The Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Attendance: 1250 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Omega vs Mike Extreme

Match Summary:
The match started off with Omega dominating Mike Extreme physically. Various power moves sent a message to the former Backbone member. Omega, who had made his first appearance in jOlt just one night ago at iNtense 72 was ready to prove himself, however, Mike Extreme used a low blow to gain the upper hand. It was all legal in this Underground Rules match! Extreme went to the outside and picked up a kendo stick. He brought it back into the ring and began to have his way with Omega. The tide seemed to be turned for Omega as Extreme didn't let up with that stick. Extreme then put Omega down with a Russian Leg Sweep with the stick and went for a cover, but Omega kicked out at two. Extreme went back on the attack, but every lash with the stick angered him. Omega stood and ripped the stick out of Extreme's hands. Extreme then felt the stick many times over across his back. Omega left the ring and searched for a weapon. He found a table and brought it in. The table was set up and Extreme recovered, but it was too late. Another smack from the stick and Extreme was prone. Omega grabbed Extreme and powerbombed him through the table and picked up the three!

Winner: Omega via Powerbomb through a Table
Match Time: 6:24
Match Rating: **1/2

Match #2
The Jury vs The Crimson Order
Match Summary:
It's no secret that these teams hate each other and tonight they were going to settle things! Eiji and Quo started off. Quo tried to brawl, but the speed and altheticism was too much for Quo to handle. Quo was down when Eiji made the tag to Takeshi. Takeshi knocked Khadafi off the ring apron and then began to power his way through any attempt at a comeback from Quo. Quo was grounded again as Takeshi made the tag back to Eiji, but by the time he got into the ring, Quo scampered over and tagged Khadafi. Khadafi came in and went for a clothesline, but Takeshi came back in and took his head off with a clothesline of his own. he then knocked Quo off of the ring arpon and onto the floor. Takeshi left the ring and began to brawl with Quo on the outside while Eiji was left alone in the ring with Khadafi. Khadafi stood up and Eiji quickly wrapped him up in a Half Nelson Choke. He then fell back into a body scissors.. it was Death's Embrace. Khadafi had no choice but to tap!

Winner: The Crimson Order via Death's Embrace
Match Time: 10:01
Match Rating: **1/2

Match 3
Mattock vs Graham Youngblood

Match Summary:
Despite the fact that we were in Mattock's home state, the crowd still booed him. In the ring, Mattock confronted Graham Youngblood and asked if he wanted to join reVolt and change the world. Youngblood refused to do so and with that Mattock attacked him. Mattock began to put the boots to Youngblood. The referee hadn't started the match yet as Youngblood wasn't at a clear advantage. The referee tried to get Mattock to stop, but Sanchez Cano entered the ring and got in the referee's face. The people then cheered when Gunner Van Patton ran out from the back and began to pummel away on Mattock and Cano! He cleared the members of reVolt out of the ring and then helped Youngblood to his feet. Youngblood extended his hand, but Patton slapped it away and then left the ring.

Winner: Match Never Started
Match Time: 0:00
Match Rating N/A

Match 4
Devastation Inc. vs Sweet Sweet Lovin

Match Summary:
It was a return match from iNtense! BIG Little Italy and Lennox Love started out in the ring. Italy used his quickness and size to lead Lennox around the ring. Lennox got frustrated at Italy's antics, but Jon Katz Jr. told him to remain calm from ringside. While Love was focused on Katz' instructions, Italy rolled up Love from behind, but Love kicked out. Italy was then chased to his cornere where he tagged in Conan! Conan came in and Love backed down. He then tagged in Sam Sweet. Sweet and Conan locked it up. Conan got the upper hand and put sweet down with a few power moves asserting his control over the match. Love came into the match and tried to distract Conan, but Italy flipped off the top rope and took Love down with the BIGsault. Conan then used his might to powerbomb Sam Sweet and pin him for the three!

Winner: Devastation Inc.
Match Time: 11:24
Match Rating: **1/4

Match 5
Landon Stevens vs Frank Hendrix

Match Summary:
Stevens gave up some weight to the bigger Hendrix. Plus he was still feeling the effects from that huge fall he took at Power Struggle, but he didn't waiver him one bit. Stevens used his speed to get in some quick strikes against Hendrix, but Hendrix stopped that with a knee to the stomach and a clubbing blow to the sore back of Stevens. Hendrix then took control of this match, tossing Stevens around with some power moves and asserting his dominance. Right when Hendrix thought that he had Stevens beat, Stevens got a second wind and made a comeback with a flurry of offense. Hendrix tried to break through the offense and mount a comeback, but Stevens stopped that with a super kick. He then quickly grabbed Hendrix and nailed a small package driver, the Rising Star Driver and picked up the victory!

Winner: Landon Stevens via Rising Star Driver
Match Time: 0:18
Match Rating: ***

Non-Title - Underground Rules Tyke vs Jimmy B. Martinez

Match Summary:
This was an athletic contest from the start. It boiled down to a match of “Can You Top This?” before Tyke gained the upper hand. Tyke got the Flyweight Champion down on the canvas and then left the ring to find some weapons to use, but JBM wasn't down and out. He flipped over the top rope to the outside and took Tyke down. The two then brawled around the ringside area until JBM whipped Tyke into the steel ring steps. JBM got Tyke back into the ring and then headed up top, but when he leapt off, Tyke had already kipped up to his feet and went for the Tyke Shot, but JBM landed on his feet in front of Tyke and grabbed his boot and hit a dragon leg whip. JBM left the ring and grabbed two steel chairs and brought them in. He dropped one to set something up and held onto the other. Tyke was getting up, but he quickly dodged the chair shot. While JBM was reeling, Tyke picked up the chair. By the time both knew where they were, they saw each other with a chair in hand. JBM swung right.. Tyke swung left and each chair collided with each other's heads! The were both down and out! The referee checked on both men and neither were responsive. He had no choice but to call for the bell!

Winner: Double Knockout
Match Time: 20:18
Match Rating: ****