1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore Maryland
Attendance: 9,000 Fans (Sold Out)

1. Tammy Lynn Foster defeated Persephone in 5:47 with The Trailer Hitch

Foster made an impressive debut on iNtense 100 when she took on veteran starlet Daryn Thompson. Now she was taking on former Starlet Champion, Persephone in this opening exhibition. Persephone opened up on Foster at first, trying to gain the upper hand early in the match. Foster found herself backed into a corner, but she reversed Persephone in and hit a few knee strikes before tossing her out with a Biel. Foster hit a pair of clotheslines and a whip, but was kicked after telegraphing a back body drop. Persephone delivered a toe kick and went for a suplex, but Foster landed behind her and hit a Half Nelson Suplex. Persephone staggered to her feet where Foster lifted her into the Gory Special and dropped her with the Gory Bomb that she called the Trailer Hitch and picked up the three.

2. Nate Quartermaine defeated Reno Davis in 7:52 with No Quarter

In the ongoing war between The Rebellion and The Backbone, Nate Quartermaine stepped up to take on Reno Davis. Reno tried to use his speed and unorthodox wrestling style to catch Quartermaine off guard, but Quartermaine was paying attention on Sunday Night and realized that Reno's mid-section was injured during that match. He made it a target and it ended up grounding Reno for the majority of the match. Reno tried to mount a comeback, but it was short-lived as Nate kneed him in the stomach and hit a Gutwrench Suplex. He then hit a pair of Exploder Suplexes that knocked the wind right out of Davis. Davis staggered to his feet and ducked a lariat. He hit an enzugiri, but landed on his abdomen. It allowed Quartermaine enough time to shake it off and hit a running high knee to the mid-section. He then planted Reno with a standing Uranage and went to the corner, hitting the No Quarter Senton Splash and picked up the three.

3a. Seraph defeated Graham Youngblood in 1:36 with Divine Destruction

Seraph and Youngblood didn't last long at all. Seraph shook off a stomp to the shin from Graham and blocked a foream shot by simply grabbing Graham by the neck and planting him with Divine Destruction, getting the three!! Seraph was about to leave the ring when "Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop hit and Kayden Paulton ran to the ring to challenge Seraph!

3b. Seraph defeated Kayden Paulton in 0:24 with Divine Destruction

As soon as Paulton hit the ring the bell rang and Seraph grabbed him by the neck and immediately planted him getting the three. Youngblood pulled Paulton out of the ring and tried to get him to shake it off. He decided that the two of them should work together and they agreed. After a few moments, the match was restarted as a handicap match!

3c. Seraph defeated Kayden Paulton & Graham Youngblood in a Handicap Match in 15:42 via Divine Destruction on Kayden Paulton.

Youngblood and Paulton collected themselves and hit the ring. Seraph tried to stop them, but they plowed Seraph back into the corner and wore him down to a seated position. They hit stereo drop kicks in the corner and Youngblood stayed in while Paulton went to the outside. Youngblood did his best to keep Seraph down, but Seraph eventually battled back, but Youngblood was able to make the tag. Paulton hit a Missile Drop Kick that staggered Seraph back. Paulton ducked a clothesline and hit a cross body, but Seraph caught him in mid-air! Youngblood hit a springboard drop kick into Paulton and he fell on top of Seraph for a two! Paulton went to the ropes and hit a leg drop. He repeated this two more times and went for a cover, but Seraph powered out of it. Seraph got back up, but was met with forearms. Paulton called Youngblood into the ring to try for a double team suplex, but Seraph hit a headbutt to Youngblood and grabbed Paulton by the neck. He lifted Paulton, but he countered with a DDT! Youngblood went up top and hit Blood in the Water.. the Frog Splash to Seraph! Paulton went up top and nailed the Leg JAM and almost got three, but Seraph kicked out! Paulton pulled Seraph up, but Seraph hit the Divine Divide.. the Spinebuster! Youngblood came back in and got a Divine Divide of his own. Kayden staggered to his feet when Seraph hit him with a Divine Destruction and got the three, surviving a two on one attack!

4. Diamond Jewelz defeated Jason Rau in 10:42 with the Iced Out to retain the Golden Boy Title

On iNtense, Diamond Jewelz defeated Prince Samir of The Hype in the first Golden Boy Title Invitational. He called out another member of the roster to try and take his newly crafted championship away from him and Jason Rau stepped up to answer the challenge. Jewelz didn't think much of Rau, but Rau proved to Jewelz that he shouldn't take him lightly when Rau got sick of Jewelz toying with him and went in with vicious strikes followed by a belly to belly suplex and a trifecta of elbow drops that lead to a two and caused Jewelz to roll to the outside. Rau went for a dive, but Jewelz moved. Jewelz then used the most of a ten count to punish Rau on the outside before tossing him back in for two... Jewelz scoop slammed him and went up top for a Phoenix Splash, but Rau got to his feet and went for a Super German, but Jewelz flipped and landed on his feet!! Rau turned around and Jewelz hit a high calf kick that put Rau down. Jewelz then slapped on his submission finisher, the Cross Faced Chicken Wing that he calls Iced Out and he made Rau tap!

5. Jeremy Ryan defeated Shoji in 6:41 with A Real Man's Finisher

Shoji was trying to make a name for himself here in jOlt. Last week he was defeated by Jimmy B. Martinez.. this week he went up against jOlt's Last Real Man, Jeremy Ryan who has been having his issues with JBM as well as Jesse Ramey. Ryan locked up with the brooding Shoji and shocked him when he went toe to toe with him, matching him in power! Shoji went for some rapid palm strikes, but Ryan backed up and waited for an opening, lunging in with a stiff forearm. He send Shoji to the ropes and hit a double leg takedown. Ryan mounted Shoji and pounded away before standing back up. He taunted Shoji to his feet and went for a death valley driver, but Shoji slipped off and countered with a Michinoku Driver for two. Shoji warmed up his arm and slammed into Ryan with a massive lariat for only two as well. Shoji hit an inverted atomic drop followed by a running big boot. He taunted Ryan to get to his feet as he went for a Northern Lights Brainbuster, but Ryan blocked Shoji from lifting him. Ryan hit a knee and then alternating knee strikes before shoving Shoji between his legs. He lifted him up and nailed the Piledriver.. A Real Man's Finisher and put the ninja away

6. Vizier ta Seti defeated Jon Le Bon in 27:32 with the See No Evil to retain the jOlt Relentless Championship

It was a rematch from the Relentless Tournament finals. They were evenly matched in the beginning as they traded hold for hold in some classic chain wrestling. They picked up the pace and tried to out strike each other, but we ended up with another stalemate. They locked up again and this time they countered each other to another standoff. The crowd began a "This is Awesome" chant as they locked up again. Seti saw a counter to an arm drag coming and leapt up onto Le Bon's shoulders, hitting a rana instead! Seti hit a drop kick that staggered Le Bon into the corner. He charged in, but Le Bon made him eat a back elbow. Le Bon went for a twisting cross body, but he fell across Seti's knee! Seti hit a Uranage Back Breaker and then went up top. Seti went for a Summersault Leg Drop, but Le Bon moved out of the way and then countered with a Shotgun Drop Kick to the face for nearfall!

Le Bon got back up and waited on Seti. He whipped him to the ropes, but Seti leapt to the middle rope and hit a springboard back elbow. He took off to the ropes again and came back with a senton for two. Seti pulled Le Bon up and walked him to the corner. He hoisted Le Bon up top and hit an upward palm strike. He ascended the corner and hooked Le Bon in a waist lock, but Le Bon fired away with punches to the abdomen and then a headbutt that knocked Seti off the top. Le Bon went for a double stomp, but Seti moved out of the way. Seti stood and lunged in with the Fury of the Fates.. the vicious lariat and only got two!

Seti pulled Le Bon up and whipped him to the ropes, but Le Bon came back and hit Simply the Best.. the headscissor DDT and only got two as well. The crowd was really into it as both men stood at the count of nine and traded punches. Le Bon got the upper hand and went for a whip, but it was reversed by Seti. Seti with a clothesline, but Le Bon ducked and hit an Asai Moonsault for two! Le Bon stood and measured Seti up, looking for the Rockstar Stunner, but Seti shoved Le Bon off. Le Bon turned around and Seti went for the See No Evil, but Le Bon caught him and went for a Buckle Bomb, but Seti countered with a huracanrana that sent Le Bon face first into the canvas. Le Bon staggered out of the corner and Seti leapt up, hitting the See No Evil.. the Codebreaker to the face and got the three!