Springfield Civic Center - Springfield, MA
Attendance: 9500 Fans (Sold Out)

1. Kayden Paulton defeated Jesse Ramey via Pinfall in 6:13

It was a simple one on one exhibition match to kick things off here on Rock the House. Paulton and Ramey started to put on a classic with a series of chain wrestling in which neither man could gain the adavantage over the other. Paulton sent Ramey to the outside and went for the Happy Smiles Dive, but Ramey side stepped and Paulton crashed and burned. Ramey threw Paulton back in for only two. Ramey tried for The Original Attitude Adjustment, but Paulton kicked away and kipped up, ducking a clothesline and hitting a pair of arm drags. Paulton went for a whip, but Ramey reversed it and hit a facebuster against his knee. He quickly lifted Paulton onto his shoulders when the lights in the arena went out. When they came back on, Citizen was standing in the middle of the ring with the Jack and the Beanstalk book in his hands. Ramey let Paulton go and went to attack Citizen, but the lights went out again. A loud thud was heard and when they came back on, Paulton was propped up in the corner, Ramey was laid out cold and Citizen was gone! Paulton saw Ramey and knelt down beside him. Paulton non-chalantly put his hand on Ramey's chest to balance himself and then tapped him on the side of the face. The referee counted that as a cover and went down counting the 1.. 2.. 3! Paulton looked at the referee and exclaimed he wasn't making a cover. The referee argued that it counted and he's the winner of the match. Paulton pleaded with the referee to reverse the decision, but the referee stood firm, announcing Paulton as the winner. Paulton went back to Ramey, propping him up and apologizing profusely. Ramey shook it off and shoved Paulton away before exited the ring and heading to the back. Paulton hung his head low as he didn't mean to pin Ramey.

2. Vizier ta Seti defeated Adam Lazarus via Double Knee Facebuster in 8:42

Adam Lazarus entered the ring to a nice ovation, the Jolt fans having long memories for the wrestlers who had entertained them in the past. He gave them an appreciative nod and raised his fist in premature victory when his name was announced; this is more than can be said for his opponent. The ring announcer seemed to stutter over his name, but eventually managed to wrangle out the name 'Vizier ta Seti.' He stood unmoving near the corner while Lazarus played to the crowd, and most of the fans were behind the Jolt mainstay. They got quiet, quickly. Once the bell rang, Vizier ta Seti exploded all over Adam Lazarus, systematically dismantling him from top to bottom. He was never vicious or cruel, but he was efficient in his attack, showing an intensity that had rarely been seen in Jolt Wrestling at all, let alone in a man in his debut match. Lazarus was taken down with furious mat wrestling assault, coupled with several aerial maneuvers that were impressive for a man the size of Vizier ta Seti. Lazarus had the advantage once: he reversed an Irish Whip. However, the rebound saw Seti break up a backdrop with a kick to the face, a kick to the gut, two handfuls of hair, and dropping Lazarus, face first, on his knees. Three count, roll out, and a stunned silence when Seti's name was announced as the winner.

3. The Widow's Nest defeated Sweet Sweet Lovin via Emaceration in 22:47

With both teams coming off of a loss, they look to rectify that here tonight. Araknis and Lennox Love started out and the two showed quick paced action that Love ended up on the winning side of. He hit a flurry of punches to stun Araknis, followed by a whip, back body drop and then a clothesline to the outside. Love followed it up by leaping to the middle turnbuckle and flying to the outside with a cross body taking Araknis down, but Love was then cut in half by Wolf Spider with the Run with the Wolves Spear on the floor. Spider rolled Love in, then helped Araknis into the ring, but Araknis only got two. Tag on both ends and Sweet took it to Spider with rapid punches then a whip, followed by a belly to belly suplex. Sweet continued the offense until he went up top, looking for Sweet Emotions, but Spider rolled out of the way and hit a series of suplexes. Spider went for his Package Piledriver, but Sweet twisted out of it and hit a short arm clothesline then a tag to Love. Love came in, but ran right into a Spinebuster from Spider! Spider hit the ropes and Araknis made the blind tag. Spider nailed the Run with the Wolves spear through the ropes on Sweet and both men went to the floor. Love tried to get up, but Araknis kicked him in the face and lifted him up onto his shoulders with a reverse fireman's carry. He then hit the Emaceration.. the Burning Hammer, and picked up the victory!

4. Alyssa Corliss & "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann deafeated Sarah Winterton and Daryn Thompson when Corliss pinned Thompson in 11:04

Ryann wanted Winterton, but Winterton elected Thompson to start. Ryann took it to Daryn, trying to provoke Winterton to come into the ring every chance she got, but Winterton simply snubbed and turned her nose up to Ryann. Ryann became a little too engrossed with getting Winterton's attention and it lead to Thompson making a comeback, hitting a huge facebuster. Thompson wanted to tag Winterton, but Winterson said that Thompson could have more fun. Thompson went back to Ryann, keeping her grounded.. preventing her from making the tag to Alyssa Corliss. Eventually, Ryann hit a Pele Kick and made the dive for her corner. She tagged in Corliss and she hit the pair of clotheslines and then a DDT for two. She began to stretch Thompson right in front of Winterton, but Thompson wouldn't give up. Corliss let go of the hold and grabbed Thompson, pulling her up, looking for the Corliss Effect, but Thompson bulldozed her way into the neutral corner. She hit a pair of shoulder blocks and then a standing dropkick, bringing Corliss down to a seated position. Thompson went to make the tag, but Winterton hopped off the ring apron and grabbed her Starlet Championship. She walked away as if she were too good to be in this match. Not wanting to pass by Ryann, Winterton hopped the barricades and exited through the crowd. Thompson was confused, but when she turned around. Corliss kicked her in the head, bringing her down to her knees, She quickly hit her with the Corliss Effect, the Double Arm DDT and picked up the win.

5. Latrell Samuel and Eiji Kugasari went to a No Contest in 3:38.

The match started off with Eiji quickly getting the upper hand.. enraged by the desecration of their dojo just a few nights ago on iNtense. This brought out Diamond Jewelz, holding the jade cat he took from the dojo. Eiji saw it and immediately exited the ring, but Khalil Straightgully came out from the back, but this brought out The Crimson Order and all six men brawled. The referee ended up throwing out the match, but it didn't stop Latrell Samuel from flying to the outside from the top rope, taking out Takeshi and Heido. Jewelz then hit Eiji in the head with the Jade Cat, laying him out. Takesi and Heido, quickly recovered and when they did, they gave chase to Them Mf'N Goons as they hightailed it to the backstage area. When they realized they wouldn't be caught, they turned around and tended to Eiji, helping him up to his feet. Insult to injury, we knew that the Goons would pay dearly come Breakdown!

6. Nate Quartermaine defeated Bane Loneheart in a Lumberjack Match via No Quarter in 15:32

The Rebellion, reVolt, Reno Davis, BIG Little Italy, and Mike Extreme were surrounding the ring for this match.. each faction on each side. Quartermaine and Loneheart locked up and Loneheart immediately tossed him to his side where The Rebellion pounded away on him and threw him back into the ring where Nate only got two. Nate pulled Loneheart up and tried an irish whip, but Loneheart reversed it and made Quartermaine eat a back elbow. Bane pulled him up and hit a flurry of stiff forearms and went to the ropes, but Sebastian Saje pulled the top rope down and Bane spilled to the outside and The Rebellion continued to beat him down! The tossed him back in where Quartermaine picked him and nailed a spinebuster for two! Nate pulled Loneheart back up, but Loneheart continued to fight back. He plowed Nate into the neutral corner and fired combination punches to his gut. He hoisted Nate up to the top rope and hit a palm strike under the chin, knocking Nate to the floor where Davis and company finally got their turn, but this caused The Rebellion to charge over and a huge 7 on 7 brawl ensured between both teams. Quartermaine crawled back into the ring where Loneheart pulled him to his feet and went for Insurrection, but Quartermaine hit a drop kick in mid-air to counter! Loneheart staggered to his feet as Quartermaine hit a toe kick, a swift DDT then went up top and hit the No Quarter senton to pick up the three while the two factions continued to brawl around ringside. Security came out and broke up everything much to the disapproval from the audience. It took a while to clear them out, but they did get them separated.

7. Landon Stevens/Derecho vs Aran Thompson/Omega went to a Time Limit Draw

It was a dream tag team match between four people who had issues with each other. It started off with Stevens and Omega in the middle of the ring.. it was champion vs champion. Omega went for power, but Stevens used his cunning and speed to stay one step ahead of Omega, but that speed would eventually run out when Omega caught Stevens off a flying forearm and nailed a swing out uranage slam. Omega then picked up Stevens several times, each time hitting him with a different throw or suplex, making a rag doll out of him. Stevens got the tag to Derecho and Breakdown was about to come early as the two of them met face to face in the middle of the ring.

"You are not ready for us" said Omega as he made the tag to Aran Thompson. It was 2013 all over again as these two had tremendous history. Hell, Aran even went as far to report Derecho as dead while he was on vacation just to symbolize that his era was over. Derecho and Thompson locked up and the two began a series of chain wrestling that ended with a face off and a standing ovation, but Derecho immediately went into a head lock, but Aran sent him the ropes and hit a standing drop kick. Derecho rolled to the outside and Aran hit a corkscrew body press to the outside and took Derecho out! Stevens flew off the apron with a flying knee that hit Aran in the side of the head. Stevens landed and didn't see Omega charging from ringside. He flatted Stevens by throwing his body at him, hitting a flying headbutt!

Omega, however, went right after Derecho, picking him up in a bear hug and ramming him back first into the steel ring post and then hitting a belly to belly onto the bottom of the entrance ramp! Omega then threw Derecho back into the ring as Aran crawled up and rolled back in getting a pin but only getting two. Aran stood and went to the apron. He grabbed the ropes, looking for the God Killer, but Derecho rolled out of the ring. Derecho lost the jOlt Championship that way and wouldn't lose that way a second time! Stevens regrouped and got back up on the apron. Derecho reached out for the tag, but Aran dragged him by the leg to the center of the ring and cinched in a cross leg breaker submission.

Aran kept Derecho grounded, but he eventually wriggled free and kicked Aran until he got free. Derecho made the tag and Stevens came in and hit a running stomp before Aran could get up. Stevens walked around Aran in a circle like a vulture stalking its prey, stomping on Aran every time he tried to get up. Stevens tired of doing that after a few times and pulled Aran up, but Stevens got countered with a jaw breaker. Aran made the tag to Omega and Omega hit the ring like a man on fire, hitting a massive lariat to the jOlt Champion. He then knocked Derecho off the apron and Derecho hit chest first across the barricades.

Omega pulled Stevens up and sent him to the ropes. He lifted Stevens onto his shoulders and nailed a swinging sit out powerbomb for two! Omega began to hear his other half speak to him as he looked out at the Underground Championship. He grinned and nodded at the title belt before turning to grab Stevens and lift him into an inverted fireman's carry, but Derecho slid into the ring and grabbed Omega by the neck!! Omega put Stevens down as Derecho wanted to try and chokeslam a 300+ lber, but Omega grabbed Derecho's arm and ripped it off his neck, but Derecho stomped on Omega's shin and then hoisted him onto his shoulder for A Forever Reminder, but Omega slipped off and shoved Derecho right into Landon Stevens!! Omega then grabbed Derecho in a waist lock and...


Derecho flipped over completely and slammed stomach first into the mats at ringside!!! A "Holy Shit" chant broke out as Omega stood with a grin on his face! Stevens staggered up as Omega hit a toe kick to the stomach and then lifted Stevens up onto his shoulders...


Omega was about to pin the world champion when..


Dean Carrington announced that the 45 minute time limit for this match had expired! The people booed and Omega threatened the referee. Aran Thompson saw his chance to take a cheap shot on Stevens, but Eli and Ezra Conway spilled out from the back and hit the ring, standing between Thompson and Stevens. Aran charged in, but The Terrorists fought back until Stevens recovered. Aran eventually got the upperhand, but by the time he did, Stevens had already escaped the ring, holding hit jOlt Championship in the air. The Faction regrouped and grinned all the way to the back as Aran leaned against the ropes and yelled at them to come back. That was the final scene as Rock the House went off the air.