Palm Beach Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, Florida
Attendance: 2250 Fans (Sold Out)

EPISODE 23 Palm Beach Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, Florida Attendance: 2250 Fans (Sold Out)

Once again, jOlt returned to the Palm Beach Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, Florida as they continue to tape this month's events, to a sold-out venue and the action just kept on coming. The crowd was promised a good time and that's exactly what they were going to get!

1. Eiji Kugasari and Landon Stevens went to a No Contest.

Eiji Kugasari and Aran Thompson are having some issues with each other as of late and it continued here as Aran Thompson came out with the rest of Black Faction. Eiji dove to the outside to take all of them out. Landon Stevens then followed suit and took advantage of the situation. Ninja K and The Crimson Order then made their way down and a brawl ensued. After everything was settled, Damien Lee came out and stated that tonight's main event will be a massive eight man tag!

It will be Takeshi, Heido, Eiji Kugasari, and Ninja K vs Aran Thompson, Landon Stevens, Ezra Conway and Eli Conway! The two factions glared at each other after the announcement was made. It surely was a wild start to this evening's show!

2. Jon Le Bon defeated Cordova at 14:52

While Jon Le Bon is everyone's favorite comedic singles player, he knows how to get it done in the ring. Le Bon and Cordova had an exciting match that was fast-paced and showed that Le Bon knew how to work the lucha libre style. Cordova came close on several attempts on pinning Le Bon, but Le Bon simply continued to kick out. The ending of the match came abruptly when Cordova flipped off the top rope with a moonsault and Le Bon moved out of the way. It was a springboard kick to the face and a Rockstar Stunner to follow that gave Le Bon the victory here tonight! Both men received a standing ovation after an amazing near-fifteen minute high octane match!

3. Reno Davis defeated Mattock at 8:33

It seems that each and every time Mattock and Reno Davis meet, Reno Davis walks away with the victory. Tonight was no different. Even with Sanchez Cano at ringside, Davis took Mattock to the limit. It seemed that after a string of high impact moves, Mattock would get the victory and score his first win over Davis, but Davis showed his tremendous resiliency and continued to kick out and battle back.

Sanchez Cano tried to get involved in the match, but when he did, Diamond Jewelz ran out from the back and leveled Cano on the outside. This distraction allowed Reno Davis to his a poisoned frankensteiner on Mattock, laying him out in the middle of the ring. Davis then went to the top rope where he connected with the Moonsault into the Knee Strike.. better known to Reno's fans as The Upbeat Tempo. Reno picked up another win over Mattock and is now 3-0 against him!

4. "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann defeated Daryn Thompson via Disqualification in 6:12

Amber Ryann is being doubted by the other starlets. She faced Sarah Winterton, the Starlet Champion on iNtense and came up short. She wanted to make herself a contender so she chose one of the starlets who were involved in the title hunt in Daryn Thompson. Things were going smoothly in the match as Ryann looked good on her unorthodox offense, but mid-way through the match, Daryn took advantage of an opening and began to prove why she deserved to be Starlet Champion.

As we neared the end of the match, Sarah Winterton came out and slammed the Starlet Championship into the back of Amber Ryann's skull as she was bouncing off the ropes from an irish whip. Sarah Winterton merely flicked her hair back and stuck her nose in the air with poise as she backed up the entrance ramp. Daryn wasn't too happy that the champion herself came out and cost her the match.

5. Jonathan Conspiracy and Graham Youngblood defeated Statuz Quo and Dallas Griffin at 19:14

JCON himself has been going through the members of Trouble lately. First it was Dallas Griffin, then it was Khadafi and next he was slated to face Statuz Quo on iNtense 88, but Quo said he couldn't wait that long and decided to go after JCON here tonight, but Trouble decided that Quo shouldn't go alone, so Quo enlisted the help of Dallas Griffin. This prompted JCON to find Griffin's former tag team partner, Graham Youngblood.

What resulted was a clash between four former teammates in an amazing knock them down, drag them out style tag team match. Even through the match, Duzza and Khadafi attempted to run interference, but Graham Youngblood dove to the outside and took them both out. This left Dallas Griffin in the ring alone where JCON hit the Co-Conspirator followed by the Conspiracy Theory to pick up the win while Statuz Quo exited the ring and backpeddled away from JCON. The two of them stared down as Quo exited through the crowd.

6. Sephiroth Du Luc defeated Bane Loneheart in 4:17

We haven't seen Du Luc for months. He was brutally injured at the hands of Omega, but he made his return here tonight in West Palm Beach! Du Luc received a lot of Welcome Back chants from the Florida crowd. Du Luc was fired up and took it to Loneheart immediately. Loneheart wasn't even able to mount much offense during the match as Du Luc wanted to prove that he hadn't missed a beat since his injury.

Loneheart went to the outside and went for his trusty pipe, but Du Luc flipped over the top rope and took him out. Du Luc then got him back into the ring where he hit Loneheart with his Inverted Chokeslam.. The Impression and scored the pinfall in a relatively short match. After the match, Persephone came out and reunited with Du Luc and the crowd even began a Total Conquest chant. Du Luc and Persephone celebrated on all four turnbuckles before leaving the ring.

7. Ninja K, Eiji Kugasari and The Crimson Order defeated Black Faction in 38:44 This match was nothing but chaos in the beginning. The referee couldn't control it as all eight members brawled all over the ring. After several toss outs and clotheslines over the top rope, it boiled down to Eli Conway and Takeshi. Those two men would start the match off. The Crimson Order and the West Texas Terrorists match from Sunday's iNtense was rekindled with these two starting off. Aran Thompson has had issues with Eiji Kugasari and while Waymoth Turnbull has his sights set on Landon Stevens, Stevens felt that Turnbull would keep his distance while the faction was with him.

Joining them tonight was Mace and Laurie Williams in the corner of Black Faction and Mamoru in the corner of The Crimson Order. Quick tags by the Black Faction kept Takeshi grounded and unable to make a tag. Eventually Takeshi used his power to get away from his corner and he made the hot tag to the Underground Champion, Ninja K. From there, Ninja K got a flurry of offense and made the tag to Kugasari who wanted Aran Thompson. Thompson dropped off the ring apron, yelling "I'm not fighting you for free" back at Kugasari.

Eiji tagged in Hedio and Heido took on all of the faction sans Thompson in guantlet fashion. Ninja K, Eiji, and Takeshi then surrounded Aran until Aran had to roll back into the ring. Heido grabbed Aran by the neck and went for a chokeslam, but the Terrorists were able to break it up. Chaos ensued once again and the referee couldn't really control it, but in the end, Heido was able to hit the D.O.A. on Aran Thompson. He tagged in Eiji Kugasari who went up top and hit a Shooting Star Press, pinning the World Champion!!

Live Report:

After the cameras stopped taping, Aran Thompson defeated Ninja K in a champion vs champion non-title match inside of a Steel Cage in 8:11