The Masonic Center, Cincinatti, Ohio
Attendance: 950 Fans (Sold Out)

Match #1
Jayshin Lee vs Cordova

Match Summary:
The two circled each other in the ring before locking up. Lee quickly took control with a series of stiff kicks, showing his Japanese Strong Style background. Lee then put Cordova down with a series of heavy strikes. Lee then taunted Cordova to get back up. Cordova then mounted a comeback after a missed kick from Lee. Cordova put Lee down with a few springboard maneuvers, once of which garnered him a very close two count. Cordova sent Lee to the outside and then hit a sky twister plancha to the outside, taking Lee down to the mats. Cordova rolled Lee back into the ring, but upon entering, Lee kicked Cordova right in the face. He then lifted Cordova and planted him with a sheerdrop brainbuster. Lee went up top and hit a corkscrew 630.. the State of Euphoria II and picked up the three!

Winner: Jayshin Lee via State of Euphoria II
Match Time: 11:58
Match Rating: ***3/4

Match #2
The Crimson Order vs Sweet Sweet Lovin

Match Summary:
Heido started out with Sam Sweet and Heido immediately showed his tenacity by powering Sweet into a corner. Love ran across the apron and distracted Heido which caused Sweet to battle his way out. Sweet began to get the upper hand until a big shoulderblock from Heido put him down. Tag to Takeshi. Takeshi came in and drilled Sweet with a pair of clotheslines. Sweet tried to make it to his corner, but Takeshi stopped him. Love went up top and flew off with a cross body, but Takeshi caught Love and dumped him to the outside. Sweet rolled up Takeshi for a close two immediately after. Sweet mounted a come back as Love came back in. They tried a double team, but Takeshi bowled over both of them. Love rolled to the outside as Takeshi hooked Sweet for a Fisherman's Suplex, but ended up converting it into a Piledriver.. the Hanzo's Hammer. Heido stood ready to interfere as Takeshi picked up the three.

Winner: The Crimson Order via Hanzo's Hammer
Match Time: 10:15
Match Rating: ***

Match 3
Bane Loneheart vs Mike Extreme

Match Summary:
Loneheart and Extreme start out in the middle of the ring with a lock up. The two jockied for position as they both flaunted their power. Neither of them could budge and not to mention, Mike Extreme was still a bit tender after going through a war with Superstar Vince Jacobs a little over a week ago at Thieves' Honor. Loneheart took full advantage of that as he worked over the injured ribs of Mike Extreme. He had Extreme down on the canvas when Loneheart went to the outside and grabbed a table. He slid it into the ring and set it up, but Extreme recovered and jumped Loneheart from behind. Extreme pounded away and hit a few offensive moves that caused Loneheart to roll to the outside. Extreme finished setting up the table and went to grab Loneheart, but Loneheart surprised Extreme as he was climbing out to the apron by slamming his patented Lead Pipe over his skull! Loneheart came back in and drilled Extreme with another pipe shot to the temple! Extreme was busted open as a result. Loneheart then grabbed Extreme and then nailed a Spinebuster through the table for the three!

Winner: Bane Loneheart via Spinebuster
Match Time: 8:42
Match Rating ***

Match 4
Tyke vs Reno Davis

Match Summary:
Reno Davis makes his long awaited return to jOlt here at Rock the House as he takes on The British Lion Tyke! Reno and Tyke lock it up and immediately they go into an amazing display of counters that missed moves that resulted in a standoff and a round of applause from the crowd. Tyke flipped the crowd off and got some heat and locked up with Davis once again. They, again, traded holds, but Tyke used a thumb to the eye to take control of the match. Tyke then did his best to ground Reno Davis, but Davis summoned the strength of the crowd and mounted a comeback. Reno eventually clotheslined Tyke over the top rope to the outside. Reno went for a dive to the outside, but Tyke side stepped and Reno crashed and burned. Tyke then grabbed a steel chair from ringside and cracked Reno over the skull with it which triggered the disqualification.

Winner: Reno Davis via Disqualification
Match Time: 13:34
Match Rating: ***1/2

After the Match
Tyke then slammed the chair into Reno's back over and over as he proclaimed that he was the Underground's newest threat and that he didn't need to be upstaged by a slimy bloke like Reno Davis. Tyke then spit on Davis and then walked to the back.

Match 5
"Romeo" Ruster Reno vs Jason Rau

Match Summary:
Romeo and Rau locked up in the center of the ring and Rau welcomed Romeo to jOlt by immediately nailing a short arm clothesline. Each time that Romeo tried to get back up to his feet, Rau kicked him and kept him down. Rau showed no respect for jOlt's newest acquisition as he continued to taunt Romeo. Eventually, Romeo fired some punches to the mid-section of Rau and battled back up to his feet. He hit a picture perfect drop kick that took Jason Rau off his feet. Romeo then hit a pair of clotheslines before sending Rau to the ropes where he picked him up and slammed him a running spinebuster he calls Romeo's Remedy for a close two. Romeo pulled Rau up, but Rau fought back and nailed a leg lariat. Rau then taunted Romeo some more, but Romeo rolled him up when Rau went to grab him for another close two. Romeo quickly got up as Rau staggered to his feet. Remeo leapt into the air and nailed an Ace Crusher that he calls The Makeover and picked up the three!

Winner: Romeo Ruster Reno via The Makeover
Match Time: 10:26
Match Rating: ***

Match 6
Craig Thomas vs Spike Saunders

Match Summary:
Thomas and Saunders stood across the ring from each other. They locked up and immediately Saunders powered Thomas into the ropes. He sent Thomas across the ring and took a big boot to the face. Thomas then rolled out of the ring and flipped off Saunders and began to walk to the back. Saunders stood there and taunted Thomas to come back. All of a sudden, Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber came out and the crowd popped. They grabbed Thomas and threw him back into the ring before the ten count. Thomas was pissed that they would do that. Thomas turned around and Saunders then drilled him wtih a clothesline. He then picked up Thomas and hit the toe kick before lifting him into the Gory Guerrero Special. One flip over the shoulder later and Saunders put Thomas down with the Dreamkiller, picking up the three! The House grinned as they headed to the back.

Winner: Spike Saunders via Dreamkiller
Match Time: 4:38
Match Rating: **

Mattock vs Mace Williams

Match Summary:
After Mattock was humiliated by Aran Thompson, he was granted a match, but it was against Mace Wiliams instead. Sanchez Cano stayed at ringside, but all of a sudden, Aran Thompson slid into the ring from behind Wiliams as Waymoth Turnbull jumped the barricades and took out Sanchez Cano. Waymoth slid into the ring as Williams, Turnbull, and Thompson had Mattock surrounded. Mattock went right for Thompson, but Turnbull and Williams jumped him from behind. Williams lifted Mattock up and planted him with a Powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Turnbull then pulled Mattock up and hooked him around the neck. Who Don't Hear, Must Feel. Thompson then cockily walked over to Mattock as Williams and Turnbull pulled him back up. Thompson slapped Mattock across the face and placed him in the Abdominal Stretch. He was about to hit the Icarus Switch when Sanchez Cano came off the top rope and nailed a leaping side kick to the face of Mace Williams! Cano then hit a spinning leg kick to Waymoth Turnbull, but Aran Thompson clotheslined Cano from behind. Williams and Turnbull then recovered and the three of them stomped down on Cano. Thompson pulled Cano up and set him up for the Icarus Switch. Thompson hit it and sneered as the Black Faction exited the ring. Both members of reVolt were taken out as Thompson continued to sully the family name of the late Derecho.

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: --:--
Match Rating: n/a