Camp Jordan Arena - East Ridge, Tennessee
Attendance: 1250 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
The Strangler vs Mack Brody

Match Summary:
We open up with a return match from iNtense. This time Strangler made it to the ring to take on one of the freebirded tag team champions in Mack Brody. The two locked up and immediately broke away since neither out budge. Test of strength which Brody won and then began to take control of the match. Strangler was getting taken and weighed down by Brody and Brody was getting primed to finish Strangler off when Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber came down and hit the ring with chairs in hand. They did a conchairto to Strangler and Brody simply shrugged and picked up the win.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall
Match Time: 6:12
Match Rating: **

After the Match
Craig Thomas came out and got in the faces of The House, but The House threatened him with the steel chairs. Thomas backed off as Strangler rolled out of the ring. The two of them regrouped and headed to the back, stating that this betrayal would cost them dearly.

Match #2
Romeo Ruster Reno vs Cordova

Match Summary:
Reno and Cordova started out in a flurry of offense that ended with the two of them in a stand off. Cordova wanted to shake hands, but Reno kicked his hand away and then hit a toe kick that doubled him over. Reno then hit a running swinging neck breaker for two. Reno then took control of the match and bounced Cordova's head off the turnbuckles and then nailed a running drop kick in the corner for another two. Cordova reversed a whip and ended up launching Reno to the outside. Cordova then did a top rope flip dive to the outside and took out Reno. Reno was rolled back into the ring as Cordova went up top. Cordova leapt off with a body splash, but Reno leapt up and caught him with The Makeover for three!

Winner: Romeo Ruster Reno via The Makeover
Match Time: 11:14
Match Rating: ***

After the Match
Bryan Dawkins came out and stood at the top of the entrance way, clapping at Reno. Reno then hopped over the top rope and met Dawkins at the top. The two of them brawled until officials had to come out and separate them.

Match 3
"The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon vs Mace Williams Match Summary:
First it was Waymoth Turnbull.. and now Mace Williams.. add in the fact that he'll be facing Aran Thompson on this upcoming Sunday's iNtense and you could say that Le Bon has had his issues with Black Faction as of late. Waymoth was at ringside as Le Bon locked up with Williams, but Williams clobbered Le Bon with a short arm clothesline. Williams then stomped away at Le Bon before sending him to the ropes. Le Bon came back and nailed a flying body press then a drop kick which caused Mace to roll out of the ring. Flip dive to the outside took out both Mace and Waymoth! Le Bon rolled Mace into the ring and kicked him it the stomach, but Waymoth got onto the ring apron and Mace shoved Le Bon off after he tried the Rockstar Stunner, right into a huge right hand by Waymoth! The referee saw it and called for the bell. Williams then dropped Le Bon with a huge boot to the face.

Winner: Jon Le Bon va Disqualification
Match Time: 7:42
Match Rating *3/4

After the Match
Derecho ran out from the back and nailed a Spear on Waymoth Turnbull, taking him down. Derecho then rolled into the ring but was immediately attacked by Mace Williams. Aran Thompson then ran out from the back with the Relentless Championship in hand. Thompson rolled in as he had Mace hold Derecho up for him. Thompson swung, but Derecho ducked and Mace ended up eating the Relentless title to the face! Derecho then nailed a Step Up Enzugiri on Aran Thompson which stunned him. Derecho then quickly lifted Thompson onto his shoulder and nailed him with A Forever Reminder in the middle of the ring! Derecho then helped up Jon Le Bon and patted him on the back. The two of them exited the ring. Derecho finally got himself a measure of revenge!

Match 4
Tyke vs Kayden Paulton

Match Summary:
These two were set to meet at the Open Season Match at Cataclysm. Paulton took control of the match early, stunning Tyke as he didn't expect Kayden to bring the fight to him. Paulton whipped Tyke to the ropes, but Tyke countered with a flying forearm! Tyke then took control of the match and did what he could to keep Paulton grounded. Tyke then tossed Paulton to the outside and waited for him to get up, but he didn't see Paulton reach under the ring with a steel chair. Paulton poked his head above the ring apron and Tyke went for a suicide dive, but Paulton hit a home run with the chair and Tyke was hung out to dry over the middle rope. Paulton then got on the ring apron and hit a leg drop across the upper back of Tyke! Tyke flopped back into the ring as Paulton vaulted over with a body press for a close two. Paulton pulled Tyke up, but Tyke nailed a low blow followed by the Certa Cito for the three.

Winner: Tyke via Certa Cito
Match Time: 14:15
Match Rating: ***3/4

Match 5
Superstar Vince Jacobs vs Mike Extreme

Match Summary:
It was a Thieves' Honor rematch! Extreme used his power to try and take control of SVJ, but SVJ used his vetaran skill to stop that and take control of the match with a flurry of punches. SVJ sent Extreme to the ropes and nailed a drop kick. Extreme rolled out of the ring and SVJ followed him to the outside. He bounced Extreme's head off the barricades and then took a step back. SVJ charged in with a running knee, but Extreme moved and SVJ rammed his knee into the barricade. Extreme with a chop block to the back of SVJ's leg. Extreme then brought SVJ over and placed his knee against the ring steps. Drop kick to the knee of SVJ. Extreme then rolled him back in for two. Extreme then pulled SVJ up and bent his leg back for a knee breaker. Extreme then went to lock in a single leg crab, but SVJ kicked him away. SVJ hobbled to his feet and hit a corner clothesline on Extreme. SVJ then shuffled back and waited as Extreme staggered forward. SVJ was going for the Superstar Kick when Statuz Quo and Khadafi hit the ring with Dallas Griffin staying at ringside to watch. They ended up jumping SVJ and began to pummel away on his back with forearms. Statuz Quo then took off to the ropes and nailed his modified STO he calls the Ether on SVJ. The two left the ring as Extreme grinned and stole a victory.

Winner: Mike Extreme via Pinfall
Match Time: 18:13
Match Rating: ***3/4

Derecho & Spike Saunders vs reVolt

Match Summary:
Saunders and Cano started out in the match. Cano used his quickness to try and keep Saunders at bay, but Saunders eventually used his power to level Cano. Saunders then made the tag to Derecho who came in and began to pummel away on Cano.. Derecho then sent Cano to the ropes, but Cano kicked Derecho in the chest and hit a head scissors. Cano then clotheslined Derecho to the outside and then took him out with a tope con hilo. Mattock tried to get involved, but Saunders leveled him with a lariat. Cano got Derecho back into the ring for two. Cano then scoop slammed Derecho and tagged in Mattock. Mattock hit the Decent from Twilight for two. Mattock then kicked away at a seated Derecho and taunted Saunders. Mattock then nailed the Vision Burst for another two. Derecho crawled to his corner, but Mattock grabbed the leg. Enzugiri counter and the hot tag. Saunders cleaned house on Mattock and Cano and then nailed a nice powerslam on Mattock for two. Saunders stood and dropped the fist for the BOOM! Headshot! for another two. Cano then jumped Saunders, then Derecho came in and pulled Cano off. He kicked Cano and nailed an A Forever Reminder. Mattock staggered up and Saunders hit him with the Dream Killer and got the three!

Winner: Derecho & Spike Saunders via Dream Killer
Match Time: 27:38
Match Rating: ****1/2