Arena of Champions, Orlando, FL
Attendance: 19.500 Fans (Sold Out)

1. "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann defeated Faith Hines and Alyssa Corliss with the Fate/Stay Dead in 22:41

The opening match was one hell of a contest and an amazing way to kick off the show. Faith and Ryann double teamed Alyssa in the beginning. The two were working very well together and Alyssa had to escape to the outside. Ryann took flight, but missed, wiping out on the floor pretty hard. Alyssa slid back in and went toe to toe with Faith Hines, but soon found out that Faith really wanted to get in a few shots before their Underground Rules match on The Hype later this week. It caused Alyssa to go back to the floor where Ryann had recovered and drilled her with a clothesline. Ryann kept Alyssa out there as long as possible before rolling her back into the ring only to be met with a drop kick by Faith..

Ryann re-entered, but a miscue caused Faith to hit Ryann with a forearm shot. Faith was too focused on Alyssa and never apologized, but Ryann actually let it go. Ryann tried to help Faith double team Alyssa, but Faith shoved her away and it allowed for Alyssa to hit a double lariat, taking them both down. Alyssa went to work on Faith when Ryann got back up and pulled Alyssa off of her. Ryann hit a high kick and tried to hook a staggered Alyssa for the Reaper of Souls, but Faith charged in with a lariat which Ryann dodged and Alyssa took the hit, rolling to the outside. Ryann hit the Hadoken on Faith when she turned around and went up top, hitting the Exist Trace senton for only two.

Ryann got up and saw Alyssa trying to get in. She hit a baseball slide and went for the Bravely Default no hand twisting plancha, but Alyssa moved and Ryann crashed hard. Alyssa rolled back in where Faith caught her in the stomach with a knee then hit a DDT. Faith pulled Alyssa up and went for the Double Arm DDT.. the No Faith in Humanity, but Alyssa twisted out of it and went for the Sit-Out Gordbuster, the Corliss Effect, but Faith countered with a Northen Lights Suplex for two. Faith stood as Ryann got onto the apron. Alyssa tried to whip Faith into Ryann, but Ryann side stepped and pulled down the top rope, causing faith to spill to the floor! Ryann hit a shoulder block between the ropes then an Air Hadoken to the face of Alyssa! She quickly pulled Alyssa up and nailed the Fate/Stay Dead.. the Vertibreaker... on Alyssa getting the three!

2. The Rebellion defeated reVolt with the Tears BREAKER in 37:48

An eight man tag placing Sayber, Michael Donavan, Nate Quartermaine and Raeyvnn against Mattock, Sanchez Cano, Sephiroth Du Luc, and Persephone took place. It continued the feud between these two factions. It was considered an intergender tag team match, meaning the women and the men could wrestle each other. Sayber started out against Mattock and the two went toe to toe in an epic display of counter wrestling that garnered a standing ovation after a stalemate. Sayber tagged Michael Donavan so Mattock tagged in the heavy hitter of reVolt, Sephiroth Du Luc.

The two matched power for power and it again, was a stalemate after neither man could displace the other. Du Luc finally drilled Donavan with a massive lariat then took to The Rebellion's corner, knocking Sayber and Nate Quartermaine off the apron. He was going to hit Raevynn, but thought better of it. He should have because when he turned around, Raevynn hit a springboard dropkick that staggered Du Luc into a DDT by Donavan! Donavan tagged in Raevynn and she went up top, hitting a senton on Du Luc for two. She then placed Du Luc in a front chancery, but Du Luc power out like it was nothing and carried her over to his corner where Persephone tagged in.

The bad blood between these two starlets continue as Persephone grabbed a hand full of hair and slapped Raevynn across the face. Raevynn scurried away and tagged in Quartermanine. Nate came in and stared down Persephone, but she wasn't backing down! They locked up and Persephone hit a pair of knees, then a kick to the back of Nate's leg. She hit a step up enzugiri that sent Quartermaine rolling to the outside. Persephone then hit a suicide dive and knocked Quartermaine against the barricades! The crowd was going nuts for her! She rolled Nate back in and looked ready to strike by standing behind him. Nate staggered away and turned around. Persephone lunged in and hit the Below Heaven's Path.. the leg lariat on Quartermaine! She covered, but Raevynn broke up the pin

Raevynn threw Persephone through the corner into the ring post as Quartermaine tagged Sayber back in. Sayber went to pull her out of the corner, but Persephone showed some fight with a spinning back kick to the stomach. She leapt up to the middle turnbuckle and hit a flying knee to the side of Sayber's head! Persephone tagged in Sanchez Cano who came in and cleaned house on Sayber, Quartermaine, and Donavan. Cano whipped Sayber to the ropes and hit a snap frankensteiner followed back a drop kick sending him to the outside. Cano went for a dive, but Raevynn ran along the apron and hit Cano in the head with a forearm. Raevynn went for a missile drop kick, but Cano turned and drop kicked her out of the air!

Cano went up top, looking for the Sadistic Spike, but Michael Donavan pulled her out of the ring causing Cano to miss and stumble forward. Sayber came in and quickly kicked Cano in the stomach hitting the Sideswipe Brainbuster.. the Korosu.. on him. Mattock came into the ring and hit the Corkscrew Spear.. the Direct Damage to Sayber! Donavan came in and knee'd Mattock in the stomach. He butterflied the arms and drilled him with the Phantom Driver! Sephiroth Du Luc ran in and kicked Donavan in the face with a Big Boot before he could stand. Donavan staggered up from his hands and knees as Du Luc grabbed him from the back of the neck and nailed The Impression.. the Inverted Choke Slam! Nate Quartermaine slid in the ring behind Du Luc and crossed his arms, nailing a Straightjacket Suplex! Persephone got up and for the second time in this match, nailed Quartermaine with Below Heaven's Path!

Raevynn grabbed Persephone from behind and nailed the Elevated Inverted DDT.. the Tears BREAKER on Persephone! She was the only one still standing, but Cano had recovered and hit a Back Stabber on Raevynn! Sayber got up, however, and kicked Quartermaine in the stomach. He set him up and nailed Korosu among the bodies in the ring. He made the cover as everyone was down and picked up the win, stealing one for The Rebellion

3. Seraph vs Omega went to a No Contest in 1:37

What looked like a match between two powerhouse behemoths, it barely got underway. The two of them locked up when Seraph impressively hoisted Omega onto his shoulder and nailed a powerslam, but Omega popped back up and got right in Seraph's face! Seraph went to the ropes for a shoulder block, but Omega planted him with a Spine Buster. That's when Derecho hit the ring from the crowd with a steel chair in hand. He cracked it over the back of Omega's skull!! Seraph rolled out of the ring as Derecho unfolded the chair in the center of it. He pulled Omega up and scooped him onto his shoulders. He then hit A Forever Reminder on top of the unfolded chair!! Derecho grabbed the Underground Championship from ringside and began to stare deep into the metal plate. Then, in a very eerie scene, Derecho took a razor blade to the palm of his hand, slicing it open.. he then rubbed his own blood on the faceplate of the Underground Championship before laying it down on top of Omega. Derecho grinned as he exited the ring. He backpeddled up the entrance ramp. It was like he marked his territory with his own blood!

4. Mack Brody & Jimmy B. Martinez defeated Ninja K & Jesse Ramey with pin on Jesse Ramey after Jeremy Ryan interfered behind the referee's back in 12:31

The match was a standard fare match as JBM and Ninja K started off, hitting counter for counter into even more chain wrestling that didn't stop. JBM showed that he could hang with the head of the Inogami Clan, but it was a stalemate. JBM tagged in Brody and Rise of the Legends opponents squared off. Ninja K tried to use the quickness, but Brody's power ended up grounding the Ninja. Brody continued the ground and pound strategy and was finding success until he went for a Military Press, but Ninja K impressively slipped out of it, falling into a DDT on Brody that wowwed the crowd! Ninja K then tagged in Ramey, who tried to ground Brody, but Brody used his power to get back to his feet.

Brody whipped Ramey to the ropes, but Ramey hung into the top rope. Brody charged in, but Ramey hit a drop toe hold and then a running knee to Brody's back. Ramey went for it again, but JBM hit a springboard drop kick and stopped Ramey mid-run. JBM rolled back out as Brody got up and tagged JBM. JBM went for a flying clothesline, but Ramey ducked, turned and hooked him in a waist lock. Two standing switches later and Ramey hit a forearm to the back of JBM's head and tried for a German, but JBM landed on his feet. JBM hoisted Ramey onto his shoulders, but Ramey slipped off and hit a running bulldog from behind. He then dragged JBM to the corner and went for the Touch the Sky.. the Split-Legged Moonsault, but JBM moved and Ramey hit the canvas. JBM then hit a running Yakuza Kick and only got two.

JBM pulled Ramey to his corner and tagged in Brody. Brody cornered Ramey and hit shoulder thrusts, dropping him into a seated position. Brody then hit the ropes, looking for a running knee strike, but Ramey moved Brody knee'd the turnbuckles instead. Ramey with a school boy for two! Both men up as Ramey ducked a clothesline. He whipped Brody to the ropes, but Brody hung on. JBM with a blind tag, but he stood back as he saw Ramey charging in. Ramey was lifted up and over to the outside. Ramey hit a high kick to Brody's head and then hooked him for an inside to outside suplex, but Brody countered with a suplex of his own, bringing Ramey back in! Ninja K then entered the ring and hit a spinning wheel kick to Brody that knocked him to the outside. Ninja K then hit a corkscrew plancha to the outside wiping out Brody. JBM then flew off the apron hitting a summersault senton on Ninja K.

The referee went to the ropes and argued with JBM to bring it back into the ring. Meanwhile, Jeremy Ryan ran in from the crowd as Ramey was staggering to his feet. Ryan hit a low blow from behind and quickly spun Ramey around, nailing the Last Real Finisher... the Jumping Piledriver... to Ramey. Ryan rolled out of the ring as JBM rolled in unbeknownst as to what happened. He saw Ramey down and by the time JBM looked around, Ryan had disappeared. JBM walked over to Ramey and noticed his was out cold. He quickly went for the pin and got the three!

5. Eiji Kugasari & The Crimson Order defeated Landon Stevens & The Faction when Takeshi pinned Ezra Conway in 53:58

An epic six man tag was the main event for the final Rock the House. The problems between these two factions were boiling over and it resulted in one hell of physical war between these two factions. Heido and Eli started off as Eli held his own against one of the two brutes of The Crimson Order. Eli tried to take out Heido's legs, but Heido wouldn't allow Eli to do that and fought back. Eli tagged out to Ezra who came in and had better luck by continuing the damage on Heido's legs, keeping him grounded. Ezra pulled Heido to their corner and quick tags between Eli and Ezra kept Heido away from his own corner.

Heido was worked over for several minutes, needing to get a tag. When they propped Heido up in the corner for what looked like an attempt at a double team superplex, Heido fought back, knocking both members of the West Texas Terrorists off the top rope! Heido stepped down and elbowed Landon Stevens. He hobbled toward his corner, but Eli came up with the chop block, causing Heido to fall in front of his clansmen. This brought Eiji and Takeshi into the ring to chase of the Terrorists, but Eli and Ezra stood tall. Landon stepped in and now it was three staring down two. It looked like it could explode at any given moment and all it took was a shove from Landon on Eiji for Takeshi to rush him, but Eli and Ezra held him at bay.

Takeshi tried to plow through them, but Eli held Takeshi by the leg while Ezra had him by the waist, firing shots into his midsection. Landon went to the corner and told Eli and Ezra to move. Landon flew off and caught Takeshi in the chest with a missile drop kick. Eiji leapt off the top rope and hit a double drop kick to Eli and Ezra... one leg for each! Eiji kipped up as Heido tried to recover and Landon and Eiji were face to face!

The two traded punches back and forth and Eiji whipped Landon to the ropes, but Landon reversed it, but Eiji reversed the reversal and sent Landon to the ropes. Heido got up and Eiji sent Landon right into flying shoulder tackle. Eiji went back to his corner as Heido got up and tagged Eiji in. Eiji went up top and flipped off with a swanton bomb, hitting Landon, but only getting two. He tried to pull Landon up, but Landon dropped back down and rolled out of the ring. Eiji went for a double jump hilo, but Landon rolled back into the ring and Eiji crashed. Landon hit the ropes and went for a suicide dive, connecting! He rolled Eiji back into the ring and covered for only two.

Tag back to Ezra who picked up Eiji and scoop slammed him. Ezra hit a triplet of elbows and covered for another two. Ezra then tagged Eli as Ezra held Eiji down and Ezra hit a top rope splash for two again. Ezra tried to wear down Eiji with a sleeper hold, but Eiji fought through it and hit a pair of elbows then an enzugiri. he rolled to his corner and tagged in Takeshi. Takeshi cleaned house on Eli and Ezra. He brought Landon into the ring the hard way and sent him to the ropes, lifting him high into the air and pressing against landon's back on the way down. Landon held his stomach in pain as he rolled out of the ring.

Eli jumped on Takeshi's back, but Takeshi backed into the corner, ramming him into it. Ezra went for splash, but he caught Eli instead when Takeshi moved. Takeshi got a running start and sandwhiched both of the Terrorists in the corner. Eli slumped down as Takeshi grabbed Ezra and hit a hip toss into the corner, making Ezra slam into Eli!! Eli rolled to the outside as Takeshi dragged him away from the corner and only got two. Takeshi tagged in Heido who came in and hit a headbutt to Ezra, backing him into the corner once again. Whip across to the other corner followed by a running drop kick from the 280lb man, showing some massive agility. Heido signaled for the end and this brought Eli and Landon back into the ring where they double teamed Heido

Eiji and Takeshi came back in and it ended up in a six man brawl! Eventually all six men ended up on the outside one way or another where the brawl took to the ringside, except for Eiji and Landon who spilled out into the crowd! Eiji and Landon fought up the stairs while Takeshi drove Eli through the announce table with a spinebuster! Ezra, however, hit a chop block to Heido's bad leg before grabbing the steel steps and ramming them into Heido while he was knelt down. Takeshi rounded the corner and grabbed Ezra and nailed him with the Fisherman's Piledriver.. the Hanzo's Hammer.. on the floor! He rolled Ezra back into the ring and then helped Heido get in. Hedio crawled over and made the cover, getting the three!

Meanwhile, up the stairs, Eiji and Landon still battled. They got to the top when Landon tried to throw Eiji into the doors, but Eiji hit a pair of elbows and threw Landon into the doors instead! The brawl continued out into the concession stands!

Back in the ring, Takeshi helped Heido to his feet when Cross the Hood ran down and jumped them from behind! They pounded away on the two until The Backbone of Mike Extreme and Reno Davis hit the ring to even the odds, but The Hands of the Cause made their way down and jumped on The Backbone!

This in turn brought out reVolt of Mattock and Sanchez Cano to help out their allies, but this was soon followed by Them Mf'N Goons! Soon, The Heirs of Wrestling made their way out to a massive pop! The Faction was still down and the remaining teams in this Sunday's War Games match continued to brawl. Once some bodies were dumped over the top, Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck hit the ring and, pardon the expression, began to clean house! They clotheslined body after body after body over the top rope until they were the only ones left standing in the ring!

Could the 9th team have the greatest advantage? Were the odds against them or in their favor. As the teams regrouped, it was an epic staredown between eighteen men who would step into a double ring surrounded by a steel cage to determine the fate of the tag team championships! This epic staredown was the final scene as the final Rock the House went off the air!