroth Du Luc returned to active duty to face off against The Original Anti-Star Jesse Ramey! The long-time veteran had a hard road ahead of him as right at the onset, the former Tag Team Champion Du Luc jumped all over him with power moves including a deadly Powerbomb variation for a close fall! He kept on the punishment for the several moments until a Corner Splash missed.

Ramey quickly fought back with a Missile Dropkick, a Springboard Splash, and a Guillotine Leg Drop all for near falls. A sick Pumphandle Backbreaker by Ramey got another close one by Du Luc, but one half of Total Conquest fought back and finally managed to turn the tide! The Hangover Tornado DDT followed by the Original Attitude Adjustment submission and made him tap out with the Elevated Boston Crab! That was all she wrote and Ramey continued his winning ways.

Diamond Jewelz and his wife, Ruby Rocks Jewelz watched the match from the ramp and waved at Ramey before leaving without incident. The feud between these two men and Mattock were finally coming to a head at Unlimited and only one could have the ultimate bragging rights.

7. The Heirs of Wrestling (Frank Silver, Mack Brody, and Ryan Gallway) and “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann defeated The Hands of the Cause (Frank Hendrix, Brone Haggard, Henry Dylan) and jOlt Starlet Champion Sarah Winterton at 24:10 when Ryann pinned Sarah Winterton with a Ranhei Roll-up

The final match of the evening was The Heirs of Wrestling finally getting their hands on the men who had made them targets – The Hands of the Cause. Only both sides would have very, very odd pairings in this eight-person blockbuster. The Heirs’ former valet and current jOlt Starlet Champion Sarah Winterton was on the side of their new enemy so they enlisted the help of their new friend and Hype standout, “The Dragonfly” Amber Ryann!

This match was off the goddamn chain, as the kids would say! All eight men and women were building up new rivalries in tonight’s main event so it was bedlam in the opening minutes including a crazy dive from the two Ryans (Ryan Gallway and Amber Ryann) to both Henry Dylan and Sarah Winterton!

After several moments of domination by The Heirs of Wrestling, the HoC regrouped and completely changed the tide of the match when Brone Haggard hit a powerbomb on the outside barricade thanks to Frank Silver on the floor! From there, it was all-out mayhem, bedlam, and everything in between! Silver was at the mercy of the newcomer faction who continued to work him over! Hendrix took his time roughing up his fellow Frank, kicking the crap out of him behind the referee’s back.

Henry Dylan tried for his signature Stranglehold when Frank fought free and came back with the SHUTTHEFUCKERUPPERCUT! The tag was made to Amber Ryann and now the Dragonfly was about to… well, fly! She went at Winterton with a barrage of amazing high-flying moves – the very same that have made her stand out not only among the Hype, but her more recent appearances on the main roster! Winterton fought back and almost got her with the Enchanting Pin, but Ryann kicked out! The Heirs continued their fight and eventually in the middle of the ruckus, Winterton tried to pick off Ryann with the Beauty Queen Suplex (Chaos Theory) only for her to kick her away… Ranhei… ONE! TWO! THREE!


The Hands of the Cause ducked away after the match in the middle of the chaos while The Heirs of Wrestling stood tall with their new friend for the night, “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann! She had just won in the main event of this week’s Rock the House and did so handing Winterton a defeat! Nothing had been settled for the Hands of the Cause, but for tonight Ryann proved that she belonged with the elite of the Starlets division.