Palm Beach Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, Florida
Attendance: 2250 Fans (Sold Out)

Once again, jOlt returned to the Palm Beach Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, Florida to a sold-out venue and the action just kept on coming. Just off the heels of a TREMENDOUS New Years edition of iNtense, the crowd was promised a good time and that's exactly what they were going to get!

1. "jOlt's Last Real Man" Jeremy Ryan defeated Nate Quartermaine at 8:40.

While Jeremy Ryan had been a part of the jOlt roster since late last year, Nate Quartermaine was still one of The Hype's own standout stars, but that didn't stop this one from being an action-packed affair. These two destroyed property, fought in parking lots, in rings, and every place in between on the Hype and though Ryan was promoted to the roster before their score could be settled, Nate had his chance tonight to not only even the score, but also show that he was a ready-for-primetime player. Nate took the early lead with some good mat wrestling followed up with a Spaceman Plancha to the outside on Ryan!

He kept the battle up until a distraction and an eye rake from Ryan led to a devastating Back Suplex on the ring apron! He worked over the back for several more minutes with some unique power moves including a move he called the Spearbuster (combination spear to spinebuster) for a near fall. Nate fought back after a missed corner Senton and fought back with elbows and rights before he connected with a Superkick and a Sitout Spinebuster for a near fall of his own. Ryan fought back only to take a MAN DOWN! And the dreaded Dead Man submission for the win. Though Ryan won tonight, Nate Quartermaine earned a round of applause from the crowd and proved he could easily belong with the jOlt roster one day.

2. Mack Brody defeated Mike Extreme in an Underground Rules match at 10:49

This match between two of jOlt's heaviest hitters started off fast and furious with the two big men throwing blows. Brody was a former two-time Tag Team Champion looking to prove his singles prowess and even though for the majority of this bout, Mike Extreme had taken over, Brody persevered. He took over after a spill through a table went wrong and Mack Brody came back to put away Mike Extreme with the Midas Touch through a table for the three! Mack Brody won the match for himself and promised that in 2014, you would be seeing the rise of King Midas in jOlt Wrestling! And with a dominating performance over Mike Extreme, who could stop him?

3. Frank Hendrix defeated Reno Davis at 7:19

This match stemmed from the new group called Hands of the Cause making their presence felt on iNtense at the expense of the returning Reno Davis. After a string of wins, The Unwanted Angel wanted revenge for the three-on-one beatdown. With Henry Dylan and Brone Haggard at his side, Frank looked confident… UNTIL RENO DOVE ON ALL THREE MEN WITH A MOONSAULT!

The early going was all Reno, getting some close near falls on the man calling himself Main Event Material. Hendrix fought back when a distraction from Brone Haggard made Reno fall victim to a DDT off the second rope. From there, Frank took over and worked the neck of Reno until a miscalculation led to a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT. Reno almost got him with the Straightjacket submission next when Hendrix made the ropes. Reno swatted away Henry Dylan off the turnbuckle but the distraction led to a VICIOUS Delayed Piledriver for three! After the match, Hendrix took the microphone and promised that all of the power groups in jOlt... The Black Faction, The Crimson Order and the Heirs of Wrestling would be nothing in comparison to the Hands of the Cause

4. jOlt Tag Team Champions Red and Ted retained their titles over Sweet Sweet Lovin and The ReVolt at 12:01

Next up was a triple threat for the jOlt Tag Team Titles! Mattock and Sanchez Cano wanted some gold while Sweet Sweet Lovin have been looking to get back in the Tag hunt. Before the match, Redding and Jacobs talked trash to their rivals, calling them a pair of literal midgets and mental midgets not being able to take their belts.

The action in this one was just too nuts for most to follow at first as both Lennox Love and Mattock took the fight to Red and Ted. The tag champions bailed and from there, everybody jumped to the ringside floor, including the 330-pound Sam Sweet jumping out onto them! The two men continued to fight back and from there, Red and Ted kept the other members at bay by working over Sanchez Cano. Eventually Lennox Love got the hot tag and ran wild on both Red and Ted, even nearly winning with the Lovesick kick only for Teddy Jacobs to save the belts. In the mele, Red caught him with a low blow and one Blow It Out Your Ass (powerbomb/backstabber combo) the champions retained their belts for the first time.

After the match, The House ran down to ringside and cleared the ring of Red and Ted, hitting a Muscle Buster on Redding while Jacobs and their manager, Grady Patrick watched in horror. Perhaps making an enemy of the super heavyweight duo was a bad thing for Red and Ted to do.

5. Jonathan Conspiracy and The Heirs of Wrestling (Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway) defeated Trouble (Statuz Quo, Khadafi, and Dallas Griffin) at 16:40

After Trouble laid a beatdown on JCON on the last episode of iNtense, so he decided to enlist a little help and who better than Trouble's other recent enemies, The Heirs of Wrestling. JCON and the Heirs had their past, but they were willing to put that all aside to take out Duzza's crew.

JCON, Gallway, and Silver all took turns teeing off on Khadafi at the start and Trouble's heavy hitter was in... well, trouble early on. The Heirs of Wrestling took him out with a series of double-teams leading to JCON getting a near fall off a top rope Dropkick. The tables turned about halfway through the match when Dallas Griffin dropped Frank Silver with a big Leaping Top Rope Clothesline!

Silver was picked off one by one by the members of Trouble until Quo went for a A-Town Stomp and missed, leaving himself wide open for a SHUTTHEFUCKUPPERCUT from Silver. He tagged to JCON and the former Relentless Champion used his quickness to run circles around Dallas Griffin. When things looked bleak after a King Killa from Khadafi caught him, the Heirs made the save. Gallway got the tag and he connected with the Quasar Kick on Dallas Griffin. This led to a combination of The Heirs' new Money, Glory, and Bitches (Superplex/Splash combo) followed by JCON's Conspiracy Theory Leg Drop on Quo for the three-count! The three men celebrated in the ring after what some called the match of the night.

6. "Picture Perfect" Jack Dawn defeated Jason Rau at 5:22

This was another of The Hype's standout stars and another man who had run-ins with Jeremy Ryan in the past. The man called "Picture Perfect" put on a flashy spectacle for all to see. Jason Rau didn't know what to expect from the rookie who blitzed him with a series of flashy moves including a Fameasser he called the Photo Op and a Twisting Neckbreaker called the Ko-Jack Moment. His Fireman's Carry Facebuster called the Photo Finish got the win! Perhaps Jack Dawn was ready for bigger things? Only time would tell.

7. jOlt Champion Aran Thompson defeated Kayden Paulton to retain his championship at 17:32

Aran Thompson took on the man called the Softcore Saint. Kayden Paulton had scored wins in the past over a bevvy of stars including Derecho earlier on in the year. However, Aran Thompson had his Black Faction at ringside making sure things were in his favor.

The crowd LOVED Paulton and after a series of flash pins near the onset of the match, Aran turned the tides with a big Spinebuster. Thompson continued to drill him around the neck and worked over his head with a flurry of moves while the crowd chanted "YOU ARE AWESOME!" at Paulton.

The fight continued when the Bundle of Joy (Olympic Slam) turned the tides and nearly got a close fall off the Positive Thinking (sling blade neckbreaker). When things look to go his way, the match ends up going south quickly when Aran Thompson takes the fight back to him with a DDT and a vicious Running Powerbomb out of the corner! Kayden fought back and connected with the Leg Jam (Top Rope Leg Drop Bulldog) for the closest fall of the match. Paulton looked to have things in hand when Thompson reversed the Upside Down Frown into a hold of his own…


Three count, done! Aran Thompson retained his title…


In the chaos, the battle between Ninja K's Crimson Order and Thompson's Black Faction lead to Eiji Kugasari connecting with his SHINOBI SUNSET! Nothing was solved between these two men on iNtense and it looked like he was still in the game. Thompson and his goons made a hasty retreat with Eiji and the group standing tall. All in all, a very successful show for Rock The House's return to the New Year!