Hartford Civic Center - Hartford
Attendance: 8500 Fans (Sold Out)

1a. Mattock versus Michael Donavan never started

The first "match" of the night was supposed to be the leader of reVolt against Michael Donavan of The Rebellion, however, Mattock got jumped from behind by Seraph and Sayber. This brought out Mike Extreme and Chris Titan to make the save. Damien Lee made an appearance and stated there would be a six man tag later tonight against the two teams with the other members of each group banned from ringside! The match would also be contested under elimination rules!

1b. Raevynn defeated Persephone with the Seconds to Midnight in 14:56

The elimination match at Breakdown wasn't enough for these two Starlets as they looked to have that one big one on one contest. Persephone picked up the win on Pay-Per-View, giving The Backbone and reVolt momentum in the match, but here on Rock the House, Raevynn tied it up, giving both Starlets a win over each other after a hard-fought contest. The beginning of the match was a slow feeling out process that saw Persephone take it to Raevynn. As Persephone picked up the pace, Raevynn escaped to the outside to try and slow it back down, but Persephone gave chase, but that enabled Raevynn to take control of the match. Raevynn then worked on Persephone's shoulder for most of the match, showing some solid mat skills. Many were thrown off by the actual wrestling as they maybe thought there would be some high flying, but Raevynn refused to give the crowd what they wanted and worked over the shoulder until Persephone mounted a comeback, hitting a few power moves and setting Raevynn up for her leg lariat, but when she went for it, Raevynn ducked and hit a toe kick before hitting the ropes and nailing the Seconds to Midnight.. the headscissor into a release armbar that slammed Persephone's face into the canvas. Raevynn picked up the win here.

2. Jimmy B. Martinez defeated Shoji with a School Boy Rollup in 7:16

Shoji Nagata is the newest member of the Inogami Clan alongside Eiji Kugasari, Ninja K, Takeshi, Heido, and Mamoru. He's built like a thick wall at 280lbs so the former Flyweight Champion needed to develop a strategy here. Mamoru was at ringside, shouting strategy to the newest clan member, but Martinez used his speed to move around Shoji, striking when he could. Shoji, however, caught up to JBM at his speed game and drilled him with a Belly to Belly overhead release suplex, a corner clothesline, then a body avalanche. Shoji hoisted JBM up top and looked for a super fallaway slam, but JBM elbowed his way out of it and nailed a Top Rope Crucifix Driver!! Shoji staggered to his feet and was wobbly. JBM noticed this and used a schoolboy roll up and while Shoji kicked out, it was after the hand slapped the mat for the third time! JBM out-paced and out-smarted Shoji and proved that he certainly was a worthy opponent and a true former champion in jOlt!

3. Amber Ryann defeated Daryn Thompson with the Reaper of Souls in 8:36

After losing to Sarah Winterton at both Wrestlecade and Breakdown, Amber Ryann needed a win here tonight as her stellar attempts at dethroning Sarah Winterton were impressive, but in the end, they were still losses. Daryn Thompson, who has yet to wear the Starlet Championship around her waist, would love to get an opportunity to do so and defeating a former two-time contender would definitely help her odds. The match started with Ryann and Thompso hitting some chain wrestling, but Ryann broke an arm wringer with a high kick and immediately hit the Hadoken! Daryn staggered back and sent Ryann on her way to the ropes. Daryn tried for Dust in the Wind.. the spinebuster, bt Ryann countered with a DDT. Ryann went up top, looking for the Exist Trace twisting senton, but Daryn moved. Daryn then grabbed Ryann, throwing her into the corner, but Ryann countered a charge and hit a twisting plancha. Ryann went to the ropes and missed and Air Hadoken which lead to a German Suplex attempt by Daryn, but Ryann used a standing switch, but put her back to Daryn. She then hooked the inverted headlock and nailed the Reaper of Souls from out of nowhere to pick up the win!

4. Cross the Hood defeated Trouble with the Project 347 in 27:41

Cross the Hood is representing The Rebellion in the War Games match at Rise of the Legends. So far we know it's them and the new tag team champions, The Faction, in that match. Trouble has made waves in jOlt and was looking to pick up a win here to show that they belonged in the War Games match as well. Trouble and Cross the Hood had that similar beat down brawling style to them and the match resembled more of a prick waving contest more than anything as each team tried to out wit the other and out brawl the other. While Trouble looked very good in this back and forth contest, Cross the Hood showed that they were the better thugs as Jackson Cross rolled up Statuz Quo, hooking the tights, but Quo kicked out as Machida Hood made the blind tag. Hood came in quickly as Quo got to his feet and nailed the running STO Backbreaker across the knee.. the Project 347, while Cross darted across the ring, knocking Khadafi off the ring apron, getting them the three.

5. Mattock, Chris Titan, and Mike Extreme defeated Seraph, Sayber, and Michael Donavan of The Rebellion via Titanium in 48:13

It was time for the main event.. the huge six man tag made earlier this evening. This was a miniature repeat of the huge 8 on 8 match that happened at Breakdown and it pretty much ended up that way as Mattock was eliminated first after he went back and forth with Sayber in an amazing acrobatic display, but Sayber grounded Mattock and tagged in God's War Machine, Seraph. Seraph prevented Mattock from making the tag and did some heavy damage. Serpah knocked Titan and Extreme off the apron and nailed the Divine Destruction.. the sit out Chokeslam after Mattock missed a Direct Damage, the corkscrew spear, in an attempt at a comeback.

This left it two on three and Mike Extreme came in.. the heavy hitter for The Backbone. Extreme and Seraph brawled around the ring, trying to show each other who was the stronger of the two. Seraph stopped Extreme with a knee lift and then tossing him shoulder first into the ring post through the turnbuckles. Seraph then hit a huge German Suplex for two. Extreme battle back to his feet and nailed a scoop powerslam on Seraph! He tagged in Titan who came in and nailed Titanium on the big man, but Seraph kicked out! Serpah grabbed Titan by the neck with both hands and threw him into his corner. Extreme made the blind tag as Titan made Seraph eat a back elbow when he charged to the corner. Extreme hit a slingshot shoulder block, but Seraph quickly nailed a Big Boot to Extreme when he sailed over! Seraph picked up Extreme and threw him into Titan, knocking him off the ring apron. Seraph then nailed a Divine Destruction on Extreme, eliminating him!

It was now one on three.. Titan was alone again! Titan got back up on the apron and taunted Seraph. Seraph walked over to grab Titan, but Titan hot shotted Seraph across the top rope, staggering him back. Titan grabbed the top rope and hit a springboard knee strike to the side of Seraph's head! Seraph fell to a single knee and Titan nailed a Titanium.. the codebreaker to the face.. while Seraph was in the knelt position. Seraph didn't kick out that time and Titan eliminated one member of The Rebellion!

Sayber immediately ran into the ring and Titan was quick to act! He nailed Titanium to Sayber and pinned him, eliminating him almost immediately! It happened to fast that even Michael Donavan couldn't react in time! Just like that it was one on one and Titan begged Donavan to come into the ring. Donavan stepped through the ropes cautiously, but when Titan charged, Donavan reversed directions and dropped to the floor. Titan went for a suicide dive, but Donavan hit a European Uppercut, stopping Titan mid dive. Donavan got onto the ring apron and pulled Titan through.. he nailed an Apron DDT on Titan and got back to his feet!! He rolled Titan back into the ring and stalked him. He waited for Titan to stagger back up and he delivered the toe kick.

Donavan set up Titan between his legs, looking for the Phantom Driver, but Titan twisted out of it and leapt up for Titanium, but Donavan shoved him away. Titan swung with a clothesline, but Donavan ducked. Titan turned around as Donavan hoisted him onto his shoulders with an inverted fireman's carry! He spun Titan off his shoulders into a Wheelbarrow Suplex for only two! Donavan got back to his feet and stalked Titan once again. Titan got to his feet and Donavan grabbed him by the neck, looking for his fallaway choke slam, but Titan used a pair of elbows and hit an enzugiri that staggered Donavan. Titan to the ropes, but he ate a big boot off the rebound! Donavan went up top and missed the Phantom Image Moonsault. He staggered up and ate a Titanium to the face!! Titan made the cover and picked up the win!