ShoWare Center, Kent, WA
Attendance: 6,500 Fans (Sold Out)

1. Dallas Griffin defeated Jonathan Conspiracy via Disqualification at 8:12

After running interference and trying to get Diamond Jewelz' chain for himself, Dallas Griffin aimed to claim the $100,000 reward for himself. JCON brought the chain to the ring with him and during the match, Dallas Griffin was able to grab the chain from the ringpost, but JCON grabbed Griffin in a waist lock. Griffin then broke free and tried to use the chain on JCON, but JCON ducked and quickly grabbed Griffin by the back of his head, dropping him with the Co-Conspirator! JCON then grabbed the chain out of Griffin's hand when Diamond Jewelz, Statuz Quo, and Khadafi came down to the ring. Jewelz remained at the top of the ramp and watched as JCON then slammed the chain into both of their heads as they got up on the ring apron and tried to enter the ring. Dallas went for a school boy roll up, but JCON got out of it and, in turn, slammed the chain into Griffin's head! This brought out Cross the Hood and Brian Williams and when JCON saw them, he bolted out of the ring and made his way through the crowd. The referee had already called for the bell, but JCON didn't care. He just wanted to escape with the chain. Jewelz was pissed that they failed again.

2. Sanchez Cano defeated Sephiroth Du Luc via Sadistic Spike in 6:25

After defeating Mattock on iNtense 92, Sanchez Cano took his wave of momentum into Rock the House where he took on the former Backbone member, Sephiroth Du Luc who had just returned about a month ago from injury. The match was fast-paced with lots of countering as their two high risk styles clashed. In the end, Cano hit a huracanrana that sent Du Luc face first into the middle turnbuckle. He followed that up with a Release German Suplex and then toon to the top rope where he took aim and nailed his patented double stomp, the Sadistic Spike, where he picked up the win. After the match, Mattock came out on stage and slowly clapped for Cano's victory with a look that he was clearly unimpressed. Cano dared Mattock to come down to the ring as the crowd wanted to see them collide, but Mattock shook his head "no" and disappeared behind the curtain to boos from the crowd.

3. Bane Loneheart defeated Grendel in 4:38 via Insurrection in an Underground Rules Match

Grendel was attacked by a returning Chris Titan on iNtense and was reintroduced to his greatest fear: Fire. Grendel looked to be in firm control of this match and even stripped Loneheart of his pipe, in which he used to beat Loneheart down with... that was until Chris Titan came out with a blowtorch and Grendel became struck with fear. Loneheart was able to snag the pipe back and jam it into Grendel's mid-section and then once again over the back of Grendel's neck. This brought Grendel to a knee and Loneheart set him up with an irish whip. One lift later and he transformed the Spinebuster into a Sit Out Powerbomb, nailing the Insurrection. Loneheart got the pin and the win! Titan entered the ring after the match and turned the blowtorch on. He sat it down next to Grendel's head and walked away. When Grendel shook off the effects of the Insurrection, he noticed the torch and scrambled as fast as he could to get out of the ring. Titan simply stood back at the top of the ramp and watched with a smile on his face.

4. Sarah Winterton defeated Vogue Gonzalvez via Beauty Queen Suplex at 9:38 to retain the jOlt Startlet Championship

Winterton has had her issues with Amber Ryann, but there was no denying that Vogue Gonzalvez was an up and coming starlet as well that was being given an opportunity. Vogue tried to confuse Winterton with her high-flying lucha style, but Winterton took advantage of that by swatting Vogue out of the air after she attempted a missile drop kick. Winterton then used her technical skills to take complete control over the match. In the end, Vogue whipped Sarah into the corner, but Sarah grabbed Vogue and side stepped as she charged in, throwing her shoulder first into the ring post. Sarah then rolled her up from behind and flowed into the German Suplex, hitting the Beauty Queen Suplex complete with a bridge pin, getting the win and retaining her title! After the match, Winterton looked into the camera and said "That one's for you, Amber darling" and then blew a kiss. She then grabbed her title and exited the ring.

5. The Hands of the Cause defeated Sweet Sweet Lovin' via roll up in 38:49 to retain the jOlt Tag Team Championships.

After coming close on iNtense two weeks ago, Sam Sweet and Lennox Love wanted another shot at The Hands of the Cause. Sweet started off the match as did Brone Haggard and these two bulls traded power move for power move without either one giving an inch. Haggard, however, did gain control and began to wear down Sweet. Sweet, however, hit an inverted atomic drop and made a quick tag to Lennox Love who followed that move up with a Seated Drop Kick from off the top. Love tried to keep Haggard grounded, but Haggard's size made it very difficult. Haggard eventually shoved Love down and then drilled him with a lariat before making the tag to Frank Hendrix.

Hendrix came in and worked over Love, wearing him down and preventing him from making the tag. Love tried desperately to fight back, including a flurry which saw him punch away at the mid-section, stand, hit an uppercut and then to the ropes, but Hendrix stopped that with a high knee lift and a cover for only two. Hendrix then went right back to work on Love by keeping him grounded and away from his corner. Hendrix tagged in Haggard and Haggard had some fun, tossing Love around the ring like a rag doll with a pair of biels. Haggard then brought Love up to his feet and did a dead lift into the air into a catch onto his shoulder and into a massive front powerslam that saw Sam Sweet come in and break up what could have been a three count.

As the referee argued with Sam and got him back into his corner, Hendrix and Haggard each stomped away on Love and feigned a tag while the ref's back was turned. Hendrix pulled Love up and sent him to the ropes, hitting a back elbow to the face and another cover for two. The crowd began to rally behind Love and eventually he broke free and hit a back kick to the stomach of Hendrix followed by a spike DDT. Love and Hendrix were down, but Love was desperately trying to get to his corner. He just about made it when Brone Haggard ran across the edge of the ring and knocked Sam Sweet off the apron. Love dove for the tag, but found nothing. He landed against the middle rope as a result. He tried to stand back up, but Hendrix came from behind and rolled Love up and even grabbed a handful of tights to get the win from out of nowhere!

6. Chance Von Crank defeated Mattock via RazzleDazzler in 14:38

Chance Von Crank, jOlt's newest acquisition, made his debut here at Rock the House as he took on one half of the faltering reVolt tag team, Mattock. Mattock offered Von Crank the chance to join reVolt before the match got underway, but Von Crank looked around the arena who started up a loud "NO!" chant. Von Crank shrugged and instead of shaking Mattock's hand, he decked him the face not once, not twice, but three times, staggering him to the ropes and then knocking him to the outside with a clothesline

Mattock took this time to shake off the disrespect shown to him by Von Crank. Mattock walked up the ring steps as Von Crank looked ready to go as he paced back and forth, keeping his eyes on Mattock the entire time. Mattock had the referee hold him back as he re-entered the ring. Mattock, then quickly charged in and began to pummel away on Von Crank after he shoved the referee out of the way. Mattock with a whip to the ropes and then the Direct Damage corkscrew spear which got him only two. Mattock then stomped away at Von Crank and told him he didn't belong here and to go back to Defiance. Von Crank then fed off the crowd energy and battled back to his feet.

Von Crank went back to work on Mattock, hitting various punches and strikes to wear him down. Each time Mattock tried to make a comeback, Von Crank would but a halt to it. Mattock tried a comeback again as he hit a jaw breaker on Crank and went to the ropes, but Crank countered it with a vicious spinebuster and then dropped the knee across Mattock's chest. Von Crank stood up and signaled for the end as Mattock staggered to his feet. Von Crank placed Mattock into a pumphandle and then nailed a Michinoku Driver, in which he called it the RazzleDazzler. After that, it was merely a three count that would give Von Crank his first win in jOlt Wrestling!

After the match, Sanchez Cano came out and stood at the top of the ramp. He returned the favor from earlier and gave Mattock a slow golf clap with a smirk on his face. Mattock looked up from the canvas and saw Cano. He merely gritted his teeth as Cano enjoyed every moment of it.

7. Aran Thompson and Landon Stevens went to a No Contest in 27:56 when Waymoth Turnbull interfered.

Aran wanted a measure of revenge on Landon Stevens for ousting him from The Black Faction. The match went back and forth, but towards the mid-way point, Aran began to swing the match in his favor after he knocked Stevens to the outside and then proceeded to use the ringside area to his advantage. Aran threw Landon back into the ring at the count of eight and then went up top, hitting a top rope elbow drop for only two. Aran pulled Landon up, but Landon used a thumb to the eye and a German Suplex to turn the match back around. Landon then kept Aran grounded with a Uranage Slam and then a flipping leg drop across the neck for two. Landon looked to regain completely control until Aran broke free when Landon tried to pull him up.

Aran fired a mixture of punches and chops, followed by a leg lariat. Aran went up top and waited as Landon got to his feet. Aran then leapt off with a flying huracanrana that put Landon on his back! Aran was pumped up and looked to set up Landon for the Icarus Switch, but Landon countered with a hip toss and then a well placed drop kick under the chin! Landon quickly scrambled to grab Aran for the Fall of Ideals, but when Landon lifted him, Aran slipped off and landed on his feet. Aran quickly hit a back elbow to the back of Landon's head, turned and nailed a Dragon Suplex with a bridge pin for two.

Aran went to pick Landon up, but Landon grabbed Aran and nailed a spinebuster in the middle of the ring, but he couldn't capitalize. A "This is Awesome" chant broke out as the two fought back to their feet. They began to trade punches until fighting spirit took over and the two of them brawled in the middle of the ring.

This brought out Waymoth Turnbull who hit the ring and laid out both men with a double lariat! The referee called for the bell and threw this one out! Waymoth pulled Aran to his feet and nailed the Red Hook Combo on him... Landon was then met with a Who Don't Hear, Must Feel. Waymoth then stood in the center of the ring as the crowd didn't know how to react. All we know is that the situation between these three is quickly coming to a head. They couldn't get the contendership settled on iNtense 92.. all we knew is that on iNtense 93, these three would meet for the contendership again.. this time... inside of a steel cage!

The final scene of Rock the House was Waymoth Turnbull standing tall in the middle of the ring.