The Masonic Center - Cincinnatti, Ohio
Attendance: 2200 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Jesse Ramey vs Araknis

Match Summary:
Diamond Jewelz and Wolf Spider stood in their partner's respective corners as Ramey took on Araknis. The match started off fast as each wrestler coutered each other in an excellent opening chain that ended with a standoff. They locked up again and Ramey took control with a headlock and then a whip to the ropes that ended with a shoulder block. Ramey looked to follow it up, but Araknis hit a drop toe hold out of a whip and grounded Ramey with a front face lock. Araknis then spent several minutes keeping Ramey grounded, but Ramey countered Araknis with a jawbreaker and then poured on the comeback moveset. Ramey went up top and dropped Araknis with a missile drop kick. Araknis staggered up, but Ramey stunned him with a kick to the head. He then quickly leapt over Araknis, hooking his legs under his arms, flipping him with the Non Compos Mentis (Sunset Flip Powerbomb). It was enough to get the three.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Non Compos Mentis
Match Time: 11:08
Match Rating: ***1/2

After the Match
Araknis regrouped with Wolf Spider and exited the ringside area. After they left. Ramey and Jewelz exited with smiles on their faces, but as they were walking up the entrance ramp, Mattock stepped out from the back and caused the two of them to stop dead in their tracks. Mattock stared at Jewelz and Ramey for a few moments and smirked. He gave the nod to Jesse Ramey before he turned and left. Jewelz asked Ramey what that was about, but even Ramey had no clue what that meant.

Match #2
Underground Rules
Omega vs Jason Rau

Match Summary:
Rau suffered a defeat on iNtense 80 in an Underground Championship three way and looked to climb back up in the ranks of the Underground Divsion as he took on Omega. Rau attempted to lock up with Omega, but Omega simply lifted Rau up and dropped him with a military press. Rau backed himself into a corner and Omega charged in, squishing him with a running corner splash. Omega then left the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He came back into the ring, but Rau pulled himself up and superkicked the chair into Omega's face for a close two count! Rau punched away at Omega, but Omega pie faced Rau and stood. He grabbed the chair and cracked it over Rau's head. He then drug Rau to the corner and set him up in a seated position against the pads. he then wedged the chair between the turnbuckles in front of Rau's face. Omega charged in and delivered a knee strike into the chair and Rau's face. The referee checked on Rau and called for the bell. He was out!

Winner: Omega via Knockout
Match Time: 4:14
Match Rating: *3/4

After the Match
Omega grabbed the chair from out of the corner and unfolded it. He placed it in the center of the ring and then grabbed the lifeless Jason Rau from out of the corner. The referee rang the bell again to try and get Omega to realize that the match was over, but Omega didn't care. He grabbed Rau by the neck and chokeslammed him right down on top of the unfolded chair! Omega let out a roat and proclaimed that he was going to be the next Underground Champion before he left the ring. Officials ran out to check on Jason Rau after that vicious impact. He was eventually helped to the back to a round of applause from the crowd.

Match 3
Starlet Championship

Charlotte (c) vs Vogue Gonsalvez Match Summary:
The match started off with Vogue feigning a tie up and hitting a toe kick. Vogue hit a couple of stiff forearm shots and took to the ropes, but Charlotte hit a shoulder block. Charlotte went to the ropes, but Vogue hit a drop toe hold. Vogue then hit a summersault leg drop for two. Vogue pulled Charlotte up and sent her to the corner, but at a back elbow. Charlotte then hit a pair of clotheslines and The Death Card (Discus Big Boot) for two. Charlotte remained in control until Vogue raked the eyes. Vogue spiked Charlotte with a standing Tornado DDT and went up top for En Vogue, the Sky Twister Moonsault, but found nothing but canvas. Charlotte went for the Belly to Back Neckbreaker, The Queen of Hearts, but Vogue countered with an arm drag, a drop kick and then a clothesline to the outside. Vogue hit a leaping shooting star over the top rope to the outside, wiping out Charlotte. By the count of seven, both were back in the ring. The two of them traded punches until Charlotte got the upper hand, but Vogue hit a high kick to the side of Charlotte's head. German Suplex by Vogue for two. Vogue went to the ropes and tried for the Busaiku Knee, but Charlotte side stepped, ran to the ropes and hit a second rope moonsault.. the Calamity Jane for two. Charlotte brought Vogue back to her feet, but Vogue broke free, hit a few strikes and wen to the ropes. Lariat missed and Charlotte quickly grabbed her, nailing the Queen of Hearts for the three!!

Winner: Charlotte via The Queen of Hearts
Match Time: 17:44
Match Rating ***3/4

Match 4
Underground Rules
Kayden Paulton vs Bane Loneheart

Match Summary:
The nicest number one contender was taking on someone else who failed to capture the Underground Championship on iNtense. Loneheart felt that if he beat the number one contender, he could get another shot. Loneheart started off the match, holding his trusty pipe. He started by running at Paulton with the pipe and taking a swing, but Paulton ducked it and went to the ropes. Flying forearm took Loneheart down and he dropped the pipe as a result. Bane rolled out of the ring and Paulton hit the Happy Smiles Dive to the outside. Paulton helped Loneheart up to his feet, but Loneheart took control. They brawled around ringside until Loneheart got Paulton back into the ring. Loneheart went for Insurrection, the Sky High Powerbomb, but Paulton countered with a DDT! Paulton picked up the pipe and when Loneheart stood, he bonked him on the head with it which caused Loneheart to stagger back! Paulton hit the toe kick and nailed the Feel Good (Pearl River Plunge), picking up the three!

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Feel Good
Match Time: 6:11
Match Rating: **3/4

Tag Team Championship The Heirs of Wrestling (c) vs Red & Ted

Match Summary:
Gallway and Redding started off in the ring. Redding locked up, but Gallway had the standing switch. He then slapped Redding in the back of the head and took a few steps back. Redding didn't like that and locked up again. Another standing switch, but Redding switched immediately and nailed a stiff forearm to the back of Gallway's head! Redding then tagged in Jacobs who came in and dropped an elbow over the back of Gallway. He pulled Gallway up, but Gallway stomped on his foot and then hit an enzugiri.

Tag to Silver. Silver drilled Jacobs with a clothesline before pulling him up, hitting a snapmare and then a rear chin lock. Jacobs fought back with a pair of elbows, but Silver grabbed him by the head as he took off to the ropes and hit a diving reverse ddt for two. Silver then continued to ground Jacobs as Redding wanted the tag. Silver taunted him, but Jacobs fought back up. Back drop by Jacobs only got two. Jacobs went to make the tag, but Silver grabbed his leg. Enzugiri by Jacobs broke him free and Jacobs made the tag

Pair of clotheslines by Redding and a forearm to Gallway knocked him off the apron. Silver staggerd up as Redding went to the ropes and hit the Grady Special II, the Running STO for two. Redding tagged in Jacobs as he went up top. Flying Cross body to Silver, but Silver rolled through and stood, pulling Jacobs up with him in a tremendous show of power. Fallaway Slam connects and Silver tags out to Gallway. Gallway ascends the turnbuckles and nailed a double knee strike.. the Falling Comet Crash... to the back of Jacobs!! Gallway then charged the corner and nailed a running drop kick, knocking Redding to the floor.

Redding staggered up as Silver entered the the ring and charged through the ropes with a suicide dive, wiping him out. Gallway pulled Jacobs to his feet, hit the toe kick and nailed the Yoshi Tonic... SUPER NOVA! Gallway had the cover and the three!

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via SUPER NOVA
Match Time: 37:52
Match Rating: ****