San Antonio Shrine - San Antonio, Texas
Attendance: 1850 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Desiree vs Persephone

Match Summary:
Desiree locked up with Persephone and went into an arm wringer, but Persephone used a high kick to break Desiree's grip. Persephone then took control of Desiree with several stiff shots to the face that rocked her back. Persephone then sent her to the outside and then hit a suicide dive taking her out once again. It was all Persephone as she tossed Desiree around ringside before rolling her back into the ring for a two count. Persephone pulled Desiree up, but Desiree grabbed a fist full of Persephone's hair and slammed her to the canvas. She then tried to lock Persephone into the Triangle Choke, but Persephone stacked Desiree up instead for a pin and got the three!

Winner: Persephone via Pinfall
Match Time: 7:02
Match Rating: **1/2

After the Match
Desiree sat in the middle of the ring for a few moments as if she were contemplating something. Ever since leaving Xin Xin Xiong, Desiree has been on a losing streak. Desiree slowly stood while looked down at the canvas. She slowly made her way out of the ring and walked to the backstage area, looking down at the floor the entire way, her hair covering her face, hiding her eyes.

Match #2
Diamond Jewelz vs Teddy Jacobs

Match Summary:
Ruby Rocks Jewelz accompanied Diamond to the ring. Jewelz and Jacobs locked it up and Jewelz took control of the match in the early goings, grounding Jacobs as much as possible. Jewelz exhuded cockiness, yet confidence as he continued to ground Jacobs with various stomps and submission holds. Eventually, Jacobs got back up to his feet and battled back, hitting a flurry of strikes to knock down Diamond Jewelz. Jacobs then sent Jewelz to the outside and went for a flip dive, but Ruby got up onto the ring apron and Jacobs halted dead in his tracks. Off the distraction, Diamond made his way around and slid in behind Jacobs. He grabbed Jacobs from behind and dropped him with a Backstabber. Jewelz then went up top, took aim, and hit the Phoenix Splash that he calls the 3,106.75 Carats. He then picked up the three

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via 3,106.75 Carats
Match Time: 8:26
Match Rating: **3/4

Match 3
Frank Silver vs Alexander Redding vs Adam Roebuck Match Summary:
Silver and Roebuck looked at each other as they obviously have some unfinished business. Alexander Redding, however, was one half of Red & Ted who was interjecting themselves into said business. Roebuck and Silver nodded, turned and leveled Redding with a double clothesline, but then Silver took a cheap shot at Roebuck with a series of stiff right hands! Roebuck, being the bigger of the two, absorbed the punishement and answered with a headbutt! While the two of them were going back and forth in a brawl, Redding regained his composure and hit the ropes. He charged in, but Silver saw him and lifted Redding up and over to the apron. Roebuck grabbed Silver and tossed him over the top rope, causing him to collide with Redding and the two of them spilled to the outside! Roebuck gave chase and pulled Silver to his feet. The two battled around ringside as Redding recovered and got back into the ring. Redding flew over the top, taking both of them down. Redding threw Silver back into the ring and took control of the match, keeping Silver grounded. Redding eventually pulled Silver to his feet, hitting a couple of big power moves for a few near falls on the tag team champion. He was measuring Silver up for the Grady Special III when Roebuck got back on the apron and spun Redding around. Roebuck reached over the top rope, hooked Redding under the arm and in a display of power, hip tossed him to the outside!! Roebuck then climbed back into the ring, but Silver was up and kneed him in the side of the head as Roebuck stepped through the ropes. Silver pulled Robuck through the ropes and lifted him into position. He then nailed a Styles Clash... the Stay of Execution and got the three!

Winner: Frank Silver via Stay of Execution
Match Time: 22:18
Match Rating ***1/4

Match 4
Eiji Kugasari vs Jayshin Lee

Match Summary:
The match started off like anyone would expect it too.. high flying, fast paced chain wrestler, counter after counter, nearfall after nearfall that got the crowd on the edge of their seats. After several minutes of back and forth action, the match was at a stalemate. Eiji and Jayshin hit a few quick strikes to each other. A duel of strikes generated a huge response from the crowd, but it was Eiji that got the upper hand and started to drive Jayshin up against the ropes. Whip by Eiji was reversed by Jayshin, but Eiji tried to counter with a springboard roundhouse, but Jayshin side-stepped. Eiji crashed and burned as Jayshin ran in, grabbed the head, and nailed a running Tornado DDT for a very close two. Jayshin went to the corner, but took too much time as Eiji knocked him off his perch. Eiji climbed up and hooked Jayshin around the neck, hitting a Super Exploder Suplex off the top!!! Eiji crawled over and only got two! Eiji went to pull him up, but Jayshin broke free, hit a step up enzugiri, stood and hooked Eiji, nailing a sheerdrop brainbuster. Jayshin went to the corner and went for Euphoria.. the double rotation moonsault, but Eiji rolled out of the way. Jayshin got to his feet, but was on spaghetti legs. Jayshin turned his back to Eiji who then leapt onto his shoulders and nailed the Shinobi Sunset.. the Snap Poisoned Frankensteiner! Eiji then picked up the three!

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Shinobi Sunset
Match Time: 31:14
Match Rating: ****

Underground Championship Ninja K (c) vs Tyke

Match Summary:
Tyke and Ninja K started off the match slowly, circling each other, trying to feel each other out. It had all the makings of a big-time main event! They finally locked up and after a few counter moves, both of them were up to their feet to a round of applause to the crowd which Tyke dismissed and got booed. They locked up again and Ninja K backed Tyke into the corner. Ninja K stepped back for a strike, but Tyke pulled himself to the outside and hopped to the floor. Tyke kept a watchful eye on Ninja K as he stalled for time. The referee asked Ninja K to back up to allow Tyke back into the ring. Tyke cautiously made his way back in much to the fans displeasure.

They circled and locked up again, but Tyke hit a knee lift to the stomach of Ninja K. Tyke hit several strikes in an attempt to ground Ninja K, but Tyke found himself on the end of a whip reversal as Ninja K sent him to the ropes. Tyke held on as Ninja K charged in, but Tyke lifted him up and over, but Ninja K grabbed Tyke by the head and ended up hot shotting him neck first across the top rope! Tyke staggered forward as Ninja K leapt back into the ring, connecting with a leaping thrust kick for two. Ninja K sat Tyke up and went to the ropes. Ninja K came back with a running kick to the chest for another two.

Ninja K applied a submission hold, but Tyke battled back to his feet. Tyke countered with a back drop suplex and then warmed up for the Tyke Shot, but Ninja side-stepped it and hooked Tyke in the full nelson, looking for the Japanese Skull Splitter, but Tyke hit a low blow with a mule kick and then nailed a Certa Cito for a very very close two count! Tyke went to the outside and grabbed the ring steps, tossing them into the ring. Tyke slid back in, but Ninja K kipped up to his feet and drop kicked the ring steps into the legs of Tyke. Tyke fell forward and landed on the steps themselves. Ninja K then quickly grabbed Tyke by the head and nailed a face buster right into the steps! Tyke rolled off and it was Ninja K who got a very close two count.

Ninja K went to the outside and grabbed himself a kendo stick. He slid back into the ring and waited for Tyke to stand. Once Tyke was up, Ninja swung, but Tyke blocked and yanked the stick out of Ninja K's hands. Tyke jammed the stick into the stomach of Ninja K and hit a russian leg sweep with the stick across Ninja K's neck, but he pulled Ninja K right on top of the ring steps with the move! Tyke knew it was over as he stamped his foot on the canvas. Tyke gained some distance, but Derecho ran out from the back and slid into the ring. Derecho nailed Tyke from behind with a lariat! He then quickly pulled Tyke up and hoisted him onto his shoulder. he nailed A Forever Reminder and rolled out of the ring.

By the time all that happened, Ninja K pulled himself off the steps. He didn't see what happened, but he saw Tyke was down. Figuring Tyke also landed on the steps from the leg sweep, he went for a cover and picked up the three. It wasn't until after the pin that Ninja K saw Derecho up on the entrance ramp and then put two and two together. Nevertheless, Ninja K picked up the win and Derecho, again, screwed Tyke!

Winner: Ninja K via Pinfall
Match Time: 40:01
Match Rating: ****3/4