Hopkins Eisenhower Community Center - Hopkins, Minnesota
Attendance: 1175 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Landon Stevens vs Jon Le Bon

Match Summary:
Stevens and Le Bon locked up in the center of the ring. After a series of strike exchanges, Stevens clothesline Le Bon to the canvas. Stevens then hit a pair of elbows for a two. Stevens brought Le Bon to his feet, sending him into the corner, but Le Bon countered the charge and mounted a comeback on offense that got the crowd behind him. Le Bon was going for a suplex, but Stevens used a thumb to the eye mid lift that didn't get caught by the referee. Stevens then nailed a super kick and went up top, hitting a flying elbow, but Le Bon kicked out to a round of applause. Stevens missed with the kick and Le Bon went for the Rockstar Stunner, but Stevens grabbed Le Bon's leg, stopping the toe kick portion of the move. Stevens then pulled Le Bon's leg and brought him into a face lock where he nailed the Rising Star Driver for three! Landon Stevens STILL undefeated in jOlt!

Winner: Landon Stevens via Rising Star Driver
Match Time: 8:18
Match Rating: **1/2

Match #2
Underground Rules
Omega vs Mike Extreme

Match Summary:
Extreme jumped Omega right from the start, trying to get the upper hand early in this match. As he pummeled away, Omega absorbed the punishment and shoved Extreme away. Omega then charged in and flipped Extreme inside out with a massive lariat! Omega grabbed Extreme and tossed him out of the ring. Omega hopped out and drove Omega back first into the railing. He then grabbed the bell from the time keeper's area and laid out Extreme with it. Omega grabbed Extreme and then lifted him for a powerbomb.. to which he tossed Extreme back first into the steel ring post!!Exteme looks to be done as Omega drove his knee into the side of his head as Extreme sat there in a heap. Omega wouldn't stop until the referee called for the bell. Extreme was out cold!

Winner: Omega via Knockout
Match Time: 6:06
Match Rating: **

Match 3
Trouble vs Sweet Sweet Lovin' Match Summary:
Duzza and Dallas Griffin remained at ringside as Quo and Love started things off. Quo grounded Love and isolated him in his corner. With quick tags back and forth between Quo and Khadafi, Love was in a world of trouble. Several minutes of ground and pound went by and Love desperately needed the tag, but each time he tried to get there, he was cut off by either Statuz Quo or Khadafi. Sweet paced back and forth on the apron, shouting out to Love. The crowd got behind Love as well and Love finally was able to break free and make the tag! Sweet came in like a fat man on fire and cleaned house! Sweet knocked Quo off the apron and tossed Khadafi to the outside. All four members of Trouble regrouped until Sweet did the unthinkable and flew over the top rope, taking out all four men!! The crowd went ballistic as Sweet grabbed Khadafi, rolled him back in and pinned him for only two! Sweet pulled Khadafi back up, but Duzza and Dallas Griffin caused the distraction and Khadafi hit Sweet with a low blow! While Sweet was doubled over, Khadafi hooked his leg over the back of Sweet's neck and drove him down with the Break Yo Neck (Overdrive). Love tried to come in, but Quo ran around ringside and yanked him off the apron. The referee turned around to see Khadafi on top of Sweet and he counted three.

Winner: Khadafi via Break Yo Neck
Match Time: 24:11
Match Rating ***3/4

Match 4
Eiji Kugasari vs Cordova

Match Summary:
A mixture of styles.. Japanese vs Lucha Libre clashed! After a series of counterholds and nearfalls, Eiji and Cordova stared down to a round of applause. They locked up again and Cordova broke an arm wringer and hit a drop kick. Eiji got back up an Cordova sent him to the outside. Cordova went for a plancha, but Eiji moved out of the way. Shining Wizard on the floor by Eiji before he rolled Cordova back into the ring for two. Eiji went to the apron, grabbed the ropes and went for a springboard side kick, but Cordova grabbed Eiji's leg out of mid-air and nailed a dragon screw!!! Cordova went up top and hit a moonsault for two. He pulled Eiji up, but Eiji countred with a jaw breaker. He then went to the ropes and nailed a spinning wheel kick. Eiji to the corner... Phoenix Splash to Cordova for a very close two count! Eiji pulled Cordova up, but Cordova hit a reverse leg sweep, putting Eiji down on all fours. La Magistral for two! Both men get up and clothesline each other. Ten count by the referee gets to eight before both men are up. They trade strikes as the crowd gets to their feet. Eiji gets the upper hand, swings with a clothesline, Cordova ducks it and hooks Eiji by the waist.. German Suplex countered by Eiji. Cordova turned around and Eiji hit a high kick to the side of Cordova's head. Cordova turned his back to Eiji as he staggered away. Eiji leapt onto Cordova's shoulders.. Shinobi Sunset! Eiji gets the three to a standing ovation!

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Shinobi Sunset
Match Time: 27:58
Match Rating: ****1/4

Spike Saunders vs Chris Titan

Match Summary:
The fans were treated to a double return here tonight! Spike Saunders took a little time off after Thieves Honor to let some nagging injuries heal and Chris Titan has been MIA due to fire since Power Struggle. Now, both have returned and are going to test the waters against each other here on Rock the House!

Saunders and Titan locked up and immediately Saunders used his size and power to back Titan into the corner. Saunders with a big right, but Titan ducked underneath and they swapped positions. Titan opened up with big rights and lefts, combination blows. Whip to the corner reversed. Saunders with the big boot, but Titan moved. Titan hit the ropes and hit a chop block to Saunders leg which Saunders had his boot caught up on the top rope. Titan dropped a pair of elbows and then dragged Saunders to the middle where he made a cover and got only two. Titan pulled Saunders up to a seated position and hit a drop kick to the back of the head for another two.

Titan brought Saunders back up and sent him to the ropes, but a shoulder block knocked Titan over. Saunders then grabbed Titan and tossed him to the outside. Saunders gave chase as the two brawled around ringside. Titan tried to gain some distance, but Saunders wouldn't let him escape. Saunders then dropped Titan on the top of the guard rail with a back drop suplex. Saunders broke the referee's count and went back to work on Titan. He went for a whip, but Titan reversed it and sent Saunders into the ring steps.

Titan then broke the count and grabbed Saunders, rolling him back into the ring. Titan up top with a drop kick put Saunders back down for two. Titan pulled Saunders up, but Saunders grabbed Titan by the legs and nailed a take down! Saunders pummeled away on Titan before he stood and hit the ropes. He balled up his fist and nailed the BOOM! Headshot for a two count. Saunders stood and looked to finish Titan off. Titan stood and was met with a toe kick. Saunders lifted Titan up for the Gory Guerrero special, looking to flip Titan into the Dream Killer, but Titan wriggled free and landed behind Saunders. Titan quickly hooked Saunders and twisted him, looking for the Vertebreaker, but Saunders flipped out of that and landed somewhat on his feet.. more like a single knee.

Saunders went to stand, but Titan turned around and leapt into Saunders face with both knees, falling back and driving them into his face with the Titanium (Codebreaker). Titan made the cover and picked up the three!!

Winner: Chris Titan via Titanium
Match Time: 33:54
Match Rating: ****3/4