Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, New York
Attendance: 2500 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Landon Stevens vs Graham Youngblood

Match Summary:
Youngblood looked to continue his win streak that he has racked up over the past week by taking on the former number one contender to the Flyweight Championship, Landon Stevens. The two started off with a tit for tat approach to the match, hitting quick move after quick move. The back and forth action translated into a sequence of flash pins that ended in a stand off to the applause of the New York crowd. Even a “This is Wrestling” chant broke out among the people. Youngblood and Stevens locked it up and the two traded holds once again. Stevens got the upper hand with a European Uppercut under the jaw that rocked Youngblood back. Stevens hit a couple of punches and then sent Youngblood to the outside. The crowd riled up as Stevens hit a twisting plancha to the outside that took out Youngblood! The crowd got into the match even more, but Stevens didn’t care about what the fans thought.. he could only think of victory. He rolled Youngblood back into the ring and went up top. Shooting Star Press missed and Youngblood Youngblood went up top and went for his Frog Splash, but he missed as well. Stevens then landed a Super Kick as Youngblood got back up. Youngblood was dazed in place as Stevens grabbed him and nailed the Rising Star Driver (Small Package Driver) for the three!

Winner: Landon Stevens via Rising Star Driver
Match Time: 14:08
Match Rating: ****1/2

Match #2
Sven Deadly vs The Strangler

Match Summary:
The Underground Division was heating up in jOlt as the new champion, Sylo, is doing his best to bring attention to the division. Sven Deadly separated from his partner Harbinger and is looking to establish himself in the new division, but so is Team EGO member, The Strangler. Sven and Strangler locked up, but Strangler’s size and power were too much for the hardcore flyweight as he shoved him away. Sven got right back up as Jade looked on from the outside. Again and again Strangler shoved Sven away until he rolled out of the ring and grabbed the equalizer.. the steel chair. Sven got back in and dared Strangler to come at him. Strangler did and ended up taking the chair to the stomach. He then hit a few chair shots over the back and brought Strangler down. He laid the chair on Strangler and went up top, hitting a cannonball senton on the chair and Strangler. He only got two. Strangler rolled out and Sven dove over the top rope, but Strangler wiped him out on the way over! Strangler then tossed Sven around ringside into various objects, softening him up. Strangler even speared Sven right into the ring steps which garnered a “HOLY SHIT” chant from the Ballroom. Strangler rolled the lifeless Sven back into the ring and pinned him for very close 2. Sven grabbed the chair as he was getting up and then hit a desperation swing into the head of Strangler, knocking him onto his back and breaking the chair in the process!! Sven rolled out, grabbed another chair, rolled back in, and unfolded it near Strangler. Sven went to the ring apron and waited as Strangler used the chair to get back up.. Sven then leapt off, hooked Strangler by the head and nailed the Phalanx Revolver, a Plancha DDT right on top of the unfolded chair! He laid on top of Strangler and picked up the three in a major upset!

Winner: Sven Deadly via Phalanx Revolver on a Chair
Match Time: 10:12
Match Rating: ***1/2

Match 3
Persephone vs Vogue Gonsalvez

Match Summary:
It’s a match of pro vs rookie as former Starlet Champion Persephone takes on The Hype’s newcomer Vogue Gonsalvez! The two of them locked up in the middle of the ring and traded holds until Vogue got sick of it and shoved Persephone away. They locked up again, but Vogue hit a knee to the stomach. From there, Vogue assumed control of the match with various strikes which kept Persephone grounded. Vogue went for a huge kick to the head, but Persephone ducked and rolled her up with a three count from literally out of nowhere.. even the crowd was stunned at how fast that match ended!

Winner: Persephone via Rollup
Match Time: 2:18
Match Rating **

After the match, Vogue couldn’t believe that she just got pinned and lost it, He tackled Persephone and proceeded to beat the ever living hell out of her. Some of the other starlets rushed out from the back, including Alyssa Corliss, Faith Hines, Hija del Gran Avispa, and Raevynn and they tried to separate the two, however, Raevynn left Persephone’s side and then jumped Alyssa Corliss! The two of them began to brawl in the ring as the New York crowd began a “Cat Fight” chant. Order tried to be restored, but Raevynn got Corliss out of the ring. Corliss then got the upper hand on the outside and Raevynn escaped through the crowd. Back in the ring, Persephone got free and then took down Vogue! It was mayhem everywhere as the officials now ran out to try and restore order! Eventually they got everything under control and sent the starlets to the back.

Match 4
Sanchez Cano vs BIG Little Italy

Match Summary:
Before the match started, Sanchez Cano and Mattock tried to recruit BIG Little Italy to their cause, telling him that a revolution needs to happen. That Italy has been held under the oppressive thumb of the status quo in jOlt and it was his time to break free. Italy told Mattock to go screw himself which prompted the two of them to beat down Italy. Gunner Van Patton then ran out and double clotheslined Mattock and Cano out of their boots. He then sent Mattock to the outside. GVP then turned around and grabbed Cano and nailed the Talbot-plex.. a variation of the Regal Plex. GVP then rolled out of the ring. Italy left the ring as well as this match never officially started. The members of reVolt were left laying by GVP!

Winner: Match Never Started
Match Time: n/a
Match Rating: n/a

Match 5
The Heirs of Wrestling vs The Jury

Match Summary:
The Heirs made their colorful entrance to the ring and decided that it would be Silver and Gallway taking on Quo and Khadafi here in the match as Brody stayed on the outside to keep Duzza in check. Gallway and Quo started out and Gallway used his quickness to counter the brawling style of Statuz Quo. Eventually, Quo telegraphed a mistake and took control over Gallway by grounding and pounding him. Quo then brought Gallway to his corner and proceeded to make quick tags to Khadafi. The two traded tags back and forth as they went to work over Gallway. Gallway tried to get to his corner, but each time, he was cut off by The Jury. Eventually, Gallway found an opening and hit an enzugiri to Khadafi and made the tag to Silver who came in and cleaned house off the hot tag. Silver put down Khadafi with a few clotheslines and power moves and even knocked Quo off the apron. Silver had Khadafi set up for his finisher when Quo slid into the ring, but Gallway saw it and launched off the top rope with a missile drop kick, taking Quo out! Khadafi staggered to his feet. Silver kicked him in the stomach and hooked him in The Stay of Execution.. the cradled Styles Clash and nailed it for the three! The crowd applauded the old school style tag match!

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Stay of Execution
Match Time: 14:01
Match Rating: ****

Poisoned Partners Tag Match
Derecho/Aran Thompson vs Sylo/Ninja K

Match Summary:
Rivals became partners here tonight. Aran Thompson and Ninja K started out. A chant of “Fuck ‘im up Ninja, Fuck ‘im up” started as the two locked up. Aran and Ninja K traded moves, but Ninja K’s athletic prowess was a bit too quick for Thompson as Ninja K got the early advantage. Ninja sent Aran to the ropes, but Aran reversed it. Ninja flipped against the ropes, but Aran countered with a Super Kick to the back of the head. Aran teased a tag to Derecho, but decided against it, which got boos from the crowd. A “We want God” chant started up in the arena and Aran looked at the crowd as if they were nuts.

Aran then pounded away at Ninja K to keep him grounded. Sylo reached out and wanted the tag because unlike Derecho and Aran who hated each other, Sylo and Ninja K had that competitive respect as they went to a Draw twice in the past two weeks on iNtense. Ninja K tried to reach out for a tag, but Aran continued to keep K grounded and even went as far as taunting him, which garnered heat from the crowd. Sylo then came into the ring and grabbed Aran by the neck, but Ninja K got in between Sylo and Aran and told Sylo to back off. That didn’t sit well with Sylo at all and the two began to argue. Aran then decided to go for a cheap shot on Sylo, but Sylo simply turned and clotheslined Thompson out of his boots. Sylo then pulled Thompson up and grabbed him from behind in a waist lock. Derecho then perched then leapt to the top turnbuckle pad. Ninja K went to the ropes and hit a springboard thrust kick to Aran Thompson which Sylo coverted into a German Suplex. Derecho leapt off the top rope… FROG SPLASH TO ARAN THOMPSON!!

Derecho then rolled out of the ring and flipped Thompson off to a massive pop from the New York crowd. Ninja K then hooked the leg and got the three on Thompson!

Winner: Sylo & Ninja via Pinfall
Match Time: 20:12
Match Rating: ****

After the match, Sylo and Ninja K stared each other down over the body of Aran Thompson. Sylo still didn’t like Ninja K getting involved and maybe that respect was turning into a bitter rivalry.