Madison Square Garden, New York City
Attendance: 15,000 Fans (Sold Out)

1. Sweet Sweet Lovin' defeated BADASS in 12:16 with Sweet Emotions

jOlt has invaded the sacred Madison Square Garden for a live event! The first match showcased the up and coming team of Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome from The Hype, known as BADASS, as they took on the former jOlt Tag Team Champions, Sweet Sweet Lovin. Tripp and Love started out as Tripp tried to throw Love off of his game with some trash talk during various submission holds, but Jon Katz Jr, along with Cookies and Cream got Tripp's attention and that allowed Love began to sway things back in their favor. Tripp tagged out to Davis Bloome who immediately went for his finisher, the In Bloome.. the leaping reverse STO, but Love countered with a drop kick to the face! Bloome was known for hitting his finisher out of nowhere, but Love studied the tapes! Love made the tag to Sweet who came in and drilled Bloome with a pair of clotheslines. Wise tried to come in, but Love re-entered the ring and hit a spinning heel kick, sending him to the outside, followed by a twisting plancha. Sweet nailed a front powerslam on Bloome and went up top where he nailed the big splash.. Sweet Emotions, and picked up the three!

2. Citizen defeated Kayden Paulton in 6:47 with Merciful Judgment

Both Citizen and Kayden Paulton came off of losses during the Relentless Title Tournament to Jon Le Bon and Vizier ta Seti respectively. This was a redemption match for the both of them as they looked to regain some momentum. In the beginning, Paulton opened up on Citizen with a collar and elbow tie up into an arm wringer, but Citizen broke the grip and drop kicked Paulton in the knee. Citizen then hauled off and kicked Paulton in the head before applying a chancery and hitting knee strikes. Citizen continued to work on Paulton's head before Paulton began to mount a comeback that ended up sending Citizen to the outside. Paulton went for the Happy Smiles Dive, but Citizen kicked him in the face as he passed through. Citizen slid back into the ring and nailed the Merciful Judgment.. the Double Underhook Brainbuster, and picked up the win!.

3. Lusus defeated Seraph via Disqualification in 2:31

Lusus wanted some measure of revenge against Seraph, but as soon as the match started, Michael Donavan hit the ring and the two of them began to stomp away on the big man. Lusus won the match via disqualification, but this brought out Chris Titan from the back who evened up the odds. Damien Lee then came out and told Titan that he's going to make another do or die match for him right now. Titan and Lusus versus Seraph and Michael Donavan and if either Titan or Lusus loses, then Titan will NOT face Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends!!

4. Chris Titan and Lusus defeated The Rebellion in 14:52 via Titanium

The match immediately began with Titan and Donavan. Titan was on fire as he backed Donavan into the corner and pummeled away on him. Donavan wouldn't forget that he got knocked out back on iNtense and that ignited Donavan to rake Titan's eyes and throw him into the corner. Donavan went on the assult and hit alternating knee lifts before hitting an irish whip, but Titan put the boot up. Donavan missed a body avalanche and Titan hit a TKO for two. Titan tagged in Lusus, but Lusus wanted Seraph. He allowed Donavan to crawl to his corner and tag in the heavy hitter, but Lusus charged in and pummeled Seraph as he entered the ring! Back and forth Lusus and Seraph traded blows, but neither man would go down!

Seraph backed into the ropes and swung with a lariat, but Lusus scoop slammed the 300+ lber and hit a running splash for two. Lusus sat Seraph up and hit a drop kick to the upper back! The big man actually left his feet! Another two. Donavan came in and tried to even the odds, but Titan charged in after Lusus gave Donavan a headbutt. Titan nailed Titanium on Donavan and Donavan rolled out of the ring! The two of them focused on Seraph, but Seraph fought and wouldn't go down easily. Seraph was able to throw Titan out of the ring, but Lusus clubbed him from behind. Lusus tried for a whip, but Seraph reversed it and pulled Lusus into a Divine Divide that shook the entire ring for only two.

Seraph said it was over and pulled Lusus up. He sent him to the ropes, but Titan hopped back up and made a blind tag. Lusus came back with a spear that put Seraph down.. but not for long. Seraph struggled back up, but Titan flew off the top rope with a flying knee strike to the face! However, when he landed, he ate a big boot from Michael Donavan! Lusus grabbed Donavan as he tried to balance himself after the big boot and hit a belly to belly overhead released suplex. Seraph got back up and grabbed Lusus by the neck.. in a scary feat of strength, Seraph NAILED a Divine Destruction on Lusus that caused the audience to break out in a "holy shit" chant, but Seraph forgot that Titan was the legal man! Titan recovered and nailed Titanium into Seraph's face and made the cover, getting the three!!!

5. Vizier ta Seti defeated Dallas Griffin in 5:44 via For the Gods

Trouble accompanied Griffin to the ring and remained at ringside for the match. Seti came out and took notice to couple of fans in the front row sporting crescent moon tattoos on the tops of their hands. One held a sign that read "People of the Moon" on it. It appears that Seti was garnering a bit of a following so far here in jOlt. Seti started the match focused, hitting Griffin with a few solid strikes. Seti took off to the ropes, but Griffin put him down with a shoulder block. Griffin hit another shoulder block to try and get some offense going. Griffin went for it again and got drop kicked in the legs for his trouble. Seti hauled off and kicked Griffin right in the head before setting him up for a brainbuster, hitting it. Khadafi and Quo tried to interfere, but a double legged drop kick.. one to Khadafi and one to Quo, knocked the two of them off the apron and into Duzza on the outside. Seti went up top and hit a 450 Leg Drop that he called For the Gods, picking up a win! Next stop for Seti was the historic iNtense 100 where he will challenge Jon Le Bon for the vacant Relentless Championship!

6. Derecho defeated Mattock in 11:26 via A Forever Reminder in an Underground Rules Match

It was brother versus brother in this match. Mattock didn't want to fight Derecho, which was off because Mattock spent the beginning of his jOlt career trying to prove he was better than him, but Derecho mysteriously asked for this match. When Mattock tried to reason with Derecho, Derecho flat out leveled him with a lariat. Derecho wasted no time in throwing Mattock to the outside where Derecho dominated him by using the steel ring steps. Derecho separated the steps and sandwhiched Mattock between them. Then Derecho went up top and nailed his Frog Splash onto the steps, scissoring Mattock between them which got a Holy Shit chant. Derecho was hurting from that, but he pulled Mattock up and rammed him through the barricades and into the aisle!

Derecho grabbed Mattock by his silver hair and headbutted him several times on the ground. Mattock didn't really stand a chance here. This brought out Sanchez Cano who tried to ask Derecho to leave him be, but Derecho grabbed Cano and threw him over the announce table. Sephiroth Du Luc then came out, telling Persephone to stay back. He was about to make his way to ringside when Cross the Hood jumped him from behind! This brought out Persephone who tried to get Cross and Hood off of Du Luc, but Raevynn came out and jumped Persephone!

Du Luc did manage to use that distraction to fight back. Meanwhile, Derecho threw Mattock back into the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Officials came out and broke up Total Conquest and The Rebellion. Derecho aimed for Mattock's head with the chair when Sanchez Cano came to and got on the ring apron. Derecho sensed it, turned and slammed the chair into Cano just as he leapt to the top rope. This allowed Mattock to hit the Direct Damage.. the Corkscrew Spear.. and took his brother down! Mattock went to the corner and went for the Phoenix Cleave, but Derecho moved out of the way. Mattock landed in a seated position and Derecho nailed him with the Shining Wizard!

The officials finally cleared the two teams out of the arena as the hatred between them continued to rage on! Derecho grabbed the chair and unfolded it in the middle of the ring. He hoisted Mattock up for A Forever Reminder, but Mattock landed behind Derecho. Mattock hooked Derecho for Switchblade Romance, but Derecho ducked the swinging lariat and scooped Mattock up again. He then dropped him on top of the unfolded chair with A Forever Reminder and picked up the three.

Derecho grabbed the house mic and said "Omega... if I was able to do this to my own flesh and blood without any second thought. Just think what I am willing to do to you. You will not become one... you will be divided even further.. and I will retake my place atop the mountain of hell as the Underground Champion. Get ready to embrace the pain because... Suicide is painless... it brings on many changes.. and I can take or leave it if I please..." Derecho sang the chorus to the song before he dropped the microphone and laughed while he knelt next to his brother Mattock.

7. Eiji Kugasari defeated Landon Stevens via Disqualification in 36:44 when The Faction interfered

It was time for the main event. The number one contender to the jOlt world championship.. Eiji Kugasari.. didn't forget how the current world champion, Landon Stevens, defeated him on the grandest stage of them all... Wrestlecade. Even though this was not for the championship, Eiji wanted to show Landon that he had the championship in his sights. Now that everything was taken care of and nothing was left in his path, Eiji could only look across the ring at the man who was his target.

The match started off with a series of moves that ended in a stalemate to a round of applause. Eiji gave the fans a quick nod, but Landon didn't acknowledge it at all. They locked up again and traded hold for hold, trying to gain the advantage, but neither man would succeed and we ended up with another stalemate. Lock up for the third time and this time, Landon resorted to heel chicanery and hit a knee lift and a clubbing blow. He went to the ropes, but Eiji nailed a spinning heel kick instead for two. Landon rolled out of the ring to buy some time. Eiji wanted to chase, but the referee stepped in front of him as the New York crowd booed.

Landon got counted up to nine before he returned to the ring. Eiji went to meet him, but got hot shotted. Landon hit a springboard drop kick for two. Landon then grounded Eiji with submission holds, but they could only hold Eiji down for so long. He battled back up and swung the momentum his way with a pair of elbows, a lariat, and a spinning heel kick. Eiji sent Landon to the ropes and doubled him over with a kick. Eiji took off and hit a flipping neckbreaker for two. Eiji went up top, but Landon got up. He tried to trip up Eiji, but Eiji leapt off, landing on his feet.

Back kick by Eiji into a Diamond Dust for two. Eiji went back to the corner and went for a moonsault, but Landon put the knees up. Landon went for the Rising Star Driver, but Eiji reversed it into an inside cradle for two! Both men stood, but Eiji hit a leg sweep followed by a standing shooting star press for two! Eiji brought Landon to his feet and used several front kicks to soften him up. Landon had had enough and grabbed Eiji by the leg, but Eiji swung with a roundhouse, but Landon ducked. Landon didn't duck the kick a second time when Eiji reversed direction and nailed a back heel kick!

Eiji poised himself and waited for Landon to stand, staying behind him. Eiji leapt up, looking for the Shinobi Sunset, but Landon immediately fell back with an Electric Chair Drop! Landon went to the corner, going for his new Sky Twister Moonsault, but Eiji rolled out of the way! Super Kick by Eiji and it was a damn near close two! Eiji then locked in The Recluse Spider Lock.. or tried to, but Landon made it to the ropes before it was fully locked in! Eiji let go as Landon pulled himself up. Eiji charged in, but Landon pulled the ropes down and Eiji tumbled to the outside. Landon hit a Tope Con Hilo and took Eiji down.

Landon rolled back into the ring, but Eiji made it back in at the count of nine. Landon quickly got back on Eiji, looking for a back drop suplex, but Eiji landed on his feet. He leapt up and nailed the Shinobi Sunset, but Landon had the ring presence to roll out of the ring and flop to the floor! Knowing their leader was in trouble, the tag team champions, Eli and Ezra Conway, hit the ring and jumped Eiji from behind signalling for the bell! This brought out Takeshi and Heido and it caused The Faction to split from the ring! They retrieved Landon on the outside as the six men had a staredown.

The Crimson Order and The Faction were both in the War Games match along with The Heirs of Wrestling and Cross the Hood. This upcoming Sunday, two more teams will be joining the match, but who will they be?

With this staredown, Rock the House went off the air.