Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, Dearborn, Michigan
Attendance: 950 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Frank Hendrix vs Cordova

Match Summary:
Hendrix and Cordova started out even paced as the two of them jostled for position. Cordova then poured on his speed and began to out maneuver Hendrix. Hendrix charged in at Cordova, but ended up on the outside. Cordova got the crowd riled up as he hit a Tope Con Hilo to the outside and took Hendrix down. Cordova got Hendrix back into the ring for two. Hendrix then used a thumb to the eye and swung the momentum back in his direction. He grounded Cordova and went to work on his back, trying to keep him grounded. The crowd rallied behind Cordova as he got back to his feet and went to work on Hendrix with some quick kicks. One caught Hendrix in the stomach which doubled him over. Cordova then grabbed Hendrix by the head and hit a standing Tornado DDT! Cordova saw his opportunity and headed up top. He took aim and spun off with a 360 Guillotine Leg Drop.. the El Decapition Rapido! This was enough to get Cordova the three count!

Winner: Cordova via El Decapitation Rapido
Match Time: 8:14
Match Rating: ***

Match #2
Sven Deadly vs Reno Davis

Match Summary:
Since the breakup of The Reckoning, Sven Deadly wanted to prove himself in the Underground Division of jOlt. Reno Davis, however, took it to Deadly early on. He planted him with a big time spine buster after some offense and then rolled to the outside to look for weapons. He grabbed himself a ladder and brought it back into the ring, but Sven would nail a drop kick and send the ladder into Reno's face. Sven then used the ladder to get some heavy shots in on Davis. Sven set up the ladder in the corner, but this gave Davis enough time to recover and swing the match back his way. He grounded Sven and then catapulted him face first into the ladder in the corner. Davis then used a school boy on Sven for a very close near fall. Davis went for a kick to the head, but Sven ducked and rammed Davis back first into the ladder in the corner. Sven went up to the top turnbuckle behind the ladder and pushed it forward, crashing down on top of both the ladder and Davis who was underneath it. Davis tried to pull himself up, but Sven hit him with a kick to the head. He then turned and hit a back thrust kick to the face. Sven then took off to the ropes and came back with a shotgun drop kick to the face to finish off the trifecta. Sven covered and got the pin!

Winner: Sven Deadly via Drop Kick to the Face
Match Time: 9:58
Match Rating: ***1/4

Match 3
reVolt vs The Jury

Match Summary:
Before the match started, Mattock offered The Jury to leave the side of Jonathan Conspiracy and to join his revolution. The Jury responded by jumping Mattock which prompted for the bell. Khadafi and Quo battled with Mattock and Cano. The referee couldn't get a handle on the situation. Any and all attempts to break these two teams apart failed. The referee considered calling this one, but Statuz Quo dumped Sanchez Cano to the outside, leaving Mattock alone in the ring with Khadafi. Khadafi went for an irish whip, but Mattock came back and nailed a corkscrew spear on Khadafi. Mattock then grabbed Khadafi and lifted him onto his shoulders. He lifted him up military press style and caught him in an air raid crash on the way down... Quantum Driver II. Mattock then picked up the three. Statuz Quo was thrown into the ring steps on the outside and Cano rejoined Mattock in the ring.

Winner: Mattock via Quantum Driver II
Match Time: 4:37
Match Rating **

After the match, Gunner Van Patton slid in through the crowd. He entered the ring and nailed a double clothesline from behind on both Mattock and Cano! Patton then grabbed Cano and tossed him out of the ring. Mattock rose up as Patton wound his arm up and damn near took Mattock's head off with a lariat from hell. A girl in the front row was cheering Patton on and he gave her a smirk. Patton hopped out of the ring after the damage was done and headed to the back.

Match 4
Omega vs Kayden Paulton

Match Summary:
At the sound of the bell, Omega charged in and nailed a huge shoulder tackle to Kayden Paulton. He then quickly lifted him up and powerbombed him down to the canvas. Omega headed to the outside and grabbed a chair. Paulton had no idea what hit him as he tried to get to his feet, but Omega dropped the chair on the ground and grabbed Paulton by the neck. Paulton fought out with a kick to the mid-section. He then took off to the ropes, but was met with a big boot for his troubles. Omega picked him up and nailed a Choke Slam on top of the steel chair. This was short, sweet, and painful for Paulton as Omega picked up the three.

Winner: Omega
Match Time: 2:18
Match Rating: **

Match 5
Relentless Championship
Aran Thompson (c) vs Jonathan Conspiracy

Match Summary:
J-CON never got to exercise his rematch clause for the Relentless title when Waymoth Turnbull held the belt, but he's doing it here tonight on Rock the House! JCON and Aran locked up. JCON took the early advantage after a side head lock and a few opening move exchanges. JCON got Aran down on the canvas and placed into an arm bar, but Aran battled back to his feet and sent JCON into the corner. Aran hit a corner clothesline and took over as he pounded away on JCON. Aran got JCON against the ropes and then dumped him to the outside. Aran went for a dive, but JCON moved out of the way and Aran crashed and burned. The two then brawled around ringside until the count of eight. They both made it back into the ring where JCON took advantage and continued to ground Aran. JCON pulled Aran up, but Aran knee'd JCON in the face and then hit the Icarus Switch, literally, from out of nowhere! Aran picked up the three and even the crowd never saw that coming!

Winner: Aran Thompson via Icarus Switch
Match Time: 13:44
Match Rating: ***1/2

Derecho vs Jimmy B. Martinez

Match Summary:
It was the jOlt Champion vs the Flyweight Champion in the main event! JBM had the crowd on his side as the self-proclaimed God locked up with him. Derecho and JBM traded hold for hold in the beginning which lead to a series of quick 2 count flash pins. It ended in a stand off as the crowd gave them a round of applause. They locked up again and exchanged hold for hold a second time. This ended in another stand off and it seemed we had a chess match on our hands. They went to lock up a third time, but Derecho said screw it and nailed a knee to the stomach and then a Vortex Powerbomb for two. From there, Derecho grounded JBM with a few submission holds, but the crowd willed JBM back to his feet. JBM broke free and used his quickness to hit a few quick strikes to the jOlt Champion. JBM went for a clothesline, but Derecho ducked. Derecho went for a super kick, but JBM grabbed the leg and spun Derecho around. JBM then nailed a super kick to Derecho for a very close two count. Derecho staggered up as JBM continued the offense. Derecho was backed into the corner, but Derecho switched JBM in and lit him up with knife edge chops. Derecho whipped JBM out of the corner, but JBM tried to reverse the whip. Derecho reversed the reversal and sent JBM back into the corner from where he came, but the referee had stepped into that corner and got sandwhiched! JBM was down and out from back came Aran Thompson! Aran slid in behind Derecho and when Derecho turned around, he got clocked in the head with the Relentless Championship! Aran rolled out of the ring as JBM got up and just saw Derecho laid out! JBM then rushed to the corner and headed up top. He leapt off with his Frog Splash... Make Me Famous! He made the cover as the referee slowly came to and made the three count! JBM just pinned the world champion!

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Make Me Famous
Match Time: 28:19
Match Rating: ****